Cory Everson vs. Kiana Tom by Tom 12-00

Cory Everson and Kiana Tom both have had fitness shows on ESPN for years, most of the time in adjacent time slots. Although Kiana Tom calls Cory Everson her idol, both thought her competitor's show was just fluff compared to her own production. Thus, it is not surprising that there would be a duel set up to settle the dispute at a promotional boxing ring at ESPN studios in Bristol, Connecticut. Some pre-match remarks had heightened contempt.

Cory wondered, "Can Kiana tear herself away from her plastic surgeons long enough to fight?"

Kiana thought, "Will Cory's ego even fit through a normal size door?"

The rules are pretty simple -- boxing, wrestling, and uh, "other actions" are allowed with the winner being the one who can continue. Kiana, a former 'Ms. Fitness America' winner and the more gorgeous of the two, enters first wearing a bikini showcasing her silicon-enhanced breasts. Cory, six-time winner of the 'Ms. Olympia' contest and a bodybuilding legend, arrives immediately afterward also in a bikini. The most noticeable features are her vein-visible arms and muscular legs.
The action starts with each circling inside the boxing ring. As expected from two that consider themselves stronger than the other, they raise their arms above their heads pointed towards their opponents, lock hands and fingers, and begin to push their opponent with the goal of driving her down to the mat. Triceps and biceps strain as these muscular fitness goddesses strain for the advantage. After several seconds, Cory's superior muscular development and bulk forces Kiana to her knees, her hands bent awkwardly back. Cory stoops to get under Kiana's upper body, lifts her off the mat and dumps her back with force to the mat.

With on her back, Cory stomps her right foot repetitively to Kiana's muscular abs causing "Ughs" exclamations from the Polynesian beauty.

Cory grabs Kiana's legs and starts spinning Kiana's body around only to release her after several cycles of an airplane spin. Kiana's head goes crashing into one of the corners. Cory follows her flight to the corner where she shoves her right foot under Kiana's chin and forces the fallen brunette's head against a turnbuckle in an obvious effort to choke Kiana. Cory reaches down, grabs Kiana's long black hair, and snapmares her to the center of the ring. Cory knees the sitting Kiana in her beautiful, well-developed back, and then reaches her hands under Kiana's chin to perform almost a "hangman" type maneuver as she applies upward pressure on the smaller woman. Kiana is in desperate shape when she quickly moves her arms behind her to grab Cory's ankles, pulls them towards her which causes the former Ms. Olympia to crash down on her back.

Kiana moves quickly towards her larger opponent and decides to take a shortcut. Her kicks don't go to the abdomen as Cory's did but instead vicious blows to Cory's pussy occur. Cory shrieks in pain as her private area is attacked. Kiana follows up by grabbing Cory's bikini bottom and ripping it off to uncover Cory's fit, shaven pussy. Kiana follows that action by quickly inserting her incredibly strong fingers into Cory's orifice, thus paralyzing temporarily any Cory reaction. Kiana probes deeply and forcefully as Cory writhes in pain.

After accomplishing that, Kiana drives a knee into Cory's crotch on her way up Cory's body. The former Ms. Olympia's body is racked with pain and her pussy feels like it's on fire. After another knee drop to Cory's well-developed, ripped midsection knocks the breath out of her!

Kiana then grabs Cory's bikini top and rips it off to expose her medium-sized, but firm, bodybuilder-type tits. Kiana throws herself across Cory's upper body, placing Cory's left arm between her powerful legs and pinning Cory's right arm down by using both hands.

Periodically, Kiana removes her left hand to fondle Cory's right breast and then bites the hard nipple to further humiliate the ex-Ms. Olympia.

Now Cory is displaying frustration in addition to anger. When Kiana does her fondling routine the next time, Cory powers her right arm free to apply a headlock on Kiana. Her viselike grip causes immediate pain to Kiana who relinquishes the leg scissors by a reflex action.

Cory uses her headlock to pull Kiana up at which point she slams one of her legs into Kiana's crotch to avenge Kiana's earlier low blows. Kiana's eyes are blank and her pain is also evidenced by her incredibly loud shriek as she crumples to the canvas. Kiana is now laying on her back with her impressive, silicon-enhanced boobs heaving as she tries to catch her breath. Cory reaches down and peels off Kiana's top revealing a pair of firm, tanned and far more impressive boobs; albeit due to breast augmentation, than Cory herself can claims. Jealously, Cory mauls Kiana's tits, grabbing and twisting the sculpted mounds of flesh with her powerful hands and Kiana cries out in pain as her prized possessions are badly mistreated.

But Cory wants to make Kiana as nude as she is, so she moves down Kiana's lithe body, grabs her bikini bottom and jerks it up so hard it causes the crotch to be pulled up forcefully into Kiana's pussy - another painful experience. Cory rips the cloth off of Kiana to reveal a dense forest of black pubic hair, quite a contrast to Cory's aforementioned shaved pussy. Taking advantage of the thick pubic hair, Cory grabs a fistful and lifts, shooting pain through Kiana's body.

As Kiana is writhing in pain from attacks directed at multiple private parts, Cory sits down behind Kiana's head, grabsher strong arms using her even more powerful ones and pulls them back behind Kiana's head while locking on a head scissors with her far superior legs. Cory squeezes Kiana's head between her incredibly muscular thighs while stretching Kiana's finely developed arms to their limit.

Tears well up in Kiana's eyes as her pain becomes unbearable.

Cory asks her fitness colleague if she's ready to submit.

Kiana blinks back tears and mutters, "Fuck you, you steroid bitch."

Perspiration has now soaked both competitors bodies and it works to Kiana's advantage as her head becomes slippery enough to slip out of Cory's leg scissors. Quickly upon her release, Kiana head butts Cory's crotch, still sore from the previous attack. Cory releases Kiana's arms and both combatants slowly arise to their feet.

Kiana rushes Cory but is met with an Everson clothesline that flips her upside down to the mat. Cory picks Kiana off the mat and positions her dazed body over her left knee, resting Kiana's muscular back on her knee and pressing down on Kiana's neck with her left hand while holding her legs down with her right.

Cory continues to work on Kiana's back until she decides she's had enough. She lifts Kiana up and lays her back across her shoulders, stretched out in a position commonly referred to as 'the rack.' Kiana is flailing away trying to escape, but Cory has her securely balanced on her powerful shoulders; hands on her neck and thighs pulling down to add to Kiana's back pain.

Cory asks if she's now ready to give and Kiana gasps, "Please, you're breaking my back -- I give up!"

A sneer crosses Cory's face as she gives a couple more jolts to Kiana before tossing her to the canvas like a discarded rag doll. But, Cory has a couple more humiliations left before she leaves Kiana Tom alone.

Cory kicks Kiana onto her back and mounts the fallen fitness idol, sitting on her abdomen. Cory begins to fondle Kiana's globes with her powerful hands, kneading and pinching her nipples between her fingers. Cory then moves her haunches higher up Kiana's body until she's sitting on her breasts. She takes Kiana's beautiful face and slams Kiana's collagen-enhanced lips against her wet and smelly pussy lips.

Cory laughs, "Kiss this Kiana! I want to get some benefit since you went to the trouble to have yours lips done."

Next Cory moves Kiana's face into first her odorous, sweaty left armpit and then under her right arm.

"I though you might want to see what true fitness looks like you slut."

Cory finally moves up further, dropping perspiration-soaked butt on Kiana's beautiful face and rubs it back and forth over the Polynesian Princess' gorgeous features, smearing her lipstick extensively away from her lips. While she is doing this, Cory raises her hands to her head and flexes her biceps, displaying her championship quality arms and her perfect, shaved, underarms.

Finally, Cory digs her fingers deep between Kiana's pussy lips and probes for an extended time until Kiana starts to climax then removes her cream-covered hands and wipes Kiana's own cum on Kiana's face. As if that weren't enough, for a final humiliation, Cory lies on top of Kiana in a spread-eagle manner and humps her muscular pussy on Kiana's sensitive one causing her great discomfort.

Next, Cory does a hundred push ups on Kiana's upper body, let her heavily muscled form crash down on Kiana's depleted body with each one. When Kiana can barely move and is almost unconscious, Cory at last decides she's had enough. She gets up, walks over to the ring edge, grabs a bucket of water and throws it on Kiana's prone form.

Kiana reacts slightly, and Cory says, "Well, let's see now, that means your pseudo-fitness show will now be scheduled for 3AM on ESPN, and repeats of MY true fitness show will take over your time slot. That's fitting since I wiped the floor with you in this contest proving who the true well-developed fitness queen is -- and it surely isn't you, you artificially enhanced whore. Oh, and I expect that schedule change soon or I will be back to finish the job."