Morgan Fairchild-Linda Evan vs. Susan Lucci-Victoria Principal by TNT

"Look who's headed this way," the beautiful blonde said to her friend as she picked up a drink from the waiter's tray as she glided toward the unsuspecting brunette smiling.

Susan Lucci was enjoying the party, perhaps a little too much...the champagne was sooooo good! The party was to honor the soap stars from the past to the present and Susan was absolutely stunning in a slinky, low-cut evening dress. She was also a little tipsy and was smiling and nodding to her peers as she wavered toward the bar, totally oblivious of on-coming trouble.

Morgan brushed back her beautiful blonde hair as she whispered to her girlfriend, "Watch this!"

She stuck out her foot and the brunette screamed as she tripped and went sprawling to the carpet.

Morgan cackled as she said, "You sure are one clumsy bitch. Here, lemme help you up!"

She reached down to help an embarrassed and angry Susan up but Morgan had never liked Susan. She couldn't say quite why; maybe because they were too much alike - sexy, sultry, conniving, jealous, hot-tempered or perhaps it was simply that Susan was a brunette.

As Susan took Morgan's hand and started to rise, Morgan gave her a hard shove knocking her down on her ass.

"You clumsy slut!" Susan gasped. "No wonder they never gave you the award!"

Susan's face flushed with rage-pure rage as she scrambled to her feet and lunged at the giggling Morgan.

"I'm gonna kill you, you blonde bitch!" Susan screamed as she sank her claws in Morgan's teased blonde mane.

Morgan quickly returned the favor and the two gorgeous soap opera divas began pulling each other around the room by the hair, screaming threats and cursing. High heels and too many drinks made both them unsteady and as Susan's beautiful full, firm breasts bulged out of the top of her dress, the sheer black lace bra enclosing them slowly became visible to the crowd that had surged forward for a better look at the impromptu catfight.

As they wrestled back and forth, Morgan's high heel snagged in the carpet and she went down, pulling Susan down on top of her. Straddling the thrashing Morgan, Susan began to rip at her sheer evening gown, tearing it open to expose her firm breasts. The brunette grabbed them and squeezed - hard, her claw-like talons sinking deep into the smooth flesh.

"OWW! Damn you, bitch. Ouch!" Morgan shrieked as she clamped her fingers around Susan's luscious, alabaster throat.

"Uggghhhh-Uhhhhhhh," Susan moaned, but she dug deep into the two fleshy treasures she had in her grasp.

As Morgan kicked her beautiful legs, her evening gown gave her plenty of room to do some serious legwork as it had a long slit down the side to display her gorgeous gams. Using a sudden burst of energy, Morgan bucked and then wrapped her legs up and around Susan.

"Uhhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhh!" Susan groaned as she lost her balance and was thrown over onto her side with her head trapped.

Blonde Morgan heaved a sigh of relief as Susan lost her breast claw but Susan wasn't all that comfy to say the least as Morgan grabbed her throat and started to choke her. Susan's eyes began to blur as she grabbed Morgan's wrists and dug her nails into her arm as she tried to break her choke hold. The strategy worked as Morgan released her grip.


Morgan slapped the dazed brunette so hard Susan's eyes crossed.

"Now, its my turn to have some fun!" Morgan snarled as she leaned forward, hooked her fingers in the neckline of Susan's low-cut dress and tore it down. With Susan's dress around her waist, her overstuffed lace bra became the next target of the blonde goddess's ire. Morgan took aim and...


Morgan's right fist slammed up under Susan's left breast so hard it almost knocked it out of her bra cup.

"Augghhhh!" Susan moaned.


Morgan's left fist did the same to the sensitive underside of Susan's lovely right breast.

The gorgeous blonde soap diva was feeling really nasty so she cupped her own breasts and pulled on the stiff pink nipples to get them nice and hard. Then, with an evil leer, Morgan lasciviously licked her luscious lips and bent over to give her now, totally embarrassed and nervous rival a long, hard kiss full on her quivering lips.

Susan quickly jerked her head to the side, but Morgan's hard, backhand brought a nervous whimper from Susan as her head was snapped back around. Straddling Susan's heaving belly, Morgan slowly pushed her fingers up under Susan's bra-cups and squeezed hard, then twisted and finally pinched both of the brunette's surprisingly hard and erect nipples.

"Noooooooooo! Pleaseeeeee don't!" Susan protested as Morgan ripped her bra apart between the cups, pulled it off and tossed it on the floor. Morgan cupped Susan's full breasts with a long, slow, hard squeeze and Susan heaved a relieved sigh when she finally released them. But then Morgan began to slap her breasts back and forth; hard, stinging, forehand-backhand swipes that had Susan whimpering in pain. Occasionally, Morgan would pause to pinch Susan's thick nipples until she was begging the blonde to stop.

To the dismay of the close-pressing crowd, Morgan got tired of toying with Susan who had given up and lay unresisting. She got off of Susan and stood up, giving Susan's heaving breasts one final shake with the toe of her shoe. Embarrassed and humiliated, Susan scrambled to her feet, pulled her tattered dress up to her chest and scampered out of the room as fast as she could with only one shoe - the other having come off during the scuffle.

Morgan posed with her legs spread and her hands on her hips as she chuckled, "Don't y'all just love a great catfight?"

Still holding her dress to her bosom, Susan ran sobbing into the plush women's room. She was a sight! Her hair was a mess, her makeup smeared over her face, her mascara streaming down her cheeks and her beautiful breasts bore several bruises and scratches. As she stared at her strange reflection in the mirror she heard a familiar voice say with a note of deep concern, "What in the world happened?"

She looked up into the mirror to see the smiling face of Victoria Principal who was being honored for her starring role in Dallas. As Susan recounted the story of her beating at Morgan's hands, Victoria's eyes began to blaze with anger. The "Dallas" beauty had once disliked any kind of fighting, but over the years she'd earned quite a reputation as a scrapper in fights with other starlets and budding actresses. Victoria had always known Morgan was a real bitch....and Victoria had a strong dislike for any blond!

While Victoria helped Susan patch up her torn dress and repair her make-up, and tried to calm her down saying, "Next time, you better kick the blonde bitch's ass - but good!!!"

Out in the party room, Morgan was basking in the glory of her triumph. All the men were getting an eyeful of her beautiful breasts which didn't bother the egotistical star in the least. Many in the crowd, especially the women were patting her on the back and congratulating her for destroying the unpopular Lucci, telling her, "Way to go!" and "You taught that bitch a lesson."

Morgan held her dress together as she walked toward the exit where her girlfriend came up and handed her a glass of bubbly.

"That was a pretty good fight - and I should know a little about catfights!"

Morgan looked at her tall blonde friend and smiled at her, "Oh, I'm sure you do!"

She and "Dynasty" star Linda Evans both giggled when Linda held her hands up and made squeezing, clawing gestures as if she were mauling a rival's breasts - something she had a LOT of experience at doing.

"Meeeooooow........Ftttt. Fttt!" they both screeched, hissing and making 'catfight' noises.

They were both breaking up with uncontrolled giggles as they linked arms and headed for the women's lounge.....and trouble!

Susan was alone, sitting on a small sofa when the two friends came swinging through the door. Victoria had left Susan to get some ice so Susan was on her own when the two blondes entered.

"Well, look who's here," Morgan chirped to Linda. "It's my 'bosom buddy' Suzie chapped lips!"

First fright, then fight were the two emotions that shot through the brunette's mind as Morgan and Linda stopped in front of her and glared down at her as she looked up at their smug, smirking faces. Susan stared at Morgan, her mind racing to form some strategy fo dealing with the two women. As she stood facing Susan, Morgan's hands were on her hips and the tattered top of her gown had fallen to her waist. Quite proud of her 'enhanced' breasts, the haughty blonde made no attempt to cover herself. As Susan looked up at Morgan, she had to stare past her pink nipples which were fully erect. (Would this aid in her downfall?)

Linda nudged Morgan and urged, "Go git her, hon!"

Morgan lunged toward her prey like a tigress after an antelope!



Susan's foot shot out and up; her high-heel meeting Morgan's pubic bone. The blonde's face blanched white as she gasped for air and slowly, crumpled to her knees. Susan gave Morgan three quick, hard slaps, then a roundhouse punch to the jaw. The blonde started to topple forward but was stopped by a vicious grab of her hair.

"Uh-uh. You stand up here, sugah!" Susan snapped as she yanked her dazed opponent back to her feet.

Holding Morgan up with one hand, the brunette stripped off her tattered gown with the other, leaving the blonde in only a pair of very sexy, French-cut red silk panties. Now filled with anger as well as confidence, Susan bent the blonde over backwards by her hair as she dropped to one knee and put the screaming Morgan over her knee in a backbreaker.

"Aieeeeeee!" the topless blonde shrieked as Susan bent her head painfully backward by pulling on her blonde mane.

Holding Morgan arched backward over her knee by the hair, Susan's other hand clapped down onto Morgan's upward thrusting left breast and her strong fingers pinched the pink nipple viciously. Morgan struggled and squirmed, thrashing her legs as she tried bucking her way off of Susan's knee - but to no avail! Susan's hand slid down off Morgan's luscious breast, moving ever so slowly over the pale skin of her heaving belly until she reached the waistband of the squirming blonde's panties.

Leaning down to her victim's face, Susan whispered, "How's THIS feel blondie?"

The torture of not knowing what was coming was putting Morgan into orbit. Her face was flushed bright red, she was sweating profusely. A hard yank on her panties, followed by an even harder slooooow pull made the sheer red material seem to slip out of sight....then disappear into the thicket of dense blonde pubic hair. Susan pulled again and the blonde's hips bucked.....

"OK! That's ENOUGH!" Linda screamed.

She had wanted to help her girlfriend sooner, but she knew two against one is unfair. Plus, Linda had strangely turned on by the sight of her blonde friend being dominated. Rarely did any of her fights end so erotically as this one. As she watched Susan dominate Morgan, Linda felt her nipples stiffening against the bodice of her sheer evening gown.

Fearing that Linda would interfere in her fun, Susan drove her hard fist down into Morgan's vulnerable stomach which briefly jackknifed her body up from both ends, then it flopped back down, molding itself over her knee.

Susan yanked the blonde to her feet by her hair, spun her around to face her and drove a well-placed fist to the point of Morgan's chin. It was "Lights Out" for the lovely soap opera diva as Morgan slammed back into the wall and dropped straight down on her ass with her legs stretched out in front of her on both sides of Susan's feet.

"That was nasty fighting," Linda said as she stepped toward Susan. "Somebody needs to teach you a lesson!"

Susan raised her open hands as she backed up, terrified. The big blonde was not only far more experienced at fighting, she was also athletic and Linda was BIG!

"Hey! Get away from her....NOW!" a very welcome voice boomed.

Susan looked up and saw Victoria Principal coming in the door with a pitcher of ice in her hand.

Linda whirled around and shook her finger at the redhead, "You mind your own business, Victoria unless you want to get hurt too."

Victoria set the pitcher down on a small table and stepped up and got right in Linda's face.

"You leave her alone," Victoria said in a low, threatening tone. "That bitch Morgan started it and from the looks of things, Susan has finished it."

"Ha! Do you really want to fight ME, Vicky hon?" Linda chortled. "Everyone knows you don't like to fight. In fact, Dallas would be a hell of a lot better - and certainly get higher ratings - if you had a few catfights! I bet you're just plain scared to fight!"

Linda was aroused and she felt the need for some action so she continued to badger Victoria, waving her fists in her face as she challenged her.

"Don't press me bitch!" Victoria warned, her face growing flushed as her anger grew.

Linda just smiled and then suddenly jabbed her finger into Victoria's left breast hard enough that Victoria had to take a step back.

"Whatcha gonna do about it, hon?" Linda snickered as she moved forward a step.


Victoria's hard fist slammed into the blondes jaw; a solid blow! Linda fell back into Susan who caught her under the arms and struggled to hold her. But a hard elbow to the face changed her mind, but as Linda pulled away from her, Susan ripped the back of Linda's gown.

Victoria took a boxers stance, raising her fists as Linda moved toward her laughing, "Oh, this ain't that kinda fight dearie!"

As Linda moved in close to Victoria, she was met with a barrage of well-aimed fists, each hitting their mark. Her stomach, ribs, both breasts and her pretty little chin all were smacked by Victoria's hard fists. In desperation, Linda took more punches to get close and wrap Victoria in a bear-hug. As they struggled belly to belly, Linda could feel Victoria's stiff nipples rubbing against hers.

"I'm not only going to kick your ass, but I'm gonna strip you as well" Linda snarled as she hooked her leg around Victoria's and took her to the floor.

"Get her Vic," Susan yelled. "Get the bitch!"

And Victoria needed encouragement! This was Linda's kind of fight. She tore at Victoria's dress, shredding it until she was left in only a sheer see-through beige bra and her fleshtone pantyhose. Linda's gown lasted a few minutes longer, but soon enough her big beautiful breasts were at the top of Victoria's 'to do' list!

"Ouch! You enjoying this?" Linda yelped as Victoria clamped down on her bare breasts.

"Like you said, bitch; anything goes! Right?" Victoria hissed, her lips brushing Linda's ear as they wrestled cheek to cheek.

Four long, beautiful legs entwined and curled around each other as four hands curled into claws. The two lovelies ripped holes in each other's pantyhose intent on getting at the other's womanhood to inflict unendurable, fight-ending pain. Victoria was expert at using her strong, dancer-trained legs and she scissored Linda's as soon as she managed to slip behind her. Victoria jerked the blonde's head back by the hair, hard then released the hair to reach down and latch onto both of Linda's bare, beautiful boobs!

"NO! Ouch....not my....boobs!, leggoooooooo!" the Dynasty diva begged as Victoria squeezed her breasts as hard as she could and pinched the blondes thick, erect, nipples, pulling and stretching the rubbery flesh.

Linda bucked in frantic desperation, twisting her torso as she reached back and grabbed Victoria's hair. Yanking left and right, the blonde finally got Victoria off balance and managed to break free. Linda jumped to her feet rubbing her aching breasts.

Victoria, growing confident of her new-found catfighting talent got careless! She lunged at Linda who sidestepped and as Victoria stumbled past her, Linda threw the brunette headfirst into a wall, stunning her.

A vicious hair pull hauled the dazed beauty to her feet. Linda used her left hand for hair-pulling, leaving her right hand free to "explore". She reached down, grabbed Victoria's pretty bra and yanked it up - hard. Victoria screamed as the blonde yanked her bra up, slowly pulling it over the full, soft peaks of her mountainous breasts. Linda released the hair-hold as soon as she saw something much more rewarding and the blondes talons clamped onto, then squeezed and twisted the two beautiful newly-freed" breasts.

"Yeah, that's it," the revived Morgan cheered her friend. "Twist her fat tits real good!"

"This's why catfights are so much fun, Vicky!" Linda giggled as she pulled and shook the brunette from side to side until she wailed for release.

"Please! more. OH, please stop that!" Victoria pleaded, her beautiful eyes overflowing with tears; her mascara running and her flawless makeup smeared on her red face.

Linda pulled Victoria forward hard, then tripped her, sending her sprawling to the floor and bouncing on her exposed breasts. Linda was on her before Victoria's body stopped bouncing, and in one smooth move unsnapped the back of her bra and whipped it off. Pulling up on Victoria's bra, Linda wrapped it around Victoria's lovely alabaster neck and reared back, jerking Victoria's chest up off the floor as her back was forced into a painful arch. The gorgeous "Dallas" star's face contorted several ways as she gasped for air. Linda continued to haul back on Victoria until she was nearly bent double; her beautiful chest and full breasts pointed skyward as Linda pulled her over backward.

"Now, remember, hon," Linda reminded Victoria. "You 'Dallas' babes oughta never mess with us "Dynasty" gals 'cause WE KNOW how to catfight."

As Victoria's arms started to tremble and her hands dropped limp to the floor, Linda released her strangled captive and let the brunette's gagging body drop to the floor between her straddling thighs. Victoria lay gasping as Susan knelt to check on her.

Morgan grabbed Susan by the hair, twisted her head back and drove her fist into the side of Susan's jaw. The brunette dropped on her back, draped over Victoria's body with her bare breasts thrusting upward.

Linda and Morgan exchanged a long, deep kiss, adjusted their disheveled clothes and then, after throwing one last threatening look at the two brunettes who were struggling to sit up, they left the lounge to rejoin the party as one of Susan and Victoria's friends carefully tip-toed in to help them without risking upsetting Morgan and Linda.