Morgan Fairchild vs. Victoria Principal by TNT

"I've always wanted to do this!" Whap! Slap! Swift attention sizzled through every man and woman’s body and mind as the sound of angry words and the beginning of hot, sexy, exciting femininely combat echoed in the exotic, prestigious Hollywood nightclub.

“OOOOHHHHH!” Beautiful blond Morgan Fairchild shrieked in pain as she felt a stinging slap 'kiss' her lovely face and almost before her scream faded, a second angry fist tapped her jaw. Sexy, long fingers flashed out, capturing a climp of her blonde hair, fingers dug deep and pulled hard, hauling Morgan yelping and squirming out of her chair. She was more then a bit stunned and surprised by - but eager to face - long-time despised rival, Victoria Principal.

BAM! BAM! BAM! WHAP! SLAP! Victoria easily slapped Morgan's hands away from her hair and gown, then delivered a flurry of solid punches to the blonde's ribs, breasts and face. Morgan cursed vehemently as she succeeded in grabbing one strap on Victoria's low cut gown. She ducked another punch and yanked the strap hard, breaking it. Victoria's lovely face turned red as her full left breast found freedom bringing delight to both the audience and her rival.

"Always great scenery in these tussles," an inebriated patron snickered. "My money's on that wildcat blond!"

"No way! Dallas always wins!" a tall redhead observer said as she licked her lips hungrily. "Of course, if she loses, that’d really make it interesting!" Was it the wine talking or simply the sight of a pair of gorgeous breasts being attacked by sharp, twisting, squeezing, pinching fingers?

"YIEEEEEEE!" Victoria seemed to be losing one moment; winning the next. She made few defensive moves and tried to bulldog through her own pain and embarrasment to overcome the determination of her blond opponent.

"Giiiiit her! Giiiiit her NOW!" At least one cheering spectator obviously wished Morgan well, but most seemed to be 100% behind whichever woman was winning at the moment. Victoria used her strength and size to begin pummeling Morgan, dragging her around by her hair and deliberately ripping just enough clothing to give everybody a show.

But Morgan was plotting some rather nasty things for Victoria's lovely gown…and a few other items of her apparel as well! "I'm gonna kill you, you stupid bitch!"

"Haaa! Not before I pull your hair out-by the roots!"

"Scratch her eyes out lady," someone advised breathlessly.

"Pound her ass..." another offered. "...that sweet, sexy ass…"

"Go for those big boobs....YEAH! That's it. Ohhhhh, I love when they listen to my advice," a lady cooed as her favorite dug her nails deep into her adversary's firm mound.

"ARGGGGGG! Uhhhhhh. Umpppfhhh. Unggggggh." Morgan's grunts, groans and moans seemed to make Victoria angrier and more confident as she slapped and punched the rapidly backpedaling blond across the room. Those in excited observance appreciated how Victoria paid no attention to her own torn gown which was steadily slipping down and now hung loose just above her waist, exposing her beautiful full breasts.

"Kick her ass, Victoria!" a brunette yelled; delighted by the sight of any blonde being clobbered.

Victoria grabbed a handful of blonde hair and pulled Morgan toward her as she aimed her fist for what she hoped would be a knockout blow to a pretty, arrogant chin.

"YEOWWWWWW!" The anquished yell matched the hurtful pain that shot up Victoria's leg. Suddenly an equally sharp hurt seemed to explode in her foot. Sharp nails gripped her arm and she involuntarily, reluctantly, let go of her rival's lovely hair as her legs turned to rubber.

"Ohhhhhh, did that hurt?" the sarcastic voice seemed to rattle in Victoria as Morgan sneered some rather nasty promises of payback after having executed a kick to her opponent's shin, then stomped a stiletto heel down on Victoria’s lovely foot. The blonde grabbed a wrist and twisted in painfully, spinning Victoria around and leaving her vulnerable to the fist she drove deep into Victoria's somewhat soft tummy.

"Ain't blondes the bomb?" someone chirped, noting with pleasure Morgan's surprising comeback.

"Ouchhh…arggggggh," Victoria gasped as another of Morgan’s punches connected, this one slamming her beautiful left breast flat as a pancake!

"Oucccch. Arggggggh." WHAP! Morgan mocked Victoria's sob, then added insult to injury by slapping her stunned rival's lovely face. BAM! BAM! BAM! Morgan then drilled three hard punches to Victoria's jaw, each snapping her head as Morgan sent her reeling back in disarray.

"Awwwwwwwckkk." As blonde luck would have it, one of Victoria's heels snapped off and she lost her balance, swaying unsteadily; her arms windmilling wildly. Morgan snickered as she plunged forward and clocked the unbalanced Victoria with a blistering bitchslap.

"AIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE...." Victoria shrieked, grabbed her burning cheek…then turned and started to run. The key word being 'started' because…RIPPPPPPPPPP. "Wheeeeeeeeeeee!" Morgan squealed delightedly as she grabbed the back of the fleeing brunette's gown and pulled, ripping it open clear down the back!

Victoria’s gown seemed to cooperate fully with the blonde's dastardly intention as it slipped down past Victoria's lovely curvy hips, tangling itself around her ankles as it bunched up at her feet. "Whoops. Careful there, dearie," Morgan chided as the gown entangled Victoria's feet and Morgan seemed (as did much as the crowd) to enjoy the sight of her beautiful opponent’s sexy, totally clumsy, klutzy, sprawl on the carpet.

"Git her, yeah GIIIITTTT HER!"

"You should really watch your step Vicky. Here, lemme help you up, hon!" Morgan sneered sarcastically as she stepped up to Victoria, bent down and grabbed her by the hair, then jerked the disheveled beauty to her feet. On her Victoria's way upright, Morgan latched onto a luscious breast with her free hand and dug her talons deep into the large, soft mountain of flesh.

"Ahhhhhh...(oh Gawd)...unnnnnnhhhhhhh," Victoria moaned and gasped she was reluctantly brought up to face her tormentor; her face burning bright red as she realized her lovely shredded gown no longer adorned her beautiful (and almost naked) voluptuous body. A pair of beautiful blue silk boycut panties and shredded pantyhose were all that remained of her clothing

"Stop struggling, you big-boobed, bodacious, broad!" Morgan snarled gruffly as she strained to restrain her lovely prey. She pulled Victoria's lovely head into a side headlock, then ran over and BONK rammed it into the front of the nearby bar. Victoria's blindly flailing hand snagged blonde hair and she yanked desperately as hard as she could.

"OWWWWWWWCHHHHH! Leggo of my hair dammit! You're gonna pay for that, bitch!" Not surprisingly, Victoria ignored Morgan's demand. "All right." the angry blonde growled as her hand snaked down and her lovely fingers grabbed blue silk and pulled, exposing a lovely expanse of Victoria's lower curvaceous body

"MORE...MORE...MORE...." The chant went up. Expectant, jubilant, patrons were enjoying the free show and couldn't wait to see the next act.

"AIEEEEEE....UHMPPPFFFFH..." Victoria mumbled as Morgan’s wedgie bit deep into her tender womanhood.

"C'mon! GET her!" the audience demanded.

"Yeah, that's it Victoria dear; run! Run fast before I kick your ass!" Morgan laughed as she watched Victoria's delicious, mostly exposed lovely ass jiggle - causing her loose blue silk panties to slip further down with each step, revealing more and more curvy loveliness. Morgan waited for just the right moment, then she leaped like a cat, grabbed a handful of hair and wrestled her screaming prey down on a bar table. The two writhing bodies effectively cleared away all the drinks, ashtrays, pretzels, etc., leaving only one remaining half-filled ice cold drink teetering. It was grabbed by the blonde and put to good use!

"Aurggggggh." Victoria squealed as the icy fluid spattered over her bare breasts, then the remainder was generously poured onto her crotch, soaking the thin fabric. Instant coldness! Instant results too in the form of two fully erect nipples. And later, most of the watchers swore they saw steam rising from Victoria’s unwelcome drenching “down below.”

Morgan tossed the glass aside and jumped on Victoria's flat, vulnerable stomach, her legs squeezing Victoria’s ribs as she gave five hard backhands to her lovely whimpering face. A double hair pull, some head banging on the table followed, then two lovely tearful eyes seemed to beg, ‘Enough already…please no more.’

If so, Victoria’s silent plea went ungranted. Morgan smiled wickedly, made a tight fist and opened her other hand wide, curling her talons. A delicious, disasterous double attack ensued as Victoria’s big beautiful breasts were punched, slapped, mauled, and twisted while her long legs kicked wildly out from beneath the blonde tigress who was bent on totally humiliating and defeating this gorgeous, almost-naked soap opera star. Morgan’s sharp nails ripped Victoria’s soaking wet panties to shreds, then did the same nastiness to what was left of her pantyhose.

"Hmmmmmmm. I'm so sorry about all this pain, Vickie,” Morgan purred. “Now, what could I do to help make it right?"

Her sarcasm dripped with feigned concern as Vickie moaned and hoped against hope that her rival was having a change of heart. Victoria’s lips curled in a tiny grin when she felt her left nipple being stroked and teased, feeling pleasure instead of that nasty pain for the first time.

BLAM! The pleasure had been shortlived, very short! The solid punch to her jaw made that clear and Victoria's eyes widened in surprise, then rolled back and glazed over. Angry, incredibly strong, fingers clamped down on her lovely vulnerable neck. But what really got her attention was the OTHER hand; the one was rudely exploring her Southern territory, prodding, poking, clawing its treasure.

"Yeah, Morgan…that’s it honey….do do her good!" that annoying redhead encouraged between pants of excitement. Smiles, cheers of encouragement. Why a hot little nasty blonde sexpot just had to go on…

"Gosh this is fun!" Morgan chirped, thoroughly enjoying her time as the center of attention as much as trouncing Victoria. She grabbed Victoria’s hair in both hands and gave her pretty head a good BANG relishing the wailing screams of her luscious kicking, squirming captive. "Hmmmmm, but this is all a trifle boring," Morgan mused after seeing Victoria's lovely eyes roll around in her head. She released the silky hair, raised her hands, made clawing, squeezing motions, giving all the spectators an erotic preview of her next dastardly catfight tactic.

"Nooooo…Awwwwccck…ARGGGHHH!" Victoria shrieked as eager fingers captured her full breasts, cupping the firm mounds and squeezing as sharp talons dug deep into the soft, yielding mounds.

"Yeah squeeze her tits!"

"Twist 'em good, honey!"

"Hell, pinch her nips!" No lack of advice, but nary one request for more lady-like behavior was noted.

"Unggggggh! Umppppfhhh! Grrrawwwaaah!" Desperate, in pain, and dying for relief, Victoria gritted her teeth and summoned her strength, her anger and what little dignity she had left. With a burst of energy and some intense hard pelvic thrusting, she managed to grab a handful of blonde hair, then twisted sideways and heard her surprised rival yelp as she went flying. Moving too fast and too hard, Victoria completed her full twist, slid off the table and landed square on the fallen, sprawled, groaning, blonde.

"Awwwwcccck!" Morgan grunted and tried to roll out of the way too late.

Victoria seemed to be twice as big and twice as heavy as she really was as the soap opera beauty landed full force on the blonde. A knee square in the breadbasket. An elbow (somewhat out of control, yet somehow controlled just enough) square across the chest.

"Sorry; didn't mean to be sooooo clumsy, you crazy bitch!" Victoria snipped as she got up.

But she couldn't resist a kick to Morgan's ribs and the wince that followed encouraged her to drive a second kick to her belly. Trying hard to ignore her own pain, she decided it was now her turn to dish some out. She grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair, jerked the dazed Morgan to her feet and delivered a most powerful bitchslap that sent the blonde staggering and crashing into a spellbound waiter. Dishes, drinks flew everywhere. Laughter erupted; first from Victoria, then the crowd.
Fire red flashed over Morgan's skin as she bit her lovely lip in anger. She curled her fingers into a fist, apologized to the waiter, then whirled around and lunged at the giggling, sneering Victoria.

"Aiiiiiiiie! I'm gonna kill you! EEEYAAAAHHHH!” A savage, Amazon-creature, Tarzan-type, attack yell roared from the furious blonde's beautifully curled lips as she charged.

BONK! "Unnnnnnhhhhh…" A large heavy silver serving tray swung, catching the blonde fury full-force thanks to one amazingly cool, collected, and strong - albeit naked - Victoria who was more than eager to "dish" out some serious payback! Smirking, sneering and scoffing, Victoria tossed the tray aside and watched as the dazed Morgan tried unsuccessfully to refocus and get her bearings.

"Now it’s MY turn to have some fun!" Victoria announced with a wicked snicker as she balled her fist and drilled Morgan's chin, snapping her head back. The blonde groaned two quick hands flashed forward; the fingers grabbing her torn dress and RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP her sexy overflowing bra was instantly put on full display.

Until now, Morgan had kept most of her clothing intact as she’d been dominating the action. Now, however, the tables had turned and the crowd seemed to sense that - as fickle as fans usually can - and they switched their lustful allegiance as cheers erupted to, "Strip the blonde!"

"How ‘bout it,” Victoria giggled. “Are you ready to be stripped, huh sweetie-pie?"

Victoria didn’t care what Morgan’s answer was; she was more than ready to humiliate and strip her hated rival over "the guy."

"Noooo…ugh…" Rippppp! "Stopppp…" Ripppppppp! "Pleaseeee, NO…not my brAHHHH!"

Each plea was answered in a most negative, undesired way as the brunette slowly, deliberately stripped her rival; first the dress; the lovely necklace, the sexy black lace bra, most but not all of the sheer pantyhose. The elegant, expensive heels were lost along the way as well.

"Arggggggh. Leggo of my hair, you lunatic bitch!" Morgan shrieked as Victoria buried her fingers in blonde silk and jerked her around the room, slamming her into tables, over chairs - and the laps of a few lucky patrons - while assaulthing her loveliness with the occasional quickly raised knee.

"Now, how's this feel, huh?" Victoria snarled as she suddenly put Morgan in a headlock, latched onto a lovely full breast and marched her towards a wall. No doubt a lovely "blonde headache" awaited the cursing lovely Morgan.

"Yiewooowccch…" Victoria screamed like a banshee as sharp nails dug into her tender derriere.

As Victoria involuntarily released Morgan's head, Morgan rewarded her by digging her nails deeper in the firm sensitive flesh and then twisting. Then she twisted forward, raised her arm, cocked it and drove her elbow deep into Victoria's belly!

The tall busty brunette sucked air as the angry blond spun on a dime and fired a perfect uppercut to Victoria's chin. CRACK! Another blow followed, WHUMP; this tight fist blasting Victoria solidly in the groin and shunting her hips back.

"Gotcha! Now you're gonna catch hell," Morgan rasped as she grabbed a handful of dark hair, lifted the lovely face to position it perfectly, then WHAP slapped it hard; bringing tears to the eyes of the dazed and swaying actress. Victoria felt like her head was being torn from her neck as Morgan jerked it from side to side. Victoria's legs turned to jell-o and she found herself dropping to her knees where Two stinging slaps to her full breasts were followed by two high-pitched yelps.


WHUNK! WHUNK! Two solid punches to each big boob brought a wicked grin to Morgan's face. She gave the reeling Victoria a solid shove and Victoria's hands, which had carressed her wounded jugs, flew outward, flailing; but failing in their mission to keep her balance as she went sprawling on her ass; her long legs kicking upward and out.

Morgan grabbed a leg and twisted, then stepped in between to deliver an agonizing, well-placed kick. In an instant, Morgan was on her groaning rival and wrestled her into a perfect position, then executed a devastating leg scissors around the tight waist.

Morgan’s hand slipped under that lovely quivering chin and Victoria gasped as her head was wrenched back, forcing her magnificent chest out. "Ungggggh. Uhhhhhhhh," she moaned as Morgan's beautiful strong thighs began to crush her waist and eager, hungry fingers latched onto one full, tender, wounded breast, then squeezed mercilessly hard.

"You're mine now, honey!"

"Arggggggh. Uhhhhhhh. Let go of me. My boob…Yieeeeeeeeeee…

Victoria screamed as Morgan applied greater pressure to her chin and head and mauled the captured breast with delighted malice. The blonde shifted position slightly so she was completely behind Victoria. Her long, strong sexy legs slowly drained the bigger woman's strength and air and Morgan increased the prerssure till Victoria thought she would pass out. Her magnificent chest heaved and her opponent took quick advantage by cupping both breasts, getting a good painful grip and then digging her nails deep into the firm mounds. Suddenly Morgan shifted her legs, hooked them inside Victoria's and jerked them apart. Victoria bawled in pain as she felt split apart as well as helpless in trying to pry Morgan's talons off her breasts.

"Having fun? Huh Vickie?" No clear answer other than sobs and wimpers. Morgan noticed the expensive makeup was running, blotching, globbing. The blonde thought about suggesting another brand, then giggled at a very nasty idea that might offer a better solution. "Time for some real fun, Miss Victoria," Morgan hissed as she gave each erect stiff sore tender nipple a nasty twisting pinch. She relaxed her legs, kicked out and grabbed a handful of hair, then in one smooth move landed on top of Victoria, straddling her waist.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Three hard slaps to that lovely makeup-smeared face…

Whump! Whump! Whump! Followed by several more to each lovely bouncing breast.

Another quick move by the blonde; she moved with the quickness of a jungle cat, the precision of a professional grappler. Her legs wrapped around that beautiful white neck. Morgan stretched out her gorgeous body, leaned back on her elbows and tightened her legs. Victoria grunted, groaned, gasped as she flopped around like a fish (a very sexy fish) out of water. She arched her back and tried hard to pry those legs away from her neck. Her face redened as she struggled, kicked wildly her own beautiful legs. Her face turned red; perspiration ran down her forehead, her tongue lowled out, her beautiful eyes glazed. Her thrashing, struggling desperate gorgeous body suddenly grew quiet.

Her sexy pouty now quivering lips pointed at Morgan and mouthed the silent request, "Stop Please…I give..."

"Time for a perfect solution for that prim and proper pretty prissy face," Morgan hissed just loud enough for the crowd to hear. She looked down and saw a bit of collateral damage Victoria had succeeded in doing. Her silk panties were halfway torn. Morgan smiled to herself as she realized the possible reason the crowd had turned somewhat speechless and the most of the guys had found a napkin, a dinner plate or a chair to stand behind. Or at least their female companion. "You do have such a BEAUTIFUL face, Victoria. Bet you work with it alot. Betcha GOT to…Ha-Ha, Hee-Hee."


"Uhhhhhhh. Ungggggggh." The sound of beautiful legs blazing into action again. First releasing the prey, spinning, then propelling the blonde hellcat into position. Sexy fast fingers finished the work on the silky, dainty material that Victoria had desperately, but unwisely started. An audible gasp of delighted surprise from the enthralled catfight action watchers as Morgan briefly displayed what was instantly and erotically revealed. Morgan began to move into one of her favorite victory positions. Victoria groaned in dreaded disgust.

"But wait! First things first," Morgan shouted as she leaped to her feet and tore the remaining shreds of her pantyhose off which by now were just hanging around anyhow. She placed her foot next to Victoria's lips and demanded, "Kiss…KISS! KISS!!"

Her demand was clear. The first kiss was a reluctant peck. A solid kick to the ribs. The next kisses seemed more heartfelt and as Victoria’s ardor grew in intesity, her lips were received eagerly by a snickering Morgan who maneuvered her rival's head into position - along with her own gorgeous legs. Onward and upward….Up…Up…Up. The kisses brought a deliciously wicked smile to Morgan's countenance and a titter of lustful giggles from the audience.

WHAM! "Oops, sorry! Not much of a reward for kissing my feet and paying due homage," Morgan sneered as she treated Victoria's surprised face to another hard… SMACK! A handful of hair, a vicious pull and Victoria sat bolt upright.

Morgan knelt a bit and pressed her leg into her rival's huge left breast, slowly crushing it and bring whimpering pleas. Suddenly another smack to the face. Morgan took Victoria to the floor, stood above her and with a delightful squeal slowly lowered herself into a perfect erotic victory position; woman to woman style.

"Better know what to do, how to do it and better do it, ummmm, pardon me, do me well," Morgan rasped as she felt an immediate move of submission and homage from her conquest's actions. Morgan's beautiful eyes glazed with pure lust and pleasure as she thrust out her chest, threw her head back and began to swivel her hips and slowly gyrate to her conquest's amazing expertise. "Ya see Victoria, honey, you should consider this a bit of well deserved and profitable therapy for your lovely face. I've heard it's far better’n the most exquisite, expensive facial-and it's now available, exclusively for YOU!"

"Ummmmmm. Ooooooh. Ahhhhhhh…"