Mimi Rogers vs. Morgan Fairchild by Doug Haig 02-Jul-99

Mimi Rogers braced herself as Morgan Fairchild charged toward her, her blue eyes blazing in rage. Mimi ducked Morgan's punch, a huge roundhouse, and fired a straight fist into Fairchild's stomach that doubled her blonde foe over. Mimi was about to drop her elbow down onto Morgan's vulnerable back, when Fairchild threw an uppercut into the brunette's pussy. Mimi's thin green panties did nothing to shield the force of the blow as Morgan's fist buried its way into Mimi's cunt. Morgan quickly moved backwards out of reach while Mimi rubbed her crotch, surprised at the power of the blonde's punch. This time when Morgan came at her she was ready and she twisted away from a vicious kick aimed at her cunt and catching the blonde's foot she twisted it and sent her foe crashing to the floor in a heap. Still holding her foot, Mimi pulled it to the side and slammed her heel into Morgan's cunt causing her to moan out in pain as she lay on her back. Mimi rams her heel into Fairchild's pussy again and again. All at once Morgan catches Mimi's foot in mid-air, twisting it around hard, causing the bigger breasted Rogers to crash to the floor next to her, or risk a broken ankle.

Pulling each other up, both actresses fly at each other, each securing a hold on the others breast and hair. Morgan screams as Mimi digs her nails into her small right breast, her nail digging into the areaola drawing blood, Mimi doesn't seem to notice Morgan's grips on her own breasts as she slowly drives her foe slowly to her knees in pain. Morgan can see she is in trouble already, losing control of the fight as Mimi puts her in excruciating pain. Mimi, seeing her foe's pain, rips at the other breast too, pulling it around by the nipple.

Mimi pushes down hard on the breasts as she pulls and squeezes, forcing Morgan onto her back, but before she can sit down on her, Morgan lashes out with her legs, wrapping them around her foe's upper waist and using them to knock her over to the floor next to her.

Stunned, but still holding on to her foe's breasts, Mimi struggles against the strength of Morgan's powerful legs, it becomes a battle of wills as each is subjected to severe pain for a few moments till Mimi, her body being crushed, tries to breast punch her way out refusing to submit. She sends her right fist into Morgan's left breast, driving the nipple in as Morgan gulps in pain.

"You BITCH!!! My TIT!!!!" cries Morgan, screaming out again as Mimi sends another hard punch into the right breast now.

But Mimi is at the end of her rope now, unable to pry open her antagonist's legs she continues to pound on her chest, smashing a left hook in to slam the left breast from the underside, Morgan's screams getting louder as Mimi just unleashes blow after blow, trying to cover her breasts with her arms from anymore blows and her legs spring open. Mimi gets unsteadily to her feet, her sides on fire from the pressure they were subjected to, as an anguished and devastated Morgan staggers her feet, cupping each of her sore, aching breasts in her hands carefully, tears flowing freely down her face. The pain in her sides is almost unbearable as Mimi hauls Morgan to a standing position.

Mimi curls her hands into claws, red nails bared, they trade swipes to each other's tits. Morgan, her breasts still in terrible pain, starts getting the better of Mimi with a cut after cut, deep into the outside of her left breast, as she backs Mimi up to the wall trapping her there. Mimi manages to get a few swipes in, but the majority are blocked by Morgan's quicker hands. A punch to Morgan's rock hard stomach has little affect, but a blow to her right breast stops her swiping attack for a second and a second punch a hard uppercut, has her wincing in pain as it explodes on her breast and sends it painfully into the air. As she cocks back her right fist for another blow, Morgan beats her to the punch, driving both fists into each of her breasts and slamming her backwards into the wall in agony.

Grabbing a handful of titflesh in each hand Morgan goes all out, squeezing the loose flesh between her fingers while Mimi grabs at her wrists, then while distracted, she drives her knee into Mimi's pussy. Her stunned foe's face turns white with agony as she screams out in pain, bending over, Morgan grabs her by her hair and tosses her to the floor head first. Morgan grabs the stunned brunette and positions herself behind her wrapping her long well muscled gams around Mimi's breasts in a chest scissors.

Getting a hold of both arms, Morgan begins to squeeze the mammaries, taunting her trapped foe, "C'mon you bitch, give up before I crush your fat tits into nothing!!!'

Squeezing harder now as she enjoys the look of pain that flashes across her trapped foe's eyes. Mimi tries to free her wrists as Morgan adds more power to her scissors, really crushing her larger breasts badly now. Morgan grinds her knee into the left breast savagely as Mimi moans in pain, cursing and screaming at Morgan, Mimi reaches up and claps her hands on Morgan's creamy white breasts, digging her polished fingernails in hard, crushing the blonde's tits into her palms. Morgan's breasts feel like they're on fire, as Mimi pinches and rolls her cherry nipple hard between her fingertips. Her scissors loosening, Morgan slaps ineffectually at Mimi's strong hands. Fairchild lost her perch atop Rogers and fell off to one side, as Mimi viciously mauled her way on top of the blonde, slapping and backhanding Morgan's face as hard as she could, as the woman moaned out in pain. Morgan tried to fight back, pounding her clenched fists hard against Mimi's huge breasts, driving the big brunette off of her. Wasting no time, Morgan's foot struck out and with a load thud it drove into the underside of Mimi's huge right breast, knocking the fleshy mammary upwards and causing Mimi tremendous pain as her face went red. Mimi crawled away from Morgan, both blonde and brunette taking a few seconds to recuperate. Both women were well past 40, and this fight was taking a lot out of them. Getting to their feet, the brunette attacked, grabbing Morgan's hair and tugging her around and onto her back from behind.

Using Morgan's shoulder-length blonde hair like reins, Mimi maneuvered her into position and wrapped her legs around her breasts in a crushing scissors as Morgan's went crazy, trying to keep from getting her breasts trapped between her foe's thick powerful thighs, but in raising her arms to scratch at them she just made it even easier for the brunette to secure the hold. With both hands wrapped in the blonde's hair she positioned her knees so they were easily driven into her foe's smaller breasts causing her untold agony. Mimi taunted her relentlessly as she shifted her scissors so she could crush the blonde's breasts between her thighs.

"How's that feel, you bitch?" she snarled, "I'm gonna break you in half!!! "

Mimi smiled with pleasure as Morgan moaned and struggled in agony, her trapped breasts pushing into the sides of Mimi's legs as the muscles strained in the brunette's strong thighs. Morgan started to drive her elbows backward and though a lot just glanced off of Mimi's arms and legs a few connected with her breasts and soon she was hurting from the constant blows and tried to shift her scissors so she was again to the side of Morgan. This was all the opening Morgan needed and she bucked and turned and managed to face Mimi as the brunette's legs slid down from her chest and Mimi quickly clamped them around her waist. Morgan had endured a lot of punishment from Mimi so far and she smiled savagely as she ripped her nails across Mimi's right breast, wallowing in Mimi's scream of pain, then with a yell she reached out and grabbed both breasts in hand pushing upwards and tried to drive them up into Mimi's face. The skin under Mimi's breasts was being overstretched as Mimi grimaced in pain and tried to maintain her waist scissors, but it was having almost no effect on her maddened opponent and as Morgan dug her fingers into the soft supple titflesh and then twisted in opposite directions Mimi struggled against the intense pain.

Morgan's grip became even stronger as she saw the pain cross Mimi's face and was inspired by it and she taunted her foe.

"What's a matter whore?!! You can dish it out but can't take it back!!!" she all but spat at Mimi's pain filled face. Mimi released the blonde's hair she began to punch at her foe's unprotected breasts, the first blow barely registered on Morgan's face, but Mimi was relentless and drove fist after fist into Morgan's small breasts, each driving the left and right nipple deeply into Morgan's breasts. Morgan was also in agony and grabbed Mimi's wrists with her hands.

They struggled like this till a frustrated Mimi released her scissors and used her knees, then her feet, on Morgan's already sore and aching breasts to drive her back and off her. As Mimi, now on her knees tried to drag herself to her feet an already standing Morgan grabbed her by the hair and tucked her head between her thighs in a standing scissors. Before Mimi could try anything Morgan savagely punched Mimi's hanging right breast flush on the side with a brutal blow then she cocked both arms back and brought them crashing down in an arc on either side of Mimi and the exploded into the sides of both Mimi's huge globes of flesh. To make matters worse for the brunette Morgan drove then into the flesh till they slammed the huge breasts into each other then she grinded her knuckles in, really working over the tender flesh as Mimi cried out in agony, holding onto Morgan's legs and driving her nails into them as the pain almost overcame her.

As Morgan cocked her arms back for another devastating combination Mimi finally found the strength to topple her over to the floor. The blonde lost her scissors and rolled on top of Mimi bringing her elbow down and into Rogers' stomach and breasts over and over till a teary eyed Mimi managed to grab her wrists. Straddling her now devastated foe Morgan slammed her breasts into Mimi's again and again, finally being rewarded by a groan escaping from Mimi lips which drove her too intensify the pounding. Morgan relished in the triumph as her breasts constant pounding into Mimi's was becoming too much for the brunette to bear.

The blonde glared down at Mimi and screaming, "You bitch!!! Who's breasts are tougher now!!!????"

Another smash got another moan but the blonde's smaller breasts were really starting to feel the effects of the constant batterings and she drove her knee into Mimi's cunt, really digging it in as Mimi bellowed in agony then screamed out loudly as Morgan's right hand's knuckles smashed into the underside of her aching right breast and drove it upwards towards her face where Morgan pinned it and ripped her other hand from Mimi's now weakened grip and started to drag her nails down the underside of it over and over as a now tormented and sobbing Mimi fought with the last of her reserves as she reached up and wrenched Morgan's bruised breasts left and right as they hung from her body, pulling her body with them and a few pulls later Morgan was in terrible pain as her throbbing breasts were almost beyond her threshold of pain.

Morgan gasped and moaned in pain, as Mimi began to get the better of her, punishing her small breasts with abandon. Morgan's legs sprang open and Mimi Rogers rolled free, gulping in air. Fairchild rubbed her sweaty breasts, trying to relieve some of the throbbing pain, but Mimi attacked her furiously with punches and slaps. Mimi grabbed the nipple of Morgan's left tit and savagely slapped the breast out of her grip. Straddling Fairchild again, Rogers burrowed her nails into the blonde's tight breasts, but an enraged Morgan slashed her nails across Mimi's blood-engorged nipples, her fingernails biting into her breasts deeply. Mimi screamed in pain as she was torn from her perch by her breasts as Morgan's fingers dug deep into the soft flesh, pulling them taut then slamming into them as Mimi was pushed over and away from Morgan. Mimi moaned out as she fell to the floor and Morgan's hands were ripped from her tits, leaving deep bleeding cuts on her right breast.

Morgan looked over at Mimi and sneered, "What's a matter, bitch, do those cow titties of yours hurt a little?? Let me show you what pain is darling......." and she reached down and tugged Mimi upward by again digging her fingers into each breast, then adding a twist that brought tears to Mimi's eyes as she grabbed at Morgan's wrists to free her aching breasts from this bitch's clutches.

Desperately, Mimi released Morgan's right wrist and with all the power she had she uppercutted Morgan's right breast from the bottom, driving in her knuckles.
At first Morgan's face showed her irritation with the blow but after the third punch she was in horrible pain. Still she had Mimi in a bad position and she bore down on her breasts from above using her weight to pull push downwards then tugging them upwards with all her might, the muscles in the blonde's arms standing out like steel cords. Mimi was in real trouble now as her breasts screamed at the abuse from Morgan. In desperation she abandoned trying to remove the blonde's hands from her chest. Pushing Morgan's small right breast up as far as it would stretch, and then a little further, she chopped the spot were Morgan's chest and breast meet, a very painful area to hit any woman, and soon it was Morgan in extreme trouble as she was forced backwards to the floor on her back and an ecstatic Mimi continued to chop at her breast again and again in the same spot until Morgan was sobbing in agony.

Morgan's attack on Mimi's chest faltered as her own mammary was battered, the blonde's face was flush with pain and tears streamed down her face as she cried out in torment as another hard chop tore into her now swollen breast.
Morgan's cries became louder as Mimi started to rain down blow after blow to both breasts now, burying her knuckles deeply into the smaller globes of flesh, relishing each and every tormented yell that escaped her foe's lips. Mimi dragged Morgan to her knees and tore into Fairchild's breasts. As Mimi's strong hand crushed her left tit in her palm, Morgan screeched in pain, her implant almost being dislodged by the brunette's savage attack as Mimi expertly mauled her too her knees as she tore at Morgan's other tit, the blonde's face twisted in utter agony as she tried desperately to get at Mimi's own breasts.

Morgan's face twisting in agony, she cried out in utter anguish as Mimi rammed her knee into her left tit, crushing the mammary very painfully against her body. Morgan could feel her breast implant shifting slightly and moaned in absolute torture from the vicious blow, even as her own fingers clawed at both of Mimi's breasts. Mimi gripped each of Morgan's breasts, trying her best to rip them from the blonde's body. Mimi gave both of Morgan's breasts twists and turns back and forth as the blonde actress moaned with each painful wrench, then Mimi with a final tug forced Morgan to release her grip on each of Mimi's breasts. Morgan fell back, wincing as she massaged her tenderized breasts. Fairchild's were breasts swollen to twice their normal size as she held them, tears falling from her face, landing on her two ravaged tits, her body racked with sobs from the great pain.

Both exhausted women dropped back from one another, breathing heavily. Both had taken an extreme amount of punishment to their tits and bodies, and now the only thought in their minds was it has to end soon. The petite blonde and busty brunette locked up again, hands clamped onto each other's raw and blood-stained breasts. Wrenching one another to their knees, Mimi jogged and shook Morgan's throbbing breasts, crunching them together, until Morgan felt sure that her breasts were going to explode. Morgan clasped her fingers around Mimi's battered swollen right breast and with all the strength she had left she tore the mammary sideways till she managed to get Mimi off balance and unseat her, sending her to the floor next to her. As Mimi lay on her right side, rubbed at her throbbing breast, Morgan's red fingerprints still visible where she had grabbed it. Morgan slammed her elbow down onto Mimi's huge right breast as it draped on the floor, catching it between her elbow and the hardwood floor.

Mimi's face turned white and she let out a thunderous scream of agony as she rolled onto her back, holding her wounded breast cupped in her hand. Morgan used the time to recuperate from Mimi's savage attack on her own breasts, watching as her rival sobbed in pain from her harsh blow. as Mimi's face turned from white to grey and she grew dizzy from the pain. Seeing her foe woozy was all the incentive Morgan needed and she started to send punch after hard punch at Mimi's right breast till she was finally driven back screaming. Morgan was right on top of her agonised rival, she straddled Mimi and began to twist her upper body back and forth slamming her fists over and over into Mimi's breasts. Mimi grabbed both of Morgan's tits in a crushing grip as she sobbed in pain and tore at them like never before Morgan desperately launched her fist deep into Mimi's right breast. Mimi's breast exploded in throbbing pain again and again as Morgan continued to slam her fist in and finally had to scream out her surrender as Morgan added some stinging slaps to each of Mimi bruised, swollen and scratched covered breasts, leaving huge red hand prints on them before rising, unsteadily to her feet. Mimi Rogers was a sobbing mess on the floor as Morgan Fairchild groggily rose to her feet and left the defeated brunette on the floor.