Morgan Fairchild vs. Jaclyn Smith by TNT

"You picked the wrong person. And the wrong time." The sultry, sexy determined voice was unmistakable as to both intent and it's owner. The lovely blonde's head snapped back courtesy the gorgeous brunette's perfect uppercut before the sentence was finished.

"Uhhhhhhhh," Morgan Fairchild grunted as the tight fist slammed into her chin and she staggered backwards. She tripped and tumbled to the floor, her beautiful legs shooting out and upward.

"Catfight." The words were not heard but thought by everybody who snapped to attention and counted themselves lucky. All eyes focused on Jaclyn Smith who marched over to the fallen blonde, reached down fast and grabbed a double handful of lovely blonde hair.

"Let me help you up. It's the ladylike thing to do," Jaclyn snickered as she jerked Morgan to her feet and delivered another blow. As the blistering backhand slap connected Morgan's lovely eyes rolled. She screamed as the brunette's hand blazed forward, fingers at the ready. They caught the silky material and ripped it rather easily. A few echo's of delight filled the room as the blonde's lace bra came into full view.

"Go for it. Strip her!" someone yelled as she finally got back her voice that seemed stuck in her throat a moment before. One is sometimes speechless at the sight of two gorgeous women going at it. True for both male and female.

"My blouse. You ripped my blouse," Morgan said incredulously. Her surprsing backtalk struck Jaclyn's funnybone and she started to giggle, rolling her eyes, winking at the crowd…then reached for both blonde hair and a bra strap.

"Show everybody what you got you stupid blonde bitch!" Jaclyn snarled loudly. Her fingers yanked the thin bra strap hard. Audible gasps filled the air as a luscious breast found freedom.

"Uhhhhhhhh." The groan was pregant with pain. The thud unmistakable. Now it was Morgan's turn.

"What's a matter, Jackie honey. You don't look so good. Cat got your tongue?"

"Shouldn't mess with another woman's bra. Never," Morgan hissed as she fired a punch deep into Jaclyn’s stomach.

Jaclyn gasped again as the air stealing pain from the two low blows shot through her lower body all the way to her toes. Morgan grabbed a handful of silky dark hair, gave Jaclyn's chin a good tap with her fist, and then ripped her expensive silk blouse wide open down the front. The blonde snickered as she pulled the brunette's head back by a vicious hair pull and as Jaclyn's chest was pushed out, she slid her free hand inside the torn blouse.

"Hmmmmmm. You have a nice classy bra too, too hon," Morgan snipped as her fingers gave a firm breast a good hard squeeze, then jerked the bra cup down hard and fast.

"Ohhhhhhh my, this is gettin' good." Again no audible comments or commentary heard but clearly observed and felt as the captive onlookers collectively held their breath, some secretly hoping that Jaclyn would make a quick comeback.

"Yiiaiarggghhh." The combination yell, scream, shriek in the form of a most vehement protest meant wish granted as Morgan's lips uttered the agony filled gasp. Her beautiful eyes widened as pain shot up one leg. Once. Twice. A heel spike to the top of the foot. A swift kick in the shin. Classic nasty effective moves. From one lovely to another. Low groans of disappointment were barely noted as the quick glimpse of Jaclyn's lovely treasure exposed were brought to a close as Morgan released the bra cup and it snapped back into place. Nice, well made classy bra in deed. The painful snap back brought a wince from Jaclyn that was trumped only by hearing her rival gasp in agony.

"Like I said bitch; you tangled with the wrong person," Jaclyn said as her sense of coolness came back. Her fingers once again buried deep into blonde softness. She relished the frightened, confused look on Morgan's beautiful face as she jerked her pretty head from side to side. A leg shot up hard and fast. THUD! Morgan's face told the woeful story as her beautiful lips began to quiver as much as her crotch throbbed.

"Noooooo. Umpppphhh." Morgan's arms flailed desperately as she felt herself jerked down and tremendous pressure crushing her head. Her legs moved fast and quite involuntarily as if running a sprint.


"Them walls can be deadly. Built solid as, well, uhhh wall," one old duffer noted and added the fact that his contracting group had built this place that seemed to have been turned into a catfight arena instantly.

Morgan had no use for knowing the texture and firmness of the wall. Jaclyn smiled at the applause rendered for having ran her rival's noggin into the wall and regaining control.

"Oh my blondie. You don't look so good. Feelin' a little dizzy sweet stuff?" The mock concern reeked of catty sarcasm, quickly demonstrated by the brunette releasing the headlock, grabbing blonde silk, jerking Morgan fully upright and treating her to a blistering backhand bitchslap. As Morgan staggered back and began the "drunken sailor" reeling dance, Jaclyn zipped around behind her, grabbed the back of her torn blouse and ripped it clean off. The blonde beauty stood shocked and motionless in all her glory wearing the lesser half of the torn bra, her lovely makeup and hair disheveled and wimpering. The classy brunette ready to finish the task awaiting her. The sheer beauty and excitement of it all gave reason to the bulge in many a male's pants and the excitement and anticipation of the females in the room.

"If it get's any hotter, I'm gonna melt."

"She needs a drink to cool off as well," the flushed redhead said to the waiter who offered her a drink as he tried to conceal the bulge in his trousers and ignore the incredibly hot fight but a few feet away. "Cool down blondie," the redhead snickered.

Suddenly, the redhead grabbed the drink off the waiter's tray, reached over and tossed it in Morgan's face. The blonde screamed and took a swing at the interfering redhead who ducked and smiled as Jaclyn grabbed Morgan from behind and jerked her backwards. The brunette spun the blonde around and nailed her with a hard backhand.

"The proper response is to say ‘thank you’ when a drink's offered," Jaclyn chirped as she grabbed the second drink from the flabbergasted waiter's tray, took a couple of big swallows of the delightful concoction, then spit it in Morgan's face, drenching both her face and hair. "Let's finish our dance, OK?" She stepped toward the furious blonde who at that moment lunged at her, arms extended, talons ready to strike. Jaclyn ducked low, stepped to the side and then drove her fist deep into the approaching blonde's belly. Almost simultaneously, Jaclyn’s leg swept out and she tripped the blonde, sending her sprawling on all fours

"Ummpphhh. Argggggh. Gonna kill you. Awwwwwckkk. What the hell?" Morgan, bristling with anger and feeling outwitted and outmaneuvered snarled and cursed as, still on hands and knees, she felt Jaclyn’s fingers pulling her skirt and realized Jaclyn was ready to have still more fun at her expense.

"Yeah. Pull it off! Strip her! Let's see blondies hot, smart little ass!" the on-lookers begged.


"How about it? Think I should strip this smart ass blonde tart, folks, huh? UNNNNgggh!" Jaclyn's smug confident look faded fast as her lovely face morphed into a grimace telling her pain. She dropped to her knees holding Morgans torn skirt in her quivering hands.

"Gotcha. Gotcha good," Morgan whispered as she listened to her stunned breathless rival groan. The blonde didn't like to be stripped in public and as her skirt left her lovely body she executed a perfect backwards kick that packed the punch of a Missouri mule. In a flash the topless, pantyhose clad blonde was on her feet and grabbing shiny black hair.

"Nuuuuh-Uhhhhh," Jaclyn grunted as Morgan jerked her to her feet, slammed a fist into her stomach, then jabbed her ribs a couple of times.

"Now about this strippin' thing, it is kind of fun," Mogan snickered as she slipped behind Jaclyn, fired a punch to her kidneys, wrapped her arm around her neck and jerked her headbackwards.

"Show everybody whacha got, okay dear?" Morgan whispered in her brunette rival's ear as she forced Jaclyn to stick her chest out as she unsnapped her bra and slowly ripped it off baring the beautiful woman's full firm breasts. Catcalls, whistles and exclamations of admiration were heard throughout the room. "Guess they like what they see sweetie. Wanna show 'em some more?"


"I think you DO honey. And the way people are cheering, I think they agree with me," Morgan rasped as she jerked Jaclyn back further, reached around and grabbed the remains of her torn blouse that was partially covering her left breast. Jaclyn screamed as Morgan stripped off the tattered remains of her blouse and gave a firm mound a good slow squeeze, catching the stiffening nipple between her fingers.

"Now for the real show everybody!" Morgan shouted. A good jab to Jaclyn's ribs put her in a slightly less defiant mood and the blonde's fingers found the clasp of her skirt. "Yeah. That's it Jacki; squirm; struggle…shake those hips!" And Jaclyn seemed to cooperate with her captor's demands as she struggled in Morgan's hold as her short tight skirt slithered over her beautiful firm hips and slipped down her gorgeous legs as it dropped to the floor bunching up around her ankles. "Nice pantyhose. Expensive. Silky. Kind of like mine. It is a good color isn't it?" Morgan cackled as she reached down and swatted Jaclyn's firm derriere and suddenly dug her nails into the sexy cheek. She twisted her nails just enough to start a tear in the pantyhose and giggled as Jaclyn winced.

"Uhhhh.Whoaaaaa. Umppppphh."

"So sorry. Now that was unladylike. Soooo sorry," Mogan said her voice full of mock sarcasm as she watched Jaclyn lose her balance and pitch to the floor courtesy a quick move of her leg. Most couldn't believe this fight was unfolding the way it was. If odds were taken prematurely, surely the brunette would have been the favored one. Most figured that Jaclyn was having a really bad night, and Morgan an unusually good one. But all knew of Morgan's reputation for being catty as well as cunning and conniving.

Thunk! The sound of an angry foot smacking into unprotected ribs brought a wince to both the receiver and the audience.
All watched with quiet delight as Morgan dropped down. The sexy sound of sheer pantyhose clasing with sheer pantyhose seemed as quiet background music to the cursing, screaming, yelling as the two struggled, their long lovely legs doing as much battle as their scratching, clawing, twisting pinching fingers.

"Awwwwwwkkk. My hair."

"Arggggggh. My boobs."

"Aiiiiiiieee. Not that. Nooooooo. Yieeeee."

Gorgeous hair and beautiful breasts became instant prized targets for the angry contenders. Forbidden territory was explored by the nasty blonde. More ravaging than mere exploring.

"Give up?" Morgan hissed as her fingers twisted, mauled and dug into the intended target.

"Stop. Please. Nooooooo. Stop. Argggggh," Jaclyn moaned her plea alternating between mega decibels and being barely audible.

"I take that as a yes, correct, bitch?" Before the response came, the angry fist slammed into the lovely chin. Jaclyn's beautiful eyes rolled. Amazingly, Jaclyn wasn’t quite out yet. "Okay, you'll surrender slowly then. Slowly, surely," Morgan rasped as she wrapped her legs around the brunette's waist and began to squeeze slowly, surely, adding pressure moment by moment until Jaclyn's desperately flailing arms were barely moving as she sucked air. A bit of humiliating breast squeezing and nipple pinching followed before Morgan’s hand slipped up and cupped Jaclyn’s chin and mouth.

"Noooooou. Uhhhhhhhhh." (Blurriness. Gray. Darkness.)

"Enjoy the show folks? I'm sure you did. A bit of an encore is always a good thing," Morgan said as she slowly stood up over her defeated rival. With a snicker she teased a nipple to its full erection. As she reached down, she winked at the spellbound audience. She tugged her rival's pantyhose down a little, then a little bit more and yet some more. "How's that for a pose from our lovely Jackie?" Morgan chirped as her tugging exposed a touch of thick dark lusciousness. "A hot catfight makes me thirsty. WAITER, I'll take that drink now. And I see you're more than happy to serve me, big guy!"