Vanna White versus Morgan Fairchild by Doug 20-Jun-00

The two nicely aging blond television starlets received a copy of the script directly from the Producer himself. Vanna White and Morgan Fairchild each felt the role of the lead woman was scripted perfectly, and intentionally, for her. The 40-ish blondes were both still attractive, and were always seeking to advance their respective careers. Both lovely ladies were full of pride, ambition, and desire for fame. A leading role in a major motion picture could bring instant credibility, the only thing each blond lacked.

The Producer quickly narrowed the field of prospects, placing Morgan and Vanna on the short list. He invited them both for a private personal interview at his plush Hollywood studio office. However, he screwed up his appointment schedule and invited both at the same time!

Neither blond knew whom her rival for the part was until they both arrived at the Producer's plush, private office at the same time. It appeared the blond television star from Wheel of Fortune tried to intimidate the sultry prime-time TV soap star by showing off all made up and dressed to the "nine's", looking hot in a slinky, sparkling glitter-gown, with hint of a white lace slip hanging hidden beneath, sheer suntan color pantyhose, and silver high-heels. However, Morgan also looked awesome herself in a flashy white jacket, silk blouse, short white miniskirt with a pink and white lace slip tucked under the short hem, silky nude pantyhose, and white heels. The two mature blondes remained coolly silent and somewhat agitated as the smirking secretary led them in, then turned and closed the door with a click.

The Producer seemed only momentarily surprised when the two mature, attractive, blond hopefuls showed up at the same time. Then he asked a curious question, "Which one of you two pretty ladies wants the part more?"

Naturally, both insisted it was herself.

"You'll have to prove it," he concluded, then he started to explain his plans for resolving the stalemate.

"But she is only good for selling vowels! She can't act!" Morgan protested, insulted to be placed in the same class as the bimbo from Wheel of Fortune.

"What have you ever done lately?!" Vanna sneered back in retort "Nobody even knows who you are anymore."

"Ladies, ladies, please, let's get down to business" the Producer finally interjected. No-one wanted to leave the office without a signed deal, and the Producer knew there was really only one way to resolve a dispute between these two lovely, strong-willed ladies. Consent papers were quickly written up and signed by both parties. It was surprising neither would back down from such a crude method of dispute resolution, yet this was Hollywood, and these were ambitious blondes.

The Producer agreed to leave them to settle things on their own, woman to woman, and after he left, the two nicely aging blondes quickly squared off in the Producer's plush, private, spacious office, facing each other intently. Girls will be girls. Neither would back down. It was agreed. No prisoners. The Producer had agreed to return in half-an-hour. Little did the ladies know at the time, he was secretly filming every scene for his future viewing pleasure.

As the two closed in face to face, Morgan lashed out first and slapped the rival blond beauty across the face real hard, sending her reeling. Vanna snapped back right away, trying to catch Morgan and apply an arm twist, but squealed with surprise as Morgan did a complete reversal and pulled her in close. Both knew the basic maneuvers, and fought hard. They finally fell with their skirts and slips flying up. They quickly wound up wrestling upon the carpet where they wrapped their sexy legs around each other's torso and squeezed.

Morgan's legs were more than sexy, they were powerful too, but so were Vanna's with their sexy nylon sheen. Each groaned in turn as her innards was crushed. They finally broke their scissors grips but they continued to roll around in a series of wrestling moves. It was a hard fought match that went back and forth. Vanna caught Morgan in a full-nelson, but Morgan was wiry and slipped free, though Vanna managed to pull her jacket, then red blouse off over her head. Morgan had pert old boobs, barely contained in her white lace bra, and loose pink lace-slip, bouncing and jiggling, spilling out overtop.

She seemed stunned for a moment, and the pretty blond letter-turner appeared to take control as she pounced like a jungle cat and whipped Morgan's skirt down before she could recover, leaving her to fight in just her ripped nylons, torn silk lace-slip, and panties, with her nipples at the point. Morgan looked vulnerable; skirt tangled at her knees, tits on display. Suddenly it seemed Vanna had the unlucky blond soap star at her mercy. She managed to wrap strands from Morgan's silk blouse around her throat and began to squeeze. Morgan began to choke and sputter, drool pouring out her mouth. One wondered how much longer the fight could continue.

Morgan appeared ready to give up, but she knew her career was on the line, so the determined old blond finally squirmed enough so that the silk hang-noose split and she broke free. Gulping down some much needed air Morgan recovered quickly and countered. She caught a firm handful of Vanna's hair and yanked her over. Then she caught her rival's dress and ripped it open exposing her lacy white bra. In fact, she did a complete reversal, making quick use of Vanna's torn dress to tie her up, keeping it twisted up around her head so she couldn't see. The tables were turned and Morgan began to take control.

The pretty letter-turner began to weaken when her tits suddenly popped free from her bra cups and jiggled into view. Morgan had some time and energy to pull, pinch, and squeeze them. Then ripping off the remnants of her victim's dress, Morgan rolled Vanna over into small package and kept her legs parted with a clever leg spread maneuver. She soon had her victim helpless with her legs spread wide in a pancake press. The downed letter-turner's pretty eyes bulged, and she began to quiver as Morgan began to pump fist after fist into her aching body, and worse. Morgan spared no expense, and punched her right in the cunt! Vanna moaned, and groaned as Morgan beat the shit out of her.

Vanna's cursing finally stopped as Morgan pinned and trapped her in a school-girl press, slowly inching forward to emerge seated proudly upon the downed letter-turner's pretty face, seeking to smother her sexy letter-turning rival into oblivion. Vanna could only gasp and squirm, cycling her lovely legs uselessly in mute protest, unable to dislodge her foe. Soon Vanna's lashings became less and less, then a final twitch, and she was gone. Morgan smiled as she stood proudly above her vanquished victim, having saved her career from this mere letter-turning vamp.

The proud victoress decided she would tie Vanna down over the Producer's casting couch in a display of triumph, and to let the Producer know for sure who was his queen. Morgan dragged, hoisted, and dumped her victim's partially clad body over the couch, but she leisurely took her time, straightening out her silk lace slip, and refitting her bra. Emerging from the blackness Vanna caught a breath as she groped around. Her sight remained misty and there was the strange scent of a woman filling her nostrils. It came back to her in a flash. She knew she wasn't in the afterlife. Vanna was fully recovered, ready, and waiting. Imagine Morgan's surprise. What she thought was a lifeless body suddenly came back to life.


Vanna kicked her right in the face. Morgan staggered; rocked hard by the thunderbolt smash, blood oozing from her nostril.

The duel for the major motion picture part was back on. Vanna sprang from the couch like a caged wildcat. Morgan screamed as Vanna pounced upon her. A strand of pink lace torn from Morgan's slip came back to haunt her now, as Vanna wrapped it around Morgan's throat in a ligature fashion. The blond soap star gasped, choked, and sputtered, but she managed to recover in time a drill a hard fist into Vanna's midsection, making her gasp, buckle, and release the lace choke-hold.

Once again both proud, defiant women stood in there, determined to finish from where they left off. Here at the Producer's place one would finally prove herself. Morgan recovered from the unpleasant surprise of Vanna's reappearance, and in short order began to batter two silicone enhanced boobs black and blue. Vanna also tried to get hold of Morgan's tits, but was unable to do so as she moved in close to prevent her. This went on for about a minute or so, like an arm wrestling match, first the women went one way, then the other. However, Morgan kept a determined attack on Vanna's proud 36c breasts, pulling them, pinching, kneading, and squeezing both flesh and silicone flat.

Finally, Vanna was able to get Morgan over and on her back. As Morgan hit the carpet, she finally let go of Vanna's throbbing tits. Now it was Vanna back in control, kicking and stomping her foe unmercifully. However, Morgan still fought back with a swivel kick, eventually scooping the legs out from under the bodacious blond letter-turner.

Vanna fell in a pile on top of Morgan and the desperate duel continued in a grapple. Vanna's soft but strong hands slipped down to Morgan's neck and squeezed hard about her exposed throat as Vanna pressed her thumbs hard into Morgan's windpipe and began to choke the life out of her.

Morgan's gasps and coughs filled the air as Vanna poured on the pressure and began to force Morgan's head back, strong hands functioning like a steel vise as Vanna used her death grip. The movie part would be hers! She felt Morgan's consciousness running out between her fingers. On her last breaths, Morgan suddenly thrust an elbow back pounding Vanna hard in the solar-plexus. Vanna relaxed her grip, and Morgan doubled the effort driving her nylon knee hard and fast up between her rival's nylon thighs.


Morgan quickly broke the choke-hold and scored with a crushing cunt-buster. Vanna wailed in anguish and pulled back.

Again they clashed and the swirling blond beauties fell once more to the floor in a tangle. In no time the lovely, determined old blondes were rolling around the carpet in a series of wrestling moves that would make an Olympic wrestler proud. First one was atop, then the other, in close, hard-fought hand to hand fighting. As they rolled around their thin lace slips rolled above their waists, and two sets of sexy silky nylon legs were firmly intertwined gripping.

"Zipo, zip, zip" hissed their pantyhose in close contact.

Suddenly Vanna emerged from the tussle and clamped on a deadly throat scissors. Vanna caught Morgan's chicken-neck between her shapely nylon thighs, and clamped like a boa constrictor. Powerful, sexy thigh muscles strained as Vanna poured on the pressure. Morgan was soon gurgling as she coughed, sputtered, and choked. Morgan now fought desperately to breath as she felt darkness coming in all around. The former soap star's legs kicked wildly as she struggled to break the nylon choke-hold. But she could not split Vanna's awesome legs. Morgan's twitching body finally ceased and everything went black.

Vanna got off her limp foe and stood proudly above her. Then she reached down far enough to rip off Morgan's panties.

Like Morgan before her, Vanna made the mistake of not ensuring her victim was truly out of it, and tying her down helpless. Like magic, Morgan suddenly sprang back to life, before Vanna could recover from the surprise. Morgan caught her startled rival by the hair, and pitched her over the sofa.

Again they clashed in their desperate duel, each wearing no more than her underwear, Morgan in just her torn panties, ripped pantyhose, torn lace slip, and displaced bra, Vanna in her panties, pantyhose, and torn half-slip. Yet on they fought, slamming fists into each other's bodies like pretty prize-fighters. Each woman groaned as she got pounded, then stepped back in thrusting with a counter-punch. Back and forth they rocked each other with crushing blows. The ladies staggered but remained standing.

Then the tough old blond soap star's blows became even heavier. The former soap star dug deep and slowly did more damage. The lovely old letter-turner began staggering like she was on rubber legs street. Morgan had suddenly stepped up the pace to pepper Vanna with a series of stinging jabs, pounding uppercuts and punishing roundhouses.

Sizing her reeling opponent up, Morgan gave her a spinning mule-kick. The impact of the kick made Vanna's head snap, and she fell hard and awkward to the floor. Her victim in a state of shock, Morgan would not make the same mistake again. She pounced on her fallen adversary and quickly pinned her down flat.

Morgan clasped Vanna's supple chin firmly in one hand, and began pummeling her pretty face to a pulp with the other.

Smack! Smack!

"Noooo!" Vanna protested as Morgan beat the crap out of her.

Smack! Smack!


Smack! Smack!


Smack! Smack!

There was no mistake this time!

"I give up! . . . please, no more!"

Smack! SMACK!

What a pleasant picture for the Producer when he arrived back in his office. Tied up with strips of a silk-lace slip, hanging over his casting couch, ready for the taking, was the loser. She was stripped naked with her legs spread. Too bad for the victoress though, the Producer ultimately decided to give the part to Sharon Stone.

~The End~