Salma Hayek vs. Anna Falchi by NewGuy 18-Jun-00

The audience cheer very loudly as Salma Hayek comes down to the ring wearing black stockings, high heels, a white blouse and a very short black skirt that shows her ass jiggling. Salma climbs a turnbuckle, smile for the crowd, and then she waves hello to them. The crowd cheers even louder for Salma. Then Salma gets off the turnbuckle and then she bends over, giving the crowd a great view of her ass in a red thong.

Then Anna Falchi comes to the ring and she is just wearing high heels, and that is all. Salma stops smiling and she is now serious and mad. The crowd cheers for every time Anna's tits go up and down as she walks to the ring. Salma is very angry, and she takes off her blouse to show off her red strapless bra. She wants to take off her bra, but she need the advantage on mauling tits so she decides not to.

Both women agreed on fighting in a caged ring. The cage is ten feet tall and five feet wider than the ring, to leave in some space to fight out of the ring. Salma feels confident as she knows that there won't be any interference by the other Italians, but she won't have any help herself. Salma is also unaware of the beating that she will get unless she works on Anna fast, and doesn't leave Anna any chances by countering most of her moves.

Once Anna enters the cage, Salma runs to the ropes on the other side, and then slings back to jump over the top rope to land on Anna. Anna lands on her back with Salma on her. Salma starts to pound on the beautiful Italian's face but Anna just pushes Salma off after a few punches.

Both women get onto their feet fast, and Salma goes after Anna again. Salma tries a cross body block but she is caught in midair by Anna. Anna rams Salma's back into one of the poles and then she does a fall-away slam that sends Salma into the cage with her back. Anna picks Salma up by her hair, then she presses Salma over head. Anna shows her strength by throwing Salma over the top rope. Anna is going up on the steps to get onto the apron, but Salma gets up and she runs to the ropes.

Salma causes Anna to fall backwards, and she hits the cage with her head. Salma runs again to ropes and she tries another jump over the ropes. Salma lands on Anna with her ass. Salma picks Anna up, and she tries to swing Anna to the cage, but Anna reverses it and Salma hits the cage with her tits and face.

Salma's nipples pop out through the top of the bra, and she just fall backwards. Anna lifts Salma up again and presses her over the top rope again and Anna slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Anna picks Salma up, and she puts her hand under Salma's skirt. Salma screams very as has her c--- squeezed very hard. Anna pulls down Salma's top to her stomach, and Anna grabs Salma's right tit. Anna presses Salma over head, and she is also squeezing Salma's tit and cunt hard. Then Anna drops Salma onto the mat hard. Anna grabs a hold of Salma's legs, and she plants her heel into Salma's pussy. As Salma's screams get even louder and louder, Anna keeps grinding her heel deeper into Salma's cunt.

A few seconds later, Anna takes her foot out of Salma's cunt and she sits on Salma. Anna puts Salma's arms under her, and she starts to slap each of Salma's tits. Anna pulls the right nipple up, and she pinches it with the left. Then Anna begins to slap the tit. Anna gives Salma's tit a few slaps before punching it. After a while, Anna switches to the other tit for a little bit. Then Anna lifts Salma up by both of her tits. She sets Salma up for a suplex but changes the move and drops Salma on the top rope.

Anna starts to shake the ropes up and down. When Salma falls of the rope, Anna picks her up again. Anna sends Salma to the ropes, and then on the rebound, Anna grabs Salma's hip and sends her outside of the ring. Salma hits the cage and then falls down hard onto the concrete floor. Anna jumps the ropes and lands on Salma's tit with her ass.

Each tit is totally squished, and Salma screams, "My beautiful tits! Aaaaahhhhhhhh."

Anna picks Salma up, throws her through the ropes, and she gets back in as well. After throwing Salma in and out of the ring, Anna goes for the pin.

After the two count, Ann lifts her up, and says, "You're not getting out of this punishment that easily bitch!"

Anna pulls Salma up by her hair, rips off Salma's skirt and pulls Salma's panties up. Salma is lifted two feet in the air. She keeps lifting Salma until her arms are stretched up totally. Anna is really showing her strength as she holds Salma up and starts to shake her to make the wedgie even worse. The thong is has totally disappeared into Salma's ass and pussy. She finally drops Salma onto the floor after five minutes.

Salma immediately tries to pull the thong out of her pussy and ass. Anna helps Salma by pulling the panties out and leaving Salma nude (with the exception of the stockings). She lifts Salma up over her shoulder, and takes her over to the turnbuckle. Anna puts Salma on the turnbuckle upside down with her legs over the top rope. Anna begins to hit Salma's cleanly shaven cunt with hard punches. Then Anna lifts up her foot and she plants her heel into Salma's cunt again, but this time, Anna takes off her high heel, and leaves it in Salma's cunt.

Anna takes off her other high heel, and she throws it to the side while Salma took off the high heel in her cunt. Salma, still upside down, rubs her cunt and she sees Anna sitting down in front of her. Anna slides her pussy in front of Salma, and Anna tells her to lick her pussy. Of course Salma had to, and she did. Salma was forced to lick Anna's pussy as deep as she could, and Anna began to moan. Anna moaned and moaned as Salma sobbed and licked.

Anna said, "Don't worry, I'm going to cun soon!"

After a few minutes, Anna cummed right on Salma's face, and Salma had to eat it all, but she was still upside down though. Salma just spit it out, and Anna was furious. Anna got up and she pounded on Salma's cunt.

Then Anna finally released Salma and she pinned her for the three count. Now that the match was over, Anna called for Alessia Merz to help humiliate Salma for spitting out her cum. Alessia jumped into the ring with a blue dress which she immediately lost to make sure nothing gets into the way of Salma's tongue while licking her in and out.

Anna pulled Salma to the center of the ring, and Alessia puts her pussy on Salma's face. Salma begins to lick and after a few minutes of that, Alessia cummed into Salma's mouth, and this time, she ate it.

"OK then, if you can eat her cum, why can't you eat mine?" Anna said before sitting down Salma's face.

Then when Anna cummed again, Salma ate that and Anna said, "There that wasn't hard, but I didn't like that too much. I think that you should become my slave."

"NO! You can't! Please, let me go!" was Salma's reply.

Salma kept on pleading and begging, but Anna and Alessia would not relent.

Alessia said, "Just to show you Latinas whose boss. If all of you listened the first times, then this wouldn't have happened."

The Italians new that Salma would have no one to help her since Catherine Zeta Jones, Talisa Soto, Patricia Velasquez, and Maria Checa had been lured away for matches against other Italians (after this one). Anna and Alessia picked Salma up and took her to their locker room. The ref. tried to stop the Italians from taking Salma but they just pushed her aside and kept walking. The ref. was going to call for help from other refs., but she didn't want to get the Italians angry, she knows what they can do.

In the locker room, Salma was giving a dog collar to wear and a small yellow bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Salma was told to crawl like a dog next to the two Italians. She had to suffer humiliation coming out of the arena, walking out to the limo. The two Italians left with Salma in the limo to some hidden destination.

What will Salma have to do during the time that her Latina friends are gone?

What the Italians have to wonder about is, how to torture Salma and who else can they get to become their slave.