Anna Falchi vs. Uma Thurman by maverik

Both actresses were raring to get at each other. This match was privately arranged, at Uma's instance, in an apartment cleared for battle between the two sexy sirens. Both were tall and large, though Uma was slender compared to the buxom, full-thighed Anna.

Anna was blonde, solid, 140 lb. and 5'10" tall. She wore matching skin-colored bra and panties. Anna's bra showed a deep cleavage and just hinted at the firm, well-rounded, 36C breasts encased within it. Her blonde hair fell straight and free to middle of her back. Uma was brunette this day, also about 5'10" and a well-toned 130 lbs. Uma was dressed in her favorite black thong bikini with a low cut top that emphasized her firm 34D breasts. Uma's dark hair was bunched and knotted in a bun.

As both combatants were brought together by the referee, Anna glared at Uma and hissed, "I'll thrash you so bad you won't know what hit you! You'll be sorry we met."

Uma met Anna's gaze, raised her eyes showing her famous wrinkled forehead, but didn't say a word. "Let her think she's on top as usual," Uma thought to herself.

Then they tore into each other, their smashing bodies crushing into one another. Uma went for Anna's hair while Anna wrapped her arms around Uma's slender waist, hoping to twist her into a fall. Uma's hands filled with bunches of Anna's hair on both sides of her head. Uma was pulling them hard, clenching her teeth. Anna's face was grim but her cheeks were already growing red from the pain. Her arms were tight around Uma's body but Uma stayed standing firm until Anna raised her the same time as Uma did. Neither looked down and their knees each crashed into each other, surprising both!

Uma was the first to recover, kicking Anna on the other shin twice, hard.

Anna's "Owww" and contorted face were caused by Uma pulling her up by her hair. Anna couldn't recover from Uma's stunning kick that landed right on her knee. Anna went down on one knee as Uma tried to pull her up by two handfuls of hair. With Anna halfway up, Uma drove her other knee into Anna's face, it landed firm on Anna's nose.

Anna cried, "Ouch....Oh shit!" and clawed Uma's breasts.

Uma was startled by the attack on her mammaries as Anna's strong hands squeezed both her breasts. Raking her fingers down, Anna snared Uma's nipples between the fingers and pinched both at the same time with such ferocity that Uma let go of Anna's hair and jumped back.

"Oww.. you dirty fighting BITCH!" Uma screamed. "Leave my boobs alone, you sick cow!"

Uma smashed her hands down on Anna's shoulders. No effect. Anna had a firm upper body. Anna raised herself, butting her head into Uma's sending Uma staggering backward. Then Anna went back to squeezing Uma's boobs. When Uma tried pulling back, Anna yanked down Uma's top exposing her pale breasts which were red from the abuse they'd suffered.

Anna stepped forward, smashing left-right uppercuts into Uma's soft belly. Uma's face showed the pain in her body as Anna landed two more punches, one to each of the dark brown nipples of the topless Uma.

Uma cried out, "OooooHhhh! Uiiii Uuui Aaaah!"

Unrelenting in her attack, Anna's knee found it's mark in Uma's unprotected pussy. Uma shrieked again as Anna caught her by the hair and pulled her head down. Opening Uma's hair knot, Anna threw Uma down at her feet. Sobbing, Uma wondered what Anna was going to do next.

Anna crouched, bent down but Uma swung her legs up with full force and clasped her thighs around Anna's head, bringing Anna to the floor. Anna's head hit the carpeted floor and she saw stars. Uma tightened her legs as she swung Anna around and put her hands on the floor behind her, Uma raised her hips and locked her ankles. Uma squeezed harder and harder with Anna down, her head trapped between Uma's thighs, her hands on the floor, her legs under her body. In this position, Anna the Amazon was immobilized.

Uma kept pressing the advantage, sensing victory - until Uma's thighs cramped. Still, she hung on, asking Anna to quit. After a few more seconds, Anna beat the floor with her hands, signaling her surrender.

Uma smiled painfully as the cramps were really disabling now. She slowly released the pressure on Anna's head, raised her legs and swung them around and dropped them on the floor. Anna was amazed. Losing to an American? She prayed her Italian peers and paparazzi never found out!

"Nice match, Uma," Anna mumbled. "I had you by your breasts, but your thighs caught my head and there wasn't much I could do to get out of it. Let's fight another time!"

Uma remained sprawled on the floor until her legs stopped hurting, then she got and left, smiling to herself on conquering the all mighty Anna Falchi.

As she walked away, Uma thought to herself, "If only you'd waited a little longer, Anna!"