Terry Farrell (Lt. Cdr. Dax ST:DS9) vs. Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi ST:TNG) by Harry 27-Jun-00

Behind the enormously successful Star Trek series there was a great deal of bitching and sniping between the female stars. Many had been unknowns before taking parts and were desperate to maintain their star status and all that that brought with it. Although Terry and Marina appeared in separate series, they had an intense dislike of one another. Both had fought and clawed to achieve top star status only to be robbed by some upstart from another show.

Terry had managed to make the transfer from Star Trek to a successful US comedy show. Marina, although appearing in three Star Trek films had not made the breakthrough to mainstream TV. While some blamed her roots and accent (she hailed from the East End of London) Marina blamed a whispering campaign from those she had trodden on and especially she blamed Terry Farrell. Terry in turn blamed regarded Marina as an over exposed and talentless actress who should be grateful she got the exposure she did. About the only thing they agreed: their dislike of Jeri Ryan from Star Trek Voyager!

The rivalry came to head at a Star Trek convention on the West Coast of the US. There had been a row between the two as to who merited the better accommodation. No sooner had this been resolved than the question of who got the longer and better timed slots in front of the audience. The final straw for Terry came when she was expected to spend an hour sat next to Marina at a book signing session. After 10 minutes bitching - disguised as lively banter -Terry made her apologies, leaving the English woman triumphant.

Much later, as a weary Marina returned to her room, she was surprised to find Terry waiting outside the door of her luxury hotel room.

"Feeling better are we?" asked Marina, failing to disguise her disappointment and dislike.

"Shut up you stupid British skank. Its about time you were put in you place and I'm the woman to do it!" hissed Terry putting her hands on her hips.

Marina smiled as she considered the situation.

"Terry, much as I'd like to kick your over-rated arse here in the corridor, this is such a nice hotel I think we'd better sort out our differences in private."

"Anytime and anyplace!" replied Terry.

Marina opened the door to her room and ushered Terry in. They walked into the spacious lounge area, fortuitously lacking in furniture, and faced each other. Both wore their dark hair long and straight which matched their long black strapped dresses. Marina's had a split up the left side whilst Terry's showed off her smaller cleavage. Not taking their eyes off each other they slipped out of their high heels and kicked them into separate corners.

"So you wanted to discuss something did you bitch!" snarled Terry

"Yes, how I'm going to humiliate you for all the shyte I've put up from your fat, over-rated arse!" snapped Marina as she brought her hands up as claws.

Terry did the same and the two actresses started to circle, lashing out with their hands. Marina leapt forward hoping to grab her American opponent, but Terry leapt out of the way, her long dress fluttering. As Marina turned to face her opponent Terry was on her plunging both hands into her hair and starting to pull. As the English woman squealed with pain she brought up her own hands and grabbed Miss Farrell's long hair causing her to also squeal with pain. The two women commenced at bitter hair pulling contest trying to pull one another around the room, interspersed with snide and bitchy remarks.

Initially Marina was in a disadvantageous position, but gritting her teeth through the pain she managed go face to face with Terry and match her for effort. As the two actresses faces contorted with effort and pain they started to lash out with their bare feet, each making contact. It was here that Marina, with the split in her dress held an advantage, which enabled her to use her left leg to greater advantage than her opponent who was constricted by the design of her dress. Marina hooked her left foot round Terry's ankle and with a simultaneous push, sent the American woman sprawling backwards. But as Miss Farrell fell her hold on Marina's hair caused the British woman to fall down on top of her. As they crashed into the heavily padded carpet they were both momentarily stunned by the fall allowing their holds to go limp.

Terry was winded by having her opponent land on top of her, but when she opened her eyes she was enraged to see Marina starting to get up and smiling, clearly under the delusion that she had won already. Terry allowed her right hand to fall away from her opponents hair before bringing it back sharply as a fierce open handed slap. The blow left a bright red mark on Marina's cheek and came as a complete surprise to her; she really had believed that she was winning. This pause allowed the 'Deep Space 9' actress to renew her hair hold with her left hand. Having wrapped several strands of long hair around her slender fingers, Terry pulled hard dragging Marina off of her and the following up so that they rolled over. It wasn't until her shoulder blades touched the floor that the star of 'The Next Generation' touched the floor realized what had happened.

Now that Terry was on top she scrambled to sit astride her opponent, but was hindered by her long dress. Meanwhile Marina was struggling to come to turns with the most unwelcome reversal of roles. In desperation she lifted her hands and started slapping and pushing at her opponents body in the hope of dislodging her. These attacks, although energetic, inflicted no pain on the American star but did add to her consternation as she struggled to get her legs either side of Marina's body. In frustration Terry reached down and took hold of the straps of Marina's dress with both hand and started to pull. As Marina's head cleared the floor she concentrated on defending herself by grasping Terry's wrists.

"So Counselor Slut, what's your advice about getting out of this?" sneered Terry, looking down on her opponent.

Marina's response was to dig her nails into Terry's wrist until she squealed with pain. A squeal which drowned out the ripping sound that indicated the thin material was near its breaking point. As the pain grew in her arms Terry Farrell released her opponents dress and the two women struggled hand to hand for supremacy. Marina managed to bend the fingers on Terry's right hand back and use this hold to maneuver the American woman off of her.

Ignoring her opponents squeals Marina managed to get up onto her knees. She released her painful hold on Terry's right hand and instead used the hand to slap the DS9 star across the face with a thwack worthy of special effects. This new attack caught Terry being more concerned with her sore fingers and its force snapped her head backwards. But this pain was as nothing to the punch to the stomach that Marina followed up with that. Terry let out a cross between a groan and a scream.

As she slumped forward, Marina brought her fist up into her opponents body for a second time this time painfully colliding with the American's right breast. As Terry howled with pain she had the presence of mind to bring up her right hand, take a handful of Marina's dress and pull it sharply. The already damaged material was designed solely for esthetic purposes and not for strength and it ripped open from the shoulder down to the midriff like a sardine tin. It revealed Marina's larger breasts encased in a black bra.

This revelation caused Marina to stop her attacks on Terry and instead push her body away from her so that she could defend her modesty. This allowed her opponent the chance to catch her breath.

"You dirty cow, this dress cost me $500!" screeched Marina as she realized the extent of the damage.

Terry didn't care as she managed to free her left hand from grappling with her fellow Star Trek star. Whilst Marina was pre-occupied with what her ripped dress revealed she didn't notice Terry reach round her back with both hands and take a firm grip of her butt. As her fingers sunk into Marina's ample butt the British woman howled with pain and ceased fiddling with the remnants of the front of her dress. Her reaction was pull Terry's head up with a two handed hair pull. Both TV stars traded insults completely inappropriate for broadcast in their shows. Feeling her scalp on fire, Terry moved one hand up and gripped the British woman's hair and tugged, if only to remind her that she to could pull hair.

But the advantage was with Marina and she used her double handed grip on Terry to drag the American down to the floor. In the process Terry was forced to break her holds on her opponent and use her hands instead to defend herself. Having gotten Terry where she believed that she wanted her, Marina swung a leg over her so that she was sat astride her. She then adjusted her hold on Terry's hair so that she freed one hand whilst at the same time pinning Terry's head to the floor.

"As you were so keen to strip me lets see what you're made of!" snarled Marina as she took hold of the front of Terry's dress just underneath her breasts.

As much as Terry struggled to prevent the inevitable happening, there was nothing she could do as the black material was ripped asunder, revealing her black push up bra. Incensed by this attack, Terry reached up and grabbed hold of the edges of her opponents ripped dress and started to pull frantically. Marina shrieked in surprise and horror, and letting go completely of the American's hair, responded by tearing away her dress. As more and more flesh (oh, so rarely seen by TV audiences) came into view both women resorted to slapping and scratching at one anothers body. In this new phase of the battle Marina, by dint of being on top had the slight advantage. Terry responded by bucking and thrashing her body trying to throw her opponent off of her whilst at the same time trying to bring her knees up into Marina's back.

Although these dual attacks produced no tangible results they did distract the English woman. In turn this produced an opening for the DS9 actress to grab hold of the cups of the ST:TNG actresses bra and pull. As the bra came away, elastic straining, Marina's breasts were revealed like a sunrise. This brought an automatic response from Marina to defend herself, but she could not prevent Terry letting go her hold.

As the bra snapped back into place, not quite fitting as the manufacturer intended, Marina screamed in pain. She fell off of her opponent clutching at her stinging breasts. This allowed Terry to roll free of from the her fellow Star Trek access so that there was at last clear space between them. While Marina was busy massaging herself and fighting back the desire to cry, Terry twisted round and compounded her misery and pain by planting her foot in her back sending her sprawling towards the wall.

Both women, while this not being their first catfight nor could they be regarded as experienced, took the opportunity to catch their breath. It was Terry who stood up first and seeing the state of her dress decided to discard it leaving her clad only in bra and panties. Marina got to her feet more slowly, red marks clearly visible on her breasts and also discarded the remnants of her dress, so that both women were equally attired. Shaping their long fingers, more used to skimming across 'control panels', as talons they advanced towards one another, their faces a mask of hatred.

The two women circled, making clawing motions with their hands. Marina reached forward and took hold of Terry's left arm and pulled her towards her. Their two bodies slapped together whilst both women took two handfuls of the others blonde hair. They resumed their hair pulling struggle, grunting with the pain and shouting obscenities.

Marina tried to break the deadlock by twisting Terry round and throwing her to the floor. But the DS9 star did not break her grip on the English woman's hair, and instead the two women ended up side by side, bent over still pulling each others hair.

Terry lashed out with her left foot catching Marina painfully in the thigh and her leg started to buckle and then gave way causing Marina to collapse to the floor. Despite the pain of the hair pulling, Terry was able to twist her body so that Miss Sirtis was forced to break her hair hold as she fell to earth. Terry was, however, able to keep her grip on her opponents hair so that was able to scramble to sit astride the back of the fallen Next Generation star. Terry then started to pull Marina's head up with a two fisted hair pull until a clump came away in her hand, sending Marina's head crashing into the carpet.

Despite the intense pain that she was suffering, Marina continue to buck and squirm in an effort to get the American off her back. This caught Terry by surprise, as she though that the loss of her hair would have subdued her opponent, and she toppled to her right. Marina realized that she was now free of her opponent and started to crawl away.

But before she had gone more that a few metres, Marina felt Terry's hands hook under the straps of her bra. As Marina tried to more forward, coupled with Terry's pulling on her bra pressed her breasts into her chest. The Englishwoman howled in pain, but continued to try to move away from her opponent. Terry tried to reach out and grab Marina's dark hair, but she was bucking her head, and the DS9 star was more intent on not losing her hold. But Marina's bra, like her dress, was made of insubstantial material. After less than a minute it gave way, propelling the two opponents in opposite directions. Marina collapsed to the floor in relief, whilst Terry fell backwards.

When Marina realized that she wasn't about to be leapt upon, she looked over her shoulder and saw Terry lying on her back, she gingerly got up onto her knees and turned to face her enemy. Realizing that the American had been hurt more in the fall, Miss Sirtis moved forward, reached out and grabbed Terry's ankles. Terry had been stunned by the fall, having banged her head, and was still coming too, when she felt herself dragged forward. But she only became aware of what was happening when she felt fingers ripping aside her knickers and then start to pull viciously on her dark pubic mound.

Terry let out a stream of abuse and obscenity, as she was caught between the desire to protect her pussy by moving backwards and attack Marina. In the end, some of Miss Farrell's pubic hair was unequal to the struggle and came away in Miss Sirtis' fingers. When Terry's butt hit the floor, rather than launch a follow up attack, Marina looked down on her American foe a sneer of contempt on her face. This, despite the pain that she was experiencing, gave Terry the chance to counter attack. She pulled back one of her feet, and before the English woman could react, drove it into her stomach sending her backwards screaming in pain.

Painfully and very slowly Terry pulled herself up onto her knees, and looked down at the moaning and sobbing Marina. Deliberately and roughly the still hurting Deep Space 9 actress forced apart her opponents bare legs. She the thrust her hands towards Marina's crotch, ripping aside the black underwear to expose the untouched lush dark pussy. Terry eagerly sunk her claws into the inviting snatch pulling and scratching with a viciousness born of revenge. Marina let out an unholy scream and a string on obscenities that clearly demonstrated her east end of London upbringing as her womanhood was violated. Now unable to hold back the tears, she used her remaining strength reach up and grab Terry's hair with both hands and drag her away from her minge. As her head was dragged by the roots of her hair, Terry let go of her opponents pussy, and sunk her hands into her opponents disheveled hair.

Both women were at the end of their tether, their bodies battered and bruised, their ego and image had also taken a beating, and neither woman was capable of filming an episode of the series that made them famous at the precise moment. As they rolled across the floor, Marina was fighting more from a sense of desperation to be left alone, rather than Terry who wanted to truly dominate her opponent. Terry forced home her advantage by slipping a hand down and taking a cruel grip of Marina's left breast and thrusting her pussy into her opponents crotch. The assault robbed Marina of what reserves of will she had, and it took only a few moments before she was sobbing her submission; her body limp and prone. It took a few moments for the victory to sink in and the victorious Terry sat astride her beaten foe for several minutes savoring the sensation.