Farrah Fawcett vs. Heather Locklear by TNT

"So nice to meet you again," the beautiful young blonde snipped before snapping a punch to the older blondes full left breast.

"Uhhhhhh! Likewise you mouthy little bitch…Umppfhh." Farrah grunted in pain, her beautiful face grimacing as her breast exploded in pain. She blocked the next punch and delivered a blistering backhand to Heather’ face a split second before her groin burst into mind-blowing agony.

"Gettin' a bit too old to fight, eh you old broad!" Heather snarled as she sunk her fingers in Farrah's gorgeous-as-ever blonde mane and smiled as she pounded her knee up repeatedly into Farrah’s crotch until she felt her body weakening and her angry screams lost quite a bit of their volume.

"Arggggh!" But then Heather gasped as a handful of sharp nails suddenly dug deep into her right breast and Ripppppp! Heather heard, then felt, the tight silk blouse pulled from her body. Long fingers hungry for vengeance grabbed her bra between the two lacy thin sheer cups and jerked down hard. A loud cheer exploded a few feet away from the throats of very lucky bystanders in the posh nightclub. Heather’s' mind raced as her heart pounded with excitement.

"So glad they're getting reacquainted again!" an older patron said with a big smile.

"This almost happened a long time ago," his friend said as he reached for his drink.

"Yeah, how well I remember," Heather's own thoughts raced back to that ‘catfight’ moment as she grabbed Farrah’s fingers and bent them back painfully.

"Aieeeeee!" Farrah shrieked as Heather put her in a world of hurt.

"Now I'm gonna finish that ‘conversation’ that was so rudely interrupted last time, remember?" Heather hissed.

Farrah winced - not only from her rivals' painful finger hold, but also from her memories and she blushed bright red. She could still almost feel the pain, the humiliation…

Years earlier, these two had just ‘happened’ to meet. Heather a feisty, beautiful young star was working on the police series ‘TJ HOOKER and had learned some great fighting moves that were even more effective than her usual dirty catfight techniques. Farrah had just shot her famous poster and the new ‘nipple queen’ was a budding star. Both beautiful blondes were quite tipsy from celebrating when they met.

"Nice nips, Farrah; bet you're really proud of 'em judging by the way you love to stick 'em out," Heather teased.

"Why you flat-chested little hussy, I oughta kick your cute little ass," Farrah retorted as she walked over to the dancing and shadowboxing Heather. Heather’s face blushed beet red with anger. (In later years Ms Locklear *developed* a much fuller bosom and she also became a rather cunning catfighter on ‘Dynasty’ and something of a "nipple girl" herself on ‘Spin City’.)

Every patron in the newly opened posh bar held their breath as the two beauties prepared to do battle.

"C'mon Farrah, pound her good!"

"Heather, go for those two up-front targets!"

Pound those bull’s-eyes, hon," one particularly excited patron shouted.

WHOOOOOOSH! "What the hell...?"

A blur of motion burst onto the scene as a drop-dead beautiful and obviously angry brunette stepped between the battling blondes.

WHAM! "Uuuuufffffhh!" SLAP! "Eeeeeek!" PUNCH! "AIEEEEEE!"

Farrah screamed and shrieked as Jaclyn Smith fired a furious assault on her lovely costar with slaps, punches and kicks. Heather stepped back quickly, expressing her frustration, surprise and disappointment by cussing, filling the air with blue smoke. But her anger slowly turned to delight as she watched Jaclyn slap and punch the beautiful blonde silly, knocking her into and over chairs and tables.

"So you like being the most popular Angel, huh?" Jaclyn screamed. "And you love sticking 'em out! Well here hon, lemme help you out a bit?" the beautiful brunette chirped in her low and lusty distinctive throaty voice as she grabbed a double handful of the screaming blondes gorgeous and perfectly frosted hair and used it to yank her forward and bend her over as she brought her knee up fast; smacking the lovely Farrah flush on the point of her chin. Farrah’s lovely eyes crossed, then closed..

"Hey everybody, take a good look!" Jaclyn shouted as she heaved Farrah upright, grabbed the front of her tight red outfit and tore it wide open, exposing her beautiful breasts and her incredibly long, thick, rock-hard nipples.

WHAM! "Uhhhhhh...." WHAM! "Unnnnhhhhhh. STOP....stop please.... Noooooo! Uhhhhhmpfh!"

Jaclyn snapped light stinging punches to Farrah’s face staggering her backwards towards a large pool table. One final roundhouse sent Farrah flying backward and upward ontp the pool table, her long luscious legs kicking outward.

"Everybody still a lookin?'" Jaclyn shouted as she leaped onto the table and pounced on her now topless rivals stomach. She looked around, bouncing up and down on the groaning blonde’s tummy, bared her claws and latched on to Farrah’s soon to be ‘oh so famous and popular’ breasts. Her fingers clamped down hard on the thick erect nipples. "Too bad they don't have a poster of THIS huh?" she snarled as she pinched the captured nubs as hard as she could. "Hey Heather, girl... Remember when…"

"I sure do, and so does she!" Heather shouted, rudely interrupting the older patrons' happy reminiscence of days gone by as she yanked Farrah to her feet, keeping the excruciating pressure on her bent fingers. "I've picked up a few tricks over the years sweetie," Heather smirked as she suddenly released her finger lock, snapped a punch to Farrah’s chin and threw her into a nearby wall.

THONK! "Nooooooo!" Ripppppp! Farrah screamed a futile (and unheeded) protest as she bounced off the wall and two lightning fast hands tore her dress clean to her waist. The same two hands as equally skillful as they were fast, quickly unsnapped the older beauties bra, ripped it off and wrapped it around her neck.

"Remember the last time? We never finished our little conversation or played pool," Heather mocked with a false sense of disappointment. "Lets go play a quick game of…Arrrrgh!" Heather’s words stuck in her throat as her foot and leg burst into fire from the spot where Farrah had smashed her foot down and ground her spike heel into the top of Heather’s foot, then snapped a kick to her shin, forcing Heather to release her rivals bra and gasp in agony!

"Now its my turn to get nasty!" Farrah snarled as she put Heather in a reverse headlock. As Heather struggled Farrah’s fingers went to work and she soon had the younger woman stripped to her pantyhose. "And you like to show 'em off too, don't ya?" Farrah taunted as she pulled Heather over to a table, reached down and squeezed her full right breast and invited the two women to join her.

"She really is quite the little, I mean big tease," a cute brunette giggled as she squeezed Heather’s beautiful left breast slowly.

Heather screamed, then groaned as the brunettes friend, a gorgeous redhead leaned forward, captured the nipple in her mouth and sucked hungrily before giving the sensitive nub a painful farewell nip.

"Aieeeee! Damn you Farrah, you'll pay for this," Heather threatened her face as red as her nipples were hard.

"Yeah, like hell I wi…" THUNK! Farrah grunted as the side of her head exploded in numbness. Heather’s frantically clawing, searching hands had found a beer bottle. One desperate but fruitful move. The angry younger woman was instantly free. She grabbed the stunned and groaning Farrah's arm, jerked it behind her back, grabbed a handful of lovely blonde hair and pulled her across the room towards the pool table.

"Do you wanna break or should I?" Heather queried with a sneer. "Oh, I take that as a yes," Heather laughed as she fired a punch to her rivals jaw, pulled her down onto the table and bonked her head into the triangle of balls, scattering them across the length and breadth of the table.

"Whoops, I forgot one thing," Heather said in mock surprise. "You're not properly dressed," she hissed as she leaped up onto the table and in a most erotic flurry of catfight motion, stripped Farrah of her panties. "Hey I almost forgot, is everybody watching close?" Heather asked, her eyes blazing with anger and mischief. She giggled as she bounced hard up and down on Farrah’s stomach. "My girl, you are still in great shape," she teased as she slapped her captives face playfully, poked at her stomach and ribs and pulled her hair. "And these, I hear they're still really, really famous! But apparently a tad less firm - still, these are some sweet nips…..still hard and oh so, so long! So much fun to twist, pull and pinch!" she laughed. "And these legs, and thighs, ummmmmm."

"Noooooo, please, not tha....AIIIIIEEEEEE!"

Heather’s hungry angry fingers ran up and down Farrah’s long sleek legs and thighs, then went for another target.

The crowd went wild as they watched Farrah suddenly buck and writhe in agony letting out a blood curdling scream.

"Oh my, Farrah's fluff!" Heather said as she held up some blonde ‘silk’ in her fingers; rubbed them together and then smiled as she blew the golden threads into the air to the cheers of the excited crowd.

"Well now, folks is anybody prepared this time? What nobody’s got their cameras? Well, hope y’all got good memories! Now watch closely!"


"Now Farrah, ready for some sweetness?"