Three fights between Sherilyn Fenn and Helen Hunt. One by Frenchidom and the others by technetium (for neither of whom is English their primary language. Well done guys!!)

Sherilyn Fenn vs Helen Hunt (I) by Frenchidom 27-Jul-99

Sherilyn and Helen are in a night club. They are back to back at the bar, discussing with friends. All of a sudden Sherilyn makes a step behind laughing to a joke and pushes Helen who reverses her glass contents and stain her white dress.

"Oooops...excuse me..." says Sherilyn

"My dress ! My dress ! " shout Helen

"Sorry, I did not do it purposely," continue Sherilyn

"What a slag ! My dress is ruined! Could you not pay attention ?" adds Helen.

"I told you that I apologize for it, it's useless to become coarse!" says Sherilyn.

"Poor bitch ! It is easy to apologize, but less easy to pay attention ! I do not know what stops me from slapping you to teach you to look where you put your feet!" answered Helen.

"Listen, I don't know either what keeps me from slapping you in front of everyone!" answers Sherilyn.

"Dirty bitch! You'll pay for my dress and your attitude !" declares Helen, beside herself with rage.

And the two women throw one on the other all claws outside the hands contracted in their hair : they shake their head in all directions like two furies while trying to make fold their adversary. The barman (who have seen worse) quietly dries his glasses and nobody thinks of making something else to form a circle around them, instinctively delimiting a boxing ring where the two women will be able to continue to have a dust-up.

They held each other in respect for a score of seconds when abruptly Helen gram firmly with her left hand Sherilyn top dress and pulled it towards bottom. The two Sherilyn breast spout out and she crosses her arms to hide her boobs with her hands because crowd has just pushed a merry surprise cry. Helen benefits from it and sends an uppercut to her jaw which makes her fall into arms from an individual rather sturdy man who throw her again towards Helen in laughing. Helen hopping mad seizes Sherilyn wrists.

"Show us your breasts! Show them! I am sure you like that!"

She then draws her towards her. Looking her right in her eyes with a bad air, she gives her a violent blow of knee to her crotch which doubled up Sherilyn. At once Helen renews her blow of knee this time in her jaw. Rectified by the shock she is pushed towards the ground by Helen who follows her in her fall without release her wrists. Helen leans back on the ground on her left knee and with the right one presses on Sherilyn lower abdomen, just at the clitoris level by exerting a graduated pressure which makes Sherilyn let out terrible howls of acute pain. She thus mashes her crotch during more than thirty seconds as the crowd howls their encouragement... firmly putting back on the floor her adversary.

Sherilyn, dazed by blows and her will broken by this last torture, rolls on her belly. Turning her on her back, Helen drops down brutally several times on the poor Sherilyn's belly, knocking the breath out of her. She throws her a dominating glance and uses her knees to spread her thighs as she lays full length on her, her own thighs press one against the other.

Helen undulates so as to bring her pubic bone in contact with her rival's one, crushing and thus gripping between the bones the sensitive flesh of the pubic zone of her victim. She feels herself a certain pain but what Sherilyn endures is abominable, hundred times worse and Helen knows it well ! She does not weary of her backward and forward motion by inserting her nails to blood in her opponent captive wrists. Sherilyn lows and calls for help.

"Help! Stop her! The bitch is hurting me! AAAAAH!"

"Me, a bitch ?" howls Helen at her face "Wait, you will see !"

Helen slip her mouth on Sherilyn's breast and locating the mammary gland she bites her of all her forces. Sherilyn lets out an anguished cry like Helen has never heard before.

"Separate these furies!" Screams a French woman who looks at them "She will kill her !"

But the other witnesses are paralyzed by all this violence and nobody makes a move. Helen has just gone up and sat down on Sherilyn breast by wedging her arms under her folded up legs and rolls up her dress to see her adversary face. She mashes her breast with her bottom before going up almost sitting on her throat, throwing her two hands behind scratching, twisting and gripping Sherilyn breasts which howls of rage and pain at being dominated in front of everyone by another woman as in the worst of her nightmares.

The crowd realizes that it's time to intervene.

"She'll cut her to shreds!" exclaims another woman seeing the deep scratches on Sherilyn breast which start to bleed, imagining in herself what she would feel if her nipples were twisted like this. It is only when Helen who again takes a sitting position on her breast starts to strangle Sherilyn after have deeply scratched her neck, her eyes fixed on her victim, that crowd understands it is time to intervene before she kill her!

It is with large pains that two strong seize Helen arms and take her away from this poor Sherilyn who sinks in a crying jag, hands on her eyes to hide her face.

Carried away Helen still howls, "Let me burst this bitch ! Let me kill her!"

But it will be nothing of it and this history will feed during several week many scandal gazettes !
Sherilyn Fenn vs Helen Hunt (II) by technetium

Sherilyn hated the way she lost the catfight with Helen Hunt. She was half-drunk, and Helen had an easy work with her. And, the worst thing was that some journalist were there, and they reported the match, so lot of magazines published articles, with pictures and interviews with Helen. In each interview, Helen stressed how easy was beating weak Sherilyn. Too much for the brunette, who decided to have her revenge quickly. She knew Helen was posing for series of photos in the country, and decided to join her in order to give her a good beating. And with photographers there, everything would be reported. She dressed with a red one piece dress, black stockings and red high heels and took the car.

Helen has sat on the grass, enjoying the warm sun and the click of the cameras. She knew she was one of the most desired and famous celebrities, and she also knew that everything she did had a price. So, every click was increasing her wallet, and she was completely conscious of this fact. So, her smiles were genuine. When the car arrived, the troupe stopped, looking in the car's direction, wondering who was on there. When they saw Sherilyn coming out, they all turned their eyes on Helen, who kept on smiling, confident she would have another great winning.

"You know what I'm here for!" screamed Sherilyn, kicking her shoes off while approaching the group. "So let's do it! And prepare to have the worst time of your life!"

Helen raised up, and kicked her shoes off too.

"I'm ready, but I'm sure you'll regret everything you said! Let's this stuff begin!"

Sherilyn ran to her, but as soon as she was close enough Helen raised her right knee, hitting Sherilyn just a moment before she reached Helen's body. Nevertheless, this didn't stop Sherilyn, who managed to grab Helen's hair. Helen screamed but reacted promptly and opened Sherilyn dress, repeating the movement she did in the night club. Sherilyn boobs popped out of her dress again, but this time the brunette was quicker and brought Helen's face between them.

"These are what I call great boobs, baby! You need to look them carefully, 'cause you lack this feature!"

Helen, pushed to Sherilyn's cleavage, struggled to get free and tried to bite Sherilyn's flesh again. But her second attempt was in vain, and her first one succeeded just after more than two minutes of struggle. Pushing Sherilyn away, Helen shook her head to remove Sherilyn's sweat from her mouth.

The brunette, laughing, shouted, "How do you feel? Did you like them? Now it is time for something more!".

With her dress folded on her hips, Sherilyn approached the dazed Helen again, this time wrapping her body in her arms.

"This is a bear-hug, baby! Enjoy it!"

Squeezing Helen between her arms, Sherilyn continued to laugh at her, enjoying the camera's clicks noise that she was hearing occasionally. Helen, trapped in Sherilyn's hold struggled with all her forces, and finally managed to hit Sherilyn's legs with some knee blows. For a while, Sherilyn's hold became weaker, and Helen took advantage immediately, reversing the hold. Sherilyn, confused, started panicking, feeling her body crushed under Helen's powerful hold.

The crowd started cheering Helen

"Go Helen, destroy her!"

"Helen, kill her!!"

"We want blood!!! Go Helen!"

Helen grinned, enjoying the expression of deep terror impressed on Sherilyn's face. For minutes Sherilyn had to suffer Helen's hold, unable to free herself. Then Helen released her, and Sherilyn seemed to be almost defeated. Barely able to support herself, she started stepping backwards, trying to protect her body from the slaps that Helen was giving her.


Slap on the tits.

"You're just a bitch!"

Slap in the face.

"You've been stupid..."

another slap

"to even imagine......"

another one

"you could beat me!"

And a punch to the face made Sherilyn fall to the ground.

Sobbing, her hands on her aching tits, Sherilyn tried to raise up, but Helen was there to stop her. She stomped Sherilyn's opened crotch three times before sitting on her stomach. Sherilyn tried to protect her tits, but Helen held them firmly, one in each hand, and started twisting and squeezing them, pulling them up and down, left and right. Sherilyn screamed continuously, and after some seconds of torture realized that all her attempts to remove Helen's hands would be completely useless.

She tried to collected some force and raised her hands, ripping Helen's white dress right in the middle. She found a white bra protecting Helen's tits, but her expert left hand managed to pop Helen's right tit out of it, and started scratching it, with a particular devotion to Helen's fully erected nipple. The other hand went to Helen's hair, pulling it violently, forcing Helen's head to come down.

Helen's face became full of tears, and her hold on Sherilyn's tits became less effective. Helen's hands started punching Sherilyn's body and face, but in a very weak way. Sherilyn grinned, and continued her action careless of Helen's lamentation. Later, she removed her left hand from Helen's aching tit and pushed Helen's body away, still holding her hair with the other hand. Raising up, Sherilyn kicked Helen's back twice, and then put a foot in the middle of Helen's back. She started pulling her hair with all her strength, making Helen's body arching in deep pain.

Helen was in real troubles. She's never suffered so much in her life, and the worst thing was that she was paralyzed by pain. Just after more than a minute she managed to grab Sherilyn's left ankle and, with a quick movement, she lifted the only part of Sherilyn's body that was contrasting the gravity. Then, a constant force drew Sherilyn to the green land.

Falling down, Sherilyn wasn't able to maintain the hold on Helen's hair. She landed on her buttocks, and was still wondering what has happened when she felt her legs lifted from the ground. A second later, Helen's foot hit Sherilyn's crotch for the first of a long row of kicks. Sobbing, Sherilyn tried to protect her nature from Helen's rage, but the blonde woman was too furious to be stopped.

"How does it feel?" asked Helen, pushing Sherilyn's limp legs to the ground.

Ten seconds later, Sherilyn's dress has been completely removed, as well as her red lace panties, leaving her just her pair of black stockings. Helen's white dress wasn't in better shape than Sherilyn's one, but at least it was covering Helen's pubic area and that was enough for her. She put her tits inside the bra again, and sat on sobbing Sherilyn in order to repeat the final move of their previous match.

Sat on Sherilyn's throat, Helen threw her arms behind, cupping Sherilyn's boobs with her hands. Sherilyn howled and screamed, but she didn't want to surrender. Still holding her tits, Helen started squeezing Sherilyn's head between her powerful thighs, enjoying the vision of her enemy in such an anguish.

"Give up, bitch!" she screamed.

Sherilyn answered, "Never!"

Shaking her head, Helen raised up, and turned around. Cheering the crowd, she pointed to Sherilyn's naked crotch.

"This is going to be my next target!"

But the moment she lost speaking this sentence allowed Sherilyn to collect her few remained forces in order to drive her right fist between Helen's opened legs.

Helen's face turned pale, as white as her pantyhose, and she remained standing, dazed, for a while. Then, a second blow, stronger than the first one, hit her crotch again, and she fell back, her legs spread opened, hitting the ground with the whole back some centimeters above Sherilyn's head. She didn't realize how long she lay outstretched on the grass, but when she opened her eyes she found herself in real trouble.

Sherilyn has noticed a ruined house and now was pulling Helen by the hair, going to this house. Helen screamed, asking for help, but the troupe remained out of the fight, following the two women just in order to take photographs and to film them.

Entering the house, Sherilyn and Helen found just a table in the middle of the three remained walls. Walking on bricks and dust, Sherilyn slammed Helen against the table, making her stomach hit it with pain. Needless too say, Helen's dress has been removed from her body, as well as her bra, and now she was wearing just her white pantyhose, with white panties below. Wanting to finish the match, Sherilyn joined both hands above her head, driving them to Helen's back.

Sensing the incoming blow, the blonde made her body slide under the table, hearing a desperate cry before a 'thud' noise above her head. Sherilyn was nearby Helen, on her knees, with her hands on her aching wrists, crying like a baby. Another "aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" came from Sherilyn's throat when Helen drove her elbow right in her right cheek.

Lifting Sherilyn by the hair, Helen gave her a look in the eyes, whispering: "You're finished!".

But instead of a blow to her face, Sherilyn heard a high pitched scream coming from Helen's mouth. Looking just below them, she saw three rats running in the room, and a moment later both women jumped above the table, screaming in terror. They saw dozens of rats there, each one disturbed by their presence. Then, after one minute of terror, both realized that the victory was in the hand of the quickest one. Sherilyn outstretched her arms, trying to push Helen out of the table, but she hit just the air, because she was already falling.

Screaming, she heard the word: "You're finished!" coming from Helen's mouth and then fell to the ground.

Helen made a little jump of joy for her victory, but when she landed on the table, the table's legs suddenly broke down, and gravity brought Helen at the same level of Sherilyn.

Screaming, running, falling, raising up and falling again, both women squirt away the building, terrified by the animals. Not looking behind them, and not noticing that the rats stopped themselves before the house border, they continued to run, reaching a safe place. Sherilyn got on her car and went away at high speed, shocked and careless of the fact she was without dress. Helen jumped on the van, and remained there, with the door closed, for more than an hour, chattering and moaning.

"And the worst thing is," she was thinking. "I won't finish my work, and so they won't pay me.....but I'm too scared to come out again!"

When the two women calmed themselves, each one contacted right people as soon as possible. In less than an hour, all the photos and films of the match disappeared. The troupe earned a lot of money, and they bought their children candies and toys, and brought their wife or husband out for an expensive dinner that night.

But one of them took home the best gift he could: two pictures taken that afternoon. The first was with Helen in the dominant position, and the second one with Sherilyn on her almost beaten opponent. The man went to Helen to sell her the first one, and to Sherilyn for the second one. Needless to say, the two women -not knowing of the other photo- paid them a lot, thinking they have a great prove of their winning against the other.

The day after, Sherilyn gave the picture to an important tabloid, and Helen to another one. In their interviews, each one pretended to be the winner, and reported of a totally false fight. For one of the first times in the history of tabloids, it wasn't the tabloid that cut a poor figure. Humiliated by their own interview, the two women vowed a quick revenge, with more people and cameras to prove the facts.
Sherilyn Fenn vs Helen Hunt part 3 by technetium (20-Aug-99)

Being two great rivals, Sherilyn and Helen decided to set a match in front of televisions and with a lot of journalists, in order to elect the best fighter between them. Sherilyn proclaimed she was going to be the winner with just a little effort. She accused Helen to be a cheater, because the first time they'd met she was half-drunk, so she wasn't in the proper condition to fight. She also claimed that the second time they'd met she had been closer to victory than Helen.

Helen's interviews weren't so kind for Sherilyn. She told that she will have had no problems at all in beating the "weaker, fatter and unable to fight Sherilyn". Helen pointed out the fact that she had won two matches against Sherilyn: the first one in the night club and the second one in the country. In fact, Helen wasn't too far from reality, because in the first match Sherilyn wasn't drunk at all, while in the second one -even if she had dominated it for a long period- she was very close to be defeated when the rats appeared.

They agreed for a match in a television studio where all the furniture had removed. The match had filmed by a big television company, that gave the two women a great sum of money. But the prize for the winner is of course something more: the complete humiliation of the other. Sherilyn knew she was playing with fire, because Helen had put her in serious troubles both times, but this was her only possibility to gain a big audience again.

The fight area of the studio has been divided from the crowd area by a transparent cage. A complex system of speakers and microphones has been prepared in order to have the best quality of sound: as mentioned, the match has been concepted to be sent via both television and Internet. Coming from two different sides of the studio, Sherilyn and Helen enter the ring at the same time. From the left side of the studio emerges Sherilyn, dressed completely in black, with a short one-piece dress cut off on shoulders, with a generous neckline, a pair of fishnet stockings and high heels. Coming from the right side, Helen approaches her enemy wearing a red dress, white stockings and red high heels. The two cheers the crowd, and then looks in each other's eyes. An evil smile is on both looks, and the match starts in a while.

"You won't unbutton my dress, this time!" shouts Sherilyn, pointing at the big zip behind her back.

"Be sure that I will, bitch" replies Helen, grinning her teeth and leaning her arms ahead, challenging her enemy to a test of strength.

Sherilyn accepts promptly, and both women starts pushing the each other's palms. Feeling Helen's pushing being more effective, Sherilyn decides to act before it is too late, and lifts her right leg, trying to slam her heel against Helen's leg. But her action is too slow, and she loses her balance, falling on her back, losing the hold on Helen's arms.

Both women start kicking the other one, trying to inflict as much damage as they can with their high heels. Taking advantage of the standing position, Helen manages to hit Sherilyn with a great effectiveness, driving her heel several times against Sherilyn's thighs, inducing screams of fear and pain in the dazzled brunette. Sherilyn starts crawling backward, trying to escape from Helen's hits, but doing this she makes the final part of dress roll on itself, exposing her legs a little more every second. Helen catches the opportunity and, before Sherilyn realizes what is going to happen, she drives her right's shoe tip between Sherilyn's legs, hitting her pubic zone. Sherilyn releases a desperate cry of pain, and Helen hits her wounded part for the second time. Too late to avoid the pain, Sherilyn brings her hands to her pubic zone, stopping Helen's action.

Conscious she is better than her foe, Helen sits in front of her, and grabs Sherilyn's lifted right leg. She proceeds wrapping her legs around it, and starts squeezing it. Sherilyn's face turns pale, while she tries to kick Helen's body with no result. Furthermore, Helen manages to block this leg and starts scratching it, making Sherilyn scream because of the intense pain in both legs.

"You're just a sobbing, weak and useless bitch!" shouts Helen, excited by the vision of tears rolling on Sherilyn's cheeks. "And now you will have to rip your dress! Do it, bitch!"

Sherilyn hesitates a little, but a while after she starts ripping her own dress, making her tits popping out of it for the third time in their three matches.

"Nice move" whispers Helen, releasing the holds on Sherilyn's legs, ready to attack her breast.

But as soon as she tries to raise up, Sherilyn trickles her, making her falling to the ground in pain.

"Bitch!!" screams Helen, confused by her opponent's reaction.

Sherilyn raises on her knees, but before she can do anything, Helen kicks her left tit with the tip of her left shoe. Paralyzed by this reaction, Sherilyn stops and has to suffer another quick kick: Helen's heels dig into Sherylin's breast flesh, stinging it sharply and provoking new tears in Sherilyn's face.

"You're good only for crying!" shouts Helen, raising up, her eyes on the sobbing enemy.

She grabs her hair, and force her to get up pulling them violently.

"Who's the best woman, bitch?"

Sherilyn replies promptly, "Me!"

Helen laughs again and slams her foe's body against the transparent wall, pressing her tits against it painfully.

"Smile, the whole crowd is having a wonderful sight of your only decent part!"

Sherilyn tries to push her body away from the wall, but Helen slams it three more times against it, before throwing it to the other side. Sherilyn falls down, grasping for air, tired and unable to contrast the older woman's action. On her knees, Sherilyn waits for Helen to come closer.

The blonde hikes her dress, allowing the dazed brunette to see her naked pussy, whispering: "Time for final humiliation..."

But she has underestimated Sherilyn's forces because the brunette rams her right fist into Helen's exposed zone, leaving the overconfident blonde breathless. Sherilyn raises up and grabs Helen, lifting her dress again. She finds Helen's naked pussy, but the moment she put her hand on it, the blonde has both hands already placed on Sherilyn's tits and starts squeezing and twisting them merciless. Howling in pain, both women put all their efforts in their action, knowing this is the turning point of the match.

Even if Sherilyn manages to rip a great number of Helen's pubic hair, the blonde's action (twisting her enemy's tits while pushing her backwards) is more effective, even if a little bit less painful. Unbalanced by her high heels, Sherilyn falls on her back, with Helen who follows her, holding her tits in her hands. Falling down on Sherilyn, Helen tries to sit on her belly. The brunette lifts her knees, pushing them against Helen's body, trying to avoid the blonde to take a dominant position.

Moreover, Sherilyn grabs both Helen's hands, trying to pry them away of her aching breast. Even if she doesn't manage to remove Helen's hands, Sherilyn manages to roll on her side, with Helen who follows her movement, so both women are on their side, kicking each other's legs. Helen is now closer to her, so Sherilyn can easily reach her face and start slapping and scratching it, cutting it in various parts, making rivulets of blood appear on Helen's pretty face. Taking advantage of her action, Sherilyn rolls further and sits on Helen, who is forced to leave the hold on Sherilyn's body.

"Bitch, I will destroy you!!!" screams Sherilyn, beating Helen's face mercilessly, yanking her hair and digging her nails into Helen's scalp.

The blonde is totally confused, her arms and hands try to hit Sherilyn's body hysterically, giving her foe no harm but further rage and will to continue her action of destruction. This time is Sherilyn who jumps on Helen's tits, massing her bottom on them violently, without respect for Helen's intimate parts.

"Give up, bitch!" exclaims Sherilyn, watching Helen's terrified face.

The blonde finds the strength to spit on Sherilyn's body.

"You whore!" yells Sherilyn, sliding to the bottom of Helen's body, finding her soft tits under her dress and beginning to give them the treatment her own ones have received a short time before.

Helen tries to react feebly, her arms heaving like lead, her brain unable to connect every part of her body in a well organized action. Sherilyn insists on her action for more than three minutes, and then put her breast on Helen's red lips, pressing for one minute and then leaving the limp face fall on the ground motionless.

Sherilyn raises up, watching the crowd behind the cage, hearing its screams and cheers. The moment she raises her arms in victory, she feels a sharp pain in her cunt. The moment later, she looks below, confused, seeing Helen's left leg fall down after the violent kick.

"You should have checked me better!" exclaims Helen, using the other shoe to hit Sherilyn's body, preventing it from falling on her and so pushing it backwards. Sherilyn's hysterical screams fill the air as Helen removes her black dress, and then starts ramming her fist between Sherilyn's legs, while twisting her left nipple with the other hand.

"Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!" yells Helen, destroying her enemy's body.

Desperate, Sherilyn tries to crawl away and protect her aching body from Helen's renewed rage, but the blonde raises up promptly, and begins kicking her enemy's body in every part, stamping her heel's marks all over it. Ten seconds later, Sherilyn finds herself completely naked, with her panties, stockings and shoes left on the ground. Helen yanks her hair violently, forcing her to raise up painfully, and then rams her head against the wall. Totally unable to react, Sherilyn is placed with her back on the wall.

Helen puts her left arm under Sherilyn's chin, preventing the weakened brunette from falling down, and uses her right fist to punch Sherilyn's naked crotch. In desperation, Sherilyn lowers her face, reaching Helen's arm with her mouth, biting it with all her residual strength. Encouraged by Helen's screams, Sherilyn's arms are now on Helen's breast and scratch it, leaving several red marks. Helen's whole attention is for Sherilyn mouth, and she uses her captured arm in order to push Sherilyn's head against the wall.

Sherilyn enhances her action with two violent punches to Helen's stomach, and then a knee to Helen's crotch, and finally one more punch to the stomach. The blonde woman falls to the ground, crying and screaming in pain, gaining freedom on her bleeding arm at the price of being on her own knees, her dress ripped in several arts, her tits -popped out of it- now hang outside, covered by her aching arms. Sherilyn rips Helen's dress completely, from behind, and then lifts her by the hair, waiting a moment before acting again. This moment, Helen drives her right foot to Sherilyn's naked left foot, trying to stomp it, hitting it faintly. Enraged by this reaction, Sherilyn reacts pulling Helen's hair behind, arching her back, exposing her crotch to three violent punches that make Helen jumps up and down, shaken by their fury.

Finally, Sherilyn lets the blonde falling down on her back, with her arms that lie motionless on her sides. Sherilyn puts her right foot on Helen's right tit, crushing it with no mercy, making Helen scream her surrender just twenty seconds later.

"Oh, this is the moment I've been waiting for so long!!!!!" Sherilyn says, sitting on Helen's stomach, grabbing each tit in her hands. "Can you please tell all these people who is the best fighter, the best woman, and the sexiest actress???"

Helen groans and then replies, "YOU! You, Sherilyn Fenn!"

"And who are you?" continues Sherilyn.

"I'm a weak, stupid and....ugly woman! And a BITCH!"

Sherilyn smiles, and starts twisting Helen's boobs.

The blonde screams, "Hey, I've said what you wanted!!!"

"Yes, but now it is time for my fun!"

Helen protests, but Sherilyn continues her action for six intense minutes. Then, she repeats the move she's used before, smothering Helen out between her big tits. This time she maintains the hold for more than three minutes, and stops just when Helen is completely asleep.

Her revenge is now complete, and she poses for photos and interviews over Helen's destroyed and defeated body.