Sherilyn Fenn vs. Naomi Watts by Fenway

[NOTE: The following story is far bloodier and more brutal than the usual fare on our web site. It is presented as written with only a few editorial changes for brevity and clarity. Be warned it gets bloody!]
Stone Harbour, New Jersey…A frosty December wind went gusting across the white beach, whipping over stretches of sand dune, red cedars, and bayberry bushes. The ocean reflected the colour of the winter sky in shades of deep iron-grey, and waves piled up and rolled onshore. Heavy clouds were banking up in the east, making the twilight even darker, and the horizon quickly became lost.

As the dusk fell, yellow lights in the white seaside homes blinked on, one by one, giving the impression that the small seashore town on Seven Mile Island was alive filled with families. But the season itself and the falling temperature outside revealed that the place was all but empty, and the lights Naomi saw were being turned on by automatic timers.

She was standing in the living room of a large, white, three-storey summer home on Sunset Avenue. Her family had built it in the early 1920s, overlooking the bay and the marshlands. The interior had long passages, spacious rooms, furnished with pieces that would only do in a beach house, many bedrooms now silent upstairs, the always-distant noise of gurgling in the cisterns and pipes, and the constant breath of winds and sea breezes. The radiators clanged every few minutes as the heat hadn't fully come on yet, and Naomi shivered slightly as she waited for her opponent to arrive.

At a quarter past nine Naomi heard the muffled slam of a car door, and footfalls coming up the path, then on the wooden staircase to the second floor. Naomi loosened the belt on her white terry-cloth bathrobe and waited.

"I am so glad you could make it, Sherilyn," the blonde said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Wouldn't have missed it for the world," Sherilyn replied, with equal dose of disdain. "I'm really happy we could get together and finish our discussion, Naomi."

Sherilyn pulled off her long black greatcoat, revealing jeans and a black turtleneck, which she also set about removing.

"We're not here to talk, you realise," Naomi said, her tone hardening instantly. I didn't drive the last 150 miles to listen to your mouth, bitch; unless it's to beg me to stop hurting you," Naomi growled. "No one calls me a bitch and gets away with it."

Sherilyn felt her adrenaline kick in as she shot back "First time for everything, bitch!"

"Oh, you fucking cunt. Let's see how tough you are once I'm finished ripping you apart."

"Give it your best, bitch. It all ends tonight, Naomi. Or should I say, 'You' end tonight, Naomi. Tooth and nail?"

"Tooth and nail!" Naomi agreed, "Your body against mine until one of us is finished; for good," the blonde added sinisterly.

On the beach, great swells began smashing the sands, first rising to crests before toppling over in thunder and bursts of spray. Inside, Sherilyn reached behind her and unsnapped the clasp on her black bra, her 36c's spilling out above her flat stomach. Her body was the colour of polished marble, off-set by her shock of near-black hair and deep red lip gloss. The taut, toned muscles in her legs and arms bespoke long hours on treadmills and weigh machines. Like Naomi, she had obviously been to the manicurist that day, her fingernails polished to a bright blood red.

On the opposite side of the room, Naomi had little undressing to do. She slipped the white robe from her shoulders, and laid it on the sofa nearby. Naomi's tight body looked ravishing in the yellow lamplight. Without a hint of a tan, her body was as hard as a rock, her abs toned and flat, her smaller breasts a creamy white with incredibly long nipples. Her blonde hair was straight and brushed the tops of her shoulders, and earlier that day she had gone in for a manicure as well, telling her manicurist that she wanted her nails short and sharp before she put the final coat of clear polish on. She had already removed all of her jewelry except for a gold ring on her right hand and a small pair of diamond earrings.

Raising their hands up in front, their nails bared, they began to circle, moving slowly as they closed the distance between them. A little over an hour later, neither had yet to finish off the other, but it was clear that thousands of dollars of cosmetic surgery and dental work would have to be spent and months of recovery before either could go back in front of the cameras. But getting back to filming movies wasn't important now. The only thing that mattered was winning; and beating the other woman to within an inch of her life...then maybe a little more!

Before she could even react, Naomi's right hand went slashing across Sherilyn's face in a cracking back-handed slap against the brunette's mouth. Sherilyn cried out from the stinging pain and staggered back, as Naomi re-loaded and swept her right hand again across her mouth, once again slapping the hell out of Sherilyn, the brunette's head snapping to the right. Naomi reached back with her fist and unloaded a powerful punch that smashed into the corner of Sherilyn's mouth, her ring splitting Sherilyn's upper lip. Sherilyn reeled into adjoining dining room, bumping into the table as she felt her bottom lip already beginning to swell and her upper one already bleeding. Planting her feet as Naomi raced towards her, Sherilyn swung her right fist in a hard upper-cut that collided with Naomi's flat stomach. The fact that Naomi had been advancing just help drive Sherilyn's already powerful punch deeper into her stomach.

Naomi doubled over, the shape of her mouth matching the "OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!" sound that came out of it as all her wind was pushed out and she fell in against Sherilyn.

Her head still ringing from Naomi's fist punch, Sherilyn could taste the blood in her mouth, as she smashed another fist deep in Naomi's midsection, and Naomi gasped loudly as the punch connected. Sherilyn grasped Naomi's blonde hair close to her head, yanking it up and back. "You think THAT hurt, bitch? You're lucky I didn't wear any rings, or THIS would feel a lot worse."

Sherilyn whipped a crisp right backfist across Naomi's chin, her fist making a loud "SMACK!" as it impacted the blonde, and Sherilyn paused for a few seconds, letting the hated blonde bitch in front of her soak in the pain. She then ripped her left fist hard across Naomi's mouth, breaking the skin on Naomi's upper lip as Naomi grunted from the impact, her head slinging hard to her right from the wicked punch.


Grabbing the moaning blonde by the hair, Sherilyn spat, "No fucking WAY are you surrendering, you bitch. Fight me!!!"

Holding Naomi's hair, Sherilyn kept backfisting the younger blonde's face. As blood began to seep from Naomi's mouth, Naomi quickly brought her hands up, not to her face, but to Sherilyn's impressive breasts, slamming a hard punch into the left tit that earned her a respite from Sherilyn's fists as the brunette's breast sagged to the right with the punch. Sherilyn gasped in sudden and unexpected pain, then Naomi locked hands on the mounds and started to squeeze Sherilyn's tender breasts, digging in her short nails. Driving her fingers hard into her breasts, Naomi screwed her nails deeply into Sherilyn's boobs. Sherilyn was no longer gasping in pain; now she was screaming as the blonde expertly worked her breasts.

Naomi gripped each nipple between her manicured thumb and forefinger, and then squeezed so hard that Sherilyn's fattened nipples are flattened. The look of agony on the brunette's face is matched the moan of pain as Naomi not only pinches the nipples but twists the savagely, pulling them away from their breasts. Naomi pulls Sherilyn across the room by her nipples and slams her into the nearest wall, knocking a painting off with the impact.

Screaming, Sherilyn tries to slap Naomi's fingers off her nipples, but quickly abandons her plan as she screams like banshee and grabs Naomi by her wrists. Thrashing from side to side against the wall where Naomi has pinned her, Sherilyn is screaming in agony and crying out, as Naomi slices her sharp thumbnails into the base of Sherilyn's nipples and cuts deeply into them. Blood starts to slowly make its way down the slopes of Sherilyn's breasts and she grits her teeth as Naomi rips into her with brutal thumbnail scratches. Almost hyperventilating in pain, Sherilyn started to beg as Naomi hooked her nails into the brunette's breast flesh and started mauling mercilessly.

Sherilyn screamed in agony, while slapping wildly at Naomi's upper arms and shoulders, "SHIT!! STOP!!! OH GOD NAOMI, PLEASE STOPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!"

Spurred on by Sherilyn's face twisting in pain, Naomi began digging her nails viciously into and around Sherilyn's damaged nipple; grinning as Sherilyn wailed from the intense pain in her tits. Tears started rolling down the brunette's cheeks as the blonde savagely tore and ripped at her breasts and Sherilyn moaned in pain as Naomi worked her nails into the bloody and swollen tip of Sherilyn's breast.

Their faces were mere inches apart as Naomi threatened, "I AM GOING TO SHRED YOUR TITS TONIGHT BITCH!!!"


Not content with mauling Sherilyn's tits, Naomi winds up and punches deeply into Sherilyn's bloodied boobs, pounding her larger tits flat against her body.

"UGH!!! UGH!!! UGH!!!" grunted Sherilyn as Naomi's fists penetrated deep into her heavy breasts.

Four more punches blast down onto Sherilyn's cones, as bruises started to darken her boobs. Sherilyn could do nothing sob impotently, as she took Naomi's savage beating. Sherilyn cried out in pain as she felt blood vessels begin to burst under the blonde's assault. When Naomi stops to take a breath, the only thing keeping Sherilyn upright is Naomi's body pressed against her. Sherilyn slumps down, a withered mess, her breasts battered and bleeding, pounded and swollen on her chest.

"Oh fuck; oh fuck; you goddamned bitch," Sherilyn mumbled, her breasts blazing in pain.

Naomi secured a good grip on Sherilyn's thick hair and whacked the back of the brunette's head into the wall twice. Just as she was about to give her a third one, Sherilyn, determined not to let this bitchy blonde walk away with a win, suddenly threw her knee up as hard as she could into Naomi's pussy, her knee connecting viciously between her legs. Naomi was almost lifted right off of her pedicured toes, and Naomi's eyes went wide as dinner plates as the full force of the pain hit her a second later. With a pained cry her offensive crumbled to nothing as she doubled up in anguish. Her cunt felt like Sherilyn had smashed it up into her throat.

For Sherilyn, merely taking air into her lungs made her boobs ache, and looking down at the number Naomi did on her tits; the brunette's sobs became tears of rage. "I'm gonna beat the shit out of you now, Naomi," she snarled as she stalked over to the blonde, who was still holding her pussy after the vicious low blow. "Now you'll find out what pain really is, you bitch."

Cocking back her right fist, Sherilyn smashes Naomi across the jaw, sending her stumbling against a book rack with her back to the brunette. Sherilyn runs across the room and slams her fist this time hard into the middle of Naomi's back, getting rewarded with an "AUGHHHH!!!" from the blonde, then spins Naomi around by the shoulder a lays her next punch into Naomi's nose. Naomi moans and cries as Sheryl beats her up, but can't stop the brunette's onslaught. Naomi's nose begins bleeding, and Sherilyn's next punch splits her upper lip.


Naomi felt her back being slammed hard against the wall, and then the pain returned as Sherilyn looped two savage uppercuts under each of her foe's tits. Naomi's perfect breasts were compressed and ripped upwards, before falling back to their original shape before they fell back to their beautiful shape with a bruise forming on each. The brunette used the blonde the hard nipples and pink areolas as targets, and her aim was true. Sherilyn smiled as she pumped her punches into Naomi's breasts, watching her fist sink deep in to the blonde's tit flesh, and Naomi moaned in pain as the sheer agony from her chest cut through the fog in her brain.


Naomi's manicured hands began to move up to cover her beaten melons, but Sherilyn was already changing her targets. Sherilyn pushed Naomi's slender arms down, and pulled her own right fist back as far as she could, firing the hardest punch she could throw. Naomi's belly button was ground zero, taking the blow that carried every ounce of power the brunette had. Sherilyn knew that she'd rearranged Naomi's guts, and stepped back as Naomi first bent over, then sank slowly to her knees.

The blonde looked up at Sherilyn, as bloody spittle drooled from the corners of her mouth. Smiling again, Sherilyn whipped her right leg upwards. The ball of her foot crashed across Naomi's nose, almost breaking it, while her heel crushed the blonde's lips as it crossed over her mouth.

Sherilyn watched as her kick smashed Naomi's head up and to the side, a spray of blood in front of it as the blonde crashed to the floor.

Naomi slumped to the floor on her knees and elbows, her head spinning, and blood pooling beneath her from her burst lips. Sherilyn marched over to her and hauled Naomi up to her knees by her hair, then sent her right knee crashing into Naomi's left breast, crushing the orb completely flat against Naomi's body. The pain that shot through Naomi's body overwhelmed her senses, but Sherilyn wasn't finished. Releasing Naomi's hair, she clapped her hands over the blonde's round breasts in the best grip ever, her needle sharp nails closing on Naomi's globes. The points of her nails dug deep into the firm white flesh, and Naomi screamed in agony as she grabbed at Sherilyn's wrists and tried to pry the nails away.

"I am going to rip the nipples right off your fucking tits!!!" Sherilyn growled hoarsely her brown eyes wet with tears of pain and fury, as she tried to separate Naomi's breasts from her body.


"Give up, Naomi, while you still HAVE breasts!!!" Sherilyn fired back.

"Fuck you Sherilyn!!!...Ohhhhh!" Naomi squealed.

With an animal scream of rage, Naomi threw herself at the brunette, taking Sherilyn by surprise and they collided body to body before falling to the floor. Taken unawares, Sherilyn's body smashed to the hardwood floor followed by Naomi's body crashing down on top of her. Grunting, Naomi saw an opening and slammed her elbow between Sherilyn's breasts, hitting her squarely and painfully in the sternum. Still not recovered from the fall, Sherilyn gasped loudly as Naomi impaled her chest with her elbow. Again, Naomi slammed her elbow harder this time deeper into the boney space between her breasts.

"You Blonde cunt!" Sherilyn moaned, rolling onto her side and grabbing her chest.

Naomi gripped her hands around Sherilyn's large breasts raking them, slamming her nails deeper in feeling her nails ripping ragged edges into Sherilyn's boobs. Pissed that Sherilyn had beaten her nipples, Naomi reared up onto her knees straddling Sherilyn and smashed her right fist solidly down onto Sherilyn's left breast, destroying the gland.

Sherilyn managed to sit up and roll Naomi over onto her back, and Sherilyn gets her thumbnail hooked onto Naomi's left nipple. "MY NIPPLE!!! MY NIPPLE!!!" Naomi moans as Sherilyn pushes her nail in deeper and Naomi's nipple splits in half. Sherilyn slices her nail back and forth, cutting it into the nipple till it is split all the way to the pink aureole. Naomi screams and again but dips her head and latches her lips on Sherilyn's left tit, sucking and pulling the nipple into her mouth. Painfully sucking the breast, Naomi began biting it, causing Sherilyn to experience pain like she had never felt before.

"NO...NO...NO...DON'T NAOMI!!! PLEASE DON'T!!! YOU'RE BITING IT OFF!!! MY NIPPLE!!!! NOOOOOO!!!" Naomi's mouth still fixed to Sherilyn's large breast, Naomi worked her jaw back and forth, ripping at the nipple, till finally Naomi pulls her head up, blood dripping down her chin. Naomi had taken Sherilyn's nipple off of her breast. Naomi spits it out, and the little piece of flesh and some blood hits Sherilyn on the chest. Sherilyn is devastated, sobbing and crying, cradling the ravaged tit.

Pleased with herself, Naomi's right hand glides down to Sherilyn's pussy and this time digs her fingers deeply into Sherilyn's sex and growled, "Cunting time, you bitch!" With hatred shining in her eyes, Naomi ripped her nails into the brunette's pussy lips. "You know what, Sher? You know what I'm going to do? You're NEVER; EVER gonna have sex again. You're never gonna have children. That's how bad I'm going to hurt you. You'll want to kill yourself after I'm done with you!"

"No please Naomi" Sherilyn begged, "Please don't kill me. Please don.....AGGUUUUUUHHHHHHH!!! You FUCKING bitch!!!!"

Naomi set to work. Digging in deeply, the blonde corkscrewed her fingers in then raked her nails down the brunette's tender pink flesh. Sherilyn's body jerked violently upwards as her cunt was ripped open by Naomi's short nails.

"Your cunt will never feel another cock you fucking bitch," Naomi screamed. "I AM GOING TO RIP YOUR GODDAM UTERUS OUT!!!"

Bu then Sherilyn right hand scrambled down to Naomi's damp blonde bush, and with a grunt of pain clamps a squeeze on Naomi's pussy. Naomi's pussy lips are swollen and engorged, the fleshy lips fall easy prey to Sherilyn's ripping nails Clutching one another between the legs, Sherilyn's ripping the shit out of Naomi's asshole even as Naomi drives her own fingers deep into Sherilyn's invaded sex, ripping and tearing at her vaginal canal.

"OH FUCK!!! OH FUCK!!! OHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!" Sherilyn screams in agony.

Naomi is not far behind in her own cries, "UUUUNNNGGG!!! OOOOOHHHH GOD!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Blood trickled from their sexes, as both women's manicured nails rip up into each other, taking an horrific toll on their pussies. Naomi's love hole is destroyed as Sherilyn gives her pussy a deep, inner mauling. Both women are blinded with pain, with tears pouring from their eyes and running down their cheeks.

"AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHH!!! OH MY GOD!!!! MY PUSSY!!!" Naomi sobs at the top of her lungs. "YOU'RE KILLING ME SHERILYN!!!" cries Naomi, her pussy ready to explode. The intense pain her blonde sex is under is unbearable. "STOP PLEASE!!!! YOU WIN!!! YOU WIN SHERILYN!!! I GIVE!!!!!!" Naomi sobbed, holding her bloody, beaten, pussy.

Sherilyn rolls off her blonde foe, sobbing as well, as her hands clutch the damaged sex between her thighs. When she took her hands away they were covered in blood, and she wondered if she'd ever be able to fuck again. Rolling over to where Naomi was on her back, sobbing, Sherilyn hissed, "You are going to FUCKING PAY for what you did to my cunt, you bitch."

Naomi was lost in a foggy haze of excruciating pain as she felt Sherilyn clamber back on top of her, forcing her hands underneath her knees as she straddled her. Sherilyn savagely tore into Naomi's tender and raw breasts. Her screeches of frustration and pain of having the brunette's nails digging into her already bruised and battered nipples echoed through the house. Tearing her breasts open with a vengeance, Sherilyn sank her nails into Naomi's nipples, opening her left nipple up, until blood flowed down her chest. Screaming and writhing in pain, Naomi pulled her hands out from under Sherilyn's legs and locked them on Sherilyn's sweaty breasts. After several minutes of intense mauling, their tits resembled road maps of bloody scratches and angry red welts.

Despite her destroyed pussy, Naomi was racking up Sherilyn's breasts pretty well, carving her nails in deeply before ripping them out. Raking and tearing at each other tooth and nail, Sherilyn stopped her bloody nail work to fall full length upon her enemy. Clinching chest to chest, bloody breast pressed tightly against scratched and bloody breast, blonde and brunette began to roll back and forth, clawing each other's backs raw. Naomi snapped her teeth on Sherilyn's right ear, biting right through the cartilage and spitting out the lobe in a bloody spew. Sherilyn her teeth into Naomi's shoulder and ground down until she scraped bone. The two women were almost welded together.

Pulling slightly back, Naomi cracked Sherilyn across the face with all her might, and with her nails slashed Sherilyn right across the face as two bloody gouges appeared on the brunette's face. Naomi slashed again, this time aiming lower, and Sherilyn felt the nails rake across the tops of her magnificent boobs and three jagged lines begin to seep blood across the top of each breast. Naomi re-positioned her nails for another one when pain erupted across her breasts. She could barely breath from the pain, but she saw that Sherilyn had opened four open gashes across her breasts, oozing blood. Naomi positioned her hands, then drove the nails of her right hand straight into Sherilyn's left nipple, as the brunette cried out in agony. Naomi scratched and gouged, ripping and tearing at the aureole that had no nipple as Sherilyn screamed and cried, pulling on the blonde's wrists. Blood welled up on Sherilyn's breast and ran down each side. Sherilyn was thrashing back and forth, as Naomi worked to rip her milk bags off.

Naomi redoubled her efforts at destroying Sherilyn's boobs, driving her nails in all the deeper. Sherilyn's gaze went past her own bleeding and torn nipples to the juncture between Naomi's legs as the blonde straddled Sherilyn's stomach. Sherilyn's hands streaked down and imbedded themselves in Naomi's crotch. Sherilyn ripped and tore with mediaeval fervor at Naomi's wrecked cunt.

Naomi's scream went straight up the scale and right off the top. Her own hands went to her crotch and she threw herself to the side and tried to scramble away. Sherilyn pulled her back with the grip she had on Naomi's cunt, and then dug in with all ten nails. It was Naomi's turn to wither and thrash, screaming and bellowing, as Sherilyn tried to destroy Naomi's sex life. Naomi tried to kick, but Sherilyn was too close. Sherilyn pushed two fingers inside Naomi's gash and ripped.

Moaning in pain, Naomi yanked frantically at Sherilyn's wrist as Sherilyn pushed as hard as she could to get more of her hand up inside of Naomi. Naomi was able to get her knee up between them and pushed Sherilyn away, but pulling the brunette's fingers out of her cunt was more painful than leaving them in, and Naomi screamed as she rolled away from Sherilyn.

The two women were almost totally spent and exhausted, their fight lasting longer than either could have imagined.

As Sherilyn reared back up onto her knees, she said, "Hey Naomi. Now who's never, ever going to have sex again, huh"

Gasping in anguish, Naomi fired back with "How's that nipple feeling, Sherilyn? Oh, I forgot, its not there! Were you planning on nursing a baby with that hole in you tit?"

As the two women came toward each other again, Sherilyn sank a hard punch into Naomi's belly. Every atom of oxygen whooshed out of Naomi's mouth, but Sherilyn hit her again in the same place before she could take a breath. Naomi's lungs were on fire and she couldn't breath because of Sherilyn's fist deep in her guts. Sherilyn punched her again, but this time squarely between the legs. Naomi felt the fist land right on top of her mound, and she felt the pain shoot up her body, deep inside her. Sherilyn yanked her hair to bring her back upright, and punched into the same spot. Naomi felt something shift inside her, and for the first time in their fight, true terror swept through her. Sherilyn just kept punching, again and again, and on her last punch, Naomi definitely could feel something as it ripped inside her. Naomi screamed and fell back, with Sherilyn right on top of her.

Kneeling over Naomi, Sherilyn positioned her knee on Naomi's lower stomach, placing it between the blonde's vaginal opening and about just where the uterus would be. Sherilyn then drove all of her body weight onto her knee, driving it deep into Naomi's body. Again and again, Sherilyn impaled the helpless girl with her knee. Blood wasn't seeping anymore from Naomi's pussy; now it was flowing. Naomi was no longer moaning, just making horrible animal sounds of pain and defeat.

The brunette slammed a punch straight in to Naomi's crotch, Sherilyn's knuckles connected squarely with Naomi's sex. Slipping in and out of consciousness, Naomi knew that in all the fights she had been in, she had never, never felt pain like this, and she realised that her cunt wasn't just traumatised; it would never heal. Her sex was destroyed, smashed to a bloody pulp against her pubic bone, which itself almost cracked from the force of Sherilyn's punches.

Sherilyn sat down on Naomi's smashed stomach, and sunk her fingers into the blonde's breasts. It was enough to bring a wail of agony from Naomi, as her breasts had been tenderised by Sherilyn's punches and then torn apart by her nails. "How's this feel, bitch?" Sherilyn said with a sadistic smile.

Naomi responded by grabbing her brunette foe's wrists and pulling weakly at them. Sherilyn ratcheted the pressure up a notch. "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!" wailed Naomi as her body began to spasm from the pain.

"Fuck you... Sherilyn...OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDD!!! FUCK!!!" Naomi screamed as Sherilyn tightened her grip even further; her strong fingers digging deep in Naomi's abused boobs.

The blonde's throat was torn by scream after scream as her bare feet thumped wildly against the carpet and her hips twisted back and forth. She yanked at Sherilyn's wrists with all her strength, but couldn't remove the hands that were tearing into her boobs.

Naomi's screams turned to gasping sobs. "," she sobbed defiantly.

Sherilyn got to her feet, still unsteady from being cunted earlier by Naomi. She kicked the blonde hard in her ribcage, and Naomi rolled over onto her stomach, one hand holding her midsection, the other clutching a wounded boob. Sherilyn sat down behind her, and the blonde moaned in pain as the brunette jammed her hands under Naomi's arms and pulled her back, grabbing a breast in each hand while scissoring the blonde's waist with her legs.

Naomi had never felt the power of Sherilyn's legs before, but she did now as they dug into her sides, compressing her tight body. Naomi groaned aloud, and then screamed as the brunette's fingers got back into her battered breasts. She grabbed at Sherilyn's manicured fingers, trying to pull them away, but Sherilyn's fingers dug only deeper.

"AHHHH!!! FUCK...OOOOOOHHHHHHH....YOU!!!! OH GOD!!! OH GOD," Naomi sobbed, her feet weakly kicking as her body was wracked with pain.

"Oh God, this feels GOOD!!!" Sherilyn said. "I've always wanted to rip your tits off, you bitch. Beg me to stop, Naomi. Beg me to stop or I'll finish off your tits like I did your cunt. "

"You fucking bitch...YOU FUCKING BITCH!OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OOOHHHH GODDDD!!!!" Naomi wailed, as Sherilyn really dug her short nails into her bloodstained breasts.

Sherilyn could feel the blood running down her fingers now, as her nails made deep scratches in Naomi's boobs. Sherilyn's right index finger was digging deep into her rival's right areola, and, even worse, the brunette's left thumb was gouging the blonde's left nipple, opening up the split even more. "How's it felt to actually have my fingers INSIDE your breasts, Naomi? Hurts, doesn't it, bitch?" Sherilyn knew Naomi couldn't take much more of this.

Sherilyn ripped her nails in deeper, listening to Naomi's sobs. Sherilyn tightened up her legs around her rival's waist, bringing another little moan, and then dug her nails even deeper into Naomi's torn tits.

"Ohhhh you....fucking... cunt...My breasts," Naomi moaned. And then the blonde's body finally quit, and she was still.

"It's over for you, bitch!" the brunette whispered in Naomi's ear.

They had been fighting for seventy-one minutes when Naomi's right breast finally gave out completely under Sherilyn's vicious assault. Naomi's smaller, swollen breasts hung down, heavy with blood, with Sherilyn pressed up behind her, her manicured hands locked on Naomi's tits, when a flow of thick blood starts dribbling out of Naomi's nipple and down Naomi's trembling right globe, oozing over her flat stomach. Suddenly, Naomi's right nipple ruptured, disfiguring her breast forever, soaking Sherilyn's manicured hand with blood.

Sliding her way around the defeated blonde, with her legs still clamped around Naomi's middle, Sherilyn was now in front of Naomi, and she let's Naomi's almost lifeless head rest between her own globes. Drawing back her right fist, Sherilyn put all of her power into three of the most savage upper-cuts she had ever thrown, all crashing into Naomi's swollen left breast. As Sherilyn drilled another series of straight punches into her breast, Naomi grunted from deep inside her as each blow splatted against her breast. The orb was being smashed flat, over and over; only a matter of time before it exploded. The brunette had pounded her fists into Naomi's nipple so hard it inverted.

Cocking her right fist back, this time Sherilyn methodically smashed three punches directly into Naomi's swollen breast. The first cracked the aureole, the second forced more bloody fluid from the crack and after the final punch, Sherilyn pressed her fist tight against Naomi's breast as it broke open, soaking her right fist with the blonde's blood.

The brunette watched her punch wreck Naomi's melon with grim satisfaction, then she released Naomi, letting the beaten, busted-up and bloody blonde crumple to the floor. Sherilyn knew she wouldn't be getting up anytime soon.

"NOW it's over, bitch!" she hissed venomously.