Sabrina Ferilli vs. Cori Nadine - fight at the beach by maverik

Cori Nadine was laying on the beach, soaking the sun beating on her shoulders. Lying flat on her tummy, she was gazing at the beautiful ocean through her sunglasses, sipping into her iced tea with the extra slice of lemon when she heard a voice.

"Move over, I'm here now."

Cori looked back straining to look up. She saw an older woman, also a brunette, obviously very buxom and about the same height and build as herself. Her cute face and big boobs aside, the woman didn't have much to admire as her calves and thighs didn't look very toned. She was wearing a white thong bikini, but her abs appeared soft and there was a little fleshy bulge around her waist.

"I'm Sabrina Ferilli, the famous actress," the newcomer said with a slight accent. "This is no place for girls to play!"

Cori got up on her feet. Standing 5'7", she was a shade taller and not much heavier than this woman. Wary because of some bad experiences in the past (i.e., Paula Trickey, Jeri Ryan!), she sized up this woman for a moment.

Finally, Cori responded, "You're rude woman!! I haven't seen you in any movies unless you used to act when I was still a child! Now get out of here before I throw you out!"

Waving her hands in Sabrina's face, Cori hoped the woman would just walk away. But Sabrina had heard of Cori, and about how she'd been getting hammered by her peers. The point Sabrina had overlooked was that most those 'peers' hammering Cori were also fitness models, young and in their prime.

Sabrina shot back, "Are you getting up or shall I just kick you out of my spot?"

Cori didn't speak, she just balled up her right fist and drove it into Sabrina's belly, bringing a loud "Ooomph" from the mature woman. Following up with a backhanded left slap to Sabrina's left cheek, Cori charged into her adversary. Ripe young melons crashed into soft, ripe jugs and the tougher ones prevailed. After a groan and two steps backward from Sabrina, Cori followed up with a left and another punch right into Sabrina's soft belly.

Sabrina took two more steps backward, but then Sabrina suddenly kicked Cori. Though Cori turned to the side when she saw it coming, the kick still found her inner thigh and stung her. They exchanged punches, each landing on the other. Cori got a bruise on her left tit, and this time she had to take a step backward. The old bitch could fight!

Now both women focused on the other's face, watching her every move, crouching down low ready to press home any advantage. They locked arms, catching each other by the shoulders and trying to push her backward. Cori's body strength quickly proved to be too much for Sabrina, who started shuffling back.

Realizing she was being overpowered, Sabrina changed her tactics and attacked Cori's melons, raking her long nails across the massive boobs as Cori squealed and shouted, "You bitch! I'll kick your ass for that!"

Cori grabbed Sabrina's top and pulled it off, then began to punch relentlessly into Sabrina's massive jugs as they came into full view. Not as firm as Cori's, Sabrina's boobs were sent flying sideways with each blow; her flesh reddening on impact as one fist after another landed with a soft SPLAT!

Sabrina started to cry as she staggered back and Cori, sensing the end was near, drove home her advantage. Jumping into Sabrina, Cori snapped her knee up, smashing it into Sabrina's pussy.

"Ooooooh! Aaaahh" Sabrina moaned, clutching herself between the legs with her pouting face raised up.

Cori landed a heavy right under Sabrina's raised chin and the blow rocked Sabrina badly. She staggered away, waving her arms in front of her, as if she were trying to brush away the stars dancing in front of her eyes. Cori launched a merciless attack on Sabrina's free-swinging tits, pulling, raking, squeezing and mauling her tits like a pair of big, soft, sponge balls. Sabrina was in tears as she tried to back away but was held in place by her breasts! Cori grabbed Sabrina's hair and dragged her down to her knees.

Sabrina cried, "Please, take the whole beach. I'm sorry I was rude!"

Cori started to drag the babbling Sabrina across the sand. Sabrina's knees were burning in the sand, her legs kicking a little in mild protest. She tried grabbing Cori's legs, but couldn't do much once she grabbed her well-toned calves. Sabrina was helpless, she was no match for the younger woman.

After about ten steps, Cori turned and kicked Sabrina right in her belly. She released her hair and Sabrina grasped her stomach with both arms wrapped around her. Her head was hung low as her body slumped on her knees, staring at Cori's feet; quietly sobbing at the pain in her breasts and stomach. Cori raised her foot, put it on Sabrina's chest and pushed. Sabrina didn't resist as she slumped over onto her back, her legs still folded under her. Sabrina raised her hands in defense and fear.

"Stop, Cori. Please stop Cori.. Don't, no more please," Sabrina said between sobs.

Cori smiled down into Sabrina's face and, with her foot still firmly planted on Sabrina's chest, said, "First, you'll show you accept defeat by licking the sand off my toes. Then, I'll give you to a count of ten. If you don't run away, I'll beat you all night. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

Sabrina couldn't speak, she just nodded dumbly, her long mane tossing as she indicated, "yes" to her conqueror.

Sabrina obediently licked the sand from Cori's foot, then pleaded with her moist eyes, looking up at Cori.

Cori said, "One.....Two...."

Getting up slowly, Sabrina turned and ran as fast as she could. After running a few yards, she looked back over her shoulder just once. Cori stressed, "FOUR" and Sabrina turned and ran faster, not daring to look back again.

Who knows what would've happened if Cori had chosen to run her down? Sabrina wasn't at all athletic and from the feel she had of Cori's calves, she really didn't want Cori to chase her down. Cori stopped counting at six, convinced she'd made her point and pleased with herself. Cori picked up Sabrina's top as a trophy, wrapped it around her left wrist and went back to her iced tea.