Tina Fey vs. Patricia Richardson by imitation

Tina was on top of the world. Her wit and charm had brought her to the top of the comedy universe but her hard work had brought her some arrogance along with the rewards. Being head writer of a show that was popular throughout the world was a power trip for the young celebrity and she’d already gotten on the wrong side of many comediennes and actresses. Patricia Richardson from ‘Home Improvement’ had approached Tina Fey looking for work on her SNL drama movie but Tina had brushed her off as a has-been and told her to look elsewhere.

Patricia was now down and out with absolutely nothing to look forward to. She tried to fight, joining one of the several leagues of washed-up celebrities who’d been reduced to battling one another after having one hot show. Pat’s ego had taken a beating along with her body and she was determined to return the beating in kind. She was going to ambush the comedienne, beat her up and tape the entire thing. She had found a new way to make an income!

Pat stalked Tina the following night. As Tina drove to her house, Pat followed in her car slowly behind. The bespectacled beauty had to fill the gas in her car, so she pulled over into a gas station. Pat stopped in the shadows and exited her car, walking stealthily toward Tina behind her back. As Tina inserted the fuel nozzle in her car, Pat locked her hands together and with a swing that started at the back of her head, landed a blow to the back of Tina’s head.


Tina went down and was instantly delivered into the land of sleep. Her knees buckled and, as she was sinking to the ground, Pat caught her under the arms and pushed the limp Tina’s body against her car. She grabbed two handfuls of Tina’s firm ass, bent down by her knees and let Tina’s limp body fold over her shoulder. She stood up, gave Tina’s ass a sharp spank and then, grinning proudly, walked to her car carrying Tina’s body. Pat opened the door of her minivan and dumped Tina in the back and tied her hand and foot. Then she went back to Tina’s car and drove it to the nearest illegal parking spot where it would be sure to attract the attention of the law - and the press!

Pat went back to her car and drove to a place where her camera had already been set up. She carried Tina into her ‘ring’ and dumped her on her back. She untied Tina and kicked her in the ribs until she slowly started coming to. In her state of semi-waking, the petite comedienne instinctively rubbed the back of her neck as she opened her eyes and looked around. By the time she realized where she was and what was going on, Pat already had her head and neck crushed in her right bicep.

“You slut, you’re not going to help me make a living?” screamed Pat.

The seemingly helpless comedienne had lost her glasses when she was flung over Pat’s shoulder but she fought back as well as she could. She grabbed a handful of Pat’s hair and pulled with all her might. Pat let out a loud yelp and loosened her grip a tad which gave Tina room to pull back just enough to drive her elbow backward into Pat’s flat abs. The older woman was knocked back a bit which allowed Tina to swing another elbow LOW into the TV soccer mom’s belly. Pat gasped as she doubled over in pain letting go of Tina entirely and stumbling backward with her mouth open in shock.

“You think you can take me?” asked Tina as she strutted around the bent over Pat.

Tina walked up to right behind the older woman, stopped and drove the knee of her shapely right leg straight up into the crack of Pat’s ass. Pat’s eyes grew large with fear and pain as she was propelled forward and, temporarily at least, out of Tina’s reach. As the beautiful comedienne walked confidently toward the older actress, Pat lowered her head and charged. Pat grabbed as much of Tina’s tits as she could and tried to wrestle her to the floor. Although Tina screamed in agony, she seemed to be getting aroused by the fighting for a tight little grin flickered across her lips.

“Why don’t you have tits?” asked Pat as she heaved a knee into the funny woman’s groin which wiped away her smile.

Tina jackknifed over Pat’s knee and Pat hit her on the back of the neck, dropping her to the floor. Tina’s flat chest hit the ring mat with a resounding THUMP where she lay breathless and beaten.

Pat dug her boot into Tina’s butt and leaned down on her, then pushed her over onto her back. Tina was screaming in pain by the blunt intrusion in her butt, yet her nipples were getting hard.

“Enjoying this are you slut?” asked Pat as she knelt down beside Tina and pulled her up with a handful of shoulder length hair. “Look at the camera, whore,” Pat said. “Its all down hill from here!” She kicked Tina in the ribs again, and told her, “Now don’t move!”

Pat left the room for a few minutes which gave Tina time to collect her thoughts. When Pat returned, she had someone with her. A friend of hers from her show, Debbe Dunning. Debbe was naked except for the strap-on dildo she wore belted around her hips.

“Now funny whore,” Pat said as she gave Debbe a hug. “Pleasure Deb like you’ve never done anyone else before!”

Pat picked Tina up and threw her toward Debbe, then unfolded a steel chair and sat down to watch. Tina obediently dropped to her knees and leaned forward, her full lips brushing Debbe’s bare thigh as she slowly caressed Debbe’s firm butt.

Tina removed her silk blouse and thrust out her chest, showing her perky little boobs for the camera. As ordered, Tina then performed the best on-camera lesbian sex scene anyone had ever seen in quite a few years.

Thirty minutes later, Debbe was sprawled on the mat exhausted from one orgasm after another, too tired and worn out to stand any longer. Tina was looking around for her clothes, plotting to destroy the video tape and the camera before she left but Pat had other plans.

Pat whipped out a pistol, pointed it at Tina and told her, “Put on your bra and stay on your knees!”

Tina obeyed the older actress and as soon as she hooked her black lace bra behind her back, the butt of the gun crashed down on the back of her head and everything went black. Tina landed unconscious, tits down on the mat again. Pat took the tape out of the camera, woke up Debbe and supported her as she staggered out of the room. Pat promising Debbe her payment, later, but Debbe shook her head, “That bitch gave me the best night of my life hon. Hell, I should pay you for the time I’ve had. When you’re done with her, give me her number. I have some friends I’d love to invite her over to party with.”

When Debbe had gone, Pat tossed the unconscious comedienne over her shoulder and drove back to where she’d left Tina’s car which had already been ticketed. Pat stripped Tina and left her sprawling naked and unconscious on the hood of her car, then as she drove away, she called the local TV station and gave them a tip where their camera crew could find a ‘celebrity’ who had passed out after a wild party.

Pat drove back to her house feeling proud of herself. She was getting pretty good at this fighting thing, maybe she should keep at it, she thought! As day was breaking, Tina was being photographed in all her naked glory spread out on the hood of her car as she awoke. She had a lot of explaining to do if she ever wanted to live this down. Indeed, a generous serving of humble pie was stuffed down her throat. Then, the next morning she got a call from Debbe and everything changed!