Carol Ficatier vs. Tracy Vaccaro (May 1999)

41 year old Carol Ficatier and 37 year old Tracy Vaccaro were offered what was, for women from their era, a large sum of money to return to the Playboy Mansion for a "reunion fight." Way back in the dark ages of Playboy Fights, they had wrestled for a photo spread that (sadly) never made it's way into the magazine. There was a grainy 8-mm movie of the fight, made by one of the crew, that had been crudely edited and distributed through the underground only because it had been so close that there was controversy over who had been the winner.

The question had grated on Carol ever since. Not just because she felt she was superior in both looks and wrestling skill to Tracy, but because after the film got out she lost a chance she'd had to star in a movie. The studio hadn't wanting someone with her "past" in the film. Worse, Tracy had moved on and wasn't interested in resolving the issue once and for all. Eventually, Carol returned to France where she worked as a low-paid model for a few years. After her modeling career, a soft life as a wife and mother - plus a diet rich in French pastry and chocolate had added both girth and mass to her once slim figure. Therefore, when Playboy contacted her about recreating that photo session tussle for their video cameras, she quickly accepted.

Carol's only concern was getting back into "fighting trim" in the brief time before the fight. She worked hard for a couple of weeks, but when she arrived in California she was still almost 20 pounds heavier than her Playmate weight of nearly 15 years before. Not that it didn't look good. Her bosom had swelled by a full cup size after her baby and the added weight around her hips gave her a "womanly" shape that was a nice contrast to Tracy's "girlish" figure. Still, Carol feared her soft tummy would make a tempting target and planned to keep Tracy in a position that would make it impossible for her to take advantage of that weakness.

Tracy, on the other hand, hadn't been at all anxious to accept the invitation to return to the Playboy mansion to fight or to model. Happily married to a wealthy real estate developer and a mother of twin girls, she stayed in shape by dancing at the small ballet studio she owned as well as skiing with her husband and roller-blading along the beachfront with other women in her upper crust social set. So Tracy came to the match at her Playmate weight of 118 pounds, looking every bit the same as she had in October 1983.

Still, when Tracy's husband heard about the offer, he urged her, "... do it. You can't imagine how erotic it is to think of you in a leotard wrestling with that French model. Did you know I kept her centerfold on my dormitory wall for two years when I was in college. With that cute figure and petty face, she had my vote for PMOY." That was all it took to get Tracy's competitive blood boiling.

"You think that Frog bitch is hot stuff? Just see what happens when I get my hands on her. I'll nail hang HER on the wall. Only this time it'll be the real thing, not some lame picture cut out of a magazine. I beat her before. I don't know why everyone couldn't see it. This time I'll make sure no one questions the result. I just wish I had a copy of that movie everyone keeps mentioning. Well, this time I'm getting it on video tape - something I can show the girls when they're grown. So they can be proud of your 'old lady'."

On the designated afternoon, Carol and Tracy showed up at the Mansion at the appointed time. Each would be interviewed by Diana Lee, Miss May 1988, the "Mistress of Ceremonies" for the days fights. She leered at Carol who was clearly nervous after years away from the hustle, bustle and back-stabbing that was still common in the Playboy Mansion the last year of the 20th Century.

"So, Carol old girl," Diana said as she slipped an arm around Carol's waist and hugged her close, "What've you been up to since your devastating defeat by Tracy back in 86?"

"Moi, defeat? Mon dieu, never!" Carol said as she stepped back. "I win zat fight an you know it if you zee zat film like you say. Zat bitch she run from me and never give me zee second fight to prove I am zee better of us. Sacre bleu! I am going to make her zorry zis time, you jus wait and zee."

Diana just chuckled as she said, "Well, now your fans will get a chance to see for themselves. We found a copy of that old film and we'll make it part of the lead-in for this fight. I must say, you certainly have a lot of courage to give her another chance to beat you again. You're either very brave or very silly."

The French woman's face flushed bright red and she stammered as she struggled to regain her composure after the Oriental's deliciously wicked surprise announcement. At the same time, she was trying to squirm free of Diana's arm around her. But Diana held her tightly by the hip and kept the microphone in front of her mouth, catching every gasp and grunt of their subtle struggle.

"I...I...wee...weel destroy zat peeg," Carol stuttered, flustered by Diana's disclosure that the pirate film she so desperately wished would have been long forgotten by this time was going to be shown to the entire world as part of this video tape and by the hand on her hip.

"Eeef zhe eez lookings for anozer on side beating ups, zen eet will be zhe who is getting eet. Zat I promize you," Carol said, her voice rising in volume as her face got redder and redder. "I weel do anyzing I must to beat zat blonde bimbos."

Diana thanked the obviously upset Carol and as the French Playmate turned to go, Diana gave her bottom a little squeeze out of sight of the cameras. Carol's reaction, though, was caught on tape for all the world to see...a loud shriek of startled surprise as she spun around and nearly fell down in her attempt to slap Diana who played the role of an, "injured innocent" to a T.

"Keep you feelthy hand off of moi azz," Carol snarled, "Unlezz you want it break thems for you."

Diana just grinned at Carol innocently and tried to hug her, "To show there's no hard feelings about your mistake."

But Carol brusquely pushed Diana away and huffily stomped off the set to her dressing room to change for the fight. As she disappeared stage left, Tracy Vaccaro appeared from behind the curtain stage right. Carol didn't see her since she had her back turned, but the crew chuckled as Tracy formed a frame with the thumb and index finger of each hand as she pictured Carol's jiggling behind "on camera."

Diana greeted Tracy effusively, hugging her and clasping her firmly to her bosom as she kissed her in greeting.

"Darling, it's so good to see you again," Diana said as her hands moved down Tracy's back to grab her ass as she pulled her close and pressed her hips against Tracy's. The blonde tried to pull away, but Diana continued to grope her bottom as they kissed. When Diana broke the kiss, Tracy stepped back and ran her fingers through her hair and took a couple of deep breaths to collect herself. Her flushed face showed a displeasure that didn't register in her voice.

"I'm surprised to see you, Di. I didn't think you were still associated with Playboy. Guess that rumor about them cleaning up their act was all just a lot of empty rhetoric."

Angrily, Diana took a firm grip on Tracy's ass and pulled her close, then hissed, "Miss Hefner and I have an understanding. I'm doing quite a bit of work for them lately, the kind of stuff I'm good at, training girls to behave, and stuff. Use your imagination."

Diana held Tracy tightly by the waist to keep her pinned against her body just as she had Carol, hip to hip. As she raised the mike to Tracy's lips, Diana rubbed her forearm across Tracy's breasts. As she interviewed her, Diana used her arm to gave Tracy's firm little breasts a good massage as she worked the mike back and forth between them.

"You feel in fabulous shape Tracy," Diana said giving her slim waist a squeeze, "much tighter than Carol. Do you expect to revenge your embarrassing defeat from 1986?"

Tracy twisted uncomfortably in Diana's strong grasp, but didn't try to break free. She didn't want Diana to know how uncomfortable she felt in her grasp so she allowed the Oriental to grope her butt out of sight of the camera as she tried to answer her inane and irrelevant questions. Tracy knew what Diana was doing, she'd heard rumors from some girls that her friend Hope Marie Carlton had mysteriously disappeared right in the middle of a match she'd refereed a few months ago. Everyone knew Diana was involved but no one knew what happened to Hope. Tracy wanted to find out what happened to her friend. That kind of underhanded dirty tricks was the main reason she'd left the Playboy "family" for civilian life.

"Oh, I didn't lose that fight, come on. You know very well I won. Anybody who saw it could see that. I'm gonna make my win this time decisive so there's no doubt. Plus, it's gonna be taped. I've got a family now and I want them to see how good the 'old lady' is. This is a very important fight for me, it's my last one for Playboy and I want it to be memorable. While I'm here, I want to ask you," she smiled sweetly at the camera, "What happened to Hope Marie Carlton? Someone said you and the Tenison sisters kidnapped her. Is it true? Where is she? When are you going to let her go?"

Diana gripped Tracy's asscheek, digging her fingers into the firm flesh. Through clenched teeth she hissed, "Well dear, that's really none of your business, is it? But since you're her friend, I'll tell you this. Hope's attitude needed 'adjustment' and Miss Hefner thought it would be a good idea if I took her to my training facility for some treatment. She's completed her training and now Playboy wants her back. I told them they can have her as soon as I find a suitable replacement. What good's a school with no students?"

Tracy bristled. "I don't believe you about Hope! She was the perfect Playmate when I knew her. What could possibly have needed improving, I'd like to know."

Diana smiled, "Why don't you come home with me after Carol whips you and I'll show you. You could use some lessons yourself."

Tracy pushed Diana away angrily. "Go? With you? That's a laugh. You couldn't pay me to go anywhere with you, you sick, twisted perverted bitch!"

"Really?" Diana hissed. "I thought Hope was a friend of yours. I tell you what, I'll make you a bet. After you lose the match you take Hope's place and if you win, I'll set her free. While you're with me we can work to improve your fighting skills. Hell, I can even get you a rematch with Carol so you could avenge the beating she's going to give you in about an hour. What do you say, is it a deal?"

Tracy was aghast. "Hope's your prisoner? That's disgusting! How can they possibly allow you to do that?"

"Miss Hefner and Playboy know who holds the real power," Diana said. "It's the Playmates and the girls do what I say. The Hefners don't mess with me, I've got carte blanche to do as I please because I keep the girls in line and make sure they behave. Miss Hefner crossed me once. But only once. I got to the seat of that problem in a hurry and that bimbo's avoided me ever since. Now, will you agree to take Hope's place if you lose or shall I go back and tell her you don't really care about her at all?"

"Why me?" Tracy asked, her cheeks burning.

"Because, silly....I offered myself to you once before you dissed me. I can't let your rejection go unpunished. You'll pay for spurning me, no one does that and gets away with it. Not Hefner, not Cady Cantrell and certainly not a little tramp like you. No, you'll belong to me eventually, it's just a matter of when and where."

Tracy shivered but shook her head slowly. "I can't, not now. The day when I could have done sort of thing are long gone. I'm a happily married woman with a family now. But I tell you what. After I beat Ficatier, she's all yours. Do with her as you please, just release Hope. Maybe you and Ficatier can make a video together, she'd like that. Maybe it could revive her film career. Things are a lot different today than they were when we were Playmates."

Diana spanked Tracy's bottom as she pushed her toward her dressing room. "I'm taking the loser, no matter who it is. But I've got my eye on you for my little 'Plaything of the Month.' Now run and slip into something sleek and sexy, then get that cute butt of yours back out here and you better put on the fight of your life. I know Carol's ready to whip you even worse this time than she did the last time you fought. Besides, there's all your fans who can't wait to see you in action again."

A half hour later both women were walking toward the ring where Rosie Tenison was waiting. As the referee, Rosie wore a thong and a striped shirt tied beneath her fulsome breasts. Obviously, she intended to show the world her "assets" were not only the equal of her more famous sisters, but were superior to the two "little" women whose fight she was supposed to referee.

Carol appeared first, wringing her hands and nervously licking her lips as she padded toward the ring in bare feet. The French woman had chosen a surprisingly modest outfit, perhaps revealing an unease at exposing her body after so many years of comfortable living or perhaps just the conservatism of middle age. Whatever the reason, the girls scheduled to fight in later bouts who had gathered to watch the "old timers" hooted and whistled derisively at the sight of the brunette in her low-cut, sleeveless tennis dress style dress. A short cheerleader style skirt flowed over her curvy hips, jiggling flanks and rippling thighs as she walked to the ring. Their derision made her blush beneath the thick make-up she had applied to look her best for the camera.

Tracy came next and the contrast between the French brunette and the California blonde couldn't have been more striking. The ballet teacher strode confidently, almost cockily, to the ring in a sheer white Danskin (tm) leotard that - wet from her strenuous warm-up routine - was nearly transparent. Her hard nipples, dark areola and even the thatch of fur between her tight, well-defined thighs were clearly visible. Those at ringside could see the effect Tracy's obvious fitness had on Carol. They later said they could see her trembling as Tracy bounded over the ropes, did a split in mid-ring and then as she rose, a slow "walk over" handstand to a standing position.

"Hurry up and get changed into your fighting outfit Carol," Tracy teased, "or did you think we're gonna play tennis this time? I hope you brought your racket, I'll use it to paddle that fat French bun of yours."

Rosie Tenison called them to the middle of the ring and put her hands on both women's shoulders as she reminded them of the rules that she'd already gone over with them in the dressing room, then sent them to their corners. As she walked to the corner to signal the start, she winked at Diana who smiled and rubbed her hands together eagerly.

As soon as the bell rang, Tracy ran from her corner and attacked the surprised Carol before the brunette was out of her corner. Her strength was aided by the adrenaline pulsing through her veins at the anger built up by listening to Diana Lee's taunts and the thought of what would happen to Hope if she couldn't win her freedom. Carol was determined to get even for the downward spiral of her career after her fight with Tracy, but it was Tracy who grabbed the initiative and she wasn't going to give the French woman a chance to fight back. Tracy slammed her fists into the soft breasts of her opponent as she drove her back into her own corner.

Carol leaned against the turnbuckles in her corner, her butt pressed against the middle rope and her shoulders wedged between the angle of the top ropes as she tried to cover her aching breasts with her arms and kick at Tracy whose fists pistoned rapidly, not giving the French woman a chance to collect her wits or think of what to do. Finally, at a sharp command from Diana Lee at ringside, Rosie Tenison moved in and pulled Tracy away and walked her back to the middle of the ring. While she protested, Carol got her wits about her and moved out of the corner, circling around the two women as she massaged her aching bosom.

The anger on Tracy's face was clear. She'd wanted to embarrass Carol like she hadn't done before, yet while she'd nearly had her beaten in the first minute of the fight it was clear Diana and her lackey Rosie weren't going to let her win. Tracy finally quit arguing with Rosie and turned her attention to Carol, smiling for the first time since she entered the ring.

"It look like zees time," Carol hissed as she rubbed her bosom when they moved closer, "you weel be zee one who eez drag out wizzout 'er clothes on. Good, I like to zee you leetle girlz 'spression when ze see zee movies of zair momma in 'er birthsday zoot."

Tracy lunged at the upstart French bitch, but Carol launched a front kick to Tracy's belly and the quick, sharp blow caught her unprepared. The air whooshed out of her as she doubled over holding her mid-section.

"Sacre bleu!" Carol cheered as she saw Tracy's knees wobble and she broke into a big grin.

"Oh, what's zee matter mon petite chein? Iz zat California belly too soft? Doz eet hurt?"

As Carol taunted her, Tracy spun and slammed her open hand into the side of Carol's head right over her ear. She went sprawling on the mat, rolled over and lay on her back, her hands over her ear, her legs thrashing around on the mat. Rosie bent over and checked to make sure Carol's eardrum wasn't busted but when she was sure Carol hadn't suffered an injury she stepped back and waved Tracy forward.

"Ya better finish her," Rosie told Tracy, "or Diana is gonna finish you."

Tracy rushed over and dove on top of Carol, but as she launched her body the French woman raised her knees and impaled the hard-bodied Californian right in the belly. The women at ringside heard Tracy's strangled "oooof" as her body bent double over Carol's knees, her forehead between Carol's breasts. Carol rolled over and dropped Tracy on the mat beside her. Tracy curled up with her hands clutching her stomach, her face pale as if she were about to vomit.

Carol got up and used a handful of Tracy's hair to roll her over and pull her to her knees. From the expression on Tracy's face it was pretty clear she was in no condition to continue but Carol was intent on destroying her blonde adversary in a way that would leave no doubt about which of them was the better woman. She cupped Tracy under the chin and dug her nails into the soft flesh, pulling the limp-limbed blonde to her feet, then dipped her shoulder and scooped Tracy up between the legs and body slammed her to the mat. Tracy writhed on her back as the rosin dust settled around her, giving Carol a chance to strut and preen for the cameras that panned in for a close-up of her beautiful grinning face and for Diana who gaily applauded the Frenchie's efforts.

Rosie pretended to bend over Tracy to check her condition as she started to count to ten, but in reality she had her foot on the blonde's hair which was fanned out on the mat to keep her from getting up until after she'd been counted out. Angrily, Tracy struggled to get up, but when she realized what was happening she kicked back over her head with her feet and knocked Rosie away, then rolled over and got to her feet before Carol realized the fight was still going on.

They faced off again and Tracy saw that Carol's breathing was already labored, she was gasping for air. The pace of the fight and the hot lights were taking a toll on the out-of-shape former Playmate. Tracy, however, wasn't even breathing hard at all and she smiled, thinking it would only be a matter of time now.

Carol charged Tracy, her hands open and her manicured and polished nails glistening under the strong lighting. Just as she reached for Tracy's hair, however, the lithe Californian turned sideways, stuck out her hip and used Carol's momentum to easily flip the charging French woman over her hip. Carol landed flat on her back and all the air whooshed from her lungs. She lay unmoving except for her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water and her fingers clawing at the mat as she struggled to catch her breath. She was open, exposed and vulnerable as Tracy bent over and grabbed her by the ankles.

Tracy spread Carol's legs as far apart as she could, holding them with her arms outstretched. Carol's eyes widened in terror as she realized what was about to happen to her and she was powerless to stop it. Tracy leaped into the air between Carol's legs and drove her knees down with her full weight behind them right on Carol's pubic mound.

The French woman's head and shoulders spasm'd upward off the mat, she made a weak, strangled sound, then she fell back. Her hands jerked spasmodically, reaching between her legs to cradle her bruised womanhood. Tracy stood up and dropped Carol's feet which she slowly drew up as she tightly squeezed her thighs on her hands. She rocked from side to side moaning in pain. Tracy walked around and stomped on Carol's stomach, jarring the ring with the impact. Carol's soft body jerked and spasmed, but Tracy had no mercy, she stomped the French woman's a second time, her foot sinking deep into the soft fleshy middle of her older opponent.

Carol was finished. Tracy sat down behind her and wrapped her arms and legs around the dark haired French woman. Tracy dug her talons into Carols breasts as she locked her ankles and started to crush Carol's soft mid-section with her rock-hard dancer's thighs. Diana stood at ringside screaming at Carol, "Get out of it!" but she was helpless, her arms pinned at her sides by Tracy's arms around her torso. All she could do was flail her legs and groan as Tracy applied the crushing power of her strong legs.

Rosie looked at Diana for instructions but the Oriental refused to do anything so obvious as order her to break the hold without any justification. Diana's power over the other Playmates was almost total, but she would have lost "face" with them if she'd interfered in a fight solely for personal reasons. She knew that, in the long run, she'd get another chance for revenge against Tracy. For the moment, it looked like Carol would have to wiggle out of her predicament on her own or suffer the consequences.

Tracy rolled backward, using the strength of her legs to lift Carol into the air still trapped between her thighs, then just as Rosie desperately slapped the mat and counted, "One" as Tracy's shoulders were down, she rolled forward again and slammed Carol's butt down on the canvas in the infamous, "keister bounce."

Carol moaned as an electric shock sent shivers up her spine and she swore she felt a rib crack as Tracy's strong legs tightened a bit more when she exhaled. Red-faced, out of breath and in pain, Carol nodded glumly when Rosie asked her if she wanted to submit. She screamed it in fact, when Tracy rolled her back up and prepared for a second keister bounce. Rosie ordered Tracy to let Carol go and she did, slamming her ass down on the mat a second time, then opening her legs and pushing Carol's limp, sobbing body from between her open legs.

Tracy stood up and brushed the hair from her eyes, smiling sweetly for the cameras as she adjusted her suit, tugging at the cups of her top and jiggling her breasts provocatively. She ran her fingers under the legs of her bikini and snapped it back in place, bent over and then shook her ass at Diana. Then she kicked Carol's body across the ring, out under the bottom rope and off of the ring apron at Diana's feet.

"Better luck next time, bitch," she snarled. "Here, you can have this as your consolation prize. Now where is Hope?"

Diana stood up and made a gesture to Rosie who went to Carol who was writhing in pain on the floor. Rosie knew what her boss wanted and she immediately stripped off Carols' suit, exposing her pale breasts, her soft tummy with a little roll of flab she hadn't been able to work off before the match and a neatly trimmed bush between her tightly clenched legs. To say that Carol looked frightened would be an understatement.

"No, please, don't...," Carol gasped between sucking in breaths of air. "I can't ...."

Tracy took a step toward Rosie, thinking of trying to put a stop to Carol's humiliation, but Diana stopped her in her tracks by raising her hand.

"If you want Hope back, Carol's the price for her freedom. Either that, or you come and take Hope's place. Which is it going to be?"

Tracy looked at Carol, lying naked on her back at Rosie's feet. She remembered the twin girls and husband waiting at home for her. She shrugged, stepped through the ropes, hopped off the ring apron and confronted Diana.

"If I don't hear from Hope by tonight, you're going to be sorry. I know a lot of people who can make life very uncomfortable for you and that 'school' you say you're running. I don't think the Hefner's would object if I made a few telephone calls on Hope's behalf. So don't mess around with me Diana, not if you want to keep this sweet thing that you have here going. Get my point?"

Diana just smiled enigmatically and snapped her fingers at Rosie who dragged the protesting Carol out of the ring and into the dressing room. As Diana started to follow them, Tracy grabbed her shoulder, spun her around and repeated her question.

"I said, do you understand me?"

Diana reached up, grabbed Tracy's hand, turned and gave the blonde's wrist sharp twist that dropped Tracy to her knees.

"Don't ever put your hands on me without permission again you tramp, do you understand ME?"

Her eyes tearing in pain, Tracy nodded quickly. Diana released her hold and Tracy sat back on the floor rubbing her arm.

"I'll send Hope home this afternoon," Diana said. "Not because YOU want it, but because her training is finished. Besides, Hefner wants her back anyway, she said I've played with her long enough and they need her for some work. So, you see, whoever won this fight she was being set free regardless. I'm just sorry I have to settle for Carol instead of you as her replacement. I don't think this one's going to be much of a challenge. You on the other hand...."

Diana winked at Tracy and strode off to join Rosie and Carol. Just as the door to the locker room closed behind Diana, Tracy winced as she heard the sound of a slap, flesh on flesh, and a yelp of pain.