Danielle Fishel+Lil Kim vs. Michelle Williams+Christina Ricci by Jackflash & The Captain

As the entrepreneurial forces behind elite celebrity catfighting met to plan upcoming matches, they speculated on what would make the bouts more stimulating than what had gone before. Consensus formed around the idea it’d be interesting to have four of the sport’s best competitors go at one another in a team match.

Initially, they discussed a pro wrestling-style tag team bout...a girl from each team fighting as her partner waits in a neutral corner. Ultimately, they decided it had too many rules for what had always been freeform combat. So, all four combatants would fight at the same time. Victory would go to a team only after both members of the other team submitted or were too battered to continue.

Next came the fun part, selecting teams. They felt one team should be ‘bad’ girls, while their opponents would be ‘good’ girls or ‘baby faces’ in the vernacular of wrestling. Agreement was near unanimous on the first bad girl... Michelle Williams. Not the best fighter on the circuit, Mich was the by far the most cunning, ruthless and the one most reviled by opponents. She was infamous for going out of her way to inflict pain. By her own admission, Mich was “The Girl You Love to Hate!”

A close second to Mich in that respect was Christina Ricci. She and Mich had battled one another several months ago to a virtual standstill; neither able to overcome the other despite all the dirty moves they used. Birds of a feather...etc., as both Christina and Mich emerged from the melee as friends - and some rumors said, much more than mere friends! They were expected to make an effective, and interesting, team.

But who to face them? There was no lack of ‘good girls’ but which were capable of matching...perhaps even beating... Mich and Christina? The debate raged for hours - name after name was brought up, then found insufficient and discarded. Finally, someone suggested pairing Danielle Fishel with Li’l Kim. It immediately seemed perfect to one and all! Dani and Mich had a violent history, guaranteeing instant friction while Kim’s bravado would be a nice contrast to Christina’s arrogance.

As individuals, Dani and Kim had proven to be real giant killers, routinely beating opponents far larger than themselves. And their respect for each other after a recent match was enormous. Like Mich and Christina, Dani and Kim were expected to be a successful partnership.

All four women were excited about the opportunity. It would be a precedent-setting match and each appreciated the possibility of being a part of history. No one had to tell any of them the winners would be catapulted to the top ranks. The battle was set!

As the night for the precedent-setting match neared, a consensus developed among those ‘in the know’ that the advantage was clearly with Mich and Christina despite Dani and Kim’s reputations as giant killers. In spite of their big hearts and strong wills, how could Dani and Kim withstand the onslaught of two notoriously vicious hellcats famous for doing anything and everything to not just beat - but humiliate - opponents?

In the days leading up to the match, Mich and Christina made several high profile appearances and, as time ticked away, they appeared to be supremely confident. Hadn’t Mich already shown she could destroy Dani at a whim - at least in a catfight - while Kim, despite her successes, was still a novice compared to Christina.

Both pairs of women met to talk strategy, get to know each other better, and work on a few ideas. The difference between the two pairs was clear. Mich and Christina were supremely confident of their ability to destroy the two ‘goody-goodies’ and; indeed, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on them. At the same time, Kim and Dani were determined to beat the favored ‘baddies’ but Lil’ Kim noticed that though her bubbly, outgoing, sunny young partner was confident at the beginning, as the night of the match drew neigh, Dani began to change. She became quiet, hesitant. Noticing her personality withdrawal, Kim herself began to grow deeply concerned. She’d heard all about Mich and Dani’s first fight. Hell, everyone who’d ever stepped into the celebrity catfight scene had heard of Dani’s destruction at Mich’s sadistic hands.

Some even used the phrase, “I don’t wanna do a Dani,” when they talked about not wanting to be embarrassed. Kim thought that by defeating Mich in their fist-fight rematch, Dani had exorcised her demons - indeed, Dani herself had thought that. But as the time for team fight grew imminent, Dani realized the ghosts of that terrifying night hadn’t left her. This was a catfight, not a fist-fight - Dani’s forte. Could she overcome both the ghost of Mich as well as herself? Kim was counting on it, but she was starting to have doubts.

The night finally came and the two sets of combatants arrived as teams. Mich and Christina were the picture of smug self-confidence, smiling, relaxed; yet with a fiery gleam in their eyes. By contrast, the normally lively Kim and Dani were quieter than usual. There was unease in Dani’s eyes, a tenseness in her motions. The organizers began to second-guess their choice of ‘good girls.’ How would these two youngsters react to the coming assault?

As they mingled with the crowd before going to change, Dani’s eyes constantly found the blonde purveyor of her night in hell. Just before the teams retired to their dressing rooms, they inevitably met in a circle of spectators. Christina and Mich regarded the two good girls with derision. They walked around their opponents, malevolent smiles on their faces, sizing them up. Kim’s expression was one of pure defiance; Dani’s was uneasy though she tried to mask it with one of cockiness.

As an observer later described, “They looked like two sharks in the water, circling a pair of injured seals, eagerly anticipating the slaughter.”

Finally, they were ushered out to get ready. Mich and Christina’s confidence was at an all-time high. Mich had heard rumors of Dani’s apprehension and now she’d seen it despite the youngsters attempts to mask it. Sensing Dani’s dread put her own mind at ease, for although Mich had hidden it from Christina, she herself had been restive about this fight. After all, the last time they’d met, Dani had pounded her into oblivion. Now, however, Mich knew the brunette was more frightened than she was and her fear melted away.

“You can handle Kim?” Mich asked her partner.

Christina dismissed the question with a flick of her hand, “Don’t worry about me. I can keep the little bitch under control. You just rip Fishy apart, then we’ll double-team that little bleached blond bimbo and have some real fun!”

Mich smirked a malicious smile as she said with pure venom dripping in her tone, “Sounds like a plan to me.”

In the other room, Kim and Dani were changing into their battle togs. To signify their partnership, they wore matching outfits. Originally, Dani had intended to wear her usual denim cutoff’s and sports bra, but when Kim heard that, she said, “Oh no, girlfriend! That’s not gonna fly.”

So they visited Victoria’s Secret where Kim picked out matching red satin brassieres and panties. So, provocatively garbed in brilliant red, Dani felt self-conscience as she checked herself out in the full-length mirror. But Kim had assured Dani she had a killer body and showing it off like this would send a signal they were confident in themselves.

“Easy for her to say,” Dani thought, since Kim was well-known for performing in concert in little more than a G-string and tiny hearts painted on her nipples!

Kim had also insisted they spend the day getting pedicures and makeovers and Kim had her long dreadlocks dyed pink for the occasion, “As a present for ourselves.”

As they changed, Kim watched her partner closely, “You OK, girl?” she finally asked.

The brunette looked up at her, shrugging off a question Kim had asked often of late, “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. I’m OK!”

The jittery gush of words belied Dani’s calm reassurance. Standing and shaking her arms and legs nervously, trying to dispel the tenseness which gripped her, Dani looked forlornly toward the door. Then she felt Kim’s hand on her bare shoulder. Turning, she saw understanding in Kim’s face....and trust.

“Remember, you’re not in this alone. We’re a team, you and me. We’re there for each other. I got faith in you, girlfriend.”

Dani finally dropped her guard and asked, almost woefully, “You really think we can do this?”

Kim gave her a warm, supportive smile, “Of course! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here. And neither would you!”

Pushing her index finger playfully down into Dani’s cleavage, Kim reached up with her other hand and patted her young partner’s cheek as she pulled her to her by her bra, kissed her and whispered, “Let’s go, it’s showtime.”

Walking past her to the door, Kim turned and looked at Dani, a brilliant smile lighting up her dusky features.

“Don’t let me down,” she said ominously as she turned and strutted out the door.

Kim’s last remark wasn’t just another pep talk...there was a definite underlying threat. She was counting on Dani and she wouldn’t be very understanding if Dani failed her.

Dani shook her hair restively, took, held, and then expelled a deep breath, squared her broad shoulders, and muttered, “Great. Nothing like a little MORE pressure.”

Then she followed Kim to the battlefield where Christina and Mich awaited them; Christina in a black one-piece that hugged her busty figure and Mich in a baby blue tankini. Hands on their hips and sneers on their faces, their body language showed nothing but contempt for their rivals as they basked in the adulation of their cheering fans.

The ombudsman went over the rules...what few there were...a final time: the four would fight simultaneously; when one submitted, was knocked out or ruled incapable of continuing, she’d be removed from the room; double-teaming was legal; anf finally, fighters were “discouraged” from “deliberately” trying to maim or disfigure opponents.

As the ombudsman spoke, Li’l Kim was the picture of cool intensity while Dani was a bundle of nerves, rocking back and forth on her feet, shifting her weight from side to side and seemingly unable to decide what to do with her hands. Dani refused to look at either Christina or Mich, but she could feel Mich’s eyes devouring her. Tiny beads of sweat broke out across her forehead, her upper lip and even in her cleavage!

As soon as the start signal was given, Christina targeted Kim, snaring her in a headlock and peppering her face with sharp punches, not giving the celebrated ‘Giant Killer’ a chance to mount an offense. Dani struck a combat pose as she began to cautiously circle with Mich who casually sauntered, appearing to all intents and purposes entirely unthreatened by her. Suddenly, Mich feinted a backhanded slap that stopping short of striking. Still, Dani flinched and a Cheshire cat grin crossed Mich’s face. Dani was even more psyched out than she dared hope!

Mich stood her ground and opened her arms as if to say, ‘Here I am,’ silently daring the brunette to attack.

Hesitating for a moment, wondering if this was a trick (how could it not be? This is Mich, after all.), Dani finally flung herself at her rival, intending to tackle her to the floor.

But this was just what Mich wanted...indeed, had counted on!. With a matador’s grace, Mich caught Dani’s onrushing body and flung her to the carpet. Before Dani could react, the blonde was all over her, stomping her head and body with her feet, then straddling her diminutive enemy, alternately punching her face and, with one hand firmly grasping Dani’s chestnut hair, pounding her head into the floor.

Dani squealed, moaned and wailed as she feebly tried to use her hands to ward off the blows. But otherwise, she didn’t resist. It was as if she were paralyzed by fear. Sensing her panic, Mich intensified her assault. Rising, she grabbed Dani by the ankles, spreading her legs in an agonizing wishbone hold. The brunette howled in pain as she felt her hamstrings stretched to their limit.

Mich raised her right foot, poised ram it with sledgehammer destructiveness down on Dani’s crotch. Yet the blonde never delivered the blow. Looking at the pathetic, whimpering creature at her feet, Mich knew Dani was no threat. Instead of finishing her off, she turned to help Christina with Kim. Once the two of them had destroyed the pugnacious rapper, they could combine their efforts to toy with Dani. A shiver of delight ran up Mich’s spine at the thought of what she and Christina would do to the hapless brunette. It would make her earlier devastation of Dani pale in comparison!

Mich released Dani’s ankles and let her legs drop. Dani immediately curled up tight into a fetal position, the only movement of her body coming from the involuntary shuddering of her sobbing. Mich sneered at the sight of ‘the great’ Dani Fishel, then turned to assist her partner.

At that moment, Christina was in need of her help! Despite her aggressive opening attack, Christina had learned that Kim was made of sterner stuff than she anticipated. Weathering the storm, the sepia beauty bided her time until the brunette let her guard down, then Kim struck back! There was little about Kim’s attack that could be called graceful, rather she just unloaded on Christina with punches, kicks, slaps and hairpulls.

Christina found herself overwhelmed by Kim’s onslaught and was barely holding her own by the time Mich suddenly dropped the unsuspecting Kim to her knees with a double ax-handle between the shoulder blades. Though stunned, Kim was still far from helpless. From her knees, Kim swung around and buried a fist deep into Mich’s belly. The blonde let out a gasp of air as she doubled over.

However, Mich’s timely arrival gave Christina the break she needed to wrap her arm around the pink-haired rapper’s throat from behind and start choking her. Lil Kim gasped as Christina tightened her stranglehold. Mich, her features twisted in a mask of fury, drove her foot into Kim’s hard abs, forcing out what little oxygen she had left. Now, it was time to have some FUN!

Christina took Kim’s left ankle and Mich the right. Each planted a foot on Kim’s hip as they leaned back, splitting her legs so unnaturally that Kim let loose with a scream that chilled the spectators to the bone and brought smiles to the faces of her tormentors. Inspired by her agony, the Terrible Twosome began to twist and yank Kim’s legs, arms and head; bending her back until her spine felt like it would snap. Then they mauled her full breasts. Kim’s fabled stolidity finally failed her and tears began streaming down her face and her voice cracked from sobbing. Still, she valiantly refused to submit...which suited Christina and Mich just fine. Desperately, Kim for her partner and saw Dani sitting against the ropes watching the terrible tableau unfold with stark fear in her eyes.

Kim cried out to her partner, “Dani...help me! Help! Please!” But Dani still lay there unmoving and finally, exasperated, Kim started screaming, “Dammit, you bitch! Fuck you Fishel!”

“Goodness, such a potty mouth,” Christina said in her best ‘school marm’ voice.

“We really should do something about that,” Mich cheerfully volunteered.

She held Kim by the wrists as she sat behind her prostrate body, stomped her feet down on the rapper’s shoulders and pulled her arms back to the point where Kim thought surely they’d pop out of the sockets. When Mich dropped her arms, Christina kicked Kim over onto her back, straddled her heaving chest and began slapping her face forehand and backhand over and over until Kim’s eyes began to roll back in her head as the pain overwhelmed her senses.

Watching it all, Dani sat leaning on the ropes, her face white with fear. She’d never been so gripped by fear before. But the sight of Kim being tortured by their rivals...and the realization that she’d let her partner down ensuring her torment...gave Dani the resolve to rise to her feet, although still trembling in fright. A voice in her head begged her to turn and run, but her battle instincts heard their own voice!

Mich and Christina were oblivious to the war going on in Dani’s head, however. Their attention was focused on dismantling the tenacious rapper, and they were well on the way. With her arms helplessly trussed her head, Kim was helpless to stop the duo’s destructive onslaught on her body. Mich slid down Kim’s torso with her thighs astride Kim’s waist. With the sobbing black girl’s bravado shattered, Mich began pounding her fists into Kim’s torso, breasts and face; literally beating the resistance out of her!

Mich bludgeoned the exposed body of the diminutive rapper, drawing cries of pain and despair from the overmatched pink haired vixen with each SPLAT of fist on flesh. With Christina pulling on her arms, Kim’s shoulders felt about to spring from their sockets and she slipped further and further into panic. Seemingly abandoned by her trusted partner, Lil Kim was a lamb being ripped apart by two vicious she-wolves. Tears streamed from her wide eyes as she edged closer and closer to surrender.

Just before she screamed out her submission, however, the rain of blows stopped. With her eyes closed, Kim didn’t know the reason for her respite, and so beaten was she, she could barely comprehend her good fortune. Had Mich decided that she had had enough? Then a voice cut through the din of the room, a voice she recognized.

“Get off her,” the high pitched, wavering voice said.

Dani? Mich tugged and yanked her hair from out of Dani’s grasp, rolling off of Kim and over onto her knees.

“So, the kitten thinks she has claws? How positively cute,” Mich sneered as she stared hungrily at the young girl.

Dani returned her gaze with a pertinacity she didn’t really feel. Fighting the urge to run, Dani instead stood her ground. She’d let her partner down once and she wasn’t going to leave her helpless again.

“Time to change dance partners,” Christina laughed mirthlessly as she dropped Kim’s arms, letting the twisted appendages fall uselessly to the floor over Kim’s head.

The rapper lay stunned and sobbing, her will badly damaged by the ruthless double-team. Christina and Mich both stood up and advanced on the shorter, younger girl from both sides, their eyes boring into her, searing her with their venomous glares alone. Dani backed slowly up to the wall, her head swiveling from one antagonist to the other and back again. A frightened, wild-eyed doe beset by a pack of hounds! Dani’s mind SCREAMED at her to run, to flee, to save herself. But her renewing resolve refused to heed her mind’s call. She wouldn’t run this time, wouldn’t freeze in terror as she had before. No matter what came, her partner deserved better. SHE deserved better. Mich stepped to within arms reach and Dani slapped at her hand as it groped for her.

Mich smirked, “Such spirit for a little wimp. So the ‘Great Dani Fishel’ stands her ground? Go on, tootsie, take your best shot.”

No sooner had the words left Mich’s mouth than Dani’s right hook grazed her cheek; she was saved by leaning back at the last second to avoid the full force of the blow. Off balance from her follow-thru, Dani was wide open for Mich’s counter. The fist cracked off her left cheek, swiveling her head and staggering her. Before Dani could right herself, she felt another fist sink into her fleshy lower back at her kidney. Christina’s wicked cheap-shot stopped Dani in her tracks, her groan sending shivers down many a spine.

Her knees buckling, Dani swayed in front of Mich, eyes wide and her chest sucking air in pain. But she held her ground, swaying unsteadily as she rallied her will to fight back. Taking a defensive stance, her fists raised in Mich’s direction. Once more Mich struck, lancing a jab to the brunette’s left eye, snapping her head backward. Again Dani staggered, and again Christina drove a punch to her lower back; her knuckles going deep into the soft roll just above her panty line. Grimacing, Dani stood her ground, all her attention focused on the blonde who she saw as the real threat.

Relentlessly, Mich toyed with the sluggish child star, snapping Dani’s head repeatedly with blow after cracking flush blow while Christina stood poised to nail her with answering salvos to her back and ribs. Yet, stubbornly, Dani held her ground, refusing to back up or run.

Tiring of their game, Mich’s eyes narrowed. Christina, seeing Mich wanted to take things to another level, grabbed Dani’s powerful arms and pulled them behind her back, wrapping them in her own arms and bending Dani’s body, thrusting the young woman’s succulent breasts forward as her shoulders were hauled back.

“Three shots for a quarter,” Christina chuckled to Mich over Dani’s shoulder.

Mich stepped forward menacingly, but Dani didn’t flinch nor shrink from her advance. Mich slapped her, mockingly at first and waiting for the expected reaction. But still Dani wouldn’t flinch, her eyes defiant. Again Mich slapped, harder this time and the brunette’s cheek reddened from the blow but still she refused to shrink. Mich’s eyes darkened in irritation as she loosed a fusillade of hard slaps, over and over whipping the short brunette’s face with sharp stinging blows. The last couple so hard that Dani’s eyes rattled in her skull. Even through all the abuse, Dani still stood defiant; the fear that earlier filled her eyes replaced by a strengthening resolve and defiance. Every moment she stood her ground, she knew, was another moment her partner Kim had to recover. It was a sacrifice Dani was determined to make for her own conscience sake as much as Kim’s well-being.

Mich snarled, growing more aggravated by the minute. Turning her attack to Dani’s pert, bulbous cleavage, Mich drove her right hand down on the top of the left breast, pancaking it against her raised left hand. The smack echoed in the room, but, although Dani’s face blanched from the impact, she didn’t cry out. Again and again Mich’s open palm pounded into the top shelf of Dani’s rack and the youngster’s lush body and sides jiggled and rippled as her knees began to buckle under the force of the strikes. Still, Dani stubbornly held her ground.

Totally losing her cool, Mich reached back and RAMMED her fist deep into Dani’s plush midsection, her knuckles driving deep into the soft bulge of her belly. A ‘whuuufff’ exploded from her victim who doubled over as far as Christina’s vice grip on her arms would permit. After a moment, Dani straightened up slowly and began to roll her shoulders, struggling to free her arms from Christina’s clutch. Again, Mich struck with blinding force, gutting her frustrating target’s belly. Again, Dani slowly regrouped, wrenching even harder in Christina’s grasp as she sucked air in to replace that lost from Mich’s punches.

Christina struggled to retain her hold on the increasingly feisty brunette’s arms, then she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. Though Dani had suffered a hellish beating, she’d accomplished her goal, she’d bought Lil Kim precious time to recover. Not wanting the odds to even, Christina jerked Dani off balance, pulling her backward. Shoving the sturdy brunette toward Kim, Christina made Dani stumble and lose her balance.

Just as Kim was beginning to get to her feet, Dani’s heel cracked into the side of the rapper’s head, dropping her back to the floor on her back. Stumbling over her fallen rapper partner’s body, Dani was wide open for Christina’s elbow smash to the side of her face. Stunned, Dani staggered back and tripped over Kim, landing unceremoniously on her butt - right on Kim’s face! Momentarily out of it, Dani’s derriere enveloped her partner’s face, causing the smothered rapper to frantically squirm and flail her arms and legs from beneath.

The evil duo shared a look and a smirk and dropped to their knees on either side of Dani as she tried to get off of Lil Kim. Holding her down, pushing on her shoulders, they pinned Dani atop her writhing partner, her panty clad posterior plastered on Kim’s face. As Dani thrashed trying to free herself from the bad girls’ clutches, she unwittingly scrubbed her ass back and forth across Kim’s face; her plump globes mauling the black girl’s face beneath.

Still dazed from the pounding she’d been subjected to, Dani was unaware of exactly what was happening as she was forced to work over her own partner. Dani ground down onto Li’l Kim, cutting off her air supply and pounding her face mercilessly beneath her hips, humiliating both Dani and her involuntary target. Gradually, Kim’s struggles weakened and a thoroughly delighted Christina and Mich finally released the pressure on Dani’s shoulders.

Mich pulled her moaning to her feet by her thick, luxurious hair. Subjecting Kim to humiliation was only of secondary importance to the blonde, what she wanted more than anything else was to crush Dani’s will once and for all, yet looking into Dani’s eyes, she still saw defiance, not surrender. In spite of the beating she’d taken, Dani’s spirit hadn’t broken as Mich had expected.

Infuriated, the cruel blonde drove the point of her knee into Dani’s lower belly. It sank so deep in the soft flesh that the THUNK of kneecap on her pelvis was audible. She has to cave in now, Mich thought as Dani shuddered and tears trickled from her eyes, eyes that still remained defiant! The crowd was fascinated, their attention riveted on the action.

They’d seen Dani reduced to a cowering pile of mush, seen the unshakable rapper Lil Kim left in a whimpering mass of beaten flesh, and now Dani was being ripped apart before their eyes. Exactly what most had hoped for although others had hoped to see the ‘good girls’ teach the ‘bad girls’ a lesson. The match wasn’t officially over, yet, but with Kim apparently out of commission and Dani in the double-teaming clutches of the hell spawn duo, things seemed ready to wrap up soon.

But not soon enough for Mich! Livid with frustration, swinging a roundhouse right, she clocked Dani on the cheek with her fist. The brunette shuddered and her eyes glazing over as her head spun halfway round on her neck. Turning the dazed Dani back around, Mich slipped her arms under Dani’s shorter arms from behind, securing a full nelson on the stubborn brunette.

“Your turn,” Mich told her grinning partner.

Christina’s look was one of pure malice as she surveyed the helpless little pug before her, arms locked uselessly in the nelson, her lush body fully exposed to whatever cruel indignity the black-haired hellcat wanted to administer. And she could administer a lot of cruel indignity!

“So this is the giant killer, huh?” Christina drawled as she surveyed the beaten...but not broken...young woman in front of her. Leaning forward, her mouth inches away from Dani’s slack-jawed, vacant-eyed face, she cooed, “You’re gonna wish you’d never been born, you little shit!”

She drove her fist into Dani’s undefended midriff, buckling her knees and causing her eyes to roll in her head. A pain soaked “Ooooffff” was forced from between Dani’s rich, full lips. Reaching around behind the little brunette’s back, Christina unsnapped Dani’s bra, pulling the sensual red material from her beleaguered prey’s chest. Dani’s ample globes spilled from the encasing material, forming a soft, sensual shelf just below her bowed chin.

“Such nice round boobies,” Christina hissed with a chuckle in her voice as she slowly ran her fingertips over them.

“Yes, they’re much too good to pass up,” Mich answered, her voice dripping with venom.

Christina began to pop Dani’s young firm boobs playfully with her fists, setting them dancing.

“Hey Mich. Look at me. I’m speed bagging!” Christina laughed as she pounded away on Dani’s bare breasts with cruel glee, setting a pugilistic rhythm on her opponent’s succulent bosom with a series of SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT blows.

Sneering derisively, the raven-haired mauler asked, “So tell me, Ms. Fistfighter, how’s my bag technique?”

Christina punctuated the question with a particularly hard uppercut to Dani’s left breast that lifted the beleaguered Dani off of her feet.

But there was no clever or witty reply to Christina’s contemptuous query; instead Dani’s glassy eyes were closed in pain and dejection as Christina pounded her puppies mercilessly while Mich taunted her, “Give it up, fatso...you’re OURS. No one can save you, so you might as well squeal like the chubby little piggy you are!”

At long last, Dani’s magnificent will seemed ready to collapse. With no hope of salvation, only the hope that by submitting the pain would cease. Perhaps Mich and Christina would show mercy and let her be; turn their cruel attention to Lil Kim and stop tormenting her, even if only for a brief few minutes. The battered brunette desperately wanted to believe that.

So intent was Mich in mocking her captive rival that she failed to pay attention to the fourth player in the barbarous tableau. And with her back to Lil’ Kim, Christina was also oblivious to the sepia warrior - which suited Kim just fine. She staggered to her feet, her face a mask of rage. Drawing on her deep reservoir of power, she stealthily approached Christina from behind and…. Kim’s right foot slammed hard up between the brunette’s legs. The crotch kick dropped Christina to her knees howling as she clutched her throbbing pussy and wept agonized tears. Christina was out of the immediate picture.

Seeing her partner suddenly taken out, Mich released her hold on Dani and threw her aside. She crashed to the carpet in a heap, seemingly as wasted as Christina, if not more so. Mich threw a wild roundhouse punch that Kim barely managed to duck, but she was quick to take advantage of the opening it created as she drove a punch of her own into the blonde’s unprotected ribs.

Mich groaned as she staggered back to catch her breath before launching another attack before her dusky foe could press her advantage. Unfortunately for Mich, Dani, wasn’t quite as out of the fight as she thought. While too weak to stand, the feisty Dani lashed out her foot, sweeping the unsuspecting blonde’s legs from beneath her, dropping Mich to the floor!

Kim quickly moved in and began stomping the prone blonde, each kick robbing Mich of more of her rapidly dwindling power. At this rate, Mich would be battered into oblivion in a short time! But it was at that crucial moment that Christina recovered enough to crawl over to Kim, grab the waistband of the rapper’s panties and yank her over backward to the floor.

Christina and Kim rolled across the carpet, their legs entwined, their hands grabbing and clawing. Kim appeared to have the upper hand, but Christina had gained time for Mich who was now ready to rejoin the fray.

Watching this titanic panorama unfolding, Dani realized full well that if Mich were able to recover and attack, she and Christina would destroy Kim for sure. Although her own pain-wracked body screamed in protest at the very thought of moving, Dani willed herself to her hands and knees. Step by agonizing step, she crawled toward Mich, who was sprawled on the floor, her chest heaving as she sucked in precious oxygen. Suddenly, the blonde stiffly rolled over onto her stomach and began lifting herself up in order to get to her feet and go after Kim.

Dani only had an instant to act! With a grunt, Dani flung herself on the back of her hated rival. She was dead weight to the exhausted blonde who fell forward, her face buried in the plush carpet. Dani snaked her arms around Mich’s head in a crude sleeper, cutting off the blood flow in the carotid artery. Mich thrashed her arms and legs frantically, but she was trapped under the weight of her tormentor. Mich clawed Dani’s arms until ugly red scratches marred the dusky skin, but the diminutive dynamo refused to release her. The buxom brunette could feel the desperate blonde writhing beneath her weaken as Mich succumbed to the sleeper. Mich’s face turned pink, her eyes slowly closed and her breath grew more shallow as she lay trapped under Dani’s body. And short order, Mich was insensate, driven to merciful unconsciousness. Dani let her numbed arms fall, releasing her limp victim. Slowly, Dani rolled off of Mich and sat up, flushed with a sense of personal triumph.

And total victory was at hand as well, as Li’l Kim finished off Christina with a few well-aimed punches to the side of the head. Christina’s eyes rolled back and her jaw went slack. Then she too went as limp as her partner. The battle was over!

Dani’s face beamed with pride as she struggled to pull herself to her feet, then wobbled over towards her partner. But Kim’s face was still cloaked in fury as Dani put her hand on Kim’s shoulder to congratulate her. Instead, she was met with a sudden, cobra-like backhand slap that sent her reeling back stunned. Dani’s eyes went wide with confusion, the brunette unable to comprehend what had just happened. An instant later, the enraged Kim straddled Dani’s chest and began raining punches to her face.

As Kim’s fists pistoned away at the helpless Dani, she spat in rage, “You fucking slut! You gave up on me! Let me get beat up because you were afraid! Then, when you finally got a fucking backbone, you’re stupid enough to let them shove your fat ass in my face!? You stupid dumb cunt!”

Caught completely unaware, Dani was blindsided and shocked by Kim’s ire. Her own partner had turned on her. How could she do that? Think that? They were partners! She didn’t understand! Kim didn’t understand! Trying to deny she was being ravaged by her partner, her trusted partner, Dani refused to see the truth in Kim’s accusations. She only saw that Lil’ Kim was furious, furious with unfounded anger. As she drifted into unconsciousness, Dani’s mind went blank.

As Kim furiously screamed her accusations as she pulped Dani’s face into hamburger, Dani’s heart cried, ‘It’s not true!’

Dani whimpered, almost as much from the verbal attack from her friend as from the blows battering her. She was hurt, hurt by Kim’s accusations of betrayal, of cowardice as much as by her lethal fists.

“I came back for you,”Dani stammered in her mind. “I... I was...” she thought, then all went blank.

Already utterly wiped out, Dani quickly succumbed to the brutal, unexpected assault. She slumped unresisting to the floor, pinned beneath Lil’ Kim as the rapper carried out her revenge, venting her frustration and feelings of betrayal on the helpless youngster who had fought, and finally won, her war against the internal terror triggered by Mich. Still Kim continued to punch away at Dani’s undefended face long after she ceased to move, pulping and bloodying the cherubic target.

It took several men from the audience...all professional athletes...to pull the pint-sized musician off of her erstwhile partner and restrain her. Even so, Kim very nearly broke free several times before she finally calmed down and left the room.

Dani was out a few moments, finally brought around by the shrieking rage of her partner as she was physically extricated from the decimated features of her younger teammate, beaten bloody by the raging rapper’s fists.

Rage began to boil inside Dani as two athletic patrons came to her aid. Once Kim had been pulled off the overmatched little brunette, Dani began to sob quietly. Her partner had done this. Bad enough that she’d endured the double team from hell as she fought to buy time for the sepia rapper to recover - but to have her cheap-shot her like this!

No matter that her accusations had a substantial basis in fact, Dani saw only that Kim had turned on her. Spitting blood, she began to struggle to sit up, needing an assist from the two young men. The gathered patrons were shocked by what they saw; Dani, naked from the waist up, was covered in crimson. Blood from her eyes, nose and mouth splattered the shelf of her firm young bosom, speckling her considerable boobs and heaving torso with pink.

Blood wasn’t all she was spitting, however. Venom. Anger. Hurt. Betrayal! Forgetting the grueling match and the beating she’d endured taking one for the team, her anger focused on the ungrateful little black bitch who’d bloodied her so severely. Trying to shake loose of the helping hands trying to support her, her naked breasts bouncing and rolling on her bare chest, Dani spat a venomous curse, “I’ll get you, Kim; you ungrateful BITCH!”

Shaking her head in frustration, spattering those in close proximity with red droplets of her blood, Dani tried to stand and only then realized she was naked from the waist up. With an arm crossed over her bosom, she turned to look for her bra. Not seeing it, she swallowed what was left of her pride and started toward the dressing room, faltering several times on the way. Assisted the rest of the way by the two young men, she was deftly led to a different dressing room than the one she and Kim shared pre-fight.

As she walked up the aisle, many of the patrons looked at her with shock and surprise. The ‘good girls’ had won, but at what cost? The bloody destruction of a partnership? And a friendship? This was hardly the expected result when the match was planned. Those who’d seen the livid anger on Kim’s face, and now saw the hurt and steely resolve on Dani’s, knew this was far from finished. In fact, a new war had just begun. But that battle would come on another day. Now the warriors needed to rest and reflect on the soul-searing events of this historic match.