Danielle Fishel vs. Lil Kim by Jackflash

Her loss to Anna Kournikova in Dani's last fistfight had been a disappointment, but hardly a severe career setback. She was still considered "the girl to beat" although another loss in her next fight could put that reputation in jeopardy. That rep had earned Dani the nickname 'Giant Killer,' because of her pugilistic ability to take down opponents often a foot taller and forty pounds heavier than herself. While pondering her list of potential opponents (including Christina Ricci, Katie Holmes and Melissa Joan Hart), Dani got a challenge from an unexpected quarter...and for an unexpected confrontation.

Rap star Lil Kim had recently entered the celebrity catfighting ranks. Like Dani, Kim was uncommonly small for a fighter, a mere 4'11" and 100 lbs. But she made up for her size with talent, intensity and a fierce pride that didn't have the word quit in its vocabulary. Having beaten the likes of Denise Richards and Liv Tyler, Lil Kim wanted to start officially referring to herself as the Giant Killer, but sentiment still favored Dani for that sobriquet even though Dani had forsaken catfighting for nearly a year in favor of fist-fighting.

Kim's eminently logical solution was to challenge Dani , beat her and then pronounce herself the one and only Giant Killer!

Dani was intrigued by the challenge. Her last foray into catfighting, against Michelle Williams, had been such a crushing loss that she thought she'd never wrestle again. But having proven herself a premier fist-fighter, the opportunity to return to catfighting and beat an up and comer like Lil Kim was too tempting to pass up. Victory would help wipe clean the slate, eradicating memories of her humiliating destruction at the sadistic hands of Williams.

The night of the match arrived and Dani donned a red curve-hugging one-piece, while Kim...who had dyed her hair platinum blonde for the night...wore the skimpiest of metallic black string bikinis. As they mingled prior to the fight, Dani was relaxed and in high spirits, refusing to be intimidated by the menacing looks Lil Kim gave her whenever their eyes met. While the brunette was too wise to ever underestimate an opponent, she was confident she could handle Kim.

Finally, the signal was given to begin. Ordinarily, Dani was the aggressor in any fight, launching the first attack. But this time, she began on the defensive, allowing the blonde to go on the offense first. In part, this was because Dani knew her catfighting skills were a bit rusty and she'd need time to get back in the groove. But she was also curious to see what Kim could do and was willing to give her an opportunity to demonstrate.

The diminutive hip hopper didn't waste the chance! In a blur of motion, Kim threw herself at Dani, tackling her to the ground. This was simply smart strategy...as a fist-fighter, Dani's abilities were geared towards fighting upright on her feet; by taking her down to the floor, Kim instantly took away that advantage.

Taking stock of their situation, Kim grabbed Dani by the hair with one hand to hold her head in place as she began peppering Dani's face with punches from the other. But here, Dani's fist-fighting experience came to the fore. Experienced at taking hits, she weathered the barrage better than most and when she saw an opening, she pushed Kim off her. Both battlers jumped to their feet and began to cautiously circle one another. Their hands flicked out, probing defenses. Then, Kim grabbed Dani by the wrist and twisted her arm. Before pressure could be applied, however, Dani expertly reversed, twisting Lil Kim's arm to the point where she had to let loose of Dani's wrist with a pained yelp.

Any sense of satisfaction Dani felt over gaining the upper hand evaporated in the blink of an eye. Kim somersaulted forward, breaking Dani's grip on her arm. Jumping to her feet, Kim caught the startled brunette by the wrists, planted a foot on her abdomen and sent Dani sailing through the air. Dani landed with a grunt on her derriere, but before she could gather her wits, Kim nailed her in the back of the head with her heel.

Seeing stars, Dani was helpless to prevent Kim from grabbing her by her chestnut mane and hauling her to her feet. A knee to the belly doubled the brunette over at the waist, allowing Kim to place Dani's head between her thighs. A short jump resulted in a 'skullcracker' that left Dani back down to the carpet, stunned.

Thus far, Kim's superior speed had held the advantage over Dani's greater strength. The question remained, however, whether Dani could withstand the onslaught and launch her own attack when Kim exhausted herself. No one knew this better than Kim, and she was determined not to give Dani a chance to strike back. Leaping into the air, Kim came crashing down with both feet on Dani's belly, knocking the air out of her with a frightful whoosh. The brunette's eyes were wide as she desperately gasped for precious oxygen.

Another jump into the air brought Kim down again, landing with all of her weight sitting on Dani's chest, expelling whatever little air she'd managed to take into her oxygen-starved lungs. Again grabbing Dani by the hair, Lil Kim began ramming the back of her head into the floor repeatedly. The thick carpeting blunted the impact only slightly and Dani's eyes began to roll back as her senses were battered.

But Dani's fighting spirit was too indomitable to give up the struggle just yet! Literally acting on instinct, she brought her legs up, snared the unsuspecting blonde round the head and yanked her back and off. Then a voice deep inside her clouded mind commanded Dani's body to rise.

Lil Kim, like the spectators, was impressed by this show of resistance to what seemed the inevitable, but she wasn't about to let her admiration stay her hand. With a sly smile, she stalked around her prey while Dani, still dazed, her chest heaving as she sucked in air, tried to shake the fog from her brain. Then the rapper struck!

Jumping on Dani's back, Kim wrapped her legs around the brunette's ribs and squeezed as she snaked her left arm around Dani's throat to cut off her air. With her right hand, Kim covered her rival's eyes blinding her vision. Crushed in a python-like vice, strangled, disoriented and unable to see, Dani staggered across the room, her arms flailing, her strength fading by the heartbeat. Kim whooped and hollered like a rodeo rider breaking in a bronco.

But finally falling to Kim's onslaught proved Dani's salvation. Collapsing backward, Dani landed on Kim, and the blonde hit her head hard on the floor. Groaning, she needed a full minute to gather her wits...sixty seconds well-spent by Dani as well.

Each of the beauties staggered to her feet to faced the other. Kim tried to regain the upper hand by again charging, but this time she was met by a fist to the belly. Putting her fistfighting knowledge to work, Dani began belting her rival with punches to the body and head, rocking the hip-hopper with sledgehammer blows. Kim, proving she knows a thing or two about boxing, landed a few solid punches of her own, but in a bareknuckle confrontation, she was at a severe disadvantage against the more experienced Dani, and she knew it.

Raking her nails across Dani's eyes, Kim momentarily blinded her, which she hoped would give her the break she needed to regain control of the fight. But even with her vision impaired, Dani knew what to do. Wrapping her arms around Kim, she began crushing her in a bearhug. Kim's arms were trapped at her sides, but that at least allowed her to relieve the pressure somewhat but it also meant that she was limited in using her hands to retaliate. The best she could do was to reach around Dani, grab the bottom of her suit and give her a wedgie. The fabric cut upward between the cheeks of Dani's derriere, but she refused to let the pain break her hold.

As the minutes passed, it was apparent the end was nearing. Dani's arms quivered from the physical strain of her bearhug and she slowly sank to the floor as her legs buckled from the strain. Kim sank with her, her head swaying and her lips trembling. She was commanding her battered body to withstand the punishment for another second and then another and then another but it wouldn't be long before her body rebelled and conceded. But while the body may be broken, the spirit was still determined to resist. Kim refused to consider surrendering, hoping against hope that she might still find an opportunity to regain control of the battle.

At this point, Dani knew all she had to do to win was to keep the pressure on. Kim, for all of her obstinance, couldn't hold out much longer. But as important as it was to win the match, it was more important to win it decisively. Waiting for Kim to pass out was too passive...Dani had to put her away with a sudden and spectacular move. Calling upon energy reserves which even she was surprised to find she still had, Dani released the bearhug and, slowly, painfully, got to her feet.

Grabbing Kim by her peroxide locks, Dani pulled her to her feet and grabbed Kim to hoist her into the air...a maneuver which seemed like sheer madness given how exhausted the brunette was. Dani paused for several long moments, then with a motion which left the spectators gasping in surprise, she heaved Kim up over her head in a Gorilla Press! After holding the limp form of her rival aloft for several heartbeats, Dani slammed the rap star to the floor. Kim hit with a sickening thud and lay still. Only her labored breathing and low moaning showed that she lived.

Dani collapsed to her hands and knees, totally spent. Had Kim any strength left, she could have put the brunette away with no difficulty. But Kim was finished.

The audience gave both young women an ovation which shook the walls, the lion's share of veneration going to the brunette who, only a year before, had been considered finished as a catfighter. In thirty minutes time, with one superhuman exertion, Dani Fishel had cemented her claim as the Giant Killer of celebrity combat!

For her part, Lil Kim expressed nothing but admiration afterwards for her triumphant rival and she even suggested the two of them might even team up someday, "to take down some of the bigger girls" in tag action. Dani said she was all for it. After that night, she was ready to take on the world!