“Not In The Face!” Allison Lohman vs. Danielle Fishel by Fenway

It was a simple matter of hatred that brought these two women to a cottage two miles outside the town of Flemington, New Jersey, in the dead of night. It had started months earlier, with glares, barbed comments and catty remarks, and grew into a feud so consuming that both actresses could think of little else than beating the tar out of each other, until it was clear who was the better women. The only rule they had agreed to was ‘nothing to the face’; for the sake of their careers, neither was allowed to punch, slap, scratch, or otherwise damage her opponent’s face. The rest of the body, however, was fair game.

In Danielle Fishel’s case, her body presented a great, thick target for her blonde opponent. Fishel’s hips, thighs, and bottom, even after she had shed almost thirty pounds, were all still on the meaty side. Her naked breasts were the size of cantaloupes, riding and bouncing on her ribs with dark pink nipples. She was already stripped to her curvy waist, wearing nothing but a pair of white panties with no more surface area than dental floss. Masses of chestnut hair tumbled onto her shoulders. She was more than ready to take apart the blonde bitch that stood opposite her, and was still in mild disbelief that Alison Lohman thought she stood a chance against her. Danielle at 5’1, did give up a single inch to the blonde, but still had nearly twenty pounds on the slender Lohman. And Fishel was already coming up with ways to make Alison scream like an animal.

Alison Lohman was the antithesis of the brunette in every way. Her milky body was slender, her hips narrow, and her entire body athletic and toned. Her creamy, freckled breasts, chilling in the cool night air, were just about the size of pears, and tipped with delicate pink nipples. Unlike Fishel, Lohman didn’t have to concern herself with her hair, which was so short that it barely brushed the tops of her shoulders. Contrasted with Danielle’s cold, determined stare, Alison had an annoying grin on her face the whole time the brunette was undressing. By the time Fishel had gotten to her panties, Lohman’s grin had become an outright chuckle.

“Good god, Danielle, you really ARE that fat,” Alison said. “I know the camera always adds ten pounds, but damn, how many cameras were pointing at you???”

“Screw you, Alison!” Danielle fired back, still obviously touchy about her body despite her recent weight loss. “You’re gonna get the ass-kicking of a lifetime tonight, you scrawny bitch!”

“If you’re still on your feet in ten minutes, fat-ass, I’d be surprised. About as surprised as if I saw you in a gym,” Alison added.

“Oh, you’re going to get a surprise tonight, Alison, and not the pleasant kind. You’ll be BEGGING me for mercy,” Danielle threatened. “I’ve wanted to get my hands on you for a long time, Alison”

“Nothing to the face, bitch,” Alison reminded her of their agreement in a low tone.

“Don’t worry about your precious face, you pig. It’ll be the only part of you that won’t be broken when I walk out of here. As for the rest of you...” Danielle said venomously, her eyes going over Alison’s body, “...I hope hubby took some nude pictures of you, because that’s all he’ll have to remember you with.”

Alison’s instinctively clasped her left hand in her right at the mention of her husband, feeling the platinum wedding band around her third finger. “’Pig,’ huh Danielle? I bet you thought that one up just for me. And I won’t touch your face, but I promise I’m going to fuck you up beyond belief, and not stop with your outsides. I might do some re-arranging of your insides as well, just in case you ever think about fucking with me again. Or fucking anyone else ever, for that matter.”

“The same goes for me, bitch. You’re going to wish you were never fucking born, Alison,” Danielle Fishel growled, raising her fists to her globular breasts, as Alison Lohman did the same.

“Let’s do what we came here for, bitch,” Lohman growled back, angry enough to kill Fishel.

They were circling one another, warily, slowly tightening the distance between them.

“Bring it, bitch,” said Danielle, “’cause I’m gonna put you through the fucking floor. I’m gonna...”

Fishel would have finished her threat except Alison stepped in close and launched her right leg up into a kick that swept into Danielle’s body, her shin landing perfectly in the space between the brunette’s navel and tits, staggering her, and forcing a surprised “GUUUNNHHHH!!!” out of the brunette’s mouth. It was more shock than pain, but it hurt nonetheless, as the blonde obviously knew how to land a kick and then get out of range.

“Christ, I thought you’d never shut up,” the blonde said.

And with that remark, Fishel charged in, both fists flying, but the brunette was so enraged at getting sucker-kicked earlier that she attacked without thinking, which was exactly what Lohman wanted her to do. Side-stepping to her left, the blonde buried her knee low into the brunette’s soft round stomach. Alison hadn’t used all her power, but kinetic energy, being what it was, drove her knee deep into the big girl’s charging body, spearing Danielle. It felt like the blonde had kicked her belly up between her shoulders, and pain rushed through every nerve-ending of her body as the wind was knocked out of her, and her body folded over the blonde’s knee

“UHHHHHHHHH...OHH SHIT...OHH FUCK!!!!” Danielle sputtered, bending over cradling her mid-section.

Dani’s eyes were closed and her mouth gaping wide open; struggling to replace the air Alison had forcibly kicked out of her lungs. But this time the blonde hadn’t danced back out of range; instead, she took advantage of Danielle’s condition and moved around behind the brunette and wrapped her left arm tight around Fishel’s throat in a brutal choke - but making sure it was well under her chin. Then she pulled back, jerking the protesting brunette upright.

“Not the face...you...bitch,” Danielle, gasped, still sucking air.

“Shut up, you whore!” Alison hissed as the furious blonde drew back her right fist and drove it hard into Danielle’s exposed right kidney - over and over - sometimes leaving it in and grinding her knuckles deeper into Danielle’s thick body; causing pain to blossom and radiate out through the brunette. Alison knew exactly where to cause hurt, and on her fifth punch, with a genuine howl of pain from the brunette, hot urine streamed down her thighs, and tears of pain and embarrassment streamed down her face.

It happened so quickly that Alison didn’t know what had happened, but when she felt liquid pooling against her feet she was smart enough to put two and two together, shifting her body back and away from it while still holding on to Danielle. She didn’t even attempt to stifle her laughter now, “Whoa,” Lohman snickered, “I guess someone thought about staying hydrated today. Let’s see if I can’t get any more outta you.” But Alison misjudged a crucial something. Her grip on Danielle wasn’t as tight any longer, and Fishel, besides being in pain, was utterly humiliated at pissing herself. With a scream Danielle threw herself back against Alison, her momentum carrying them both to the nearest wall, which, unfortunately for the blonde, her body impacted first, smashed by Danielle. Now it was Alison taken completely unawares, stunned at the reversal, but Danielle gave her no time to contemplate it.

Twisting herself around fast, Danielle laid into Alison with a fury borne of humiliation, and giving herself striking distance, raised her arm and sent a vicious forearm chop crashing against the tops of Lohman’s tiny tits, her small breasts shivering with the impact.

“OHHHHH! FUCK YOU, BITCH!!!” Alison said.

Danielle smashed her again in the same spot, sending Alison’s naked assets trembling. Alison tried to get away from the wall but Danielle shoved her back flat against it, trapping the blonde there, and with a growl, went to work on her with a vengeance.

Now it was all Danielle, who was looking for payback. Fishel turned her shoulder into her punch, hitting the lithe blonde with everything she had, which was quite a lot. The brunette buried her fist in Alison’s gut, just above her navel, which stopped the struggling blonde. Lohman’s body convulsed at the impact, her face twisting in pain as Danielle unloaded yet another hard belly punch, one that blasted the air from Lohman’s lungs. Fishel’s mouth turned into a slight smile until she remembered how wet her thighs were, and then cocked back her fist and smashed Alison in the curving swell of the blonde’s stomach again.

Pinned against the wall, Alison couldn’t dislodge her heavier rival, who threw an entire barrage of belly-busting punches right into her belly button, driving all the breath from the gasping blonde. One or two more punches and Alison would’ve probably puked up her lunch, but Danielle conveniently chose to take this moment as a break to catch her own breath.

Alison was in terrible shape. Wheezing and moaning, her lungs were screaming for air and her diaphragm felt like it had imploded. Finally getting enough wind, Lohman cried out “OOOOOHHHH! PLEASE! IT HURTS...IT HURTS SO MUCH, DANIELLE!”

“That’s the point of having a fight, you dumb cunt. You hurt someone real bad, and then you win. You didn’t think were going to settle this by fucking our brains out, did you?”

Alison, in no mood or position to continue the conversation, fell against Danielle’s body, and bringing her right hand up onto Fishel’s shoulder, tried to rake her back with her nails, but didn’t have the strength just yet to put any power into it. As soon as Danielle realized what she was doing, Fishel said “Oh, kitten’s got claws, does she?”

Pulling the groaning blonde away from the wall, the brunette continued, “Here. Let me show you how to really scratch someone, bitch.” Placing both hands flat on Alison Lohman’s back, Danielle Fishel hooked her two-tone, white and pink nails into the blonde’s flesh and ripped downward, her nails biting deeply, raising crimson welts as she tried to flay the slender blonde alive.

“OHHH GOD DANIELLE!!!” Alison screamed in pain, her fists beating weakly against Fishel’s body.

“And THAT’S how you do it, bitch,” Danielle snarled, her manicured nails carving all the way down to Alison’s buttocks. “No more backless dresses for you.”

Alison’s knees gave out and she fell to the floor in front of the brunette, crying in pain. Danielle stood over her, saying “I tried my best not to blemish that pretty face of yours, Alison. But now that you’re a beaten little bitch, I figure I can... OHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Knowing that there was nothing stopping Danielle, Alison spiked the fingers or her right hand hard into the moist middle of Danielle’s red silk panties, into what was the most sensitive region on Danielle’s body. Alison’s fingers penetrated her as far as the fabric of her panties would allow, but the sudden pain startled Fishel into a second of inactivity, which was all Lohman needed to stagger away from the wicked brunette. Danielle’s hands immediately went for her crotch, her face screwed in agony. Getting her feet under her and putting up her fists, Alison motioned Danielle to have another go at her.

But Fishel wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice. Faking a punch, Danielle instead lashed out in a cruel kick that she aimed directly for Alison’s pussy. Alison had read the movement a split second in time, and caught Danielle’s leg in mid-swing, clutching the heavier woman’s ankle and lifting it up to her shoulder. Now, off-balance, Danielle hopped on one foot, trying to steady herself in a rage.

“Let me GO, you bitch!!!” Fishel screamed. “You’re really pissing me off!!!”

Alison smiled, still grasping her foot. “Better to be pissed off than pissed on, I suppose!”

Danielle’s eyes widened when she realized what Alison was about to do, and she shook her head frantically side-to-side, but Alison kicked out with her right foot, smashing it squarely into the slit of Danielle’s vulnerable pussy; burying her toes in the brunette’s womanhood with a crippling Cunt Punt.


One more kick and Alison released her grip the instant her foot landed, not only nailing Danielle’s groin, but dumping her onto the floor as well, cupping her damaged womanhood and moaning in pain. Pleased with her low blows, Alison walked over to where the brunette was lying, and dropped to her knees between Fishel’s legs, stripping Danielle’s panties off her body, exposing her gaping wet vulva.

Alison said, “Unlike you, I don’t have to cheat to win. Nothing to the face, bitch?” With that, she drove her fingers deep into Danielle’s vagina, splitting her thick cunt lips and making Fishel scream in agony as she was violated again and again. Holding the brunette down with her other hand, Alison reamed her cunt, splitting the delicate vaginal tissue. Alison had made the mistake of not getting a manicure before their fight, but her nails were still short and hard, and she ripped them down Danielle’s birth canal. Fishel bucked and screamed


Sitting up, Danielle’s hand grabbed Alison’s forearm in an attempt to remove her hand from her crotch, but Alison beat her to that punch as well. Shifting herself, Alison brought her right knee up and plunged it down into Danielle’s pink lower belly, causing the brunette to gasp in both pressure and pain. Alison pivoted so that the blonde’s knee and all her body weight invaded Danielle’s womb from above. As the brunette cried out, Alison slapped her hand back onto Danielle’s mound, grinding her nails back against Fishel’s red and puffy pussy lips, and then penetrated her cunt again. Danielle screamed in pain at the cunt claw as Alison’s nails dug in.

“I’ll rip your goddamn cunt out, you bitch!!!” Alison yelled, and the pain rippling through Danielle made her realize she might just do exactly that!