Britney Spears vs. Danielle Fishel by Jay

"Nice class ladies! Real great effort tonight! Now I expect to see all of you back here same time tomorrow..."

Dani bends over and groans in sweaty exhaustion. Her whole body quivering from the hour long Tai Bo marathon, the thought of coming back again tomorrow night seems an unlikely scenario. She couldn't argue with the results however. Since joining this fitness center and especially this class her body had undergone a startling but gratifying transformation. Slowly she straightens up, ignoring the screaming cramp in both her side and calf, and heads for the women's locker room and the hot shower that awaited her there.

Wearily pushing open the door, she limps in to a surprisingly empty changing area. Puzzled, Dani glances around...only to find to her horror the culprit. Hanging next to the shower entrance a sign reads OUT OF ORDER. "Ah crap! Not again!" she whimpers as her dream of a hot scrubbing spray becomes just a wistful delusion. With a sigh the russet-haired beauty takes a seat in front of her locker.

It was the only problem with this gym, that being it's broken down facilities. The instructors were incredible...the clientele were the who's who of Hollywood and had gotten her more then a few auditions, but nothing ever worked from week to week! Sleepily she leans back against the metal surface, its coolness amplifying the sticky sweatiness of her soaked top. "It is going to be a really gross ride home," she concludes.

The locker room door slams open as SHE walks in with her assistant...and as usual SHE is in quite a huff. "What the hell do you mean the showers are not working Renee? I have a plane to catch in two hours and I don't have time to go home and clean up!"

"The manager told me a pipe busted a few hours ago and they can't get a plumber to come out until the morning."

"Great! Just friggin great! And did you ask him what I am supposed to do? I just got through not only a dance class but over an hour of high impact aerobics! I can't go outside looking like this!"

"I don't," Renee stammers.

"Just shut up and go find me a place where I can get cleaned up! And bring me a latte while you are at it." The blonde waves her hand dismissively. "Now move!"

Dani watches this all in wide-eyed disbelief. It had always amazed her how, with success, people could change so...and often for the worse. Though fame had been elusive on her own career path, she had always vowed never to transform and to remain true to herself and NEVER to become a primadonna like the famous yet petulant singer stripping before her...

"What the hell are you looking at?" Britney snaps. Standing bare now only clad in her bra and thong, she puts her hands on her hips impatiently. "Well?"

Not realizing that she had been staring, Dani blinks in shock and more then a little embarrassment. "I...ummm," she stammers, her face flushing brightly. "I am sorry. I wasn't looking at anything. I was just thinking."

"Well go and THINK facing the other way, alrighty? I frankly do not need an audience to change."

"Oh...sure. Sorry!"

Dani turns to face her own locker, her ears burning from both discomfiture and more than a bit of anger. Pulling her sodden top off and over her head, her temper goes through a rancid slow burn at the rudeness and nastiness of the woman behind her. She hadn't always been so...and the change had not begun that long ago, but life had really begun to ruin her obviously. Britney pauses undressing, instead studying the rusty-haired companion across the room as she disrobes. Something familiar nagged at her about this they had met before but she couldn't recall where or when. Still nothing came even as she watched her pull her top off or peel her saturated sweat pants down muscular thighs.

Unable to take the enigma, she finally blurts out impatiently, "Don't I know you from somewhere?"

Dani pauses in her stripping and glances back over her shoulder in mild surprise. Despite being contemporaries, it amazes her that someone of the pop star's level would even remember her television show...or even the movie they were both in. Turning to fully face Britney with a halfway hopeful smile on her face, she offers, "Well, I was on the ABC show 'Boy Meets World'...and you did do a cameo in a movie I starred in called 'Long Shot'?"

A moment of perplexity crosses the blonde's face, only to melt away in one of scornful mirth, "That was YOU? Topanga wasn't it? I thought I read somewhere you died?" Then with a giggle on her lips, the singer carefully appraises the actress, "But you were so heavy then, weren't you? I mean REAL heavy? No wonder I didn't recognize you now with the baby fat burned away...," Dani can only gape in horror as the insults pour upon her. ALWAYS having been sensitive about her weight, the words of this skinny-minnie sting her like blows... "And that MOVIE!" Britney laughed heartily, oblivious to the hurt she's causing. "Now if you look up the word 'DOG' in the dictionary, that one has to get a mention! I mean it was bad in fact I don't even put it on my resume out of abject embarrassment! You don't actually put it on yours do you? If you do, no wonder they have reported your demise!"

"Well!" Dani fumes, her temper beyond lost. “It may NOT have been the greatest, but it wasn't any worse then that clunker you put out this year! I’ve never seen a bigger piece of crap in my whole life!"

Britney's eyes blanch, and then harden, "Why you little bitch! My movie brought in almost forty million dollars just here in the states while yours didn't get released anywhere but straight to video!"

"It was released in Germany!"

"Ooohhhh!" the songster taunts, stepping nose to nose with the slightly shorter Dani. "And they loved it sooooo much they decided to end it all and take in all the bankrupt East Germans to destroy themselves!"

"Oh yeah? Well...fuck you!" Dani swears, giving the blonde a shove away from her.

Britney's surprise quickly turns to vitriol as she regains he balance; "Fucking cunt!" she screams and in one fluid motion hits an atomic slap across the tawny-tressed actresses features.

Dani's face explodes from the impact as lightning and searing pain dance transversely to her brain via her cheekbone and eye socket...but triggers a backlash even Dani couldn't have predicted. On instincts honed partially in Tai Bo, her hands go into motion...a right and a left cross, followed by three down low sinking deeply into the singer's unprotected belly. When her vision clears, Britney kneels stunned at her feet and gasping for air. Flabbergasted yet satisfied, she turns away disdainfully from the seemingly beaten vocalist to walk back to her locker. Groaning, Britney rises up still breathless off her haunches with a murderous look in her eyes. With a homicidal scream she launches herself and tackles Dani hard, sending her face-first into the lockers with a resounding CRASH!

On the rebound, Brit grabs Dani's trademark locks and tries to twist them out by their very roots with her manicured fingers...only to be stopped cold by a back elbow thrust. The momentary surprise of Britney's attack quickly turns to rage for Dani as she turns and dazes the singer with an elbow. Now wanting to desperately do serious damage to the bratty blonde, she switches into full combat mode on the physically gifted but inexperienced singer. A knee-lift to the solar plexus brings a gasp ...the a spinning back-fist corkscrews Brit's head spectacularly...then a thrust kick to her chest sends Britney tumbling in a crashing heap against the far lockers. All land without a hitch, yet to her shock, Dani watches as the blonde rises yet again from the ashes.

"What the hell," Dani wonders as she watches the pop star unsteadily regain her footing, "is it going to take to put the girl out?"

Already weary of hitting her, Dani decides to end this in another way. Too groggy to even raise her guard, Britney can only watch helplessly as the "Boy Meets World" starlet advances upon her. Fully expecting more bludgeoning, she is taken aback as instead Dani wraps her burly arms around the outside of hers and locks her hands behind her back. As Dani cinches the hold in snugly, she lifts up and pulls inward and Britney can only moan pitifully in the clutch of the brutal bearhug. Her toes barely touching the ground and her arms trapped, she feels the coils about her begin to constrict cruelly in the small of her back.

As shivers of suffering race up her spine, Brit grunts "Let go, you bitch!"

"Now it is that kind of talk that got you into this mess," Dani taunts, her face intensely gleeful as she watches the struggling blonde in her grasp. Reeling in Britney even tighter, crushing both of their sizable assets between them she adds, "But tonight I'm going to teach you some humility." Easing off the hold only slightly, the redhead waits for the singer to take a breath...only to snap the hug taut again with a SMACK of their bellies.

"Uuuuuuggghhhhh!" Brit gurgles breathlessly; her dismay replaced by pain and panic as she begins to wriggle furiously to gain her freedom... but to no avail. With her muscular dancer's legs flailing wildly but unable to gain any purchase on the slick linoleum, the singer can only grunt again as another SMACK forces yet more air out her. "What can I do?!" her mind wails as the realization that her primary weapons may not help her... SMACK...SMACK! Dani never really enjoyed violence of any sort from boxing to football, but with every wring on the TRL darling in her grasp she begins to reconsider.

"It's so liberating!" she thinks as sheh rhythmically crushes the resistance out of Britney. "I feel so alive!" Resting her cheek just below the writhing beauties chin, she smiles in satisfaction as another wave of pain springs up the blonde's back...

Unable to even vocalize the agony she is feeling, Britney forces her pain soaked and oxygen deprived mind to focus. "I can't lose to the likes of her...I JUST CAN'T! But what can I do?" For a brief moment she considers a head-butt, but then the auburn-haired actresses head is too would only break her own nose! SMACK! And with her legs neutralized, only her arms are available, but they're pinned with her hands barely able to reach waist level! SMACK...SMACK! Already, Britney could feel herself waning... she had to do something soon or it would be too late. SMACK! Moaning, Britney winces as Dani's ample breasts and erect nipples press savagely into hers with another squeeze...only to come to an epiphany of a desperate plan.

"It won't be long now," Dani muses, working the hug up and down the soloist's vertebrae. "And when it is over, we both will know who the better woman...hey! What the?" she grunts as Britney grapevines her legs up around her own. Both women's weights now firmly ensconced atop one set of sturdy legs, it is Dani's turn to groan from the effort...and thereby providing an opening in the process...

Feeling the grasp slacken for a moment, Brit desperately gulps in as much air into her burning lungs as she can, a simple inhale never before tasting nearly so sweet but sadly the respite is short-lived. Even as the new flow of oxygen begins to refresh her, she can feel the sweaty limbs curling about her again with torturous intent as her foe compensates for the added burden. So fleeting it is in fact that the flaxen-haired songster barely has enough time to rotate her still fettered arms from her sides and more to the front for part two of the plan...

"Now where do you think you're going missy?" Dani rumbles, cinching her noose about the teen idols' waist again. "I am not through with your lesson yet!" Drawing the loop tauter, she discovers Britney's hands resisting her against her stomach...her nails biting deeply into the already tender flesh. For a moment they are fixed at an impasse, opposite forces working feverishly as both women pour all their energies into the fight...their arms twitching from the exertions and their breaths ragged, but agonizingly and inexorably the russet-haired actress begins to reassert her will. "See?" she jeers as, centimeter by centimeter, their midriffs draw nearer each other again. "I told you so!"

"Let me go!" Britney demands in a voice tinged with fright.

"And why would I do that?"

The pop star's eyes narrows as the moment arrives. Growing up, her Momma had always taught her to do everything honestly and fairly, even in the stiffest competitions and she had done so to the best of her abilities...but there was no way her Momma could have foreseen this situation! And she knew that she only could resist this hug only so much longer...something had to be done now or very soon only the mercies of this nobody would save her from utter humiliation. "It was now or never!" Releasing her right hand, she yields in her pushing and instead plunges it straight down Dani's abdomen, underneath her cotton panties and into her exposed crotch...

Dani's eyes bug out as a stunned gasp escapes her lips at the sudden and unforeseen attack. Fearing more claw-work in her most delicate of areas she braces for an assault that doesn't come. To her disgust and dismay she finds the touch instead more probing then savage...

"I knew it!" Brit painfully exults as her tormentor's body stiffens in shock and confusion at the pop star's hand finds its mark. "Not so confident down there and," as she lets her fingers do the walking, "a little excited already as well. Now I have to work fast..."

"You fucking slut! Stop that!" Dani sputters as the inquisitive fingers continue to explore and to massage. Unable to close her legs least their combined mass should collapse on top of her, she can do nothing but suffer the rising indignities. To her alarm however, the machinations had already begun to tingle in a very distracting way...

"Let me go then!"

"Screw you bitch! I am gonna break you in half...uuuuuuhhhhhhh!" the actress moans mid-sentence as the vocalist finds her goal and slips a digit seductively inside. "Stop that you cow! Let me go!"

"Never!" Dani screams, redoubling her efforts to split the singer only to shudder as another stroke hits home. And so it went with each woman playing the hand they had been dealt. Britney, her face etched in wheezing anguish at every spine-numbing squeeze, desperately trying to just survive and outlast while Dani's mind swims with not only the blonde in her grasp but her own body's physical and emotional betrayals. Back and forth it goes...for every SMACK there is a knee-weakening stroke and for every excruciating wrench there is a second digit added to the mix that brings things to a moaning halt. As both of them reach their limits of endurance, finally one of them has no choice but to blink...

"Oh Gawd!" Dani whimpers silently as another two-fingered stroke causes her knees to buckle yet again. "I am so close...she is almost finished...I can feel it! She is about to give, but.....I am so tired and she keeps...Uuuuuuuuuuggghhhhhh!"

Britney eyes glisten with tears as the muscles in her back shriek in protest, but she can feel a change in the wind or to be more precise in the woman holding her. Ever so slightly the hug weakens...losing edge as Dani flails under the growing sexual pressure. "Just a little longer," she murmurs, focusing all her energies on the devastation her right hand was wreaking...

"ENOUGH!!" Dani screams, unable to take any more. Mustering all her remaining reserves into her quivering and achy legs, she launches the two of them at the far row of lockers. Pulling her arms out of harms way at just the last second, she splatters the pop princess with a jarring CLANG onto the cold steel only to rebound off herself from the impact. Stumbling back drunkenly eight feet or so, Dani finally comes to a panting halt on rubbery legs and leaden limbs. Blearily she glances up at the splayed yet somehow still upright blonde ostensibly unconscious against the lockers with some satisfaction...that is until her anger floods back. With tentative fingers she reaches down, only to find her panties completely sodden and a still a hunger burning fiercely there. Never before had anyone done that...forced such a feeling or made her want something so 'dirty' and yet not undesirable.

"You cunt!" she hisses caustically. "How dare you do touch me put your nasty hands...HOW DARE YOU?!! I'm gonna kill you!!!!!!"

Britney barely can even register the words, her mind one massive blaze of searing pain from her ravaged back. Fearing even to breath, she watches vacantly as the homicidal auburn-haired actress begins her charge towards her. In slow motion Dani comes...her face a mask of rage as she lowers her shoulder to drive it murderously into her target, only to be denied. Dipping into some unknown reserve Britney pirouettes out of the way and collapses onto the floor at the last second...

CLANK! Hitting head first into one of the reinforced steel struts, Dani caroms off wickedly back onto her haunches. For an instant she stares stupidly at bent steel before her, only to have her eyes roll back up into her head as a rivulet of blood begins to run down her forehead and nose. After a brief teeter, she falls backwards into a bloody and insensate heap.

As the seconds turn to minutes, Britney hugs the cold linoleum as her spent body heaves from the battle...a battle that isn't over. Finally free of torturous hug she fearfully awaits Dani's next and surely victorious move, only it doesn't come.

"Why is she waiting?" she murmurs, her breath condensing on the chilly floor as her dread becomes palpable. Incapable of waiting any longer, she excruciatingly rolls over to face the bitch that had done this to her and whatever it brings...

A foot or so away Dani lays flat on her back, her arms and legs akimbo and lifeless save for the gentle rise of her ample bosom.

Biting her lip with doubt, the tawny singer rises to all fours and carefully crawls next to her fallen foe, only to stare down at the cataleptic Dani. "But how...?" she wonders before suddenly noticing the crimson swath coagulating in the actress's hair. "She came at me and...and she must have..." Glancing over her shoulder, she sees plainly the twisted locker's metal shell. "She hit so hard," Brit whispers, her gaze returning to the bounty before her, "that it knocked her clean out. The dumbass knocked her self out!"

It was over and she had won...sorta.

Her soreness fading rapidly in triumph, Britney moves closer and straddles the fallen starlet's waist. "You thought you could beat me, didn't you?" she mocks gleefully, bouncing up and down on her unconscious perch. "But look who is on top now? That's right...ME!" Reaching down, she pulls Dani's head up towards her by its bloodied tresses. "And it is always going to be that way too tubby, so get used to it! But first honey, I am gonna teach YOU a lesson!" As she pulls her fist back to piston Dani's drowsy face into oblivion, the blonde hesitates a second at the glassy blue eyes blankly staring back at her...but only for a second.




Pausing admire her handiwork, Britney's victorious grin disappears and she murmurs, "Nothing...Absolutely nothing!" With the exception of a new trickle of blood from her nose, the expression on Dani's countenance hadn't changed one iota from its vacant stare...


Still nothing... "DAMMIT!" Dropping Dani's head disgustedly onto the concrete, Britney furiously glares down at her. "You dumb bitch! You can't do anything right! How am I supposed to enjoy this with you too stupid to notice?" Rubbing her sore knuckles, she chews her bottom lip grumpily as she tries to solve this dilemma. "How do you punish someone...," she wonders, "...when every time you hit them you knock them more senseless and even further beyond reach?" The flaxen haired idol pouts a few moments more astride her slumbering trophy when abruptly the answer becomes so clear to her. "The only way not to hit." Smirking wickedly, she glances over her shoulder at Dani's unmoving legs. Very lightly she runs her hand back until it finds the cotton-swathed mound as before....

"Hhhhmmmmmmmm...," Dani moans faintly as the singer gives it a squeeze.

"Ready for some more are we?"


Her smirk now a full blown sneer, Britney languidly dismounts the redhead and kneels beside her slumbering form. "What better way to get some revenge," she chuckles as she remembers the shock and outrage on the actress's face from before, "AND instruct you on some manners then to finish what I started! Would you like that Topanga?" she asks, her fingers rubbing harder on the lady jockey's...


"I'll take that as a yes then, but first...," she whispers, hooking her thumbs into the leg holes, "you won't need these!"

Leisurely she tugs the panties over the flair of Dani's hips, revealing a glistening Brazilian before slipping them smoothly down over creamy thighs and calves until finally up and off her feet. "Girl next door through and through I see!" she mocks before smoothly rolling the redhead over onto her stomach. "But you won't be once I am done with you!"

For a second time Britney saddles up and takes a seat in the small of inert rival's back, only this time facing down towards her feet. Licking her lips in anticipation, she runs her nonchalantly hands down the expanse of the sinewy legs and back again to rubdown the sumptuous ass flesh before her hips.

"So strong," she purrs sliding her fingers down between Dani's thighs, merely to spread them apart without a struggle. "But are you strong in other ways I wonder?" Dipping her hands even lower, she finds an already damp target awaiting her...

"Mmmmmmmmmnnn..." the starlet sighs in her stupor.

"We shall soon find out," Brit giggles as her fingers get down to business. Unhurriedly, she begins to massage...her right hand softly cupping, then alternating squeezing and caressing Dani's crotch in ever tightening circles until the previous wetness quickly becomes more then sopping...each fleeting yet teasing stroke wringing a soft moan and a noticeable quiver from her mount. Sensing the perfect moment at hand, she deftly slips her index finger inside but shockingly meets little resistance or response. "My, my, my," she chuckles, her finger gently exploring...first deeply then back to shallower waters.

"Someone isn't as innocent as they appear. Let's see if THIS does the trick!" Adding a second digit to the mix she thrusts again, this time forcing a gratifying spasm and gasp from her ride. "Now that's better!"

In and out the singer's fingers plunge. At times slow and deep only to alternate with shorter piston-like strokes of the engorged clit, but all of them are causing mounting devastation. Britney's grin broadens as, almost imperceptibly at first but swiftly gaining oomph Dani's hips begin to match her hand's rhythm. Up and down the redhead's pelvis rocks, her full buttocks rubbing hotly against the songster's panties and lower belly. Biting her lip from her own rising arousal, Britney mutters "If I didn't know any better, I would say you are enjoying this TOO much."

Bitter...yet sweet too. But what? And so hot...why so hot? Slowly Dani's mind swims up from the darkness of her unconsciousness with the harsh taste of blood in her mouth and the icy feel of the floor beneath her cheek, but something else compels her brain awake. With the barest of flutters her eyes open, only to close again as a deep moan escapes her lips...

"I see someone finally decided to join the party! And only just in time I think."

"That where had she heard that voice before?" Dani wonders, only to be interrupted by another moan accompanied by a surprising and alarming shiver from her leaden body. Still too dazed to comprehend, she groggily tries to rise but finds that she cannot. "What the?" she mumbles, her arms weakly pushing against the concrete only to finally feel the weight on her back pinning her.

"Unh-unh darlin! You aren't going anywhere 'til I'm done with you!"

"THAT voice again...who is...and where...eeeeuuuuuughhhhhhh!" Dani groans as another tremor ardently rocks her body. As the aftershocks fade, she fearfully looks over her shoulder and at the nightmare seated there...

"Hello Topanga!" Britney smirks from her perch, her hand still thrusting away. "From where I sit, I think tapioca would be more descriptive!"

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Dani squeals as it all comes back to her...the fight...the hug, those nasty fingers...and the moment of pain when her head hit the unyielding steel...before it all went black...that is, until now as again another throaty moan rumbles from her against her will.

Britney's pleasure verges on rapture as she relishes the futile struggles of the rusty-haired vixen below her. The weak slaps to her calves and thighs only fuels it higher as she redoubles her fingering efforts as the excitement builds... Little by little the hopeless thrashing of Dani's limbs fades as again her body matches the driving tempo of the songster's assault...her hips hungrily bobbing up and down in perfect time against the pop star's own feverishly rocking torso. Now nearly moaning non-stop, Dani tries to deny the tide building within her but with each passing second she can feel her will fray just a little more... But she wasn't alone in this!

Her face flushed both from her efforts and the seductive friction between the actress's bum and her thonged crotch, a panting Brit glares back over her shoulder at her steed, "I know you're real close honey, so why don't you just give it up?"

But to Brit's consternation, the redhead shakes her head negatively even as another shudder ripples through her, and then another as inch by inch the inevitable approaches. "Oh, you think?" Britney taunts before adding a third digit to the thrusting. Then punctuating each word with an angry stab, "I... SAID... GIVE... IT... UP!!!"

Dani's eyes snap open in shock as her groin explodes in simultaneous agony and ecstasy. Arching her back in a silent scream, her whole body quavering as her willpower falters into nothingness. Upon the final plunge she crumples face-first floor in a simpering heap, knowing full well she could do nothing to stop the deluge welling up within her now.

With a knowing smile, the flaxen princess pulls her dripping fingers out and wipes them casually onto Dani's trembling inner thigh. "I think you are ready now, aren't you darling?"

Not waiting or getting a reply, Britney rises up to her feet and pulls down her own thong over her muscular legs. Kicking the pink silk indifferently to the side, she again kneels next to the starlet's beaten body only to roll it over on to its left side. Grabbing the right ankle firmly, she raises it up while sliding herself into the growing opening until... Dani's eyes snap open as her already aching crotch whimpers under the vocalist's first juicy grind, but one look into blonde's face told her it wouldn't be the last. Spread-eagled and utterly defenseless with her legs pinned or held fast, the redhead tries to push away and break free but is too weak...with each successive rub her initial sobs of protest quickly turn to moans again...

"Come it! Do it!" Britney hisses between clenched teeth, her hips pounding away at the writhing TGIF star below her. With every wet slap she can see Dani coming closer and closer to giving her sweet surrender, but also with each she herself grows dangerously close to the same predicament. "How can she hold out so long? No one has gone this long before," she wonders, only to finally feel that telltale spasm beneath that she had been waiting for followed by the preliminary traces of Dani's big O.

Like a wave it crashes upon them...the first initial hot splashes hitting the pop star's love box so suddenly she nearly bites he lower lip off to stop climaxing herself, but by the barest of margins she holds on. Riding her squealing burgundy pony with aplomb, she continues to mash away...squeezing ever more of Dani's juices grudgingly out with each grind until the well is beyond dry. With a sob, Dani's body goes limp and sags back onto the floor in defeat... The battle was over and there was no question who won!

Glowering down exultantly at her teary victim, Britney couldn't help but gloat. "Oh! Poor Topanga!" she teases. "Did I pop your cherry just now? I think I might have...there definitely is some wetness, isn't there?"

"Get off of me," Dani whimpers.

"But why? I thought we were having fun," Britney sighs mockingly. “But, OK, if you insist honey." With a nimble roll, she tumbles out from between the starlet's thighs and onto her knees beside her. "Satisfied now?"

Now free of the singer's weight, Dani ignores the question and wearily tries to crawl away from her tormentor. Her body trembling from exhaustion, she claws her way along the cold linoleum towards the far lockers...only to have the blonde keep pace catlike on her hands and knees beside her. It isn't until the ginger-haired beauty pulls her self up into a sitting position against the chilly steel does she realizes her escape has failed...

"Now where do you think you are going my sweet?" Britney purrs as agilely re-straddles Dani's waist. Pressing her still steaming body hungrily close, she adds "I didn't say anything about being through."

"," she grunts.

"Oh no girlfriend," Brit rumbles softly. "As I said, you should be very satisfied now, but I...I have been saving myself. For right now, actually."

Reaching down, she pulls Dani up by her ruby locks. Now eye to eye the blonde curls her bronzed gams around Dani's waist, cinching in a light body scissor. "You see Dani don't you that I have beaten you at every turn tonight. You started well in the fight, but in the end I took you physically. And just now I took you sexually in a way you will never forget I am sure." Releasing her hair, Britney cups Dani's face in her hands. "And you will never be able to change that. Not ever!"

"You should never say never," Dani mumbles softly.

"What did you saa...ummm!" The pop star doesn't finish as the redhead astonishes her with a luscious French kiss. To her amazement she finds her adversary's lips quite warm and inviting and...experienced. Suddenly unsure, she stiffly returns it but soon loses all her inhibitions as Dani's tongue flickers into her mouth delightfully...

Even as she and Britney's tonsil hockey duel rages, Dani's mind quails from her fatigue of both body and mind. Her whole body throbbing with either dull aches or sharp pains, she so much just wanted to give up and admit defeat and yet she couldn't. Not yet at least so she pours her last reserves into the fray. Dani could sense the excitement in Britney...her heat and heartbeat pressing against her skin. "She is close now herself," she notes as she catches the blonde's tongue between her lips and begins sucking rhythmically on it. Methodically she slips her hands down and around the moaning teen idol's twitching hips and gently begins to rock them into her tender own...

"Oh Gawd!" Brit moans mid-French, before enthusiastically diving in again without the slightest restraint. Enraptured by the redhead's distractions, she consciously scarcely notices her hips feverishly pumping down below or her ever rising ardor but cares little. "Such a good kisser," she muses, her chest heaving and expression flush...only to snap back to reality with the slightest of shivers courses through her. "OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Realizing her peril too late, Britney tries to disengage and pull away...but Dani too had felt that quiver and doggedly holds on tight. Pressing her advantage she continues to kiss whatever she can as their hips continue to hammer each other unrelentingly...until with a mewing groan the blonde's body grudgingly shudders in release... For a few shaky moments the two of them rock slowly, cheek to cheek. Her eyes closed and still gasping from her climax, Britney sits in incredulous dismay at this recent turn of events. So near to finishing the redhead off, and she loses her focus and lets it all dribble away down her leg!

Finally finding her voice, she whispers, "You dirty girl! You dirty, dirty girl!"

Dani's eyes are shut as well as she nuzzles the songster's cheek. Now utterly spent from her efforts, she can barely stay awake but manages one more taunt. "Now we are even!" she mumbles.

Brit's instantly opens her eyes, her desire morphing now into venom again at the bold statement. "Even are we?" she hisses, curling her fingers into Dani's sweaty mane. "Perhaps...but we will never be EQUALS!!!" With a violent heave, she grabs Dani's head and bangs it hard against the locker behind her...only to follow it up with four more concussive slams which leave the actress again knocked out cold. Tossing her limp body to the side, Britney slides off as much disgusted with herself as with the dazed TGIF starlet below her. "You...YOU still need a lesson on your place in life!" she murmurs in a shaking voice. But how? Angrily she looks over the redhead's battered body when her gaze hesitates on Dani's bulging sports bra. "Excellent!"

A sly smile now again on her face, Britney rises and grabs Dani's ankles and slowly drags her into the darkness of the out of order showers for another lesson in humility...

"Uuuugghhhhhhhhh..." Her throbbing head, the sharp pains wrists and the weary yet giddy flush surging through her entire body all merge as the actress slowly regains consciousness on the cold tile. Forcing her leaden eyelids open, Dani peers blurrily into the dimness of the darkened out-of-order showers...and then directly into the blonde pop star's doe eyes only a few inches from her own.

"Mornin' sunshine!" Britney drawls softly in the gloom, again languidly bestriding her playmate's lap. "I was beginning to worry." Dani's widen as she tries to push away or to flee, only to find herself unable to move in the slightest. Finding her wrists lashed together and tethered somehow to the shower fixture above, she thrashes her arms wildly but cannot gain her freedom. "That won't do any good," the blonde chuckles, inching further up Dani's pinned thighs. "We both know they make those to be extra durable and stretchy...and with babies like these I am sure yours is industrial strength!"

Dani gasps as the singer's cold fingers cup her bare breasts lightly, even as the realization of what the last comment could possibly mean sinks in. Her eyes brimming with tearful terror, she squints up at her bindings in the shadows only to have her suspicions confirmed.

"That...that is my bra!" her mind wails silently. "And now I am...I am totally...Oh my Gawd! Noooooo!"

"Now that is what I call a multifunctional piece of clothing, don't you think?"

"Let me go!"

"Now where did I hear that before?" Britney smirks playfully. "Ah yes! Let's see if I can remember the proper reply...hmmmm. Wasn't it something about teaching someone humility?"

"Let...let me go...please..."

"Now what would be the fun in that?" Brit purrs, her hands warming to task before them. "They are quite nice by the way," she adds, her fingers kneading the ample tit flesh confidently...almost tenderly. "And real, which is so rare any more." Moving her attentions to the redheads rapidly engorging nipples, she begins to work her thumb diligently under each until they are at full salute. "A lot of women would kill for a pair like these....or pay big bucks!"

Dani grits her teeth in total despair and arousal as songster slowly milks her into a steaming lather. Her reserves spent and resistance dwindling, yet again her body responds unabashedly and almost eagerly to Britney's machinations. The heaving bosom and flushing face...the disturbing tingles all spell an inevitable surrender, but not without at least one last prick. "Like you?" she pants defiantly. Britney freezes mid-squeeze, her brown eyes darting icily in the darkness.

"You bitch!" Britney hisses, her nails suddenly savagely raking each breast before settling into a viselike grip onto each nipple. "I'll have you know that mine are very much real," she whispers, adding a sob-inducing twist. "And I'll prove it too!" Pulling her hands off Dani's globes, she reaches back and unclasps the only stitch of clothing left between them and lets it fall to the ground and thus freeing her own assets. With nary a tan line, Britney moves her sumptuous bosom flush against Dani's. "See?" she coos. "Nothing fake there..."

Dani bites her tongue in silence, stifling the rising ecstasy within her as the hurt from a moment ago fades into the delight once again. As the singer teasingly rubs their bodices together, she desperately flails against the resurgent passion overwhelming her. Already her tired body has yielded to it...the burning desire everywhere, even the just ravaged tits embracing it...

"And I know they aren't quite as big as yours," Brit murmurs lustily, her own nips now rock hard from their endeavors. "But they are just the perfect size for me. Maybe… if you're good… I'll let you have a close look." Pausing her chafing, she glances down hungrily only to notice the throbbing welts she had wrought. "But look what your mean talk has made me do to you," she pouts softly. "I can fix it though..."

Dani's whole body trembles as Britney's lips envelope her right areola wetly even as a free hand renews its massage of the other side. With sweet circular motions with her tongue, the soloist goads it to further heights of rapture until finally settling in to a rhythmic suckling.

"Oohhhhh Gaawwwddd!" Dani moans in spite of herself. "I hate you!"

Britney pauses and rises up to look Dani in her flustered eyes quizzically. "You don't mean that Topanga, do you? Even after all we have shared?" With a naughty half smile, she casually runs her fingers between the redhead's breasts and down and down...

Dani struggles to even breathe as she feels those electric fingers travel over her sweat-slick belly, only to thrill her bellybutton before moving on farther...until they finally reaching their destination. With a sobbing whimper, her façade of resistance shatters as her thighs part like the Red Sea before the singer's touch.

"I didn't think so," Brit mews as she strokes her steaming new plaything. "I know you like this...and you want it real bad this time don't you? But this time I need to hear you say it first."


"Tell me what you want and I will give it to you...and more, but until you do I will just leave you hanging..." Britney giggles. "Literally! And trust me when I say that I have the means to make you talk!"

Without an answer, the blonde's mouth promptly latches onto the other tit warmly even as her hands continue to work feverishly on both breast and muff. Dani thrashes anew under the onslaught, both wanting to defy and embrace an outcome they both knew.

"I can't...please nooooouuuuuugggghhhhh!"

"I'm waiting...and I do not like to wait." Gently the vocalist's mouth begins to nuzzle its way up until it is actively nibbling Dani's sensitive neck. "Now tell me!"

"Oooooooohhhhhh nooooooo!" It was too much...far too much for anyone to resist. Her bound body ready to explode from the threefold coercion, she finally voices her submission with a blubbering "Yes..."

"Yes what?"


"As you wish you wish, but first there is something I need to do."

Dani whimpers softly as the singer's hands leave her skin for parts unknown, but the sensations that replace it more then make up for the loss. Indistinctly she feels the weight on her legs disappear as Britney arches up to reach something above...the warmth of their bodies rubbing together...and the musky smell of oleanders wafting off of her bronzed torso all melting into a dreamy haze in the murky showers. That is until, with a jarring stab of pain, the blonde releases her leaden arms from its fetters above...

"Now that is better, isn't it?" she coos, taking her seat again on Dani's thighs.

"Yes...yes it is."

"Good!" Britney seductively dismounts and with her hands gently forces Dani's legs wider apart, only to take up position between them. Gliding closer, she descends into the gap until her tawny bush is hungrily met by the gingered one within...wringing a gasp from both twenty something's. Eyeing the actress smokily, Britney presses their bodies even closer and whispers into her ear "Are we ready?"

"Oh Gawd!" Dani waffles even as she hooks her ankles behind the pop star's shapely buttocks. "Ugggghhhhh... yesssss..."

"Ssshhhhhhhhh!" Britney murmurs with nibbling lips, her whole body gently grinding the actress into the cold tile with a rhythm only known to her.

Slowly at first but quickly picking up steam, she begins to thrust her hips firmly into the redhead's...their glistening bodies jiggling with each impact as soon Dani's own legs begin to add force to the collisions. Her eyes pinched shut, Dani's moans grow ever louder as over and over the pop princess's cunt hammers her own...penetrating it and dominating it like never before. And she didn't care anymore. Already she could feel her body getting ready to explode as with every touch and thrust the size of the detonation grew even bigger, but with a flicking of the blonde's tongue the fuse was lit...

Britney relishes the surprise in her rival's lips as she returns the same soul kiss that spelled her downfall not long ago. Their tongues jostling wetly for position as each again explores every inch of the other's mouths, they duel for many breathless moments before the blonde asserts her will. Compelling her kiss even deeper despite Dani's cries, she literally begins to suck the resolve out of her toy until...until...


With the faintest of shudders, Britney feels Dani stiffen in her arms as surely another and perhaps the biggest orgasm wells up within the auburn beauty. Releasing her dewy kiss, the brown-eyed singer gazes intently at the delight twitching across the face before her as the very moment of climax draws near. Then another shudder and the "Boy Meets World" star tosses her head back in a soundless howl, only to have Britney pull it back into her again by its locks... With a tremendous rush, the redhead's hips quiver one last time before orgasming explosively onto and into the pop sensation. Upon release, Dani finally voices the scream she has been holding back so long...only to find it has no where to go. Already lightheaded, she tries to inhale but instead only gets the sweaty hint of musky oleander before again nothing as the darkness slowly closes in...

Brit mashes her plaything's face between succulent melons, virtually sealing off any breathing whatsoever. Even as Dani's crotch continues to pour forth its surrender, she locks the smother in even tighter...deeply enjoying the muffled sucking pleas from within while ignoring the actress's feeble attempts at freedom with her weakened arms. Swiftly reaching her own crest she rocks her hips harder and harder, slapping the redhead's back against the shower tile to the rhythm...

As Dani's arms fall limp from her shoulders, Britney cums violently with a moan and a throaty "Yeeeeesssssssss!!!!"

As the tingling aftershocks roll through her body, the flaxen vocalist closes her eyes blissfully as she continues to sway a few moments atop her hobbyhorse with her smother still in place before grudgingly releasing it. Carefully she pries Dani's flushed features from between her breasts and lays it back to rest against the wall in slumber.

"Did I wear you out Topanga?" she coos teasingly, her eyes exultant on the sleepy pout on the auburn beauty's drooling lips. Moving closer she licks them clean before settling in for a tender kiss. "Mmmmmm...I think I am falling is love or at least a bad case of lust!" she giggles. "But you've gotta work on your stamina! If you keep falling asleep on me like this, I might get a complex that I am not very good...and I KNOW I am good!"

"Ms. Britney? Are...are you in here?" a voice calls from beyond the door.

With a sharp intake of breath, Britney revives from her fiery reverie at the sound of her personal assistant’s voice.

"Yes...what is it Renee?" she answers, rising slightly off her succulent plaything but not without some reluctance.

Reorienting on the sound, the strawberry blonde's look of apprehension fades into one of surprise and concern as she stares into the darkened showers.

"Are you alright? Do you need me to come..."

"I'm fine and NO!" Britney retorts sharply, stopping the P.A. in her tracks. "What did you find out?"

"Oh...well, I called the airport and booked a flight that leaves an hour and a half later for New York City...and I called in a favor at the Ritz-Carlton down the street. They will let us use one of their suites for you to freshen up in if that is OK with you?"

"Perfect!" the pop star murmurs, still basking in the afterglow atop her napping roost. "The Carlton is just wonderful...and their bathtubs! What fun I could have with you in one of those Topanga," she whispers wickedly. "With the two of us, both soapy and dirty at the same time?"

"I'm sorry...what did you say?"

"I said that’s fine!"

"Are you sure you don't need me to..."

"I will be out in a minute Renee...and I HOPE you didn't forget my latte!"

"Oh no, I remembered!" Holding up the Grande for no one to witness, she adds "See?" before realizing how silly she looks and lowering it again with a blush...

"It seems I have to go now," Britney sighs sadly, nuzzling Dani’s slumbering cheek. "I do hope we get to play again soon though...would you like that?" Dani remains strangely mum on the subject, eliciting an impious half-smile from the singer. "Well, until then...," she murmurs, planting yet another wet kiss on those bee stung lips "I guess this is goodbye...but we will hook up again I promise you. Hopefully next time we won't frolic so roughly though."

Stiffly rising off the defeated TGIF star, Britney turns halfheartedly away and stumbles blinking back out into the demolished locker room and her waiting assistant... but as she sips her java while Renee collects her things in shock, Brit knows this is far from over!

"I can't wait!" she sighs.