Danielle Fishel vs. Jodie Sweetin by The Captain+Jackflash

In the weeks leading up to the fight, Jodie Sweetin was outspokenly dismissive of her enthusiastic opponent. "Did you say Dani Fishel? I'm sorry, I thought I was going to have some real competition..." Despite her open disdain for her bubbly and energetic foe, she was seen as the underdog.

Jodie was viewed as old news. Her show was winding down; her star was not on the rise as it once was during "Full House's" heyday. Jodie had become a hardened veteran of the business who had seen her competition come and seen them go. She had put those annoying Olsen twins in their place early on and had done the same with the no talent snipes from "Family Matters" and the other TGIF shows that came and went. Much like her idol and cast mate Candyce Cameron before her, Jodie had held sway over the wanna-be's that proliferated the ABC Friday night lineup, and she had developed a cold, calculating, ruthless cruelty in the process. It wasn't enough to simply beat these girls. She had to do it in such a way that they were permanently cowed before her, never again to threaten her status as the uncrowned TGIF Junior Champion, though no such title actually existed. But things were different with Dani Fishel of "Boy Meets World". This girl could be a real threat to her mantle, and Jodie recognized that right away. Dani had something the other girls didn't. For that reason, 16-year-old Jodie determined that Dani had to be dealt with. Harshly!

For her part, Dani was totally oblivious to this. She was riding a crest of popularity that she couldn't have imagined when she first started in 'the business'. Just about to turn 16 herself, she was living every girl's dream! Starring on a hit TV show, hounded for magazine covers and interviews, public appearances, regular features and posters in teen mags, she was having the time of her young life. Everybody loved her and wanted to work with her on the show. Fan mail was pouring in from girls that wanted to be just like her and from boys that wanted to go out with her, much like they used to write Jodie. Unlike her blonde counterpart however, Dani took the time to faithfully and personally answer as many as possible, taking her new position as role model to thousands of kids to heart. Her beautiful smile lit up a room and she had developed into a beautiful young woman with a body to die for. It was damn near impossible not to love this girl, and her vivaciousness and fun loving nature were infectious. Infectious, that is, to everybody but Jodie.

Jodie and Dani had worked together before Boy Meets World had appeared when Dani had a small guest-starring role in two of Jodie's shows. Jodie had sort of liked her then, but that was before Dani had become a threat to her status as TGIF's head honcho. Jodie needed to stomp this girl and do it now! She got an idea and pitched it to her manager, a sleazy sort that made money off of kids and didn't have any trouble sleeping at night regardless of how he did it. He liked the idea, seeing the writing on his meal ticket's marketability wall as well. So he called the ABC brass and pitched an idea.

"May is sweeps month, right? I've got a great idea for a can't miss sweeps special, guaranteed to blow ratings through the roof." When they asked for details, he continued. "TGIF, but with a twist. After the season finale broadcasts of both 'Full House' and 'Boy Meets World' a special edition of TGIF - 'Thank Goodness It's Fight-night!'" They sat up eagerly and begged her to go on. "We know Jodie and Dani are two of the most popular stars on the TGIF shows, right? Well, put 'em in a wrestling ring with each other LIVE to vie for a new title, something like TGIF Junior World Champion. Not only will the regular viewers watch, but think of the crossover draw. Two nubile young women fighting for a title live on national TV! Two of the most popular girls in TV going at it in a friendly match to determine bragging rights until the Fall season starts. It can't miss!"

Boy did sleazebag know his audience. The network that had brought "Jiggle TV" to the airwaves in the 70's with Charlie's Angels was starved for ratings. What the hell! The girls will have some fun, we'll get a huge ratings coup, and who knows, maybe it could become a regular event. Riding the crest of the resurgent popularity of Professional Wrestling and Jerry Springer, the brass signed off on it. The only question was whether Jodie and Dani would do it.

"Jodie's already on board with the idea. She thinks Dani will do it too, especially if her fans want her to."

"OK, if Dani is OK with it, it's a done deal.


Dani was her usual bubbly self when asked about it, "Sure why not! Sounds like fun." She was in shape; she played football with the guys during breaks from rehearsing so she could take a couple of hits. Besides, she was more than a match for Jodie. To say that Dani had a rosy outlook on things would be a bit of an understatement. But hey, when things are happening for you and the world's your oyster, what could happen? So Dani signed off on it as well. She'd beat Jodie and become the queen of TGIF. How awesome was THAT!!!

The hype began the next day. Almost two months before the actual showdown, ABC began hyping the event. Ignoring the coolness and calculating look and tone coming from Jodie, they promoted it as a grudge match, which was really only half true. Promo spots were filmed with the girls in crop tops and halters, bare midriffs and the latest styles. Dani was even filmed 'sparring' and working out with her costar Ryder Strong. She was having a lot of fun and it showed in her bouncy attitude and her captivating smile.

The contrast between the two women was becoming apparent as the time for the match approached. Though she was three inches shorter and a few pounds lighter than Jodie, Dani was certainly the more fit of the two. Her firm, pert bust was accented by her sleek shoulders and arms, and her trim, sexy waist was an intriguing mixture, toned, but with enough baby softness still to drive any guy wild. She was not shy about flaunting her innocent teenage allure, which made her all the more sexy. With her shoulders naturally back, chest thrust forward, electric smile and mischievous eyes; she was every marketers dream and every young guy's fantasy...and Jodie's nightmare!

Jodie was a different case. She was not as physically attractive or striking as her rival, nor was she in quite the same shape physically. She was not as toned, with a less attractive smile. She was trim, but not as toned as Dani and without that alluring amount of baby fat in the right places. She looked soft. She was attractive to be sure, but in the minds of the public she would be no match for Dani. Add in her less than sunny disposition whenever the subject of Dani was broached and she turned off lots of people. There was a mean streak that people detected, but it was probably due to the rumblings that her show might not be picked up for the next season. They knew nothing about her battles with the other girls behind the scenes or how vicious she had been in putting her foot down on them. As the time of the match approached, Jodie was more determined than ever to put that annoyingly sunny Dani out of commission but good!

With the event just days away, the media was having a field day. Dani had become the darling of the event, the fresh pixie's victory over 'shopworn' Jodie a foregone conclusion. At promotions for the event, Dani played the upbeat, sunny ingénue to Jodie's sober, almost surly rogue. Timing also worked in Dani's favor as well. As fate would have it, the event was scheduled to take place on May 5th, Dani's 16th birthday. What a great 'sweet 16' present would it be for her to become the queen of ABC Friday night! Jodie was growing openly hostile toward Dani in these side-by-side meetings, but it made great TV and fed the media frenzy surrounding the "TGIF Showdown".

For its part, ABC played into Jodie's hands perfectly. They showcased Dani more, made a fuss over her, and played up the rivalry between the two, which truthfully Dani did not feel. They also knew precious little about staging an event of this type, not focusing on the safety of the girls so much as glitz and promotion. This was NOT the WWE, after all. They hired a Chippendale type brainless hunk with absolutely no refereeing experience to oversee the actual match, the ring was not a regulation ring, being more of a 'foxy' ring, and oddest of all, they insisted on it being broadcast LIVE as it happened, not taped, to give it a 'special event' quality. With the event just days away, ABC flooded its marketing with the question: Who would win? The sexy, lithe, up and coming ingénue Dani or the plainer, surly veteran Jodie. The fans' verdict was in. Dani. How could the girl lose? She had it all and it was her 16th BIRTHDAY for crying out loud. How perfect could it be?

From a marketing perspective, ABC couldn't have been happier. Sponsors were lining up at the door to pay top dollar to buy time before the event. You would have thought it was Superbowl Sunday. 'Harmless fun,' they all crowed. Pretty girls, a little powderpuff match, the two girls maybe pulling a little hair, slapping each a bit and then one pinning the other - all very T&A. Hell, they'd done worse fights on Dynasty!

Finally in a crescendo of promotion, the night arrived. First Full House and then Boy Meets World played their season finales, both featuring the respective combatants prominently in the episode. Everything was orchestrated to perfection. And then it was showtime!

Announcers welcomed the viewing audience to TGIF, "Thank Goodness It's Fight-night!" After some perfunctory comments and a DELUGE of 'words from our sponsor', the introductions were made. Jodie was introduced first to a cavalcade of boos and hisses, the blonde having been cast as the heel, largely by her own pre-fight dismissal of Dani and her brusque comments and attitude leading up to the event. Wearing a pair of form fitting jeans and a midriff baring top, black boots and her hair down, she entered with a measured, purposeful stride, smirking at the crowd of about 500 lucky spectators who had won their seats in a lottery drawing held the week before in yet another successful, heavily sponsored TGIF event. Ignoring the boos and catcalls from the mostly young male crowd, she watched for the entrance of her opponent.

Suddenly, cameras shifted to the backstage area where Dani was having a last, quick pre-fight picture taken with Ryder. Dressed in a black sleeveless cropped tanktop, baggy white jeans with a black cloth belt, sneakers and a backwards baseball cap, she looked sexy and fit, the outfit carefully chosen to accent her smooth arms and sexy shoulders, her trim, tasty torso and a peek at her delectable belly button. Her light tan was offset nicely with a silver necklace and matching bracelet. The crowd went wild when Ryder gave her a quick hug and a chaste little kiss for luck and a quick pat on the butt as she started to head into the stage area. To a flood of lights, she bounded into the ring area, slapping high-fives with some of the spectators lining the aisle to the ring. The very picture of effervescent adolescent charm with a ton of innocent sex appeal, she waved to the cheering crowd. There was no doubt about it; Dani was the darling, favorite, and predetermined winner in everyone's mind. What's more, she was having fun!

The 'referee' called the two girls to center ring for 'instructions' - which took only a few seconds as the bozo was clueless about what his duties were supposed to be, though he had the pose and pout stuff down cold. As the two girls stood looking at each other, Dani couldn't help but smile, grinning warmly up at her slightly taller opponent, backwards baseball cap and all. Jodie's answering smile was not as genuine to the naked eye, looking down at her shorter spunkier opponent with a slightly condescending smirk.

Amidst whistles and shouts of encouragement like, "Go get her Dani!" "Girl Rocks Jodie's World" "Do It Up, Dani" and "Kick Her Ass, Topanga!" coming from the crowd, Jodie offered her hand with a congenial smile.

"Good luck, Dani," she said with a pleasant voice. Given her pre-fight petulance, this surprised the crowd.

Dani's grin broadened into her trademark brilliant smile, saying animatedly, "Same to you, Jodie!"

Upon seeing this, everyone relaxed. It had all been hype for the event, Jodie's frostiness during the promotion. That Jodie, the master of PR! Feigning animosity to sell the fight. Good old Jodie. Dani's slight concern evaporated as well. Jodie's a good kid. I knew it was an act. The two shook hands and retreated to their respective corners. Dani bounced slightly nervously on her toes in her corner while Jodie's eyes watched her from across the ring. Then finally the bell sounded! With the crowd screaming support for their heroine Dani, the two girls closed on each other. As Dani reached for Jodie's arm, Jodie slapped her across the face, not hard, but enough to get the crowd's attention. Booing loudly, the spectators admonished the blonde.

"Get her Topanga!" a college student called out, drawing cheers from those around him.

Dani smiled, momentarily rubbing her cheek. She wants to play that way? OK. Bring it on, Jodie. Let's have a little fun. She took a half-playful swipe at Jodie's face, grazing her cheek with a slap as well. Jodie pulled back just at the last instant, nearly avoiding it completely. The match was on, and the crowd, millions of viewers at home, and those ABC brass responsible for this ratings blockbuster sitting in the front row settled in to enjoy the fruits of their triumph with a little harmless T&A on the side.

As the two teens fell in together again, Dani caught Jodie's shoulder, pulling her slightly off balance. Dani quickly took advantage of this and snared the blonde in a side headlock, drawing cheers from her supporters that made up the vast majority of those in attendance, and watching at home, to be truthful. Her face lit up as she smiled brightly to the cheering fans, enjoying the attention and thoroughly enjoying herself. She seemed to grow in confidence, her smooth toned arms rippling as she squeezed the captured blonde's head into her side just like she had practiced, bringing Jodie slowly to her knees. In a few moments, Jodie was struggling to pull free, on her knees, her face trapped in Dani's encircling arm, her head being squeezed by the surprisingly powerful grip of the ash brown imp, her arms waiving in the air, clearly not expecting this to happen to her.

Dazzling grin adorning her face, Dani pulled Jodie to her feet, deftly shifting position, pulling the blonde's chin onto her lithe shoulder and hooking her arm around the back of Jodie's neck, pulling the surprised blonde into a textbook snapmare. The astonished blonde sailed over Dani's shoulder landing roughly on her ass, hair flying around her face and shoulders. From the shocked look on her face, Jodie was clearly not expecting to have such competition from this "baby faced little kiss-ass."

As Dani closed in from behind, Jodie decided that enough was enough. She whirled around and torqued her right fist a direct hit on Dani's navel. The crowd booed vigorously as Dani's eyes widened in surprise as the wind was momentarily knocked out of her, clearly not expecting to be punched like that. With Dani doubled forward slightly, hands covering her tummy, Jodie sneered slightly and grabbed the ash brown's head and flung her chest and face first into the turnbuckle. Dani hung there momentarily, still a little stunned by the low punch. As Jodie advanced quickly, Dani instinctively thrust her hips back into the oncoming blonde, her succulent tight little ass butting into Jodie's lower belly, bending her forward over Dani's back, the bridge of her nose hitting the brim of Dani's backwards cap.

Jodie staggered backward, HER hands covering her belly, allowing Dani to step out of the corner and advance on the astonished Jodie. Shaking off her meeting with the turnbuckle, Dani grabbed and bent over Jodie's wrist and twisted and lifted, putting her in a painful armbar. The fans went wild, as their heroine had turned the tables on wicked Jodie, putting some mileage on that body. Jodie's face scrunched in pain as Dani worked her arm in its socket.

'Where was this girl getting these moves from?' she wondered as Dani twisted. 'The little bitch probably watched wrestling for weeks.'

Dani's toned body was alive with sinuousness as she bent Jodie's arm to her will. Slowly straightening Jodie up, she clamped her arm over the blonde's shoulder, executing an armlock and putting surprising pressure on Jodie's arm, shoulder and pride. Jodie batted at Dani's grip in a futile attempt to break the hold, a grimace on her face, her body shuddering as she struggled against the hold. Working the hold, Dani's smile was infectious, driving all the young guys in the audience and at their TVs to instantly fall in looooove with this sinuously sexy siren. Jodie FINALLY managed to get her hand on something she could push against - Dani's face. With Dani holding the firmly clamped armbar in place and an increasingly more desperate Jodie roughly shoving the heel and fingers of her hand in Dani's face, a war of wills developed between the two girls.

After a few moments, deciding she had worked Jodie's arm enough, Dani shifted her body quickly, slipping her face out from under Jodie's hand, and again captured the blonde in a headlock, a standing headlock this time, encircling her head with her slim, sinewy right arm, pulling Jodie's face into her shoulder. Again the move was met with a raucous cheer from the partisan crowd. Caught in the hold, Jodie tugged on Dani's arm to try to free her increasingly more aching head, to no avail, so she decided to try another plan of attack. She began slapping Dani's sides and belly, but still to no avail. Dani's grip was secure, her arms and shoulders flexing provocatively as she sapped the resistance out of her more angry opponent, grinding her opponent's head vigorously.

In frustration and growing desperation, Jodie wrapped her left arm around Dani's torso, partially raising the tank top exposing some more of the ash brown's supple, toned midriff. The look of surprise that appeared on Dani's face was quickly replaced by a pained look as Jodie took this moment of distraction and BURIED her right fist into Dani's belly. Nevertheless, Dani still held the headlock firmly in place on Jodie's head. Holding Dani's torso still by the arm around her waist, Jodie pounded fists repeatedly into the smooth, bare midriff. With the hold loosening a little as Dani's face blanched slightly under this assault, Jodie grabbed the waist of Dani's baggy jeans and tugged down, exposing her smooth, supple tummy down to and slightly below her navel. A look of total shock developed on the teen's face as she clearly did not expect this. With Dani distracted by the surprise maneuver, Jodie thrust the top of her head upward, cracking loudly and brutally into Dani's chin, snapping her head back suddenly and loosening her headlock. Again she drove her head into Dani's chin, further stunning the youngster. A third time! Finally Dani's headlock loosened enough for Jodie to pull free.

Slipping out of headlock, Jodie slipped behind her somewhat glassy eyed opponent. Pulling an arm behind her back in a painful hammerlock, the blonde snaked her other arm around the stunned girl's neck, wrapping it tightly around her windpipe. The crowd exploded in a chorus of boos as Jodie held their favorite in the painful hold. Dani's pert chest strained against her top as her shoulder was pulled painfully back, thrusting her tender young breasts forward. Dani grimaced as her shoulder and arm were painfully wrenched behind her. Tugging hard at Jodie's arm around her neck, the ash brown's arm and shoulders tensed with her struggle.

Having her rival trussed up painfully this way, Jodie began to walk her slightly smaller foe toward the ropes. Reaching them, Jodie leaned Dani face forward into the strands. If the referee had any experience at all, he would have known to require a break at the ropes, but since he was no more than window dressing, Jodie continued her attack unhindered, shoving the Boy Meets World star's neck into the ropes. Dani's young teenage breasts jutted out above the second rope as she was painfully forced into the vinyl covered strands. With Dani beginning to gag from the combined throat pressure of cable and Jodie's arm, the blonde stepped back a half step and KNEED her hard in the ass.

"Unnnnnnggghhh!" Dani grunted as Jodie's knee impacted the base of her spine, splitting her supple ass cheeks.

Eyes rolling in her head, the beleaguered Boy Meets World star's knees buckled and she sank to the mat, hung up in the ropes with Jodie leaning on her back, arm still twisted up behind. The crowd, seeing Dani's predicament, booed lustily and shouted encouragement to the young actress to turn the tide. Jodie pulled Dani roughly back to her feet. Spinning her around, she clamped a standing headlock on the slightly shorter girl, wrapping her left arm around her head and pulling her face into her shirt above her left breast.

Dani's supple sinewy arm flailed backwards causing her pert titties to project forward even more than her usual posture dictated. Getting control of herself, Dani reached up, grabbed Jodie's encircling arm with both hands, and began tugging downwards, attempting to loosen the pressure on her head, but Jodie held fast, smiling and pumping a couple of direct hit roundhouse right's into her captive's undefended left breast, mashing the pert tittie beneath its concealing tank top. Her eyes crossing in sudden sharp pain, Dani tugged even harder. With both of Dani's arms up tugging on Jodie's encircling arm, her tank top hiked even further up her midriff.

Their bare midriff's touching one another, Jodie chuckled, "Well baby doll, why don't we show these love struck puppy dogs a little more of what you've been teasing them with, hmmmm?"

Her voice was playful as Jodie's right hand slid down to Dani's waist, tiptoed across Dani's supple midsection, loosened her cloth belt a touch and tugged down the loose waist of her baggy pants, exposing her belly button and the tender tummy beneath. Dani was mortified! Afraid that Jodie was going to drop her drawers completely, she renewed her struggle. Remembering a trick she had been shown while she was practicing for the event, she quickly dropped both of her hands from their thus far futile effort at pulling Jodie's arm off and instead rested them on the blonde's torso, one on her bare belly, the other on her bare back. Using her legs, she began to run both of them toward the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Stopping in the middle of the ring, she flung the surprised Jodie hurtling forward into the ropes. Hitting them back first, the blonde bounced back off of them, careening back towards the middle of the ring. With Jodie hurtling towards her, Dani braced herself, lowered her shoulder, leaned forward and KERTHUNK!!

Dani's shoulder plowed into Jodie's sternum with a thunderous, hollow bang, flattening the blonde's breasts and dropping her to the mat like an ax-felled mule, her longish blonde hair flying. Dani stood above her, shaken a bit by the violent collision, catching herself before she, too, could fall. Jodie lay totally dazed at Dani's feet as the ash brown-haired girl regarded her coolly. Jodie had crossed the line when she had gone after her pants. Hauling the dazed blonde to her unsteady feet, Dani grabbed her arm and began to whirl her around in a circle, ultimately whipping her across the ring into the ropes. Bouncing off them, Jodie again careened back toward the waiting Dani. Her toned body tensed in waiting, Dani stood her ground, lowered her shoulder again and speared the baffled blonde in the breastbone again, this time wrapping her arms around her and driving her back-first into the mat, Dani landing on top of her. The crowd went crazy. Dani was RULING! It was all they expected. In a matter of moments, Dani would pin the little bitch and be crowned Queen of TGIF!

Dani slowly got up off of the besieged blonde, slowly pulling her off the mat by her hair with her. Suddenly, Jodie stooped to a new low, violently thrusting her fist up between Dani's legs and landing flush on her womanhood. Dani went pale as the fist impacted a direct hit on her pubic mound with a resounding THUD! Immediately Dani's knees went weak as her hands flew to her assaulted crotch. With Dani immobilized in front of her, staggering slightly from the intense pain rocketing through her emanating from her crotch, Jodie took her time climbing to her feet, a malicious smile spreading across her face as she regarded her stunned rival.

With Dani bent slightly forward trying in vain to massage her womanhood, Jodie arrogantly approached her, "Tough girl, huh?"

Grabbing the shoulder strap of her rival's tank top, Jodie straightened Dani up momentarily before snapping her head back sharply with a crudely executed European Uppercut. Dani staggered back a step, stunned and in great pain, hands still in her throbbing crotch. Jodie yanked her back to her by the strap of her top. Again she thrust her arm upwards, CRACKING the teen's chin with her forearm a second time, snapping her head back again violently. Dani's knees went wobbly and her hands went to her face, opening up that tender belly. Jodie wasted no time, burying her fist into the slight girlish belly-pudge that surrounded her navel on Dani's smooth stomach. Dani 'whuffed' and her hands dropped to her sides as Jodie pulled her back again.

With Dani dazed and unsteady on her feet, glassy eyed and stunned at what has just been done to her, Jodie, holding her by the strap of her top, cocked her fist, smiled maliciously and said in a sarcastic cooing voice, just loud enough for Dani to hear her over the crowd noise, "Oh, by the way... Happy Birthday, Dani..."


The fist impacted Dani right between the eyes, snapping her head back sharply, Jodie PLANTED her fist in Dani's face. Letting go of her strap, she allowed the crowd's chastely sexy darling to fall like a tree in the woods, landing heavily on her back. Shaking her head slightly trying to get control of her spinning vision, Dani lay on her back, totally stunned by this turn of events. As she lay on her back, Jodie dropped to her knees, sinking her right one into Dani's stomach, causing her to jackknife off the mat slightly. Jodie caught the back of her neck in her left hand, sneering at the suddenly overmatched ash brown. "And let's get rid of this stu-pid HAT!!!" she derided her rival. "You look like a 10 year old playing 'street gang rapper'." Ripping it roughly off her downed foe's head causing her hair to cascade down over her shoulders, she tossed it into the crowd.

Glassy-eyed Dani managed to protest, "Hey. Mark McGwire gave me that hat."

Jodie slapped her sharply across the face causing Dani's hair to fly around her head.

"Shut up, bitch," she chided, still pinning Dani to the mat by the knee in her belly belly-pudge, pressing down on it sharply for added effect.

Dani groaned, eyes closing and breath hissing from her. Getting up off her foe, Jodie watched as Dani floundered from her back to her tummy, gasping for breath. Getting her arms beneath her, she slowly got to her elbows, still trying to stop her vision from spinning. As she unsteadily crawled toward the ropes, Jodie planted her foot on Dani's backside and gave a quick shove. Dani landed face and tits first on the mat, her hair flying with the sudden change of direction. Hitting with a thud, she tried to figure out where things had gone wrong for her. Getting to her hands and knees again, she crawled toward the ropes again. Jodie decided to help her along with a painful pull of her luxurious thick hair. Dani's hand flew to her hair, a scream escaping her full lips as she tried to lessen the pain of the pull.

Finally reaching the edge of the ring, she desperately grabbed the rope, forcing Jodie to break the painful hair pull. Nothing happened. Knowing that getting to the ropes would force Jodie to break her hold under wrestling rules, Dani pulled on the ropes with an exaggerated motion, making sure the referee saw her. 'Come on, break it up,' she said in pain in her head. Nothing happened! She stared wildly at the referee and froze with panic. He was watching the action, a leering smile adorning his face in his ignorance, staring right at her and doing nothing. 'He's CLUELESS!' said the fear in her mind. "Break the hold! I'm at the ropes!" she screamed in a voice testy and laced with alarm. "You're supposed to break the hold!"

The totally uncomprehending look she saw reminded her of a deer that was about to be plastered by an 18-wheeler. This guy had obviously been selected for his physical attributes and not his mental capacity. Trying one more time, she screamed at him, "Break the hold, damn it!" The look of confusion on his face, confusion mixed with horny lust made her heart sink within her. Jodie was out of control, she was stuck in this with no way out, and this clown was going to be of absolutely no help in any way; in fact he was getting off on it. 'You're on your own, Dani,' she realized in a panic. Realized too late.

Jodie meantime was smiling from ear to ear. This couldn't have been better. Dani was clueless to the danger she was in, this moron had no clue about what he was supposed to be doing or the rules he was supposed to enforce, and it was all LIVE! Dani was toast! She made a mental note to send a thank you letter to the ABC brass for this wonderful setup, a setup that Jodie had no plans of wasting. Malevolently grinning, she hauled her overmatched rival to her feet and pressed her back into the ropes. Dani pushed her hand into Jodie's face, trying to back her off, but Jodie leaned in on the ash brown. Pressing her torso into Dani's, Jodie pressed her back into the ropes. Supple bodies straining against each other's, the two nubile young women vied for control, Dani to regain it, Jodie to maintain it. Jodie had all the leverage, boots planted firmly on the mat and leaning in on the trapped Dani who, off balance and backed at an angle deep into the less than taught ropes, had none. Her trim, slender body struggled as she fought to extricate herself from the ropes. Her sleek arms, shoulders and back tensed with her exertion. Grabbing the ropes on either side of her quarry, Jodie pulled back and thrust her upper body into Dani's, her tits mashing Dani's own pert globes.


Again Jodie pulled back, thrusting her torso into Dani's, her softer belly smacking Dani's trimmer tummy with a damp 'slap' and her breasts flattening Dani's.


A third time she pulled back, driving in again on her glassy-eyed besieged opponent, raising her knee as she closed in, pumping it up into her crotch with a shocking THUD as she pounded her writhing foe's slim form yet again. Dani's hair flew as she was pounded relentlessly by her vindictive attacker. The crotch shot buckled her knees as she sank into the ropes dazed, hanging by her arms which were hooked over the top rope. A moan escaped her lips as she hung stunned, hair cascading over her face, partially obscuring the look of pain there. Jodie smirked.

"Punk," she muttered as she clamped a claw hold/eye gouge on little Dani. Dani's body instantly sprang to life as she writhed in the ropes. Moaning, she thrashed about on the ropes, the debilitating hold working its magic on the overmatched ash brown. Her mind engulfed in pain, she clutched at Jodie's hands, trying to lessen the pain on her eyes. Her chest heaved as the throbbing increased around her eyes. Holding Dani pinned to the ropes by the face, Jodie used her free hand to begin loosening the woven cloth belt that settled gently about Dani's hips. The gyrations of Dani's supple torso and succulent young hips combined with the loosened belt to open up the relaxed waist of her baggy white pants, causing it to hang loosely about her tender hips and exposing her smooth, soft tummy and belly button. With such an open, undefended and inviting target, Jodie helped herself to a claw full of Dani's tender belly meat, her fingertips plunging into the luscious mound unimpeded.

Attacked on two fronts simultaneously, tears of pain and frustration welled in Dani's eyes. Jodie was making a fool of her and she could do little about it. Hearing the crowd chanting her name, she tried to fight back, but the fiery pain in her eyes and the spasmed cramping from her tender tummy immobilized her. She hung writhing weakly on the ropes, unable to mount a counter attack, her mind blinded with this two-pronged assault. She was Jodie's until she decided to release her.

With Dani all but immobilized, Jodie decided it was time to kick it up a notch. Beating Dani wasn’t enough; she had to break her, shatter her fiery young spirit, her youthful exuberance. Pulling Dani off the ropes by the claw to her eyes, Jodie dragged the stumbling youngster a couple steps into the ring, then tearing away the claw, she smiled as Dani screamed and her nubile body shivered in pain. With Dani glassy-eyed and swaying, Jodie clamped a hand under her chin and, cinching her jaw, she lifted the struggling youngster up on her tippy-toes and marched her around the ring! Dani's face tilted to one side, her full lips spread in a grimace of pain, her brilliant white teeth revealed, her dazed eyes unfocused as the tendons in her neck bulged against her smooth skin.

Dani staggered backward wherever Jodie pushed, fighting back weakly as the holds took their toll on her. As she writhed in Jodie’s grip, the waistband of Dani’s pants slipped until it rested low on her hips, giving the crowd a good look at her wildly heaving belly and, every now and then, a peek of the waistband of her bikini panties below the remaining pubescent swell below her belly button. Finally, Jodie backed the malleable, up-and-coming, TGIF star against a turnbuckle and held her there by the throat. As Dani struggled, pinned against the corner, Jodie reapplied her effort to Dani's now near useless belt, succeeding in undoing it, then ripping it out of the loops. Dani's pants slid down and rode low on her supple hips, her writhing belly pumping madly in her efforts to free herself until Jodie unloaded her fist deep into the exquisitely framed target, even cruelly twisting her wrist on impact. The THUD of her fist burying itself in Dani’s soft belly ended Dani's protestations with a low, guttural groan.

Dani’s visibly sagged into the corner, a lack of air and the fierce torment of her tenderized midriff taking the starch out of her defiance. Jodie smiled, released the chokehold and watched as Dani slowly puddled on her ass in the corner. Dragging the worn-down brunette beauty to her feet by her hair, Jodie giggled at Dani’s screeching protests all the way up. Then Jodie swung Dani around by the arm and hurled her into the ropes, her chest, belly and neck all hitting the strands simultaneously. Dani’s body slumped into the ropes, hanging by her arms draped over the middle rope as she dropped to her knees with her head bowed between the ropes.

Jodie bent down and picked up Dani's belt from where it had fallen and approached her with a vicious gleam in her eye. Stopping behind her stunned foe, Jodie grabbed first one arm, then the other and pulled them backward, stretching them out behind Dani’s back, crossed her wrists and held them with one hand as she slipped the belt around Dani's biceps and pulled it tightly, cinching her arms high behind her, pulling back painfully on her shoulders and thrusting her pert titties out like beacons in her tight tanktop. The strain on Dani’s shoulders caused her top to ride up higher on her midriff until the bottom was even with the bottom of her black lace bra beneath. A resigned grimace on Dani's face showed her pain and humiliation.

"Get up!" Jodie commanded, prodding the poor trussed up ingenue in the ass with her toe. Then grabbing Dani by the hair, she agonizingly pulled her to her feet as Dani hissed in pain and a small whimper escaping her lips as a tear ran down her cheek. Clearly not expecting an unethical, cheating and brutal attack from Jodie, Dani could do little to stop it. She stood her ground in the center of the ring as Jodie stepped back, hands on hips and appraised her condition. "So the Golden Girl gets her comeuppance," she purred. "Little Dani gets her ass kicked!"

Jodie laughed as she slapped Dani's face sharply, torquing her head to the side…SMACK…sending her hair flying. Back the other way she slapped her, WHACK, snapping her face back around. Then entwining a hand in Dani's hair again, she pulled her nose to nose and hissed. "You're NOTHING you little prick tease. You hear me, NOTHING!" she squealed directly into Dani's face, punctuating her diatribe with a solid punch to her stomach.

Dani's face blanched, her eyes shot wide open as air puffing between her quivering lips as her knees buckled. Jodie’s fist drove inward and buried itself deep in the softness of Dani’s belly. With a supreme effort, Dani struggled to right herself again, standing her ground, unable to run or fight back - only to stand proud and defiant as several members of the audience called for the match to be stopped and for the clueless referee to intervene. Someone stood and started to make his way toward the ring but a loud voice stopped him in his tracks.

"STOP!" the young executive who’d OK'd the extravaganza screamed in a voice that couldn’t be disputed. "Let it continue. We're on live TV and people are expecting to see a Queen of TGIF. The sponsors paid BIG money for this and they deserve to get their money's worth. The viewers and sponsors deserve a definite winner and they WILL get one!"

Then he sat down in the front row and continued watching. Those who thought to interfere backed off as well, leaving Dani at Jodie's mercy - not that Jodie was inclined to be merciful! She slapped Dani's face from side to side, whipping the youngster's hair in all directions as her head was buffeted until it drooped forward on her neck. That’s when Jodie lowered her attack zone, targeting Dani's perfectly perky young breasts. Pinching the erect nipples in her thumb and fingers, the blonde draw a shriek of pain from her captive. Twisting, tweaking and squeezing the hard nipples, Jodie abused her firm young breasts until the crowd figured Dani would surely collapse from the pain.

Ceasing her pinching attack, Jodie began to punch Dani's tits, swinging her fists back and forth, batting her boobs back and forth like a pair of speedbags. Dani blanched from the abuse of her tender breast flesh, the corners of her mouth twitching with her effort not to break down and begin bawling her eyes out. Futilely, she struggled to free her arms, but the tightly constricting belt held her arms together securely. Dani’s chest heaved like a bellows with her effort to breathe as unuttered sighs crowded her throat and heated her throbbing chest as she slowly sank to her knees, her will to resist breaking down under Jodie’s fistic onslaught.

As Jodie watched her rival slump to her knees, her smile grew. SHE was the Queen of TGIF, not this little bitch pretender. Dani's show would probably be canceled, but either way, she’d be so humiliated she’d never set foot on a sound stage again. Jodie would have disposed of her most serious threat in years. Dani, so full of energy, her smile so radiant, her personality so infectious; broken by the wizened veteran! But there was still more to do to insure Dani was under her heel for good, once and for all. Hair-hauling Dani back to her feet, Jodie repositioned the panting brunette in front of her and began to fire punches into that now exposed belly, pounding Dani’s soft belly button mound and the smooth skin below until it glowed with a pretty pink flush. Dani's belly rippled and jiggled as Jodie blasted away at her weakening abs. The throaty moans and gurgles that escaped from between Dani's pain-stretched lips and gritted pearly white teeth gave evidence to the suffering the little starlet was enduring.

Slowly, although Jodie was holding her by the hair, Dani sank to her knees, her throbbing firm tits thrust out at attention by her arms still trussed behind her. Dani was helpless to stop Jodie’s brutalization of her body as her smooth belly turned a bright red under the cruel, relentless, hammering of Jodie's fists. Then the evil blonde fired an uppercut into Dani’s ash brown's pelvic mound and a sickening THUMP echoing through the hushed arena. Dani's face turned white and she looked like she was about to throw up. Instead, she pitched forward onto her face, her fall unbroken by her arms trussed behind her as she smashed to the canvas on her face, breasts and belly. Jodie smiled a cruel smile as she regarded the fallen nubile girl laid out before her. She could see that Dani wasn’t out cold although her chest and belly were pumping rapidly with her effort to breathe. Jodie’s smile broadened as she prepared to put her indelible mark on Dani so that any other little bitch who thought she might supplant her would get an object lesson. Releasing the belt from Dani's upper arms, Jodie let her arms flop free, dropping to the mat at either side of the fallen Dani’s body. Slipping the belt over Dani's head, Jodie wrapped it around her eyes and PULLED TIGHT, cinching the belt around her head covering her eyes. Pulling it as tight as she could, Jodie blinded Dani who was sobbing as the belt bit into her face and tugged painfully at her hair.

Pulling Dani to her feet by the belt, Jodie released her and watched with a condescending smirk as Dani staggered blindly around the ring, her hands frantically tugging and pulling at the belt trying to remove it or at least ease its biting grip. Grabbing her by the back of her waistband, Jodie played with Dani as she tried unsuccessfully to pull the belt from her eyes. Pulling her back to her, Jodie forced her hand down the front of Dani’s loose pants. She grabbed the front of her playtoy's bikini panties and hauled up, giving Dani’s slit a vicious wedgie! Dani fumbled blindly until her hands closed on Jodie’s wrist and pulled her hand up out of her pants. But Jodie kept her grip on Dani’s panties and it only increased the pain of her wedgie until Jodie lost her grip.

With tears welling in her blinded eyes, Dani whirled and lashed out blindly, but Jodie ducked and drove a hard uppercut into the blinded young girl's gut. WHOOF! Dani lost a lungful of air but she stubbornly swung again, again hitting only air. Jodie slapped her sharply, knocking Dani aside. Over and over the scene was repeated, Dani desperately, futilely, swinging at where Jodie had been only to miss and get a cuff, punch or a slap in return. Dani was being made a fool of, toyed with by a merciless young woman bent on her destruction! Tears of anger, pain, helplessness and panic flooded into Dani’s eyes as she futilely lashed out at someone she couldn't see, sounds she couldn't locate and an attacker she couldn't stop. Dani’s staggering slowed as the abuse mounted and began to take a toll on her stamina. With helplessness overtaking her, Dani stumbled and staggered blindly around the ring, trying in vain to force a halt to Jodie's cruelty. She might as well have tried to fill the Grand Canyon with a teaspoon; Jodie wouldn’t be denied her satisfaction. Every heart in the crowd ached for Dani’s plight; the sweet, energetic, infectious, upbeat bubbly kid had been reduced to ashes, a pitiful, aimlessly wandering, helpless, hopeless plaything for Jodie's amusement and cruel vindictiveness.

"Give up, Dani," many screamed in sadness, brought to tears of sympathy for this poor kid. "Quit! Give up before it's too late."

It wouldn't happen, however! Dani wouldn’t, couldn’t quit. Her pride and belief in herself and fair play as much as her starry-eyed wonder of celebrity simply wouldn't permit it. Instead, she wandered aimlessly, being buffeted, hammered, pounded mercilessly by a blonde bent on her utter destruction. As Jodie sensed Dani’s imminent collapse, she closed in for the kill. Coming up behind the blinded starlet, Jodie grabbed her neck, slid her hand up under her jaw and hauled back. When Dani’s head was forced back roughly to Jodie's shoulder, the blinded girl was at her enemy’s mercy; yet Dani knew she’d get none.

"What did I ever do to you?" Dani wondered plaintively in her screaming, crying mind.

With her vulnerable neck bared, Dani feared the worst and Jodie didn’t disappoint her. As Dani raised her arms to try to get Jodie's hand from her throat, the gesture raised her crop top far enough that the bottom of the lace bra became exposed. Her torso straining with her toned arms, Dani desperately, blindly tried to ease the pressure on her windpipe. Balling her other hand in a fist, Jodie thrust it into Dani’s unguarded and unprepared midriff once, twice, three times - one on the belly button, one just above it and the third plunging deep into her midriff tucking in and up under her ribs. Dani’s body shuddered as Jodie's blows ripped into her last reserves of strength, driving deep into the lush sweetness of her young body. Dani’s knees turned to jello and she nearly fell to them. In fact, Jodie wrestled Dani down on her knees, her weight bearing down on the beaten young Dani whose arms started to drop to her sides as her will to fight on disappeared.

With Jodie standing behind the kneeling Dani, she loosened the belt a bit to relieve the pressure on Dani's eyes. But the respite was short-lived, because Jodie only slid it down around Dani’s delicate neck, then cinched it tight again and jerked back on her pet's new leash! Dani's eyes widened as her air was cut off. Her pert titties danced on her chest as she struggled for the little air that could slip past the choker. Panic filled her eyes; panic such as she’d never known in her life. Her chest and belly heaving, her eyes wide in terror, fear overtook Dani and she began to break down sobbing.

Jodie was totally oblivious, bent as she was on Dani's destruction. Pulling on her ‘leash’, Jodie dragged the thrashing Boy Meets World star to her feet. With Dani gagging and tugging desperately at the belt around her neck, was forced to follow Jodie as she took her ‘dog’ for a walk around the ring. Strutting leisurely around the ring, Jodie pulled a bent over, stumbling, frantic Dani along behind her. Jodie reveled in the boos that cascaded down on her for she knew she’d broken their little darling. She strutted it up good, shaking her hips sexily, undulating her torso temptingly while dragging a helpless Dani behind her. Whenever Dani began to stagger, Jodie roughly jerked her forward. Catching her red-faced rival in her arms, she clamped them around Dani’s torso and locked her hands behind her.

Face to face, breast to breast, belly to belly, Jodie held Dani in her lethal bearhug; squeezing as tightly as she could, she wrung the remaining will-to-resist from Dani. Dani's head tipped back in agony, her limp arms dangling at her sides as her lithe young body was beaten to the breaking point. Only barely able to breathe, the belt wrapped around her neck, her hair cascading down her back, her slack mouth gaping, her eyes closed as tears ran from the corners of her eyes, Dani was a beaten young girl! Jodie pulsed her arms and bounced the helpless youngster in her embrace and Dani visibly sagged. Overwhelmed by the assault, she surrendered to Jodie's cruel vindictiveness. Her head lolling back, her face flushed and dark red from lack of air, the attack had taken a terrible toll on her. Dani was beaten! Jodie smiled cruelly and, opening her arms, let Dani collapse in a heap at her feet.

Raising her arms in triumph, Jodie posed over the broken, battered body of her beaten rival as Dani lay spread-eagle on the mat flat on her back, her useless arms flung wide, her legs in a V and her disheveled voluminous hair covering her crimson face as Jodie knelt next to her and loosened the belt, whipping it from around her neck roughly. Still kneeling by Dani, Jodie watched as the little brunette opened her mouth to gulp down precious air; her tender chest rising and falling frenetically, her red belly pumping madly; Dani's depleted body struggled to replenish her air deficit. Jodie smiled, it was time to put the baby away. Reclining nonchalantly across her used up opponent, Jodie covered Dani's shoulders with her torso, then looked up and waved the referee over with a crook of her pinkie finger. Nodding, he returned his attention to the match from where it had been - in his pants. This they HAD taught him - he could count to three although the jury was still out about how much further he could go.

'When one girl's shoulders are pinned to the mat, you start counting to three,' they’d told him and it was time to fulfill his destiny.

The crowd booed as the referee began to count while Jodie lounged casually arrayed across Dani's shoulders grinning and flicking a piece of hair back off her face. Just before the ref's hand hit the mat for the third time to end of the match, she suddenly pulled Dani's left shoulder up. Now that the pinned girl's shoulders were no longer both on the mat, the referee had to stop counting. Jodie smiled wickedly as she pushed her playtoy's shoulder back down, again reclining sexily across Dani while pressing the heel of her right hand down in the soft pillow of Dani's struggling belly, impeding her desperate attempts to breathe. As Dani weakly protested from beneath Jodie, the ref restarted his count.

"One... Two... Thr… Nope!”

Jodie again pulled Dani’s shoulder up, then pushed it down. They repeated this dance a third time…then a FOURTH! Each time, just as the referee was about to slap the mat a third time, Jodie stopped it. The crowd booed Jodie lustily but she wasn’t content to just beat Dani, she was tormenting her…humiliating her. Even now, Jodie wanted more! Rolling her helpless rival onto her belly, she stood and planted her foot on Dani’s black cropped tank top between her shoulders, flattening her chest and youthful breasts beneath her on the mat. Pumping her foot down on her beaten foe's back, Jodie repeatedly mashed Dani's succulent young globes into the unyielding canvas, forcing them to mushroom out to the sides. Dani lay moaning, her young body spasming under her vanquisher's cruel boot as her tender tits were systematically and repeatedly crushed.

Tiring of that, Jodie gave a last forceful SHOVE leaving Dani spasming beneath her with her face on the mat, hidden by her thick hair as she sobbed brokenly. Dani’s night of triumph and stardom had become a cruel night of torture and humiliation. Jodie had utterly destroyed her, how could Dani face people again? Sensing her hopelessness, Jodie kneeled straddling Dani, pinning her torso to the mat as she leaned over and grabbed her thick hair. Jodie pulled Dani’s head up and back, exposing her tear streaked face to the crowd which gasped in dismay.

Then clamping her other hand on Dani’s exposed throat, Jodie bent down and put her lips to Dani's ear and whispered venomously, almost purring, "Well, baby doll? Have you had enough? Do you surrender?"

Dani’s eyes were shut in weariness and pain, her mouth hung open in worn down supplication and humiliation as tears seeped from her eyes. She could take no more and, in spite of her invincible pride and spirit, she knew she had no choice, "Please... no more," she whispered brokenly, pitifully. "I surrender."

Her heart turned to ashes in her chest, her youthful exuberance extinguished; snuffed out by the cruel, heartless destruction reaped upon her by her rival. On her birthday, Dani had been destroyed by her blonde nemesis. Her body visibly slumped as she surrendered to her superior opponent. Jodie hissed, "YESSSS!!!!!" as she released the beaten girl's head and pushed her forward, letting her fall facefirst to the mat with a loud THUNK!

Jodie started to get off of her beaten rival, but decided one more humiliation was needed. To get the pin she wanted and humiliate Dani beyond a reasonable point, Jodie rolled her back onto her back and with the slack-jawed brunette unable to stop her, Jodie slowly lowered her bare midriff and belly over Dani’s victim's face, sealing her away. The referee saw Dani's shoulders on the mat and began to count.

"One... Two... Three!"

This time, Jodie didn’t get up as Dani struggled weakly beneath her; slapping weakly, pathetically, at Jodie’s sides and hips. Dani tried to push Jodie off, but Jodie had her! Soon, Dani's desperate slapping became little love pats on Jodie's bare sides as she was forced further into oblivion and defeat. At the finish, they were almost like a sensual rubbing as Dani’s foggy brain tried to get the blonde's midriff off of her face. Finally, with her air gone, her body beaten, her mind going from gray to black, it was all too much and Dani’s body lay still as her arms slipped down Jodie’s smooth sides and dropped lifeless to the mat.

Feeling Dani go unconscious beneath her, Jodie raised her head and screamed, "Take THAT you little bitch!!"

Climbing off of her beaten rival, Jodie was euphoric as she planted a boot on Dani's shallowly rising and falling chest. She posed for the crowd with her boot planted firmly on Dani's pert tits, flattening the fleshy teenage globes while she flexed her biceps as she totally ignored the slack-jawed sleeping beauty at her feet. She’d ground the pretender to dust beneath her boot heel, proven her mettle by banishing Dani Fishel into oblivion!

But a funny thing happened on Dani's way to oblivion; a chant started in the back of the crowd and slowly swelled to a crescendo, "To-PAN-ga! To-PAN-ga! To-PAN-ga!"

In spite of her crushing defeat by Jodie, the crowd still rallied behind Dani! They loved HER, not Jodie! Jodie was history; Dani was the future! As Jodie heard the chant gather power, she removed her heel from Dani’s chest, the only sign of life being the slow rise and fall of Dani's supple torso as she began to breathe regularly while the blonde stood and scowled at the crowd. What are they, blind? Hadn't they seen her dismantle that little bitch right before their eyes? Didn't they see how worthless Dani was? What a pretender she was? No! It wasn't possible. She’d gone too far for by literally destroying Dani, she’d elevated her to greater heights. She was the innocent, cute, energetic, chastely sexy martyr!

Jodie couldn't believe it and she screamed at the crowd, "She's a fraud! I'M the queen of TGIF! She's a loser!" The more she railed, however, the more they rallied behind their fallen angel. Dani was their choice for TGIF Queen, win or lose and no amount of humiliation would change it.

"To-PAN-ga! To-PAN-ga!" they chanted, the chant getting louder and more energetic with each passing moment. Now they were on their feet, clapping to the chant. "To-PAN-ga! To-PAN-ga! To-PAN-ga!"

Jodie covered her ears! How could they rally behind that worthless loser bitch? She looked wildly to the young exec who’d put together the show. He was on his feet chanting with the rest of them! Jodie's heart turned to ashes! She was toast and she knew it! She’d cooked her own goose! Suddenly fearful, she ran from the ring, leaving her beaten rival where she lay. Not stopping, Jodie raced down the aisle, a wild look in her eyes and disappeared through the curtain with applause for her departure hounding her every step. With the evil blonde gone, the crowd turned its attention to their fallen princess in the ring. Dani's chest and belly rose and fell more steadily now, regaining her breath as she began to come around. The young studio exec clambered into the ring and knelt at her side as did a couple of other spectators.

As Dani came to, she was amazed to see the concern on their faces dissolve into joy. The shame she felt as her mind was shutting down had already began to dissipate and be replaced with the amazing revelation that the crowd still supported her! Even though she’d been ravaged, she was still OK in their eyes. Emboldened by their belief in and support of her, Dani struggled to sit up with the aid of those around her. A thunderous ovation greeted her as she sat up with the help of her friends, then when she slowly rose to her feet, the crowd stood cheering their new TGIF Queen. Dani couldn't hide her smile as she was helped from the ring to a chant of, "Dani-elle, Dani-elle," replacing "To-PAN-ga!" Seeing her beautiful smile set the crowd off again in wild and enthusiastic applause until she too disappeared through the curtain, leaving the crowd chanting her name.

The fallout was swift and clear. The next day, ‘Full House’ was canceled by the network citing slipping ratings. But industry insiders acknowledged Jodie's excessive brutality of the innocent young Dani was the true reason. ‘Boy Meets World’ moved into a prime time slot in the TGIF lineup and Dani was given an even more prominent role, becoming one of two main characters. Her face and figure were also on display in various fan magazines and several network sponsored events. As for the special, the ratings went through the roof! ABC asked Dani to defend her TGIF Queen title the next spring against Melissa Joan Hart of the new ‘Sabrina’ series, but Dani declined, citing a friendship with Hart that few even knew existed! Dani did NOT, however, rule out the possibility of a rematch with Jodie. This time, it’d be on Dani’s terms and she’d be ready for anything Jodie might throw at her.