Danielle Fishel vs. Michelle Williams by Hawkeye 11-Jul-99

WB programming executives didn't raise profits for their megaconglomerate communications empire by being slow on their feet and close-minded to somewhat risqué opportunities. So when word filtered to the suits through unnamed sources on the set of Dawson's Creek that Michelle Williams had totaled Katie Holmes and that production would have to be halted for a few days, the execs went about making lemonade out of lemons.

With the fledgling WB network needing all the publicity it could get, throwing their nubile young Dawson star Michelle Williams out as a challenger to take on an established star from one of the Big Four networks seemed like a no lose proposition. Production was already down for Dawson's Creek, so if Michelle lost and was beaten up in the meantime, this could serve as punishment without any shooting time lost, if she won, all the better. The positive pub for the WB against an established network would be gold.

Surprisingly, ABC almost immediately threw its hat in the ring with Danielle Fishel. Seeing an opportunity to slow down the Dawson's Creek momentum was too good of an opening to pass up and Danielle Fishel was extremely excited to get a shot at one of the Dawson primadonnas. "What made them so special as to get movie deals?" she thought to herself. She had the talent, but hadn't received the opportunity. Well, now opportunity was knocking on the door and Danielle saw herself knocking around a little blond bimbo's ass.

Danielle strode to the ring confidently in a small, intricately patterned, rust-colored top and tight denim shorts with no footwear. Her breasts threatened to overflow from the top of her upper garment while her tanned midriff was left open underneath. Her muscular buttocks gave the material in her shorts an especially eye-catching line and her tawny legs were a sight to behold, as well.

Danielle climbed through the ring ropes ran over to the opposite ropes and bounced off toward where she had entered. For the grappler without the supposed experience, her self-assured demeanor was palpable. She was on the short side, but what there was of her was solid as a rock and she knew it. She stood in the middle of the ring and stared back from where she had come. Slowly a petite blond in black made her way through the red curtain that separated the ring area from backstage.

Michelle inched her way down the aisle. She still didn't understand how she had been railroaded into this match, but she knew she didn't want anything to do with it. Sure, she had ambushed Katie Holmes and had a great time doing it at that. But that was a Pearl Harbor sneak attack, this would be a full frontal assault and Michelle was unsure if she was as ready to take abuse, as well as she could hand it out.

Michelle approached the mat in a tight-fitting black tubetop and black satin shorts and like Danielle she went barefoot. Michelle was a vision. Her basic black attire against her milky white skin was a study in ravishing contrast. She was also only a few inches over the five foot mark, but was more slight, except for in the chest, where her ample bosoms pressed hard against the dark fabric that contained them. Michelle waited for Danielle to back away to the farthest corner and cautiously slid underneath the bottom rope.

The two buxom teenagers approached each other in the middle of the ring. It was clear Danielle was going to have to make the first move, which she obligingly provided with an attempted right cross at Michelle's cheek. However, Michelle spryly ducked the blow and swung around behind Danielle catching her neck in the crook of her right elbow. She closed the arm close against her body and began choking the honey blond starlet. Danielle gasped for air in an excited manner, but she retained her composure long enough to cock her right elbow and swing it back into Michelle's full crimson kisser knocking her from around Danielle's neck. Michelle went flailing back into a corner of the ring, where she unceremoniously fell with a thud on her derriere. Michelle's pouty lips gained even more color, as the lower one had been split slightly by the blow, releasing a trickle of blood that collected in the crease of the middle of her lower lip, until she disgustedly spit it away. There were certainly any number of ways these ladies could catch your attention, but the abundant lips on these two were the envy of many an actress and model.

As Michelle made her way back to her feet, Danielle lowered her head and ran recklessly into the corner to press her advantage. Once again, Michelle used what was becoming readily obvious as one of her strengths, her quickness. She dropped back to the mat and lifted her right leg catching Danielle in the crotch as she was rushing in. No sound escaped Danielle's mouth, but a look of shock and pain filled her eyes and her mouth hung open wide. She slowly descended to her knees, grabbing at her crotch, and fell forward between Michelle's legs. The bleached blond had started the match unsure of herself, but Danielle's overeager attacks had left openings that she had been able to exploit. Now, she locked her sculpted, alabaster thighs around Danielle's plentiful mammaries and squeezed, exploding them out of their blouse.

Michelle reveled in the newly found belief that had been missing only moments before. Maybe she could do this. She moved her scissors down to Danielle's well-toned abs so she could work on crushing her ribs, while she used her hands to alternately pummel and claw at Danielle's bounty. Danielle squealed in pain, as Michelle took a couple of handfuls of flesh and pulled them up towards Danielle's chin. Tears ran down her cheeks and mixed with the sweat from her aching chest.

"Honey, you're even more of a wimp than Katie and that's saying something," said Michelle, while mocking Danielle with a couple of gentle pats on the head. Michelle raised her right arm to the crowd assembled and quickly brought down a closed fist to her opponent's chin causing Danielle's eyes to cast a rather vacant stare.

Danielle reflexively shot back with a quick right to Michelle's left tit, but it had nothing behind it and Michelle showed only a moment's discomfort. She adjusted her top, released her body scissors and stood over her dazed foe. Michelle wanted more than the pin and the win. She hauled Danielle to the middle of the ring rolling her over onto her stomach. Next, she jumped atop Danielle's shoulder blades grabbed both of her arms and leaned back stretching the dirty blonde's back in a way it was just not designed to go. The scene was odd to say the least. It looked as if Michelle had made Danielle into her own personal JetSki, but instead of riding the waves, she rode her in the middle of the squared circle. Danielle's face began to turn beet red from the pain and the continuous screaming she had been emitting from the moment Michelle had slapped on the unusual hold.

The WB executives began to feel uncomfortable. Most of them had wanted Michelle to win, but they were not prepared for the enjoyment Michelle was getting from torturing Danielle. But more importantly still, they were not prepared for the audience to see this unpleasant turn of events. From their ringside seats they called for Michelle to relent and simply pin the beaten Danielle.

At first she pretended not to notice them, but finally she turned and shouted, "You cast me in this role, now you're going to get my A-1 performance."

Michelle let go of Danielle's arms and her face fell to the mat. The execs' hopes of a quick end were replaced by shock, as they saw the 5'3", 110 pound, green-eyed monster spread Danielle's legs wide, then bring back her right foot and hold it for a moment. She laid a knowing wink on the crowd and brought it forward full force into the pubic area of Danielle causing the pert teenager to jerk forward convulsively and come up to her hands and knees.

One of the ABC suits had seen enough. He threw in a 200-dollar Armani white satin handkerchief to end the match. Hey, the guy didn't have a towel. But Michelle was having too much fun now and nobody was about to get in the ring to stop her. The ABC guys could say they made an effort, now they could sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacle. And what a spectacle it had become, Michelle was now astride Danielle's back as if she were riding a horse bareback and holding on by grabbing and pulling Danielle's long, flowing mane.

However, Michelle had let her concentration wander a little too much from causing pain to causing humiliation and Danielle took advantage. With a start, Danielle reached both arms back and grabbed Michelle around her taut, ivory thighs and in one flowing motion stood up with Michelle now strapped in for the ride and fell backward. The back of Michelle's skull banged viciously against the mat an instant before the back of Danielle's head caught her with a dull thump between the eyes.

Now it was Danielle's turn to ride, she swiftly got up to a kneeling position over Michelle's belly and brought down her well-rounded ass into the breadbasket.

"Uhh," grunted Michelle, as the air left her substantial lungs.

Danielle greeted the sound as if it was the start of a wild bronco ride and repeatedly got up to a position straddling Michelle only to drive her ass down into Michelle's gut.

"Ride 'em cowgirl," she yelled, ignoring the pain she was still feeling for the glorious turn of events that had now swung her way.

Again and again she came down, using the sultry Dawson star's belly button as a target and hitting bullseye after bullseye. Soon, Michelle was a gasping and sputtering shell. Looking over her shoulder, Danielle could see that she was now in control. She rotated around her foe's body and peeled down the clingy, black top that had been seemingly painted on Michelle's chest. Her perfectly formed tits heaved and jerked as she pulled in heavy breaths between her choking. Danielle went to work. She pinched each of Michelle's nipples between thumb and forefinger and pulled them skyward. Michelle's eyes bugged out of her head and she let loose with a high-pitched scream. She began to slap at her tormentor's hands trying to knock them away from the oh-so-sensitive aureole, but Danielle tightened her grip and raised the nipples even higher. She lowered her head to one of the breasts and flashed her teeth at the petrified Michelle, who shook her head violently.

"No, no, no, I'll do anything you want, just stop," Michelle said in undiluted fear.

"But you already ARE doing what I want," said Danielle, only half-joking.

She brought her mouth down to the nipple. Michelle's eyes closed and her entire body tensed, but instead of biting, Danielle gave it a little suckle and pulled away.

"C'mon, I wouldn't do that to you," she said, as she released her grip on Michelle's now enlarged, reddened nipples. Danielle smiled. Michelle wasn't naïve enough to think things were over, but just the relief from that pain was enough for her to let out a huge sigh. She luxuriated in a few moments free from the excruciating torment.

Danielle would soon bring her back to the harsh reality at hand, as she began to remove her top and lower her own considerable assets toward Michelle's frightened countenance.

"Well I took a taste, it's only fair you should get one, too," Danielle said, unable to contain a giggle.

With this, she began to smother Michelle, forcing her exquisite globes around the teen's mouth and nose, shaping them with her hands to make sure no opening could be found for even one breath's worth of air. She could feel Michelle sucking desperately for oxygen, but finding only her encompassing flesh. Danielle was becoming excited by the gentle pulls from Michelle's lips, but all too soon they started to fade, as Michelle was nearing unconsciousness. The ABC starlet didn't want that quite yet, so she drew away from her victim, letting her recover enough to gain some sense of what was going on around her, and to her.

Danielle now backed down Michelle's torso and pulled her black satin shorts to her knees leaving only a tiny black thong to cover the cleanly shaven pubic region.

"You may have officially won the match, but here is where I win the war," Danielle said, as she proceeded to slip her fingers under the thong and yank it up as high as the fabric would stretch.

The sound of the exhausted Michelle's sobbing filled the ring. Following a right overhand to the gut and a left uppercut to the groin to end Michelle's attempts to break free, Danielle rolled the Dawson star on her side and grabbed the front of the thong with one hand and the back with the other. Back and forth Danielle tugged, pulling one side up and then the other, causing incredible friction on the most delicate area Michelle had to offer. She tried to reach down and tear the thong away from Danielle, or perhaps just tear it off at this point, but she could not wrench it away. After another ten or fifteen seconds of this torture, Danielle noticed that Michelle's hands were no longer moving at all. She looked up at Michelle's beautiful, and now still, visage. Her limit had been exceeded and she had passed out from the pain. Danielle rose to her feet, her point apparently made. She picked up the limp body of the tiny, blond bombshell and carried it over to the ropes, Michelle's beautiful, natural bounty swinging to and fro.

"Take this little bimbo and put here back on your third-rate network where she belongs," Danielle emphatically announced to the WB execs in the front row.

And with that, she first laid Michelle's upper body over the rope and followed by pushing her legs over, sending her tumbling into the front row where she landed in the lap of a couple of worried, but not altogether unhappy WB programming suits. Danielle turned to the ABC side of the ring.

"Who the hell threw in the towel? God damn it, I want to know now! Your ass is mine!"

Strangely enough, several hands went up, including a few members of the audience who weren't even associated with the network.