Danielle Fishel vs. Michelle Williams (Fistfight) by Jackflash

It happened just one year ago....Dani Fishel knew only one thing - she wanted REVENGE!

After a few early catfighting success, she was ready to stop facing other rookies and face a more established veteran. In spite of her relatively small size, Dani had proven herself an effective opponent, but she knew she needed a high profile victory to truly establish her credentials. So she was thrilled when she heard that Michelle Williams had actually requested her as an opponent.

The 'Dawson's Creek' beauty was hardly a headliner on the celebrity catfight circuit, but she was a prominent mid-carder who also had a reputation for cruelty. But that didn't give Dani pause and she eagerly accepted, knowing that beating Michelle Williams would be a real feather in her cap.

Michelle knew it too which was precisely why she wanted the fight now...while Dani was still inexperienced...rather than later when she might have developed the skills to beat her. The blonde's intent was to 'smother the baby in the crib' while she still had the chance, rather than risk a confrontation on a level playing field later.

Dani would have been wise to heed the warnings regarding Michelle's penchant for dirty tricks but the diminutive teen had too much faith in her own ability, so she brushed aside the admonitions. And in a battle of equals, Dani may very well have held her own. but Michelle wasn't about to let it be a battle of "equals."

Massacre...slaughter...crucifixion...all words too tame to describe what happened! Blonde bitch Michelle never gave the naïve brunette a chance. She jumped Dani as she first arrived at the mansion where the match was held. Taken completely by surprise, Dani was swiftly overwhelmed as her rival first beat and then tortured her. After that came the humiliation! Michelle stripped Dani naked and forced her to beg for mercy. The annihilation...it could hardly be called a proper fight...mercifully ended when Michelle draped her hapless, sobbing, pitiful foe over her knee and spanked her like a naughty child.

Dani wasn't simply beaten that night; her reputation was demolished. No one could ever possibly take her seriously as a catfighter again. Her dreams of glory dashed, all Dani dreamed of now was vengeance against the woman who, with a cruel laugh, had humiliated her so terribly.

Her chance came a few months later. One of the wealthy patrons behind the celebrity catfighting scene was interested in pursuing a parallel combat endeavor, bare knuckle fistfighting. He found a willing participant in Dani, who saw this as an opportunity to regain a measure of self-respect. All she asked was that her first opponent be Michelle Williams.

Michelle had already declined the offer to try fist fighting, but she was now having second thoughts. After losing a pair of back-to-back catfights against Allyson Hannigan and Mya, her stock was down. And the chance to fight...and to again demolish...Dani would give her 'bad girl' rep a much-needed boost. So the blonde signed on for the match.

The bout was held in the mansion of a Texas oil man. Dani wore a black sports bra and black satin trunks; Michelle a baby blue crop top tee and white hot pants. Leading up to the bout the two beauties mingled with the crowd with Dani always keeping a wary eye on her opponent, ready for another sneak attack. Michelle was icy cool personified, while Dani was a bundle of nervous energy waiting to explode.

At long last, the moment arrived. The two young battlers faced off in the center of the spacious room, raised their fists in fighting stances, and cautiously began to circle one another.... When there was only five feet left between them, Dani suddenly charged her taller foe. Momentarily taken aback, Michelle instinctively raised her hands to protect her face...leaving her belly wide open. Dani's fist sank deep into the blonde's abdomen. Dani took mental note that, while Michelle's abs looked somewhat soft, they were harder than expected. In other words, she had no glass stomach. The blow caused Michelle to involuntarily let loose with a gasp, but she absorbed the punch fairly well.

Dani followed up with a roundhouse left to the head, but Michelle managed to block it. Now the battle was truly engaged, as the girls traded punches. The strategy of each became quickly apparent; Michelle using her longer reach to try to keep Dani at bay, jabbing her face, while the smaller Dani kept moving in close to throw short punches to her opponent's stomach and ribs.

The fight was fairly evenly balanced for the first few minutes. Each fist that landed took its toll, but neither young woman could gain the upper hand. Then, Michelle...almost accidentally...landed a one-two combination which left Dani momentarily glassy eyed. Had she pressed her advantage, Michelle might well have scored a knock out, but her cockiness got the better of her and she decided to toy with her opponent.

Michelle jabbed repeatedly at Dani's gorgeous face, opening a small cut over her left eye and leaving a smear of blood under her nose. The sneer on the blonde's face made it plain she believed she could put Dani away whenever she wanted but Michelle failed to reckon with the intense hatred Dani felt for her. That anger allowed Dani to ignore the pain as, with an animal growl, she bore in on her startled opponent and she started hammering away at Michelle's body.

Dani culminated her assault with an uppercut that snapped Michelle's head back violently, sending a spray of perspiration into the air. Awkwardly, Michelle fell backward, landing hard on her butt. She shook her head, trying to clear the fog as she sat of the floor taking full advantage of the referee's count and not climbing back to her feet until the count of nine.

Dani had not only scored the first knock down, she'd done something more! She'd knocked the haughty blonde off her pedestal. For the first time since that woefully lopsided catfight, the two females faced one another as equals. It was an indignity which Michelle couldn't abide - and one which she wouldn't forgive.

The two battlers again came together to trade blows although it was apparent that Michelle was now waging a defensive game, more afraid of being knocked out than she was determined to KO Dani. It was the perfect strategy, for Dani's now-frenzied offensive was largely squandered as her fists landed on Michelle's arms instead of the intended targets. Within minutes, Dani was at the threshold of exhaustion, her face red, her body slick with sweat, her lungs burning and her chest heaving. Michelle, though bruised, sore and clearly hurting, still had her reserves of strength to call upon.

Realizing her predicament, Dani wrapped her arms around Michelle in a clench, hoping to buy a few precious seconds to recoup some of her power. The two stumbled and squirmed in their ungainly embrace, but then, with a yowl, Dani suddenly doubled over and staggered back. The referee hadn't seen Michelle drive a knee up into Dani's groin but it certainly wasn't unexpected. Faced with such a golden opportunity, the wicked blonde simply couldn't resist. Most of the spectators saw the cheap shot and they booed her unsportswomanlike conduct, but their disapproval meant nothing to Michelle.

Now it was Michelle's turn to go on the attack. She battered Dani mercilessly, jackhammering her face into a bloody, swollen mockery of the beauty it once held. Long past the point where a lesser woman would have surrendered or collapsed, Dani forced herself to endure the agony. She was NOT going to give Michelle the satisfaction of victory so long as life remained in her battered body.

Inevitably, Dani's body could no longer withstand the pounding and she sank slowly to her knees in front of Michelle. As Dani began to sway back and forth, almost falling over, Michelle grabbed her by the hair and kept her upright on her knees.

"Uh uh, sweets," cooed the blonde. "You don't go down until I say you go down!"

It wasn't enough for Michelle to simply beat an opponent...she had to humiliate her as well which is why she tilted Dani's head back until their eyes met and continued to taunt her, "Why don't you just admit what's painfully apparent to everyone in this room? I'm more beautiful than you, I'm smarter than you, I'm a better actress than you, I'm a far better wrestler than you, and, as we've all just learned, I'm your superior at fistfighting, too. How does that make you feel, you little loser?"

There was no mistaking the blaze of hatred in Dani's eyes as her swollen lips parted to speak.

"I'll...tell you...how I feel," she said in a hoarse whisper. "I feel...better than you do!"

With that, Dani swung her right fist up from the floor, nailing Michelle flush in the crotch. The blonde shrieked, doubled over, and dropped to her hands and knees. The referee chose to ignore the foul and the crowd...which at this point was solidly behind the underdog Dani...roared their approval.

A full minute passed before Michelle found the strength and the breath to slowly, painfully get back to her feet. When at last she stood, she saw the angry visage of Dani awaiting her. The blonde's eyes widened in horror at the thought of the punishment she knew was mere seconds away. Dani didn't disappoint her expectations.

Afterwards, some of the spectators claimed that they thought they'd heard Michelle desperately crying out her submission during Dani's barrage of blows, but if she did, both Dani and the referee chose to ignore it. Dani didn't halt her attack until Michelle's body crumpled limp and motionless to the carpet.

In her dreams, Dani had envisioned stripping the beaten body of her hated foe, displaying her as she herself had been humiliatingly displayed. Perhaps she'd even drag Michelle around the room like some kind of trophy carcass. Now, however, Dani was simply too tired to do anything but remain upright on her feet. But even if she'd the strength, she no longer had the desire to humiliate Michelle. Dani had won the battle, and in so doing, she'd won her pride back. That was the worst punishment she could have inflicted on Michelle Williams!