Danielle Fishel vs. Michelle Williams by The Captain Feb 2002

The night arrived. This would be Dani's next step. A match with a legitimate catfighter, someone with a reputation. The little brunette had amassed a solid record against the entry level fighters, and now it was time to move up the ladder. Michelle Williams would be a good test of her progress. Even if she lost, a good showing would continue her climb in the pecking order. She was confident in her ability to take abuse and to overcome whatever was thrown at her. Little did she realize how strongly that ability would be tested.

For her part, Michelle was looking at this match far differently. Always playing to win, and with a reputation for ignoring rules and fighting dirty, not to mention a huge mean streak, she saw a victim as she focused on Dani's picture. A pigeon. Someone that she could reestablish her reputation against. She couldn't afford to let Dani win this match. But even more than that, she couldn't even let her be competitive. She was going to make a statement tonight, at her young opponent's expense. A friend of hers told her Dani had bragged she was ready for Michelle.

Smirking at Dani's cute picture, Michelle cooed, "You are so going to regret this, cutie pie."

Then she picked up her bag and headed to the mansion. Michelle arrived first, customarily early. Going to her changing room, she put on an outfit consisting of her usual baby blue crop top tee shirt and white hot pants. After a few stretching exercises, she got ready for the match, then headed to the huge room where the match would be held to mingle with 'the beautiful people' and to wait for her victim. She didn't have long to wait.

Arriving at the usual time, Dani came through the doors wearing her dark blue track suit and sandals with her fighting outfit underneath as she always. She could be glamorous, but for fights, she decided to forego glamour and focus on functionality. She was a practical girl who didn't want anything to distract her from defeating her opponent. As she walked into the room, she scanned the people and saw Michelle, already dressed for the match, laughing and talking to some of the patrons.

'How bad can she be?' Dani thought. A diminutive blonde, Michelle appeared no more menacing than other girls she'd fought so far. 'It should be a good match,' Dani figured as she was welcomed into the throng of spectators.

"So Dani, how do you think you'll do tonight?" a young man asked her.

As she answered, Michelle sidled closer to the bubbly teen who was in animated conversation. "Michelle's a good fighter, but I'm ready for her. I've done pretty well so far. I've haven't lost my bra in a fight yet!" she added with a big sweet happy smile as the guys laughed with her.

Dani was so caught up in the warm greetings of the people in the room that she never saw Michelle come up behind her. She also was so totally distracted by the young men's smile and the fans words, she never saw the elbow descend on the top of her head. THONK!

The sound of elbow on skull reverberated through the room, stunning the crowd into confused silence. What was that? Had the match started? Had they missed the usual introductions? No, Michelle just decided to start the fight a bit early. As Dani reeled from the first elbow, a second shot hit the crown of her head. CRAAAACKKK!

Sounding like a rifle shot in the stunned silence of the room. Michelle watched as Dani unsteadily dropped first to one knee, then both knees. With her opponent down and dazed, Michelle glanced around at the astonished onlookers.

Smiling she held up one hand as if holding a bell, and pretended to strike with her index finger as she said, "Ding!"

Wrapping a fist in Dani's thick hair, Michelle hauled her to her feet. Turning her around to face her, she saw Dani's eyes were unfocused and glassy, totally undone by her sneak attack.

'Good,' Michelle thought. 'This could be easier than expected.'

Dani was stunned! 'This isn't fair. We aren't supposed to start yet!!! You can't do this!!!' her mind screamed. But she had been warned and foolishly she chose to ignore the warning. Dani had believed in fair play which would prove to be a very painful mistake for the naïve young teen.

Dragging the stunned brunette by her hair, Michelle ran across the room with the disoriented girl stumbling beside. The spectators parted like the Red Sea for Moses as Michelle led her into the midst of the sea of onlookers, toward one wall of the room. Stopping just short of the wall, Michelle flung Dani face first against the unforgiving wall. BLAM!

The sickening sound made the onlookers wince as Dani's body flattened against the hard plaster. Sinking slowly to her knees, her face and chest pressed to the wall, Dani's arms dropped at her sides; stunned beyond comprehension. Michelle strutted around behind the debilitated brunette, very pleased with how things had gone so far. When Dani started to stir, she smiled most unpleasantly.

'Oh goody. She still wants to play,' Michelle thought with more than a little relief that things hadn't ended too soon.

'Operation Destroy Dani' was under way. It was going to be a long night for the little novice and everyone knew it although how long and painful a night it would prove to be, no one had a clue. No one except for the blonde bent on smothering this baby in her crib.

Grabbing Dani by the hair again, Michelle yanked her head backward, drawing a squeal from her as Dani's hands fumbled for a grip on Michelle's wrists. With Dani's arms raised over her head, the blonde took advantage of the target offered and drove a knifehand chop into her throat. Dani convulsed as she gagged from the impact. Both hands left Michelle's wrists to tend to her throat. Michelle grinned as she dug her fingers into Dani's eyes, gouging the young woman's face, eliciting a scream that raised the hair on the back of many necks.

Desperately, Dani tried to pry the blonde's claws from her eyes, her body shuddering from the combination of extreme effort and extreme pain. Finally, Dani was able to slowly, gradually pry the blonde's hand a bit away from her face. She wasn't finished yet, but Michelle had rocked her world good. It would take a phenomenal effort to turn this around. An effort Michelle was confident Dani didn't have in her tonight. And she had expended a fair amount of that energy just trying to stay alive and keep her eyes intact.

As soon as Dani pried Michelle's hand from her eyes, Michelle slammed Dani's face into the wall again. Counting aloud, "One. Two. Three. Four. FIVE!!!" she pounded the brunette's face on the chair rail on the wall. At 'five' she pulled Dani up to her feet and turned her around to face her. The glassy eyes and trickle of blood from her nose was like an elixir to whatever may have ailed the blonde, telling her all she needed to know. Her foolish opponent was reeling badly. Michelle smiled. She was going to enjoy this.

Dani desperately tried to think of a way to turn this around, but the insistent pounding of her face into the wall rattled her so much she couldn't focus her eyes on Michelle's face as she was turned to face her.

'Someone should step in and stop this! Michelle cheated! That's not the rules!' but despite her unspoken protests, Dani knew she was on her own. For better or worse, the match was in full swing. Michelle had gotten the drop on her and there was nothing she could do about it now.

Dani was like a rag doll in Michelle's strong grip, unable to call on the surprising strength that had been her advantage in earlier matches, that had made her so successful so far. But those matches were against rookies, prone to rookie mistakes. Michelle was a veteran and Dani couldn't count on her making the same mistakes. Indeed, Michelle slammed the back of Dani's head into the wall again, then planted a forearm over her eyes and the bridge of her nose, pinning her to the wall.

"Hmmmmm. I wonder what the little girl has on underneath. Let's find out," Michelle said.

Easily avoiding the groping hands of her blinded adversary, Michelle used her free hand to unzip the top of Dani's tracksuit to expose her delicate blue satin bra which flatteringly emphasized her cleavage.

"How pretty that looks. Too bad it's going to get all messed up."

Wrenching the top of the track suit down over Dani's shoulders, Michelle pulled it off of her leaving her dazed victim bare from the waist up except for her bra. As Dani's hands feebly tried to push Michelle away and stop the forearm from applying the crushing pressure to her eyes, Michelle leaned in and put her full weight on her forearm, pulsing it on Dani's face harder and harder. The rhythmic pumping drawing moans from Dani that corresponded with each thrust.

Having smashed the fight out of her overmatched foe, Michelle pulled back off of Dani to survey the damage. Bleeding from the nose, Dani's firm young body sagged against the wall, her shoulders, once broad and proud slumped. Her chest and midriff, firm and tight as she entered the mansion, had began to sag. Dimly glaring at Michelle, Dani tried to muster her strength, intent on wiping the smug grin off the blonde's face.

When Michelle saw that momentary defiance she smiled. More play time. Grabbing Dani's hair in both hands, she bent her forward as she brought her knee up into the brunette's forehead. If Michelle hadn't had a firm grip on her hair, Dani surely would have fallen. But holding her helpless foe still at the waist, Michelle steadied Dani and then drove one knee after another into the brunette's crotch, belly and breasts, pounding her tight midriff over and over and over again! Dani gurgled in pain as, despite Michelle's hold on her hair, she folded over onto her knees with her arms cradling her bare and bruised belly, sucking air and groaning in agony!

Michelle knelt in front of the hurting brunette and pulled her head forward under her arm pit, putting her in a front face lock. Using a handful of Dani's track pants, Michelle heaved the unresisting youngster to her feet, then she suddenly dropped backward to the floor, driving Dani head first to the carpet beneath her, with nothing to break her fall but her chest and face.

The two girls bounced a couple inches off the rug and when they came to rest, Dani lay under Michelle; her face ground into the rough carpeting, her arms splayed out to either side; her legs spread lifelessly in a small 'v' behind her. Dani's only movement was a slight twitch in her left leg.

"Pitiful, don't you think guys?" Michelle laughed with no hint of humor in her voice.

It was clear Michelle was bent on more than just winning a match. She was going to make a name for herself and ruin her opponent in the process. Grabbing Dani by the hair, she dragged the barely sensate teen to her feet, jerking her right out of her sandals and dragging her, barefoot and stumbling, behind her to the middle of the room where people could get a better view of the slaughter.

Hooking Dani's head under her arm again, Michelle said, "In case you missed what I did to your little cutie here over by the wall, I'll do it again."

Michelle dropped to the floor again, flattening Dani's face and chest beneath her, cushioning her own fall with Dani's body. Bouncing off the rug, Dani groaned, the sound muffled by the carpet under her mouth and Michelle's body above. As she got off the prone teen, Michelle wiped her brow and flicked it on Dani's back. Nice little sweat she was working up here, nice! Dani lay face down on the floor, totally trampled by her vicious blonde foe.

'Quit' Dani's mind told her. 'Quit before it gets worse!!!!' But she had an unfailing belief in herself. She could win this. She could still turn it around! She could come back and beat her. Fairly! Good always wins - doesn't it???'

Marshaling strength to continue from somewhere, Dani slowly pulled her arms in to her body, intent on getting to her feet. 'Just have to turn the tables on her,' she thought. 'You can do it...' It was the inner drive that had made her successful so far. This same inner drive that would cause her to suffer worse than she could ever imagine.

Seeing Dani try to rally her failing body to fight back, Michelle smiled. Standing by her head, she waited til the youngster had risen slightly off the carpet, then dropped a knee down on the back of her head. Dani collapsing like a house of cards, her face smashing the floor once more. The groan that seeped out of the bludgeoned girl's mouth showed her pain. Feeling like her cute little button nose had been shoved back into her head, Dani tried to rally again, but it was more and more evident she was falling further into the abyss, not climbing out of it. She had been outmaneuvered, outfoxed, outwitted …and she knew it.

Meanwhile, Michelle had walked around her fallen foe's body, stopping at her feet. Bending over, she reached down and grabbed the waist of Dani's track pants. The drawstring offered no resistance as she slowly, theatrically began to pull them off the brunette, making a show of working them from side to side down over her full hips and round ass, pulling her panties halfway down the crack of her butt in the process, before snaking them down her thick thighs and muscular calves before jerking them off over her shoes with a flourish.

"Who wants them?" she called out like an auctioneer. A few people shouted "over here" and Michelle tossed them to one of the guys in the front row. "She won't be needing them," she chuckled.

Turning her attention back to Dani, Michelle saw she had managed to raise herself up on her arms and had her knees under her as she mindlessly tugged her panties back up. 'Let's have a little fun,' Michelle chortled to herself. Giving Dani a helping hand with a hunk of her hair, she pulled her to her feet as Dani shouting in pain. Dani somehow managed to stay upright but she was totally disoriented, having taken so many blows to the head.

As the teen stood there in only her satin bra and matching panties, Michelle circled her, slapping her face, biffing her off her head, poking her eyes, pinching her nose, slapping her cleavage, poking her in the belly, snapping her bra straps, slapping her butt and verbally taunting the beleaguered brunette play toy before her. Trying pathetically to fend off the assault, Dani staggered in a circle but Michelle was too quick for the cloudy minded Dani. She was being nickel and dimed, made a fool of. Pestering, toying with her beleaguered victim, Michelle hounded Dani mercilessly until tears of frustration began to drop from Dani's eyes. She was being humiliated by this blonde vixen and was helpless to stop it. Worse, everyone knew it.

When Michelle tired of playing cat and mouse with her badgered challenger, she lowered her shoulder and skewered Dani's belly, driving into her and lifting the dazed young woman onto her shoulder, then flipping her over her back. Dani landed on the carpet on her back, knocking the breath out of her. THUD!

Grabbing her by the hair again, Michelle hauled the trampled young girl back to her feet. Holding her by the hair, Michelle threw a right fist into Dani's face. Impacting like a piston, the punch cracked into the unresisting, dim-eyed visage of her counterpart. Dani twisted a half turn, her eyes crossing, her knees buckling beneath her as she corkscrewed to the carpet on her face again. Dani lay on her stomach, her right leg drawn up to at her waist as her right hand aimlessly pawed the rug.

To the buzzing crowd, this wasn't a fight anymore, it was a slaughter. One young woman crushing her opponent, grinding her into pulp - and they were enjoying the spectacle! Michelle, always ready to play to a crowd, relished the opportunity to enhance her reputation at the expense of her helpless, naïve and completely overwhelmed quarry. Dani was a casualty of war. To the assembled spectators, she ceased to be a viable wrestler, becoming a lamb in the slaughter. They were glued to the action, wondering just how far Michelle could take the proud but beaten teen before she either surrendered or collapsed.

Michelle sauntered over to her downed foe, reached down and grabbed the back of her bra and, with a grunt, pulled her up off the carpet. Dani's round fleshy mounds nearly exploded out of the sheer bra which wasn't meant for this kind of abuse. Nor was its owner. Tears of pain, frustration and humiliation streamed down Dani's flushed face.

What more could this bitch do to her? Dani was about to find out. Her eyes went wide as she felt Michelle release the clasp of her bra. Unable to resist, Dani could only whimper as she felt her bra yanked off her chest. Her plump round breasts were released and the crowd finally got to see what had been hidden from them in her previous matches. The girl had abundant cleavage, an endowment generous enough to make many a university girl jealous and many in the crowd immediately fell in love.

From behind, Michelle wrapped her right arm around Dani's neck, closing it around her windpipe, choking the beaten brunette. Dani struggled weakly which only set her magnificent breasts dancing. She was completely spent, physically and emotionally. As Michelle tightened the grip, Dani felt herself fading. Slowly the two young women sank in tandem toward the floor. Michelle behind, the dominator; Dani in front, the dominated - their bodies fused as one. Michelle relished feeling Dani's weakening struggles. It made her stronger and even more determined to destroy every shred of confidence the brunette had left.

Finally, Dani hit the carpet on her firm young butt with Michelle on one knee behind her. Dani's breath came in ragged heaves, her naked breasts rolling on her sagging torso. Fighting for every breath, her youthful confidence destroyed, Dani was running on instinct, battling simply to not surrender. Any thought of victory had long since been pounded out of her, replaced by an empty feeling of worthlessness.

Now, to further her humiliation, Michelle reached over her shoulder and began to tenderly caress Dani's bare left breast, making a cooing sound in her ear as she stroked and caressed the fleshy orb and plucked gently at Dani's nipple. In spite of her condition, or perhaps because her resistance was lowered by it, Dani's body quickly became aroused. Her nipple began to swell and harden under Michelle's expert touch; her breathing grew more rapid and deeper. Dani was panicking! She wouldn't; she couldn't! Desperation mixed with humiliation grew inside her chest.

But Michelle had other plans. Giving Dani's ear a quick lick, she turned the tender caresses into an excruciating breast claw, gouging her talons into the brunette's firm youthful breast meat. Unable to take any more cruel torment, tears of pain and humiliation burst forth from Dani's eyes and cascaded down her pink cheeks.

Dani surrendered, pleading softly, "Please…..please Michelle, no more."

Michelle smiled. She wasn't close to done yet. Oh no, far from it! She didn't plan to stop until she had broken this foolish girl so completely her reputation would be forever solidified in the minds of the spectators. Wrenching her choke hold tighter, she gave Dani her answer. Then abruptly letting her go, she dropped Dani and let her fall limp to her back, her head hitting the floor with a thud between Michelle's knees. Breathing in fast, labored breaths, Dani lay on her back, relieved that the torture was finally over. But if she'd seen the look in Michelle's eyes as she scanned her prostrate form, she'd have known better!

Michelle grabbed the waistband of Dani's panties and began to pull them down. Dani desperately tried to stop her, weakly grasping Michelle's wrist with one hand and her panties with the other; anything to stop them from being removed. But she'd been too badly battered, she was too weak. Michelle won the final battle for Dani's humility, practically tearing the satin panties as she pulled them off her. Dani lay naked, exposed, vulnerable, humiliated, flat on her back on the carpet in front of a group of strangers. As she weakly draped one arm across her bosom and dropped her open hand over her abundantly thickly thatched pussy, she realized her final, ultimate humiliation was at last over. She was wrong!

Michelle stood, twirling the panties on her finger, "Any takers?"

The clamor was immediate. Tossing them to the throng of watchers, Michelle touched off a brief free for all. The crowd had turned into Romans in the Coliseum, watching the gladiator destroy her opponent and cheering her on.

Turning back to the sobbing, shamed and disconsolate Dani, she intoned, "Get up, bitch!"

Dani, looking up through teary, hazy eyes, stared at her uncomprehendingly.

Stomping Dani's crotch, Michelle said again, "Get up."

Again there was no response. Michelle walked around Dani, stomping her belly, breasts and groin. She again demanded that Dani rise and, again, her demand was met with silence. Either Dani didn't understand, was physically unable to comply, or she still somewhere had a shred of pride left. Michelle didn't care which it was, she would deal with all possibilities. Enraged by Dani's refusal, she screamed in anger as she grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to her feet. Dani was so limp, Michelle had to help support her. Placing one hand between Dani's breasts and shoving the other up between Dani's slack legs, she heaved Dani into the air and held the limp, naked brunette face down over her head like a trophy as she slowly turned so they could see Dani from all sides.

Dani's arms and legs hung dangling straight down pathetically. With Michelle's hand painfully wedged in her crotch, Dani's softened belly sagged, her boobs swung beneath her, her hair fell partially hiding her face. This once proud young woman was put on display; once filled with the exuberance of youth Dani had been broken by a cruel force of nature known as Michelle Williams. Flaunting her naked foe, Michelle paraded the room, then brought her opponent to earth with a horrific body slam, setting Dani's entire body a-jiggle. The impact also sucked all sound out of the room, the force of the move stunning them to silence.

Into that sudden quiet, Michelle again growled, "Get up!"

Dani realized this was going to continue until she complied. Somehow garnering the strength, she willed herself to move. As the suddenly silent crowd watched riveted, Dani ever so slowly rolled onto her side, then her stomach, sobbing openly as her breath came in heaving gasps.

"Kneel before me!" Michelle commanded once Dani was on her belly at her feet.

Dani slowly began to push herself up, her once powerful arms trembling as they struggled against gravity to lift the pitifully sobbing teen's torso from the carpet. Shakily, Dani finally got her knees beneath her and knelt, a broken, pitiable mass of flesh, before her conqueror with her head bowed so the crowd couldn't see her tears. "Now, beg me to spare you," Michelle ordered as the crowd fell silent, listening. Would Dani surrender?

"Please, no more," Dani sobbed quietly.

"Louder," Michelle ordered, intent on breaking Dani's last shred of resistance to her will.

Her whole body shaking with her sobs, Dani pleaded louder, "Please, no more!"

"Scream it!" Michelle commanded.

Unable to hold back anymore, Dani's flood gates opened and she broke down on her knees before her vanquisher. Not caring who heard her, just wanting it to finally stop, screaming in despair.


Dani's words dissolved into a pitiful whimper that sent a chill down many spines in the room, Michelle smiled broadly. "Mission accomplished," Michelle said in a soft whisper for Dani's ears only. "But you were a naughty girl," she said in a louder voice. "Now, you must be punished."

"What more could she do to her?" the crowd wondered and their question was quickly answered when Michelle knelt on one knee in front of Dani and pulled her forward roughly by her hair, draping the pitiful brunette over her knee.

Smirking, Michelle said patronizingly, "Now, this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you, my dear."

Michelle laughed as with that statement, she began to spank Dani's bare bottom. She spanked her like a naughty child. The smack of her hand on Dani's ass echoed in the room. Not little pats either - hard, sharp, stinging blows that shook the firm, round, fleshy cheeks as they rained down on the near hysterically crying and screaming brunette. After what seemed like an hour, Michelle finally reached back and powered down a final, monumental, spank that shook Dani to her core! Dani's head and shoulders jerked upward as she screamed like a little girl - then fell silent and slumped with her head on the floor.

Michelle, having made her point, callously and contemptuously pushed Dani off her leg and let the petite brunette drop where she lay sobbing on her stomach. Wiping her hands of her supposed opponent, Michelle stood with her legs straddling Dani's quaking body as she posed dominantly with her hands on her hips.

As Michelle started to walk back to her changing room, she deliberately stepped on Dani's back, between the shoulder blades, mashing her once proud breasts into the carpeting. Dani lay on the carpet, sobbing quietly, not reacting, as though she were no longer capable of registering either pain or humiliation.

With a sneer, Michelle strutted from the room, not even deigning to look back at the destroyed young woman she left behind quietly sobbing on the carpet in the middle of the room...