Isla Fisher vs Vanessa Mae by Harry 05-Apr-00
Isla Fisher moved to London after her character, Shannon, had been written out of the Australian soap opera 'Home and Away'. She had used her image and talents to secure a number of roles in musicals, minor TV parts and modeling assignments, all of which helped pay the bills. She clashed with Vanessa Mae, the Singapore-born, world famous violinist during a photo shoot. Vanessa did modeling assignments for the money, to raise her profile and to keep her agent happy. Most assignments were solo and she was unhappy that she was expected to play second fiddle (to pardon a pun) to some Australian ex-soap star. Having berated her agent for giving her such a poor assignment she then turned on Isla demanding that she vacate the dressing area so that the real star could take up occupation.

Isla replied, in a typically understated Australian way, that Vanessa could go stick her head up a kangaroos bum before she would give up her facilities. Furthermore who the fuck did she think she was just because she pranced around in various outfits playing the fiddle! There then followed an unseemly argument between the two women which was only broken up when the respective agents stepped in to prevent anything reaching the papers.

But this wasn't enough for Isla, through her agent and despite his advice, she got word to Vanessa saying that she could apologize, do something very painful with her violin or settle it at a time and place to be arranged. This enraged Vanessa, who having first dismissed her adviser, responded that she wasn't going to be told what to do by some Australian slut and that she was more than happy to meet Isla at her convenience.

After that things moved quickly, and within a week once London was cloaked in darkness Vanessa was opening the door into an expensive house in Earls Court. Her black, shoulder length hair matched her outfit - black Doc Marten boots, white socks, a black leather mini skirt with a buckle at the front and black cotton strappy crop top. She walked up the stairs to the main bedroom on the first floor and found the room empty and well lit with Isla on the far side standing next to another door. The Australian was wearing Black knee boots, green knee length skirt and a sleeveless denim shirt with her shoulder length red hair untethered. The two young women sneered at one another before moving towards the center of the room. Both were slightly nervous - Vanessa had never had a real fight before and Isla had only fought at school, had a couple of on screen scraps and once when she was trying to break into show business. But now they had moved beyond settling this argument with words, they wanted revenge.

"No wonder you need money from modeling when you can't dress properly," sneered Isla, "or maybe your a kinky little slut with some bizarre leather violin fetish!"

"Fuck off slag!" retorted Vanessa giving her opponent the middle finger. "At least I don't need to dress up like a school girl slut or take my clothes off to make my name!"

Isla flushed slightly and Miss Mae smiled in a nasty mocking way. Isla advanced, arms outstretched and fingers curled like talons. Vanessa adopted an identical posture and the two young women locked up in a test of strength. Although neither was fantastically fit, neither were slobs and they were evenly matched. They pushed and twisted one another around trying to gain some advantage, the only sound the grunts of exertion. Their bodies closed and parted never quite touching.

Isla lashed out with her right foot, the tip of her boot connecting with Vanessa's butt cheek. The Asian violinist yelped with pain and instinctively broke one of her hands and moved to massage her backside. Isla used her now free hand to grab hold of her opponents hair and pull her close to her. Vanessa responded by sinking both her hands into the Aussie's red hair, trying to pull her head back so they would be facing one another again. Isla also used both hands to pull her opponents hair, twisting the luxurious raven black strands around her fingers. Both women yelped with pain as they started to shake one anothers heads around as they staggered around the room.

Vanessa broke the deadlock by letting go of Isla's red hair and instead bringing her hands down, in a chopping motion, into the Australian's neck. Isla let out a strangled cry of pain and lessened her grip on her opponents hair, which allowed Miss Mae to slap her across the face with a resounding "thwack!"

As Isla staggered back a step after these twin attacks Vanessa followed up with a two handed push on the TV stars shoulders. As Isla moved backwards, Vanessa followed aiming another open handed slap. But Isla was able to step back out of the way, and instead plant a fist into her opponents bare midriff, causing Vanessa to grunt loudly with pain and bend over clutching at her stomach. Not being an experienced catfighters neither woman had been expecting this, and Isla was unsure of how to follow up her advantage: After consideration she grabbed Vanessa's hair with her left hand and pulled her head up. When the two women were looking at one another, Isla used her right hand to deliver an open handed slap, which connected solidly.

Vanessa wasn't sure how the fight had taken this turn for the worse, this was after all her first catfight, but she knew she didn't want to lose to some third rate Australian. As Isla drew back her hand to deliver another slap, Vanessa pushed herself forward taking hold of Isla's hair and getting inside of her planned slap. As the two women tussled, Vanessa brought up her left hand and tried to claw at the Australians face, but Isla was able to defend herself by grabbing the musicians wrist. As they struggled insults were hissed and their legs became entangled as they sought an advantage. Isla managed to twist her body to the right, and in dragging Vanessa with her, managed to throw her to the floor. But in doing so, Vanessa tore a few strands of red hair from the Australian's head and pulled her down as well.

As Vanessa landed on her back, Isla landed on top of her at an angle so that she was across the musicians chest. Vanessa squealed with pain as the Australian landed roughly on her, and started to squirm and thrash in an effort to throw her off. She lifted her right hand and used it to grab Isla round the throat, whilst she used her other hand to pull her opponents hair. Having recovered from the fall used her left hand to defend her throat. Isla used her other hand to start thumping Vanessa's stomach on her exposed midriff.

At first these blows had on effect, but as Vanessa's choke hold started to take its toll, the blows became harder. Each time her fist landed on the musician's stomach she squealed, ever more distressingly, in pain until the grip on her throat was broken.

Vanessa let go of Isla's hair and instead moved her hand down to Isla's skirt. Her nimble fingers slid easily under the skirts waistband and the silky material of the Australian's panties. Then having reached the soft flesh of Isla's backside, Vanessa dug her fingers into the left cheek.

The effect upon the Aussie was electric, she arched her back, pushing her crotch down into Vanessa's and let out a scream of pain. Isla's distress grew as Vanessa's fingers pinched, clawed and dug into the actress's arse. Miss Fisher, now that she was not being choked, used her left hand to take hold of the Asian woman's raven hair. She the used her other hand to pull Vanessa's hand from out of her skirt, but to no effect. Indeed, the musicians reaction was to use her own free hand to take hold of her opponents hair and launch a new assault on the Australian's arse.

"You filthy slut!" screeched Isla.

Unable to pull Miss Mae's hand away from her butt, Isla ran her nails across the skin of her opponents arm, causing some unpleasant marks to appear. Vanessa let out screech of pain but started to move hand across Isla's backside to flesh that was so far untouched.

As she was unable to protect herself, Isla decided to take the offensive against Vanessa. She took her right hand and started to move it towards the top of Vanessa's leather skirt. It was only as she started to undo the buckle that held the skirt (somewhat clumsily as she was only using one hand) that Vanessa realized what Isla was trying to do.

"Whose the filthy whore now? How many other pussies have you run your fingers through?" hissed Vanessa with a hint of panic.

She pulled her hand from Isla's skirt and moved to protect her womanhood, grabbing hold of her opponents hand just as she managed to undo the buckle. The two young women grappled for a few moments before Isla started to edge her body round so that she was on top of her opponent, in the process moving hers and Vanessa's hands upwards whilst retaining her hair hold. With one last push Isla managed to get on top of the Asian woman and then spread her legs either side of the lower woman's body. Vanessa managed to free her hand from Isla's grip and used it to take a second handful of the Aussie's red hair, holding her face close to her own.

Despite the pain in her scalp, Isla used her hold on her opponents hair to move her head to one side. She then snaked her hand over Vanessa's mouth. The two combatants stayed in this position for a few moments, before Vanessa put her effort into throwing Isla to her left and rolled with her opponent so that she was now on top between her opponents legs. This move surprised Miss Fisher, but she kept her hand across the musician's mouth hoping to suffocate her. Vanessa moved one hand down from Isla's hair and tried to pull the hand away from her mouth. But no sooner did she pull it away, than Isla broke free replaced her hand before she could gulp down air.

To distract Vanessa, Isla lifted her right foot and started to run the edge of the sole and heel down her opponents bare leg, pushing the sock down into her Doc Martens. Vanessa's scream of pain as the skin was scraped away was stifled by Isla's hand over her mouth. Instead of trying to free her mouth, Vanessa drove her hand as a fist into Isla's armpit. Isla screamed in pain and her hand fell away from her opponents mouth and onto the floor.

Having won temporary respite Vanessa started to gulp down air before returning to her double handed hair pulling, twisting Isla's to the left and right. Weakly Isla raised her still very sore arm and took a weak hold of Vanessa's hair, but there was no real strength in the pulling and it caused her opponent no real discomfort. Vanessa raised her crotch and drove it down into Isla's, causing the Aussie to groan loudly.

"You filthy cunt", hissed Vanessa. "A few minutes ago you wanted my pussy and now you don't? Maybe I'm too strong for you?"

Vanessa again raised her waist, causing her skirt to slip downwards slightly, and again slammed it down. As Isla winced with discomfort, she took her weaker hand and placed it on the bare skin at the base of Vanessa's back, before pushing her mini skirt downwards, revealing lacy black panties.

The Asian musician responded by taking one hand and started to frantically unbutton Isla's denim top. But the Australian star was quicker and no sooner was the first button undone, than Isla got her hand under her opponents underwear and dug her nails into soft flesh of her left arse cheek. Vanessa screamed and let forth a stream of expletives that many a listener of classical music would not have understood.

Vanessa knew what pain was about to be inflicted, having seen what Isla had been through, and knew she didn't want that. She used her position to roll to the left, hoping to trap Isla's hand under her, the Aussie managed to remove her hand in time. Instead Isla balled her hand into a fist and drove it into the side of Vanessa's head. It wasn't the strongest punch Isla had ever thrown, but it was the first time anyone had punched the Asian musician and she was stunned, her hands letting go of Isla's hair and falling to the carpet, strands of red hair between her fingers.

Isla paused for a moment to straighten her upper body so that she was sat astride Vanessa's waist looking down at her. Vanessa's face was covered by a sheen of sweat which caused strands of hair to cling to her face. Isla realized how hot she was, how much she was hurting and how much she wanted to kick the musicians butt and make her pay. She put both hands on the top of Vanessa's top and pulled her opponents body upwards. Vanessa groaned as her senses started to return to her and she raised her hands to grasp hold of Isla's wrists. Isla's used her hold to shake her opponent about, which was accompanied by ripping sounds. As Vanessa's head flopped around like a dolls, she took hold of Isla's shirt in an effort to stabilize herself. But it had no effect and a large rip in her top appeared under the left arm and grew quickly until the top came away.

As Vanessa fell to the floor, she pulled her opponent with her, except that Isla leaned back to counter this and instead the buttons started to give way and flew through the air. Rather than following up with an attack on Vanessa, Isla was more interested in checking the damage to her top - it was now open to the stomach with only one button left and from what was on view it was clear that she wasn't wearing a bra. But whilst she was so preoccupied, Miss Mae raised her upper body and used both hands to push Isla backwards.

This took the Aussie by surprise and she had no chance to react so fell backwards between Vanessa's legs. Now free of her opponents weight pinning her down, Vanessa started to drag herself backwards, her skirt catching on the carpet riding downwards further. Seeing and feeling Vanessa escaping from her, Isla swore loudly (as only Australians can do) and she aimed a barrage of kicks at her opponent. These were aimed more in frustration and anger than aimed, so although they did make contact none did any lasting damage.

Vanessa retaliated with her own flurry of kicks which had a similar affect, or lack thereof. Both women wailed with pain and insults, unwilling to be the one who backed off from this kicking contest. It was when Vanessa's left boot scraped her thigh that Isla realized what might happen so she backed off, allowing both combatants the chance to take stock.

Vanessa stood up, not taking her eyes off of her opponent and as she did so her skirt fell to the floor showing off her insubstantial black panties. Her ripped top clung to her sweaty torso, but a matching black bra was now visible. Isla also stood up and readjusted herself aware that her shirt offered only the barest protection to her breasts.

"Slut", hissed Vanessa, "going around flashing your tits like some street-walker!"

"You're a fine one to talk, you Filipino skank! At least I've still got my skirt on! We all know what fiddlers elbows are used for!" Isla retorted with a hint of malice that any soap opera bitch would have applauded.

Vanessa let out a screech of rage and charged at Isla, who barely had time to raise her hands in defense before the two women were again locked in combat. Instinctively they both went for each others hair, taking two fistfuls and trying to pull one another round. Having turned a half circle, Isla aimed a kick at Vanessa's shin, but the musician was able to jump aside so that it missed. Vanessa then took her left hand from Isla's hair and thrust it inside her opponents denim shirt and took hold of a breast. As for the first time Vanessa sunk her fingers into the delicate breast flesh she was gratified by the look of shock, quickly followed by a scream of pain that over took Miss Fisher.

Isla tried to pull the hand from her tit, but Vanessa wasn't going to let go. The pain increased and she fought back the urge to cry out for mercy. Instead she brought her right knee sharply upwards. In made contact with Vanessa's thigh and worked its way upwards until it collided with her pubic mound. Now it was Vanessa's turn to shriek with pain and she let go of Isla's breast and instead used the hand to massage her crotch which was only protected by her panties. As the new sensation of pain washed across her body she slumped forward onto Isla in an effort to avoid collapsing to the floor. In doing so she moved to close to Isla to repeat the attack and who was forced to redouble her hair pulling.

The burning sensation of a hair being pulled from her scalp brought Vanessa back to planet earth. She stopped massaging herself and wrapped her hand round the back of Isla's waist and unhooked her green skirt. As it started to fall to the floor, Vanessa to a slight step back and then pushed her opponent, her hands connecting with Isla's breasts. Isla was about to again assault Vanessa's womanhood and as she was raising her knee, the skirt was falling down. This coupled with the Asian woman's push sent the Aussie sprawling backwards. As she hit the floor Isla's head snapped backwards and she was momentarily stunned.

As she lay there, Vanessa dropped to her knees to one side of her fallen opponent and used a hand yank the loose skirt down to Isla's ankles. In doing so she revealed very skimpy white panties through which the outline of Isla's red pubic hair could be clearly discerned by all but the most short sighted.

Vanessa paused for a moment before wrenching aside the Aussie's panties and taking a handful of her trimmed pubic hair. This very painful sensation raced to Isla's brain and blew away the cobwebs befogging her brain. She screamed with all the pain she felt for a woman whose pussy was being attacked for the first time. As Vanessa hooked her fingers through the short red curly hair and pulled, Isla sat upright and grabbed hold of her opponents hair and pulled her downwards.

In falling down so that she was alongside her opponent Vanessa lost her grip on Isla's pussy, but she brought evidence with her hand that she hand been there. Vanessa's brought up one hand and took hold of Isla's fringe whilst wiping the other hand, which had been used to pull pubic hairs only a few moments previously, over her opponents face.

"You're such a dirty little slut, I'm sure this isn't the first cunt hair you've had in your face!" sneered Vanessa, belying her image as a champion of classical music.

Isla reacted with fury and pulled Vanessa's head closer to hers before plunging one hand downwards into the Asian woman's panties. As Isla's fingers cruelly rummaged through Vanessa's considerably hairier minge, getting ever closer to her womanhood, the musician screamed and arched her back as tears started to well in her eyes.

Isla smiled cruelly and hissed, "When did you last wash this you filthy ho!"

Vanessa shot out a hand into Isla's shirt, seeking out and finding a stiffening nipple and proceeding to maul it. Now it was the Australian's turn to scream in pain and she pulled her hand away from Vanessa's crotch, not before a final hasty clawing attack, to defend her chest. Vanessa used her free hand to take hold of the red heads hair and used this hold to pull herself closer to the Aussie and then roll on top of her. Isla managed to pull Vanessa's hand from her breast; in doing so breaking the remaining button so that the shirt flapped open.

The two women grappled for a few moments before resorting to using both hands to pull hair. Their bodies squirmed together from the soles of their boots to the top of their heads. Isla wriggled her legs trying to remove the encumbrance of her skirt which was now around her calves. Vanessa unwittingly helped her by catching her boot in the item and pushing downwards, causing it to split in two.

Isla then managed to roll Vanessa over so that she was now on top. The Asian musician tried to raise her knee, but the Australian wrapped her legs round her opponents so that the attack came to nothing. As they lay their almost face to face, they tugged their heads from side to side whilst screaming insults to hide the fatigue and pain. Isla managed to snake a hand down to Vanessa's breast area and yanked aside the sweat soaked top that clung to the Asian's chest. It revealed a pert breast behind a black bra that Isla had no compunction or problem in ripping aside and sinking her fingers into. Vanessa howled with pain and started to thrash and struggle like trapped animal. She lowered one of her hands down to Isla's breasts, dragging her nails painfully over her opponents skin. Isla let out a shriek of pain.

Vanessa managed to roll the pair of them over and tried to turn Isla's head so that she could push it into the carpet. Isla responded by using her grip on her opponents hair to pull her head backwards, painfully stretching her neck. Both women were nearing the end of their endurance and both were fighting back the urge to cry. This had been their first real catfight and they had done things to another woman that they had never considered before.

Isla let go of Vanessa's breast, which brought momentary relief to the musician, before placing her hand under opponents chin to crank up the pain. It had the effect causing Vanessa to over balance so that they again rolled over so that she was underneath.

On top again Isla dragged herself up her opponents body, forcing apart Vanessa's legs so that she could sit astride her. Unable to properly pull her opponents hair, Vanessa transferred both hands to Isla's breasts intent on exacting her revenge upon Isla's stiff nipples. Before she could sink her fingers in, Isla grabbed hold of her hands. Vanessa struggled and squirmed trying to free herself from Isla's pinning position. However her efforts were cut short by spasms of pure pain in both hands. The Australian TV star had started to bend back her fingers. Through the pain Vanessa realized that her fingers were what made her famous and she couldn't afford to see them damaged. But as much as she struggled she could not break free, nor bring relief to herself.

Vanessa started to cry as Isla shouted, "Give up you slut or I'll break your fucking fingers!"

Vanessa considered for about 2 seconds before crying out her surrender and giving up her efforts to hold back the tears. Isla held her dominant position for long enough to make sure that there could be no doubt that she was the winner, before throwing Vanessa's hands to the floor and getting up. She wanted to leave the room but felt so tired that she lay down close to her beaten foe to catch her breath and massage her battered body. Isla was elated that she had won but she knew that it would be a few days she could do any modeling work. When she saw roll over and start to get up, Isla wearily stuck out a leg to push her back over to reaffirm her dominance.