Danelle Folta vs. Demi Moore by Mr. Chris

“Ladies and gentlemen! May I introduce, in this corner, standing 5’5” tall, weighing 130 pounds, with measurements of 36C-26-36, that beautifully buff star of such films as ‘G.I. Jane’ and ‘Striptease’: DEMI MOORE!” Loud booing breaks out throughout the arena as Demi stepped out of her corner wearing a black-bikini and a smug expression. The sensual brunette flexes her right bicep while with her left hand she points to the impressive muscle as she nods self-approvingly. The crowd’s booing only intensifies.

“And in this corner, her opponent, standing 5’10” tall, weighing 124 pounds, with measurements of 34C-24-35, one of our favorite Playboy Playmates, Danelle “the General” FOLTA!” The tall and sexy Danelle steps out of her corner wearing a skimpy pink silk teddy and flipping back her long dark-red hair. She undulates her body, cups one hand under her breast a her other hand moves slowly up and down over her pubic mound as she stares out into the mostly male audience with half-closed eyes and licks her lips lasciviously.

The applause and cheers greeting Danelle are in part due to her hotness, but also because the audience usually cheers for anyone opposing the hated Demi Moore. Most fans view this as just another match – a lightweight division bout under the auspices of the Female Entertainers and Models Worldwide Association of Rasslin’ (FEMWAR). What few know is that Danelle Folta, the athletic founder and captain of the 'Playboy X-treme Team', is one of Hef’s “enforcers”. Her assignment tonight is the physical destruction of Demi Moore.

Why has Hefner deliberately arranged this match-up? Why has he targeted Moore? It’s because the powerful magnate of the Playboy Empire doesn’t like to be spurned. Recently he offered Demi $10 million to pose nude in his magazine. She refused! She refused not because she thought the proposal was rude or immoral; far from it! She refused because she had earned her nickname - “Gimme Moore.” She told Hef she’d strip alright, but for no less than $20 million. Outraged, Hef not only rejected her greedy counter-demand, but determined to make an example of her to any other celebrity who might try to rip him off or even merely reject his ‘reasonable offer.’ By the time Danelle finished with Demi, few would dare to reject him ever again.

Under any circumstance this would be a compelling match-up. On one hand, the ageless beauty Demi Moore, pound-for-pound one of the physically strongest actresses in Hollywood. The hard-bodied Demi does 2,500 abdominal crunches in a week and her flexed biceps have been measured at 12 inches circumference. When it comes to chin-ups, push-ups, or sit-ups, few actresses can match her. This girl fought her way up from a hardscrabble background and she’s as mean as all get out, enjoying inflicting pain on her victims.

On the other hand, Danelle Folta, though less well-known to the general public, is acknowledged by aficionados of celebrity fighting to be a formidable competitor and one of the most athletic Playmates in the magazine’s history. It was natural for Danelle “the General” Folta to end up being the founder and captain of the Playboy X-treme Team for she excels at all sports, being particularly outstanding at snowboarding, mountain biking,...and kicking ass! She also works as a Hollywood stuntwoman. Neither “face” nor “heel,” she simply dismantles opponents in a brutally workmanlike style. Sometimes she is on a special “enforcement mission” for Hef (as is the case tonight), and sometimes it’s just a regular league match. Either way she’s all business.

Despite Folta’s five-inch height edge and seven-year age advantage over Demi, odds makers consider the match dead-even, pick-em, whatever. History has shown that size and age differential means little to ‘Deadly Demi’ and a lot of people remember her “Catfight in Cannes” with Natasha Henstridge who - like Danelle - is 5’10” and went down in utter and humiliating defeat as Demi brutally dominated her. And the strong and fit Henstridge is not only five years younger than Folta but also seven pounds heavier so Demi isn’t intimidated!

DING! DONG! The bell clangs and the match begins! The two women step out from their corners to mid-ring where Demi fakes a lunge toward Danelle. The taller woman quickly steps back, hands raised defensively but Demi just chuckles as she walks around Danelle, forcing Danelle to turn in place to watch her.

“I’ve heard why you’re here, Playmate,” Demi calls out. “I can’t wait to see Hef’s face after I take you down, rope you like a rodeo calf and leave you all-trussed up on the front steps of the Mansion!” Getting only silence in response, Demi demands, “Well, what do you have to say about that, Playmate?”

“You shouldn’t have refused Mr. Hefner’s reasonable offer, now you must suffer the consequences,” Danelle replies coldly.

“And he sent a beanpole like YOU to do that? I’m insulted! You know, I think that makes me angrier than anything…” as she spoke, Demi quickly sprang forward, tackled Danelle around the waist, lifted her up and then smashed the taller woman’s womanhood down onto her knee with an Atomic Drop. The Playmate’s eyes shot wide open in shock and pain, then she slid off Demi’s knee and crumpled on her side on the mat.

Demi smiled, nodding as she raised her arms to accept the audience’s adulation; although, of course, she only got a barrage of boos! She approached Danelle, contemptuously stepping on her as she crossed over to the other side, pausing with her foot on Danelle’s stomach to put her full weight on her. Then she turned and lifted Danelle by her hair and smashed an Uppercut to the redhead’s chin that buckled Danelle’s knees as she slumped forward into Demi’s awaiting embrace. Smiling, Demi clamped her arms around Danelle’s lower ribcage and began to squeeze, staring into the Playmate’s eyes as she crushed her chest. Demi was getting that old familiar sexual rush she always got dominating a beautiful woman in physical combat.

Danelle’s slender 24” waist – toned though it was – began to collapse under the pressure of Demi’s Bearhug. The experienced Playmate had never been subjected to a bearhug this powerfully applied. Demi was as strong as she looked, if not stronger! Danelle gasped, expelling precious air from her constricted lungs, growing light-headed. But her arms were free and she brought them up, slamming her palms over Demi’s ears. Demi let out a yelp of pain, then roaring like a lion, she really squeezed and – bending backward – lifted Danelle’s feet clear off the mat. Danelle cuffed the brunette on the ears again - then boxed them a third time.

That was too much for Demi and she released the bearhug, dropping Danelle and backpedaling away from the tall redhead with her hands over her smacked-up ears, waiting for the ringing to end. Danelle bent over sucking in deep breaths and massaging her aching midriff, neither willing nor able to take advantage of Demi’s momentary condition. In fact, Demi was the first to resume action when she went charging after Danelle who clinched with her shorter foe in a Collar and Elbow Lock-up.

The athletic Playmate threw herself backward and kicked upward with her feet, Monkey Flipping Demi up and over, dropping her heavily to her back. WHUMP! “Oooof!” Danelle grabbed the winded Demi’s ankles, spread her legs into a wide “V” then CRUNCH stomped down, driving her heel on Demi’s pussy.

“AIIIIIEEEEE!” Demi let out with a scream.

THUD! “ARRRRRGGH!” Purposefully, Danelle stomped down a second time.

WHAM! “OOOooooooooooooohhhhh…” Then a third

WHAP! “Uunnnnnnnnnnnnn……” and a fourth time.

Finally letting Demi’s limp legs drop to the mat, Danelle pulled Demi up by a handful of brunette hair and pulled her forward, tucking her head under her armpit. Reaching over to grab Demi’s bikini bottom, Danelle lifted her high up above her in a Vertical Suplex, then brought the ageless beauty CRASH back down to the mat. The “General” stepped on Demi’s hair, pinning her head to the mat, then grabbed Demi’s arms and pulled up, trying to rip them out of the sockets.

Demi’s hips and torso are pulled into the air as she arches her back, but strong arms resist and the tough little brunette grasps Danelle’s wrists with her own hands. Demi won the brief tug of war by pulling Danelle’s head down…right into her hard knee which she snapped up into Danelle’s forehead SMACK sending Danelle stumbling away shaking her head.

Demi gets up, rushes toward Danelle and pistons a powerful right fist into the redhead’s belly; WHOOF followed by a big right cross CRACK that not only knocks the Playmate off her feet but almost knocks her out!

Smiling evilly, Demi reaches down with both hands and clamps them around Danelle’s throat. She uses the Stranglehold to drag the coughing beauty upright. Demi releases the choke, plants her shoulder into the dazed Danelle and lifts her up off the mat, holding her chest high. Then Demi heaved Danelle up onto her shoulders. With both hands grabbing underneath the tall beauty, Demi starts to Body Press her upward; holding the Playmate at full arm extension.

Demi lowered Danelle’s body to head height, then pressed her back up again; showing her power as she treated the redhead’s long body like a barbell. The booing audience was momentarily cowed into awed silence at the sight of her intimidating display of strength. The curvaceous brunette powerhouse slowly turns in place so all can see the look of dominant triumph in her eyes. Then Demi tosses Danelle to the mat from nearly eight feet high.

WHAAM! Danelle bounces a couple of times then rolls over gasping. Demi can’t resist doing a double-bicep pose, her chin held up proudly as the crowd who, now snapped out of their momentary stupor, resumes showering her with boo’s. She turns and sees Danelle crawling away toward the ropes.

“Oh no you don’t!” Demi snickers as she grabs the ankles of the retreating Playmate.

But tough Danelle quickly flips over onto her back and begins kicking at Demi with her long legs. Demi takes two shots to the breasts and one to chin before she has to let go and back away, one hand massaging her breast. Danelle gets back to her feet, but without missing a beat Demi resumes her attack. She strode directly up to Danelle with clenched fists raised, aimed a big right at Danelle’s face and let fly!

Shockingly, Danelle catches Demi’s fist in mid-air with both hands and twisted her arm into an Arm Bar. Demi cries out and grabs her right shoulder with her left hand to counter the painful pressure. Danelle wrenches up with the arm bar, forcing Demi to her knees. Then the tall Playmate stepped back, still holding Demi’s arm, and lashed out with a kick into Demi’s belly – then another kick. The second one brought an “OOF” but her powerful abs held up. But then Danelle twisted Demi’s arm down and held it between her legs as she jumped up and came down to the mat with an Arm-breaker that brought a blood-curdling scream from Demi’s quivering lips.

Danelle got up, grabbed Demi’s other wrist and pulled that arm into an Arm Bar, gave it a couple of good twists, then jumped and performed a second Arm-breaker on it! Demi lay moaning in pain, both arms temporarily out of commission as Danelle pulled the ageless beauty up by her brunette hair, then walked her back into a corner. There, the Playmate wound Demi’s weakened arms backward over the top ropes on either side of the turnbuckle. Then Danelle began to pound her fist into Demi’s taut belly.

At first, the always feisty Demi smiled and said, “Oh, that tickles! Do it again!”

So with a sneering frown, Danelle slammed another fist into Demi’s stomach. Demi smiled a little less this time, but Danelle’s fist still felt like it was smacking a solid oak wall. Danelle continued to pound away with both rights and lefts into Demi’s midriff. SMACK – SMACK – SMACK.

Demi tried to kick her, but Danelle was always able to step away from Demi’s shorter legs, then move back in and continue to slug away at the strongest part of Demi’s awesome body – that solid wall of hard abdominal muscle. Danelle relentlessly continued her fistic assault on Demi’s belly, bringing to mind the phrase “irresistible force hitting an immovable object;” something had to give and, in the end, it was Demi’s stomach muscles as Danelle continued to bash her fist into them.

People lost track of how many blows were landed to Demi’s hard-body – maybe 50? Now Demi began grimacing after the first dozen or so, then gasping with each punch that landed. Danelle felt Demi’s abs turning to mush yet she wouldn’t let up! SMACK – SMACK – SMACK. Demi began to sob piteously. Then Danelle pulled back her fist and put everything into one punch that sank so deep in Demi’s belly it looked like it hit her backbone. Demi’s face took on a greenish pallor as her body slumped, her butt resting on the middle turnbuckle as Danelle stepped back to assess the damage she’d done.

As she eyed Demi’s suddenly old body, Danelle started to tear strips of cloth from her pink silk teddy, and carefully wrapped them around her knuckles. Then she stepped forward and WHACK smashed a right to the side of Demi’s jaw. SMACK, she drove home a left. WHAP, another right. CRACK, another right. Danelle was brutally beating Demi’s gorgeous face with punch after punch, just as she had the brunette’s belly. Demi’s head snapped, rocked and whipped from side-to-side with each punch, some almost tearing her head off.

It became apparent Demi was beaten and she kept trying to say something. She’d open her mouth and say “I…” then immediately another SMASH to the jaw would silence her. “I sub….” THUD, WHACK! Evidently she was trying to quit, but the ref could never clearly ascertain what she was trying to say since Danelle’s blows were landing so rapidly that the actress could never get more than a word out.

POW! Another fist from Danelle and spittle comes flying out. WHAM! And spit and blood droplets spray out. THUD! SMACK! KRAAK! Was that a tooth that went flying out? The crowd – which had initially cheered Danelle’s assault - fell into stunned silence, realizing they were seeing a deliberately cruel and especially brutal mauling - a woman being badly beaten just for the sake of doing it.

After a seeming eternity of blows to Demi’s face, Danelle stopped. She grabbed Demi and threw her semi-conscious form toward the middle of the ring. Danelle marched up to her, standing over her with clenched fists, and coldly told her, “Get up! You think you’re so strong and tough. Get up and fight!”

But Demi, her face badly battered and bruised, both eyes swollen and discolored, just looked up to the Playmate forlornly and whimpered, “Please! No More (gasp) I give…nuh…no more (sob) I submit…I beg you…please…”

Referee Ferrell heard enough to call for the bell, then placed herself between the combatants. “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match, Danelle Folta!” Terry raised Danelle’s hand as the still-stunned crowd politely applauded.

Then the victorious redhead went over to her defeated victim and slowly removed Demi’s black bikini top, kicked her over onto her back and then jerked down and pulled off of her crumpled body the bottom of Demi’s suit. Danelle reached down and put Demi into a Full Nelson, then yanked her up off the mat and the tall redhead held Demi’s slumping body in front of her in the Full Nelson, displaying her naked form to the crowd. Danelle saw the Playboy photographer the magazine had sent to get ringside photos and held up Demi’s naked, beaten body for him as he snapped away - as did the other photographers.

“Looks like there’ll be nude pictures of you in Playboy after all,” Danelle whispered in Demi’s ear. “Too bad you didn’t do business with us; at least you’d gotten some cash these pictures.”

Danelle brought the photo op to an end as she hurled Demi to the mat. She looked down at Demi, standing with her feet straddling either side of the brunette’s head as Danelle reached down and pulled Demi’s head up and wedged it between her toned thighs. The barely conscious Demi was forced to stare up into Danelle’s eyes as Danelle scissored her tear-streaked, puffy, battered and beaten face between her thighs.

Danelle looked down on her and said, “I have a message from Mr. Hefner! He says, ‘Tell your Hollywood girlfriends to think twice before refusing his offers’.” Then she gritted her teeth and clamped her thighs tighter and tighter until Demi passed out. When she spread her legs, Demi’s unconscious body crumpled to the mat.

Danelle left Demi sprawled in the ring without further ado. As she strode back to her dressing room she wondered who her next assignment might be - and found she was eagerly looking forward to it!