Bridget Fonda vs. Gina Gershon by Blizzard

Gina Gershon’s Doc Martin’s thumped the concrete walk as she strolled through the celebrity residential neighborhood. The morning had turned out beautiful, holding promise for a very pleasant day. It had been unusually cool when she began her morning walk, but with the sun approaching it’s noontime aspect, it had warmed up considerably. She had her leather jacket slung over one shoulder now, dressed in a simple T-shirt and jeans.

Gina loved to walk through the numerous celebrity neighborhoods on the outskirts of Hollywood. She’d seen quite a few strange and humorous things on her strolls; things the tabloid freaks would pay dearly for. After all, she and her peers were just people - famous, but just people nonetheless.

The sultry 39 y/o brunette had an affinity for fine cigars so her walks weren’t complete without enjoying one or two and today was no exception. She took one last luxurious puff on her spent stogie before flicking it over a low ornate fence and hedgerow. The mean streak she possessed, and wasn’t bashful about owning up to, contributed to the devilish pleasure she felt when she tossed her cigar butts onto their sculptured grounds.

‘I shouldn’t be so rude!’ she’d thought before. ‘Fuck ‘em!’

OWWWW!!! WHAT THE HELL?!!!” screeched a voice from the other side of the hedgerow.

Gina craned her neck toward the noise as she continued to travel down the street, muttering with a grin, “Ooops!”

As she approached the front gate to the home, it suddenly swung open and Bridget Fonda stormed through it and blocked her path.

“What the hell’s the idea of tossing this shit onto me and my flower bed, bitch?!” snapped the 38 y/o 5’6” blonde who was holding Gina’s cigar stub daintily with two fingertips.

The smug brunette peered over Bridget’s shoulder at the freshly planted flower bed the blonde had been painstakingly working on all morning.

“Relax, hun,” answered the dark-maned woman. “Just toss it in your compost heap over there.....oh, are those flowers?!” she asked, crinkling her nose for effect.

Bridget glared icily at the smart-assed woman, “I’ve been bustin’ my ass all morning planting those, you bitch! Why don’t you take your fucking stogie and move along. Go pollute someone else’s airspace.”

Gina felt a wave of excitement pass through her. She just flat out loved starting trouble. She plucked the cigar from Bridget’s fingers and casually flicked it over the blonde’s head onto her lawn. Bridget spun around to see it laying on the grass. Gina’s eyes traveled down Bridget’s cotton tank top to the back of her khaki shorts. ‘Cute ass’, she mused. When the blonde turned back to Gina, the veins in her neck were beginning to bulge.

“Go pick that filthy thing up!” she snapped, planting her hands on her hips.

Gina slowly stepped around her and strolled through the gate with Bridget at her heels. She leaned over and plucked the stogie off the grass and then turned to face the fuming blonde. Looking Bridget straight in the eyes, she nonchalantly flicked it to her left into Bridget’s damp soiled flower bed.

“You lookin’ for trouble, bitch?!” growled Bridget, her hands balling into fists.

“I’m always looking for trouble, cutie pie,” responded the grinning brunette.

Bridget displayed formidable hand speed as she instantly ripped a powerful uppercut to Gina’s chin, dropping the stunned brunette on her butt on the grass. Gina’s leather jacket fell from her hand and landed beside her.

“Good, ‘cause you just found it!” snarled the blonde.

Bridget mounted the laid out brunette on her knees and clamped her left hand over the groggy woman’s mouth, pinching her nostrils shut with her right. Gina mumbled and squirmed weakly as the blonde began to smother her.

Mmettt offf mmeee, mu mbitchhh!” Gina protested as she squirmed beneath Bridget.

Gina’s legs flailed in the air, kicking wildly as Bridget rode her bucking body while still maintaining her smothering grip. Soon, Gina’s spirited struggling faded and her legs lay stretched out on the grass, her meager whimpers trailing off as her eyes rolled back. With a final quiver, Gina slipped into unconsciousness and Bridget sat upright with her hands on her thighs and gazed down at Gina’s sleeping face with a broad grin. Bridget lolled the dark-haired woman’s head from side to side, prodding her tongue with her dirt stained finger.

“Well you weren’t so much trouble, were you tough girl?!” teased Bridget. “Time to take the trash out.”

She got off Gina and went over to the lawn cart she had used to haul soil and flowers in earlier. She wheeled it over to the unconscious brunette and groaned as she struggled to lift the limp woman’s body up as she flopped her into the cart. Gina’s body jiggled, her head, arms and legs draping over the sides of the cart as Bridget rolled it through the gate and unceremoniously dumped her body on the sidewalk. Gina landed on her back, the shock of her body hitting the concrete starting to revive her. As she fluttered in and out of consciousness, Bridget left Gina to retrieve the cigar butt. She returned and straddled Gina, leaned down and stubbed the cigar on Gina’s T-shirt, between the mounds of her full, firm tits.

“Don’t forget your stinky stick!” wisecracked the blonde.

But as she leaned over her, Gina’s left hand shot up, grabbed the blonde’s hanging mane and pulled her head down as she started throwing right’s to the yelping woman’s face. After several sharp punches, Bridget’s knees buckled and she collapsed down on them straddling her revived foe. One last heavy punch sent Bridget toppling sideways off Gina. The blonde crumpled to the sidewalk and rolled onto her side in a daze.

Gina scrambled to her feet, seething with anger and embarrassment at being knocked out so easily by the blonde. Losing wasn’t something she was used to and she never handled it well. Now, this bitch was gonna pay!. Gina flipped the lawn cart over, grabbed two fistfuls of Bridget’s hair and dragged the whimpering blonde’s body into the cart.

“Welcome to the Headbanger’s Ball, bitch!” she hissed as she rammed Bridget’s head on the floor of the cart.

Several brutal slams later, the blonde’s helpless cries were silenced as she was beaten nearly unconscious by her crazed foe. Gina roughly threw her to the sidewalk where she lay weakly moaning and still while the brunette righted the cart and rolled it back through the gate onto the lawn. Then she returned to her semi-conscious foe and dug her fingers into the blonde’s hair.

Shuffling backwards, Gina dragged the moaning Bridget through the gate and across the lawn to the flower bed. Without hesitation, she continued dragging her clear into the freshly planted flowers, using her inferior rivals body to crush and destroy the new plantings. Bridget whimpered as Gina was flopped her over on her belly in the damp soil. Then Gina kneeled beside Bridget, bent over and squished her face into the loam. The blonde spat and sputtered as her face was plunged repeatedly into the soil, coating it and filling her mouth with dirt.

“Whaddaya think of your little flower bed now, SWEETIE?” taunted Gina.

She chuckled as she looked at the back of Bridget’s top and the seat of her tight shorts, both now stained by the grass and dark with wet soil. Bridget had been rudely brought back to her senses on her trip through her flowers and was seething with anger. She grabbed a handful of the moist loam and fought to twist her torso around, throwing the dirt in Gina’s face. The dark-haired woman yelped as the dirt filled her eyes and she stumbled back a few steps, temporarily blinded. Bridget scrambled to her feet in an instant and unloaded a sweeping right hand that knocked Gina sprawling on the grass with a thud and a grunt.

“I am so gonna bust you up!!!” screamed the irate blonde.

Bridget lunged at her downed rival, but her feet slid on the fresh soil and she pitched forward, landing on top of the groaning brunette. Both combatants snaked their hands into the other’s hair, then they began to roll across the grass, grappling, kicking, screaming and yanking hair. Gina managed to hammer a knee to Bridget’s ribs as they flopped across the lawn, forcing a groan from the blonde and breaking her grip on her dark mane. Gina rolled away from the blonde and quickly rose to her feet as Bridget struggled up as well, gasping and clutching her side.

Gina raised her fists and moved in, grazing the blonde’s chin with a left jab as Bridget frantically leaned away. But when Gina stepped in to deliver a right hook, she was rocked by Bridget’s stiff left jab. Bridget followed it up almost immediately with a hard right cross that staggered the yelping brunette and sent her retreating backward.

“Let’s see what ya got, tough girl!” chided Bridget, assuming a boxer’s stance as she cautiously studied Gina.

Both woman danced, moving side-to-side and back-and-forth, feinting and measuring one another as they searched for an opening.

“You shoulda finished me when you had your chance,” hissed Gina. “Now, I’m gonna fuck you up!”

She lunged at Bridget, unleashing a jab that the blonde side-slipped easily. Bridget laughed and threw a roundhouse haymaker, intent on knocking her callous intruder out cold, but Gina ducked the punch and snapped a devastating right hook just below the blonde’s unguarded belly button. With a heavy groan, Bridget’s hands dropped to grab her belly as her cheeks puffed out and she struggled to get her breath. A brutal uppercut smashed into the blonde’s chin, nearly throwing her switch. Bridget’s arms flew outstretched as her body lifted up on her heels then toppled over backward. She crashed to the grass and lay, with one knee raised, badly dazed.

“Get up bitch!” snarled Gina, remaining in her stance as she stood over the battered blonde.

Bridget floundered onto her side and struggled to get to her knees, shaking her head. Then, slowly, she pushed herself to her feet showing the effects of the wicked uppercut she’d absorbed. She raised her fists as she moved toward Gina on rubbery legs and tried to throw a slow jab at the brunette’s face. Gina’s counter-punch sliced through the air, CRACK against the side of Bridget’s jaw before the blonde’s blow reached it’s target. Bridget’s knees buckled, she cried out and staggered a few steps shaking her muddled head.

“Come on!” growled Gina as she landed another stinging jab. “Hit me you pussy!” she said, snapping yet another jab that sent the blonde reeling back.

Bridget’s eyelids were heavy, her body struggling to just keep from collapsing on the lawn. She screamed as she launched a painfully slow, weak jab that missed by two feet of even reaching Gina. With a whimper, Bridget stumbled forward, her legs losing the battle to support her. As she neared the brunette nearly out on her feet, Gina ripped a gut punch into Bridget that dropped her to her knees instantly. Bridget’s upper body slumped forward against Gina’s legs, her face in the crotch of the brunette’s jeans as she clutched her belly and wheezed.

Gina reached down under both of Bridget’s elbows and pulled the blonde’s tank top over her head as Bridget’s limp arms flopped straight up and then fell back to her sides and dangled harmlessly. Bridget was bra-less and her erect nipples brushed against the rough fabric of Gina’s jeans as her chest heaved with her hard breathing. Gina slowly entwined her fist in her battered foe’s hair and pushed her head back.

Then Gina looked down at the muddied, bloody-faced blonde and swore, “Damn you bitch! You bled all over my jeans!”

Gina crudely scrubbed Bridget’s bleeding nose with her own top, eliciting spirited moans from her as her broken nose pulsed with pain. When she finished, Gina tossed the blood-stained top back over her head and cupped Bridget under chin, forcing her to look up and make eye contact with her.

“I thought you said you were gonna bust me up! Who’s busted up now, pansy ass?” Gina snapped.

Cunt....,” whimpered the blonde meekly, her eyes watering as she sniffled noisily.

Gina squeezed Bridget’s chin tightly as she leaned down, put her lips beside Bridget’s ear, “What was that? You said you wanna show me your cunt?” she teased.

Gina raised her foot, planted it on Bridget’s left breast and kicked out her leg, knocking the devastated blonde back onto the lawn with a groan. Bridget lay defenseless on her back as Gina bent and pulled off her athletic shoes, leaving her cute white ankle socks in place. Bridget didn’t even resist as Gina undid the waist of her shorts, grabbed them by the waistband and lifted her hips into the air. As Gina stepped back, pulling them down, Bridget’s limp body slid easily out of them as Gina lifted her legs in the air and jerked the shorts over her stockinged feet. Bridget lay stripped of all but her white lace trimmed string bikini panties and the socks.

“Lemme see that pretty little cunt!” oozed Gina as she straddled the blondes thighs, reached down and grasped the front panel of Bridget’s panties.

The beaten blonde saw a last fleeting chance at survival and viciously kicked up her knee as Gina started to sit down, numbing Gina’s pubic bone as it struck home solidly. The dark-haired vixen cried in anguish as she fell to the side on knees, leaning forward and massaging her rattled pussy. Bridget pulled her knees up to her chest and kicked out with both feet, ramming her heels into Gina’s chest and sending her toppling back onto the grass.

Weak and battered, but still proud, Bridget struggled to her hands and knees. The half naked woman crawled toward Gina who was slowly getting to her knees as she groaned. The two women’s bodies slammed together, Bridget’s hand going for Gina’s throat and clamping like a vise.

“You ARE going out, cunt!” Bridget spat as she squeezed as hard as she could, choking the dark-haired woman.

Gina gasped and gagged, instinctively clutching at the blonde’s bare breasts, her nails clawing and raking, her fingers squeezing and yanking. Bridget yelped in pain as Gina pinched her nipples but she desperately continued to maintain her even as the agony in her tits started to overwhelm her senses.

Fuckin’.......bitch!” Bridget gasped, her brow furrowed in pain.

Suddenly one of Gina’s hands released it’s tit hold and dove for the blonde’s crotch. As she roughly yanked at Bridget’s skimpy panties, one of the thin hipster straps snapped and her panties slid off the other hip down to her knees. Her thick, honey blonde muff was exposed to Gina’s lusting eyes.

“Don’t get....your panties in a....twist ...get rid....of ‘em!” gasped the gagging Gina.

Her fingers attacked the blonde’s cunt, raking and clawing it as she mauled Bridget’s lush bush and swollen pussy lips painfully. The near naked actress shrieked until she finally released the choke hold, snapping both hands down to clasp around Gina’s forearm to pull her hand away from her pussy. The dark-haired tormentress abused Bridget’s pussy a bit longer before letting go, but she immediately snapped a short, hard punch to her gut. Bridget folded forward and nearly vomited as the air was forced from her diaphragm, leaving her frantically gasping for breath.

Gina took hold of both of her rival’s modest tits again and got to her feet, hauling the blonde to her feet with herl. She squeezed the soft mounds of flesh brutally as she slowly walked Bridget backward to the flower bed. The pitiful blonde whimpered and gasped, awkwardly backing up with her panties at her knees. Once Gina had the blonde into the center of the flower bed, she halted. She continued to abuse the woman’s tits as she glanced down at her feet.

“Your little sockies are gettin’ dirty, cupcake,” she teased.

Cunt!” gasped Bridget through her tightly shut eyes, her once pretty face twisted in pain and covered with a combination of mud and blood.

“Been there, done that,” chirped Gina as she held up the hand she’d used to ravage Bridget’s pussy and pushed it in front of the blonde’s nose. “Got the stinky hand to prove it, too!”

Bridget jerked her head aside, not because she could smell her pussy, but because Gina’s hand was pressing on her broken nose. She couldn’t smell anything at the moment! Gina grabbed her hair and gave Bridget’s head a yank.

“Kiss my fist,” she ordered.

Screw you!!!” sniffled the sobbing blonde.

“Come on, kiss it nightie-night!”

Gina released her hair and grabbed the blonde’s bleeding nose, pinching it cruelly. The blonde instantly convulsed with the terrible pain which was too much to endure.

OK, OK,” she wailed and planted a smooch onto Gina’s fist.

“That’s a good little pansy!” cooed Gina.

She stepped back, measuring the helpless blonde, and unloaded an explosive knockout punch that sent Bridget sailing back several feet. She landed flat on her back in the destroyed flower bed, her arms and legs spread-eagled and out cold.

Gina laughed at the destroyed blonde as she straightened her clothing, cussing as she brushed the blood stain on her jeans. Then, spying a small pair of shears, she picked them up and cut a flattened pink rose that lay near Bridget. She laid it across the blonde’s neatly trimmed pubic patch and smiled proudly.

“There! It’s lovely! You’ll make some lucky homeowner a cute lawn ornament!”

She retrieved her jacket and fumbled into the inside pocket.

“Bitch!” she snarled as she pulled out half of a broken cigar. “You busted my last cigar!”

Gina walked over to Bridget and took her lighter from her jeans pocket. She straddled the unconscious blonde and lit the cigar, taking several long drags until the tip glowed bright red. Then she leaned over and blew a puff of smoke in Bridget’s face. Prying open the blonde’s mouth with her fingers, she stuck the smoldering cigar between Bridget’s blood stained teeth and laughed.

“Enjoy my ‘stinky stick’, creampuff,” she muttered as she gazed at the cigar protruding from the blonde’s mouth, a curl of smoke wafting into the air. “I have to get my ass home and change my pants...cunt!” she snapped.

Gina strolled across the lawn and out the gate, leaving one demolished, naked blonde sprawled in her flower bed.