Willa Ford vs. Anna Paquin by Shinobi

The two beauties were set to fight each other. The two girls are young and inexperienced. They had no grudges against each other or anything, but decided they would be good opponents for each other before they faced some more serious competition.

Willa was the first to enter the ring. She wore a sparkling red tube top that showed off hear gorgeous rack and a yellow thong, exposing her luscious ass. Willa had great confidence that she could easily defeat her opponent. Willa looked at the other girl as merely Little Anna Paquin, some easy pushover.

On the other hand, Anna walked in wearing blue spandex shorts and a grey sports bra that covered her small breasts. She had fought in only a few matches and hasn't won any. Even though she knew her opponent was slightly older and bustier than her, she was neither fazed nor intimidated.

Willa paraded around the ring, showing off her tight ass, making Anna very jealous. Anna so badly wanted to spank that ass just to wipe off that arrogant smile on Willa's face. Both girls then met at the center of the ring.

Anna: I'm gonna wipe that stupid ass smile off your fucking face, whore!

Willa: Bring it on bitch!

The two beauties locked up, grabbing each others shoulders. They were struggling to gain the upper hand. After a few minutes though, Willa grabbed Anna by the arm and swung her into the ropes. Anna was sling-shotted right back at Willa and was met with a hard shoulder to her chest, knocking her off her feet. Before Anna could get up, she found Willa sitting right on top of her sending right handed fists in her face.

Willa: "Come on bitch, is this all you got?"

Willa kept sending hard slaps and punches almost knocking the brunette unconscious. Then Willa put her fingers right under Anna's sports bra and began to lift it up.

Willa: "Let's see what those little tits look like."

But before she could lift them up, Anna put her arms between Willa's wrists and blocked them to the sides. Anna then let out a large smack across Willa's pretty face almost knocking her off. Willa looked back in utmost rage.

Willa: "You fucking little cunt!!!!"

Willa reached down and dug her claws around Anna tits and Anna let out a shriek of pain, followed by, "Damn!!"

Willa: "Shut up! There's barely anything for me to hold on to anyway little girl."

Anna grabbed Willa's wrists, but didn't have the strength to pull them off. She squirmed and twisted to no avail. Anna was about to pass out from the pain. Her eyes began to water and tears streamed down her face.

Willa: "Oh shit! Here comes the waterworks."

In desperation, Anna raked her fingernails over Willa's thighs until Willa couldn't bare the pain any longer. She let go of Anna's and landed a large smack across her cheek that almost knocked her out. While only half conscious, Anna's eyes bulged in horror as she saw the wicked smile on Willa's lips. Willa began nodding her head up and down in delight as she reached back to unzip her tube top. As she was struggling to get it off, Anna frantically kicked and screamed. Finally, Willa took it off and tossed it away.

Anna: "Oh God NO!!!!!"

Willa smiling, "This oughta shut you up."

Willa began to lean her chest forward. But Anna put her hands up and pressed her chest away. Willa grabbed Anna's wrists and tried to pin them down. However, Willa wasn't strong enough and they began struggling. Carelessly, Willa had her breasts dangling a few inches from Anna's face. Anna then lifted her head up and bit down on Willa's left breast.

Anna pushed Willa off of her and Willa lay cupping her injured breast, caressing it. Anna got up quickly and furiously lifted under her sweat sports bra to remove it. She threw it to the side and marched over to Willa. As Willa got up, Anna landed a hard slap knocking the busty blond to the mat.

Anna: "I'll show you a REAL tit smother!'

She dropped with her ass squarely on Willa's stomach, leaned forward and planted her breasts over her face. Anna's breasts are small, but sufficient and firm enough to suffocate Willa who was quickly losing her breath. Willa shoved her hands up under Anna's breasts and pushed her off of her.

Willa rolled to the side to catch her breath. But before she could take in more than two deep breaths, Anna was on top of her again. She rolled her onto her back. This time Anna wrapped her right hand around Willa's neck and covered her left hand over Willa's nose and mouth again suffocating her. This time Willa had no strength to fight back. But before she passed out, Anna let go and crawled to Willa's legs. Willa could barely see anything, but she squealed when she felt her thong being removed.

Willa: "Oh please no!"

Anna then made a fist and stuck out only her middle and ring finger. She held them in front of Willa's eyes to show her what she was about to do. She then slowly put her two fingers in her own mouth to moisten them. Anna began to rub the outside part of Willa's clit. Willa tilted her head back and began to moan at this sexual rubbing. Anna slowly inserted her fingers into Willa's pussy. Then she clawed her fingers and began raking her fingers inside. Tears began running down Willa's face from the pain.

Willa: "PPPPlease AAnn Anna, I caaan't take it "

A few moments later, Anna could tell Willa was just about to pass out from the pain. Anna let go of the crotch claw and got up. She picked Willa up by the hair and slammed her back into the post. Anna held up Willa's naked body to the post. Before Willa knew what was going on, she felt Anna's lips press against her own. Willa was totally surprised and even enjoyed it. She could feel her tongue going in her mouth. Then Anna started sucking on the left side of Willa's neck turning in bright red. Willa began to moan and wet herself.

Willa: "Oh Anna!"

After giving Willa a hickey, Anna stopped and cocked her right arm back. As she swung it forward, Willa saw it coming and reacted fast enough to move out of the way. Anna hit the post and bruised her knuckles, giving Willa time to take advantage as she punted Anna's crotch. Her knees buckled beneath her and she collapsed to the mat in agony.

Willa picked her up by her breasts and pinned her to the ropes. She then began to tie the rope around her wrists, then her ankles. Anna was completely vulnerable and had no way out. Willa got down on her knees and slipped Anna's shorts and panties down, exposing her pure vagina. Anna's eyes widened in terror. Willa greedily grabbed at Anna's hips and leaned her mouth towards her crotch.

Anna: "Willa please...don't. NOOO! AAAAGH OHHHHHH ARRGH! OH!"

Willa licked at a steady pace. At times she would stop to kiss her opponents clit. Anna began to close her eyes. Her breathing became faster and heavier each time. Her moans became louder and louder. A few minutes later, Anna felt a fantastic sensation through her body. Willa pleased with her success, sucked Anna's cunt dry. Willa then untied Anna's ankles and got up to do the same with her wrists. Anna then just fell right onto the mat exhausted from the orgasm. Her eyes closed and her chest heaving up and down as she was catching her breath. Willa rolled Anna on her back and sat right on her stomach. She smiled as she looked down at her poor victim.

Willa: "Poor little Anna, you were tougher than I thought you would be, but just wasn't woman enough to handle me."

Willa began to lean breasts forward to smother her, but stopped and leaned back. Instead she reached down and softly squeezed Anna's breasts. She began massaging her perky, little breasts. Willa remembered that great kiss Anna gave to her earlier. She leaned over and gave Anna a light little kiss before getting up and leaving. Willa walked halfway across the ring and turned around just to make sure. And sure enough Anna was still lying there like before. As Willa was climbing through the ropes, she heard running footsteps. Just as she turned around, a hard body slammed into her and sent her flying. Her head hit the metal fence outside the ring and she landed semi-conscious on the cement floor.

As she started to come around, she felt someone sitting on top of her and heard a voice say, "Ya should've finished me off when you had a chance."

It was Anna! Willa couldn't believe it.

Willa: "How the hell?"

Anna: "Now I'm going to end this once and for all."

Anna pinned Willa's wrists to the side of her head. She then squarely planted her firm breasts over Willa's face, completely blocking off any air from getting to her lungs.


Willa had no energy in her to resist and laid there. A few minutes later, Anna leaned back and rested her hands on her hips. She took a deep breath and looked down to admire her handiwork as she felt the sweat and blood trickle all over her body. She reached down and gave Willa's breasts a gentle squeeze before getting up and leaving. Anna felt great about her first victory and was ready for more to come.