PART TWO: Megan Fox vs. Young Hollywood by Cletus Van Damme

Match #4: Megan Fox vs. Annalynne McCord
The sun had just begun to set as Megan walked down the sidewalk, her tennis shoes moving almost silently on the concrete as she made her way to face her next opponent. The fading sun bathed everything in a warm yellowish tint and seemed to give a glow to Megan’s royal purple-cleavage exposing top and her curve-hugging black athletic pants. She somehow managed to avoid being photographed by the ever-hounding paparazzi, but a few eagle-eyed fans recognized her and were greeted with a smile and an autograph from Ms. Fox as she began to hear faint chants coming from the outside of the trendy club that was her destination.

Annalynne McCord arrived at the alley behind club early and had been telling anyone who would listen just how much sexier and better at everything she was than ‘yesterday’s news’ Megan Fox. Annalynne had gathered quite a crowd by heckling Megan before the sultry brunette had even arrived, all the while prancing around in a tight white tank top, tied up just below her petite breasts to show off her rock hard stomach, she also wore a pair of tight dark blue cotton shorts with “TOO HOT” emblazoned over her tight ass and some knee-high, black motorcycle style boots.

By the time Megan arrived at the club, Annalynne had amassed 50+ plus supporters that clung to every word she shouted and were now backing her 100% against Megan Fox. “Well look who finally decided to show up.” Annalynne teased. “I was starting to think you were too chicken-shit to get your ass kicked tonight.” She continued, rubbing her hands over her sculpted abs as she chested up to the shorter brunette.

Megan simply rolled her eyes at her rival and nonchalantly thrust her chest out in response to Annalynne’s obvious attempt to intimidate the raven-haired beauty with her tight abs, not expecting the boos and cat-calls she received from the crowd in response. “You’re gonna wish you never had tits after I get through with them, bitch!” Annalynne snorted, jamming her right index finger hard into the soft flesh of Megan’s left breast.

“So, got a thing for the lady parts, eh Annie?” Megan retorted as she slapped Annalynne’s hand away. Perturbed, Annalynne threw an open handed slap towards Megan’s face, but the brunette blocked it and drove her fist into Annalynne’s tight abdomen, attacking the blonde’s proudest feature, hoping to humble her.

Annalynne replied in kind, burying her right hand into Megan’s own tight stomach, drawing a grunt from the lovely brunette’s mouth. The two young beauties continued their fistic assault, left hand on each other’s shoulder, right hands plowing mercilessly into fit abdominal muscle in alternating fashion. Neither vixen willing to give an inch to her adversary, they both put 100% of their concentration and strength into attempting to drive their fists completely through the other woman.

Megan was beginning to regret this course of action as the blonde’s blows were quickly becoming too much to handle. The look of sheer determination on Annalynne’s face was still ever present as she bared her teeth and continued her destruction of Fox’s stomach. The crowd roared with approval as it was eventually Megan who first began to show the effects of the constant assault. Even as she began to double over, Megan wasn’t about to give the pro-Annalynne crowd any more satisfaction if she had any her way and continued to punch with everything her sinewy body could muster. But as determined as Megan was, the blonde’s abdomen proved the stronger of the two and the brunette eventually succumbed to Annalynne’s barrage. And as much as she hated herself for it, she couldn’t prevent herself from sinking to her knees, giving Annalynne and the crowd something else to be proud of.

Playing to the audience’s wishes, Annalynne yanked the brunette half way up before leaning back and kicking Megan forcefully in the chest, sending her sprawling backwards into a collection of trash bags and cans. “I told you this bitch was nothing but garbage!” Annalynne shouted to the crowd as Megan slumped into the pile of trash. The blonde beamed a big, toothy smile as her group of supporters cheered their approval of Annalynne’s domination of Megan Fox so far.

For her part, Megan completely loathed her failure to compete with Annalynne thus far, and contemplated throwing in the towel to her blonde adversary. But seeing the crowd’s reaction to Annalynne’s taunts lit a fire deep within the brunette and she quickly collected herself, removing her top, which had become soaked with disgusting garbage water; much to the delight of a small section of the crowd. Megan contemplated putting her shirt back on upon hearing the cat-calls coming from the mob of people watching, but she figured she needed all the support she could get at this point. With that, Megan threw her smelly top at her blonde opponent, sticking it directly on her face. It slowly slid down Annalynne’s taut body to hit the pavement with a wet THWAP.

Enraged, Annalynne’s nostrils flared before she set out on a mindless charge towards Megan; unfortunately for the blonde, this was exactly what Megan had expected and as Annalynne charged her, Megan slipped aside and tripped the blonde, sending her flying into the pile of garbage Megan had just been in moments earlier.

“I’M trash...?” Megan asked, mockingly “You look right at home down there, Annie!”

A toothy grin spread across Megan’s face as she picked up one of the tin trash cans and smashed it over Annalynne’s head with a CLANG, followed by a squeal of blonde pain.

Not giving Annalynne any time to recover, Megan grabbed the blonde’s ankle and dragged her out of the garbage pile, painfully scraping her back along the rough, unforgiving concrete. Watching Annalynne writhing around on the ground with her hands massaging head brought another delightful grin across Megan’s pillowy lips, moments before she sat down hard on the blonde’s belly. The force of the brunette’s impact caused Annalynne’s body to jack-knife upwards with a groan; Megan had her fist primed and drove it straight into the blonde’s face as it came toward her, eliciting another moan of pain from Anna.

With her rival incapacitated, Megan began slowly untying Annalynne’s top, all the while staring at the crowd, as if to say, “You bet on the wrong horse in this race.” The brunette beauty took her sweet time in relieving Annalynne of her top, and by the time she languidly slid Annalynne’s top off of her tight body, Anna was beginning to recover and regain her composure. But Megan wasn’t about take any chances and slid forward, pinning the blonde’s arms under her shins and pressing her crotch down on Annalynne’s throat.

“Get your stinky snatch out of my face, bitch.” Annalynne said with surprising confidence as she squirmed beneath her brunette adversary. Megan simply laughed and playfully flicked Anna’s nose, setting the blonde’s blood to boil. Seeing McCord’s nostrils flaring only encourage Megan who continued to humiliate the blonde by just toying with her... Pinching her cheeks, stroking her hair, and even a wet willy for good measure.

Annalynne was absolutely livid with rage, being humiliated like this had turned her face a deep shade of crimson, but no matter how much she struggled, she couldn’t get free. Megan, on the other hand, loved her domination of Annalynne... until she felt the blonde’s teeth sink into the flesh of her inner thigh, her cotton pants not providing much protection. Megan howled in pain and began flailing her fists at Annalynne’s face, but was unable to hold her perch over the blonde, who managed to slip out from beneath her.

It didn’t take long for either woman to recover and regain their feet, as Megan hadn’t really inflicted any damage to the blonde when she had her trapped on the ground, and Annalynne’s bite had only caused short term pain in Fox’s thigh. Annalynne was still seeing red from Megan’s humiliation and before the brunette could react, she grabbed Megan’s hair with her left hand and smashed her right fist over and over into the brunette’s face before Megan even had a chance to protect herself. After having her head smashed backwards several times, only to have Annalynne wrench it forward for another blow each time, Megan finally got her hands up and shielded her face. Stunned and bleeding, Fox was powerless to prevent Annalynne’s foot from plowing into her chest, knocking the brunette forcefully into an unforgiving steel dumpster.

Megan flaccidly slid down the front of the dumpster to sit on her ass with her head hanging lethargically between her knees; she barely had enough time to groan in pain before Annalynne yanked her with a fistful of black hair and trapped the brunette’s wrists in the bar that keeps the dumpster’s lid closed. Feeling smugly superior, Annalynne turned toward the crowd and blew kisses before turning her attention back to Fox. The blonde forcibly grabbed Megan under the chin and forced the brunette to make begrudging eye contact with her tormenter.

“Remember when I said you’d be sorry you ever had tits?” Annalynne asked rhetorically.

Keeping her grip firm around Megan’s cheeks, Annalynne brutally slammed her right fist into Fox’s left breast, flattening it against her chest. Megan bleated in agony at the tremendous impact and was horrified as the blonde continued to pummel her unprotected breasts. Annalynne was completely merciless as she fired short, straight-armed blows one after another after another directly into the brunette’s chest; her sobs of pain seemed to only spur on the dominant blonde. Annalynne kept up the punishment for a full two minutes, by which time Megan’s eyes had welled up and tears of helplessness and hopelessness streamed down her pain-wracked face.

“So you guys wanna see ‘em?” Annalynne asked the crowd as she playfully groped Megan’s bra-covered breasts.

Megan heard the roar of the congregation’s approval and meekly begged Annalynne, “D-Do-don’t...” She knew it would only take seconds for pictures of her exposed to flood the internet.

“Awwww, the little prude doesn’t want her tits on display!” McCord mocked. “Maybe she’d rather show you guys something else instead...”

Annalynne played to the crowd and knelt in front of Megan, sensually grasping her ass and slowly sliding her tongue across the brunette’s sweat-slicked navel, circling her belly button and tracing it down the beltline of her pants. The blonde hungrily clamped her teeth around the elastic waist bands of Fox’s black pants and leaned back, stretching the elastic before letting it SNAP back, stinging Megan’s skin. Annalynne gave the crowd a seductive glance before she used her tongue to once again grasp the elastic of Megan’s pants between her teeth. This time, however, she pulled down…and with some help from her hands, she was able to drag the black pants down over the curve of Megan’s ass before letting them slither down her toned legs to a pile on the ground at the brunette’s feet - leaving her in her bra and boy-cut lace panties!

Megan wasn’t really sure what Annalynne was doing, but at this point she was just grateful that the blonde hadn’t removed ALL her clothing. Annalynne continued to play to the crowd, picking up Megan’s discarded pants and walking over to the observers, taking her time in deciding just who would be lucky enough to take home Megan Fox’s pants. After teasingly making several passes back and forth, Anna just threw them up in the air and watched as several people tore them to shreds. Shreds which would no doubt end up in online auctions a short while later.

The blonde finally turned her attention back to Megan who was now frantically struggling to free herself. Annalynne snickered as she watched the brunette’s feeble attempts to free herself while strutting toward her ensnared prey. The jovial smile quickly faded from Annalynne’s face as Megan’s right whipped out to CRACK against Annalynne’s pubic mound!

“GUHHHH!” she bellowed as she sank to her knees, her face flushed as she moaned in anguish.

Megan had been able to free her hands from their trap while the blonde had been hamming up to the crowd, and was just putting on a show to lure Annalynne into a false sense of superiority, which had worked flawlessly in the brunette’s favor as she watched the blonde collapse to the ground in complete agony. Megan stared down at Annalynne with disdain, watching her writhe back and forth with her hands wedged between her thighs, trying fruitlessly to massage away the pain in her groin. The raven haired beauty leaned down and forcefully grabbed McCord’s wrists, pinning them to the ground under her knees as she knelt down and straddled the blonde’s mid-section. Not making the same mistake as before, Megan grabbed the blonde by the hair, and smashed her fist into Anna’s face, driving it back into the hard concrete ground. The double impact had Annalynne groaning in stupefying shock.

“Payback time, bitch!” Megan spat as she ripped off the blonde’s bra and dug her fingers into Annalynne’s modest tits; twisting and kneading the pliable flesh as Anna wailed in despair. “Goddam, you’ve got some pathetically tiny-ass tits, Annie.” Megan mocked. “Are you sure you’re even female?”

Megan yanked up on the blonde’s breasts, leaving dark red scratches as her fingers scraped along flesh, before finally losing their grip and letting the tiny tits to settle back into their natural position. Then Megan began to pound her fists down on poor Annalynne’s breasts, bringing languid yelps of pain from the blonde with each thudding impact!

The ruthless attack completely broke Annalynne McCord’s spirit and she quickly sobbed her plea for Megan to stop; blubbering as tears streamed down her crimson face, she pathetically begged between gulping sobs, “Ple-please st-st-stop... more...”

Pausing in her attack, Megan moved her mouth close to the blonde’s ear and whispered with dripping malice. “I’ll stop, but only if you do something for me...”

“Anyth...anything.” Annalynne responded with a sigh of resignation.

Megan quickly stood, roughly bringing the blonde with her with a hard yank of her disheveled golden locks. Then, turning Annalynne around to face the crowd, Megan held her left arm trapped behind her in a chicken-wing while keeping the blonde upright.

Megan once again menacingly whispered into Annalynne’s ear, “I want you to show these people just how depraved and pathetic you really are. Diddle yourself until you cum for me...or I’ll humiliate you in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Standing topless in front of the mob of people holding cell-phone cameras, Annalynne barely offered a protest as she slipped her right hand down the front of her panties, closed her eyes as if it could block out those watching and went to work! Hearing the slight moans of pleasure among the sobs of humiliation was music to Megan’s ears, and she used her right hand to brush the matted, blonde hair away from Annalynne’s neck and brushed her soft lips across the blonde’s sweat-slicked skin. Annalynne was really getting into it now, closing her eyes, and letting her hips sway back and forth as she pleasured herself to the crowd’s great enjoyment. Annalynne’s panting breaths were getting shorter and more labored as she got closer and closer to the edge while Megan continued to nibble delicately on the nape of the blonde’s neck.

Megan felt Annalynne’s body tense and go rigid as she finally pushed herself over the edge. A second later, the blonde collapsed to the ground, completely spent to the point of unconsciousness. Finally realizing the full toll of the fight, Megan also sank to her knees, thankful that the fight was now over and she had proven herself the better woman. Crawling over to Annalynne’s now slumbering form, Megan kneeled down and started to say something when the fire exit in the back of the club sprung open and an obviously very intoxicated young woman spilled out into the alley.

Megan’s gaze met the other woman’s and she whispered under breath, “...Lohan.”

* * * * * *

Match #5: Megan Fox vs. Lindsay Lohan

The two women got to their feet staring pure animosity at one another, Megan on trembling legs from exhaustion, Lindsay on rubbery limbs from intoxication. Beaten up and exhausted as she was, Megan’s hatred for Lindsay after all these years was enough motivation to will herself forward and face off with the one-time redhead. Without a word, both women sluggishly advanced toward each other and locked their hands together in a test of strength. Teeth gritted, eyes squinted, muscles trembling, Megan and Lindsay poured all of their strength into overpowering their adversary. Megan found herself in serious trouble as her fatigued body began to fail her and she was forced to kneel before her hated rival. Laughing, Lindsay continued to bend Fox’s wrists back, forcing her backwards until she was flat on her back with Lindsay on top of her.

“Just like old times, eh Foxy?” Lindsay teased.

Megan squirmed beneath her rival, trying desperately to get free, but Lindsay kept her wrists pinned to ground while she slid up Megan’s writhing body, planting her breasts on Fox’s protesting face. As the world and its oxygen were cut off from her, waves of memories from their first encounter flooded Megan’s brain...

* * * *

Megan had been on set less than a week, cast as Lindsay Lohan’s nemesis, and was already finding it difficult to work with the constantly bitchy Lohan. It started out as a simple disliking of one another, but quickly escalated into full on hatred and it all came to a head as they filmed a scene in a girl’s locker room. Dressed in sports bras and short cotton shorts (black for Lindsay, Fox in pink) Lindsay rolled her eyes and let out an exaggerated groan as Megan flubbed a line.

“Jesus, Lindsay, like you’re so god damned perfect...”

Megan was taken by complete surprise as Lindsay’s open palm smacked into her left cheek and had no time to prepare for the shove to her chest that caused her to spill over a bench and crumple awkwardly between it and a row of lockers.

“What the fuck?” Megan grumbled as she kicked Lindsay’s feet out from under her, sending her tumbling to the floor.

Lindsay and Megan both got back to their feet waiting to see if the other wanted to continue fighting. Megan got her answer when Lindsay shoved her again, slamming her painfully against the set of lockers. Fox bounced off the lockers and used the bench as a springboard to launch herself at Lindsay. The two girls came crashing down in a heap with Megan on top, struggling to wrestle her way into a more dominant position. Grabbing Lindsay’s wrists, Megan pinned them to floor, but was thrown from her rival when Lindsay bucked her hips and twisted to the side.

While still on their knees, Lindsay threw herself into Megan, wrapping her arms around Fox’s slim waist and squeezing as hard as she could. Megan gasped as the air was forced out of her lungs and groaned in pain as Lindsay’s much larger breasts engulfed Fox’s and smashed them against her chest. Gritting her teeth, Lindsay strained herself and got to her feet, dragging a sputtering, gasping Megan along with her. Leaning back, Lohan brought Megan off of her feet and flexed her arms with all of her hatred and strength, fully intent on absolutely crushing the life out of Megan Fox.

“What’s a matter Foxy?” Lindsay taunted. “Something wrong? Can’t catch your breath? Ahahaha.”

Megan threw her head back, mouth open, eyes shut, trying desperately to get precious oxygen into her lungs as Lindsay continued to hold her python like grip around her fit mid-section. Not getting any air that way, Megan drooped forward, resting her cheek on Lindsay’s shoulder, unable to continue her struggles. Nearing the point of unconsciousness, drool began to seep from the corner of Megan’s mouth and onto Lindsay’s shoulder.

“Fucking gross!” Lindsay spat as she tossed Megan to the ground.

Megan sputtered and coughed, trying frantically to get much needed air back into her lungs. Lindsay gave her no respite, however, dragging her by the hair into the showers.

“I can’t believe you fuckin’ drooled on me bitch! Now I’ve gotta wash that shit off of me!” Lindsay screamed, throwing Megan into a corner as she turned on several shower heads. Lohan playfully peeled off her sports bra and began ‘washing’ her shoulder while Fox was still gasping to get air in the corner. Lindsay finished her mock washing and yanked Megan up by the hair, slamming her into the wall while water drenched both of them. Holding her up by the hair, Lindsay began pounding her fist into Megan’s torso as Fox’s arms hung uselessly at her sides, too drained to defend herself.

“Fucking bitch!” Lindsay drives a punch into Megan’s stomach.


“Drool on me, what the fuck?!” Linds hooks into Megan’s left breast from the side.


“You’re fucking pathetic!” Punches Megan’s right tit flat against her chest.


“Fucking worthless slut!” Another punch just above Megan’s crotch doubles her over.


“Not a chance!” Lindsay grunts, driving straight right deep into Megan’s left breast.


Lindsay launches a ripping uppercut to Fox’s left tit.


By this point Megan was a sobbing wreck, completely drained and unwilling to continue, but Lindsay wasn’t about to end her torture. Lohan let Megan slide down the slick wall a bit, so her face was level with Lindsay’s chest. A wicked grin formed on the redhead’s face as she thrust her tits forward with vigor, smashing Megan’s head against the tile and burying her face in her enormous cleavage. Letting go of Megan’s hair, Lindsay maniacally used her tits to simultaneously prop Megan up and smother her. The shudders coming from Megan’s body began to weaken and the hot breath Lindsay felt on her tits was getting more and more shallow, so Lohan leaned back and allowed Fox to slide down the wet tile, landing on her ass with a wet splash. Her flushed face hung between her raised knees as she once again tried desperately to breath. Lindsay showed her no mercy and dragged the gasping beauty to the center of the shower, relieving her of her pink top as Megan lay prostrate on her back. Lindsay drank in Megan’s trembling form and laid out on top of her, again crushing Megan’s tits with her larger pair, hoping Megan was aware enough to realize she was inferior to Lindsay in every way.

“Please Linds, I-I I can-can’t take an-anym-more.” Megan groaned as her breasts were being ground into her chest by Lindsay’s perfect pair.

“You’re going to take as much as I give you, bitch!” Came Lindsay’s sob-inducing reply.

Lindsay sat up on Megan’s quivering stomach and began slamming both of her fists down into the pliable flesh that was Megan’s bosom. Megan’s screams of absolute agony resonated against the walls of the shower after each of Lindsay’s powerful blows. The screams and sobs coming from the devastated woman beneath her did nothing to slow Lindsay’s iron-fisted assault. The pain in Megan’s chest was eventually replaced with complete numbness and her screams subsided into pathetic blubbering as Lindsay continued attacking her breasts, changing tactics to scratching instead of pummeling.

Taking sight of Megan Fox’s complete destruction brought out an evil glimmer in Lindsay’s eyes and she finally stood up, gazing over her victim like she was a work of art. Lindsay knelt down above Megan’s head, looking into Megan’s helpless, tear-filled eyes.

“Almost finished baby.” Lindsay cooed into Megan’s ear.

Megan was horrified at the thoughts of what Lindsay was about to do, and her horror was brought about rather quickly as the redhead leaned down and traced a circle around Megan’s right nipple with her tongue. Fox gasped at the sudden tingling sensation she felt, and that gasp was just what Lindsay was waiting for as she dropped her heaving chest onto Megan’s face once again, enveloping the brunette’s face with her wet, hot cleavage. Lindsay continued licking and sucking Megan’s tits, and even reached her hand down into the brunette’s shorts, gently rubbing the outer walls of her moist sex. Feeling a sudden gasp get lost in the airtight tomb she had around Megan’s mouth and nose let Lindsay know she had the Fox right where she wanted her. Lindsay eased up on her smother, allowing Megan a single breath while shoving three fingers into the brunette. Megan gasped one more time, and was then immediately wedged back into Lindsay’s cleavage. There were so many emotions running through Megan’s mind that she was now as overwhelmed mentally as she was physically, she was practically begging herself for an end to this torture. Lindsay began pumping her fingers back and forth inside Megan while still delicately teasing her nipples with her eager tongue and denying her oxygen with an airtight breast smother.

After several torturous minutes, Lindsay finally felt Fox’s body stiffen, then shudder as a powerful orgasm ripped through her weakened body. Seconds later, Megan went completely limp as Lindsay’s tits finished her off. Sitting up, Lindsay wiped the brunette’s own juices on her sleeping face, then left Megan’s decimated form in the shower for her handlers to deal with.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Sometime Later…
Megan couldn’t bear the thought of being humiliated like that again, especially in front of all of these people. As Lindsay’s breasts nestled down onto her face, Megan opened her mouth and clamped her teeth on the sensitive flesh. Lindsay screamed in agony and immediately sat up, frantically rubbing the wound, trying to ease the pain. Megan took the opportunity to grab Lindsay’s hair and drove her fist hard into Lohan’s nose, knocking her senseless.

Mounting Lindsay’s heaving paunch, Megan leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I’ve been waiting five years for this, bitch. And just to be clear, I will do this again when you’re sober just to quell any doubts as to the better woman really is.”

Her threat finished, Megan ripped open Lindsay’s flimsy dress, exposing her breasts to dozens of camera flashes. Megan gave the crowd a flirtatious glance before palming the blonde’s large orbs, playfully kneading the soft flesh between her fingers. Lindsay was groaning as Megan’s surprisingly strong hands worked her prized bosom as if sculpting modeling clay! Finally regaining her senses somewhat, Lindsay tried to bring her own hands up to Megan’s tits, but the brunette scooted forward, pinning Lindsay’s biceps to the concrete with her knees.

“Awwww, how cute; she’s trying fight back.” Megan taunted, mocking Lindsay’s weak counter-attack.

Megan stopped groping Lindsay’s breasts and sank her nails deep into to the soft flesh as the blonde shrieked in agony. Fox then raked her nails all the way up Lindsay’s melons, leaving five dark red welts on each pale, fleshy, mound. Lindsay pathetically flapped her arms, beating her open hands on Megan’s thighs as her legs swept back and forth on the cement as the brunette continued to maul her tits.

Megan snatched Lindsay’s wrists out of the air and forcefully pinned them to the ground as she slid back down Lohan’s quivering body, stretching the blonde’s legs with a painful Grapevine. Giving the crowd another sultry look, Megan leaned down to envelope Lindsay’s turgid left nipple with her eager mouth, stiffening the bud with her flicking tongue; feeling Lindsay shiver with pleasure as she fluttered her tongue down into the sweaty valley between the blonde’s jugs, then repeated the process with Lohan’s other nipple.

Lindsay wasn’t sure why Megan was doing this, but it was a welcome relief compared to almost anything else the brunette could be doing to her. Her relief was short lived however, as Megan gnashed her teeth around Lindsay’s sensitive nipple. Bringing her head up while holding Lindsay’s torso down, Megan stretched it heinously as the blonde screamed in agony. Megan looked down at Lindsay’s tear soaked face while still grinding the blonde’s nipple in her teeth and managed a sly smile as she reveled in the agony she was inflicting on her hated rival. Finally releasing her chew toy, Megan laughed while she watched Lindsay’s breast flop around a bit before eventually settling back into its normal shape and position.

Lindsay’s suffering seemed to give Megan a second wind as she pinned the blonde’s hands under her knees and she began using her breasts as punching bags, pulverizing Lohan’s famed rack under a horrendous fistic assault that had Lindsay blubbering insolently. Megan was completely merciless as she plowed her fists repeatedly into Lindsay’s tits, smashing them heartlessly against her chest until they were two completely black and blue mounds of tingling, sensational pain.

Finally relenting as Lindsay’s sobs became pathetic blubbers of defeat, Megan slid forward and wrapped her toned legs around the blonde’s head, forcing Lindsay’s face against the warmth of her wet pussy. Flexing her leg muscles, Megan felt a quiver race up her spine as Lindsay’s hot breath wafted through her panties. Facing Lindsay’s body, Megan slammed her fists down on the blonde’s unprotected crotch, driving another ecstasy-inducing rush of air into her pleasure zone.

Flexing her legs again, Megan forced Lindsay’s nose deep into her wetness and sighed a moan of pleasure as Lindsay’s body squirmed helplessly beneath her.

Getting revenge and humiliating Lindsay in front of all these people was euphoric for Megan and, with another contraction of her leg muscles, her body shuddered, stiffened, then went slack as she covered Lohan’s face with her rich, redolent, nectar. After the power of her orgasm subsided, Megan struggled up on wobbly legs and basked in the cheers of the audience as she looked over the wreckage of the two defeated women laid out before her.
* * * * * *
Match #6: Megan Fox vs. Scarlett Johansson

After a week of rest and recovery, Megan finally left her home for the first time to meet a big name producer on a new movie. Megan was hoping it wasn’t another eye candy role and was dreading another sleaze ball just looking to add another pillow to his casting couch.

Dressed to impress in a tight black button-up shirt and tight black slacks, Megan opened the glass door of the high-rise apartment building and made her way into the spacious lobby. Her heels clicked against the marble floor as she sauntered over to the bank of elevators and pressed the ‘UP’ button. A few seconds later, an empty elevator’s doors opened and Megan was violently shoved into it from behind. Sprawling forward from the unexpected attack, Megan got her hands up and prevented her face from smashing into the back wall of the elevator as her attacker hastily followed behind her. After bracing herself, Megan turned herself around to see what was going on; she saw a voluptuous blonde woman standing in front of her with a hat obscuring her face wearing a low cut, tight purple dress, exposing most of her well endowed chest.

“What the fuck was that for?” Megan spat.

Removing her hat and letting her blonde hair flow freely, Scarlett Johansson just smiled and offered a cold hearted threat to the downed Fox.

“Well I can only think of one reason why you would be here, and I’m going to make sure you miss your appointment.” Scarlett replied, crossing her arms and glaring down at the confused brunette.

While Megan tried to figure out just what was going, Scarlett rolled her eyes and strode toward the kneeling woman, picking her up and slamming her hard into the side of the elevator, eliciting a pained moaned from Megan.

Scarlett used her size advantage to spin both of them around and smash Megan’s smaller frame into the back of the elevator. Megan’s face was grimacing with exertion and frustration as her hands uselessly shoved against the blonde’s midsection, attempting to wriggle her way out from underneath the blonde.

Fox found herself in even deeper trouble as Scarlett grabbed her hands and pinned them to the wall above her head. Megan grit her teeth and struggled to get free as the blonde continued to bear all of her meaty weight against the brunette’s slim figure, fully intent on grinding Fox into oblivion. The flesh of Scarlett’s ass and thighs, covered by the skin tight fabric of her dress, quivered with exertion as she poured herself into the hapless brunette, savoring Megan’s plight. Several minutes of this torture and Megan’s brows were arched high, eyes half closed and hazy, her mouth hanging open, resting on Scarlett’s right shoulder.

Just when Megan had about lost all hope, Scarlett pulled back and snickered to herself as she watched Fox’s head spill to her chest, her chin nestling into her own cleavage. Removing one hand from Megan’s wrists, Scarlett gently tousled the brunette’s perfectly pampered locks before grabbing a handful and violently slamming Megan’s head against the wall, relishing the wincing pain she saw wash over the brunette’s sublime face.

“C’mon Foxy, I figured you’d be harder to tame than this.” Scarlett teased, giving Megan’s left cheek a playful slap.

“Tame this bitch!” Megan shouted as her foot whipped through the air and CRACKED against the blonde’s most sensitive area. It was now Fox’s turn to admire her opponent’s pain as she watched all of the color drain out of the blonde’s pretty face and sink to her knees, looking up at Megan with ‘how could you’ eyes.

Scarlett sat on her haunches in the middle of the elevator with her hands wedged between her thighs, trying to massage away the pain in her throbbing womanhood as tears welled up in the blonde’s almond shaped eyes. “I shoulda known you’d have to resort to dirty tricks to stand a chance against me!” Scarlett gasped, trying to hide the pain in her voice. “You’re gonna be sorry for that, BITCH!”

“Excuse me?! You fuckin’ started this by jumping me from behind you dumbass!” Megan replied while placing the ball of her foot on Scarlett’s forehead and shoving the blonde onto her back, her blonde locks bundling against the steel doors. Megan went after her downed opponent but Scarlett was ready for her and got her hands and legs up in time to prevent Megan from mounting her and threw the brunette off to the side.

Both women were quickly back on their feet, Scarlett taking a boxing stance with her left shoulder pointed at Fox, the blonde’s left hand in front of her chest and her right near her hip. Megan rolled her eyes, dismissing Scarlett while she flipped her hair back with a toss of her head and assumed a similar but exaggerated stance, mocking the blonde.

Scarlett threw a sweeping right hand but caught nothing but air as Fox ducked under and fired a one-two jab combo to the blonde’s belly, backing Johansson up a few steps. Scarlett came in again with a jab aimed at the brunette’s face, but Fox sidestepped left and caught the blonde a receipt right hand hard to the chin, violently snapping her head back as saliva sprayed out of her mouth and flecked Megan’s face. Scarlett was reeling backward but came forward again, throwing a right hook, followed up with a ripping left uppercut and then launched a powerful right cross. Once again the blonde’s blows were too slow to catch the quick Fox and the brunette ducked the last punch, and came up with a brutal right uppercut. Scarlett took the shot directly on the chin, popping her head back and stiffening her legs as she toppled backwards and slumped against the elevator doors.

As Scarlett tried to shake the blankness from her mind form a new plan of attack, she heard a *DING* and felt the support behind her disappear then fell flat on her back, staring up at a dumbfounded teen-age boy. Megan couldn’t keep the enormous grin from spreading across her face when she thought about what she was going to do next.

“Hey kid!” Megan announced, getting his attention. “Got a camera?”

“...huh?” The boy couldn’t believe what he was seeing, two of the most attractive celebrities, in an elevator, beating the hell out of each other...

“You know a camera, or a cell phone, something that takes a picture... I’m about to make you some serious cash.” Megan explained.

The kid started fumbling around in his pocket trying to get a hold of his phone without passing out first as Megan moved forward and slowly crawled up Scarlett’s prostrate body, sitting on her stomach with her hands groping the blonde’s chest. The boy finally found his phone and started taking pictures as Megan started toying with Scarlett’s plentiful bosom.

* *

A few hours later the photos turned up on celeb gossip website TMZ...

* *

photo1: Megan showing an innocent grin with shoulders raised in a “whatever could have happened” manner as Scarlett squirmed beneath her.

photo2: Megan kissing Scarlett on the forehead while cupping her covered breasts.

photo3: Fox seductively pulling down the blonde’s dress, revealing Johansson’s red bra.

photo4: Another innocent shot of Fox as she looks down at Scarlett’s partially exposed breasts.

photo5: Scarlett crying as Megan pulls down her bra, but carefully covers the blonde’s tits with her arm.

photo6: Johansson completely braless, except for Megan’s palms as she squeezes the blonde’s breasts with authority while giving the camera a seductive look.

photo7: Megan’s mouth on Scarlett’s left tit, her hand still covering the other. Scarlett’s face the picture of humiliation, tears stream down her red cheeks.

photo8: Fox propping Scarlett’s breasts up by cupping the underside of them, the first shots exposing the blonde’s nipples.

photo9: Scarlett’s face twisted in agony as Megan has both of her nipples stretched out and twisted between her thumb and index fingers while she smiles cruelly into the camera.

* *

TMZ decided NOT to post photos 10-14 which they deemed “too graphic”

* *

photo15: Megan sitting on Scarlett’s naked chest with her hand covering her mouth in an innocent “oops, what have I done?” pose. Scarlett sobbing, humiliated, knees raised together, wrists pinned underneath Fox’s knees.

After several minutes of abusing Scarlett’s breasts and turning her into a sobbing wreck, Megan looked up at the boy while digging her nails into the blonde’s flesh, “I think that’s about enough, and you should probably wait for the next one.” Fox told him, giving him a wink, before hauling Johansson back into the elevator and pressing the ‘close’ button.

Standing over her beaten blonde, Megan asked the sniveling woman, “What happened Scarlett?” “Who’s my bitch, Scarlett?!” Megan screamed down, kicking at the blonde. “Huh? Who kicked your a-“

Fox was interrupted when Scarlett’s foot shot up and slammed into her crotch, causing the brunette to finish her taunt with an agonized groan. Megan’s hands immediately tried to alleviate the pain as her knees buckled and she crumpled to the floor. Or she would have, except Scarlett brought her foot back and then smashed it into the brunette’s chin as she was plummeting downwards.

Fox’s eyes rolled back into her head with a dazed moan and she toppled backwards, collapsing in a heap into the elevator doors. Still on her back trying to recover, Scarlett heard a familiar *DING* giving her a sudden burst of energy at the thought of giving Fox some much deserved payback. The blonde heard a shocked gasp followed by Fox’s faint moans of anguish as the brunette tried to shake the cobwebs from her throbbing head.

Sitting up, Scarlett began crawling towards her felled opponent, noticing the young woman had already started snapping pictures of the writhing Fox with her cell phone. Johansson continued towards her prey slowly, deliberately, taking her time to come up with ideas on how to torture the helpless brunette.

“Keep taking those pictures lady,” Scarlett quipped. “You’re in for quite a show.”

* *

Minutes after the other photos show up - more snapshots are available!

* *

photo1: Scarlett kneeling on Megan’s hands, brushes a few strands of Megan’s raven hair out of her still dazed eyes.

photo2: Scarlett gives Megan a quick peck on her lips while tousling Megan’s hair with her hands.

photo3: Johansson looking into the camera with a shit-eating grin as she has her hands wrapped in the fabric of Megan’s shirt. Megan’s eyes pleading Scarlett to stop.

photo4: Rage is the only emotion on Scarlett’s face as she rips opens Megan’s shirt, exposing her black bra.

photo5: Another devilish smirk from Scarlett as she teases pulling Fox’s bra down.

photo6: Fox’s bra off, her left shoulder raised as she tries to turn away from the camera, Scarlett laughing as her hand is coming down for a slap, aimed at Megan’s left breast.

photo7: Scarlett leaning down, her nipples brushing against the brunette’s as she stares down menacingly into Megan’s tear-filled eyes.

photo8: Johansson bent all the way down, her fantastic boobs easily swallowing Megan’s smaller pair whole as she grinds her forehead into her opponent.

photo9: Megan’s face a combination of fear and shock, tears streaming down her face while she looks up at Scarlett’s epic breasts, dangling inches above her head.

photo10: Megan’s legs kick in the air as her face is buried in Scarlett’s cleavage with the blonde’s arms wrapped tightly around her head. Johansson smiling triumphantly into the camera.

photo 11: Scarlett’s tits still on Megan’s face, Fox’s legs bent at the knees, spread out wide.

photo12: Close up on Megan’s ashen face, shiny from Scarlett’s titsweat, eyes staring lifelessly upward, mouth open, cheeks red, spittle collected in the corners of her lips.

photo13: Scarlett pinching Fox’s cheeks together while fondling her left breast with her other hand. Megan’s face still blank, no reaction at all.
* * * * * *
“Alright miss,” Scarlett said, dismissing the woman. “Me and Foxy here have a meeting to get to...”

Scarlett grabbed Fox by the tits and threw her limp body back into the elevator where she landed in a heap. “So Foxy, now who got their ass kicked, eh?” Scarlett teased the seemingly unconscious woman. “Sure as hell wasn’t me you stupid whore!” The blonde mounted Megan again and started smacking her face, trying to rouse her out of her cleavage-induced slumber. Her tactics worked as Megan was awakened, jerking her head side to side trying to shake the confusion. Waves of humiliation washed over her as the last thing she remembered was her being engulfed by Scarlett’s breasts.

“As I was saying Foxy, who got their skanky ass kicked? Huh, bitch?” Scarlett asked. “Did my girls knock you the fuck out? I think they did, we’ve got 20 more floors to go and we’re going to play a game. It’s called ‘How many times can Scarlett Johansson’s tits knock Megan Fox out on a 20-floor elevator ride?’ Wanna play?”

Megan defiantly responded, “I’d rather play ‘How many times can Megan Fox make Scarlett Johansson cum on a 20 floor elevator ride?’ I’m guessing at least 3.”

Scarlett wasn’t impressed with Megan’s bravado and yanked the brunette up by the hair, holding her against the back of the elevator. Pushing her down, Scarlett moved forward and buried Megan’s face deep within her sweaty bosom. This time however, Megan had her hands free and she put them to work, snaking one of them up Scarlett’s dress and plunging three fingers into the unsuspecting blonde. Scarlett gasped, her eyes bulged and she immediately pulled back, frantically trying to dislodge Megan’s intrusion.

“What’s the matter ScarJo? Hasn’t anyone ever pleasured you before?” Megan mocked with a hearty laugh. Megan’s finger’s expertly worked the blonde’s insides and within seconds were weakening Scarlett’s knees, sending shivers up her spine and making attempts to dislodge Fox’s hand futile. “Ooooh, you like that don’t you? I knew you’d be a dirty girl.” Fox exclaimed, laughing in the blonde’s face as she started losing control.

“Oh god! Wha-what a-a-a-are y-you d-d-doing?” Scarlett gasped. “Pl-please, ohGod, st-oooohfuck-st-uuuuungh-st-o-o-o-op.”

“That’s it baby, cum for the Fox!” Megan announced, spinning them around, slamming Scarlett’s back into the wall while continuing to ‘pleasure’ the blonde. Megan worked her hand up and down, sliding her fingers along every inch of Scarlett’s insides, enjoying the expression of humiliated pleasure plastered on the blonde’s beautiful face.

Finally, with 15 floors left to go, Scarlett groaned loudly, “Oh, fuuuuuuck” and she exploded into Fox’s palm as her body slumped against Megan’s.

“That’s one.” Megan stated matter-of-factly, loving the look of sexual satisfaction adorned on Scarlett’s face. Fox released the spent blonde and watched her slide down the wall and droop to the floor. “You’ve got two more to go, my sweet.” The brunette said as she watched Scarlett try and twist away.

Not giving the blonde any respite, Megan forced Scarlett to her back, laying her out on the elevator floor and mounting her in reverse, making sure to secure the blonde’s hands beneath her knees. Sitting on Johansson’s bared breasts, squishing them underneath her tight ass, Megan once again shoved three of her fingers into the blonde, bringing a languid gasp of pleasure from Scarlett’s throat. Megan smirked as she found the blonde’s hardened clit and began stroking it intently as Scarlett squirmed, trying desperately to not to give Fox any more satisfaction. It was no use as Megan expertly worked her fingers inside the blonde and seconds later, a powerful orgasm shook Johansson’s already weakened body.

“Two down, eight floors to go...” Megan said as she stood up and unbuttoned her pants, shimmied her hips and let them slide down her toned legs before stepping out of them and emphatically returning to her seat on Scarlett’s chest, this time facing the blonde’s head.

“Unggh..(gasp) pl-please Megan, no (gasp) more. (gasp) I’m beg(gasp)ging you.” Scarlett groaned, swallowing her pride and admitting absolute defeat.

“Aww, how sweet... Word to the wise Scarlett; Don’t start something you can’t finish!” Megan yelled. Finished with her statement, Megan slid forward, forcing her crotch against Scarlett’s chin. “Ok Scar, I’m going to use your face for something you’re going to hate, but if you ‘help’ me, I’ll leave you here in the elevator when I’m finished. If you resist and keep me from my goal before reaching the top floor, I’m dragging you into the meeting with me. Got it?” Megan asked as she watched the realization of her humiliating future wash over the blonde’s face.

Yanking a fistful of blonde hair, Megan guided Scarlett’s nose into her wet folds, grinding herself against it as she felt the blonde’s tongue lap at her underside. Realizing Scarlett had made her decision, Fox slid forward a bit more, letting Johansson’s tongue work its way inside her and lick every possible inch of the brunette’s insides, sending shivers of pleasure up her spine, exploding in ecstasy when they reached her brain. Megan could hear Scarlett sobbing as she pleasured her and that just made the bliss she felt that much more enjoyable.

Groaning, Megan was running her hands over her body, stroking her toned stomach, running them up her torso and gently squeezing her tits together as Scarlett pleasured her. Grinding herself into the blonde’s face, the brunette ran her hands through her hair, arched her back and let out a long moan of ecstasy as a powerful orgasm exploded through her body, covering Scarlett’s face with her love juice.
* * * *
“God damn! (gasp) That was…unngggh… (gasp) good!” Megan sighed once she’d regained her composure.

Sliding back and sitting on Scarlett’s tits, Megan looked down at her sobbing, vanquished, foe with delight. Standing, Megan put her pants on, slipped her arms into her shirt, but left it open from her shoulders since she couldn’t button it after having the buttons torn off.

“Well Scarlett, looks like we finally reached our floor and since I’m not sure when we arrived, I’ll make a compromise. I’m still going to drag you into his office, but I’ll cover you up first...” Megan said, leaning down and brushing hair from Scarlett’s tear-filled eyes.

* *

Still more - unpublished - TMZ photos:

* *

photo10: Action shot: Megan’s right fist plowing into Scarlett’s left breast, sickeningly flattening it against her chest. Scarlett’s eyes pinched tightly closed, her teeth clenched in agony, trying to stifle her screams.

photo11: Close up of Fox’s mouth clamped on inner side of blonde’s right breast.

photo12: Megan’s teeth clamping on Johansson’s titflesh, stretching it as Fox pulls away.

photo13: Brunette’s nails digging into both of Scarlett’s boobs, leaving deep red streaks as Megan raked her fingers across them.

photo14: Fox yanking up on Scarlett’s nipples, stretching them so much Johansson’s back is arched to ease the pain.

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