Sydney Fox (Tia Carrere, 5'8” - Relic Hunter) vs. Emma Peel (Diana Rigg, 5'8.5” - Avengers) by Tank

The scene is the International Fight Club which invites secret agents and femme fatales from around the world and from every generation to come and fight each other. Each combatant enters the padded circle fighting arena in her prime and at her deadliest. The two combatants for this match are each required to fight barefoot in a bikini. The Hawaiian beauty has been looking extremely confident in the days leading up to the match. She is in peek condition and has brought her partner Nigel with her as her. Sydney, not wanting to appear boastful or arrogant in any way, speaks respectfully, even fondly of her lovely English opponent in her interview, hours before the scheduled fight.

"I like Emma. She's a very talented woman; everything a secret agent should be. It would be an honour to fight her." Secretly, however, she told Nigel a half hour before the fight, "Bet everything you have on me. She won't be able to stand up to my power. I'm too strong for her, Nigel, believe me! She's never had to fight anyone like me before. The women of her time were crème puffs."

Sydney smiled mischievously as she looked at her partner. " would you like me to defeat her?"

Nigel thought a moment and answered, "Breast, leg scissors... well, either actually!"

"Well Nigel, you'll have your wish. You know, despite her reputation - I hate to say it - she gives the impression that deep inside she's a...well...a crybaby…there, I had to say it!"

Sydney chuckled and began stripping into her fighting gear, a skimpy black bikini as Nigel chuckled as well while watching her intently. She then began her stretching exercises with moves accenting her large breasts and strong shapely thighs. Nigel was anxious to get his substantial wager in before the fight but couldn't take his eyes off his sexy partner who he had seen dominate some very tough women before, including ‘Alias’ super-agent, Sydney Bristow. Working up a light sweat, Sydney donned her matching robe and Nigel left the dressing room.

"How do like it, Steed?" Emma asked. She was wearing a pink and white striped bikini which brought a smile to Steed's lips.

"You look splendid, Emma! And I know you're ready to fight!"

"She's not fooling me, Steed. She sounded respectful in her interview and so did I when I said she's the most difficult opponent I've ever faced. But when we were together a few days ago she looked at me as if I will be no problem for her. You saw her thrust her breasts up against mine and look me square in the eyes with that arrogant grin of hers."

Steed couldn't forget it for it really got his motor running. The sight of the ravishing Hawaiian beauty pressing her big, sensuous breasts into Emma's sexy little pair while the lovely English woman stubbornly stood her ground with hands on hips and a look of disdain on her face, would tend to get most people aroused. In fact, the picture was so good they made it the official poster to promote the fight.

Steed couldn't help being impressed with Sydney's attributes but his sentiments and his loyalty, of course, belonged entirely to his partner of many years. Well, except for a few moments when he faltered and actually took pleasure in the thought of the ravishingly beautiful oriental woman dominating his beloved Emma. But he soon got over it and the sight of his lovely protege in her bikini was a sight he found quite stunning.

"Why do men think that females with bigger breasts are somehow more womanly?" Emma asked teasingly, almost as if she read his mind. "We women don't necessarily agree with that!" Steed looked at her with a smile. Then Emma began to loosen up in her pink and white bikini and said to Steed something very unlike Emma, as if it was playing on her mind leading up to the fight. "I'll fight her topless if she wants, Steed. Actually, it doesn't matter to me. Beating her and wiping that grin off her face is all that matters!"

Emma put on her matching robe and the two of them slowly made their way into the fighting circle where they slowly began to disrobe. Nigel and Steed held a brief meeting before accompanying their women for some final words of encouragement. They shook hands after wagering 100,000 pounds on the outcome.

The two beauties, both visualizing impressive victories, stand toe to toe in the center of the place of battle. Sydney's bikini is skimpier than Emma's, revealing her larger breasts and curvaceous figure. Emma looks as lovely as ever in her pink and white striped bra and panties. The fighting area is small and totally padded. It is designed to prevent a combatant from losing due to a hard fall or striking her head on a hard surface. Victory must be earned. The fighting surface is well padded and encircled by a 4' high cushioned wall. Nigel and Steed stand on opposite sides with a clear view of the action from outside the wall. Neither has ever watched their partner lose a fight to another woman before and both have the utmost confidence in their woman.

Sydney and Emma engage in a brief stare down, each taking their turn at gaining a psychological advantage.

"I hope you won't take your beating personal, Emma. It's just business. Though I must admit, I've always dreamed of having you in this position," Sydney remarked casually, her thick black hair flowing below her shoulders.

"So have many other woman. It's the position we ended up in they didn't like," Emma replied with her wry smile as she pushed back her reddish brown hair.

Based on their enormous success in their previous battles, both were confident to the point of arrogance against their opponent. Both had good reason to feel this way about the outcome. But as they walked back to take their places near their partners for some last minute encouragement, it was apparent that one of them would be very wrong.

The signal was given and without the company of a referee, they moved gracefully toward each other, each seeking the destruction of her legendary rival. Sydney came out launching straight kicks at Emma. But the slender English beauty blocked and dodged them all. Looking to counter, she caught her opponent off balance and snapped a Judo Chop which caught Sydney on her neck. The Hawaiian backed up as Emma moved forward cautiously. Emma moved in to strike and the two women quickly exchanged vicious punches. Emma backed up but caught Sidney with a well timed front kick to her breasts as she moved in.

"OOFFFFF!" The oriental woman's tight black bra was lifted above her nipples by the preciseness of the blow. Emma smirked at Sydney. The Hawaiian stared back at Emma with a look of contempt. Then she angrily ripped off her black bra, tossed it in the air, and moved aggressively toward the lovely but crafty English woman.

Sydney rushed at Emma and missed a lethal right cross to her face. Emma countered with another kick to her belly as she moved away. Sydney backed up, then proceeded forward. Emma SLAP, SLAP targeted Sydney's breasts and blocked a hard right punch with her arm.

Both women exchanged straight, precise punches to each other's lovely faces. Sydney moved in and clinched with Emma as she tied up her arms. Both deadly beauties attempted savage knees to the groin and both blocked them. Sydney, leaning on Emma, pushed her backward. Then she quickly released Emma's arms and snapped a lethal left hook to her belly.

"OWWWWWW!" Emma grimaced in pain and Sydney began to bully her by forcing the British beauty against the cushioned wall.

Sydney blocked a judo chop to her neck with her wrist,then lunged forward and pressed her big, bare breasts into Emma's. Emma grazed Sidney's face with another chop, then found her arms tied up again by her opponent as Sydney pressed her more tightly against the wall. Emma struck upwards with a snapping knee which was blocked by Sydney's knee. Then releasing Emma's arms, the shapely Hawaiian nailed the slender English woman with a savage right cross to her belly.

"OOOOHHHHH!" Emma fell to her knees and Sydney quickly slid to her knees in front of her.

"AWWWWWW!" A snapping fist to her temple robbed Emma of her equilibrium. Still, she struck at her aggressor but Sydney blocked another judo chop, then grabbed Emma's arms in another clinch. Emma, feeling her rival's big breasts pressing into her's, desperately tried to break free and gain precious space to maneuver. Sydney again pressed her against the wall. She released Emma's left arm and snapped a lethal right cross to her ribs.


Then she tied her up again and thrust her bikini bottom into Emma's as they clinched. Emma couldn’t break Sydney's hug, nor could she find an answer for Sydney's bigger breasts and more muscular thighs pressing into her's. The English beauty took a deep breath and struggled to break free from the voluptuous Island woman's deadly clutches. Finally, she freed her right arm and struck Sydney in her face with a judo chop.


Sydney backed up and Emma, after being punished while trapped against the wall, finally had some space to maneuver.

Emma fell back and launched her legs out at Sydney who quickly raised her arms and blocked the Double Kick but still the power of the English lasses strong, sleek legs knocked her ontp her back. Sydney rolled onto her knees, then to her feet as Emma struggled to her feet and the two lovely combatants moved cautiously toward each other. Emma nailed Sydney with a Judo Chop to her neck which knocked her backward.

The lovely Avenger, gaining confidence after being savaged at close quarters by the ravishing Relic Hunter, struck Sydney with a fierce barrage of Judo Chops that left the Hawaiian Honey pinned against the wall. Sydney tried to clinch but Emma, now wise to her tactics, yanked her arms free and barely missed with another lethal chop. Sydney countered with a left and right combination to Emma's belly and face. Sydney had Emma backing up. She feigned a right cross, then rushed at her opponent and planted her shoulder into her rival's belly.

"OOOHHHH!" Emma moaned.

Emma grazed Sydney's jaw with another Chop but Sydney tripped her to the mat. Emma launched her legs upward a split second too soon, barely missing her rival as Sydney flew into the air like an acrobat, her knees landing on Emma's thighs.


Emma punched at Sydney's face as the oriental beauty pressed her knees into her thighs, then ripped a savage right fist to Emma's belly.


The English beauty had the wind knocked out of her. Sydney thrust her elbow into Emma's breasts as her opponent tried desperately to protect herself. The raven haired Hawaiian princess looked angry as she stared down at Emma who continued to struggle. The lovely auburn haired icon reared back to strike with a judo chop but got nailed first with straight right to her face.

Sydney inched forward until she was sitting on Emma's belly. Then she reached down and ripped off her bra. Emma raised her butt off the mat in an attempt to power Sydney off of her, then winced as the Hawaiian princess began slapping her face.


Another savage body blow to Emma's ribs had her gasping and moaning. Still, the gallant British beauty tried to retaliate by bucking up and down and as she struck judo chops at Sydney's face. But her attempts to turn the tide against the savage oriental tigress were weak and futile. Sydney raised her butt off of Emma, then slammed it down on her crotch.


Sitting in a dominant position on top of her rival, she began to slap her face again and follow with backhands.


Emma's eyes welled up with tears as the tawny black- haired beauty sat on top of her and stared into her eyes.

"YOU BIT OFF MORE THAN YOU COULD CHEW THIS TIME, EMMA," Sydney chided as she rolled off her hurting opponent, then grabbed her by her hair.

"OWWWWWW!" Sydney yanked Emma off her back and pulled her into her stronger body.

Emma still tried to fight back but her blows were pathetically weak. Sydney, kneeling in front of Emma, their knees touching, wrapped her well muscled arms around the English beauty in a powerful Bearhug. The beautiful Hawaiian Princess pressed her large, bare, sweat- glistened breasts into the lovely English woman's luscious little pair as she squeezed Emma into her more tightly. Emma's mouth opened as she looked upward, not wanting to make eye contact with her lovely tormentor who she knew was staring into her brown eyes with a relishing smile on her lips. Sydney's hard nipples were spearing Emma's. The exotic oriental warrior woman was breathing deeply, imposing her extra large breasts into the English beauty's like a pair of ripe grapefruits pushing into two firm plums.

"OOOOHHHHHHH!" Emma continued to gasp, not strong enough to retaliate. She felt she was passing out and Sydney loosened her bare hug.


Emma was gasping as the steely Hawaiian beauty pulled back and watched beads of perspiration trickling down Emma's breasts. The always courageous British beauty looked as though she was about to utter her surrender but didn't let out a word. Sydney glanced at Nigel who looked very excited and gave him a wink. Then she twisted Emma around with her arms still around her and gazed at Steed who looked very downcast.

Sydney released Emma and got to her feet. Then she pulled her helpless rival upward by her hair as Emma winced in pain. Positioning one arm below her neck and the other under her thighs, she lifted her helpless prey into her arms and began to carry her toward Steed. Sydney smiled at Emma's partner of so many years with his protege in her arms. Then she dumped the English beauty on the mat in front of him, separated only by the 4' wall.

Emma tried desperately to roll away from Sydney to catch her breath as the dominant Island vixen stood proudly in front of Steed, her breasts undulating as she smiled at him broadly with her hands on her hips. Then she slowly and casually strolled toward Emma who was crawling away from her on her knees. Sydney fell to her knees behind her desperate rival, grabbed hold of Emma's pink and white striped bikini bottom and yanked her backwards with a jolt. Emma's panties were stretched almost halfway down her butt as Sydney pulled her into her and fell backward forcing the near naked beaten beauty onto her lap. Emma was struggling and groaning as Sydney pinned her arms behind her back in a full nelson and wrapped her tawny, sensuous thighs around Emma's sleek, silky thighs in a Leg Scissors.

The ravishing raven- haired princess twisted her sexy auburn- haired prey around with her strong legs till they were facing Steed. Sydney gazed into his eyes as she began to flex her strong, steely thigh muscles around Emma's slender less developed thighs. Emma was trembling, her mouth opened, and tears began streaming down her soft, lovely cheeks. Sydney glanced at Emma, then gazed at Steed, trying to read the expression on his face as he too, seemed to be grimacing in pain at the sight of his beloved partner being thoroughly crushed by the exotic oriental beauty.

Sydney got the impression he was turned on by the experience but dared not show it. His eyes focused on his slender and lovely Emma trembling and sobbing, captured and crushed between the voluptuous body and powerful, sensuous legs of the beautiful and exotic Island warrior woman. Emma looked up at Sydney and pleaded with her teary eyes to let her go. The experience was beginning to get the raven- haired beauty aroused as she stared into the eyes of her beaten prey.

Emma, too ashamed to submit in front of Steed, continued to use her eyes, hoping it would end without her having to verbally submit to her lovely tormentor. But Sydney, reveling in her triumph, would have none of it. She rippled her thigh muscles with a grunt and the dominated Emma, unable to handle the power of the Hawaiian beauty's steely vice grip Leg Scissors, wet her panties!

Sydney, quite aware of it, twisted the English beauty around so Steed could see the golden stream trickling down her overpowered thighs. Emma was now crying out loud, no longer able to stifle herself.


"NOOOOOOO.....pleeeeeese......" Emma pleaded between loud sobs.

Sydney looked up at Steed who was leaning over the wall, watching intently. His eyes were glued to Emma trembling and sobbing, her little breasts perspiring, her little panties stretched halfway below her womanhood and soaking wet from the tawny, oriental vixen's steely flexing thigh muscles. He glanced at Sydney who still held Emma's arms pinned behind her back; her python Leg Scissors overwhelming his beautiful protégé. He gazed at her large, sweat-glistened breasts, heaving as she breathed deeply. He had to admit - she was indeed a superior woman.


The near naked and terrified English beauty felt compelled to submit to her savage and sensuous Island Woman conqueror, "ALRIGHT.....I ADMIT, STEED...THAT SHE'S TOO MUCH WOMAN FOR ME........I'M SORRY, STEED......!" Emma was sobbing between every few words she managed to get out. But it didn't matter now. All she wanted was the powerful and exotic Hawaiian wild woman to leave her alone. "I'M SORRY, STEED.....(boo-hoo-hoo)...I TRIED MY BEST...SHE'S JUST....TOO STRONG....!"

Sydney released Emma and the proud British Beauty burst out crying like a little girl after receiving a stern spanking from a tough no nonsense headmistress. For the sheer intention of impressing Steed further, Sydney rolled atop her vanquished prey, then sat on her. Emitting a blood-curdling victory scream, she began to beat her breasts like a wild Amazon. Emma cringed in terror, frightened the naked Island vixen was going to pounce on her again.

"What a woman!" Steed thought to himself. "What a dominant woman!"

Sydney pulled Emma up into her arms and heaved her over her shoulder. Then she carried her like a trophy around the fighting area. She stopped to blow a kiss to Nigel. Steed climbed over the wall, approached Sydney, and politely asked if he could please have his Emma back to take to her room. Emma was lying over Sydney's shoulder, her pink and white striped panties halfway down her pretty derriere, totally helpless to prevent her sexy conqueror from flaunting her victory and doing anything she well pleased. He felt enough was enough.

"I admit you’re a superior woman, Sydney. But dammit, you just cost me 100,000 pounds. Now can I please take Emma to her room?”

"OH, I'm so sorry, Steed!" Emma sobbed as he gently cradled his beaten beauty in his arms.

Sydney glared at Emma's half naked butt as she was carried away, then smiled in triumph. More than proud, Sydney was exhilarated!



Sydney and Nigel embraced as Steed carried a sobbing Emma to her dressing room. Later that evening, Steed kept her company in their hotel suite but a humiliated Emma refused to leave the bedroom. Steed sat in the living room wondering if he should check on his beaten but gallant partner.

Emma had showered and was lying on her bed, a yellow nightgown covering her white bra and panties. She was sore from her first loss to another woman and propped her head up on the pillow. She glanced into the large mirror standing parallel to the bed and it reflected the face of a lovely but distraught woman. She turned to watch the late evening news on television. Anything to get her mind off the fight. Steed had tried his best to console her but she was inconsolable. Her pride had taken a crushing blow and the English beauty just wanted to be distracted by something if it was at all possible. She lay on her back, her eyes fluttering.

Suddenly, the door of her bedroom swung open. Emma looked into the doorway. It was Sydney. The curvaceous Hawaiian was dressed in a leopard skin bra and thong as she stared at Emma with a sinister expression on her face and began to stalk toward her! Emma sat up in her bed in fear. The last thing in the world she wanted or needed was the sight of the dominant Island Warrior Woman imposing her well muscled body on her in the privacy of her own bedroom.

"STEED!" Emma yelled. "STEED? ARE YOU THERE?" Emma twisted her body to face her steely, exotic intruder. Sydney appeared even more intimidating to her at this moment than she did during the fight.


"WHERE'S STEED?" Emma asked as she instinctively began to cringe in her bed at the sight of the tawny, leopard skinned goddess slowly stalking toward her.


"GET OUT BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE!" Emma screamed. She picked up the phone next to her bed table and began to dial. Then she realized there was no dial tone!

Sydney sat on the bed as a frightened Emma backed away. The sensuous Island Princess seemed to be well tanned and perspiring as if she had been lying on the beach. She slicked her body closer to Emma, reached her arms out and embraced the petite British beauty. Then she slowly began unbuttoning her nightgown.


Emma tried to pull away but felt the raven- haired vixen, unbuttoning the last button on her gown and pulled the English beauty into her in what felt to Emma like a warm embrace. Sydney gently but firmly rocked Emma in her arms, then slowly twisted her around until Emma was facing the mirror next to the bed.


Emma glanced into the mirror and shuddered. "OH..NO!" she screamed! The reflection revealed herself face down with Sydney lying on top of her back and riding her into the bed. Emma watched Sydney twist her arms behind her back. She was stripped of her nightgown and was lying on the bed in her white lace bra and panties, screaming hysterically.

"Leh…let me go Sydney.....please……"


"Whe…when will Steed be back?" Emma asked.

"SOON...VERY SOON. NOW RELAX!" Sydney smiled. She gently relieved Emma of her gown, then pressed the lovely English woman into her, Emma's white lace bra rubbing against Sydney's leopard skin. Then the Hawaiian beauty twisted her bed-mate around in another close embrace as a more submissive Emma lay her head on Sydney's shoulder. "YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF, EMMA. STEED IS VERY PROUD OF YOU!"

Emma felt Sydney's breasts pushing into hers and the tawny body of the Island vixen getting very warm. Facing the TV, Emma found herself glancing at what she thought was the news.

"OHHHH...!" She pulled back in fright as she watched the screen. She was on television wandering through a lush, tropical island, topless in her white lace panties. Sydney, also topless, was leading her by the hand through a dense jungle which led to a beach. "Let me GO! I don’t want to stay here! Let me go back to London Sydney…PLEASE!"

"YOU WILL LEARN TO LOVE THE ISLANDS, EMMA. I GREW UP HERE AND YOU WILL LIVE HERE WITH ME!" Sydney pushed Emma against a palm tree. Emma was trembling and tears were streaming down her cheeks.

"Just let me go home, Sydney…please…this place frightens me…"

Sydney slapped her and shook her finger in Emma's face. "YOU'RE STAYING HERE WITH ME! GET USED TO IT BEFORE I PUT YOU OVER MY KNEE!" She pressed Emma against the tree and the civilized English sophisticate submitted to her fate. She turned Emma away from the screen. Then she yanked off her leopard skin bra and tossed it on the bed. She gently coaxed Emma close to her and slowly began to remove her white lace bra. "DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THE TELEVISION, HONEY," the Island woman said softly. "IT'S JUST A MOVIE; A FANTASY."

Emma felt herself submitting to another warm embrace with her sensuous intruder as she again lay her head on Sydney's shoulder. Then she felt herself overpowered and pushed onto her back. She struggled to free herself from the Island woman's powerful embrace but to no avail.

"…you’re hurting me...please…STOP!" Looking into the dark eyes of the dominant oriental beauty as she lay on her back, Emma became more frightened than ever as she once again felt Sydney imposing her well muscled body onto her.

"STEED!...STEED....HELP!" Emma screamed as the raven-haired vixen began to dominate her in her bed.


Emma felt herself pressed into her bed as her intruder laughed hysterically. She started crying and screaming at the top of her lungs, "STEED....HELP!" Suddenly she felt her body trembling and hands on her, shaking her violently.

"EMMA....WAKE UP....EMMA....ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Emma awoke to find Steed staring into her eyes with a look of deep concern.

"OH.....STEED!" Emma lifted herself up in his arms and began crying on his shoulder.

"JUST A NIGHTMARE, EMMA!" He paused and smiled at her.

"NOW GET OUT OF BED. I'LL MAKE US SOME TEA." Emma breathed a deep sigh of relief.

"A FINE IDEA, STEED!" For the first time since the beginning of her encounter with Sydney, the slender English beauty managed a smile.
Note: This is the first story I completed in which the woman who collected the most votes ended up losing. Actually, Emma led Sydney 52- 44 at the time I began the ending. I had originally intended to leave it at The Two Scenarios and wasn’t planning to go any further. I admit some of the posts affected my decision to end it the way I did. If there are objections to Emma being the loser, I can only say a follow up story (by another writer) with sexy Emma as the victor will be MOST welcome.