Morgan Fox vs. Shannon Tweed by Southgate

The two women move to the center of the ring and glare at each other, eyeball-to-eyeball. They is a small gathering of spectators in the gym, word spread fast. Morgan wears a white thong bikini. Shannon wears a black thong.

Fox, now thirty, has been a stealth Playmate since her Centerfold appeared ten years ago. While she enjoyed popularity in Playboy's Newsstand specials, her acting career fizzled quickly. Fox is eager to find her way back into the limelight. She had arrived in town yesterday to audition for a part in an action film staring Shannon Tweed. All eyes watched Morgan as she moved gracefully through her audition. She was sure the part was hers. Until Tweed, the jealous witch, spoke up.

"She's all wrong for the part, she looks too much like a slut. This is supposed to be an action film, not a hooker-porn movie."

Morgan could not believe her ears. Flying into a rage, she slapped Shannon across the face, blooding her lip. The studio crew immediately moved between the two women.

"Can't stand up to a real woman, can you, Shannon?" Fox shouted.

Tweed considered the situation for a moment. She shrugged.

"Meet me at the studio gym tomorrow morning. We'll settle this. If you beat me, the part is yours. If I win, I own your sorry ass," Shannon hisses.

So here they stand. Morgan is oh, so ready for this fight. Athletic and strong, she figures that she is a natural to replace the aging Tweed in all these lucrative 'B' movies. For a day and a night, she could barely contain herself as she psyched herself up for this match with the legendary Tweed. Fox is smart enough to be wary of Shannon's size, strength, skill and experience, but she is a big girl herself, as tall and solid as Tweed. Morgan figures that she is at least as strong as Tweed, and maybe stronger. She's got to have more endurance than the aging blonde. She can make a name for herself if she is able to out-muscle Shannon. All she needs to do is pace herself... wear the older woman down... then beat her down. She'll take her time... punish the old hag for as long as she can...let everyone see that Tweed is finished.

All the while, Morgan studies Shannon's body slowly, deliberately as she takes inventory. Tweed's okay, but she's getting thick in the waist; she's got a fat ass, her thighs are the size of Sequoias. Fox runs her hands down her own slim hips and rock solid butt. Shannon watches with a somewhat quizzical look, then becomes annoyed as Fox continues to take her measure with a sneer curled on her lips.

"No contest," Morgan pronounces.

Morgan decides to have some fun. Moving to the ropes, she strips off her top and unties her briefs, letting them fall to the canvas.

"Hey Shannon, this is what real 38D's looks like! And I'll bet you don't remember when you had an ass this tight!" Moran jeers.

Tweed gives her the finger, strips off her bikini.

"This is what a real woman looks like," Shannon hisses. Slapping her hips, Shannon's retort continues, "These are the curves of a real woman. You're built like a man with a pair of tits glued on."

The bell rings and playtime ends. The women move to the center of the ring. Moran circles, confidently, looking for her opening. Fox attempts a kick, but Shannon easily slips it. Fox lurches for Tweed, but again, Shannon slips away, slapping Fox in the ass as she glides by. Shannon plants herself.

"Here, lemme stand still and make this easy for you," Shannon jeers.

Fox reddens, leaps at the blonde. Tweed spins away. Her long leg shoots up slams into the side of Morgan's head. Morgan pivots around from the force of the blow. Tweed grabs her hair and delivers four quick kicks to her stomach. Fox is doubled over. Shannon chops her in the back of the neck, jams her knee up into Morgan's chin. Holding the reeling woman by the hair, Shannon kisses her full on the lips, then throws her to the mat. Even as Fox is hitting the canvas, Tweed is right on her, her knees slamming into her foe's back, driving her hard into the mat. Tweed straddle's her back, grabs her Morgan's left arm and twists it into a hammerlock. Morgan howls. Fox kicks her feet and slams the mat in agony as Tweed twists away on her arm. Fox has never fought a woman this strong. She finds her beginning to panic as her arm feels like it will soon break.

"This is too easy," Shannon mutters, more to herself than anyone else.

Bored, Shannon bangs her fist into Morgan's twisted arm, then rolls to her side, clamping her thighs around Morgan's chest as she pulls the younger brunette into a crushing scissors. Her arms wrap tight around Morgan's head, holding her completely immobilized. Shannon squeezes her mighty thighs together and laughs softly as Fox shutters a whole body shutter. Her boobs flatten and ooze out under Tweeds steel thighs. Fox feels her chest constrict. She feels like an avalanche has buried her. Shannon holds her foe secure for full minute, then slips her legs down, scissoring them around Morgan's waist. All Morgan can do is thrash her legs on the mat, and gasp desperately for every breath. Tweed finally releases Morgan's head. She twists Fox's body around, resets her scissors and pulls Morgan's head back so she can look Fox in the eye.

"Do you think it can get much worse?" Shannon asks.

Tweed answers her own question as she clamps her fingers around Morgan's nose and mouth. Her big, strong hands tighten, cutting off what was left of Morgan's air supply. Morgan tries to pull away but there is no escape. Shannon lies on her side, using her awesome legs to weaken her foe as she smothers the fight out of her, just because she can.

Morgan, struggling to regain her composure slaps the mat determined to get back in the fight. Bucking and thrashing her body, Morgan plants her feet. She surprises Shannon with her determination and her leg strength as she bridges up lifting her butt and Shannon off the mat. But Tweed's thick legs are way, way too strong and more that a match for Fox. Shannon slips her scissors up, just under Morgan's chest and clamps down again, further tightening her vice.

With a laugh, the blonde shakes her legs violently, squeezing harder still as Fox collapses back to the mat. Tweed brutally grinds her knuckles into Morgan's left temple. Fox finds her chest so constricted that she can't draw a breath; her head feels like it will explode. Shannon turns her body in, to get better leverage for her scissors. Morgan's face rests on Shannon's chest. The tough brunette sinks her teeth into Shannon's left tit. The blonde curses as Fox has clamped her jaws on a big mouthful of tit. Shannon grabs Fox by the hair, but the brunette will not release her tit.

As Shannon works on freeing her tit, twisting Morgan's left ear as she grabs a handful of hair, Fox is able to twist free of the scissors. Shannon scrambles to her knees to grab the brunette, but Moran is faster. She eludes Tweed's lurch. Her right fist explodes into Shannon's jaw. A teeth-jarring uppercut quickly follows. Tweed is stunned. She slumps onto her hunches. Fox hits like a professional boxer. A straight arm left ploughs into Shannon's glassy chin. Tweed is knocked onto her back.

Straddling her, Fox reaches up with her left hand and grabs Shannon's throat, while the fingers of her right hand clamp around Shannon's right tit. Teeth marks ring a purple bruise on Shannon's bloody left tit. Fox shifts her weight to one knee and drivers the other knee repeatedly into Shannon's belly, pounding the air from Shannon's body.

Adrenaline pulses through the younger fighter. She can do this... she will do this... she can take down the legendary witch!

Kneeling beside her dazed foe, Fox seizes Tweeds left arm by the wrist and twists it, rolling Shannon onto her belly as she maintains her wristlock. Holding Shannon's arm perpendicular to her body, Fox drives her knee repeatedly into Shannon's arm.

"Is this easy for you Shannon? Is it! Is it!" Fox screams at her foe.

Fox twists Shannon's bruised arm behind her back. It's her turn to apply a hammerlock. It's Shannon's turn to experience another woman's overpowering strength. Fox straddles Tweed's waist as she puts all of her weight behind her hammerlock. As Shannon struggles to break free, Morgan quickly demonstrates her agility as she lifts her body up off her foe just long enough to come down with a knee to the small of Shannon's back.

Maintaining the hammerlock with her left hand, Fox grabs a handful of hair and hauls the big blonde to her feet. Morgan's right fist thumps and pounds repeatedly into Shannon's lower back. Tweed's kidneys take a horrible pounding from Morgan's piston assault. Fox reaches around to grab Shannon's purple bruised tit and squeezes hard.

"Ain't nothing like the real thing, Baby!" Morgan jeers.

Fox rakes her fingernails down Shannon's butt.

"Damn, this thing is huge! You've got a full moon here, Shannon," Moran jeers.

Shannon tries to pull away but Morgan twists up on her arm and reins her back in.

"You're not going anywhere," Fox taunts.

Tweed jams the left heel down into Morgan's left foot. Fox is more startled then hurt. She relinquishes her hammerlock. Tweed spins around, fire in her eyes.

But once more Fox beats her to the draw. Morgan's left fist drives up into Shannon's chin. Tweed staggers backwards. Morgan marches forward, thundering her fists into Shannon's belly, mashing her bruised tit repeatedly. Trapping Tweed against the ropes, Fox goes to town as Shannon tries to cover up, holding her arms up in front of her body. Morgan hammers Shannon's ribs and beats the blonde's arms black and blue. Morgan uncorks a bolo punch that crashes into the big blonde's face, bloodying her nose.

Shannon falls against the ropes as Fox rains down fists and elbows on her belly and chest, brutalizing Shannon's badly bruised tits. No longer concerned with pacing herself, Fox goes for the kill. She rams her fist into Tweed's gut, below her navel, likes the sound it makes and slams Tweed's gut four more times before lifting the blonde into a bear hug. Fox looks awesome as she shakes her once mighty foe like a doll. She bends Shannon backward, squeezing her arms tight as she tries to break Tweed's back. She parades around the ring, ready to declare victory.

"Shannon, I want you to beg me to let you to," Fox commands.

Shannon holds out, unable to speak and unwilling to submit.

"Okay, fine, we'll have some more fun then," Fox threatens.

Fox lifts Tweeds limp body higher to gain better leverage. But her hasty move makes it possible for the tough and still dangerous amazon to wrap her legs around Morgan's waist. Morgan braces, her body stiffens. Shannon wraps her arms around her rival's head and holds her close. The two warriors seem fused together in the center of the ring, each trying to crush the fight from her foe. Morgan feels searing pain from her badly bruised ribs

The momentum turns as Morgan's arms cannot match the power in Tweed's legs. Tweed presses her weight forward, trying to topple Fox over. Morgan steps back but recovers, trying to lift Shannon a bit higher. Once more Tweed presses her torso forward as she squeezes her legs tight. Fox topples to the mat. Shannon falls on top of her. The two women struggle momentarily on the mat. Tweed manages to re-secure her scissors around Morgan's waist.

With sheer willpower, Fox twists around, plants her feet wide and slowly stands, lifting Shannon with her. Tweed has her left arm wrapped tight around Morgan's head as her right fist pounds on the younger brunette's head, arm, and rib cage. Fox moans each time Tweed's heavy fist thumps into her bruised side. Once more Tweed tries to topple Fox down. She presses her body hard into Morgan, knuckles her fist into the brunette's ribs. Fox screams, twists to the side, drops forward on one knee, slamming Tweed's public bone down hard against her knee. Tweed falls backward but bravely scrambles to her feet, her legs wide apart.

Fox stuns her with a jolting left to her chin and Tweed sprawls on the mat. Morgan grabs both her ankles, spreads her legs wide and drops a knee to Shannon's crotch. Morgan repeats the maneuver four times, leaving Shannon sputtering. Fox hauls the blonde to her feet. She spins Tweed around and hoists her up in a reverse bear hug. Tweed tries to slam her head back into Morgan's face, but Fox avoids her. She heaves the blonde as high as she can, then jams her down, tailbone first onto her knee. Shannon rolls o the mat, the throbbing between her legs has nearly all her attention.

Morgan leaps across the ring, intending to splash her adversary, but Tweed gets her knees up and catches Morgan full in the belly. The winded Fox rolls to her side. Shannon is on her in an instant, driving her knee into the brunette's side repeatedly. Morgan's damaged ribs can take no more. Her dreams of glory darken.

Tweed grabs Fox by the hair, hauls her to her feet and delivers a thundering head-butt. Fox crumbles down to the mat. Shannon grabs her by the hair, hauls her up once more. Tweed shoves a hand between Morgan's legs, grabs her around the throat and hoists her to shoulder height.

"Now, was it your left side or your right that hurts?" the blonde hisses.

Shannon walks slowly around the ring, choking her victim as she leaves Morgan to consider the impending event. Tweed grunts, hoists Fox high, then slams Morgan down across her knee. Fox shrieks, the backbreaker is all she can take. Shannon holds Fox bent across her knee. She rams the point of her elbow in Morgan's left tit, then shoves the beaten brunette off of her knee.

Shannon walks slowly around the ring, her tailbone and pubic bone demand revenge. Tweed walks up to the prone Fox and kicks her in the ribs. Morgan rolls onto her belly, wailing. Shannon grabs her legs, steps over the brunette and applies a Boston crab. The pressure on Morgan's back is intense.

"Enough, please, enough!" Fox howls.

Shannon lets one of Morgan's legs drop free.

"Not nearly enough. You've got a lesson to learn," Shannon spits.

Shannon leans hard into the half crab. Her free hand claws down to Moran's pussy. Shannon's steel fingers dig in, bent on revenge. Fox shrieks for all she's worth.

"Shut up!" Fox commands.

Tweed lets Morgan go. Fox lies on the mat crying. Tweed looks down at her. This was too close for comfort. They'll be other, younger, stronger women coming after her. Shannon's foot lashes out as she once more kicks Fox in the ribs. Shannon seems suddenly enraged. She straddles Morgan's chest and wraps both hands around her throat.

"You think you're ready to take me out? Guess again, slut! No one can take me out!" Shannon roars.

Shannon shifts her body to the side, slips her thighs around Morgan's neck and clamps the scissors tight. For a minute, Fox thrashes violently, gamely, she digs her fingernails into Shannon's thighs, but Tweed pours on the pressure. As Morgan's struggles grow more feeble, Shannon unlocks her legs, rolls Fox onto her belly. Tweed lies across her beaten foe, with her own head up by the brunette's ass. Once more she pulls Morgan's head between her thighs. She tightens her vice to the point that Morgan can feel her neck ready to snap.

Shannon wraps her left arm around Morgan's thigh. Her right hand slaps Morgan's naked ass beat red. Tweed digs her fingernails into Morgan's ass cheeks, then lets her fingers scratch their way to Morgan's pussy. Shannon finds the young blonde's clit and squeezes it between her fingers. Morgan is sobbing as Shannon starts working on her. The young brunette's body shutters as Tweed brings her to a climax Morgan lets out a sobbing, uncontrollable wail. Shannon laughs. Having completely exhausted her spent foe, Shannon unlocks her legs and rolls to her knees.

"Well sure, you're satisfied, but you youngsters have no consideration for anyone else, do you" Tweed taunts.

Shannon squats her broad, solid butt on Morgan's face. She forces her foe's nose up into her pussy and grinds her bush hard into Morgan's face. When she is done, Shannon stands, stretches, walks around her whimpering foe. Looking around at the small assembly, Shannon's eyes narrow on two tall young wanna-be's.

"Anyone else feel the need to audition for this role?"

There are no takers, at least not today.