Cristina Scabbia vs. Elodie Frege by Luca

Cristina Scabbia arrives the first and enters the cage. She is wearing a blue dressing gown. The long brown hair falls freely on his back and shoulders. For his small size the dressing gown is long. Below the thighs, the calves appear very muscular. Elodie Frege is presented . She wears a red dressing gown. There is no effort to make to realize that she is taller than Cristina but also thinner. She is blonde hair and she is of an amazing elegance. Her face is indeed marvelous. The official one, the microphone with the hand, makes the speech of entry…

"The combat which will be held in front of us this evening opposes, out of blue dressing gown the Italian whom you know well - CRISTINA SCABBIA....she is 37 years old, measures 1,62m and weighs 54kg... and she is unbeaten in this cage." He stops one moment to let the applause die down.

When silence is restored he continues, “Out of red dressing gown, her adversary…the Frenchwoman: ELODIE FREGE... a fighter you have seen fighting here before. She is 27 years, it measures 1,70m and weighs 52kg."

He benefits from the enthusiasm which it produces on the spectators to approach it and to take the dressing gown that it has just removed. Elodie is found in red bikini and gold, she is splendid, barefeet, the very concentrated glance. Then it goes at Cristina to receive its dressing gown. The Italian door a blue bikini azure on a firm and muscular body.

He takes again his microphone to declare: "Good luck! May the best woman win!"

The gong sounds at the time when it closes the latticed door. Without precipitation the two women come in the center from the cage. Once with range the two women engage in an attack of boxing with low kicks in the thighs. It is Cristina which is most virulent and fastest in its kicks and of fists. Elodie works more dodges some and she seeks to remain remote. The force of Italian lies in its always brutal and painful catches. It is what brings Elodie to be protected some to fight upright and as much as possible with the fists. The low kicks seem to be a reaction of balance and held remotely more than of the blows of attack, but punches are carried with all the power that fighting them can give. The noise of impact from the blows that land on their goal is fantastic. One would be to try to believe that they are amplified by the microphones, but sonorities of the kicks, breathings and "hang" of effort of the two women are completely normal, which proves well the force of the punches.

Under the push of Cristina launched in a series of uppercuts at short distance, Elodie starts to move back while turning on its line. It brought back its front arm evers and its fists in front of its bust and its face to protect itself. Cristina lets it move away a little then abruptly changing tactic it will seek far behind it the dash necessary to propel a broad swing of the right which comes to land on the mouth of the Frenchwoman. This one oscillates on its line under the shock. But Cristina a little unbalances lance of it the same swing of its left....who misses his goal by pushing side the gloves of Elodie... But it is a perhaps voluntary magnifying glass because it is the left elbow of Italian which violently comes to touch the pretty nose of her enemy! ... Elodie is well touched! ... her lips burst under the first blow and the nose is broken which starts to bleed abundantly!

It is beautiful work on behalf of Cristina Scabbia which takes a good option on the events. It continues Elodie and the growth against the grid of the cage. Italian of its left hand seizes throat of the Frenchwoman and applies back against netting. Of its right fist it hammers dry and powerful hooks the face of Elodie which becomes covered with blood as painted hemoglobin in one nothing time. During long second Elodie appears to be exceeded. But gradually it returns in the combat.

First of all it is protected more effectively from the blows from Italian then it manages to place it also some skills of fists of which one with the face of Cristina arrives to him into full in its left eye. The left eye of Cristina reddens and inflates very quickly what testifies to the power and the precision to the received blow. Cristina reacts quickly and benefits from it to attack with Elodie kicks. It is a shower of blows on each side of the face of the Frenchwoman who after having initially sought to protect itself with her hands, puts herself in having to turn the back on her adversary. Italian still benefits from it to seize the mane blonde of its rival. She accelerates the lifting of enemy and seizing his head she applies a catch of judo to her. The 2 girls find themselves with the carpet, fighting of all their forces to take the top. Elodie, in spite of the blows received previously is still alert and nimble and in a splendid blow of kidney she manages to demolish catch of Cristina and then to be raised.

Cristina also raised and tries to attack its rival while striking a hook of the right to him but Elodie dodging to perfection and in against attack it touches Italian on the level of the liver thanks to a left uppercut. The Frenchwoman continues and launches her right foot in the target where its left uppercut landed. The hands of Italian deaden the shock and Cristina tries to react. She receives a second and violent one kick in direction of her face but she manages to avoid the blow and to catch the foot of Elodie. With a bestial force Cristina tightens the end of the foot of Elodie and after the cries of pain of the Frenchwoman it sweeps the foot of support to him. Elodie is found with the carpet and without losing one second, Cristina seizes long blond hair to bring the face of Elodie to its range and to launch a formidable blow of knee to her. This blow was terrible almost lethal. The nose and the lips of the Frenchwoman already burst, continue to bleed in abundance. Under the power of the blow of knee, Elodie finds the back on the ground and Cristina precipitates with horse on its belly to pulverize it punches with the face and in the chest.

Elodie cannot about it any more, it is too much for her in spite of a pride out of the common run, the bestiality of his adversary did not leave her any chance. Cristina looks at the crowd and the spectators with satisfaction. Cristina tries to humiliate her adversary by provoking her verbally but it is useless, Elodie does not move any more she is KO after a violent and bestial combat.

It is the kind of combat preferred by the Italian and Cristina enjoys this kind of victory. The relative silence which was established in the public during the last seconds is broken by the noise of the gong which resounds by twice announcing the end of the combat and the victory of Cristina Scabbia. Medicals men entered the cage to the first blow of gong and they. deal with Elodie which lost consciousness under the effect of the rain of received blows. The spectators in their large majority are shocked by the violence and the outcome of the combat. Someone think that the combat would have been stopped; others think that Elodie was able to fight on.

The announcer, the official one, declares Cristina Scabbia the victor by KO, raising her right-hand as a sign of victory. It is with pleasure that she answers the thunder of applause which fills the room. Elodie is evacuated on a stretcher, then carried in an ambulance to the hospital where she regains consciousness shortly; her wounds more spectacular than serious.