'Friends' or Enemies? (Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Charlize Theron) by TNT

"Whatcha lookin' at Courtney dear?" Jennifer asked.

"Yeah, where'd ya get those pictures? Lemme see too!" Lisa said, moving quickly toward her beautiful costar Courtney.

Both ‘friends’ were curious about the large stack of photos the ‘dressed to kill’ brunette was studying intently, and obviously enjoying, laughing; her beautiful eyes gleaming. The highly curious Jennifer tried to fight against a coordination slowed and slightly off kilter thanks to a night of indulging - in fine wine, Champagne and hearty partying. Her sprint came to an unsuccessful and abrupt stop when she bumped into Courtney, causing the now angry brunette to drop the pictures, sending them scattering on the plush carpet.

"You clumsy bitch, Jen! Watch where you're going!" Courtney screamed. She started to swing but Lisa caught her arm and twisted it hard, bending the brunette backward. "OW! Leggo, you're hurting my arm!" Courtney yelped, arching her back and causing her firm full breasts to bulge up and halfway out of her tight, low-cut, dress.

"Just cool down, Courtney honey, or I'll paddle your tight ass…and enjoy every minute of it," Lisa warned as the tall beautiful blonde reached down and gave the brunettes left breast a hard squeeze just to let her know she was serious. Lisa smiled as her captives hard erect nipple stiffened instantly against her caressing palm.

"What, are you turning lezzie on me now?" Courtney snapped angrily as she struggled to pull away. Lisa's sweet alcohol breath made her a bit nauseous and more than a little irritated. Courtney had been the only one who stayed (more or less) sober while her fellow partiers, Jen and Lisa both got quite drunk. "That's better, thank you!" Courtney snapped when Lisa finally released her.

‘Later, just you wait!’ Lisa thought, glancing at the big mirror on the wall behind which her unseen partner in crime was hiding, definately enjoying the little skirmish; kind of an appetizer if you will. Lisa had deliberately twisted her unaware prey into perfect position so the eager, hungry, lusty observer behind the one-way mirror could get a good look at Courtney's bulging breasts, see her lovely fearful eyes and pretty mouth. The breast squeeze had been a nice surprise gift to the lovely woman who watched and hungrily licked her painted lips.

The three lovely “Friends” costars were in their last season, enjoying a fabulous day and night of partying at one of the plusht Hollywood resorts thanks to an unknown benefactor. They'd spent the evening drinking, celebrating and reminiscing about good times and bad. The expensive booze flowed freely and old rivalries began to simmer to the surface now that the show was nearing its end and each actress started looking ahead to what her future would be. Courtney was unaware of how many were directed at her and Lisa had received a message mid-day telling her who their anonymous benefactor was as well as a few other choice tidbits of valuable information.

"Hey, these pics are great, look at this one! Poor Julia, doing her was fun!" Jen chirped as she picked up a pic.

"Yeah, she was fun to play with alright," Lisa giggled as Courtney rudely snatched several pics from Jen's hand including the ones of the fondly remembered, “Julia Roberts vs. Three Friends” catfight! Jen's picture showed the three ‘friends’ attacking the lovely redhead; Lisa holding her as Jen tore open Julia’s blouse to expose her “guest stars” supported by a sexy white lace bra while Courtney pullied Julia’s skirt down.

"Look at this one," Courtney sighed, holding up one to the other two. "She certainly has a nice set of boobs! "

The next pic showed Julia in another compromising position; one lovely breast bared, torn bra barely covering the other, Jennifer choking her while Lisa pulled her hair and nasty Court leered into the cameara as she applied a painful crotch-claw. Poor lovely Julia was minus her skirt and only barely modest in an already ripped pair of panties.

"Wow, look at all these pics. They're all of us having 'fun' with hot guests," Lisa laughed as the three lovely, drunken, beauties poured over the pics; laughing as they enjoyed the free bubbly that kept arriving in seemingly endless waves thanks to their anonymous benefactor. Whoever gave them the weekend sure was nice - and generous!

"I wonder who's paying for all this?" Jennifer asked as Lisa's beautiful face creased in a mischievous smile.

"Oh, I love THIS picture," Courtney smiled. "It's my favorite!" Shestared at the picture a few seconds, then passed it to her drunken friends.

"Yeah, I bet it is your favorite," Lisa giggled. "You sure fight dirty. Deep down, you’re a nasty bitch, aren't you?"

The photo showed the angry Courtney attacking a now nearly naked Julia from behind; mauling her luscious left breast while her other hand viciously yanked pubic hair while the laughing duo of Lisa and Jennifer looked on. The frantic, pained expression on Julia's beautiful wide-eyed face said it all.

"Yeah, Courtney, you ARE a mean little bitch. Most people don't know it, but we do. Still, we all admit it…it sure was fun spanking Julia, right Lisa?"

Jennifer giggled at the memories of the fun theyd tearing off Julia's torn panties and then forcing her down on her knees and elbows, her ass in the air as they took turns spanking that Oscar winning milky white butt after she’d sobbed out her total submission thanks to Courtney's brutal breast and crotch mauling.

"Listen you drunken bimbos," Courtney snapped. "You both know damn well if it wasn't for ME fighting dirty, just about every one of our guests would've whipped your sorry butts - especially you Jen; you’re about THE most pathetic excuse for a fighter I’ve ever seen. Jenna Elfman made mincemeat of you, for God’s sake!"

“Hey, Jenna’s a big, strong girrrrr…AAAAACK!” Jennifer yelped as Courtney stepped over, reached up, grabbed her hair and gave a hard, firm yank. Jennifer winced and squirmed, dropping the snapshots in her pathetic attempts to break free. Her long elegant tight evening gown and heels weren't designed for a catfight, but the high slit up one leg at least gave her a little room to make the lightning fast moves she'd always dreamed of making. As Courtney and Jennifer struggled, behind the two-way mirror the mystery onlooker enjoyed a brief show. Jennifer was always beautiful...especially tonight.

(whoosh) WHOMP! "AHHHHH! Unnnhhhh!" Jennifer yelped as Courtney pulled her off balance, spun her around twice and threw her onto the bed where she sprawled on her back; her luscious long legs flying up and sending one heel flying off.

"You are such a wuss! So stupid; so weak!" Courtney laughed as she crouched to spring on Jennifer. "UNNNGHHHH!" Courtney’s attack stopped in mid-air, intercepted by Jennifer's raised foot! Courtney flew back into two strong arms that wrapped her up, strong fingers buried deep in her hair and yanking hard!

"Quit playing around you two!" Lisa snapped impatiently. "Lets look at the pictures for God's sake; then we can play later...or in other words, Miss Cox, I’LL beat you up. OK?"

Courtney was amazed and surprised; amazed at how strong Lisa was and surprised how dominating she sounded. RIPPPPPP! Courtney suddenly felt the front of her dress open as Lisa tore it apart exposing her bra.

"You bitch! That was...was... mean," Courtney hissed. “HEEEEYYY!” She yelped as Lisa jerked her hair and pushed a handful of pictures into her stomach.

"Take a look, lets have some fun!" Lisa was all business. Courtney wisely followed orders and Jennifer jumped up, snarled at the brunette then grabbed some photos herself.

"Oh yes, lookit these! Remember 'PussyCat' Bell? Boy, oh boy! Was SHE ever a fun guest!" Lisa sighed, holding up several pictures in an attempt to calm her angry 'Friends' friends.

"Yeah, after the show remember? You just went up to her and grabbed her hair Courtney. I thought she was gonna bop you right then and there," Jennifer laughed.

"Well, she was acting so smart and sassy all night and I wanted to take her down a notch. She was just sitting so cute and pretty on our couch," Courtney said as she closed her eyes and squeezed her thighs together as she remembered the sensation as if it were only a day ago.

"Yeah, lucky for you I stepped in," Jennifer reminded her.

"Whaddaya mean lucky? She almost killed you, you dummy!" Lisa said. "She pulled you down and had just about punched you silly before we jumped in and saved your sorry ass."

"Yeah, and she kept your blouse and bra for a souvenir if you recall," Courtney cackled. "That's when she first called you NiceNips! Boy, did you squeal when she went after those, didn't you Miss NiceNips?" she laughed and Jennifer's face turned beet red as she suddenly lunged and swung hard enough that her SLAP turned Courtney’s face to the side.

"Why you bitch, I'll kill you!" Courtney screamed as she lunged toward Jennifer but Lisa quickly stepped between the two and pushed them apart.

"You had that coming Courtney, now settle down both of you!" she snapped gruffly as she shoved Jennifer back. Her arm brushed across Jennifer's breasts and she leaned forward and whispered, "Jen honey, you DO have nice nips girlfriend."

Jennifer's blush returned even a deeper shade of crimson. She always got hot when she had these skirmishes, she just wished she could win a fight once in a while. She looked at Courtney who was eagerly looking at the pictures, thinking how she'd love to teach THAT bitchy brunette a good lesson; she certainly had it coming!

"As I recall dear, Cat almost whipped all of us," Lisa sighed, her thoughts flashing back to that exciting erotic event. Courtney's hair-pull and smartass comments to Cat started it, then tension built during the whole shoot. Most thought it was all in fun when each of the girls had seperately asked the producer (even Cat) if they could stay late after filming wrapped. Their wish was granted and Cat was lounging on the sofa when the tiff started. She was more than ready and willing and the ‘Friends’ babes quickly learned they’d grossly underestimated her ability! Cat had slapped, punched and fought them all over the set, stripped them down to their underwear - all except Jennifer who ended up totally naked. Then the tall, busty, brunette had a whole bunch of fun with Jen's beautiful breasts and NiceNips.

"Yeah again I had to save your sorry, wimpy asses," Courtney snickered.

"Yeah, you and your little army? What was it you used and all sneaky; a chair, a lamp, a frying pan! Cat’s head made such a cool BONK noise when it that hit her head, or was that sound the frying pan?" Jen smiled, her face taking on a funny, thoughtful look, like she was still trying to figure that out.

"You know, I bet there's alot of gals who’d love to kick your sorry butt, Courtney, just like us," Lisa said.

"Yeah, I'm sure there is; and I'd like to kick alot of pretty little butts too - especially yours, you lanky string-bean blonde bitch!"

Courtney angrily threw down the pictures in her hand and moved toward Lisa who took two steps back and went into a defensive stance and kicked off her heels. She was still quite drunk but as she looked into Courtney's angry eyes she started to sober up fast. She so wanted to wipe that snarling smirk off her face!

"Lisa, I’ve about had it with you and Jennifer; but especially you! You play a big dummy on the show and you know why? Because you ARE a big dummy! I'm gonna enjoy kicking your tall lovely, beautiful pretty ass!" Courtney said as she moved closer inch by inch, her eyes studying her friend/enemy Lisa who looked drop-dead gorgeous in a short, tight dress that accentuated every luscious curve of her body. The expensive black dress with thin spaghetti straps and those sheer silky pantyhose that made the beautiful blonde a sight to behold. She hoped her onlooker was enjoying what was about to unfold because she really wanted to pound Courtney senseless, yet she’d promised her other ‘friend’ she could have fun too. She was hoping Jennifer would provide this person with some fun as well and as she looked over, Jennifer the ditz was intently looking at some pictures, totally oblivious to what was about to happen.

"JENNIFER!" she yelled. The shout had barely escaped her lips when Courtney charged.

“UNGGGH!” The lunging brunette slammed into Lisa who grunted as she was slammed back into the nearby wall and all the air rushed from her lungs.

"Here I come, to save the day!" Jennifer's boast seemed more like a squeaky chirp and as Lisa felt herself sliding down the wall, eager fingers yanked her luscious blonde hair.

"You're mine now, you blonde bitch!" Courtney snarled, "Stand up and take it like a woman."

As Lisa slowly stood up, she grunted in agony as WHAM! the brunettes knee smashed hard into her crotch. Lisa moaned; a hard fist was coming in fast; she jerked her head to the side….THUD!

“AIEEEEE!” Courtney's fist smashed into the wall full force; her knuckles exploding in fiery pain. BONK! A book, a big heavy book, smacked into the back of her head. As she dropped to her knees she heard the words of a real warrior, "That wasn't quite the BONK I'd expected. You okay Lisa, you don't look too good?" It was Jennifer, again coming to her rescue carrying the Yellow Pages - a known effective weapon throughout catfightland.

"OUCHHH!" Courtney moaned, rubbing her sore head.

Lisa gave the brunette a hard push sending her falling backwards. She grabbed Jennifer by the hand and pulled her back towards the scattered pictures and began to frantically look through them. "Aha, here they are!" she took several photographs, laid them on the bed and turned to face the angry Courtney and just as Courtney lunged, Lisa's long leg flashed and the brunette groaned as Lisa’s foot smash her in the stomach.

"Lets get her!" Lisa yelled to Jennifer who needed little encouragement since her fingers were already tearing and ripping at the doubled over brunette’s dress. "Yeah, tear that ugly dress off, Jen!" Lisa said as she pulled Courtney into a headlock. Courtney moaned, groaned struggled as Lisa pulled her hair, snarled insults and her friend Jennifer, ripped her dress to shred. "Keep going, strip her!" Lisa urged while Jennifer fumbled with the zipper. Lisa flashed her a sneer and a sigh.

"I like to strip 'em properly," Jennifer chirped as she finally got the zipper unstuck and….zzzzzzzzipppppp...

"NO... stop…please, don’t…" Courtney bawled as she felt her dress being unzipped then pulled off, leaving her in a strapless lace bra and pantyhose.

"Gonna let her go now, Jenny. Watch out," Lisa said.

Upon being released, Courtney jumped up and fired a punch at Lisa which she dodged. But Courtney kept spinning and backhanded Jennifer who, amazingly, took the slap with a grunt then fired a punch to the brunettes chin that rocked her head backward.

"OWWWWW!" it was the puncher, not the punchee who hopped around holding her hand.

"Good work Jen," Lisa laughed at Jen who holding her hand and moaning. Lisa punched the dazed brunette in the jaw, then landed two more blows to her stomach before she grabbed her by the hair and threw her into the wall for payback. Another punch to her chin almost dropped the stunned Courtney who got suddenly and roughly yanked forward and shoved down into a chair. Jennifer stood behind her and put her in a chokehold following Lisa's step by baby-step instructions.

"Hold her tight, but don't choke her out," Lisa ordered. “Not yet! Remember this? Remember this gorgeous babe, huh, Courtney dear?" Lisa laughed holding a picture a few inches from her face which registered a puzzled look that slowly morphed into recognition, then anger.

"She's a beauty, a blast from your hubbies past, think he still has the hots for her, huh? She is so hot, blonde too, you don't like blondes do you Courtney, sweetie; you bitchy brunette?" Lisa held the pic an inch from her captives face, then tossed the picture aside and gave the brunette a stinging backhand SLAP! "Here's another pic of the same hottie," Lisa giggled. Courtney's eyes blazed with fury as she stared at the tall beautiful blonde with the gorgeous face, beautiful eyes and small firm breasts. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight sweater, no bra obviously from the way her erect nipples poking through the sweater most erotically. "She's got even nicer nips than Miss NiceNips, huh?" she teased.

"No way, let me see...oh, wow, isn't that Charlize…Charlize Theron? Even I have the hots for her," Jennifer sighed as she leaned forward and unconsciously relaxed her grip on Courtney.

An angry Courtney broke Jennifer's grip and broke free; she reached for the picture. Lisa grabbed her arm, wrenched it painfully, backhanded her so hard that Courtney shrieked in pain; a solid punch slammed into her sore chin again; Jennifer reapplied her hold.

"Jennifer pay attention dammit! Courtney wants to see some more pics of her hubbies old flame," she taunted.

Two more pics of the lovely Charlize in most erotic attire, including an oh-so-sexy teddy. "Look at those legs, those long luscious sexy legs - kind of like mine, eh Courtney sweetie."

"You bitch! You blonde bitch, I'll kill you and I'd love to kill that bitch Charlize! I hate her, I hate her, I hate her, I hate..." Courtney's string of expletives and fury was cut off by a sharp backhand.

"Really? What would you do to her, huh, Cort...maybe this?"

"Uhhhh, no."



"How 'bout THIS, huh girl?"

"No stop it, please. Damn you, you bitch, stop it Jennifer... you too! Both of you! Stop it, please."

Lisa reached down and cupped Courtney's full breast, squeezing it hard through the sheer bra cup; the brunette moaned; the blonde slowly pulled a cup out, reached in and pinched the hard sensitive nipple; she let the bra snap back. Jennifer jerked Lisa back, forcing her to thrust her chest out as she reached down and snapped the tight bra strap several times; she dug her nails into Courtney's shoulders, into her back, she yanked her hair hard. Lisa tormented her brunette friend several minutes; slapping her, punching and squeezing her breasts, applying stomach claws, choking her. Jennifer enjoyed the fun and did her own little numbers too, mainly pulling her hair, clawing at her beautiful skin, snapping her bra, threatening to unfasten it.

"So you don't like blondes huh, Courtney; most brunettes don't; maybe I or maybe we can change your mind…" she located a stiff nipple and pinched it hard through the bra cup. "Even made love to another woman...er, um, blonde woman?" she taunted. She seemed to relish Courtney's moans, groans, whimpers and protests, the fear in her voice. "Courtney, you love to give sas too much, you think you're so hot, guess what tonight you're gonna get taken down a notch."

"Let her up, Jennie dear. Playtime is about to start!"

"O.K. I'll let Miss Courtney go but first..." Jennifer was all smiles as she reached down and released the catch of Courtney's bra with a quick snap of her fingers. A simultaneous hard SLAP by Lisa drew the brunettes full attention so she still hadn’t realized what Jennifer had done. She cautiously stood up and looked at Lisa who took several steps back. Jennifer did the same.

"Go ahead, run for it. This is your only chance for escape, if you don't get away, we will have some fun with you, dear, dear Courtney," Lisa warned. Courtney's face flushed with anger; her anger was overpowered by fear though. She spun around and bolted for the door.

(Click) (swhoosh!) The big door flew open almost hitting the surprised fleeing beauty; as Courtney skidded to a halt, her loosened bra slipped further down. She suddenly realized her double-trouble, the loose, slipping bra and the angry, evil smiling tall blonde beauty who faced her.

"And just where do you think you're going, Courtney sweetie?" Charlize Theron's voice was packed full of sarcasm, taunting and purely mischievous lustful delight. She stepped back, pushed the door shut, double locked it, turned to face the flustered nervous brunette; she licked her lips, smiled and said, "Hey, girl you ready to play?"

"No, er, uh, please, now stay away from me! I mean it OR I'm gonna kick your blond ass!" Courtney's whimpering pleading turned slowly into threats as she tried to convince herself she could take the gorgeous blonde. She'd heard so many rumors of Charlize's catfighting prowess albeit contradictory ones. Some said she was one of the toughest blondes in Hollywood, others that she had a wide and deep submissive streak that - if properly tapped - almost invariably saw her roll over and offer her belly like a puppy dog. It was hard knowing what to believe when you heard such contradictory tales! Courtney stared at the beautiful blonde, Charlize wore a tight silky blouse, the sheerest bra (almost see-through), a short tight skirt, black fishnet stockings and stiletto heels.

"Listen you dummy, I was talking to Lisa, she wants to play too!" Charlize snarled as she approached the backpedaling Courtney.

RIPPPPP! AAAACK! What the hell...STOP IT...wha...er, uh....NOOOOOO!"

Jennifer felt a hard tug at her gown, the loud riiiiippppppppp startled her. Her supposed ‘friend’ Lisa was tearing her gown and she screamed a loud protest as she pulled away.

"Let's have some fun, Jenny NiceNips," Lisa giggled as she treated her costar to several stinging backhands.


RIIIIIPPP! Jennifer groaned, and moaned with each hard blow as she tried to get away as her tall blonde attacker ripped her lovely gown to shreds, then continued her erotic slapping attack as she pulled the shredded gown from Jennifer's luscious body before she tossed the bra and pantyhose clad beauty onto the bed.

"Don't call me a dummy, you blonde slut!" Courtney snarled, summoning her courage as she felt jealousy pulsing through her heart. She lunged toward Charlize swinging angry fists.

Charlize stepped forward; her lightning fast arms and hands blocked and deflected the blows; she sunk a hard punch into the brunettes stomach.

"Ughhhh!" Courtney moaned. "NOOOOO....not my bra!"

Charlize ripped the brunettes loose bra off, grabbed her by the hair, spun her around and put her in a chokehold as she stepped up behind her. "My aren't you the tough little bitch; wish your honey could see you now?" she sneered as she tightened her chokehold until the brunette gasped, then winced in pain. Charlize grabbed a firm breast and squeezed - hard. "Like this girl?" she teased as she pinched the erect nipple hard, then pulled.

"No, please, OUCH!" Courtney moaned. She struggled furiously, futilely against the tall blondes tight grip.

"Hey blondie, you enjoying yourself over there?" Charlize called out to Lisa.

"Oh yeah," Lisa laughed. She was sitting on Jennifer's back, yanking her hair with her left hand; her right hand was occupied fully; squeezing Jennifer's full firm breast through her bra. Jen's ‘NiceNip’ was in full view peeking out of the cup getting proper attention from Lisa's strong fingers.

"Please, not my boob, ouch, oh stop it please," Jennifer pleaded, her beautiful eyes full of tears.

"These two are working up quite a sweat, you know, fighting us so hard, Lisa, don't ya think?" Charlize said with a giggle.

"Yeah, maybe they need to cool off. Whaddaya think?" Lisa asked with a gleam in her eye.

"Mind if I, I mean mind if this hot little brunette goes first?" Charlize asked as she released her breast grip, balled her fist and pressed it into the small of Courtney's back.

"UGHHHHH!" the brunette moaned as she felt herself being bent backwards; Charlize looked in the large mirror at the very erotic reflection, a pretty little topless brunette babe being bent backwards, her beautiful breasts pointing skyward, courtesy of the most beautiful luscious hot and horny blonde in all of Hollywood (or so Charlize thinks!) It was time to have even more fun.

"Yeah, Courtney needs to cool off for sure, but whada ya say we have them earn their freedom, Char...huh?" Lisa asked with a mischievious smile; she jerked back hard on Jennifer's hair as she turned to face Charlize. Charlize winked, licked her lips and leaned forward to whisper in Courtney's ear,"Wanna fight for your freedom, sweetie?" she yanked her captives dark hair painfully, gave her a good slap and hauled her towards the middle of the room.

"Aacck...what are you doing...let go of me...what's happening?" Jennifer seemed frantic as Lisa led her to the middle of the room,by twisting her ear with one hand and pulling her beautiful silky hair with the other. The scene made Charlize laugh; the scene was also quite erotic. Lisa's full breasts bulged out of the top of her sexy dress; in the struggle it had slipped down a bit; Jennifer's lovely hair was a mess, her perfect makeup was smudged, her breasts bulged out of her bra...one strap had broken; her erect nipples drew all three girls attention, especially Charlize's!

"Shut up, you ditz, get ready for some action," Lisa ordered. Jennifer's puzzled look brought the needed instructions. "You two lovely Friends are going to do battle and we and you both know you hate each other. The winner gets to go free; the loser, well we (giggle, giggle_ we, us blondes, get to have a nice little ceremony for the winner! Do you two sweeties understand?" Lisa seemed to be squelching laughter-her voice sounded both angry and excited. Charlize was beside herself with anticipation.

"Well, what else? Tell us, Lisa," Jennifer said.

"What do you mean, what else? That's all Miss NiceNips," Lisa sounded impatient.

"Well, what about the rules, theres gotta be rules," Jennifer snipped.

"Well Courtney, honey, go show dear Jennifer what the rules are," Charlize shouted as she gave the brunette a push which wasn’t totally unnecessary as the brunette half-charged toward Jennifer anyway.

"Aaaack...Ouch...Stop it...help!" Jennifer shrieked as Courtney smacked into her, grabbed two handfuls of long brown hair and wrestled her to the carpet. An erotic tangle of kicking thrashing long sexy legs, long flailing arms and hungry, angry fingers that pinched, scratched, pulled and tore at anything be it fabric, silky skin, hair or "sensitive" feminine parts made the skirmish most enjoyable to the two happy onlookers.

"Bitch, cunt, whore, slut, idiot, dummy, ditz, dimwit,ho!" names of all variety, curses common to all catfighting womankind flew threw the air as fast as fists and openhanded slaps.

"Oh gawwwwd, please let go...not my boobs...please...ouch...it hurts," Jennifer bawled as Courtney sunk her fingers deep into her costars full breasts, squeezing the firm sensitive mounds through the bra cups. A hard tug, one breast found freedom, soon the other was free; the bra stretched to the limit amazingly stayed in tact.

"Pinch those famous nipples, Courtney," Lisa shouted and Jennifer shrieked in agony as Courtney followed instructions with gusto.

"I think Courtney really is a lezbo, don't you Lisa?" Charlize shouted.

"I am not, you stupid blonde cunt!" Courtney snapped, raising her head to snarl angry denials at Charlize.

WHAM...THUD...Awckhhh!" Jennifer took full advantage of Courtney’s distraction, firing a punch to her chin and then a karate chop to her throat. Courtney gasped and gurgled, in agony.

"Hit her again...don't stop, you dummy," Charlize ordered. She couldn't believe she was coaching this ditz, but smiled with delight as Jennifer fired another punch to the brunettes jaw; Courtney fell backwards in a daze groaning. Jennifer jumped on her stomach, slapped her several times, then to both Charlize's and Lisa's sheer delight, Jennifer went to work on the brunette’s beautifully firm breasts.

"Uggggh...uhhhh...stop it Jen, please...stop," Courtney moaned; she weakly grabbed Jennifer's wrists and vainly tried to pry her twisting, squeezing, pinching fingers off her sore breasts.

"You like to make fun of my boobs, my nipples! Well, now its MY turn to give your little boobs some attention!" Jennifer snarled. Lisa and Charlize were amazed at how angry and mean Jennifer was...happily amazed. Jennifer reached down and raked her nails up and down her captives legs, tearing hose and runs in her pantyhose. Courtney kicked and bucked hard, trying to rid herself of the unwanted rider. "Now say it, Courtney dear. Say you give up and that I'm the winner! Do it please…"

"No way...not ever...YEOWWWWWW" Courtney's declaration of determination turned into a loud howl as Jennifer grabbed her nipples and pulled up hard, literally lifting the brunettes upper body off the floor.

"Maybe if she keeps pulling, her nipples will get to be as long as Jenny’s," Lisa chirped.

"YEOWWWW...AUGHHH...I GIVE...I GIVE UP," Courtney moaned.

Jennifer grabbed Courtney's cheeks and squeezed the way an old granny squeezes a youngster’s cheeks at a family reunion. "That's a good little bitch...thank you. Now I get to go really free and you get to stay with these two horny, stupid blonde bitches." Jennifer slapped her defeated moaning friend’s face and sprang to her feet. As she moved away she replaced her beautifully jiggling free puppies back in their proper containers (bra).

Courtney slowly got up, rubbed her sore breasts and looked fearfully, dreadfully, at the two lovelies who were about to dish out her rewards for losing. She couldn't believe she lost to such a ditz as Jennifer but she also couldn't figure out why Charlize was walking into the other room. Then she heard water running and in a few seconds, Charlize reappeared.

"The girls ready yet?" she asked Lisa.

"No, they aren't quite ready yet!"

"Whadda ya mean girls? You mean girl...singular…the one who lost…Miss Fancy Pants Courtney! Don’t forget, I beat her; I'm the winner so I won my freedom! I'm sooo outta here!" Jennifer asserted, then spun around and bolted for the door.

A blurring flash...a very blonde blurring flash of movement... as Charlize literally flew across the room, pushing Courtney aside, she jumped on the bed, jumped off and rocketed towards her prey.

"NOOOOOOOO...help You can't do this to me...I'm free...you promised!" Jennifer screamed as she tried to slap and push Charlize's hands from her hair.

"Sorry Jenny babe, I...we lied...now its time to have some fun," Charlize laughed as she pulled the screaming Jennifer into room toward the bubbling Jacuzzi.

Courtney, still sore and dazed from Jennifer's attack, couldn’t help but smile as she watched the screaming Jennifer being hauled away by Charlize who had one hand in her hair, the other hand already under a bracup squeezing - hard. "I wouldn't smile too wide Courtney, honey," Lisa said as she put the brunette in a headlock. "Come with me, dear," she chirped.

The topless moaning, grunting Courtney willingly followed the blonde into the other room next to the Jacuzzi. "No, uh, ohhh...slap...never...no...uhhh...help...arghhh...(gasp) SPLASH (gurgle)...ummmm...(gurgle)...arghhh...(gurgle) SPLISH SPLASH!

"Let me go...you aren't nice...you promised...what are you going to do to me," Jennifer's mouth ran as fast as her heart was beating by the time Charlize released her hair and boob. Jennifer rubbed her scalp and her sore breast and pouted, "You HURT my boob, you bitch!"

Charlize laughed. She wanted to pull the beautiful brat into the Jacuzzi and follow her real desires but she decided to prolong the fun and enjoy this gal in a different, more civilized way.

"You need to show blondes more respect...ever been in a fight with a beautiful blonde like me, Jen?" "Come on you little bitch...do you want to fight me? Want a piece of me, huh girl?" the tall blonde moved up close and quick to Jennifer and pressed herself against her, pushing her back as she playfully yanked at Jennifer's brown hair and poked her finger into her firm left breast as she taunted.

"Come on honey, lets fight! Want to pull my hair? Rip my blouse to shreds (poke) (playful slap)." Jennifer slowly turned from frustration to anger as the tall blonde taunted her, "Want to scratch my eyes out, huh Jen? How about squeezing my tits? Wanna do that? Come on, let’s girlfight!" WHAP! Jennifer's hard slap connected with Charlize's face; the blow was much harder than Charlize had expected. Jennifer stepped back, surprised that she had actually slapped the tall catfight expert Charlize - and was very surprised Charlize hadn't decked her for it. "Is that all you got, you little twit...come on...hit me again...I dare ya, ya little dainty schoolgirl priss"

WHAM! "Eeeeeek!" RIPPPPPPPPPPP! Jennifer's fist slammed into Charlize's beautiful face and she let out an involuntary shriek as her blouse was being torn open. WHACK! Another punch, this one not quite as hard, smacked her in the mouth. Charlize ducked the third one and returned the favor. THUMP! Her punch doubled Jennifer over sucking air, gasping and moaning. Charlize reached up and touched her numb lip. Blood! That little bitch made her luscious crimson lip bleed!

"So, you think you're a real fighter now, huh?" Charlize snarled as Jennifer slowly straightend up. "Wanna go at it for real or should we just keep play fighting?" Charlize ran her tongue over her cut lip.

"AIEEEEEEE!" the bloodcurdling shriek from the next room startled Charlize. "YEAHHHHHHHAAAA" WHUMP! "Ughhh...oh my, WHOA” (SPLASH)

The mystery scream was followed by a loud gutteral junglecat yell courtesy an angry Jennifer; she lowered her head, charged, that wonderful lovely thick hard head slammed into Charlize's stomach; the sexy high stilleto heels went flying as the lovely blonde fell backwards into the large Jacuzzi pulling her attacker down with her! As the warm bubbly water engulfed the duo, Charlize swallowed a mouthful of water...she gasped, her arms flailed; her soaked blouse and tight skirt hindering her moverment. Having less clothes and only swallowing half as much warm bubbly water, Jennifer also bobbed up gasping and sputtering, but moving more fluidly. She was rubbing her eyes when two long strong arms wrapped around her, one around her neck and the other around her waist.

"My, aren't we fiesty tonight! Whatcha tryin' to, drown me?" Charlize snapped, trying to get her bearings, using the reserve of her strength to control the squirming struggling angry Jennifer.

"Ouch...gawd......aughhh...that hurts...let go!" Jennifer moaned as she felt her right breast burst into fiery pain. Charlize resorting to the effective tactics she knew so well had sunk her nails deep into Jennifer's pert breast. She felt the nipple stiffen; Jennifer tensed up; she reached up and grabbed Charlize's hair; Charlize leaned back, her derriere had found the ledge and two long strong legs moved up to wrap around Jennifer! "Nooooooo..." she moaned, knowing she was at the mercy of the blonde once again.

"Ready to have some real fun now, Jen?" Charlize leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "Are you horny Jen...I am!" Her lustful voice curled the hair on the back of Jen’s neck!

"Don't please," Jennifer moaned, as she felt Charlize's fingers yank at her bra, first gently, then firmly, then hard; the bra broke; Charlize reached up under her arms and cupped both breasts, squeezed them firmly, playfully teased the erect sensitive nipples. "Noooo...please...don't...stop it...I give up...I'll do anything...stop...noooo," Jennifer pleaded. Charlize reached up, pushed her captives wethair away from her ear, and slowly nibbled on the sensitive lobe; as her fingers skillfully worked Jen's full breasts and now rock-hard nipples.

"Kiss me bitch!”



Charlize’s invitation to suck face was rudely rebuffed but her next one was successful - thanks to a painful nipple pinch! The blondes eager tongue explored her captives mouth as part of a delightful game of tongue-tag with fervent nipple teasing, tweaking. Charlize's erect nubs pressed into her captives back.

"Ummmmm...Ohhhh...oh gawwddddd," Jennifer's muscles tensed,spasmed, relaxed.

"Figured those famous nips were good for much more than just publicity pictures, girl," Charlize giggled as Jennifer drifted, moaned softly. Soon her captives breathing was halfway back to normal. "Afterglow’s over, sugar," the blonde snipped as she grabbed Jen by the neck and dunked her underwater. She stepped out of the Jacuzzi, then helped Jen out - by the hair! Jennifer seemed to be more submissive for sure, but Charlize wisely decided not to take any chances. "Lets see what the other two are up too, okay?" Charlize chirped. Jennifer’s mood seemed to be ‘couldn't-care-less’ and all it took was a good hard swat on her cute butt send her wobbling ahead of Charlize back into the other room.

"I think you've just about learned your lesson, right Courtney dear?" Lisa's voice sounded angry with a big bit of lust mixed in or so Charlize surmised anyway. Charlize smiled as she looked at the highly erotic sight of two long luscious legs forming a perfect "V" as they protruded from the huge luxurious tub. The water, about six or so inches of it, did little to cover the brunettes most sensitive of sensitive areas which were fully exposed where there seemed to be a missing patch of dark fur (maybe that blood-curdling scream she heard?)

A very soaked, sexy dress covered blonde was sitting on Courtney’s stomach. Lisa had her back to her curious, two-women audience. The blondes hands were around the gasping, naked, brunettes throat. Charlize moved in for a closer look. Yep, Lisa had dunked Courtney several times - as much as one can dunk anyone in six inches of water! Courtney seemed obviously defeated. She’d put up a good fight, reaching and clawing at the front of Lisa’s dress which was torn open, her bra hanging loose, snapped in half between the cups which allowed a beautiful firm left breast to dangled freely. Both of Courtney's bare breasts were full of scratches as were Lisa's exposed treasures.

"Looks like you taught her a lesson, girl!" Charlize mused.

Lisa turned, flashed a smile, "Yeah, but she put up a hell of a fight. Think I should let her up?"

"You'd better let me up Lisa!” Courtney snarled. “...and when you do…when I get up outta here...I’m going to get you; count on it! That goes for you too Jen...and especially you, you stupid $#%$#@ horny cunt bitch Theron...YOU I'm gonna really make sorry!"

"My, my, my, let her up...lets see what happens," Charlize cooed, like Lisa and Jennifer, amazed that Courtney still had an attitude. Lisa bounced up and down on Courtney's stomach, reached back and squeezed her sexy cheeks. Courtney's legs kicked and she unleashed a hard backhand slap. Lisa stood up, stepped out of the huge tub and turned to face Charlize.

"Here, dry off Lisa dear!" Charlize chirped as she pressed the towel into Lisa's arms, moved close and wrapped her arms around her neck. Lisa looked startled, surprised but gave no resistance as Charlize leaned forward and gave her a passoionate kiss as she groped her exposed breast.

"Oh, geez, I can't believe this," Jennifer wailed. "Lisa you...you like that? Charlize...you...well yeah, I guess you'd make love to a goat you're so horny! But, Lisa, are you...are you a dy…a les..I mean…?"

"Shut up now Jenny Nicenips and mind your own business," snapped Courtney who had gotten out of the tub and grabbed a huge towel and wrapped it around her aching bod. She was mad as hell at all three - plus disgusted by Lisa and Charlize's action. She gave them both a hard shove.

"AAAACKKKK!" Charlize yelled because of the interruption of her kiss, Lisa yelled because she hated being pushed and Courtney yelled because as she delivered the two-handed heave-ho, her towel fell down exposing her nakedness.

"Time for another lesson, don't ya think Char?" Lisa asked eagerly as she, Charlize and Jennifer exited the room. Courtney wrapped her towel around herself again, this time more securely and followed the three out to the main room. She was desperately trying to figure a way of escape while Charlize and Lisa were figuring something else. Lisa leaned into Charlize and whispered in her ear.

Charlize's face lit up like a Christmas tree! "Sounds good to me," she said with a mischievious horny gleam in her eyes. "I'll take Jen; you take Smart Ass there!" Charlize announced as she spun around, grabbed Jennifer by the hair and pulled her the screaming lovely onto the bed with a well-executed hip throw. While Jen bounced on the bed, Charlize pulled open a drawer, grabbed something and tossed it to Jennifer. "There slut, put it on NOW, or else!"

Her angry threat motivated Jennifer who stripped off her remaining soaked torn clothing and slipped into the beautiful black negligee. She stood in the corner, facing away from her enraptured audience to change. Charlize watched her intently with amusement and lust, the two perfectly positioned mirrors revealed Jennifer's everything as she reluctantly changed.

"Here you go, this is YOUR new outfit," Lisa snapped as she opened a closet, grabbed a red teddy and tossed it to Courtney.

The sexy outfit fluttered to the floor at her feet when Courtney made no move to catch it. "No way, Lisa...I want some decent clothes and I want to leave NOW! I've had enough of you crap, give me some decent clothes RIGHT THIS MINUTE!"

"Listen Courtney, I tell you what to do - so does Charlize! We're your bosses, so you’ll do whatever we say! Now lose the towel and get your ass into that TEDDY!"

"Go to hell! No way, bitch! I will not wear that stupid underw...” WHAM! “Aacckkk! Courtney yelped as Lisa's shot a hard backhand to her lovely protesting lips; she stumbled backwards; a fist slammed into her left breast. "NOOOOOO!" THUD! Her tall blonde costar shoved her backwards into the wall; she screamed as her towel unraveled and slid off her beautiful now naked body. "Ouch...awwwwk...okay, I give...ouch...that hurts...let go...pleaseeeee," Courtney whined as Lisa grabbed her boobs and squeezed the firm breasts hard while she ground her raised knee into Courtney’s crotch. "I'll wear it... please...just stop it," Courtney moaned.

Lisa smiled, gave the brunettes nipples one last painful tweak and stepped back; she shoved the skimpy scarlet teddy into the whimpering beauties raised hands. Lisa smiled as she watched Courtney slip into the bathroom to change.

"What's this all about?" Jennifer asked as she looked at her lusciously attired body in the mirror.

Charlize handed her a hairbrush and a blow dryer, "Just wait and see, Jen, just wait. Now, make yourself all pretty." She stared at the attractive actress. The negligee was a perfect fit and the lusty South African blonde bombshell was having a mighty hard time controlling her urges as she awaited the next performance.

"Get your ass out of there...NOW!" Lisa was enjoying being the boss lady for the evening.She smiled as she glanced at Charlize who was pressed up against Jennifer’s ass, whispering in her ear. Jennifer looked nervous and suddenly her face turned red and she tried to pull away from Charlize bu the big blonde grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm painfully which brought the squealing woman to her knees. Another whisper, a slap. Jennifer frowned but she stopped squirming and fell silent.

"What's up now Lisa, you nasty conniving bitch?" Courtney sounded furious although there was no denying she looked beautiful in the sexy red outfit. She’d obviously used the makeup in the bathroom to hide her bruises and even taken a moment to straighten and dry her hair.

"You two look so hot tonight...WOW...you both are so very, very pretty. Don't they look hot Lisa?" Charlize giggled.

Lisa laughed, "Yeah they both look so hot...good enough to kiss...wanna kiss 'em Charlize, huh?"

"Me, kiss those bitches...you gotta be kidding?" Charlize said in mock surprise. She appeared miffed, quite disgusted...she deserved an Oscar for this performance because by now she was so very, very horny! She tried hard not to stare at Jennifer but even she wasn’t a good enough actress to pull THAT off. She was thinking, ‘Jenny’s so hot Miss Nice - so suckable, so touchable, so yummmy - Nips! And they’re perfectly displayed in that sheer black number. WOW!!!’

"Since you two are such great fighters...Ha-Ha...what a laugh,” Charlize said. “I mean, since you can't fight your way out of a wet paper bag...or a wet tub or a Jacuzzi...maybe you make better lovers than fighters! Let's see! Whaddaya say Lisa, let’s make a little wager. I bet Jenny can make Courtney sing first, what do you say?" Charlize continued her performance as she looked at Lisa who had slipped up behind Courtney and started pushing her toward Jennifer. Both girls looked nervous, frustrated and yes…angry.

"NO WAY! Forget it...I'm outta here! You two stay away from me if you know what’s good for you!" Jennifer snapped; She turned and tried to escape her lusty blonde captor.

"Don't even think about it!" Charlize snarled as she leaped at Jennifer; her hands clamped onto the actresses lovely throat.

"Gurgle, gurgle, (gasp)" Jennifer gasped, her lovely eyes filled with fright.

As Jennifer struggled, the thin strap of her negligee slid down and off her shoulder as Charlize pinned her to the wall. Lisa grabbed her arrogant captive by the hair, and engaged in some intense persuasion as well; Courtney became submissive almost instantly; the blonde’s size and strength were too much for her to overcome. Both turned to watch the other two beauties continue their intense discussion. Charlize's blouse, now partially dried, still clung to her firm breasts, the erect nipples pushing out the sheer fabric. She’d shed her wet skirt and now wore only a sexy half-slip. Her fishnet stockings were full of holes thanks to Jennifer. Both Courtney and Lisa admired the blondes exquisite beauty and Courtney hoped Jennifer would try something so Charlize would knock her out - or better, strangle her!

SMACK! THUMP! Charlize smacked her forehead into Jennifer's face and Jen's head snapped back, hitting the wall hard. "Now that I got your attention Miss Aniston; listen up! I want you to win, to make Courtney sing and sing loud and hard. Got it? Or do I have to show you how?"

She looked into her dazed captives beautiful crossed eyes. She slid her hand down and cupped Jen's breast, squeezing firmly through the sheer silky material. "Nooooo...uhhh...ummmm..." Jen's loud angry protest turned quieter, softer as Charlize pressed her eager lips against hers, tweaked her stiffening nipple and slid her free hand down between her legs. "Please stop," Jen's protest was mere lip service this time.

"Now bitch, you got the idea, right?" Charlize purred as she pulled away and gave one of the most famous prime-time nipples of all time a painful pinch.

"OUCH!" Jennifer whimpered.

"Go get her!" the two tall blonde boss babes yelled in unison as they shoved their respective captives towards each other. Charlize's hard push sent Jennifer rocketing forward and she slammed into Courtney, almost bowling the brunette over backward.

"You clumsy slut!" Courtney rasped; she swung at Jennifer and missed her jaw by a fraction of an inch. Jennifer wrapped her arms around the brunettes waist, pulled her close and snapped, "Listen...if we don't at least pretend...we're toast, so start acting! Even I can act good when I have too," Jennifer continued as she pressed her face to Courtney's and their lips met.

"AUUUUHHHH!" Jennifer groaned as the brunette caught her lower lip in her teeth and pulled back. "Now that's hot!" Charlize said. Jennifer froze. If she moved she'd be one hurting hottie. Jennifer's eyes widened in agony as she felt Courtney latch onto her firm left breast and squeeze the mound hard. Instantly, Lisa and Charlize were next to the two should-be lovin' lovely friends.

"There a problem? You two need some hands-on instruction?" Charlize warned.

"Uhhhhh!" Jennifer moaned as Courtney released her lip-grip; she retained her boob-hold but loosened it, transforming the painful squeeze into a gentle firm squeeze; she located the erect nipple and gently tweaked it through the sheer fabric. Jennifer moved in close, pulling Courtney close to her in a hug; four beautiful breasts met; four erect nipples said and erotic hello; Jennifer slid her hands down Courtney's back, cupped her beautiful ass-cheeks and squeezed.

"That's better...and more fun, isn't it girls?" Lisa teased, her high-pitched excited giggles demonstrated just how much she was enjoying this.

"Stop that...this is supposed to be pretend...if you go to far with me...I will kill you...you know that...don't you Jennifer, dear?" Courtney snarled as her hands dropped to grab Jennifer's wrists. She dug her sharp nails deep into Jennifer's tender wrists.

"Oucchhhhh...AUGGGGGH...let go...damn you bitch!" Jennifer moaned. They began to struggle and Charlize and Lisa stepped back to watch with eager anticipation. "Uhhhh...ohhhh...uhhhh" as they struggled for control, both grunted and moaned in erotic tones. Jennifer's thin shoulder straps slowly worked down and off her shoulders until her right breast bulged out the top of her negligee. Jennifer saw it and grabbed, she tore Courtney's teddy open partially exposing one breast.

"This almost beats lovin', doesn't it," Lisa chirped.

"Almost, but not quite," Charlize bemoaned, not sounding really happy.

THUD! "Uhhhhhh…" Jennifer reared her head back and smashed it forward hard smacking Courtney's forehead hard. The brunette groaned as she took two awkward steps backward.

"Good job Jen!" Charlize yelled. "I taught her that," she bragged to Lisa. Jennifer seemed to be getting good at fighting because she nailed the dazed brunette with a hard punch to the chin, then dug a hard one into her stomach. "Guess it is a fight, not a lovin' event," Charlize moaned, looking away.

"Don't bet on it, at least not yet," Lisa cackled.

Jennifer slammed Courtney hard against a wall, kicked her in the shin, grabbed her chin, smacked her head back into the wall, leaned in, grabbed her by both boobs and pressed her face to her captive’s.

"Oh, wow, how hot..." Charlize moaned, gazing with pure lust at Jennifer who was passionately, forcefully kissing the dazed brunette.

"Wow, she's got her totally under control...OH WOW!" Lisa sighed.

Charlize barely heard Lisa's words; she stared at the erotic scene. Courtney's body squirmed; Jennifer's knee was grinding into her victims crotch; her clawing fingers had twisted the brunettes firm breasts clean out of the torn teddy and her thumbs were gouging the beautiful areola and sensitive stiff nipples. "Way to go Jen girl," Charlize tried hard to get the encouraging cheer from her lips and finally succeeded.

"Whoaaa...ughhhh...no...somebody help me...please" it was Courtney.

Jennifer had suddenly released her, buried her fingers in her hair and with a mighty pull, push and shove she sent her flying towards Lisa and Charlize.

"We'd love to help you dear, dear Courtney," Charlize laughed as she grabbed the incoming wailing brunette by the hair as she flew forward, stopping her short. "Tsk-tsk. You shouldn't run from your lover," she teased, as she delivered a hard backhand to Courtney's face, sending her reeling back. "Nice catch," Charlize chirped as Lisa's eager hands grabbed the brunettes arms.

RIIIPPPPP! Charlize lunged in fast, grabbed the torn teddy and ripped it completely open; she cupped the sore breasts of her squirming captive, gave them a hard squeeze, a couple of stinging slaps, a hard nipple pull, then she reached down and slid her hand between her legs, tugged at the silky pubes. "Arggggh...Aiiieeeee" Courtney writhed in agony.

"Hold her still Lisa; you wuss. She almost got away!"

"YEAHHHHHHGHHH" Courtney gave a loud desperate throaty yell, a mighty burst of her draining energy and broke free.

"NOOOOO...whoa...get her," Lisa lunged forward; too late! Courtney slammed an elbow into Charlize's left breast making the blonde grunt in agony. "Yahhhh..."

(whoosh) WHUMP! An angry, hot and suddenly kitten turned hell-cat, Jennifer made a running flying tackle bringing Courtney down much like a lioness brings down a zebra on the Serenghetti.

"Yeah, get her, strip her, get the bitch," Lisa and Charlize cheered.

Jennifer was all over Courtney; she ripped the remainder of the sexy torn red teddy off the fleeing brunette's thighs and sexy ass rendering her completely naked; Catching her by a sexy leg and ankle, Jennifer pulled her towards her; the moaning struggling brunettes naked breasts slid around the carpet; she howled in pain. A flurry of flying legs and arms; a desperate losing brunette succeeded in tearing her attackers negligee down exposing Jennifer's full breasts. Jennifer paid little heed to her torn adornment as she slapped and punched the daylights out of her naked rival. As the two struggled Charlize acted on what she knew was to be the inevitable victory gesture; she reached down, grabbed Jennifer's sexy French-cut panties and tore them off. Jennifer screamed but continued her barrage of slaps and punches rendering Courtney dazed, gasping and pleading for mercy.

"NOooooo...(gurgle...gasp...sputter)" Courtney screamed a futile desperate scream as Jennifer's fingers clamped around her throat; the room was spinning and the closely standing Charlize and Lisa looked like blurry alien-like caricatures as she felt Jennifer wrestle her onto her back and mount her waist, relentlessly trying to strangle her.

"You're mine now, Courtney! This is for all your snotty-snippiness-controlling, Miss Priss!" SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! (backhand-forehand-backhand) And this is for calling me NiceNips and making fun of my beautiful boobs!" (pinch, twist, squeeze-pinch-Pullllll) Jennifer lifted the gasping brunette up by her nipples, "And this, this is for the heck of it!"

"AIEEEEE!" Courtney arched her back, kicked her legs frantically as Jennifer yanked viciously at her pubes.

"One more thing, Jen, don't forget," Charlize sneered as she leaned forward.

"Of course, how could I forget! Sorry, SO SORRY Courtney, you smart-ass bitch!" Jennifer first miffed at being relieved of her panties was now glad; she smiled mischievously as she lowered herself on the whimpering brunettes face. "Yeah, you had this coming, yes, oh, yesummmm...ohhhh," Jennifer's tension began to slowly melt away.

Suddenly, she felt two warm hands push her hands away from her breasts; strong fingers cupped her firm sensitive mounds, the hot skillful touch was familiar; she looked up into Charlize's beautiful eyes; she smiled and reached for the bent over blondes firm breasts-so close-she cupped the two treasures, squeezed them firmly; she secretly wished they would have appeared unwrapped but the sheer blouse and bra allowed the hard erect nipples to lengthen even further and from the pleasurable moans of dear, dear Charlize this was just fine.

"Yeowchhh!" Charlize yelped in pain as Jennifer exploded into sheer ecstasy and she squeezed the blondes breasts incredibly hard. Lisa laughed hard. She saw the tears in Charlize's eyes as the blonde stood up. Jennifer slid off of her captives face, totally exhausted.

"That wasn't funny-it hurt-I ought to twist your boobs and see if you laugh," Charlize snipped at Lisa.

"I'd love to see you try," Lisa shot back.

"Yeah, fight her! I'd love to see that one," Jennifer said. She was slowly getting to her feet. straightening her torn negligee. The stretched and torn garment barely covered her pride and joys. Charlize was amazed at how hard and big her nipples remained.

"Yeah, I bet I could take you easily dear," Lisa said as she gave Charlize a playful push. Charlize stared at the tall blonde who looked so damn hot.

"You just may get a chance to see if you could last a minute with me, honey. Remember you wanted help with these two - and believe me you would have needed help - and you picked the right babe, ME! Don'tforget it."

"Ohhhhhh...I get it...why you creep Lisa...you wanted to beat on us this whole time...that was your plan! And you wanted this big blonde bimbo to help you, you evil conniving traitor! We're supposed to be friends; how could you...you know somebody should teach you a lesson and it just may as well be me!" Jennifer rambled on and on. She almost seemed punch-drunk or maybe pussy-drunk and Lisa and Charlize watched her with interest as she started to walk toward them. Suddenly she turned, looked at the motionless Courtney spread-eagled and smiled. "See blondies, see what I can do? I am tough! I oughta kick both your asses - especially you Lisa! I just can't believe you'd be so underhanded! How...how could you?"

Lisa's face was registering disgust, irritation and contempt, "Shut up you little twit! You strut around the set, sticking out those boobs and those stiff nubs as if you are the hottest babe around. Too bad Courtney didn't kick your ass."

"OK, put your money where your mouth is! Put your fists up and let’s fight," Jennifer challenged stepping up to Lisa. Lisa stepped up to face Jennifer; she looked cool and calm like she knew she could easily handle the twit. The only way she could lose was if she lost her focus...NOT! "Why don't you cover up that ugly boob?" Jennifer said.

Charlize smiled. "No don't!" she thought. She'd wondered why Lisa had made no effort to cover her exposed breast; her torn dress, torn bra still hung erotically. Charlize didn't mind the view one bit and she figured Jennifer would go for the lovely target.

"Charlize...you can be the ref, okay?" Jennifer chirped. Charlize smiled and nodded. Jennifer must be under the influence, there was no ref thus far tonight and Charlize was in no mood for rules. She had her own agenda from the very first second Lisa's invitation hit her eager ears and registered with her lustful mind.

"Well, OK girls! Jen, are you ready now?"

"Ready, set, G…ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"

‘Go’ never passed Charlize's lips as Lisa's flashing arm and the hard fist at the end of it blazed toward Jennifer's chin! The hard punch snapped Jen's head and she staggered back, her arms raised in defense too late! Lisa landed two punches to the underside of her costars breasts, knocking the boobs out of the top of her negligee. Lisa grabbed Jennifer in a headlock, swiveled her hips, executed a perfect flip sending her to the carpet.

"No contest really, is it?" Lisa turned to Charlize, smiled confidently and playfully blew her blonde cohort a kiss.

"Don't tease me, unless you really want me, hon," Charlize warned. She figured Lisa to be a tease, nothing more because every time she attempted more than a kiss she was either rebuffed or felt Lisa tense up.

"What the hell...OUCHHHHH!" Lisa's sudden question turned into a scream when Jennifer grabbed her leg, gave a gentle tug, then sunk her pearly whites in the blondes shapely but tender calf. Lisa shrieked in agony as pain shot up her leg; a hard yank and the blonde was on the floor. BAM! Jennifer slammed her fist into Lisa's crotch and the blonde shuddered in agony. RIPPPP...TEAR...RIPPPPP! Jennifer's fingers ripped and tore Lisa's dress and torn bra off leaving her in her pantyhose. Trying hard to ignore the pain in her leg and groin, Lisa summoned all her strength and was soon in control; her slaps and punches, and vicious hair-pulling took their toll on Jennifer.

"Argggh...auhhhhh...Ohhhhhh" Jennifer moaned. She clawed at the bigger blondes face and breasts in defense but was soon trying to escape. A lucky elbow to a tender breast gave her a chance to go for it. Jumping to her feet, she was grabbed by two eager hands. "Why Jen? Going someplace? I think Lisa still wants to talk to you."

Charlize grabbed Jennifer's hands and interlocked fingers with her; the tall blonde was soon in control. She pulled Jennifer to her, tretching her arms far out and crushing her breasts into Jennifer's as she pushed her back against the wall. Lisa watched the breast to breast struggle intently as Charlize's firm breasts seemed to be winning. Then Charlize crouched down and surged upward, her firm little breasts stabbing into Jennifer's from beneath, pushing Jen's slowly up out of her negligee.

WHAM! CRUNCH! Charlize's knee smashed up into Jennifer's pubic mound.

"Unnnnhhhhhh..." Jennifer went limp and Charlize released her, watching her slide slowly down the wall as she stepped back.

Lisa reached down, grabbed Jennifer's exposed breasts by the nipple and yanked the moaning woman to her feet. RIPPPPPPPPPPP! Lisa sneered as she ripped Jennifer's negligee away, leaving her costar and 'friend' completely naked.

"Such nice tits and such nice hard long nipples JennyNiceNips," Lisa taunted as she squeezed her breasts and twisted her nipples painfully. "It’s YOUR turn now, hon," she rasped.

"NOOOOOO...Nooooo...please," Jennifer started her whimpering protest early figuring she knew what lie ahead. Soon she was staring at Lisa's beautiful "southern most territory," and Lisa was singing her costars praises.

"Uhhhh...Ohhhh...Wowwww...Oh, uhhh, ummmmm, Oh Gawwwwwwwd," Lisa moaned as she rode Jennifer's face. Jennifer kicked and squirmed her protest at first but soon gave in. "Oh my Jen, you are good, such a good friend!" Lisa cooed as she slowly stood on her weak wobbly legs. She looked around, "What...where?" Her questions were answered in the form of loud moans and groans and screams, the most pleasurable kind of utterances. "Guess she had that coming," Lisa snickered as she watched Charlize riding Courtney. The blonde, seeing Lisa was having her discussion with Jennifer, decided the awakening Courtney needed another round of encouragement to be a nice friend so she hauled the whimpering, barely protesting, beauty into the Jacuzzi for some privacy.

"I hate you...I hate you...I hate you," Jennifer shouted at a giddy Lisa.

"That's OK Jennifer, you go on and hate me as much as you want, as long as you express it the way you just did, JennyNiceNips," Lisa laughed. Suddenly she ran towards the snarling beauty shot a hard kick into her groin, reached down grabbed her by the hair and introduced her fist to Jen's jaw. WHAM! Jennifer's lovely eyes rolled back as darkness engulfed her. "Now maybe I can have some peace and quiet!" Lisa muttered as she laid her unconscious rival’s head down gently, stood up, gave an exuberant long stretch and then looked back down at the gorgeous, unconscious, beauty.

"I wouldn't bother with that...or that!" The dead serious voice stopped Lisa in her tracks but then she continued to reach for her torn dress and torn bra and slowly methodically began to redress herself.

"And just what was that supposed to mean," she asked as she turned to face Charlize who was sporting a very contented look on her face. Charlize ran her fingers through her sweaty hair; her blouse and skirt were disheveled; she had left her panties and stockings in the Jacuzzi room next to Courtney - her most delightful conquest. She had watched the end of Lisa's skirmish with - or rather pounding of - Jennifer; she had watched intently the gorgeous almost naked (only wearing the remains of her shredded pantyhose) lovely blonde Lisa walk around picking up her torn clothes. She'd just accomplished one of her major goals; having her way with an old flames main squeeze. She’d enjoyed watching Courtney beg, squirm, plead; she’d tweaked and twisted the brunettes nipples to the most excruciating point; she’d taken extra delight in mauling her pussy, yanking her pubes and stroking her clit until she was on the edge of orgasm, then stopped - several times - riding her face to sheer ecstasy until an excruciating crotch-claw and a hard punch ended her humiliation...at least for this episode.

"You seemed to enjoy taking Jennifer down, didn't ya; maybe a little too much I think! You need to be taken down, Lisa dear. How 'bout it?" Charlize walked up to within a foot of Lisa; she thrust her chest out as did Lisa. "Wanna fight me now, Lisa honey? Still think you can take me?"

"No doubt about it!" Lisa sneered as she moved in until her breasts were gently touched Charlize's. Charlize looked into Lisa's eyes. No one, not even those who knew Lisa well would have guessed that she had this kind of a disposition. Soft-spoken, quiet, thoughtful, like a hungry tigress in search of prey this night. Charlize licked her lips as she stared into Lisa's beautiful eyes. "You're going down tonight," both beauties uttered the same threat at the same moment.

"YAHHHHHHRGGGH!" a loud sensuous throaty lusty growl emanated from the two tall gorgeous blondes throats as they grabbed for the others hair. Long strong fingers buried deep into soft silky golden tresses. Long sexy legs interlocked, down they tumbled. Slaps, punches, kicks; the two angry blondes fought furiously, cussing, slapping, punching, clawing, pulling hair. "Eeeeyahhh!" Charlize bawled as Lisa grabbed her bra and crushed her breast through the now torn blouse. Charlize returned the favor twice over; digging her sharp nails deep into both of Lisa's breasts, attacking the already wounded one harder than the other!

"Argggh...dang you," Lisa screeched. She felt Charlize's fast moving claws tear her dress to shreds, leaving her topless. She clawed fast and furious and soon Charlize was in her bra. She grabbed the bra between the cups and pulled. First the left breast and then the right found freedom, then the bra snapped. Charlize yelped as Lisa's fingers clamped onto an erect nipple.

"OK, time to get serious! This bitch is becoming a headache...uh, I mean a boob-ache," Charlize thought as she slid her hand into position, located a stiff nipple and pinched the nub hard digging her sharp nails in deep.

"AIEEEEE" the blonde squealed. A vicious head-butt and Lisa grunted. "You really need to learn just how to do that hon," Charlize cackled. With a burst of energy she was on top of Lisa, her fingers clamped on her throat as she maneuvered her head lower...BAMMM...another head-butt, this one to Lisa's nose which exploded in pain, although amazingly, there was no blood.

"My node, my node...you brook my nodes," Lisa moaned.

"Then why ain't ya bleedin bitch?" Charlize snarled. Charlize rose to her knees, SLAP...SLAP...SLAP...she'd never slapped a woman so hard before. She was surprised at her anger. She jumped up, pulling Lisa with her to her feet. She gave her a hard push sending her flying towards the wall...CRASH...THUNK! The blonde bounced back and fell down.

A lunge attack; a hair-pull, a series of slaps and punches, then RIPPPPP Charlize stripped her rival naked and threw her to the floor. "Guess what time it is sweetie?" With a gleam in her eye, Charlize mounted the tall blonde beauty. "Lisa, Lisa, you should treat your fellow costars better, you never know when you might need their help." Charlize's angry face morphed into one filled with pleasure, then peace as she rode Lisa to her ultimate pleasure. Soon Charlize was soaking in the warm bubbly Jacuzzi.

"No, please, no, NOOOOO!" Charlize thought she was dreaming; she reluctantly hauled her luscious bod out to see where the low moans were coming from; moans a mixture of pain, humiliation and pleasure. Courtney, poor girl, was spread-eagled on the bed, naked as a jay-bird with Lisa riding her face and Jennifer tugging at the brunettes disappearing pubic hair and holding what looked to be a razor.

"That girl Courtney seems to be getting a real good talking too from her friends," Charlize thought as she hauled her luscious body back to the Jacuzzi. Slipping into the warm bubbly water she thought, "Wow, Courtney's lucky I guess; I mean, after all, what are 'friends' for?"