Jennifer's Revenge: Daisy Fuentes vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by SamDog (1-21-01)

Jennifer Love Hewitt paced back and forth across a New York hotel room. It was almost nine o'clock, and her appointment would be arriving soon. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Dressed in a silk robe, she walked over to the door and looked into the peephole. She saw Daisy Fuentes on the other side and let her in.

Walking in, Daisy stripped out of her clothes to a green string bikini and shouted, "You dumb bitch. What gave you the nerve to even think about challenging me?"

Jennifer stared nervously at the Latina's long, strong legs and her firm, round breasts, her nipples having grown hard due to the cold night. Locking the door, Jennifer untied the clasp of her robe and let it fall to the floor, leaving her in a white string bikini.

"You'll find out by the time I'm through with you, you fuckin' whore!"

The brunette cupped her perfect breasts, rubbing her nipples hard in anticipation.

It had all started when Daisy got into a feud with Neve Campbell. The two of them soon got into a fight, Daisy beating Neve soundly and then subjecting her to tremendous humiliation. Angered at the treatment of her friend and former coworker, Jennifer called Daisy at once and challenged her to a fight. They arranged to settle their differences a month later, giving Daisy enough time to recover from her previous fight. From Neve's tearful description of her humiliation, Jennifer knew she would have the fight of her life on her hands as Daisy was a very tough opponent. However, she wanted to take the haughty Latina down a notch or two, and that was enough for her.

The two women lunged forward and buried their hands in each other's hair, yanking and tugging ferociously. Suddenly, Daisy let go with one hand and slammed a punch into Jennifer's cunt. As the brunette screamed and dropped her hands to protect her pussy, Daisy used her hair hold to slam her head back several times into the wall, before finally letting her fall to her knees. Daisy then began punching her in the face and slamming her knee again and again into her tits as the brunette screamed in pain. Pulling her up, Daisy bent Jennifer over and placed her head between her legs in a standing leg scissors. Jennifer struggled furiously to escape, but Daisy slammed ax handle after ax handle into her back, whittling down her resistance. Daisy then lifted up Jennifer's body and drove her head into the floor with a piledriver.

Jennifer groaned groggily, shaking the cobwebs out of her head. The brunette was in agony, and she knew she had to do something. Suddenly, Daisy grabbed Jennifer's hair and roughly yanked her to her feet. Raising her fists, Daisy slammed a hard left to Jennifer's face, snapping her head back as the brunette saw stars. Dazed, Jennifer backpedaled as she tried to escape more blows, but Daisy pursued, firing more punches as she tried to knock the brunette out. Moving in, Daisy trapped the brunette against the wall and began pounding on the brunette's face and tits as Jennifer moaned with each blow.

Desperate, Jennifer moved and clinched with Daisy, getting a momentary respite from her punishing blows. Smiling, Daisy figured that the brunette wouldn't be able to take much more, pushing her away. However, the smile soon disappeared from her face as Jennifer ducked her punches and came in, digging her own pair of punches to the Latina's body. Staying close, Jennifer reduced the effectiveness of Daisy's superior height and reach as she began punching her in her belly, Latina crying out in pain with each blow.

As Daisy's guard dropped, Jennifer slammed a pair of uppercuts to each breast, knocking them upwards as Daisy screamed in agony. Hurt, Daisy was helpless as Jennifer's fists crashed into her face, dropping her to her knees in pain. Jennifer then stepped back and kicked Daisy in the face, knocking her onto her back as her blood flew everywhere.

Jennifer quickly straddled Daisy, trapping her arms under her legs. The brunette began slapping Daisy's tits back and forth, getting a cry of pain with each blow. Ripping her top off, Jennifer grabbed Daisy's exposed breasts and began squeezing and pulling them as Daisy screamed in pain.

Smiling, Jennifer taunted, "What's wrong, bitch? Can't take a little pain?"

Grabbing at the brunette's wrists and trying to free her aching breasts, Daisy shouted, "You dumb whore! I'll make you pay!"

But it was Daisy screaming in total agony as the young brunette viciously began twisting her nipples. Desperate, Daisy bucked wildly, but Jennifer managed to hold on, slamming her ass into Daisy's stomach again and again. However, Daisy managed to free her hands and reaching up, the Latina ripped off Jennifer's top and began clawing at her tits. Jennifer screamed in agony as her breasts were getting scratched up and slightly bloody, gritting her teeth as she continued twisting Daisy's tits and tried to ignore the pain. Daisy dug her nails in deeper as she yanked down hard on Jennifer's tits, as the brunette screamed in pain.

Desperate, Jennifer let go and started punching Daisy in the face, blood pouring from her right nostril and contributing to that already flowing from her busted lip. Jennifer continued punching the brunette, her fists giving her what would become a black eye very soon as Daisy's hands dropped to the floor.

Rising to her feet, Jennifer got up and walked over to the closet and opened it. Grabbing one of her high-heel shoes, Jennifer knelt down between Daisy's legs, grinning. Jennifer began punching Daisy's cunt, as the Latina screamed in total anguish.

Jennifer taunted, "You're mine, you filthy skank! What you did to Neve is nothing compared to what I'm gonna do to you!"

Jennifer ripped off Daisy's bikini bottom and slid her hand on her pussy, massaging it as a low groan escaped Daisy's lips. Slipping her fingers into Daisy's wet pussy, Jennifer began fingering the brunette as she began moaning louder and louder, unable to control herself. Despite the disgust welling up inside her, Daisy was getting very excited, and within moments her hips had started to move in rhythm with the younger brunette's fingering. Suddenly, Daisy screamed in pure agony as Jennifer started clawing the inside of her cunt and pinching and twisting her clit.

"You dumb bitch! Did you really think I was going to let you get off like that? I'm gonna destroy you before we can really have some fun…"

With that, Jennifer began hitting Daisy with the shoe, hammering at her pussy with the heel as Daisy sobbed in agony.
Standing, Jennifer pulled Daisy to her feet and slammed her knee into her cunt as a cry of pain escaped Daisy's lips. Digging her nails in, the brunette slashed her nails across Daisy's tits, leaving bloody streaks down them as Daisy screamed aloud.

"I'm gonna enjoy destroying you, whore," Jennifer taunted. "Get ready to start screaming for me!"

Putting the Latina in a full nelson, Jennifer slammed Daisy against a window. Daisy screamed as she hit the window tits first, flattening her tits as the brunette rammed her several times into it. Finally, Jennifer let go and threw Daisy towards the corner, as Daisy crashed into it with a dull thud. Daisy slowly slid down to the floor, unable to support herself as Jennifer began slamming her knee into her belly and tits, and then her face when Daisy finally slid down to her ass. Stepping back, Jennifer kicked Daisy in her cunt , as she screamed in pain, sobbing as she ceased to struggle and brought bringing her hands to protect her burning crotch.

Grabbing her hair, Jennifer threw Daisy into the middle of the room. The Latina was sprawled out on the floor, totally destroyed and too battered to move. The whole world was a blur as she struggled to come to her senses. Her body aching, all she wanted was for the pain to stop. Looking up, Daisy saw Jennifer standing over her, completely nude as she had slipped out of her bikini.

Jennifer shouted, "You're not getting out of this one, bitch! I'm gonna finish you off like the slut you are!"

As Daisy sensed what was about to happen she muttered, "No, no… please leave me alone…"

However, her pleas were muffled as Jennifer sat on her face, smothering her with her ass. Jennifer began grinding her crotch into Daisy's face as she really started to enjoy herself. Jennifer grabbed her by the hair and pulled Daisy's face deeper into her cunt, humping it as she used her nose to stimulate her clit. Jennifer moaned and gasped loudly as she consummated her victory, totally aroused as she avenged Neve's honor. Daisy had stopped resisting or struggling, lying still beneath her conqueror.

Suddenly, Jennifer howled in pain, letting out a scream to wake the dead. Out of options, Daisy made a last-ditch effort to free herself by biting down on Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer desperately grabbed Daisy's hair and tried to pull her away, but to no avail as the Latina's teeth were firmly clamped onto her pussy. Reaching up, Daisy latched onto Jennifer's tits and began yanking down on them as the brunette howled in helpless agony. Finally, Daisy let go and threw Jennifer off her, slowly recovering as she realized how close she'd come to defeat.

Rising to her feet, Daisy reached down and grabbed Jennifer's tits, wrenching them back and forth and yanking upwards on them as the brunette screamed and grabbed Daisy's wrists, trying to free herself. Yanked to her feet by her breasts, Jennifer desperately grabbed Daisy's tits and began squeezing and twisting them back and forth. Gritting her teeth as she tried not to give in to the pain, Daisy grabbed Jennifer's nipples and began pinching and twisting them as the brunette's cries filled the air.

Suddenly, Daisy screamed aloud as Jennifer dug her nails into her tits and raked them down the already ravaged flesh. Unable to fight the waves of pain wracking her body, Daisy screamed her tits were yanked down several times, finally falling to her knees and grabbing at Jennifer's wrists in a frantic attempt to free her tits.

Standing over her foe, Jennifer enjoyed her dominant position as she bore down on Daisy, tears streaming down her cheeks. Suddenly, Daisy let go and slammed her fist into Jennifer's cunt. The brunette screamed in agony and fell to the floor, her hands trying to rub the pain from her aching cunt.

Crawling over to her foe, Daisy began punching Jennifer in her pussy, the brunette screaming uncontrollably as her cunt felt like it would explode. Jennifer screamed as Daisy's fingers attacked her womanhood, pulling and twisting her pussy lips viciously. Slipping her hand into Jennifer's cunt, Daisy began raking her nails across her inner walls as the brunette screamed and her body jerked in response. As the brunette reached down and grabbed Daisy's wrists, Daisy grabbed her left tit with her other hand and began squeezing it as Jennifer howled in pain.

Smiling as she watched her helpless foe futilely try to protect herself, Daisy grabbed Jennifer's nipple and began pulling and twisting it, cries pouring from the brunette's mouth. Reaching deeper into her cunt, Daisy continued to attack the brunette's cunt, grasping her clit between her fingers as she pulled, twisted, and clawed at it. Jennifer sobbed helplessly as the Latina violated her mercilessly.

Rising to her feet, Daisy pulled Jennifer to her feet by her hair. Bending her over, Daisy placed Jennifer's head between her legs. Reaching down, Daisy grabbed Jennifer's battered mammary glands and began pulling down on them as if she were trying to milk her.

Enjoying herself as the helpless brunette screamed at the extreme agony, Daisy taunted, "That's it, slut! Scream for me!"

As Jennifer groaned and struggled futilely, Daisy pulled her out from between her legs and began pumping her knee into the brunette's chest, flattening her tits as Jennifer screamed with each blow. Daisy then sent a devastating kick straight up into Jennifer's unprotected cunt, the brunette actually being lifted up by the force of the blow before she collapsed on the floor.

The brunette rolled onto her side and Daisy brought her foot down on her tits, flattening them between her heel and the cold floor. Jennifer screamed in pure agony as she curled up into a fetal position, sobbing uncontrollably. Picking her up again, Daisy grinned cruelly as she slammed her down, power bombing her into the carpeted floor as Jennifer cried out in pain one last time. Jennifer was lying spread-eagle on the floor. Groaning, the brunette had almost been knocked unconscious as she was totally incoherent of what she was doing or where she was.

Standing over her foe, Daisy taunted, "You don't look so good, bitch! Let me show you what it really means to get your ass kicked…"

Grabbing her hair, Daisy slammed Jennifer's head into the floor, stunning her some more as the brunette had ceased to resist. Pulling her up, Daisy shoved her against a table and pressed her back against it. Spreading her out over the top of the table, Daisy began choking her, digging her thumbs into Jennifer's throat as her hands squeezed the life from her. Just as the brunette was on the verge of passing out, Daisy let go with her hands, letting Jennifer take in the air denied to her. Her relief was short-lived as the Latina reached down with one hand and began clawing at her pussy.

Jennifer sobbed uncontrollably, the agony too much for her to bear as all she could do was scream. Daisy let go and began punching Jennifer's breasts, knocking them back and forth as the brunette howled in pain. Grabbing her tits, Daisy began to twist and squeeze them mercilessly as she enjoyed the look of anguish on Jennifer's face.

Helpless, Jennifer weakly begged, "Please, no more… don't hurt me, please…"

Finally, Daisy grabbed Jennifer's hair and threw her to the floor.
Straddling her, Daisy trapped Jennifer's arms under her legs. The Latina began slapping her tits back and forth as the brunette screaming in pain. Daisy then grabbed her tits and started slamming them together, grinding the brunette's breasts against each other as Jennifer groaned in agony. Daisy sank her talons into the brunette's tits, squeezing them viciously to the point where her knuckles were turning white. Beyond her tolerance for pain, her breasts brutally ravaged, Jennifer screamed out her surrender, sobbing as she begged for mercy.

Grabbing Jennifer's hair, Daisy taunted, "I hope Neve gave you all of the details about the way I humiliated her after I kicked her ass, because for you, the fun's just starting…"

Smiling, Daisy lowered her chest onto Jennifer's face and began slapping her tits back and forth across the brunette's face, humiliating her as she relished Jennifer's sobs and pleas. Daisy then jammed the brunette's face between her tits, breast smothering her. Jennifer sobbed helplessly beneath Daisy's breasts, her struggles slowly subsiding. Daisy pressed her breasts fully against Jennifer's face, grinding them against her face as she relished putting the defeated brunette under.

Suddenly, Daisy let go of the hold, lifting her chest from Jennifer's face. Smiling, she sat on top of the nearly unconscious brunette and slapped her several times, slowly bringing her out of her stupor.

Too badly beaten and too exhausted to resist, Jennifer weakly moaned, "God, please, leave me alone…"

Grinning cruelly, Daisy replied, "I would, but I'm not through with you yet, bitch!"

Rising up, Daisy lowered her ass onto Jennifer's face. The brunette weakly tried to protest, but her pleas were soon muffled as the Latina pressed her pussy into her face. Daisy began grinding up and down Jennifer's face, humping her pretty features as she soon got into a good rhythm. Closing her eyes, Daisy began to pick up the pace as she rocked her hips back and forth, her initial gasps and moans developing into loud groans. Humping Jennifer's face frenziedly, Daisy threw her head back as her vocalizations developed into full-fledged screams. Daisy's loud screams filled the room as she came all over Jennifer's face, the brunette lying motionless and beaten underneath her as Daisy's juices coated her face.

Sometime later, Jennifer slowly came to. Her body was racked with pain, and her tits ached with each breath. As she came to her senses, she saw that she was lying in bed with her hands handcuffed to the bedposts. Sitting on top of her was Daisy, the Latina wearing a strap-on dildo and a huge grin on her face.

Caressing Jennifer's tits Daisy said, "You stupid bitch. You thought you could kick my ass? Just for that, I'm gonna fuck your brains out and you're gonna scream as loud as you can!"

Mounting her beaten foe, Daisy started pumping the dildo in and out of Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer screamed loudly, first from the pain in her raw and scratched up vagina, but soon from the pleasure she was getting. Daisy held onto Jennifer's hips and started pumping faster and faster, the brunette screaming in pleasure as her resistance stopped.

Finally, Jennifer's love juices flooded her pussy, her screams turning to sobs at letting herself be humiliated in this fashion. Smiling, Daisy realized how much fun she was going to have with her new love slave that night.