Ali Landry vs. Daisy Fuentes by Shanahan

Ali and Daisy circled each other naked in the luxurious California hotel suite, feinting and faking, each looking for a crack in the other's nude armor. The fight had gone on for a short while, neither woman able to prove her dominance, both of them sweating and panting with slight exertion as they looked for an opening ...

They had met downstairs in the hotel bar the night before, two actresses/models just sharing a drink and some conversation, and discovered they had a mutual fetish for wrestling and cat-fighting. Both of them were in town on business, but decided to spend an evening in the hotel testing themselves against one another physically. At first Ali had been reluctant to say yes - she didn't really know this woman or what she was capable of, and she always liked to size up her potential opponents thoroughly - but Daisy had offered her $5,000 for a victory.

"You win, you walk away with $5,000," stated the light-haired, olive-skinned Hispanic beauty. "You lose, you owe nothing. You just have to live with the fact that I beat you." She smiled sinisterly, "Or, you can just walk away now and we'll forget this conversation ever took place."

The Doritos girl bristled slightly at that last line, knowing she could handle herself in a fight. This woman would be a tough one, though, if she decided to take her on. Daisy was in her early 30s, well-built with big, firm, round breasts and long, strong legs. She wasn't rock-hard, but she was solid. Her skin was smooth and a little bit soft, her face was beautiful (especially her eyes), and her hair was long and luxurious. Ali knew she would have a real fight on her hands if this woman was as tough as she made herself out to be, but she also wanted to take the haughty Hispanic lovely down a notch or two. Besides, if she didn't win, at least she wouldn't be out of any cash. Physical damage she felt she could take, having gotten as good as she gave over the years in combat with other women in her formative years in her native Louisiana.

"You're on," said the former Miss USA, and they shook hands to seal the deal. The fight would take place in Daisy's suite the next night at eight o'clock. No clothes and no holds barred.

The next day came and went quickly, until it was near the appointed hour. Ali wrapped herself in a yellow French-cut bikini, the top just a little too small for the buxom brunette, who cut a striking figure that TV never fully revealed. Tossing a pink cotton robe over her shoulders, she made her way barefoot to the elevator and rode the car 15 floors up to where Daisy's suite was, the Hispanic women having given Ali a duplicate elevator key to access the 20th floor. Taking a deep breath, Ali knocked on the door of Suite 2024 only to find that it was already slightly open. She stepped into the large room to see Daisy sitting naked on the edge of bed at the back of the room, the light-haired Hispanic woman sipping slowly from a glass of water, one leg crossed over the other.

"You made it," smiled the former MTV hostess after taking a long sip of liquid. "But you know the proper attire for tonight, Ali," she scolded, wagging her index finger.

"This was just to get me here," coolly remarked Ali, who let the robe fall from her shoulders before unfastening her top to release her luscious breasts, and stepped out of her briefs to show off her furry crotch, as densely-haired as Daisy's own pubes. The other woman stood up from the bed and placed the glass on her night table as Ali kicked her loose clothing off to the side. They sized each other up as they turned to face each other, arms outstretched and feet spread wide for balance. Then they crouched and began to circle one another.

"You can still back out if you want," warned Daisy as they spun around the room slowly. There was a wide expanse of room between the bed and the dressers, almost large enough to put in a wrestling mat - not that the two women needed one.

"Not on your life," replied Ali, never taking her eyes off the other woman in front of her.

"Excellent ..." smiled Daisy ...

Then, as if on cue, they lunged forward and buried their hands in each other's hair, fingers curling around straight, silky locks and pulling hard. They yanked and tugged ferociously, shaking each other like rag dolls, but neither buxom beauty was able to gain the upper hand. Setting their sights lower, they released their hair holds almost at the same time, then latched on to each other's bouncing breasts and began squeezing with abandon. Sharp nails dug into soft flesh, and fingertips pulled hard at thick brown fleshy nipples, as four hands gripped and mauled and slashed and squeezed without pity. Both women threw back their heads and howled as they funneled their aggression down their arms and assaulted each other's magnificent breasts with all their feminine might, neither fighting female giving an inch as they savagely crushed each other's chests with their bare hands.

They struggled and squeezed ceaselessly, but Ali was getting the worst of it, the younger beauty gritting her teeth in agony as the bigger, stronger woman pinched Ali's thick nipples ruthlessly between her thumbs and forefingers. Desperate to break free but refusing to submit, Ali dug her nails hard into her enemy's boobs and began to pull. Daisy cried out as Ali savaged her, and responded with a slap to her foe's face that broke both their holds. Ali brushed her reddening cheek with her left hand and stared icily at her antagonist, before rushing Daisy and wrapping her arms about her opponent's waist in a bearhug.

The Hispanic beauty smiled smugly in her rival's grasp and then wound her own arms about Ali's waist, as they proceeded to try and squeeze the life from each other, anguished grunts and moans filling the air as they poured on the pressure. Again neither of them could obtain a clear advantage. They struggled in their stalemate for a while longer, crushing the breath from each other's bodies with their powerful arms, and then Daisy decided to fight dirty again. She reached deep between Ali's legs with her right hand, and then pulled hard on her foe's furry bush. Ali yelped in pain and surprise , and then returned the favor to Daisy's hirsute crotch.

Each then grabbed the other by the face with her free hand, fingers groping at noses and lips. They pulled relentlessly at each other's pubes, squealing all the while as thick dark hairs were stretched to the breaking point where they emerged from the skin, until each fighter had almost ripped a clump loose from her foe's pussy. Ali then ended any thoughts of that by pulling her other hand off of Daisy's pretty face and sinking it deep into the other female's soft gut, bending Daisy over at the waist with a great expulsion of air from her lungs and mouth. By now both women had relinquished their crotch grips, but it was Daisy who took control as she glared up at Ali.

"Bitch!" she screamed before grabbing Ali by the head with both hands, the right one clamping down atop Ali's skull while the left secured a grip on Ali's lower jaw. Her holds established, Daisy began viciously twisting Ali's head from side to side, trying to wring her younger foe's neck. Ali grabbed Daisy by the wrists to stem the tide, but she could feel the older woman overpowering her, again forcing the younger beauty's head and neck to twist laterally, unnaturally. Steeling herself as she felt the terrible strain on her neck and shoulders, Ali took a deep breath before launching her knee straight up between Daisy's legs, to hear the crack of bone on bone followed by an anguished scream from her opponent. Then she felt the strong hands falling away from her face, as Daisy backed off to clutch her wounded cunt.

"Payback time, bitch!" muttered Ali as she reached back and then swung her right arm forward and around, the back of her hand cracking across Daisy's right cheek and sending the Hispanic woman sprawling sideways onto the dresser. She tried to rise, but Ali was there to smash her square in the back with her interlocked fists, pounding them down sharply like an axe handle on Daisy's spine. Daisy cried out again at this new pain, and stumbled to her knees. She tried to get up, but only succeeded in pulling the dresser drawer out a ways. She tried to rise again, and made it part way until she felt hands on the back of her head, and Ali pressing her downwards.

The younger woman was now in total control, but only for a moment, as Daisy reached back with one hand, got a hold of Ali's pussy, and began squeezing it for all it was worth in her awkward position. Ali bellowed in pain and rage, but quickly formulated a new plan of counter attack. She continued to force Daisy downwards with one hand even as her own crotch continued to be under siege, albeit not as terribly if Daisy had been facing Ali and squeezing with her hand right-side up.

Now Ali grabbed one of Daisy's firm boobs in her other hand, giving the soft olive melon a slight squash, and managed to push it down inside the partially-open dresser drawer. The experienced catfighter then reached around to Daisy's other udder and did the same thing, until both of Daisy's magnificent mammaries were safely ensconced in mahogany. Reaching down with one hand, even as her cunt was being compressed as if in a mini-vise. Ali pressed against Daisy's body and used their combined weight to slowly, deliberately close it, pushing it as far as it could go - which was wasn't very far with Daisy's hanging globes in the way.

Daisy screamed as she pulled her hand away from Ali's suddenly relieved crotch, the younger woman breathing a huge sigh of relief. The olive-skinned thirty-something tried to push off from the drawer and out of her predicament; but by now Ali had grasped the drawer handles with both hands and was holding it shut. The busty battler pounded Daisy's tits as she bounced over and over against Daisy's back, pinching her enemy's big, soft Hispanic breasts between the drawer edge and the dresser.

"I'll kill you!" Daisy screamed as her chest continued to be under assault; but Ali only concentrated on her mission, her bare hands grabbing the drawer so tightly she thought her palms would bleed. Ali continued to mash her Latin adversary's breasts, slamming and squeezing them mercilessly with the aid of the drawer, intent upon deflating them like water balloons - until she felt a sharp, shooting pain between her legs and then collapsed to the floor, hands on her crotch as she moaned low and long. Daisy pulled in her elbow, which had struck a liberating blow to Ali's womanhood, and lifted her boobs from out of the drawer before also collapsing on the soft white carpet, whining as she rubbed her wounded udders.

With the dresser incident, the fight had gotten out of hand. No longer was this a contest of strength and physical dexterity, if it ever was. Now it was a struggle for survival, and both women knew it as they tried to hasten their recoveries and not lie helpless before the other's grasping, greedy, painful hands. Ali rose to her knees slowly, painfully, still holding her bruised groin. She held on to the edge of the bed with her left hand for support as she tried valiantly to stand, but stumbled to the carpet again on all fours in agony. She breathed heavily, almost panting, as sweat dripped off her back and forehead.

She tried to rise, inhaling as she did so ... and found no air coming in. She felt her mouth closed off, her nostrils constrained, and no way to breathe as a great weight descended on her from behind. While she had been struggling to get up, Daisy had padded silently over to the dark-haired amazon and straddled the brunette's back, reaching in front to clamp one hand over Ali's mouth and use the fingers of her other hand to pinch Ali's nostrils shut in a suffocating effort. Ali's muffled cries could be heard through Daisy's hand as the Hispanic beauty pressed it down hard over Ali's luscious lips, stifling the buxom brawler. A look of sheer glee colored Daisy's gorgeous features, as the Revlon model reveled in her newly-found vantage point.

"Having trouble breathing, bitch?" chided Daisy. "Don't worry, tits, I'm just going to hold on until I smother you unconscious!" she murmured in her soft Spanish accent.

Daisy pinched down harder on Ali's nostrils with her thumb and forefinger, her other hand clamped tight over Ali's mouth as if it were held there by industrial-strength adhesive. Ali suffered in silence, trying to save her strength for a last-ditch escape effort even as her oxygen reserves were running out. She tasted the bitter, acrid, wet flesh of her enemy's palm over her mouth even as she yearned to breathe for just a few seconds. It didn't help that Daisy began sensually flicking her tongue in and out of Ali's right ear, playing with her prey and arousing her victim at the same time. Ali felt herself growing hot and bothered, juices welling up inside her as the Latin whore played with her, but it was only distracting the Louisiana beauty from her escape attempt. She thought of throwing Daisy off by rearing up, but didn't think she had the strength to accomplish such a daring feat. Growing desperate to the point of panic as she felt the darkness closing in on her, her eyelids fluttering madly to stay open, Ali reacted instinctively.

She grabbed Daisy's right hand with both of her own, and then pulled it in so that the younger wrestler's white teeth could bite down hard on the soft flesh of Daisy's palm. Daisy's scream echoed throughout the suite as the Hispanic combatant pulled away and dumped her younger foe face first on the floor; then brought she her right hand up to her face for inspection. Blood trickled from her palm where Ali's teeth had sliced through - not a gaping wound, just a small nick, really - but it was painful, and irritated even more by the alkaline sting of sweat.

Daisy sucked her hand to draw blood and perspiration away from the wound, her hateful eyes on her battered enemy the whole time. Then she cursed out loud and dropped on top of the dazed Ali, who had been sitting there on all fours just sucking sweet, ordinary air into her heaving chest.

Daisy wrapped her long legs about Ali's torso, locking her ankles in front, before interlacing her hands and cupping them underneath Ali's chin to pull it upwards, straining and stretching the Southern amazon's spine in the process. Ali moaned as Daisy began to yank back hard while simultaneously squeezing her strong thighs about Ali's tight waist.

"There's no getting out of this one, you little whore!" insulted Daisy. "You should have just walked away last night, instead of pissing me off tonight. Now I'm either gonna break your fucking back, or just crush you like a goddamn tin can!"

Ali shuddered slightly as she felt the power in the other woman's legs and arms and knew full well Daisy was capable of carrying out either or both of her threats. Probably both. Ali felt her back bending even more severely as another source of agony wound about her body and constricted. She was at an immediate loss as to how she was going to get out of this one, but she knew it was going to have to be soon if at all.

Daisy licked her lips excitedly as she stuck it to her adversary, legs tightening like a clamp, hands pulling upwards like a steam shovel. She felt it was only a matter of time before she broke her younger enemy, and she wanted to enjoy every second of it after the pain that Ali had put her through. She flexed and groped with her fingers, splaying them about the younger fighter's chin and jaw as she pulled even harder ... and then Daisy screamed again as Ali bit down hard on the bottom of one of Daisy's long olive digits, one finger having gotten too close to Ali's sharp white teeth.

Ali took advantage of her foe's agony by interlocking her fingers with Daisy's, and pulling and tugging and twisting until her chin was free, all the while maintaining her vicious bite, her dry mouth filling with sweat and saliva. Free from one hold, she now sought escape from the second. Reaching down, Ali grabbed Daisy by the ankles and dragged her opponent's bare feet up just as the dark-haired amazon began to rear back, forcing Daisy flat on her back on the floor. Releasing her bite, Ali grasped Daisy's big toe and bent it back fiercely, eliciting another yelp from the Hispanic gladiator, before snapping her head down and biting down hard on that same appendage.

Daisy's scream was bloodcurdling as Ali's teeth bit down, the smaller woman shaking her head from side to side to increase her antagonist's agony. The Hispanic spitfire sobbed as Ali did damage to her foot, and yanked hard at the back of Ali's hair, but it only made things worse as the dark-haired virago refused to relent. Almost hysterically, Daisy reached up and seized Ali by the neck with both hands, fingers pressing in hard on Ali's windpipe and throttling the busty little battler until Ali coughed hoarsely and let go. Still being strangled from behind, Ali clawed at Daisy's fingers until she was able to pry them loose by bending back one of Daisy's fingers, garnering one last cry from her gorgeous attacker.

A dazed Ali then felt two long legs unwrapping from about her waist, and bare feet pressing against her own shapely ass before they thrust her forward where she crashed down on the carpet on her breasts, the rough carpet fibers tearing and ripping at her sensitive nipples. Ali rolled over and glanced down at her red, raw breasts as she began to get up, but then Daisy lashed out with her bare feet, kicking Ali in both breasts. The younger female yelled and fell onto her back, as Daisy struck out again. Hard fleshy soles pounded Ali's bare breasts, stomping and mashing as the Hispanic attacked her foe's magnificent mammaries without mercy. Ali winced again as her sensitive boobs took a pounding, even when Daisy altered tactics slightly and simply pressed down upon each of Ali's globes with her soles, before then modifying the attack once more. The toes of Daisy's left foot gripped Ali's right nipple like a mini-vise, while her right foot plastered itself over Ali's face, toes pinching Ali's nostrils shut and sole sealing off her mouth.

Ali uttered a muffled cry as Daisy laughed out loud and poured on the pressure, foot-smothering her foe. The dark-haired beauty gripped her tormentor's ankles, trying to pull her foe's feet away, but no dice, even contending with Daisy's slick and sweaty flesh.

"How does it feel, Ali?" mocked Daisy. "Your breast hurts? That's nothing compared to what you did to mine ... but just you wait, I'll make you really regret it before I'm finished with you!"

Unable to bite down hard again, Ali futilely beat on her opponent's shins with her balled-up fists, bone crashing against bone, until finally Daisy cried out and let go. Undaunted, the Hispanic girl pushed up to her knees and then dove on top of Ali, the two combatants becoming a tangle of arms, legs, hands and feet as they wrapped around each other, thrashing and tussling, struggling and squeezing.

They rolled over and over, neither women remaining on top for long, until Daisy stuck out a bare foot to brace herself against the bed and wind up in the dominant position. Seizing Ali by the hair, she began to pound the back of the younger woman's head up and down on the plush carpet, which dulled some of the impact, but still managed to stun Ali. Daisy then dropped down and flattened herself against Ali, who was growing dizzy. Daisy began to push forward with her feet, rubbing her breasts on Ali's sensitive ones, and rubbing their pussies together as they lay perfectly parallel to one another. Ali squirmed against Daisy, trying to wriggle free while feeling her own body respond to the stimulation of another woman's body on hers.

The dark-haired beauty was helpless as the Spaniard reached down to grope for her throat, hands seeking a hold. The younger woman tried to ward off the impending attack with her own hands, but did so in vain, as Daisy's hands found their hold and began squeezing in a stranglehold. Ali coughed hoarsely once more and tugged madly at her foe's wrists, but her enemy's grip was too strong. Ali could feel the breath being violently squeezed from her body as Daisy's thumbs pressed deep into the folds of her throat, Daisy's fingers curling in hard on the back of Ali's neck at the same time. Ali shook from side to side and bucked her hips which only increased the sensation of Daisy's wiry pussy on hers as she tried to throw Daisy off, but it was no good. Daisy grinned fiercely, licking her lips eagerly as she took control, adding insult to potential injury by taunting her inherent victim.

"Does it hurt?" she chided. "Can you breathe?"

She smiled even more wickedly as she poured on the pressure. Her face was right up in Ali's, the tips of their noses lightly touching, almost nuzzling, like predator with prey.

"You're such a bitch, Ali - I hope you choke to death!" spat Daisy.

Daisy tightened her grip, hands squeezing harder, knuckles whitening as Ali's face reddened from the unyielding tension. Ali moaned, her eyes shut tight in agony, as she began to writhe below her bigger, stronger opponent. She was desperate to escape, but still unable to pry Daisy's fingers from her windpipe. Her mind reeling as she felt herself fading, Ali knew she had to break free - and break free soon. But Daisy wasn't about to just let that happen. No way.

"Good," Daisy mocked her struggling prey. "Good! Still some fighting spirit left in you. Well, hang on, slut - just hang on until I squeeze the life out of you!"

Ali winced at those words, determined to get loose, but fearful she was too exhausted to do so. But she had to do something, at least make an attempt, or simply render her enemy's victory a pyhrric one if need be. Releasing her foe's wrists, Ali felt the pressure increase on her windpipe as her resistance dissolved. She wrapped her legs around Daisy as she reached up with both hands, moving almost as if in slow motion. Just the effort of raising her arms was painful, and Daisy grinned eagerly, sensing the end was near for her rival.

Until Ali sank her nails into her enemy's soft cheeks and began to dig in. Daisy screamed as she was mauled, but refused to release her grip, feeling she only had to hold on for a little while longer. Growing desperate, Ali jabbed her thumbs into her foe's eyes, heard another anguished cry, and felt the hands about her throat relent a little bit.

Eyes wide at the sudden prospect of escape, Ali summoned all her flagging strength and brought both her hands down on Daisy's collarbones in a double-handed karate chop. She repeated the move again and again, harder and harder, until she heard Daisy groan and felt the killing hands loose themselves from about her agonized throat. Stealing a quick glance at her enemy, Ali could see Daisy was injured, and she decided now was the time to take advantage of her foe's woes and perhaps finish the fight.

Reaching up from below, Ali fastened her hands about Daisy's exposed neck and began to choke her, Daisy's eyes growing wide and her hands clutching at Ali's wrists, as the dark-haired amazon gripped and squeezed. Using the strength of her legs, Ali rolled quickly to the left, taking advantage of her adversary's momentary distraction. She soon found herself on top of their wrestling twosome, her hands tightening about her opponent's soft throat. Choking and strangling weren't really Ali's cup of tea, but she wanted to return some of the hurt she had just felt, let Daisy experience some of what she had just endured.

"How does it feel, whore?" growled Ali. "How does it feel not being able to breathe, like I couldn't? Hurts, doesn't it? Doesn't it?! Well, consider this my way of returning the favor, bitch!"

Still throttling her prey, Ali continued to insult her victim, who gasped and gurgled for air she couldn't suck any in.

"I'm going to squeeze every bit of breath from you with my bare hands! You want to choke, you whore - well, I'll show you how to choke!"

Pressing her feet against the floor, Ali lifted herself into a crouch, then rose to her feet and dragged Daisy upwards with her, her hands still securely fastened about the Hispanic wench's comely neck. Shaking her foe back and forth for a few moments like a rag doll or a child's toy, Ali turned sideways and flung them both onto the soft, luxurious bed. She then straddled Daisy and continued to throttle her. Daisy twisted from side to side in a valiant, but vain, escape attempt, as Ali pounded Daisy's head against the thick comforter and soft sheets, further disorienting her foe as Ali snapped her head back and forth in a sickly, bobbing motion, before suddenly releasing Daisy.

Ali sat back, her bosom heaving and her stomach pumping in and out rapidly as she tried to catch her breath. The pause also gave Daisy time to recover as she lay coughing and gagging. Both women were drenched with sweat. Then Ali resumed her attack with another breath-stealing hold. Snaking out with both hands, she clamped one hand over Daisy's mouth and used the fingers of her other hand to pinch the Hispanic woman's nostrils shut in a double hand-smother, like daisy had done to her earlier. Again Daisy twisted and turned, and again it was to no avail as the radiant Ali maintained the airtight seals over the other woman's breathing passages.

"Mmpph," was the only sound emerging from beneath Ali's suffocating hands.

Ali held this hold for the next few moments, punishing the older fighter until her struggles weakened. Ali then took her hands away and turned herself around quickly, lifting her tight, sweet ass up slightly before pressing it down over Daisy's face, the Spaniard's nose disappearing completely up Ali's crack. Daisy's arms and legs thrashed about as Ali ground away, totally depriving her foe of oxygen, until Daisy offered no resistance whatsoever. Her arms and hands dropped down uselessly by her sides as she lay helpless on the bed beneath her buxom foe's breath-stealing butt.

Ali humped away for a few more moments, alternately contracting and relaxing her nether cheeks; then Ali lifted herself up and reached forward to grab Daisy by the ankles and spin her 180 degrees until the Hispanic lovely's head was hanging just slightly off of the bed. Turning herself around and rearing up again, Ali straddled the very top of Daisy's chest and forced her thickly furred crotch over the nearly unconscious woman's face. She began grinding and humping all over it, hands wrapped in Daisy's hair for leverage, the dark-haired amazon growing aroused by her domination. Her eyes were shut and languid gasps were emerging from Ali's throat as Daisy just lay there beneath her, no longer resisting or struggling. Ali ground and moaned and humped for a long while, with Daisy taking her medicine in the form of soft, thick, dark pubes covering her nose and mouth. Ali grew more frenzied in her attack as she felt herself getting hotter and hotter. Finally, almost satisfied, Ali pulled back again and slapped Daisy lightly on both cheeks to awaken her and prepare her for the grand finale.

"And now we finish," sneered Ali, knowing she was just moments away from certain victory.

The fight was totally gone from the no-longer cocky, nearly out-cold Daisy. The only resistance the olive-skinned beauty could offer as she lifted up her head, her forehead matted with sweat and tousled hair, was verbal.

" No ... no ..." She, too, sensed the end was near.

"Oh, yes, sweetie," laughed Ali. "Oh yes! It's payday. For me, anyway."

Ali then tightened her hands in Daisy's glossy locks, flattened herself down against her foe, and forced her bouncing Southern-bred boobs over the Latin lovely's face in a classic breast-smother. Daisy was too weak to resist and could only lie still on the bed as Ali ground and mashed her more-than-ample chest against her opponents' face, again cutting off Daisy's oxygen supply. Their furry pussies pounded together as Daisy arched beneath the younger beauty, both women feeling ecstasy as they pressed tightly against each other, big soft breasts and hard fleshy nipples grinding together erotically. Ali held Daisy's head with both hands on the other woman's lower jaw as the flesh of Ali's breasts filled Daisy's breathing passages completely.

The Hispanic fighter's jaws were too constrained, and she was too exhausted to open her mouth against Ali's pressure to bite her way free as she had done before in fights with other women. Daisy weakened more and more in Ali's grip, growing more and more weak as Ali sweated, moaned, and mashed. Ali grew wet between her long legs with the arousal of conquest until, at last, Daisy succumbed and lay totally still beneath the dark-haired amazon.

Ali held her suffocating chest hold for the next few moments to make sure Daisy was really out cold, then climbed off of her fallen foe and slid off of the bed. Running her hands through her sweaty hair, Ali smiled as she studied herself in the mirror over the dresser, eyeing her big-busted body and especially the fabulous, firm breasts which had earned her the victory - and the $5,000 which she took from Daisy's purse. Ali ran her hands down between her thighs and fingered herself briefly, relieving the tension that had built inside her during the final moments of her conquest of the haughty Hispanic wrestlerette.

Still grinning proudly, Ali stuffed the money into the pocket of her robe, whipped the garment around her sweat-slick body, and tied it in front. She scooped up her discarded bikini off the floor and flicked it high into the air, before snatching it with her hand and stuffing it in the pocket of her robe. Before making her way to the door, she glanced back one last time at Daisy, laid out in unconscious nude splendor on the bed. Daisy's spread legs were dangling over the side, and her face looked exactly as it had when Ali had dismounted her following the breast-smother several minutes ago.

Ali smiled as she closed the door behind her and made her way to the elevator. She used the keycard to call it, and as she waited she knew two things were certain. That she was $5,000 richer - and that she really had what it took when push came to shove in a fight against another woman, even one as big and beautiful and well-known as Daisy. The victor stepped onto the elevator and pushed "5" for her floor. She hummed happily as the elevator whisked her back to her level.

Long live the queen - or in this case, Miss USA!