Daisy Fuentes vs. Jennifer Lopez 08-Jul-99

Daisy and Jennifer hated one another and were finally facing each other to settle who would be the "queen Latina" after all.

They stood in the workout room of Jennifer's house, Fuentes wearing a black thong bikini and Lopez wearing a beige french cut bikini. They glared at each other across the room and Lopez said "Esta listo? Bitch?" Fuentes nodded and the two crashed together with a smack of flesh as Fuentes immediately grabbed Jennifer's hair and yanked her head back. She quickly began pounding Lopez's face, dazing her foe and forcing her backwards...

Lopez desperately attacked back, slamming a fist into Daisy's gut and stunning her, the two women stepped away from each other and caught their breaths. Quickly though, Fuentes lashed out with a kick to Lopez's crotch, dropping her to her knees and followed with a kick to her chest knocking her to her back. She jumped on her foe and the two rolled around exchanging blows, with Fuentes getting the better of the damaged Lopez. Lopez brings a knee up into Fuentes' crotch, causing the fiery latina, to squeal and roll off of her opponent clutching her sensitive pussy.

Jennifer forces herself to her feet in the time it takes Daisy to recover from the blow and both women face one another. Daisy swings at Lopez, landing a solid right cross to Lopez's chin. Lopez steps back a half-step and returns the punch, knocking Fuentes back a half-step as well. The two go punch for punch until the both are spraying blood from their mouths across the room and they are both stumbling. Suddenly, as if on cue, they both grab each others hair and start tugging relentlessly, spinning around frantically and kicking each other in the process.

Finally, frustrated and hurting, Lopez drops one hand out of Fuentes' hair and swings a wild uppercut into Daisy's gut, lifting the girl off the ground. Daisy lets out a loud ooomph!! and seeing the success Lopez begins to unload a series of uppercuts, each one lifting her foe off of the ground. After six punches, Daisy drops to the ground, curled up, gasping for air.

Lopez, sensing the possible victory, hair hauls Fuentes to her feet and rears back to punch her in the face. As she does that, Daisy lashes out with both hands, slamming them into Lopez's tits and then tearing off Jennifer's bikini top. She buries her long fingernails into her foes exposed tits now, pushing Lopez backwards and pinning her against the wall. Lopez screeches in agony desperately trying to tear Fuentes' hands off of her chest. tears rolling down her cheeks as Fuentes continues with the mauling and gets more aggressive, beginning to twist and tear at the soft flesh.

Not accomplishing anything by trying to pry Daisy's hands off, Lopez begins her own attack, she buries one hand into Fuentes' crotch and rips her bikini top off with the other. Fuentes screams but refuses to let her tit-hold go. Lopez shifts her own hands so that both are now grabbing her opponents tits and the two fighters begin to spin around again, this time using each other's tits rather than hair for hand holds...

After several minutes, Lopez's superior strength wins out and she sends Fuentes careening into a wall. Fuentes lands face first and Lopez stumbles over to her quickly, beginning a series of kidney punches into her tiring foe. Fuentes emits a tired grunt with each kidney punch and after several, slides to the ground with a low, drawn out groan.

Lopez sighs, and pauses for a moment, her breasts heaving with the rise and fall of her chest, as she gasps for air, trying to recover from the brutal beating she has just barely survived. She turns for a moment, walking towards a window when suddenly a searing pain shoots up from between her legs and she drops involuntarily to the ground, gasping, unable to utter a word. She rolls to see Fuentes over her, sobbing as she begins to stomp on Lopez's battered body, the fallen latina bucking with each blow.

Lopez, desperate yet again, lashes out at Fuentes' knee, snapping it inward and causing Daisy to collapse to the ground, writhing in pain. Jennifer crawls over to her and buries her hands in her pubic hair, clawing and ripping the hair out until Fuentes passes out from the pain. Seconds later Lopez falls on top of her, unconscious herself....