My Beach: Daisy Fuentes vs. Laura Prepon by TNT
"ARGHHH! OUCH! Let go! Ouch! Stop please!" the tall busty redhead screamed as she felt two long strong arms wrap around her; a long steel cable snaked around her leg as she was yanked off her feet and thrown to the hot sand. "My boobs! not my boobs! Ow...leggo!" she shrieked in agony as long strong fingers sunk deep into her left breast, squeezing the large tender sensitive melon hard, through her bikini top."

"This is MY stay off you redheaded string bean," Daisy Fuentes snarled as she twisted and squeezed Laura Prepon’s large milky white breast right out of her bikini top.

Laura’s eyes filled with tears. Daisy was now yanking at her top hard as her luscious long strong perfectly tanned legs grapevined the tall redheads. She’d heard the warnings from others she was supposed to get Daisy’s permission for this part of the beach but she figured, “To hell with that!" Laura had gotten up early and wanted to run this part of the beach, after all it was totally deserted and such a lush beach. Daisy had watched the busty redhead running from her beach house. She had caught several trespassers and she loved it when they were female-especially when they were as beautiful as lovely Laura.

Daisy was in great shape; she had recently started promoting special Pilates exercise videos and had supercharged her already lush body. With her ‘perfect body’ in the best of condition she wanted more excitement and it came accidentally when she saw her first trespasser...the female type. That had been busty blonde Pamela Anderson. Pam had gotten mouthy and Daisy went to work on her; those huge melons of Pam’s were too much of a temptation; the bikini was just too skimpy. Daisy had enjoyed her first bikini beach catfight immensely and there had been many others since. Now she had another one in her clutches and, much to Daisy’s delight, Laura was putting up a hell of a struggle.

"Let go of me bitch!" Laura hissed; as she struggled furiously to break free her elbow connected with Daisy’s chin just hard enough to startle Daisy; Laura seized the moment and drove another elbow into her rivals left breast; a hard pinch to Daisy’s thigh; Daisy screamed; a burst of energy and the tall redhead was free; she spun around and snapped a punch to Daisy’s jaw, another to each breast and Daisy yelped. Laura clamped her large hands around her throat as she yanked her to her feet; a mischievous smile broadened Laura’s face as she smashed her knee into Daisy’s pubic mound. The tall tanned beauties knees buckled, she wobbled and staggered. A handful of that beautiful brown hair, a twist, now a reverse headlock. As the lovely Daisy screamed muffled screams she felt her bikini top being ripped off.

"Such nice boobs beach girl!" Laura laughed. She smashed her fist down hard into Daisy’s tight abs...once...twice...three times; the fists barely sunk in before bouncing off. "Maybe this will work a bit better," she thought as her fourth punch was aimed a might lower...right into Daisy’s crotch. Laura released her hold and dropped the topless beauty to the sand.

"UHHHH! OHHHHH!" Daisy held her crotch, writhed and groaned, her luscious legs spread erotically.

"So you think you own this beach, huh, babe?” Laura hissed. “Well, girl, I don't think you’re woman enough, huh! What do you think?" Her foot shot hard between Daisy’s legs; fortunately Daisy had just enough strength to turn her body and Laura’s toes smashed into Daisy’s hip bone.

"OW!" Laura groaned as her toes crunched against hard bone.

Laura was in terrible pain; she thought she actually broke her toe and Daisy’s crotch and thigh hurt terribly. Laura cautiously sat down and began to massage her foot. Daisy finally quit groaning and started to stand.

"Get up Laura sweetie, lets settle this once and for all. You can leave now or leave naked!"

Laura slowly got up and glanced at her foot. Two toes were swollen. ‘That bitch has one strong hard body,’ she thought as she stared at Daisy. She was lean, strong, so beautiful...her full breasts and stiff nipples so erotic. Laura had always admired models and Daisy was no exception. Daisy studied Laura too, thinking, ‘This babe is quite strong, actually quite skilled’. She’d underestimated her... she took in the redheads exquisite beauty; pretty eyes, long silky red hair; soft milky white skin; and her boobs. They were huge... her milky whites' contrasted perfectly to Daisy’s tanned beauties; Laura’s pink nipples were just as erect as her brown one.

“And I bet they’re sensitive….sensitive to pain, too; just like Charlize Theron’s," Daisy mused.

The two lunged at each other; they crashed into each other; two luscious topless bodies; four perfect breasts; four exquisite nipples met to perform their erotic, push, press, thrust, battle-dance, as the two wrapped their long arms around each others backs; beautiful biceps bulged, Daisy’s' obviously more pronounced. Daisy grunted; her muscles bulged, each perfectly tensed; biceps, triceps, back and shoulder muscles; her legs tightened; perfectly tanned legs, thighs and calves bulged to their luscious max; bare feet positioned, moved, for best traction; luscious hips and sexy ass cheeks displayed erotically as the two babes grappled, struggled. Laura began to weaken, feeling the pressure of Daisy’s hard nipples digging into hers, inverting the sensitive pink nubs.

"UHHHH! OHHHHH! AHHHHH" Laura grunted and moaned sexily as she struggled futilely against Daisy’s power until she began to sweat; her beautiful face contorted in pain and her eyes blurred.

"Its MY beach, bitch! you big-boobed redheaded bitch! I'm your superior. I’ll crush your puny tits with my boobs," Daisy snarled as her firm breasts crushed hard against Laura’s huge soft milky-whites. Daisy’s muscles bulged as she lifted Laura off her feet; the topless redheads spine creaked; her ribs squeaked; her luscious body spasmed. "You're mine now, sweetie!" Daisy rasped, pressing her lips to Laura’s and catching the redheads sensuous crimson lip with her teeth.

Daisy bit down firmly and leaned back; a very sensuous, erotic move. Suddenly she released the unique hold and licked her lips, Laura's face was turning blank...her beautiful eyes glazed over.

"I think you've had enough of this, girl," Daisy laughed. She gave her lovely captive one more hard squeeze and dropped the redhead to the sand. Laura moaned but offered no resistance as Daisy laid her out spread eagle on her back in the hot sand. "You’re one hot babe," Daisy cackled as she looked at the tall gorgeous redhead. "Such nice big tits...such BIG tits."

Daisy smiled as she placed her foot on Laura’s huge left breast, wiggled her toes and caught the hard pink nipple between her big toe and second toe. Laura groaned as Daisy pinched the nipple between her toes.

"Never had a toe-titty twist before, huh, red," she giggled as she slid her beautiful bare foot slowly over Laura’s luscious body, down her tummy, ribs, under her bikini bottom.

"NO, please, no!" Laura moaned as she felt Daisy’s foot slide under her bikini bottoms, over her silky pubes and then lower.

"What have we here? Lets see more!" Daisy snickered, making clucking noises with her tongue. A hard yank upwards with that lovely foot and the bikini bottom broke to reveal the redheads bush. "Hmmmm! Quite thick for a redhead," Daisy clucked. "Time for a closer look," she said, looking down at the cringing redhead. “And Laura, dear, I really want to have some fun. Now, you trespassed on MY beach-now I'm gonna trespass on YOUR territory, fair enough?"

Laura looked up through her blurred eyes at Daisy tweaking her own erect right nipple and pulling her bikini down, then slipping it off and stepping out of it.

"Oh, no, she wouldn' she's going to...somebody, anybody, help me!"

Daisy dropped onto Laura’s stomach with a hard thump; it hurt like hell.

"You are so very, very pretty, Laura dear," Daisy smirked as she cupped the redheads full breasts squeezing slowly. She pulled and pinched Laura’s nipples painfully and sensuously; her hungry lips tugged at the sensitive nubs and her tongue pleasured Laura’s twin treasures like an expert. Laura climaxed twice before Daisy turned her attention to that which she desired most and her skilled fingers pushed the unwilling Laura to the very brink of ecstasy - then stopped suddenly.

“Who’s the queen of this beach, Laura dear?" Daisy prompted, cruelly wiggling her fingers.

"YOU Daisy! You OWN this beach. This is YOUR beach!" Laura moaned. "Now please, more…UMMMMMM! YESS! MOREEEEE! AHHHH! UMMMM! YOU ARE SO GOOD! YES! YES! YESsssssss…"

Soon Daisy too was moaning - with pleasure - as she rode the lovely little redheaded trespasser's face while Laura paid the 'toll' for her misdeeds. "Oh, beach ownership is sooo much FUN," Daisy thought as she pulled Laura’s face up by her red hair and ground hard.