Peta Wilson vs. Daisy Fuentes by bigfan

Jamie Lee Curtis is standing in the ring with Donna Mills who is tonight's announcer. "The first participant in the next match was born in Havana Cuba and stands 5'10" tall....Daisy Fuentes!" Urge Overkill's "Sister Havana" begins play and Daisy makes her way out wearing a white button shirt that hangs open over her leopard print bikini. Daisy's normal happy and friendly entrance is tonight replaced by a serious look on her face as she enters the ring for Daisy knows she's in for a tough challenge.

Donna begins the second introduction. "And from Sydney Australia, also standing 5'10"...Peta Wilson!" Adam Ant's "Physical" plays as Peta enters in a two-piece blue spandex outfit. Peta always has a no nonsense outlook when she comes to the ring and today is no exception. Peta is a tactician in the ring, usually working an opponent between her lethal legs for the victory. Peta enters the ring and peels off her outfit and, after watching Peta disrobe, Daisy also removes hers although she appears to do so reluctantly. When both are ready...DING! DING! DING! Jamie Lee gives the sign and the match begins as both women come to the center of the ring and begin circling.

Daisy taunts Peta, "This will make the fourth time in a row my tits have been in your face, right?" Peta looks angry at the mention of her recent setbacks against Daisy as Daisy continues, "Do you have a favorite?" She points to one of her tits, then the other and snickers, "I'll see to it you get a faceful of your favorite one!"

Peta can only reply somewhat lamely, "You're getting your ass kicked tonight!"

They tie-up and push on each other trying to create an opening. Daisy begins forcing Peta backward until she pushes her all the way to the ropes. Peta holds her arms up when Jamie calls for the break but as Daisy begins to back-up she suddenly stops and fires her right fist into Peta's relaxed belly. Stung by the punch, Peta can't prevent Daisy from scooping her up and bodyslamming her into the center of the ring. Peta lands flat on her back, bounces, then sits up clutching her aching back as Daisy moves in and locks both hands under Peta's chin, pulling back as she drives her knee into Peta's back, adding to the pain of the rear chinlock.

Daisy pulls back on Peta's chin as she drives her knee into Peta's spine while Peta pulls on her arms trying to make room to roll onto her side. Daisy quickly changes over to a side headlock as Peta tries to stand but Peta uses both hands to pull Daisy's left arm down enough to create space to slip her head to out. Then Peta continues to turn, twisting Daisy's arm as she lowers her shoulder and pulls Daisy toward her, slamming her left shoulder into Daisy left breast and making her scream as her tit is mashed flat Peta yanks Daisy to her twice more, both times smashing Daisy’s tender breast, then scoops Daisy up and bodyslams her to the canvas!

Daisy hit the mat with a loud BANG that shook the entire ring! As Daisy sat up dazed, Peta reached down and hooked her arms under Daisy's, lifting her to her feet. Peta spun Daisy around and began to pick her up for another bodyslam but this time Daisy drives her elbow back into the side of Peta's neck just above the shoulder. Peta grunts and continues trying to lift Daisy but Daisy slams her elbow into Peta’s neck again and Peta slumps to one knee, her eyes blinking slowly as if she is tries to clear her head.

Daisy pulls Peta up by the arm and Irish Whips her into a corner where Peta's back slams the turnbuckle as the ring moves slightly. Daisy follows Peta in and Clotheslines her across the tits, taking her breath away. As Peta’s butt slides down in the corner, Daisy grabs Peta's ankles and drags the wriggling blonde back out to the center on the ring. There, Daisy lets Peta's legs drop and walks around to Peta's right side. She lifts her arm as if flexing, then drops and pounds her elbow down onto Peta left tit!. Peta screams as Daisy plants her elbow deep in Peta's soft, already tenderized breast meat.

While Peta writhes in pain, Daisy stands back up and returns to Peta's long legs. Taking Peta's right ankle, she lifts the leg and kicks Peta three times in the back of the thigh and Peta cries out each time she’s kicked. Daisy knows Peta will want to use her famous leg scissors hold and wants to weaken her legs so she continues to hold Peta's left ankle as she prepares for her next move.

In desperation Peta kicks out at Daisy and her right heel catches Daisy on the side of the head. She crumples holding her head, allowing Peta to roll away and to get slowly to her feet, while Daisy is on her knees moving her mouth and holding checking her jaw. Seeing Peta standing again, Daisy scrambles up to face her. Their anger is blocking most of the pain the two women feel as they move to engage each other again.

Peta strikes first with a front kick, catching Daisy just below her bellybutton. Daisy's eyes open wide as the air is driven out of her and she tries to back up to buy some time but Peta is right on her with a knife edge chop across the breasts! Daisy spins from the blow which produces a loud SMACK as it lands and Daisy lets out a loud, "OH SHIT!"

Peta grabs Daisy by the hair as she tries to move away, then standing behind Daisy Peta wraps her left arm around Daisy’s neck bends the ex-VJ backward. Peta pulls Daisy tight against her chest and does two moves at once; bringing her right arm over and clubbing down across Daisy’s big rack while she falls backward, driving the back of Daisy's head into the mat as Peta lands on top of her.

Peta lifts the semi-conscious Daisy into a seated position, then drops to one knee beside Daisy with her right leg across Daisy’s torso just below her tits. Peta reaches over Daisy’s back and pulls her arms back until it looks like Daisy's arms are handcuffed behind her. As Peta pulls Daisy's arms even higher, Daisy's torso is forced forward, crushing her big boobs on Peta's thigh. Peta holds her like that for about thirty seconds before Jamie Lee asks Daisy if she wants to submit.

Daisy says, "To this Blonde bitch? No fuckin’ way! Don’t ask stupid questions."

Peta ignores the comment as she drops to a seated position beside Daisy with one leg in front and the other behind Daisy who begins flailing like a wild woman. Daisy kicks her legs up, twists her torso and, finally working an arm free, starts to slap and punch Peta. Daisy is doing anything she can to keep Peta from locking her ankles and clamping on her famous leg scissors and it looks like Daisy’s tactics work when Peta can’t control her long enough to get the scissors hold locked. Daisy's punches pound Peta's stomach, her small boobs, her arms, and especially her thighs and she shocks everyone when she manages to lift Peta's right leg - the one that had been across her lap.

Peta fires punches to Daisy's right ribs and her right jug, but she can’t prevent Daisy from levering her legs apart and then rolling free. The big women are almost back to square one in this fight as they get to their feet. Both are in pain from the grueling fight and their nude bodies are shimmering with sweat from both. Daisy, having been trapped for a while, wants to regroup and she backs off, sucking in deep breaths. Peta takes this as a sign of weakness and charges!

Too late Peta realizes her mistake as Daisy ducks, scoops her up and uses Peta's own forward momentum to take the Aussie over with a Power Slam. Peta screams as she goes airborne briefly before coming crashing down with a loud, WHAM, the impact shaking the entire ring.

Now it’s Peta who is disoriented, allowing Daisy to pull her to her feet with a handful of hair before she steers Peta back up against the ropes where she drives a Knee Lift into Peta's belly. Peta winces in pain and doubles over, managing to gasp, “Bitch!" just before Daisy Arm Whips her off the near ropes, across the ring to the far ropes! Daisy times her move perfectly, bending and driving her shoulder into Peta's reddening belly, straightening up as Peta folds over her, and sending Peta soaring with a Back Drop!

Peta has no chance to counter the move and she flies over Daisy's back before she crashes to the mat on her face and both breasts. Peta scream as she crashes to the mat turns into pained moaning after her landing as she rolls over holding her face with both hands, her bare breasts glowing bright pink where they scraped the rough canvas matting. Daisy steps around to Peta's legs and wastes no time, twisting her long legs around her own as she locks Peta in a Figure Four Leglock and she screams as Daisy leans back holding onto Peta's foot to increase the pressure.

Jamie asks if Peta wants to submit and Peta stops screaming long enough to lie, "NO….nooooo…I'm…I’m alright."

But Peta sounds more like she’s trying to convince herself than Jamie who just shrugs and steps back to watch, nonchalantly rubbing herself with her fingertips as she pretends to adjust her panties. Peta sits up and with her long reach tries to hit Daisy, but Daisy merely leans back and stays just out of reach. Next, Peta twists her torso, attempting to roll Daisy over to reverse the Figure Four, but Daisy manages to block her first attempt. On the second try, however, Peta does roll Daisy over and now it’s Daisy screaming as her long legs are twisted the wrong way. Fortunately for Daisy, she is only an arms length away from the ropes and she easily reaches out and grabs the bottom strand. Jamie immediately calls for a break. But when the two leggy beauties can’t separate themselves, Jamie moves in and untangles the hold for them.

They slide their legs apart and Peta crawls away in pain while Daisy uses the ropes to help pull herself to her feet. Daisy, with the advantage of the ropes to pull herself up, reaches her feet first and while Peta is on one knee holding her other knee before she tries to get to her feet, Daisy comes limping over and again hair-hauls the screeching blonde upright. Daisy keeps her hips turned, not giving Peta a shot at her cunt but Peta fires a punch to Daisy's belly while she has her hands in Peta's hair and can’t protect herself. Peta pounds in two more blow as Daisy grunts, her face showing her pain as she winces with each blow that sends tremors down her thighs and sets her butt jiggling.

Seeing Daisy's pain, Petra gets up and decides to add to it with another punch, one that lands right between Daisy’s hulking tits as Peta’s knuckles slam into Daisy's sternum. Daisy blinks back the tears as she recoils gasping in pain before Peta scoops her up and power slams her to the mat. Daisy lays gasping for air after being slammed but Peta quickly pulls her back up to a sitting position, then digs her fingers into Daisy's shoulders. Daisy cries out as Peta works the dual Shoulder Claws, sobbing softly in pain as Peta digs into the nerves at either side of Daisy's neck, leaving Daisy unable to raise her hands to fend off the claw holds.

But then Daisy sees a chance for escape and she digs her heels into the mat and scoots her butt forward. She does it again and again until she can get her foot up over the bottom rope breaking the hold. Peta releases her claw holds and moves back a few steps, angry that she allowed Daisy to break her hold, but knowing she now has Daisy in deep trouble!

Daisy struggles to pull herself back to her feet, but as soon as Jamie Lee steps away, Peta is right on her, grabbing Daisy's large breasts and pushing her back into the corner by them. Daisy's arms hang limp at her sides, making no attempt to stop the tit mauling. Peta brings an overhand SLAP down onto Daisy left boob and the loud SMACK of flesh on flesh draws an "oohh" from the fans! The sound, however, was nowhere close to the volume of the scream Daisy lets out as she drops to her butt in the corner, leaning back between the ropes with her hands raised in a ‘don’t hit me’ gesture.

Peta ignores her plea and grabs Daisy's ankles, then drags her on her ass out into the center of the ring where, still holding Daisy's ankles, Peta stomps her heel down on Daisy's pubic mound as she pulls back on both legs and grinds away. Daisy's head drops back and bounces on the mat, her fingers clawing the canvas against the pain. Jamie Lee leans over, her heavy breasts almost spilling out in Daisy’s red face as she asks Daisy for her submission.

Daisy’s lips quiver as she cries out, "Noooooooo……."

Peta drops Daisy's legs after fifteen seconds or so and struts around, standing over Daisy with a foot on either side of Daisy's head, towering over her, hands on hips as she taunts, "If I was taking a beating like you are, I’d quit before the woman really hurt me..but then, I'D never end up like this."

Then Peta stomps down on Daisy's right jug and Daisy lets out a heart-wrending scream as she writhes in pain. Peta looks to end the fight as Daisy rolls back over onto her back. Peta straddles Daisy’s head again, only this time she lifts both feet and drops her ass on Daisy's big tits, knocking the wind out of the big Cuban as she pancakes her big boobs with her ass as her legs trap Daisy's arms against her sides. Peta winks at Jamie Lee as she sloooooowly reaches back and begins rubbing Daisy's pussy until Daisy starts to moan with pleasure.

But Daisy’s moans suddenly turn pained yelps when Peta digs her nails into her cunt! Peta keeps working Daisy's pussy as the Hispanic Hottie’s legs thrash kick wildly and she tries to close them to keep Peta's fingers out but it’s too late and she only succeeds in trapping them in place. Daisy groans in the combination pleasure and pain; defenseless to stop the big blonde as Peta bounces her ass on Daisy's boobs a few times, flatting the large melons and making catching her breath impossible.

Daisy is not only in serious trouble, but unable to breath she’s also near the point of passing out. Then, for some unknown reason, Peta stops and stands up. Daisy is close to passing out or submitting but Peta just stands up, bends over and begins dragging Daisy to her feet once more. Peta struggles to get the dead weight up as Daisy shows no signs of movement.

When Peta finally gets Daisy on her feet, she starts rubbing Daisy’s boobs, purring, “God, I just love beating big-tittied bimbos; it's such great fun working them over." Peta slowly caresses Daisy’s breasts for several seconds before she clamps down on both tits! Daisy instantly falls to her knees as her tits are pulled upward by the nipples. Daisy moans as her head falls forward onto Peta's belly. Peta seems lost in the joy of mauling Daisy but when Jamie Lee clears her throat as if she’s about to stop the fight, Peta releases her tits and lets Daisy collapse to the mat. Peta looks out into the crowd and yells, "Time to put Daisy out of her misery!"

Peta mounts Daisy and with a full body grapevine pin, then brushes her hair back from her grinning face as she grabs Daisy’s limp arms and awaits Jamie Lee’s count. Peta's small, pale breasts dig into Daisy rack as Jamie Lee’s hand slaps the mat the first times. Peta grinds her hips, hammering her pussy down on Daisy's Jamie's and slaps the mat for the second time. Then Peta suddenly grabs a handful of hair and yanks Daisy’s shoulders up off the mat stopping the pin count.

Jamie Lee, stunned, asks, "What the hell did you do THAT for?"

Peta's response is, "Because I could! And don’t interfere unless you want the same Miss Big Juggs!"

Peta lets Daisy fall back to the mat as she spreads Daisy's legs, using her knees to force Daisy's legs wide, then she punches down on Daisy's cunt. Before Jamie can come in and check on Daisy, Peta flops herself onto Daisy’s chest for another pin count. But this time Peta pulls Daisy up after “ONE!” and Jamie Lee threats to disqualify Peta if she continues the tactic.

"Well, get ready for her to submit," Peta boasts. Daisy moans and her eyes flutter as she's either trying to stay conscious or trying to will herself to pass out. Peta rolls Daisy on to her back and takes a seat on Daisy's belly, then slams her double clenched fists down on Daisy tits with an ax-handle slam. Peta tells Jamie Lee, "Now, ask her if she wants more!"

Jamie Lee asks Daisy, almost begging, if she wants to submit. Daisy moans but nothing clear comes out so Peta buries both her claws in Daisy’s rack again, digging into the soft flesh until her knuckles are white. Jamie doesn’t bother asking again, she waves her arm and calls for the bell, declaring Peta the winner.

Peta doesn’t even celebrate her victory as she stands up and has Jamie Lee raise her hand. She quickl kneels back down next to Daisy, telling her, "You put those tits in MY face for the last time, bitch! Whenever we meet from now on, I'm gonna pound your tits like I own 'em…’cause I DO!" Daisy may or may not have heard her comments because she doesn’t react when Peta raises and heads toward her dressing room leaving Daisy tits up in the middle of the ring under the hot lights.