Nelly Furtado vs. Nina Persson: Hangman Payback by longtime lurker 3/01

Ah! It was a delicious moment for singer Nina Persson.

After 15 minutes of softening up Nelly Furtado with gut shots and chokeholds, the brunette singer was barely standing. Her legs were wobbling, her eyes were glassy and unfocused, her mouth hung open...panting.

Nina calmly walked up to Nelly, grabbed the brunette by the shoulders and spun her around so they stood back-to back. She reached back with her arms and clasped her hands firmly under Nelly's chin then bent forward, lifting Nelly's feet in the air and supporting Nelly's entire weight by the brunette's long, delicate, neck.

"Gunnnghhh!" Nelly gasped as the pressure on her neck increased.

Nelly's legs flailed and kicked helplessly, her chest heaved as she, tried, with great difficulty, just to breathe.

"Got you bitch!" muttered Nina quietly; a smile forming on her painted lips.

The two singers had been feuding ever since a recording industry event several weeks before where they'd exchanged angry words. Nina had been jealous of Nelly's increasing popularity, thanks not only to her good looks but also to a hit single, "I'm Like a Bird."

Nelly's success had been a bitter pill for Nina, especially considering the disappointing public reception of the recent 'The Cardigans' album. Nelly had rightly taken exception to Nina's insults and the two ultimately had a confrontation in the ladies restroom.

The confrontation ended when the Canadian Nelly Furtado punched Swede Nina Persson in the stomach. With the blonde doubled over in pain, Nelly had clenched her strong thighs around Persson's head and pedigreed her - facefirst - into the concrete bathroom floor. Adding insult to injury, Nelly had picked her up and did it a second time! With Nina helpless, Nelly stripped off her red silk dress and her underwear and sat on Nina's face until the blonde passed out!

It was undoubtedly the most humiliating moment in Nina's life, made all the more so by press reports about the fight which had been leaked, obviously, by Nelly's friends. Nina thought back on it now as she leaned forward, causing Nelly even more pain with the 'hangman's hold.' Nelly had gone limp as she lost feeling below the neck. Her arms and legs were just dangling uselessly as her body swung from side-to-side.

"Nnnnnn...nnnnn...nnnnnnn," Nelly mumbled, her protests becoming more feeble each time Nina pulled a little harder.

"I bet you're sorry for hurting me now aren't you Nelly?" Nina taunted. "We'll see how much you like it when someone sits on YOUR face," she added ominously.

Tears ran down Nelly's cheeks. She was in so much pain. Nina was hurting her so badly. She couldn't take it anymore and felt her mind shutting down. Just then, the Swedish girl released the vicious hangman's hold and let the brunette slide down on the floor; a broken puppet; a ragdoll. Her reprieve was brief, however. Nina grabbed Nelly by the shoulders and flipped her onto her back and straddled her, standing above her while she removed her blue silk kimono dress and then her underwear. Then, slowly, she began lowering her cute little bare ass down onto Nelly's pretty, red, face.

"Mmmmpppphhhh! Mmmmmmphhhhh!" the Canadian protested.

But Nelly had been too weakened by the hangman's hold to push Nina's body off. The blonde's full weight pressed down on her face, pinning Nelly to the floor; blotting out all light and air. Nina started gyrating her hips, rotating her butt in semi-circles and stimulating herself by rubbing herself on Nelly's cute little, button nose.

"Unghhh! Unghhh! Unghhh!" Nina grunted as she thrust forward, biting her lip and clearly enjoying every moment of this, her revenge over Nelly.

"You're nothing bitch. NOTHING!" Nina squealed. "I'm a better singer, a better looking woman and I'm certainly stronger than you. I just proved that! YOU'RE NOTHING YOU HEAR ME?"

Nina's words stung Nelly but not nearly so much as the lack of air and the pounding her head was taking as Nina viciously bounced up and down as she fucked her face.

"Mmmmmmmppppphhhh...mmmmppppphh.........mmmmm..............mmmmff....," Nelly mumbled more and more softly as she slowly lost consciousness.

Nelly's last memory was a warmth flowing over her as Nina climaxed on her pretty face just before she passed out

"Nnnnn! Nnnnn! Nnnnn!" Nina grunted as she got herself off on Nelly's face. When her orgasm was complete, Nina lingered on Nelly's face, rubbing herself back and forth with pleasure and enjoying the wonderful sensation of another woman's nose stimulating her clitoris. Finally, drunk with the ecstasy of orgasm and revenge, Nina rolled over and collapsed on the floor beside Nelly's limp, unconscious body.

Nina took a few minutes to compose herself before she struggled to her feet and got a chair which she dragged over and positioned straddling Nelly's hips. Nina sat down and placed her bare feet firmly on Nelly's unconscious face, squishing the brunette's face with her feet and spreading her fluid all over Nelly's features.

Revenge was sweet!


Nelly woke up a few hours later, disoriented and in excruciating pain. Her neck still hurt badly from Nina's vicious hangman's hold and she clutched it with both hands as slowly rolled over and rose to her knees.

"Oooohh," she moaned as she rubbed her neck.

Her moaning was short lived, however, because Nina suddenly reappeared and clamped on a sleeper hold from behind the dazed and groggy brunette.

"You finally woke up sleeping beauty!' Nina squealed before ratcheting on the sleeper more tightly. "You look so pretty when you're asleep, so if you don't mind, I'm just gonna knock you out again."

"Uuuurk!" Nelly gasped as Nina's strong arm cut deeply into the soft flesh of her throat.

" no...," Nelly begged as the flow of oxygen to her brain was abruptly interrupted and a sickening feeling of suffocation washing over her gorgeous body.

"Shut up whore!" Nina hissed as she cranked up the hold again.

She jerked Nelly off the floor and held her for an instant, then pulled her in closer.

Nina whispered, "I'm gonna knock you out again, cunt. Then I'm gonna tie you up and take you home with me!"

Nelly felt Nina's hot breath on her cheek.

"Nnnnnngghh....n-no," Nelly stammered as she desperately tried wiggling free.

However, Nina matched her every move and easily maintained her leverage. Nelly slipped one hand behind her and, as much out of luck as design, managed to find Nina's cunt which she immediately grabbed.

"Oh! Unghhh," Nina gasped in pain at the sudden burning in her most delicate area.

Nelly squeezed as if her life depended on it, which it might very well have; pinching Nina's cunt lips and freezing the blonde in excruciating pain. She was rewarded with a lessening of pressure around her throat. Nina's sleeper was loosening.

"Nnnnnnnnn," Nina moaned through clenched teeth.

Nina's eyes were closed tightly in pain; tears starting to run down her pretty cheeks, but still she tried to keep the sleeper applied, figuring she must nearly have Nelly out. But Furtado felt the adrenaline surging through her as she realized she had Nina in a compromising position. Her arm muscles trembled with exertion as she twisted Persson's box even harder than before.

Finally with a gasp, Nina released her sleeper and clutched desperately at Nelly's arm trying to get her to release her cunt squeeze. Nelly released her grip, but just as fast pulled her arm back and fired a sharp elbow into the pit of Nina's stomach. The Swedish singer immediately crumpled to the ground, clutching her belly with one hand and her pussy with the other. Nelly became very businesslike now that she had gained control. She was gonna teach this blonde bitch a lesson.

Nelly got to her feet, a little wobbly from oxygen deprivation, but certainly in better shape than Nina. She walked over the blonde, grabbed her by the hair and lifted her to her feet so they were face to face. Then she rocketed a punch to Nina's belly button that doubled her over!

As Nina bend forward, Nelly wrapped her thighs around the blonde's head. She was proud of her legs, which were strong and muscular from years of dance and aerobic class. She held Nina firmly in place using only the power of her thighs. It was time for her favorite move, one that had proved devastatingly effective in her previous fight with Nina.

The blonde felt the blood rushing to her head as Nelly squeezed her thighs viciously. But that was only a taste of what was to come. Nelly took a little jump before dropping to her knees and driving Nina's pretty face directly into the floor.

Nina was barely conscious and in intense pain. Nelly grabbed Nina by the hair and lifted her head. She wanted a good look at the damage she'd done. Nina's nose was broken and blood flowed freely down her face. Nelly smiled as, with an open hand, she smashed her palm into Nina's face, flattening Nina's broken nose even further.

"Gunghhh!" Nina sputtered, pleased with the pain she was inflicting on the blonde.

Nelly pressed her hand hard on Nina's nose, causing intense pain to her rival. After a few minutes of this, she allowed Nina to drop to the floor clutching at her broken nose while Nelly scooted over and kneeled behind Nina, who was still writhing in pain on all fours.

Nelly grabbed a handful of Nina's hair, pulling her backward and up on her knees. Then she applied her coup de grace, a sleeper - the very same hold Nina had planned to take her out with.

"Oooooohhhh-nnnnnnn...," Nina babbled as she felt Nelly's arm snake around her neck and tighten.

"How do YOU like it bitch?" Nelly hissed. "How do YOU like not being able to breathe?"

"S-stop...p-p-please...I g-give...," Nina stammered.

But Nelly just cranked up the pressure on the hold.

"Oh! G-god," Nina whimpered.

Mercilessly, Nelly bore down, putting all of her remaining strength into the sleeper. Her body was covered in a fine sheet of perspiration, some of which dribbled down her trembling forearm where it dripped on Nina's throat and cheeks. Nina felt herself becoming nauseous and getting light headed. Nelly started rocking her back and forth gently, humming softly almost as if she were putting a baby to sleep.

Nina's eyes fluttered and closed. Her breathing became ragged and shallow. Her hands, which had been feebly clutching Nelly's rock-hard forearm, slipped off and her arms fell limp and useless at her sides. Her shapely legs slid down, twitched a couple of times and then lay still with her feet turned outward.

Nelly grunted with effort for several more minutes. She could tell Nina's limp body had ceased struggling but it was just too satisfying not to keep the hold clamped on a little while longer. Besides, she wanted to make sure that the blonde would be out cold for a long, long time.

Finally Nelly released the sleeper and sat back. Nina's head fell to the floor with a dull, "THUNK"

Looking around, Nelly saw some rope nearby and smiled.

"Guess this's what you planned to tie me up with, eh bitch?" she muttered, patting her unconscious victims pale cheek.

Nelly grabbed the rope and used it to securely bind Nina's hands behind her, then she pulled the blonde's feet and tied them as well. Finally she wound the rope around Persson's arms, pinning them against her sides.

"Ah! Just like a cute little blonde Christmas present," Nelly chuckled.

"Now," she thought to herself, "what to do with her next?"


Nina woke up about half an hour later and found herself in the passenger seat of Nelly's car. Her hands were tied together in front of her.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned.

"Oh hi, baby," Nelly said cheerfully as she looked over, briefly taking her eyes off the nearly deserted road.

She let go of the wheel with the one hand and grabbed Nina's neck. Her hand was just large enough to wrap around most of Nina's slender throat and squeeze.

"Urkk!" Nina sputtered as she choked.

"Did you like my little sleeper hold blondie? You had a nice little nap." Nelly mocked her adversary.

"E-enough...'nuf...p-please," Nina begged.

Nelly released her one handed choke hold and patted Nina's cheek playfully. Playfully, but hard enough to sting.

"Wait 'til I get you home blondie. I'm gonna sit on your face and then I think I'll use you as my pillow when it's time to go to bed. You gonna like that?"

Nina started crying silently, scared and humiliated by her predicament.

"Awwww...poor baby," Nelly teased. "Don't worry cunt, I'll be sitting on your face soon and I'll dry those teardrops."

Nina squirmed her body around so she was looking out the car window with her back to Nelly. At the same time, she felt a little glimmer of hope. The ropes around her hands had loosened somewhat during the car ride. Nelly had also tied a rope around her arms, but loosely and she thought if she could only free her hands she might be able to do something. Unfortunately, her feet were also tied, and quite tightly too. Still...

They drove on for another 15 minutes before Nelly turned into a country lane leading to her cottage. The road was gravel and Nelly's car bounced and rocked as it bumped over the uneven surface. It provided just the extra friction Nina needed to wiggle out of the ropes binding her as unobtrusively as possible. Nelly was concentrating on her driving when Nina suddenly sprang at her, wrapping the ropes she'd been tied with around the brunette's slender neck.

"Yes!" Nina screamed in triumph.

"Urrk!" Nelly gagged in surprise.

Nina pressed herself against Nelly, limiting her freedom of movement. Nelly still had to steer the car, so she could only use one hand to try fighting off the blonde. Finally, Nelly slammed on the brakes and the car spun in the gravel, sliding off the road into the ditch.

The violent crash only increased Nina's advantage. With the car tilted over on the driver's side, Nina pressed her full weight onto Nelly, wedging her against the drivers side door.

The manila hemp rope was wrapped around Nelly's throat like a tight noose and Nina's knuckles were white from the exertion as she pulled the rope tighter and tighter.

"You fucking bitch!" Nina shouted. "You're going down good this time," she said gleefully.

"N-no! ....N-no-... UUURK" Nina sputtered between the tiny gasps of air she was able to gulp.

The Swede then started jerking Nelly's head back and forth, pounding the side of her head against the car window.




"How- ungh!- does- ungh! -that-ungh! -FEEL?" Nina said, punctuating every other by banging Nelly's head against the glass.

The third thunk opened a cut in the brunette's scalp and Nelly was glassy eyed from the blows to the head. Still, she had to deal with the terrible rope which was cutting into her delicate throat.

"I g-give....I-I give...please...mercy...," Nelly managed to stammer out.

"Oh no, you don't bitch," said Nina menacingly. "Not 'til I've finished with you."

She released the rope and pulled her shirt off over her head. With her breasts freed, she pulled Nelly's red face to her chest and wedged it deep into her cleavage.

"Mmmmpppphhhhh!" Nelly mumbled.

"Suck on those, cunt!" Nina squealed triumphantly.

She rubbed her breasts on Nelly's face, shutting out all the air and light. Nelly just managed to open her mouth and sink her teeth into Nina's breast before her face disappeared.

"Owwwwwwww!" Nina screamed , pulling away and grabbing her wounded breast.

Nelly, almost totally out of it, managed to grab the door handle and open her door. Since the car was tilted, when the door opened she rolled out of the car and landed in the ditch on her side.

"Oooof!" Nelly grunted as it felt like her shoulder had been dislocated.

Nina realized she ad to act quickly so, reaching down she untied the ropes binding her feet. She struggled to push open the heavy door on the passenger side and climbed up and out of the car. Then she ran around to Nelly's side of the car where the brunette was just getting to her feet. Nina wasted no time. She ran up to Nelly and plowed her fist straight into the disoriented woman's bellybutton.


The Canadian exhaled sharply, her cheeks puffing out as out all the reserves of air were expelled from her lungs.

Nina muscled Nelly's body up against the car and started raining blows into the pit of her stomach. Nelly's eyes bulged in pain as every blow forced vital air out of her lungs. Eventually, Nina just put her open hand on Nelly's belly and, by leaning into her, exerted a slow, steady, devastating, pressure that prevented Nelly from taking in any oxygen.

"I've got you good now," laughed Nina.

Desperately, Nelly kneed Nina square in the cunt. The blonde doubled over and stumbled backward, almost falling in the ditch. She knew she couldn't let Nelly hit here there again, that had been her downfall the last time.

Quickly she pulled herself together. When she looked up, Nina saw Nelly was still leaning on the car trying to catch her breath. She was in shock from the pain she'd suffered, her hair was bloody where her head had banged against the window and a trickle was running down the side of her face.. Nina walked up to her and fired a right cross hard into Nelly's pretty face.

"Unghhh" Nelly cried.

She stumbled, almost going to her knees, but Nina caught her under the shoulders and turned Nelly so that they were back to back. She bent backward and secured her hands under Nelly's chin, then bent forward lifting Nelly off the ground. It was Nina's favorite hold, the dreaded hangman!

"Oh! Oh...nughh-g-god..." Nelly whimpered through gritted teeth.

Once more there was unbearable pressure on her slender neck. Stabbing white hot pain raced through her spine, radiating throughout her body.

"You like this hold, don't you Nelly baby?" Nina, giggled.

There was nothing Nelly could do, her arms and legs hung limp; her body was totally immobilized. She could only pray Nina would let her go but the blonde wasn't about to do that. In fact, she rocked back and forth, easing the pressure for a second before leaning over even farther than before. Nelly felt like her head was being twisted off. Then Nina made it even more agonizing - hopping up and down a little to put maximum pressure on Nelly's delicate neck and back.

"Gnnhhhh" Nelly choked out.

Finally, after several minutes of this torture, Nelly's eyes fluttered closed and her feeble movements ceased altogether. Drool dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. Nina could feel the brunette was dead weight now, but she kept the hangman on for a few more minutes just to be sure. After the humiliation of being knocked unconscious and tied up, she wanted to thoroughly enjoy her revenge.

Finally, Nina unclasped her hands from Nelly's chin and let the brunette fall like a bag of wet clothes onto the grass. Her crumpled form lay still, seemingly lifeless.

Nina opened the car door and leaning inside, retrieving the ropes that Nelly had used to tie her up with. Nina took great satisfaction in tying the ropes extra TIGHT around Nelly's wrists and ankles. When she was done, she then took a bandanna from the glove compartment and used it to gag Nelly. She wanted to make sure none of the neighbors heard her scream when she woke up.

"I told you I would tie you up, bitch," Nina whispered in unhearing Nelly's ear.

Then she licking the unconscious girl's face and looked up the road. Nelly's cottage was just few hundred feet away. Nina took Nelly's keys out of the ignition and thought about the things she would do to Nelly that evening.

"Maybe I'll start with a little facesitting, then practice a few new holds on her. The possibilities are limitless. I've got her as long as I want to keep her."

Nina shivered as she thought of the varied range of emotions Nelly would experience as her "plaything."