Jessica Simpson vs. Nelly Furtado by Interac

Nelly Furtado was at a hotel in Hawaii and went down to the pool where she saw Jessica Simpson at poolside in a bikini. Nelly had told friends she was pissed that country music station wouldn't air her fight. She told them she was ready to humiliate someone and she wanted it to be Rachel Stevens because that's the show Much Music was showing at the time

But upon seeing Jessica, and knowing that she and Rachel had an even fight and Jessica made a good showing of herself at the Maxim Challenge, she waited around turned her back, timing it so Jessica was just sitting up for a moment then Nelly deliberately tripped over Jessica's feet.

"Be careful you dumb blonde, I could have hurt mys... Oh no wonder you're so clumsy, it's the big trouble maker herself, Jessica Simpson."

"Nelly right! Well, you're the one who tripped over ME. And I heard about what happened up in Canada; how you said you were going to take someone out. Just so you know, I'm not interested in fighting you"

"Because you know you'll lose," Nelly sneered. "You really are a cowardly bitch, aren't you?"

"Now you listen to me," Jessica said, getting her back up. "I heard you really wanted Rachel Stevens. Well, guess what. If you saw the Challenge you'd know I'd beaten Jennifer Love Hewitt and held my own with both Rachels, Stevens AND Weisz! I don't want to fight you, because it'd be a waste of my energy."

Nelly crouched in front of Jessica and smiled, "Exactly who won those fights at the challenge? Just who was it eliminated first? Better, EXACTLY how many fights have you won?"

Jessica remained seated, "Well, you have a point, so I tell you what. After you dry off, come up to my hotel room and we'll find out if I can win or not?"

Nelly looked puzzled, "Dried off; what are you talking about? I'm not we..."

Jessica brought her foot up to Nelly's chest and kicked out, sending her flying over backward into the pool. Jessica got up and strutted away with everyone looking at her amazing body. She was even singing one of Nelly's songs, "She's Like a Drowning Bird"

Nelly climbed dripping wet and angry out of the pool. She already had Jessica's room number and on her way up there, she grabbed a towel and dried herself. When she got to the room the door was already open and she walked in and closed it behind her. Jessica was standing there in her bikini with her hands on her hips. Nelly took off her wet robe and was wearing only a bikini as she stared across the room toward the blonde singer. Nelly had a very good body, but not as good as Jessica's since her tits were significantly smaller.

Jessica stepped toward Nelly, asking, "You sure you really want to fight?"

Nelly answered with a roundhouse slap that turned Jessica around and dropped her to one knee holding her burning cheek. Grabbing Jessica by the hair, Nelly slammed her forward onto the floor. Jessica barely got her hands up in front of her to cushion most, but not all, of the impact. But Nelly wasn't letting up and she started kicking at Jessica with little short kicks.

"You're damn right I want it!"

Jessica rolled into Nelly's legs, tripping her up. As Nelly tumbled to the floor, Jessica jumped on top of her and started slapping and banging Nelly's head on the floor.

"Good! It'll make this more fun for me!" Jessica laughed.

But while Jessica was gloating, Nelly grabbed her dangling long blonde hair, twisted her body one way, then pulled her off the other way. Nelly rolled in the opposite direction and popped up at the same time as Jessica. Nelly knew right away Jessica was stronger than Shakria but when Jessica put her hands up for a test of strength, Nelly felt she couldn't refuse and obliged her. The battle was even for a few seconds until Jessica started to force Nelly down. In a move born of her desperation, Nelly came up and nailed a knee into Jessica's stomach. When Jessica lost her handholds, Nelly grabbed her by her long hair, swung her around and let go, sending her into the wall.

Nelly lined up to slap but Jessica blocked it and hit landed an uppercut of her own to Nelly's boob. Nelly doubled over, her eyes wide with pain, as Jessica moved in and wrapped her arms around Nelly's waist, picked her up and threw her onto the bed. Nelly landed on her knees, bounced, and came down with her back against the headboard. Jessica scrambled up onto the bed on her knees and as she steadied herself, Nelly threw herself at Jessica, her hands groping for her hair. But Jessica was doing the same thing and the two women tumbled on the bed holding the other's hair. They rolled around and almost off the bed until Jessica lost her grip on Nelly’s hair. Nelly immediately stood and dropped down with a vicious punch.

Jessica's eyes rolled back in her head for a second but as Nelly raised her fist for another thunderous punch, Jessica rolled backward off the bed onto the floor. Nelly’s fist slammed down onto the mattress and as she looked back up, Jessica sent a quick kick to her face while still laying on her side. Nelly fell to the side landing flat on her stomach on the floor. Jessica got up and stood over Nelly, reached down and grabbed her by the back of the bikini to lift her up, then she slammed her down three times until her bikini finally broke apart.

Nelly whimpered as Jessica dropped her ass on Nelly's back. Jessica slapped at Nelly's back and shoulders, then hit the side of her face. Nelly tried to cover up her head and face, pulling her arms up, but when she did, Jessica scratched the back of her neck, then as Nelly wailed, she grabbed the back of Nelly's hair with one hand and hauled up on her bikini bottom with the other. Leaning back, Jessica made Nelly scream and she loved it.

Nelly pushed herself up with her hands and was able to turn Jessica around to alleviate the pressure. Jessica kept a grip on Nelly's hair and snapped her other hand up, slapping Nelly’s face and then her tits! Nelly put her hands back and dug her nails into Jessica's sides as she brought her head and slammed it backward. Jessica saw it coming and turned her head aside at the last second. She let Nelly go and both young women got to their feet; Nelly topless in her bikini bottom while Jessica’s face was a little bruised where Nelly had hit her.

"You should know,” Jessica smiled. “Rachel got extremely lucky when she beat me. If it wasn't for Alyssa and Jamie double teaming..."

"Oh, shut up and fight," Nelly growled as she lunged with a slap, but Jessica ducked, caught Nelly, lifted her up and slammed her down on her back taking her breath away. Nelly put her hands up, begging Jessica to stop.

"And now you know wha..." Jessica began, but before she could finish, Nelly’s foot shot up, nailing her between the legs.

Then as Jessica wobbled with her knees squeezed together against the pain, Nelly hit her again! Nelly pulled her foot from between Jessica's legs, drew her knees back to her smaller chest, then kicked straight out as Jessica was doubling over. Nelly’s feet hit Jessica in the chest and sent her flying backward into the wall. She bounced off the wall and took one step, then started to fall over on her face. But Nelly ran in, burying her shoulder in Jessica's firm stomach and driving her back into the wall.

"Finish first, then gloat," Nelly advised as she straightened up.

She grabbed Jessica by the ears and rammed the back of her head to the wall. Nelly was on fire as she drove her knee up between Jessica's legs, again targeting her throbbing pussy! Jessica was crying as Nelly hauled away from the wall by the hair, then still holding her by the hair she lined up and hit her with a punch that sent Jessica careening sideways. Her knees hit the bed and she fell on it face down.

Ripping off Jessica’s bikini top, Nelly again pulled her up by the hair, ran and threw her face first into the wall. Holding her by the hair, she slammed her face into the wall again and again until she couldn’t hold her up. Nelly let Jessica slide down the wall to the floor where she curled up in a little ball at Nelly’s feet.

Nelly just looked down on her and sneered, "I'm like a bird is the words. And you’re my worm, bitch!"

Nelly kicked Jessica in the side once more, then left the room after putting on one of Jessica's skirts. Outside, she ran into a group of people who’d gathered when they heard the commotion and saw Nelly emerging topless.

"You saw the Maxim Challenge? Well, look at Jessica and imagine what I'm going to do to Rachel Stevens. I will NOT stop."

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