Catfighting Co-eds: Stacy Fuson vs. Jennifer Rovero by kit

Jennifer was a pretty good fuck! One Friday night right before college let out for Christmas break, I met Jennifer in a bar. She wasn't the best looking girl I'd ever gone out with, but she was cute, and I was desperate because I hadn't been laid yet that semester. We got to talking, and she seemed to be digging me, so I asked her to dance.

"I'd love too," she said with a big smile.

Taking her hand, I led her to the dance floor as a slow song now piped out thru the audio system. She put her arms around my neck as my arms dropped around the small of her back. Looking into her brown eyes, I could sense that she was asking for a kiss, so I leaned in and sealed lips with her. Our mouths parted in a long, sensual French kiss, and I ran a hand over her ass checking it for size, shape and texture. It wasn't bad.

"Mmmmm," she moaned in my mouth, pressing her breasts and hips into me.

Needless to say, we went back to her apartment and got busy getting it on. Horny for just some flat sex, I didn't spend much time fondling or sucking her tits and crotch, and she didn't seem to mind as we quickly got down to the business of hard love making and fucking. I spent the rest of the weekend with her, and we fucked a couple of more times the next week before I left for home for the holidays.

As I said, Jennifer wasn't the best looking girl I'd ever dated, but she was cute and liked to fuck, even though she wasn't very experienced. She had told me that she'd only been with a few guys and it had been months since she'd last had sex as well. She was 20, and was attending Univ. of Texas in Austin where she grew up. She was a brunette with medium long, sorta wavy hair and a cute face. At 5-8, 120 pounds, she had a nice figure that measured 34b-24-34, and her body was tanned and relatively toned. Her smallish tits were round and proud, and I did like squeezing them and sucking on her perfect, pink nipples. She had a nice flat, smooth belly; sexy butt; and shapely legs. Her pussy was shaved around the vulva, but did have a cotton ball-size bunny tail pubic mound on the top.

When it came to sex, Jennifer was a good kisser, but not real good with oral. She was good on top, and I did like the way her hips rocked when she was on bottom. She wasn't too fond of butt-fucking, but let me do it anyway a few times because she had never taken it up the ass. I don't know why because she had a nice, tight ass.

We stayed in touch over the break, and I decided to date her steady until something better came along. I was determined not to spend the spring semester sexless as I had done the fall semester. When I got back to Austin and went to see her, she’d taken on a roommate. She had lived by herself the fall semester and had been looking for a roommate to share expenses, so it came as no surprise. I blinked in shock and bewilderment when I met her new roommate, Stacy.

"Uh...hi," I said, gulping hard as my eyes popped out and my mouth dropped.

"Hi! Nice to meet you," said this drop-dead, sexy fox.

Unfortunately that was as nice as she'd be to me.

"Where'd she come from?" I asked Jennifer as we went into her bedroom for sex.

As we undressed, Jennifer explained that her cousin, who lived in Tacoma, Washington had a friend who's daughter was going to school in Austin and was looking for a roommate, and thru that connection was how she met Stacy and decided to take her on as a roomie.

Crawling into bed, Jennifer and I snuggled up and began kissing and stroking each other. But my mind was on Stacy and I envision fucking her as I rolled on top and slipped my cock in Jennifer's slick pussy.

Like Jennifer, Stacy was also 20, but much prettier in the face and better built. She had beautiful, silky blond hair that was straight and of medium length. Her face was very pretty, but sorta slutty in a school-girl sorta way that I found extremely attractive. Physically, she was 5-9 and 120 pounds, and had a hot 34c-24-35 body. Too bad they were roommates because I couldn't see how I could dump Jennifer and date Stacy as long as they lived together. Oh, well. I could dream, and that I did as I fucked the shit out of Jennifer.

"What's gotten into you? Whew!" asked Jennifer, out of breath and panting like a dog.

"I guess I just missed your hot pussy," I lied with a smile.

"I'll say. Let's do it again, baby," she said, pushing me over and getting on top.

We then had a long, hard fuck, and somehow she seemed much better.

That semester I spent a lot of time over at Jennifer's apartment. I liked Jennifer and our sex was getting better, but I couldn't help wanting to fuck Stacy. It seemed like that blond slut was always prancing around in little tops and panties and wasn't shy about walking around the apartment barely dressed whenever I was over. I enjoyed watching her curved, milky tits softly bounce around, and thru some of her tops, I could tell that her areolas were large, meaty and pink, with little stiff nipples. But her ass and legs were my favorite. She had the roundiest, sexiest ass that would wink with each step, and her thighs were creamy and tender and blended in beautifully with her long, pale legs. Jennifer used to get a little peeved at her for prancing around, and often asked me if I thought Stacy was prettier than her.

Although she was cordial, she showed absolutely no interest in me as we never talked or made much eye contact. I decided that Stacy was nothing more than a tease and that I'd never get to first base with her; however, a lot of guys did, as her bed was like a revolving door of sex. She was never without a date or sex for more than two days, and a few times she was even gone for days-on-end. I certainly envied those lucky bastards.

"After the semester, I'm kickin' that blond whore out," said Jennifer one night as we lay in her bed listening to Stacy fuck and scream thru the wall. "She's such a slut."

Jennifer told me that earlier that day the two of them had gotten into a shouting, swearing match that almost led to a catfight.

"Have you ever been in a catfight?" I asked, my member rising.

"Yeah, a couple."

I thought about how great it would be to see these two girls lock down with each other in a wild, nasty catfight. I envisioned them pulling hair and slapping each other silly. All the scratching and biting. Titties getting squeezed and pinched. Butts spanked. Crotches clawed. Legs laced. I rolled over on Jennifer and shoved my cock up her cum-filled cunt. Within days of Jennifer telling me about the spat, I noticed a drastic change in the way Stacy treated me. All of a sudden she was much nicer and talkative. Naturally I attributed this to the fued that was starting to brew between the two. And I think Jennifer noticed it also, because suddenly she didn't want me at the apartment if she wasn't there. And although I have no way of knowing for sure, I wouldn't be surprised if Jennifer had confronted Stacy about flirting with me.

"So, how are things with you and Stacy?" I asked one afternoon after we fucked.

"Not good," she said. "Tomorrow I'm telling her to leave after the semester." (which was only three weeks away)

"That bad, huh?"

"Yep. She's driving me crazy," she answered. "We're still not talking from yesterday and I haven't seen her since last night...which is fine with me."

There was a definite catfight looming on the horizon, and I just hoped and prayed I'd be around to see it when the fur started to fly! It was the weekend before finals, and Jennifer had gone out of town for a wedding. She wanted me to go, but I bugged out because I had a major paper to finish writing, and because I realized that this might be my only chance (if any) at screwing Stacy before she moved back to Washington. The Friday that Jennifer left town, I had spent Thursday night with her making love, and we had talked about living together. Her sex had gotten much, much better, and outside of wanting to fuck Stacy, I wasn't looking for another girlfriend. Friday morning we had a round of hot, grinding sex before I left for class and she for the wedding. About three o'clock that afternoon, I went back to her apartment to get two books and a term paper that I had left.

"Hello! Stacy?" I sorta yelled as I entered the apartment.

"Yeah! In here," she shouted from the bathroom. "C'mon in."

"I just gotta get some books," I said, making my way into Jennifer's room.

Grabbing the two books, but not seeing the paper, I went into the living room and searched.

"Can I help?"

I turned and saw Stacy standing there behind me. Although I had been alone with her a few times before, this time was different because I knew it might be the last. She looked hot...real hot. Her little khaki shorts barely covered her ass and showed every inch of her long legs. The little red Polo she wore was tight and too small and exposed her midriff above her shorts.

"Uh, no...I mean yes," I stammered. "I'm lookin' for my term paper. Seen it?" After finding the paper, we stood talking for a few moments. I was extremely nervous and unsure as to how to approach her for a date. I was blowing it, and I knew it. Luckily for me, Stacy was an aggressive girl.

"Can I ask you something?" she asked, crossing one leg in front of the other as her toes gripped at the carpet.

"Yeah, sure."

"How come you've never made a move on me?" she asked with a shy grin.

I was stunned, and didn't answer right away.

"Don't you think I'm pretty?" she asked, twitching slightly.

"Uh, I don't know. I mean, yes. Yes, you're very pretty. Beautiful. I mean I don't know why I haven't made a move," I got the words out. "Frankly, I didn't think you were interested in me."

She grinned and took a step forward. Her hand just touching my arm. "Silly boy. Of course I am. I've been that way since we first met."

"No shit."

She giggled, moving in much closer. "Why do you think I went around in panties and little stuff all the time."

"Teasing me."

"No, silly," she took the books and carefully tossed them on the chair behind me. "Tempting you."

"It was tempting," I said as she now held my hand and moved the other to my shoulder. I placed my other hand on her hip.

She smiled as we locked eyes and moved in for a kiss. Softly she said on my lips, "You don't think I'd slut around like that if I didn't want to fuck you."

It was the hottest kiss of my life. Her tongue was hot, wet and tender and slowly wrestled with mine as we moved them back and forth. We clasped each other tightly. My hands ran instantly down to her ass and squeezed. We both moaned as I moved my fingers up the bottom of her shorts and dug them in her buttery-soft buns. She pulled my shirt over my head, breaking our kiss. Throwing it down, she pulled her's off, freeing two of the most beautiful, tender pair of titties with big, pink puppy-nose nipples. Instantly I grabbed those babies and squeezed. Her soft flesh oozing and conforming around and thru my fingers as we kissed again and she popped open my shorts. Pushing my shorts past my hips, Stacy grabbed a handful of ass and balls as my dick was already at full attention. She stroked my shaft one time before dropping to her knees and wrapping her soft, full lips over the head. My hands combed hard thru her fine, silky hair, guiding her head as she bobbed like a top up and down.

"Oooh, Stacy. Damn, this feels gooood," I moaned out.

She licked her tongue up my stomach and chest and neck, moving towards my ear. A quick lick. "Let's fuck," she whispered.

Taking me by the hand, Stacy lead me to the hallway. But instead of going to the back where her room was, she lead me into Jennifer's room, the first one.

"Let's just do it in here," she said with a smile and twinkle.

I found it extremely humorous that she wanted to fuck me in Jennifer's bed. I could read between the lines, and in her way she was stealing me from Jennifer in her own bed. I also found it very arousing given the fact that she and Jennifer were now spatting, and that Stacy was privately fighting Jennifer in her own bed as she attempted to prove her superior womanhood. Quickly I got out of the rest of my clothes as Stacy peeled down her shorts and panties in one move. Pushing me down on the bed, Stacy stood before me and let me survey her body a few seconds.

From her knees up I viewed her nude and beautiful body. Stacy definitely wasn't tanned, but she wasn't pasty-white either. She had a nice, light yellow tone to her and her thighs were soft and succulent. But what really turned me on was her trim. Rectangular in shape, it was fuzzy and dusted a light brown, but not quite blonde, and it ran from just below the waistline all the way down thru her vulva. A nice long patch of hair, just the way I prefer it. Much more than the bunny tail trim Jennifer sported.

"Looks like I better finish what I started," she grinned, eyeing my raging boner.

Going down on me, Stacy expertly blew me and gave my balls a good rubbing as she sucked me off in matter of minutes.

"'m gonna," I moaned, enjoying the best blowjob of my life.

She just kept humming as my head swelled in her mouth and ejaculated. I shot several large loads as Stacy gulped and slurped each one down without losing a drop.

"Mmmmm, that was delicious," she said, kissing the head of my cock.

"That was great," I said as she lay down next to me and we cuddled up.

"Better than that bitch?" she asked, moving in for a kiss.

"Mmm, much."

For the next few minutes we Frenched as I felt her up all over. Cupping her soft tits, I sucked on both nipples until they were hard and swollen. I ran a hand between her thighs and groped her pussy. She moaned and started getting wetter and wetter as we kissed while I fingered her out. Sucking her nipple and rubbing her clit, she quickly orgasmed and I went down to eat her out. Her pink pussy looked and smelled great, and her blondish bush was already sopping wet as her juices dripped from her labia. Inside she was hot and sweet. I was like Winnie the Pooh with my head stuck in her honey pot, licking, lapping and sucking as she spread out wide and jacked her leg over my shoulders. Sliding my hands under her full, shapely ass, I squeezed, and her buttocks felt like two loafes of soft, warm buns. Her cunt started to quake and her clit turned ultra-rigid. She tightened her thighs around my head and started to moan and shake. Her tummy trembled and rose rapidly in and out as she tugged on her thick nipples and stretched them out.

"Ooooohhhh gggggawd!" she screamed out, her hips jarring.

Stacy was a screamer. But I already knew that from listening to her fuck thru the walls.

Never before have I felt such wave upon wave of girl-sex hit my mouth as she did. Every splash was hot and sweet and just kept coming as she nearly popped my head off with her constricting thighs.

"Do me!" she ordered in an erotic groan. "Do my ass!"

She flipped over and lifted her ass up in the air as her face buried itself in the pillow. Grabbing her cheeks, I split her open and shoved my dick in her bung hole. She gave a long grunt, but my cock glided in with ease. Obviously she had taken it up the ass numerous times. Once inside, the fuck was on. Her 35" hips rocked up and down as she slammed her ass hard against my hips. This bitch could really butt fuck, and I was instantly overtaken and holding on for dear life. Cupping an arm around her belly, I grabbed her by the back of the hair and pulled her face out of the pillow. She fucked even harder now, and we were both screaming and grunting with each and every powerful thrust and heave.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she screamed, her butt cheeks nearly pinching my dick off. "Fuck the shit out of me!"

I couldn't take it anymore.

"Bitch, I'm cumming!"

"Uuuuunngggg!!" she bellowed.

All of a sudden Stacy's ass jerked down hard and then violently back up. My cock was nearly broken off by the sudden move and I almost slipped out. She bucked again as my hand slid under her pussy. My thumb hit her clit. We both screamed as we orgasmed together, and then I collapsed on my back. But Stacy wasn't done! Turning around, she went down on me and licked my shaft clean in a matter of seconds.

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out," she said, now mounting me and guiding my dick up her pussy.

Stacy was a machine!

I don't know how exactly, but somehow I stayed hard as she alternated fucking me with her pussy and asshole. For nearly 20 minutes she fucked the daylights out of me. Hips bucking and rolling. Titties bouncing and flopping. Her tummy tightening and trembling. Her hair flying and falling. Her orgasms coming and coming.

"Alright, bitch," I said, tired of getting fucked and ready to show this whore who was boss. "On your back!" Pushing her in the shoulders, Stacy eagerly went along and fell to her back, legs wide open.

"Fuck me, mother-fucker. Fuck my guts out."

"Oh, bitch, I will," I said, getting between her legs. "I'm gonna fuck you dry." Sliding my dick in her slick, blown open pussy, I grabbed her legs and threw her knees over my shoulders, pinning her ankles past her ears. It was all out war. I fucked her like a jackhammer. She took the pounding. I had her folded so far over I don't know how she didn't snap in half. Her face was smashed in my chest as I slut-fucked her with all my might. But her pussy kept squeezing and cumming. She moved her cunt harder against my pelvic. I bottomed out. We both groaned with hoarse, gasping breathes. My head swelled. I wanted to cum, but it was hard. I barely had anything left to squirt.

"Cum, you fucker! Cum with me!" she grunted in my chest.

"I'm tryin', bitch!" I shouted.

Her pussy put a move on me that I've never felt. My mind nearly blew as I felt my cum rushing to the rescue. Her pussy squeezed and she screamed as we blew our brains out together. During my orgasm, my dick felt like it was going to explode, and if that didn't happen, I thought surely her pussy would pinch it off. I fell off, totally exhausted and spent. She wasn't any better. From head to toe we were both soaked with sweat and sex as we lay there fighting for air. I glanced between her legs. Her pussy and inner thighs were literally dripping with sweat and our cum.

"So," she huffed, "whatcha gonna be thinkin' 'bout when you fuck that bitch." I grinned big. She smiled back. "Me?"

I nodded. "I wish you weren't moving back."

"Sorry, babe," she said. "But, hey, we've still got all weekend."

For the next hour or so we lay cuddled up, softly kissing and touching each other as we talked. I was trying real hard not to fall in love with her. I knew she was moving, but after being with her, I knew that sex with Jennifer (or anyone for that matter) just wasn't going to be the same.

"Are you sure you can't stay?" I asked. "You're the best fuck I've ever had."

She softly kissed me, saying, "If you liked that, just wait'll I make love to you."

We snuggled in a little closer as we kissed. She slid her leg around my waist and pushed her tits against my chest. I ran my hand back and forth from her thigh to her ass.

"Besides," she said, barely pulling her face back. "What about that bitch?"

"What do you care? The way I hear it, ya'll aren't gettin' along anyway."

"True. The other day she told me to leave after the semester. That's when I told her I was movin' anyway. I can't stand her. She's really gettin' on my nerves."

"I heard ya'll almost got into it," hoping to hear Stacy's side.

"Uh-huh. We've had some screamin' matches."

"What about?"

"Just different stuff. She thinks I fuck too much. But what can I say. I love sex and I love guys."

Still prying, I asked, "Think ya'll get into it before you leave?"

"Hmmmm, I don't know...maybe. I wouldn't mind slappin' her face off."

My cock started to stiffen along her thigh.

"Does that turn you on?" she asked, with a twinkle in her eye. "Catfights?"

I blushed. "Maybe."

"Uh-huh," she teased. "Fightin'."


"Like her and me?" she asked, brushing her nose across mine.

My member got harder.

"Her and me. Me and her," she teased, knowing it was turning me on. "Fightin' over you."

"You'd fight for me?"



"If I was stayin'."

"Oh, please stay," I played along.

"What if I lost? Would you still want me?" she asked with a kiss.

"Oh yes. Win or lose."

"Think I can take her?" she asked, her hand sliding around my shaft.

"Yeah, I think so. Have you been in fights?"

"Of course."

"Oh, yeah," I really started rising. "How many?"

"About eight. Most of them were broken up, but I didn't lose any."

"Wow! That's a lot."

"I guess," she said. "But you never answered me. Think I'd win."

I had no idea. Personally I sorta doubted it. "Yeah, I think so. She'd be tough though."

"Well...why don't I take her on now and you can tell me which of us makes the better love," she said very sexily as she rolled on her back, pulling me on top.

With my dick at full attention again, it easily slipped into her stretched pussy, still hot and slick from all our hard fucking.

"Mmmm," she moaned. "Does my pussy feel better than that bitch's?"

"Oh yes," I said, her legs wrapping around mine as we began to French.

Lovingly we kissed. I slowly pumped in and out as she gently rocked her hips to the motion. In and out, up and down, and around and around we methodically made love in the missionary position as she kept asking me to compare her pussy against Jennifer's pussy, and teased me with talk of catfighting. Stacy felt wonderful and was an awesome lover. She knew how erotic stimulating the brain could be, and that made me even harder and larger. For the next ninety minutes Stacy and I made the sweetest, softest love I had ever had. No rough, hard pounding or slamming. Just long, slow strokes and deep, gentle grinding as we took turns being on top and in control.

We spent the rest of the weekend together, alternating between fucking each other's brains out or making tender, delicate love. It was about noon Sunday, and we had just finished our second bout of the day as we lay arm-in-arm in Stacy's bed softly kissing as we completed our weekend of sex.

"Well, you probably better go now," she said. "I don't want Jennifer to catch us."

"Yeah, I know," I sighed. "I just wish you weren't leavin'."

"I know. I really like you, and would like to see what would happen, but this place isn't for me, and I miss my home," she said with a kiss.

"Are you gonna fight Jennifer before leavin'?" I had to ask.

"No, silly. I'm not gonna fight Jennifer."

"You said you wanted too."

"That was just playing. I've never been in a fight in my life," she said, grinning. "But it's still true, I don't like the bitch."

She was amazing.

I slowly shook my head in disbelief. "I'll be damned."

"Look, you better go now," she said, with a quick kiss.

"Then we're cool?"

She chuckled as she got up. "Yes, we're cool. I've screwed a lot of my friend's boyfriends and never said nothin'.

I got up now. "That's incredible. I can't believe that you've never been in a fight."

"Probably. But hey, I just love sex and fuckin', and as long as they're not married, what's the big deal?" She walked me to the door and we Frenched good-bye. "Thanks for the weekend. You're the best I've ever had."

"I loved it too, and if you're ever in Washington, call. I'd love to fuck you again."

A couple of deep kisses and out the door I went. Collapsing on the couch, I took a deep breath. I was exhausted. Stacy had flat worn me out and left me high and dry. I knew Jennifer would be back soon and I dreaded fucking her. Not because I didn't want too, but because I couldn't. Around three o'clock, Jennifer called me on her cell phone and asked if she could stop by and see me for a quickie before she went to her apartment.

"Baby, I need a nap," I said. "I'm tired from doing that term paper and spending so much time in the library."

She tried to beg, but it didn't work.

"Then come over about six and I'll fix you dinner."

"OK," I said.

"And be ready to spend the night. I'm horny as hell and wanna fuck."

I got up about 5:30 and prepared to go over. I wondered what they were doing. They had been together for a couple of hours now, and I wondered if Jennifer had found out, or if Stacy had said something. I pictured the two of them going at it and how it might turn out. Knowing that Jennifer had been in some fights and that Stacy hadn't, I wondered if Stacy could take her. Both were in good shape, except Jennifer had tighter abs and stronger, firmer legs. Jennifer also had a bit of a firey temper and I'd never seen Stacy show any signs of attitude or aggression. But obviously she did since the two had been in screaming matches together and had almost come to blows. I decided that Jennifer would probably win a fight, but that Stacy would give a good account of herself. Unfortunately, I knew that it would never happen. Upon arriving at their apartment, I found the door unlocked as usual and stepped in. But just as I stepped in and was about to announce my arrival I heard high voices coming down the hallway.

"Bitch, I want you out now!" I recognized Jennifer's voice.

"Fuck you! I've paid for the month!" I heard Stacy shout.

I now realized the noise was coming from Jennifer's room. Naturally I assumed she'd found out about me and Stacy. But how? Did Stacy spill the beans? Or did Jennifer notice something in her room or around the apartment. True, we hadn't made up her bed, but Jennifer had gotten into the habit of not making her bed. She teased that she wanted it ready for sex at all times. Quitely shutting the door, I stood and listen with much anticipation, hoping that Stacy would stand up and not avoid her first catfight.

"I don't give a shit, bitch!"

"Bitch, you can just go to hell! I'm stayin'!"

"Fuckin' slut, I'll just make you!"

Suddenly I saw Stacy reel backwards out into the hall. She didn't notice me.

"You bitch!" she said, charging back into Jennifer's room.


I heard what sounded like some pawing. Like hands slapping together or landing on arms as they continued shouting. Now I couldn't tell who's voice was who's, and I was frozen in my tracks. Just standing there and listening, trying to get my feet to move.

"Ow! Bitch!"

"Fuck! Leggo!"

Sounds of more pawing and shuffling now. I had to see! In less than the blink of an eye I was at Jennifer's door looking in. They were both bent over at the waist and had a hand in each other's hair as their other hand had ahold of their tops.

"Fuck! Le' go, bitch!" shouted Jennifer, pulling Stacy's head over and stretching out her thin, light-purple tank top.

Stacy stepped to the side, showing me the back of her white, cotton panties and her bent, braced legs.

"Ooowww!!" cried the sexy blonde.

"Fuuuuck! Le' gooo, bitch!" my brunette girlfriend sang as Stacy twisted her head by the hair and stretched out the collar of her thigh-long pink t-shirt.

I knew Jennifer had nothing on underneath. Lately she had started wearing extra-long t-shirts with nothing else on whenever I was coming over. It was just quicker for her to get naked and fuck me. I saw Jennifer's pink t-shirt rip across the shoulder as she and Stacy wheeled upright and jerked back each other's head. The two girls spun in a circle and Jennifer threw a knee towards Stacy's crotch.

"Ugh!" Stacy slightly buckled as the blow caught her on the inner right thigh instead. "Bitch!"

Stacy let loose and landed a quick, stinging slap across Jennifer's left cheek. Jennifer winced, but jerked Stacy's head straight back and gave her a chopping fist against the ribs. Stacy grunted and almost went to her knees, pulling Jennifer over with her by the hair. Bent way over, Stacy dug her fingernails into Jennifer's left butt cheek. Jennifer jerked up, slapping Stacy across the top of her ass as she was still bent over. Stacy bowled into Jennifer. Her shoulder catching the brunette in the chest and driving her backwards against her chest of drawers. Jennifer grunted upon impact. Her head snapping backwards as her middle and lower back cracked upon the oak dresser. Some pictures and other things fell off as the dresser slammed against the wall. Stacy rose up, her hands on the bottom of Jennifer's t-shirt and lifting it up her body.

"Bitch!" the blonde shouted, throwing a knee.

Crack! Stacy's knee missed altogether and busted the dresser itself. "Oooooww!" she howled, buckling over and turning her back on Jennifer as she grabbed at her throbbing knee.

"You slut!" shouted Jennifer, semi-jumping on Stacy's back and riding her across the room.

With only a few feet to go, Stacy didn't have to piggy-back Jennifer far to the bed as she crashed down on it face and chest first with Jennifer coming down on top of her. The girls bounced and flipped backwards. Jennifer fell off to the side, banging the back of her head against the nightstand knocking the lamp off. Stacy landed on her back with a thud as her head bounced once against the carpet. For a split second I thought it might be over. Both had been hurt by the dresser and the fall, and now that they were apart, I thought they might quit. I stepped back out of sight, just barely looking around.

"Slut," said Jennifer, suddenly sitting up on her ass.

"Bitch," responded Stacy as both leaned forward from a sitting position and reached for hair.

Taking two good fists, the blonde and brunette winced out as they pulled each other over to the floor. The bed made it impossible for their legs to lock up, so Jennifer pushed Stacy to her backside and rolled up to her knees. Throwing a leg around Jennifer's hips, Stacy yanked on her hair and forced Jennifer to topple over and flip next to her sideways. Stacy rolled on top now and tried to mount Jennifer, but the brunette hair hauled her sideways and caused the blonde to roll over next to her. Now clear of the bed, the girls were able to lock up their legs together as they kept calling each other names and pulling on hair. For around a minute, the blonde and brunette battled it out pulling hair and leg wrestling as they rolled back and forth in a spot no more than four feet between the foot of the bed and the open double French doors.

Watching their sexy, hot bodies duel it out as they wickedly cursed and pulled hair almost made me cream my jeans. Jennifer's lean, tan legs slithering up and down Stacy's long, white legs was almost too much as they bumped and banged bodies trying to dominate each other.

"Oooouuuucccchhh!!!" Stacy screamed as Jennifer tore out a fist from the side of her scalpe.

"Fuuuuuuck!! Leeeggggoooo!!" cried Jennifer, losing a chunk from the back of her head.

Sorta on top, Stacy slapped Jennifer across the face as the blonde now fell back on her ass against the wall. From her back, Jennifer kicked out with her foot and just caught Stacy in the tummy. Stacy lashed back with her feet, her heel landing flush on Jennifer's inner left thigh, just missing her crotch by inches. Jennifer quickly scooted back, trying to escape harms way as they kicked at each other, landing nothing significant. As they parted, I ducked back away and stood listening to them panting and swearing. Again I thought it might be over, even though there definately wasn't a clear winner.

"You fuckin' bitch," I heard Jennifer say. "Have you had enough? Are you gonna leave now?"

"Fuck you, bitch," snapped Stacy. "I don't know why you're so jealous."

"Me! Jealous of you?"

"That's right, bitch," said Stacy. "I don't see what the big deal is about what I wear when Troy (that's me) comes over."

"Because you always look like a slut...trying to show off your fuckin' tits and ass," said Jennifer.

"Well maybe if you had a pair of tits and ass you wouldn't be so jealous."

"Oh I do, bitch, and they're certainly better than yours," said my girlfriend.

I heard some more pawing start as I peeked in and saw them back on their feet.

"Oh, really!" said Stacy as they went in for a shove, trading arm slaps.

"Really, bitch!" Jennifer said, reaching for Stacy's hair, but was blocked.

"Troy doesn't think so!" Stacy said, missing with a half-cocked slap.


"You heard me, bitch!"

Shit. Stacy had just spilled the beans. I knew the fight was really going to be on now. "You fuckin' slut!" shouted Jennifer, lunging with a slap that struck Stacy across the face. I knew that Jennifer now knew. Stacy's head twirled sideways as Jennifer came in with a knee to her thigh and a handful of her hair. Jerking Stacy's head by the hair, Jennifer popped her across the face with another slap as she accused Stacy and I of fucking.

Jennifer jerked Stacy over by the hair and gave her a knee somewhere in the midsection as Stacy grabbed her by the shirt and ripped it sideways across the middle. Jennifer yanked her back upright by the hair, but Stacy beat her to the punch as she landed a crisp slap across her left cheek. Taking a big fist of Jennifer's hair, Stacy ripped out a wad, causing Jennifer to scream out and double over. Stacy then yanked her back up by the hair, but was herself brought to her toes as Jennifer had caught her by the front waistband of her panties and was giving her pussy a wedgie.

"Yeeeeooooowww!!" wailed the foxy blonde, standing on her tippy-toes. The waistband snapped, leaving Stacy pussy lips as the only thing holding it around her hips.

"You slut!" shouted Jennifer, tearing down Stacy's thin tank top, exposing her milky, soft titties. But Stacy already had her hands on Jennifer's firm, perky b-cups, squeezing the shit out of them.

"Aaaaarrrrggggg!!'' the brunette cried, her tits taking a terrible twisting.

"That's right, bitch! I fucked him and he loved it!" admitted Stacy, bringing Jennifer to her toes dancing.

The brunette then got her hands on the blonde's tits as both girls now staggered in a circle squeezing and twisting each other's tits. Coming to a sudden stop, Stacy and Jennifer leaned in shoulder to shoulder and braced their legs for a stand.

"Fuuuuuuuuck!!" Jennifer screamed as Stacy worked her nails in.

"Yeeeeooooww!!" cried Stacy, her hearty nipples stretched straight out. Frozen in time, the blonde and brunette gave and got equally as their bodies stiffened in pain with only their legs trembling under the pressure.

"Oooooohhhh sssssshhhhit!! Let go!!" screamed Jennifer.

"Aaaaarrrrrggggg!! Le' go! Le' go! Le' go!" Stacy seemed to beg.

Falling apart, the two fighters fell to their knees, doubled over on their elbows as they cupped their pulsating tits. I knew it was over. A good minute or so passed without either making much of a move. Jennifer rolled over and sat on her ass. Her hands cupping and rubbing her titties.

"It ain't over, bitch!" Stacy just looked up at her and said nothing as she sat down against the bed massaging her nipples.

"You're outta here, you slut," said Jennifer. "I'm gonna beat your ass and throw you out. You're not gonna fuck him and get away with it."

"Ya' know, I'm sick of all your tough talk. Just fight, and after I kick your ass, I'm gonna fuck him again," said Stacy.

If what she had said was true, Stacy was sure putting up a good scrap and showing a lot of guts for her first time.

"Alright, bitch," said Jennifer, getting to her feet. "Let's go."

Stacy pulled her panties out of her snatch and rose up to meet her. Stepping forward, the blonde and brunette stood their ground and got it on in a wild, wooly slap fight. Jennifer landed two good slaps before Stacy connected with her first one. Jennifer drove Stacy back a step with a slap that blistered her face, but Stacy dug in and smacked Jennifer stupid with her right palm. Another left/right combination of slaps sent Jennifer back up against the chest of drawers before she evened the score with a slap that rang Stacy's ears. They tumbled back to the middle of the bedroom, Stacy tearing Jennifer's t-shirt completely off while having her's jerked down around her waist.

"You cunt!" shouted Stacy, her hands in Jennifer's hair as she directed a knee against Jennifer's bare bush.

"Uuuuunnnggggg!!" grunted my girlfriend from the pit of her gut.

Jennifer's knees gave out and she dropped down on them. Stacy jerked her head back by the hair and slapped snot bubbles out of Jennifer's nose. The brunette was on shakey ground. She looked to be done for as Stacy reloaded for another slap.

"Uuuuummmppphhh!!" groaned Stacy, as suddenly her naked pussy was busted by a driving uppercut fist.

Stacy slumped to the floor on her knees. One hand cupped around her own pussy and the other still embedded in Jennifer's tangled hair. Now that Jennifer had brought Stacy to her knees with her, Jennifer grabbed a handful of her hair and another full of her right tit. Stacy yelped out as her right nipple was pinched, but she evened the score by twisting the brunette's left nipple. Together they swore out a choice name as they slowly pulled each over to the floor by the hair and tit. Stacy tried to roll on top, but Jennifer's left leg swung around Stacy's right leg and stopped her from getting it across the brunette's hip.

"You slut," mumbled Jennifer as I watched her left hand leave Stacy's tit and disappear between their locked thighs. Stacy whimpered, and her hips jerked as she tried to pull her leg free, but the brunette's leg was too strong.

"I'll rip it out, bitch," Jennifer huffed.

"," grunted the blonde, her hand leaving the brunette's tit and disappearing between their legs.

Laying on their sides with their legs tangled together, I couldn't see what their hands were actually doing to each other, but whatever it was it had to be very painful as both were now squirting tears from their eyes as their faces flushed red and turned terribly ugly. Their lovely bodies, especially their hips, now started to spasm and shake as they both threw back their heads and bawled out. All I could see was their forearms and wrists turning and twisting as they must've been scratching each other's cunts out.

Suddenly Jennifer screamed like a panther as her right leg sprang open, showing me the pain she was getting. Her pussy was pried apart and very red and I saw that Stacy had her by her bunny tail pubic hairs and was just about to pluck them out by the roots. Jennifer screamed again as she rolled completely on her back, losing a cotton ball wad of brown fuzz from her love mound. Stacy rolled with her and was on her knees with her legs spread as I was now able to see some of Jennifer's fingers digging back and forth on Stacy's flesh between her asshole and pussy lips. Stacy's white buttocks were jiggling rapidly up and down as the pain she was in was jolting thru her lower regions. Looking back at Jennifer's pussy, her thighs were tightly wrapped around Stacy's wrist as I could just make out her fingers clawing up and down.


Jennifer let out a deafening scream, and I immediately saw why. Along with having her cunt clawed, her left tit was in Stacy's mouth being chewed. Jennifer's body literally exploded off the floor, knocking the blonde on her backside as the brunette flopped on the carpet like a fish out of water. She was screaming profanity and conceding the catfight as she seemed to have trouble deciding which part of her body to hold and clutch.

Looking over at Stacy curled up in a ball and tightly clasping her pussy, I realized that I truly wanted to be with her and I knew what I must do to make that happen. I'm now living in Pullman, Washington and attending school at Washington State with Stacy. My blond hellcat deserves to be a Cougar, not a Longhorn.