Do Me! Stacy Fuson vs. Kimberly Spicer by kit

Butterflies swarmed in Stacy’s stomach and her heart thumped behind her breasts as she dried her hands on her slacks. Her mouth was dry as a bone and her breathing was very eratic and her eyes seemed to blink constantly. "I've got to do it," she said to herself as she saw the girl she was looking for working behind the jewelry counter of the department store. She sucked in a deep breath and approached the counter from the side. So far she hadn't been spotted. She stopped and pretended to be looking at the rings from inside of the glass case.

"Oh hi, Kimberly," she heard the blonde say at last.

"Hi, Stacy," she replied.

"How are you? Gosh I haven't seen you in a while," said Stacy.

"Yeah, it's been a while. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine," beamed the beautiful blonde. "Just working and trying to make some money. Do you need some help?"

"No, I'm just looking," said the auburn beauty.

"Oh wow! Let me see that ring," gasped Stacy. "I heard Josh proposed." Kimberly held out her hand, and the two young ladies talked about the ring. "My it's beautiful," said Stacy. "I guess I shouldn't have let him get away."

Kimberly kinda snickered as she pulled her hand from Stacy’s, "Yeah, you shouldn't have."

"Well, lucky you," said Stacy unable to hide a jealous tone.

Stacy and Josh had dated throughout high school until Stacy dumped him after their senior prom. Josh then latched on to Kimberly, who had always had the hots for him, and they had been dating for the last year.

"When's the wedding?" asked Stacy, leaning on the counter.

"Uumm...we're not sure."

"You will invite me, won't you? I mean you're not jealous because I used to date him."

Truth was Kimberly really was jealous of Stacy. Very jealous indeed because Stacy had been Josh's first love.

"Well that's what I want to talk to you about," said Kimberly, lowly.

"Oh, so you are jealous."

"Wouldn't you be jealous of me if I'd dated your fiance'?"

"Of you? Yeah, I'd be very jealous of you," nodded Stacy.

"Look, when's your break? I'd like to talk."

Stacy looked at her watch. "I go to lunch in 40 minutes. We can talk then."

"Okay. The food court?"

"Sure, I usually get a salad from the pizza place."

"See you there," said Kimberly, leaving with a deep sigh.

In high school Kimberly and Stacy had been ‘friendly rivals’ (at best) and the rivalry would've been worse if they’d been in the same class. But Stacy was a year older which helped ease some of the tension that could've been. Both very popular and attractive, both been captains of the pom squad in their senior year and both had been Homecoming and Prom Queens.

Having at least broken the ice with Stacy, Kimberly felt better about the conversation she was going to have when they met for lunch, but still she was nervous. Kimberly was already seated and eating when Stacy joined her at the table. "So, what's this all about?" asked Stacy, sitting down with her salad.

"Well, you're gonna think I'm nuts," said Kimberly, pausing, "but there's something I've gotta know before I marry Josh."

Stacy chewed her salad and looked at her. "Go on."

"I need to know if I'm better in bed than you are," Kimberly managed to say.

"Excuse me!" gasped Stacy.

"Well you guys did date a long time, and you did dump him because he wanted to get married," said Kimberly.

"Yeah, but now he's marrying you!"

There was a long silence as they sat and looked at each other. Kimberly wasn't 100% sure but she did think the blonde was interested in trying to get him back. "Stacy, I've got to admit that I've always been very jealous of you. I know you were his first love and that he wanted to marry you, and even though I know he loves me, I can't marry him if I'm not sure he won't be thinkin' of you while he's sleepin' with me."

"Yes, I was his first and yes, we did have a lot of great sex and, yes, I'm jealous he's marrying you instead of me."

"Then you do still love him; you’d take him back," stated Kimberly more as fact than inquiry.

Stacy nodded and took a sip of her soda, "I do and I would."

"Would you be willin' to fight me?" asked Kimberly.


Kimberly looked down at her plate, "Not exactly."

Stacy was confused. "What then?"

The auburn cutie looked up and locked her beautiful brown eyes with the pretty blonde's sexy blue eyes. "Another kinda of fightin'...on the bed."

Stacy gazed back. Her mind spinning in circles as a hot flash swept across her body. "Uuumm...are you suggestin' what I think?"

Kimberly nodded. "Yeah...doin' it!"

Stacy thought about the tongue action she'd had with another blonde a few months ago out on a dance floor when she was rather drunk. She remembered the excitement of another woman's body against her's and had been wondering just what it would be like to get intimate with the same sex. "I've never done it before."

"Me neither, but I've gotta know if I'm better," said Kimberly.

"And if you're not?" asked Stacy, biting on her thumbnail.

"Then I won't marry Josh," Kimberly said. "I can't; not knowing I'm second best."

"Then I can have him?"

"That's between you and him then."

"Well," thought Stacy, staring at the auburn babe. “You ARE attractive."

Kimberly smiled. "Then you'll do me?"

Stacy agreed and the girls decided to get together the next night and do it. It was a little past 6PM when Kimberly arrived at Stacy's tiny, but neat efficiency apartment.


"Hi," said Stacy, opening the door. "C'mon in."

Kimberly stepped in, and the two chatted briefly before Stacy asked her if she'd like to use the bathroom.

"Yeah, sure. Thanks," said Kimberly.

Stacy stripped down to her white bra and matching thong as Kimberly undressed in the bathroom and put on a red, silk teddie to match her red silk thong.

"Well," said Kimberly, emerging from the bathroom. "You ready?"

"Yeah, you?"

Kimberly nodded and said she was as they both stood there by the side of the bed checking each other out. At 5-9 and 120 pounds, 20-year-old Stacy was every boy's dream-girl. She was tall, blonde and beautiful. Her silky hair was straight with just a few slight curls that went bouncing just beyond her shoulders. Her face was innocent and sweet. She had nice blue eyes, tender cheeks and lips that were red and plush. Stacy had lovely, soft 34c breasts with thick, round, pink areolas and tiny little nipples. Her 24" belly was soft and trim, and she had a nice strip of fluffy blond hairs between her milky thighs. Around back, Stacy had a very shapely and sexy 35" ass, and her legs were long, lovely and white. Stacy's body was overall sweet and tender, but her engine inside ran hot and fast. She was very good in bed, and no man had ever burned her down.

Kimberly's body was just as impressive! She was a tight, tart 19-year-old that loved to fuck and was good at it. She had a sinful, slutty look about her as her face was tender and pretty with full lips. Her thick, auburn hair was long and straight and fell to the middle of her 36c breasts which were ripe and firm and had perfect pink areolas with hard, stiff nipples. She sported a sexy belly ring, but her 24'' abs were somewhat tighter and toner. Between the legs she had a dark, razor-thin strip of pubic hairs, and her 34" ass was toned and chiseled. She too had sexy legs, just not as long, but they were tan. She stood 5-6 and weighed a healthy 117 pounds.

"Well," sighed Stacy. "I've got to admit, you do look desirable."

Kimberly grinned. "You look pretty fine yourself."

The two girls stepped together and touched each other behind the elbows. Their young breasts rose and fell as they stepped closer and let them touch. Gently they let their tits play with each other as they looked into each other's eyes and licked their lips.

"I've always thought you had a nice body," panted Stacy as they were about to kiss.

"And I've always envied yours," whispered Kimberly, touching lips with the blonde.

Very, very, very softly the blonde and brunette exchanged soft, quick pecks as they let themselves grow comfortable with the situation.

"You've got soft lips," said Stacy, kissing.

"You too," answered Kimberly, kissing.

Stacy ran her arms around the small of Kimberly's back as the auburn babe wrapped her arms around the blonde's neck. Sealing lips totally and fully, Stacy and Kimberly brought their tongues together as their breasts pressed in unison.

"Mmmmmm," moaned Stacy, turning her head with Kimberly's as they engaged in a sensual French kiss.

"Mmmmmm," Kimberly groaned, rubbing her nipples with the blonde's as both areolas drew up and crusted over.

Rolling their faces together and running their hands up and down each other's backs, Stacy and Kimberly forced their bodies closer together as they both slipped a thigh against the other's snatch.

"Mmmmmm" they moaned, Frenching hot and heavy.

Grabbing each other's ass, Stacy and Kimberly rocked their hips as they firmly wiggled their cunts on the other's lifting, pushing thigh.

"Mmmm...I'm gettin' wet," purred Stacy as they broke the French.

"Don't stop. Me too," said Kimberly, pulling Stacy into another torrid liplock.

Stacy could feel Kimberly growing very wet on her thigh. She too was getting damp fast, but not like her rival was.

"Are you about to cum?" asked Stacy, between kisses.

"Uh-huh, don't stop," moaned Kimberly, Frenching her again.

Stacy squeezed Kimberly's ass and Kimberly squeezed her ass back. Stacy shoved her thigh up harder. Kimberly's hips shook, but she stayed squarely squatted on the blonde's flexing thigh.

"Oh, Stacy," moaned Kimberly. "I'm...Ooooooooo! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

Stacy dug her nails into Kimberly's tight buttocks as the auburn babe creamed thru her silk crotch and onto her thigh. The warmth of Kimberly's sex caused the blonde to gasp and lose control of her sex as she squirted out a jet of sticky juices.

"Aaaaahhhh!" squealed the blonde, soaking the crotch of her white thong.

The action didn't stop as the girls put their faces together for some hard kissing and continued humping the other's leg. Stacy ran her hands into the back of Kimberly's hair and got two firm grips as Kimberly squeezed on Stacy's foxy ass. Twirling tongues, the blonde and auburn traded mouthfuls of spit as their loins began to churn more hot, bubbly, girl-cum.

"Uumm, uumm, uumm," groaned Kimberly, fucking Stacy's thigh hard and fast.

"Oh, oh, oh," grunted Stacy, working her box in circles across Kimberly's thigh.

"Cum with me, bitch," moaned Kimberly, licking tongues with the blonde.

"Make me, slut," panted Stacy, twisting her fingers tightly around Kimberly's hair. They were hot, and hot for each other.

"Oh, you fuckin' whore," kissed Kimberly, now cupping Stacy's right tit with one hand and her ass with the other.

"Mmmmm," moaned Stacy as her tit and ass was firmly squeezed. Letting go of a handful of hair, she ran her hand under Kimberly's silk teddie and squeezed her bare left boob. Taking the swollen nipple, she twisted it sharply.

"Mmmmmm, ssshhhit," grunted Kimberly, loving it. She slapped Stacy's left ass cheek.


"Ouch! Bitch!" yelped Stacy, Frenching Kimberly hard as spit ran down their chins.

Stacy pressed her left tit firmly into Kimberly's right tit. Both girls loved the feel of their tits going at it as they squeezed each other's other tit. Stacy still had a fist of hair as Kimberly continued to squeeze and pinch on her ass. Both had a thigh pumping against the other's snatch as both hunkered down and fucked the thigh.

"Oohhh, damn you, Stacy," moaned Kimberly as her areola was pulled and her pussy about to explode.

"Cum, cunt, cum," grunted Stacy, loving the feel of Kimberly's nails in her ass.

Kimberly threw her arms around Stacy's back and jerked on two fists of her hair as she started to orgasm. Stacy winced, but twisted Kimberly's nipple and yanked back on a handful of hair. "Uuuuuunnnnngggg!! Oooooohhhh!! Mmmmmmmm!!" sang Kimberly as she drenched her thong and Stacy's leg with her cum.

Stacy orgasmed again, this time a little bit harder as she felt Kimberly's sex run down her thigh and the back of her leg. "Aaaaaahhhh! Oooooohhhhh!" wailed the blonde, soaking her thong and Kimberly's thigh.

"You bitch! You made me cum again," said Kimberly, swatting Stacy's ass.

"Ouch! Bitch," replied Stacy, slapping Kimberly's ass. They traded several more spanks as they tugged back on a handful of hair.

"Oooww!" winced Kimberly, pulling on duel fists of hair.

"Ooww! Leggo!" barked Stacy, tugging right back.

They weren't ripping or tearing, but they were trading firm tugs and pulls as they bent over before each other and had a nice hair pulling contest.

"Oowww, bitch! Leggo!" groaned Kimberly, but still pulling hard.

"Sssshit, slut; you let go!" Stacy howled, twisting Kimberly's hair.

Lifting up, Stacy and Kimberly let go of each other's hair so they could tear off each other's tops. The two girls swore as Stacy shredded Kimberly's silk teddie and Kimberly yanked off Stacy's white bra. Now topless, they threw their bodies together and tackled each other onto the bed by the hair. The double-bed flopped as they bounced down and started battling for the upper position. Still very much swearing, Stacy and Kimberly exchanged more booty slaps and tried to control each other by the hair as their legs knotted up and became immoblized.

Coming to a stop on top, Kimberly looked down into Stacy's eyes, "Kiss me, you slut."

"Gladly whore!" replied Stacy, pulling on her hair and drawing her face in close. Their lips peeled over their teeth as they Frenched the shit out of each other. Now topless, their tits were free to catfight each other as Kimberly's hard nipples tangled with Stacy's thick areolas.

"Mmmmmm, bitch," moaned Stacy as her left nipple and Kimberly's right nipple dueled.

"That's right, bitch," whispered Kimberly. "I've got better tits."

"No you don't, slut. My tits are much, much better, and so are my nipples," spat Stacy, kissing Kimberly.

"Mmmmm," moaned Kimberly, running her hand inside of Stacy's thong.

Stacy pushed Kimberly's hips a bit so she could get her hand in the auburn's wet thong.

"Mmmmmmmm," they moaned in each other's mouth as their fingers slipped between their hot, soaked folds.

"Shit, bitch," groaned Stacy. "You're like a sponge."

"Mmmm," smiled Kimberly. "You're pretty soggy yourself."

Stacy rolled her hips, "Shut up and finger me, bitch."

Kimberly parted her legs wider, "Fuck you! Just do my pussy."

The two girls Frenched each other long, hard and passionately as they rubbed their fingers in and out and each other's hot, wet cunts. It wasn't long before both boxes were blazing and Kimberly was brought to a good, hard climax.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh! Oooooooohhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned as she came. Nudging Kimberly over on her back, Stacy spread her rival's legs as she leaned down between her thighs.

"Wha...what are you doin?" huffed Kimberly in great anticipation as Stacy peeled down her red thong. "Oh, bitch...not that," Kimberly gasped as her hips quaked when Stacy kiss her on the pussy, spreading her labia with her tongue. "Mmmmmmmm," moaned Kimberly, cupping her own breasts and arching her back as Stacy's tongue licked up the moist gash between her engorged pussy lips.

Having never tasted 'girl' before, Stacy found Kimberly's snatch sweet and juicy as she opened her mouth wide and sucked in her cunt lips. Running the tip of her tongue across Kimberly's tender clit, Stacy grabbed her opponent's flexing buttocks and squeezed as she felt Kimberly's thighs clamp around her ears.

"Mmmmmm, you...fuckin'...slut," moaned Kimberly, using her thighs to pull Stacy's face in deeper as her back bridged off the bed. Stacy had trouble breathing, but she could tell that Kimberly was on the brink of losing it. Sucking the throbbing clit between her lips, Stacy felt Kimberly buck into her face and scream out her orgasm.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!! Oooooooooohhhhhh!! Yeeeeeeeeeessssssss!!" Kimberly drenched Stacy's face with her cum as the blonde wiggled her face in her pussy, trying to catch a breath of air. "Oh...shit," moaned Kimberly, pulling Stacy out of her pussy by the top of her hair. Stacy lay next to her and tried to kiss her, but Kimberly wanted to take her turn between Stacy's legs.

"Oh no you don't, bitch," said Stacy, holding on to Kimberly's hair and wrapping a leg around her hip.

"You ate me, now I getta eat you!" said Kimberly, pulling Stacy's hair.

"You're not gonna make me cum, bitch!" said Stacy, fighting to keep Kimberly under control. Struggling on the bed the two young beauties got into another hair tugging fight as their legs tangled up and their tits fought. The action was intense as they would hair pull each other into wicked French kissing wars while their tits met up and dueled nipples. Stacy also lost her thong during all this.

"Bitch!" grunted Kimberly as they lay wrapped up with their tits fighting as they stretched each other's head backwards by the hair.

"Slut!" Stacy groaned, her legs fencing with Kimberly's legs as they fought to out-squeeze each other.

They rolled over and Kimberly came out on top grinning and gasping, "I want your pussy."

"Then give me your's too," said Stacy, from on bottom.

"Fine, eat my ass, whore," agreed Kimberly, twisting around. She and Stacy turned onto their sides and each lifted a leg around the other's shoulder. Grabbing a handful of ass, the two girls shoved their face into the other's pussy and began sucking noisily.

"Mmmmm," moaned Kimberly at her first taste of 'girl'. Stacy smelled great and tasted even better. She ran her tongue up and down while Stacy sucked in her pussy and flicked her tongue over her stiff clit. Kimberly moaned, and then did the same to Stacy who moaned aloud as they both kept up the pressure on their rival.

"Mmmmmm, shit you taste good," gasped Kimberly, rolling more on top now as Stacy was forced to her shoulders. In this position, Stacy spread Kimberly's ass cheeks and stabbed her tongue into her bunghole.

"Aaaaahh!" gasped Kimberly, bucking as Stacy tongued out the brown hole several times before inserting her index finger up it as her tongue lapped Kimberly's clit. "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" cried Kimberly, suddenly sitting up and grinding her ass on Stacy's face. The blonde knew she'd hit found Kimberly’s weak spot. Wiggling her finger in Kimberly's ass, Stacy sucked her clit between her teeth and gently bit down. "Y-E-S!!!" screamed Kimberly, rocking on Stacy's face while fingering out the blonde's cunt. Stacy lifted her hips and clamped her thighs around Kimberly's wrist, pulling her fingers in deeper. Kimberly was going berserk on Stacy's face. The blonde was really eating and fingering her out and she couldn't stop it. "I'm gonna cum on your face!!"

Kimberly spread out every bit of her 34" ass over the blonde's face as she blew out a load of cum that nearly drowned her. Stacy also came as Kimberly was fingering the shit out of her cunt.

After it was over, Kimberly fell off to the side as they both battled to catch their breathes and clear their heads.

"Damn you, Stacy," huffed Kimberly, turning around and laying next to the sexy blonde.

"Had enough?" asked Stacy, snuggling up with her.

"Hell no," said Kimberly, running her hand between Stacy's creamy thighs.

Stacy moaned and ran her hand between Kimberly's thighs. Gently the girls massaged each other's pussy as they sealed lips and wrestled tongues.

"Mmmmm,'' purred Stacy as Kimberly fingered her clit. "Too bad we can't end as friends."

Kimberly said nothing as she sucked Stacy into another French kiss, and they kept on fingering each other out. For nearly ten minutes the girls Frenched and fondled each other. They tickled each other's asshole and gasped as they inserted their fingers. Their fine, foxy asses flexed on each other's wrist as they stroked their finger in and out.

"Mmmm, yes," moaned Stacy, when Kimberly leaned over and took her right areola in her mouth. "Oh don't stop, bitch."

Kimberly worked in a second finger up Stacy's pink bunghole and made the blonde's hips jerk. Sucking on the thick, meaty areola, Kimberly nibbled on the protruding nipple as she fingered out Stacy's ass. The blonde's long, lithe body went stiff and then shook out of control as she painfully orgasmed under the pressure of having her asshole stretched out and her areola sucked off.

"Mmmm, shit," moaned Stacy after she orgasmed.

"Ouch," winced Kimberly as her hair was pulled back by two hands when Kimberly grabbed two fistfuls of Stacy's hair as they worked their legs together and brought their hips into contact.

"Ooww," grunted Stacy. "Bitch."

"You...slut," groaned Kimberly as their pussies tried to get at each other. For about five minutes Stacy and Kimberly lay locked on their sides pulling on the back of each other's tangled tresses. They exchanged long, agonizing pulls as their thighs clamped down and bruised each other. Firmly their hips mashed as their pussy lips would sometimes brush and kiss, bringing gasps of excitement from them both.

"Ow...leggo, cunt," moaned out Stacy as her neck was about to break.

"You...first, slut...ung," grunted Kimberly, her scalp screaming.

Their pussies touched, bringing waves of tingle rippling over their tummies.

Stacy pulled Kimberly's head forward. "Let's lock up and end it."

Kimberly pulled Stacy's face into a hard French kiss. "I'm gonna fuck you raw."

"Your pussy can't handle mine," said Stacy, Frenching.

"Let's scissor and see, slut," said Kimberly, kissing. They continued to argue and degrade each other's sex for a few more minutes as they kissed and spit in each other's mouth.

"Let's fuck it out, cunt," said Kimberly. "My pussy is sssooo ready.''

"So's mine, bitch!"

Turning around and getting into a 'V', Stacy and Kimberly draped their legs one over the other and aimed their pussies together.

"Slut!" swore Stacy, ready to fuck the auburn fox.

"Whore!" responded Kimberly, anxious to lock up with the saucey blonde.

Leaning back on their hands, they carefully shoved their pussies into each other. Both moaned and threw back their heads as their soft folds interlocked and started rubbing together. Working their hips in unison, Stacy and Kimberly then watched as their clits emerged and stared each other down.

"Uuummm," they moaned as they thrust forward and made their clits touch. Rolling their hips in a circle, their clits twirled beneath their hoods as they gritted their teeth and tried to hold back their sex.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Mmmmm," moaned Kimberly.

"Mmmmmm, it feels gooood," said Stacy.

The anticipation of this final climatic battle was quickly becoming more than either could bare. Both thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the other's clit as neither could hold back her desire to cum.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmm! Oooooooohhhh!" moaned Kimberly, coming very hard and fast, and first! The feel of Kimberly's love splashing across her clit brought Stacy to a quick, little orgasm of her own, but not nearly as hard a one that Kimberly had. "Oh, you fuckin' bitch," growled Kimberly. As much as she was enjoying Stacy's company, Kimberly also knew she was losing and wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

"Just admit it, bitch," said Stacy, leaning forward toward her. “Your pussy is no match for mine."

"Fuck you, Stacy!" said Kimberly as they grabbed each other by the hair.

"Fuck you, Kim," replied Stacy as they fell over pulling hair.

Kimberly slapped Stacy's ass. Stacy then slapped Kimberly's ass. They rolled up on their knees and pulled hair with one hand as they slapped each other across the hip with the other. Falling back to the bed, they tried to mount each other as they exchanged a few more ass slaps and much harder hair pulling.

"You bitch," said Stacy, rolling on top.

"Slut," grumbled Kimberly, wrapping her legs around the blonde's hips.

Now snatch-to-snatch, Stacy started fucking Kimberly as they locked lips and held each other tightly around the neck. Pumping her pussy into Kimberly's pussy, Stacy's clit came out and invaded Kimberly's hood. Meeting in Kimberly's cunt, their clits started catfighting as they twirled and slashed across each other. Kimberly used her legs to hold Stacy's hips close as the blonde pressed down and fucked her hard. Breaking off their hard kiss, Stacy and Kimberly stared into each other's eyes as their tits rubbed nipples and their pussies clashed horns.

"You fuckin' cunt," moaned Stacy, about to cum as Kimberly's clit was whipping her clit.

"Who's winnin' now, slut," mumbled Kimberly, but close to an orgasm herself. Pulling Stacy's hips closer with her's, Kimberly's clit lunged forward and stabbed underneath Stacy's hood.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Yeeeeeeeessssssss! Oooooooohhhhhh!" orgasmed the blonde whose juices flooded Kimberly's cunt, forcing her to lose control and orgasm back.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" moaned Kimberly, squirting out a little pussy juice. Slapping Stacy's ass, Kimberly yanked her off by the back of the hair. Stacy yanked back on Kimberly's hair, but couldn't keep her from rolling on top and fucking her.

"Now I'm gonna fuck your guts out, bitch," said Kimberly, locking her 36C's with Stacy's 34C's.

Stacy spread her legs, accepting the challenge, "Do me, cunt!" Spreading her legs, Kimberly lay her head on Stacy's shoulder as the blonde put her arms around her neck. With their tits pressed at the nipples, Kimberly began a full-body grind as they fought each other with their tits and pussies. "Bitch," moaned Stacy, jacking up her legs and churning her cunt into Kimberly's cunt. They groaned as their clits found each other and started fighting. Kimberly grinded down with her hips as Stacy pushed up with her hips. Their pink buttons pushed each other as their tits spread out and their nipples speared together.

"Mmmmmm," groaned Stacy as Kimberly's clit slid inside her hood and pinned her clit back. Huffing and puffing, Kimberly poured her body across Stacy's body as she tried to turn the tide of this sexfight back in her favor. Slowly her tits began to dominate as her clit was winning it's catfight in Stacy's hood. "Ooooohhh! I'm cuuuuuumin'!" cried Stacy, about to bust as she was fucked slow and sensual. It was far and away the blonde's biggest climax of the night. Her whole body shook as her pussy shot wave after wave of hot, sticky girl-cum!

"Had enough, cunt?" asked Kimberly, rolling off and catching her breath. Stacy panted, but shook her head 'no'. Both lay on the wet bed for a few minutes. Their hair was in tangles and their cheeks flushed with exhaustion. They were slick with sweat and had sex covering their bodies from their belly buttons down to their knees.

"Let's scissor up and fuck it out," suggested Stacy, running her hands thru her silky hair.

"Shit, I'm tired of fuckin' you," said Kimberly, angry that she hadn't burned the blonde down yet.

"Then give up, slut!" said Stacy as they sat up.

"I'll never give up to you, bitch," said Kimberly, getting back into the 'V' formation; their legs crossed, their pussies thrust at the others.

"Blond slut!" growled Kimberly, ready.

"You lil' whore!" spat Stacy, getting ready. Leaning back on their hands, Stacy and Kimberly glared one last time at each other as they rammed their pussies together.

THUD! "Uunngg!" they both grunted upon impact. Driving their snatches tighter together, both girls bucked and rolled as they rose up on their hands, lifting their butts off the bed.

"Uuumm! You bitch," mumbled Kimberly, grinding her cunt as hard as she could.

"Aaahh! Fuck you," swore Stacy, rocking her pussy in a circle. Their butts hit the bed and both pussies split open and spread out. They groaned again as their clits touched and started going at it. Now wasn't the time to give or get pleasure as both girls hunkered down hard and tried to invade the other's hood.

"Uung...uung...uung...uung," moaned Kimberly as her clit fought Stacy's cllit.

"Uumm...uumm...uumm...uumm,'' the blonde huffed as the catfight went from pussy to pussy. Kimberly threw back her head and groaned as Stacy's clit dove into her hood. Her clit fought back, but Stacy's clit was too strong, and the two clits tangled deep inside of Kimberly's walls. "Cum, slut!" she grumbled, pounding her clit on Kimberly's clit. The two sexhorns continued to clash in Kimberly's snatch for several more moments.

"Uuuuuummm, fuuuuck," winced Kimberly, close to cumming, leaning forward, tugging on Stacy's damp, blond pubic hairs.

"Oouuch!" yelped Stacy, leaning forward and pinching Kimberly's left nipple.

"Fuck!" barked Kimberly as both girls sat upright and took a handful of hair and tittie alike. Pulling hair and pinching nipples only added to the battle as their clits now tangled in the middle of their pussies. Stacy and Kimberly hurled nasty insults as they twisted areolas and pull hard on hair.

"Ooooohhh!!" wailed Kimberly as Stacy's clit poked into her cunt as both squeezed a tit and dug in with their nails as they orgasmed at the same time. They screamed and cried, but kept right on fuck-fighting as they threw their arms around each other and made their tits go at it. Nipple-to-nipple and clit-to-clit, Stacy and Kimberly fucked and fought. Their young tits crushed and mashed as their hot pussy lips tried to suck each other up.

"Sssshhhit!" cried Stacy as Kimberly's clit tore into her hood. Stacy and Kimberly slapped their tits together as their clits tangled fiercely in Stacy's hot, blond box. Kimberly pulled Stacy into a sloppy French kiss as her tits smashed over Stacy's tits and inverted her nipples. "Mmmmmmm," moaned Stacy in Kimberly's mouth as the auburn babe tried to tongue-choke her. Down below, Kimberly's clit was as far into Stacy's pussy as her tongue was in her mouth. Stacy ran her fingernails down Kimberly's spine as Kimberly's clit slashed high into her hood. "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!" screamed Stacy, breaking her face back.

"Cum, slut!" yelled Kimberly, slapping the blonde's soft cheek. SMACK!

Stacy orgasmed hard and long. Her whole body shaking as she was brought to the best orgasm of her life, and the amount of cum hitting Kimberly's clit and pussy drove her wild and she orgasmed too.

"Bitch!" yelled Stacy, jerking Kimberly by the hair and slapping the fuck out of her cheek. POP! Kimberly's hair flew around her face, and Stacy gave her another crisp slap that knocked her flat on her back. "Cunt!" swore Stacy, shoving Kimberly's legs open and straddling her in a 'ride the pony' position.

Slapped silly, it took Kimberly a second or two before she realized her position and what was going on. "Ung! Ung! Ung!" she grunted as Stacy pounded her pussy down on hers.

"Slut! You will give it up!" yelled Stacy as she ram-fucked her. Kimberly reached up and grabbed Stacy by the left tit. Stacy groaned, but grabbed Kimberly's right tit and squeezed her back as she continued to ram-fuck her. The two girls pulled on each other's areola as Stacy slammed pussy-to-pussy with Kimberly over a dozen times.

"Uuuummmm...mmmmyyy tittie," moaned Stacy, squaring up her cunt with Kimberly's cunt and grinding. Kimberly moaned as Stacy's clit forced itself under her hood. Still the two girls continued stretching out the other's areola as their clits catfought deep and high inside of Kimberly's cunt.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! My...fuckin'...pussy," moaned Kimberly, getting the shit fucked out of her. Stacy wiggled down harder, her pussy lips spreading out over Kimberly's pussy lips and massaging them over.

"Cum, you fuckin' whore, cum!" grumbled Stacy, her tit stretched downward at the nipple as Kimberly's clit was putting up a tough fight. Squeezing Kimberly's right tittie as hard as she could, Stacy started pounding her cunt against Kimberly's cunt.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" grunted Kimberly, trying to hold on, but losing it fast. "I'm cuuuuummmmin'!!!" The whole bed shook as Kimberly spased out a deep, gyrating orgasm that shook Stacy's hips so hard that the blonde thought she was orgasming too. Switching positions now, Stacy straddled Kimberly's chest and pinned her arms under her knees.

"" asked a near exhausted Stacy as her wet, sticky ass smashed flat Kimberly's 36c's.

Kimberly's head rolled back and forth on the pillow as she muttered, 'Nooooo.'

"Fine," panted Stacy, reaching behind herself with her left hand and finding Kimberly's pussy. "You will give, bitch," she then added, squeezing the auburn babe's pussy.

" pussy," sobbed Kimberly. ""

Stacy slid two fingers up the blown hole and twirled them around, "Oh, I think you've got one more to give."

" please...I can'," begged Kimberly, her plea falling on deaf ears.

Stacy stroked Kimberly's burning box, "I just want to make sure. You want to be sure. We both want to be sure you can't fuck anymore." Stroking Kimberly bald pussy like a soft, purring kitten, Stacy finger-fucked Kimberly into a blind, bawling orgasm. It was all Kimberly's cunt could do to muster up enough girl-cum so that she didn't have to dry heave the final orgasm that knocked her out!


Kimberly awoke a few minutes later as she felt something warm soothing her swollen, throbbing cunt. "Now, how's that feel?" asked Stacy, tenderly cleaning her up with a warm washcloth.

"Mmmmmm," moaned the groggy girl.

Stacy leaned down and softly kissed Kimberly just below the ear, "You're the best fuck I've ever had, and I don't want Josh…I want YOU!"

A little smile spread across Kimberly's teary cheeks as she sighed, "I'm all yours, baby."