Black & White Nurse Catfight: Stacy Fuson & Karin Taylor by kit

Karin turned over on her back and stretched her arms out over her head. Her long, lean body covering every inch of the lawn recliner as she thought about one more beer and perhaps another dip in the pool before leaving. A few feet away Stacy glanced over from the recliner she was laying in and watched as the raven beauty adjusted her tiny bikini top over her round, full tits and then pulled the crotch of her skimpy bottoms out of her snatch. The blonde wondered what it would be like to have breasts so big and full, but so far she'd never had any complaints about her soft, perky c-cups. Karin looked over and chuckled inside as she saw the blonde fidgeting with her tiny top and then folding her arms over her smooth waist. Karin's eyes roamed up and down the blonde's long, lovely frame, and although she didn't have anything to worry about in the chest department, she was mighty jealous of the blonde's silky fine hair and picture-perfect face. Stacy looked in Karin's direction, but since they both had on sunglasses, their contempt for each other couldn't be cast. Still, they knew what the other was probably thinking, and they had some real issues and problems that ought to be settled.

Stacy and Karin both worked at the same health clinic together. Karin was an RN and a top nurse while Stacy was merely an LPN and learning the craft. Karin wasn't exactly liked at work, but she was a hard worker and very respected by the doctors and her fellow peers. Stacy felt that Karin was a little too bossy and abrasive and something of a bully with other female nurses and office staff. To a degree it was true, but Karin was a firm believer that everyone should work as hard as she did and pull his/her weight. Karin felt that Stacy was a bit sassy, lazy and a little too cute for her own good. That was also true to a degree, but Stacy was very well liked by all in the office, even though she had a more promising future as a doctor's wife than an RN.

But besides their issues at work, Stacy and Karin rivaled each other in looks. Here there was no RN or LPN, just two beautiful bodies (one black, one white) with a lot to compare and none with a fault. Outside of the fact that they were both 5-9 and very close in weight (Karin 123, Stacy 120), most of the similarities stopped there. They were both sexy, beautiful and very easy on the eyes. Karin could best be described as a hardbody. She had black, shoulder length hair that she wore in tight, waterfall curls. A definite attractive face with seductive eyes and a cock-sucking mouth. Her body was feminely ripped, with a set of healthy, full 34d breasts, a tightly toned 231/2" stomach and a 34" ass that was hard and chiseled. Her long, brown legs were shapely and dead, fuckin' sexy.

On the other hand, Stacy could simply be classified as a 'snow bunny'. This blessed blonde had straight, silky hair past the shoulders and a face that was so sweet and pure that it was almost a sin to stare at. She had sexy eyes and full, red lips (cock suckers just like Karin's). Her long, lovely body was very girlish...soft and tender and her light complexion was more on the smooth, creamy side than the milky-white. Her 34c breasts were ample, but soft and cone-shaped. Stacy had a nice, smooth 24" tummy, broad 35" hips with a buttery-soft ass, and lovely, long legs. Both ladies also sported very attractive rectangular tribs. Karin's sex was coal-black and very wiry. Stacy's hump was sandy-blond with soft, curly hairs.

Ever since Rhonda (nurse) and her husband, and Liz (receptionist) and her husband and their small boy left a half-hour ago, the two women hadn't spoken to each other. Both had hoped that the other would leave with the rest, but when that didn't happen, they resided themselves in the peace and quiet.

Dr. McCoy was the head doc at the clinic, and he had an open-invitation for anyone at the clinic to use his pool, anytime, as long as they at least informed him prior to their arrival. This particular weekend, the good doctor was out of town and lots of people had come and gone. Now at 5:30 p.m., Sunday, it was down to just the black and the white, and their wish for some time alone (without each other) had passed. Karin was thinking about one more beer while Stacy was needing some more suntan oil.

"Hey, go get me a beer," said Karin when Stacy got up and walked to the table to get the oil. Stacy ignored her. "Hey," repeated Karin, a twinge in her voice.

Without looking back, Stacy replied, "I heard ya." Still there was no sign that Stacy was going to walk towards the back porch and get Karin's beer.

"Well?" asked Karin, in shock at the blonde's open defiance.

"Well, what?" asked Stacy, still not looking at Karin.

"I asked you to get me a beer," said Karin sitting up.

"And I said I heard ya," said Stacy, still not looking at her.

Karin stared at Stacy's backside. Gawd how she'd like to bend the blonde over her knee and blister her sweet ass raw. "Geez! Excuse ME then," growled Karin, realizing that Stacy was not going to do it. The back porch were the beer was in the fridge was some 50 feet away.

"Well," said Stacy as Karin brushed past her. “We're not at work."

Karin wheeled around. "What did you say?" Stacy was a bit stunned and startled that she'd gotten such a rise. "Are you mouthin' me?" asked Karin, taking a step forward and tossing her shades on a chair. Stacy knew they were about to have 'words', but she couldn't afford to back down now. At least, be able to do it and save face.

"We're not at work. You might be able to boss me there, but not here...not here do I have to do it," blurted the blonde taking off her sunglasses as her courage stood up.

Karin glared back. Their eyes danced and she was glad to see the blonde hold her ground, only so that she could bury her in it. "That's right, honey...we're not at work. We're definitely not at work, because if we were, I'd take it to Dr. McCoy...but we're not at work and he's not here, so that just leaves it to you and me." Stacy stared back into the black woman's eyes. She knew she was on the brink of getting into a fight. "You know," taunted Karin, sensing a golden opportunity to beat some respect into the blonde, either with fists or words. “You've got a real smart-ass attitude and I'm tired of it."

"Well I'm tired of you bossin' me 'round all day," shot Stacy, shifting her weight.

"Well get used to it, honey," fired Karin. "I'm gonna ride you're lazy ass into the ground." Having grown up on the wrong side of the tracks, Karin was used to mixing it up. She hadn't fought much lately, but a fight with Stacy would go a long way in making up for lost time.


It wasn't a crisp, clean slap, but more like Stacy's fingers popping across instead of her nice, open palm. Still, a slap is a slap - and it was a slap. Karin was much more stunned than hurt. She had a surprised look to her face as she touched her hand to her cheek, and Stacy seemed to be just as stunned until Karin snapped her out of it with a nice little return slap of her own.


"Well, bitch?" asked Karin as Stacy touched her cheek.

Stacy had two thoughts run thru her mind. First, was her first little catspat that she'd gotten into it with Julia back in high school when they were spending the night at Vanessa's house. She and Julia had pulled hair and slapped each other across the ass a few times as they rolled around on Vanessa's bed fighting over nothing other than just losing their tempers with each other. Second, the brief catfight she'd had last year in a bar with some bitch. They'd slapped each other a few times and got in some good hair pulls before they were separated. Sadly, they never saw each other again - to her regret.

"Are you just gonna stand there and look stupid, or are you gonna fight?" asked Karin.

"So you can tell Dr. McCoy and get me fired? I don't think so," said Stacy slowly shaking her head.

"Bitch, do you see Dr. McCoy around? Do you see ANYONE around?" asked Karin, leaning and glaring in. "It's just you and me. No one else...just us, bitch."

"I fuckin' hate you, you bitch," snarled the blonde, her eyebrows falling.

"Then c'mon, bitch," said Karin, getting nose-to-nose. "Fight me, bitch. Fight me!!" Letting loose with a shrill war cry, Stacy plunged her hands deep into Karin's curly tresses and yanked. Karin yelped out as her head was suddenly snapped straight backwards.

"Fuckin' bitch!" shouted the blonde, tearing back hard on Karin's hair as the black clutched at her forearms.

"Ooooww! Fuuuuuck!" cried Karin, loosing some hair. She swiped her nails across Stacy's left eye, lancing open the flesh over her cheekbone. Stacy flinched as her hands dropped down on Karin's breasts. "Yeow!" squealed Karin, instantly going for Stacy's globes. Their tiny tops didn't stand a chance as they were yanked down to bare their tits. Stacy gritted her teeth as she grabbed two big handfuls of firm, chocolate orb. Karin went to her tippy-toes clutching almost all of Stacy's soft, white melons.

"Uuuunnngggg!" grunted the blonde, squeezing and getting squeezed.

"Aaahhh! Aahh!" Karin moaned as their hands kneed each other's bare breasts.

"Ooohhh...ooohhh...shit, bitch," sang Stacy, going for both of Karin's dark areolas.

"Yeeeoowweee!" cried Karin, taking the blonde's areolas in her fingers. Her aroelas were flawlessly round and brown, and her nipples were short and stiff. Stacy's areolas were pink and puppy-nosed, very thick and meaty with small nipples on the ends.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" cried the blonde, dancing on her toes as her pink puppies were getting the shit twisted out of them. Karin's legs were buckled into bands of steel. The muscles jumped from her thighs and calves as she too was in equal pain but holding it in.

"FUCK!" Karin broke and screamed. Both let go but turned to each other's hair as they slammed breasts and started pulling.

"Uuunnggg!" grunted Stacy, shaking and shaking.

"B-i-t-c-h!" swore Karin, pulling like hell and giving the blonde a swift knee in the thigh. Stacy grunted as her left leg buckled from the blow on her thigh. Karin's left leg flew outward as Stacy slammed her knee into the inner meat. Twice more the black and white exchanged deep, bruising blows with their knees as they continued to pull hair like hell. "Oooww!" screamed Karin, bitch-slapping the fuck out of Stacy's cheek.

Stacy staggered, her ears ringing, but she flew out her right fist and tagged Karin across the jaw with it. Karin's head snapped sideways, but she righted herself and grabbed the blonde's hair. Slinging her by the hair in a circle three times Karin let go and threw her to the wind. Stacy sailed off the patio and landed on her ass in the soft, plush grass. " fuckin' bitch," moaned Stacy, rubbing her scalp and looking over at Karin.

"C'mon, slut. Get up and let's finish this," egged Karin, removing her no-good bikini top.

Stacy took off her top too, and as Karin approached, Stacy lunged at her from her sitting position. It was a slow developing move and not a very bright one as Karin easily caught Stacy's by the right arm and chomped her teeth into the forearm. "Oooowww!" howled the blonde, throwing her left fist into Karin's face. Karin naturally lost her bite, then went backwards a few steps when the blonde threw a stiff jab that busted her in the right tit. "How's your big, fuckin' tit feel now, you black fuck?" asked Stacy, pleased with her blow.

"Fuck you, bitch. At least I have a pair," gasped Karin.

"A pair of shitbags, that's all," said Stacy, lunging in with a swing. Caught off-guard, Karin took a fist in the stomach, but her tight abs soaked up the blow rather well.

Karin grabbed Stacy by the hair and yanked her backward. "Ssshhit," swore the blonde, her hands filling with curly black locks. Both ladies dug their toes into the lawn as they got down and dirty jerking and slinging each other back and forth by the tresses.

"'...blond...cunt!" yelled Karin, shaking Stacy's brains out.

"…black...bitch!" Stacy shouted, stretching out Karin's roots. As painful as it was, Karin and Stacy really got into pulling each other's hair. Stacy's soft, silky locks had always been the biggest object of Karin's jealousy, and she tore into the blonde with a vengeance.

"You fuckin' blond slut," swore the black. "I'm gonna rip out every strand of this fuckin' mop."

"Fuck you, you jealous black cunt," cussed the white. "At least I don't have kinky pubic hair on my fuckin' head."

Totally enraged by the racist comment, Karin yanked Stacy over at the waist and delivered her knee below the blonde's right eye. Stacy's head snapped violently backwards and Karin shoved her to the lawn on her back. "We'll see who has hair left on her head and who's bald when it's over," said Karin, pouncing across the blonde's chest. Grabbing Stacy's wrists, she pinned them over her head as she rolled her body on top and got her in a press. Stacy moaned as her 34C's felt the fullness of the black's 34D's engulf them and flatten them out across her chest. "I'm gonna grind your white ass in the dirt, bitch," snarled the black, locking legs with the blonde as she shifted her hips into position.

"Uuumm," the blonde groaned, twitching her hips and trying to work free. Holding Stacy in place, Karin started to roll with her shoulders and rock with her hips. Her superior black breasts easily dominated the white girl's soft, tender tits and her hips grinded down, spreading out Stacy's ass over the lawn. "Uumm, uumm, uumm, uumm," moaned Stacy, her left tit now sandwiched in dark cleavage and her pelvic bone bruising from the grinding.

"That's right, bitch," whispered Karin in her ear. "You white bitches can't hang when it gets down to it."

"Uumm...fuck you, slut," gasped Stacy, still struggling in vain to get free. Karin kept the heat up a few moments longer, and even though she was in control, she knew Stacy wouldn't submit to a mere body grind.

"Alright, bitch," Karin said, suddenly hopping into a straddle position and giving Stacy a crisp fist across the chin. The blow rattled the blonde, but she was quickly brought out of it as she felt her tits getting twisted and squeezed.


"I can't believe how small and soft these motherfuckers are," teased Karin, pulling them like taffy.

"Aaahh ggaawwdd!" howled the blonde, scratching Karin's wrists and forearms.

"Ouch! YOU BITCH!" yelped Karin, letting go and swiping a set of nails down Stacy's right cheek. "How's THAT feel, huh slut?"

“OWWWWW!“ Stacy screamed in pain, and Karin reached behind herself and grabbed the crotch of the blonde's bikini. She stretched it out and was just about the shove her hand inside when Stacy punched her in the left tit. Karin grunted deeply as it had been a very hard punch that her tit took. She scooted back over Stacy's thighs as the blonde bucked and tried to throw her off. Karin slipped between Stacy's legs and was now on her ass as the blonde's legs went high into the air and tried to wrap around her head. Karin caught Stacy by the back of the ankles and folded her halfway over. Stacy was now rolled up on her shoulders with her pretty painted toes over her face as Karin was on her knees pulling open her legs.

"NNNOOO!" screamed Stacy in fear as her cunt was wide open and looking straight up at Karin's face. Karin could see a little wet spot on the crotch of the bikini. It was either sweat or a little girl-cum from the hip/crotch grinding they had been doing just a few moments ago. "Aaarrrggg!!" cried the blonde, bucking and kicking.

It wasn't a long or deep bite, but it was a good one! Karin had caught the plump portion of Stacy's cunt in her teeth and chomped down hard. Stacy flipped out and rolled over on her stomach with her hands between her thighs while Karin now nestled her ass over the blonde's ass and grabbed her by the top of the hair. "What was that 'bout pussy hair on my head, bitch?" asked Karin, stretching the blonde's head back as she cried out. "You'll be lucky to have hair at either end when I’m done with you, bitch."

Stacy screamed as Karin pulled out a wad of her hair and went back for some more. "You fuckin' lil' blond bitch," said Karin, rubbing her hot brown ass back and forth on Stacy's soft, sexy ass. "I'm gonna teach you to catfight with ME!"

"Oooowww! Oooowww!" wept the beaten blonde as another clump of her ‘pride and joy’ was ripped from her head.

Karin continued to grind asses with Stacy as she was really enjoying having her hands filled with the blonde's soft, silky hair. Stacy begged for mercy, but got none as Karin pulled out another lump of bloody, blond roots. "I think I'll hang this shit up at work," said Karin, sliding up to Stacy's shoulders now and forcing her face into the grass.

"...pppleeaase...pppleeaase," bawled the blonde. "Ooowwww!" she yelped as her bikini was wedged up into her asscrack. Stacy humped the earth as Karin jerked her bikini as high up her crack as it would go, yanking and tugging, bouncing Stacy’s hips. The front of Stacy's cunt was also parted as the bikini was now pinching against her clit. Karin spanked her butt a few times before she grabbed a big handful of red ass and dug her nails in deep! Stacy screamed and fucked the ground some more as Karin ripped up her butt.

"You gonna have this sorry lookin' ass at work on time tomorrow, bitch?" asked Karin with a pinch.

"...Y-E-S, oohh yyyeeesss!"

"You gonna give me any more shit, slut?" asked Karin, slipping her fingers between the blonde's crack and flicking her nails against her parted pussy lips.

"Yeeooww!" Stacy barked, fucking the ground as Karin plunged her fingers deep.

"Well, bitch?"

"...fuuuck...I'll be good...I'll be good!" Stacy whimpered. Karin ran her fingernail back and forth, then pinched a nice clump of curly pubes and yanked. Stacy yelped as her hips fucked the ground and she pleaded for mercy.

" fuckin' piece of blond dog shit," growled Karin, tugging on those golden pubs. "I guess I better leave you a lil' ass to work off at work." Stacy screamed out as Karin plucked a pinch of pubs from her womanhood. "Anytime you bitch-talk me, bitch," promised Karin, shoving those pubs into Stacy's mouth, "I'm gonna rip out a fistful of your pussy and cram it down your fuckin' throat." Stacy coughed and gagged on the pubic hairs in her mouth as Karin proudly got up and stomped her foot into her red ass.