Gig Gangel vs. Anna Marie Goddard by Southgate

Goddard and Gangel stand in opposite corners of the ring. At forty-two, Gig is still in terrific shape; her outstanding body glistens in the harsh ring lighting. Ann Marie, a thirty-year-old Dutch beauty, is leaner than when she posed for Playboy, but looks a bit soft in comparison. Gig's big boobs still sit proudly on her chest - sure, she can make a pencil disappear under them, but the years have been very, very good to her. Her biceps present a distinct advantage.

Gig faces the crowd, talking to her fans. Anticipating the bell, Anna Marie strides quietly towards her. As the bell rings, Anna Marie seizes an unsuspecting Gig by the hair and slams her head into the thinly padded turnbuckle. Ann Marie throws a stunned Gig backward to the mat. Unprepared, Gig, lands hard, her back and head take the brunt of the fall. Anna Marie drops a knee into Gig's gut.

Gig rolls to her belly, trying to draw a breath. Anna Marie kicks Gig in her chest, then straddles her stunned opponent, sitting heavily on the small of her back. She grabs Gig's hair, jerks her head up, then slams a fist into the side of Gig's face. Anna Marie rakes her fingers across Gig's eyes, locks her fingers together, raises her hands high, and then slams an ax handle down on Gig's neck. A desperate gurgle spills out of Gig's mouth. Anna Marie claws her fingers into the muscles on the back of Gig's neck.

Gig writhes on the mat as Anna Marie's fingers dig deep. Gig reaches back trying to pry off Anna Marie's fingers, but she's nearly paralyzed. Anna Marie works the neck claw effectively for more than a minute, holding the older woman tight between her thighs.

"You should have retired, Ms. 'Big Uns'. You're out of your league," Anna Marie leers.

As Gig's resistance weakens, Anna Marie twists her left hand in Gig's hair. She pulls back viciously, jerking her head off the mat. Anna Marie rakes Gig's eyes again!. The Dutch woman's right hand reaches down, slips into the cup of Gig's jog bra and slashes jealously at her tit.

Gig screams and Anna Marie laughs. Smiling a vicious smile, Anna Marie tweaks Gig's nipple brutally for several agonizing seconds. Gig shifts her weight from side to side, nearly displacing her tormentor. Anna Marie reaches back with her right hand to claw Gig's ass and her clawing fingers find Gig's thong. Anna Marie seizes it and yanks it up! Gig's body stiffens, she's desperate. Gig reaches her left hand back, catching Anna Marie's hair entwined hand. She locates her foe's wrist and digs her fingernails into the soft underside of the wrist. Anna Marie yelps and wrenches her wrist free, letting go of Gig's hair.

"You old witch, I will teach you a lesson you won't ever forget," Anna Marie hisses.

Seizing the moment, Gig plants both hand on the mat and pushes up to all fours. Anna Marie is surprised by the maneuver. She looses her balance. Gig, her eyes tearing and her prize parts throbbing, grabs hold of Anna Marie's left thigh and flips onto her back, pinning Anna Marie under her. Gig braces on feet on the mat, leaning into her opponent. Anna Marie squirms under the pressure, but quickly manages to scissor her legs around Gig's waist and pulls her into a full nelson. Anna Marie locks her lean, strong thighs tightly around the soft midsection of the big blonde. Anna Marie stretches out her legs as she pulls back on Gig's arms, smiling at Gig's squeal.

Anna Marie slips a hand down and claws once more into Gig's oversized tits. Gig, thrashes wildly in obvious pain and Anna Marie's half nelson can't control her lurching. Gig rams her head back, catching Anna Marie in the nose. Momentarily star-struck, Anna Marie releases the scissors and kicks her foe away.

Both women take their time getting to their feet. Anna Marie, standing, rubs her nose and flashes the bird. Gig holds her hands up, fingers spread wide and, after glaring at her, Anna Marie accepts the challenge. They lock their fingers in a test of strength. Knuckles press into knuckles. Suddenly, Anna Marie slams her knee up into Gig's crotch, dropping the blonde to one knee.

"You're so stupid," Anna Marie jeers, as she twists her hands to put further pressure on Gig's wrists.

But Gig is a tough bird and she holds her ground. Slowly, Gig twists her hands back to a neutral position, then struggles back up to her feet. The two women press into each other, chest pressing into chest, heads braced together. For several moments, neither moves. Slowly at first, then decisively, Gig overpowers her younger rival. Anna Marie is soon dancing on her toes, her hands bent painfully upward. In charge finally, Gig marches Anna Marie backward, forcing her back to the ropes.

Gig releases her left hand and slams a series of punches to Anna Marie's belly and tits, but the resilient Anna Marie hangs on the ropes, blocking what she can and absorbing what she must. Anna Marie waits for an opening and, when she sees it, jams her thumb into Gig's left eye. Anna Marie spins her blinded foe around and rams her knee up into Gig's crotch, then slams a series of elbows across Gig's tits. Gig sprawls to the ropes as Anna Marie unloads a series of elbows smashes that mash her boobs flat.

"You're such a cow! I don't know how you can stand up!" Anna Marie jeers.

Anna Marie judo chops Gig in the throat, twice, and rakes her eyes again. Leaving Gig with her back slumped on the ropes, Anna Marie slips out onto the ring apron. Spinning Gig around, Anna Marie grabs her prize tits and stretches them, pulling them over the top rope. Anna Marie walks along the apron, dragging Gig the length of the ring and laughing as the rope burns and chaffs the sensitive underside of Gig's tits. Next, Anna Marie crashes an uppercut under Gig's chin that sends her crashing over backward to the mat. Anna Marie steps back into the ring, radiant.

Anna Marie Goddard hair-hauls Gig Gangel to her feet. Gig throws her elbow backward and catches Anna Marie in the belly, but Anna Marie stays on the attack. Twisting Gig around again, Anna Marie grabs her hair, yanks her forward and slams her headfirst into a raised knee. Gig spins around on rubber legs, allowing. Anna Marie to snap-mare her to the mat. Holding Gig's legs spread wide apart, Anna Marie stomps rapidly on her crotch. When Anna Marie attempts to flip Gig onto her belly to apply a Boston crab, however, Gig jerks a leg free. Anna Marie attempts to re-secure her hold, but Gig kicks out for all she's worth and her left foot catches Anna Marie squarely in the belly, drawing a loud, "Oooff!"

Gig goes flying and winds up on her ass. Both women need a few moments to recover.

Anna Marie is first on her feet. On the attack, she rushes at Gig, grabs two handfuls of hair and attempts to pull her to her feet. But Gig, still on one knee, drives her fist upward, deep into Anna Marie's belly getting all her weight behind the punch. Anna Marie straightens in obvious pain. Gig, gets to her feet and fires off a two-fisted series of gut-busting punches that leave Anna Marie tottering. Like a woman possessed, Gig pumps her fists into Anna Marie's body, beating her belly, boobs and arms. She drives Anna Marie backward across the ring.

Trapped on the ropes, Anna Marie tries unsuccessfully to cover up, but Gig will not be stopped - her fists beat the younger woman's body relentlessly. Gig explodes an uppercut into Anna Marie's chin, lifting her onto her toes, then slams a knee into Anna Marie's crotch. For retribution, Gig slaps a judo chop across Anna Marie's neck and Anna Marie wobbles, ready to fall. Gig pushes Anna Marie backward into the ropes. She slides down, her arms spread wide across the top rope. Gig leaps up, crashes a double ax-handle to Anna Marie's chest and then grabs her by both ears, pulling her face to hers.

"You're a cheating, big-mouth slut and I own your sorry ass," Gig decrees.

Gig puts Anna Marie in a headlock, jerks her head violently then bull-dogs the taller woman to the mat. Anna Marie rolls to her side, but cannot get up. Gig lands with both knees in Anna Marie's rib cage. Turning her over, Gig straddles her waist, pinning her arms under her knees. Gig grabs two hands full of Anna Marie's soft boobs and corkscrews her tits. Anna Marie thrashes wildly, but can't unseat her tormentor.

Taking firm grip of Anna Marie's left tit with her right hand, Gig reaches back with her left and seizes Anna Marie's thong, wedging it deep into its owner. Gig twists Anna Marie's boob as hard as she can - brutal payback for the rope burn Anna Marie inflicted on her tits. When Anna Marie's wailing reaches a crescendo, Gig reaches back with her fist and pummels Anna Marie's gut.

Anna Marie fades and Gig rolls to her side, wraps her legs around Anna Marie's waist and pulls her head forward into the tits. Anna Marie grunts and groans as Gig's legs put unbearable pressure on her chest. Anna Marie's ribs feel like they're about to cave. Gasping for every breath, she manages to turn her head and sink her teeth into Gig's left tit.

Gig screams, grabs Anna Marie by the hair and yanks her head away from her chest.

"You bitch!" she shouts as she squeezes her legs as tight as she can around Anna Marie's body.

Anna Marie moans, near the breaking point. Her eyes open wide, then begin to glaze over. But Gig's legs suddenly snap open!

She stands up and hair-hauls the hapless and helpless Anna Marie to her feet.

Wrapping her arms around Anna Marie's back, Gig lifts her in a bear-hug. Anna Marie grunts each time Gig tightens her arms. Her smaller, soft chest is completely flattened by Gig's natural wonders. Gig struts slowly around the ring carrying her prize, crushing every last bit of resistance from her foe. With a last crushing squeeze, Gig lifts Anna Marie high, then drops her to the mat. Anna Marie is finished!

Gig stands hands on hips, breathing deeply as the fans roar their approval.