Gig Gangel vs. Roberta Vasquez by kit

Gig pulled the faded denim jeans past her shapely 36" hips and snapped the button around her firm 24" waist. The jeans fit just the way she liked; tight and molding to her strong thighs and round calves.

A few miles away, Roberta was pouring her 36" ass into a pair snug-fitting, crisp black jeans. She admired her 40" chest, and hoped that the heavily padded bra she was about to put on would protect her most prized and valued assets. Pulling a white T-shirt over her head, Roberta tucked it in and fastened the jeans around her solid 25" abs. Taking a few deep breathes, she then relaxed and slipped on a thick, red sweatshirt.

Gig stuffed her 38" chest into a heavily padded bra and tried to see if she could feel her enormous nipples. She could, but just barely. Putting on a T-shirt and heavy, blue/white striped rugby jersey did the trick and seemed like it would offer the right amount of protection for the attack she knew would come on her breasts. Checking themselves out in the mirror one last time, Gig and Roberta lined their fingers with an assortment of rings and hoped that they'd be the one to come out on top in this long overdue showdown with each other.

Around 3:30 p.m. Gig turned on to the long driveway leading up to her boyfriend's parent's house. It was a large 4-bedroom ranch-style house nestled in a wooded area just outside of the city in a very exclusive developing area. Already several vehicles were there, but she noticed that Roberta's Honda wasn't present. Parking her black Mustang behind a brand new SUV, Gig checked herself in the mirror and remembered her last arranged catfight three years ago.

"Hi, baby," said Mark, greeting her at the front door.

"Hi, sweetheart," she responded, putting her arms around his neck and locking lips with him. "Is that slut here yet?"

"No, not yet," he said. "Nervous?"

"Yeah, a little...but I'm ready," she said, leaning in for another French kiss.

Coming down the driveway Roberta fumed at the sight she saw displayed at the front door. "Gggrrr...that bitch!"

"You better go inside now," Mark said, noticing Roberta's Honda coming to a stop.

Gig turned around. "That fuckin' spic. What do you see in her?"

"You're ass is mine, whore!" shouted Roberta, getting out of her car.

"Fuck you, bitch!" yelled Gig, as Mark grabbed her by the arm and pushed her inside of the house.

"No, bitch, fuck you!" volleyed Roberta.

Mark went to meet Roberta in the driveway and cooled her down with a hot lip lock. Roberta moaned as their tongues rolled together and his hand squeezed her butt. Inside, Gig was being restrained by some of her friends there to watch the fight as Mark and Roberta walked arm-in-arm to the house.

Two years ago these southern California beach babes met each other thru mutual friends, and they had been running in the same circles ever since. Right away the buxom blonde and busty Hispanic didn't get along, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago when they both started dating Mark did their dislike spill over into rage and jealousy and the desire to beat each other to a pulp.

Upon entering the house, the two 21-year-olds had to be held back as they swore and threatened each other from across the room. After a minute or so, they both calmed down a bit as their friends pushed beers and smokes into their hands while waiting on the rest of the gang to arrive for the 4 PM fight. Mark spent a few minutes with each of them, talking and kissing until the time to fight had arrived. Gig was escorted first thru the house and out the back by her friends, and then Roberta came out with Mark and the others. Gig shouted as she watched Mark kiss Roberta one more time before joining her for her 'good luck' kiss.

"You fuckin' bitch! You're sssoooo dead!" yelled Roberta as Gig sucked Mark's tongue into her mouth.

"Go get her, baby," Mark said softly.

"Do you really want me?" her eyes asked.

"Yeah, I do," he said, with a final peck on the lips.

"C'mon, bitch! Let's go! Let's fight!" shouted Roberta, trying to push her way past Jeff.

"Let's go, bitch!" yelled Gig as Mark told Jeff to let Roberta loose.

The crowd of about 30 now cheered on their favorite as the blonde and raven-haired beauty rushed together with out-stretched hands. Gig and Roberta pushed and pawed for just a few seconds before their fingers sealed up and they tested each other's strength. Both girls stood 5-8, but Roberta owned a weight advantage of 125 to 115. Still it didn't really matter as both were in great physical shape and veterans of several catfights. The girls called each other several choice names as they worked their freshly manicured and highly polished red nails into the back of each other's wrists while shoving and leaning in together.

"You fuckin' cunt," growled Roberta, her breasts butting with Gig's breasts as she bent back the blonde's left wrist.

"OW! Bitch," winced Gig, rubbing her breasts across Roberta's and reversing the wrist battle.

"OW! OW! OW!" squealed Roberta, dropping to a knee as her hands rolled backward when Gig delivered a kneecap into Roberta's left breast. The Hispanic beauty grunted as the blonde jerked her back to her feet.

"Slut!" said Gig, breaking her right hand loose and punching Roberta in the left tit, which was still bouncing from the knee blow.

"Uuunnnnngg!" groaned Roberta, throwing her head back and closing her eyes.

Breaking her other hand loose, Gig now sank her paws inside of Roberta's thick, raven locks and jerked forcefully. Roberta clutched Gig's forearms, but Gig continued to jerk and yank as Roberta's friends encouraged her to pull the blonde's hair.

"Oouuch!" yelped Gig, her hair now tugged.

Gig tried to unscrew Roberta's head as they both swayed sideways and dropped to one knee. Gig called Roberta a 'bitch' and then took her down by the hair and fell on top of her. Roberta grunted as their boobs collided, but yanked Gig off by the hair and rolled on top. Gig jerked Roberta off, and for the next several moments the two girls rolled back and forth trying to get their legs around each other as they fought for the upper position.

"OW! Bitch!" barked Roberta as her right tit took a squeeze.

"I'm gonna tear it off!" shouted Gig, trying to turn the big boob. "OWWW!"

"I'll tear yours off first!" Roberta yelled, twisting on Gig's left globe.

Over and over the two girls rolled, still pulling hair while trying to hurt each other with nipple pinches. Luckily for both, their heavy shirts and padded bras protected them as the assault was more discomfort than painful. Working her way on top, Gig trapped Roberta's arms under her knees and immobilized her. Sinking her hands in the Hispanic's hair, Gig bounced her head against the lawn four or five times before giving her cheek a nasty slap with her right palm.

"Now to tear off your tits," said Gig, grabbing both orbs and squeezing like hell.

"Oooowww! M…m…my tits!" wailed Roberta, bucking and kicking her legs and hips as Gig slammed her tits into each other repeatedly.

"Give it up, bitch!" demanded Gig, almost getting bucked off. Feeling Roberta's snatch bucking against her ass, Gig reached back and gave the Hispanic's crotch a squeeze thru her tight, black jeans.

"Nnnnoooo!" cried Roberta, feeling her jeans start to open. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIP!

"I'm gonna get that pussy," promised Gig, trying to work her hand inside of the tight jeans. In complete fear, Roberta really bucked and kicked as she felt Gig's nails drag thru her hairs and go for her hole. "Fuckin' jeans," muttered Gig, unable to get completely inside of Roberta's cotton panties.

"Yeeeeoooowwww!!" cried Roberta as she felt Gig pull on several fingers full of bushy, black pubic hair. Bucking wildly as her pubs were plucked out, Roberta suddenly found her face covered by one of Gig's big tits.

"Ooooowwww!!" cried the blonde, immediately rolling off and holding her right tit. Roberta wasted no time in rolling to her knees and reaching for Gig's zipper. Stunned, Gig didn't realize her jeans were getting unbuttoned until she heard the zip and felt a hand dive down. "Ooohhh nnnoooo!" she screamed, grabbing Roberta by the wrist. But it was too late. Roberta was able to tear out several curly hairs as Gig slung her backwards by the hair. Their group of friends were awed at what they had just seen as Roberta and Gig quickly got up, but hesitated in attacking.

"How's your pussy feel, bitch?" asked Gig, while they took a moment to collect their breathes.

"How's YOURS feel, bitch?" Roberta asked in return as they both zipped and buttoned their jeans.

"Wanna give, bitch?" asked Gig.

"I think you're the one who'd better give," said Roberta.

"Get her Gig!" someone shouted.

"Go Roberta!" yelled another.

Both girls knew that this wasn't going to be just another catfight. So far both had been pretty lucky, but both felt confident that they could win, and with their friends egging them on they lunged full force at each other.

"Fuckin' bitch!" they both shouted as they filled their hands with hair and pulled.

Their friends cheered while they spent several intense moments viciously jerking and yanking each other back and forth and side to side.

"Oooww! You...fuckin'...cunt!" barked Roberta, yanking Gig over and giving her a knee in the face. The knee caught Gig flush on the left cheekbone, sending her straight up and with a buzzing head. But Gig responded with a hammering uppercut to the chin that rocked Roberta to the core and caused her to bite her tongue. Roberta staggered back, gasping and spitting blood as her hands cupped her face. Grabbing the bottom of Roberta's red sweatshirt, Gig yanked it up around the Hispanic's head, tying up her arms and blinding her vision as she now latched on to her tits and squeezed them thru the white T-shirt.

"Yeeoooww! Sssshhhit!" wailed Roberta, stumbling back and frantically removing her sweatshirt.

Gig ripped Roberta's T-shirt, exposing her massive breasts in her big bra. "I'm gonna rip those fuckers OFF!" she yelled, ripping away more of the T-shirt.

"No you're not!" shouted Roberta, knocking away Gig's hands as she grabbed the bottom of Gig's rugby shirt and jerked it up her body.

Gig fought to keep her shirt on, but Roberta was too determined and had a good hold on it. Now that her arms were tied up over her head, Gig simply back out and allowed the jersey to come off, leaving her in her white T-shirt also. With their friends encouraging them to attack each other's tits, the girls did just that. Springing forward they both went for the two things they hated most about each other. Since Roberta's T-shirt was already shredded, Gig had the advantage as she latched on to Roberta's tits and squeezed them thru the bra. Her nails dug into the flesh exposed and she twisted them back and forth as Roberta was squeezing on one tit while tearing at the T-shirt with the other. Dancing in a wide circle, Roberta's right tit popped out just as she tore Gig's T-shirt open to the waist.

"Aaaahhh fuuuuuuck!" cried Roberta as her right nipple was stretched and turned.

Knocking away Gig's hand from her tit, Roberta doubled over cupping her wounded boob. Blood from her bleeding tongue ran down the corners of her mouth as she stepped back with tears pooling in her dark eyes.

"Uuuuggghhh!!" Roberta's body jolted as she was brought to the toes of her white Nikes. Her jaws gaped open and her eyes bugged out as she clutched her busted womanhood from the toe of Gig's white K-Swiss tennis shoe. Gig grabbed her by the top of the hair and slung her to the ground on her back. Quickly she plopped down on the Hispanic's broad belly and jerked the rest of her bra below her breasts. Roberta howled as Gig's sharp talons buried in her firm, brown jugs. A wicked grin spread across the blonde's face as she took the two brown areolas in her fingers and pulled.

"Aaaaarrrrggggg!!" screamed Roberta, fighting back on sheer animal instinct as she jerked down Gig's bra and squeezed her tits.

"Fuuuuuck!" cried Gig, throwing her head back but still stretching out Roberta's rotund areolas.

Roberta yanked Gig off with a handful of hair, and together they rolled across the lawn pulling hair and running their nails over each other's breasts. Roberta received the worst of the exchange as Gig nearly broke her neck with a nasty hair pull. The group was now in a frenzy, cheering, as two of their friends started a catfight of their own. With another catfight going on, half the crowd turned their attention to that as the other half watched Gig roll on top and straddle Roberta again.

"Give it up, bitch," said the blonde, pulling hard on the sides of Roberta's hair.

"Ooouuucchh! Never!" cried Roberta, her eyes squinting as she pulled on a handful of hair.

"Then I'll make you!" shouted Gig, going for her tits.

SLAP! Roberta connected with a slap across the cheek that knocked Gig off. The crisp, clean smack left solid fingerprints as Roberta rolled semi on top and drove her knee into Gig's open snatch.

"Uuuunnngggg!!" Gig grunted loudly as her sex was busted. Now it was the blonde's turn to jolt. Her titties bounced and her teeth clanged in her head as Roberta straddled over her and pulled on the top of her hair.

"Oooooowwwww!" There went one handful of hair.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" There went another.

Grabbing a handful of hair and tit alike, Gig jerked Roberta sideways as the two girls locked up their legs and rolled back and forth in heated combat.

"Ooooowwww!" A tittie was clawed.

"Sssshhhit!" Hair was pulled.

"Aaaaarrrrggg!" A nipple was pinched.

"AAIIIIEEEEEE!!! Fuuuuuck!" A thumbnail dug into an areola.

Grinding hips, Gig and Roberta lay locked sideways pulling on the top of each other's hair and twisting the shit out of a succulent nipple. Both screaming that the other should give. Each screaming that she wouldn't.

"Fuuuuck...leg…ooohh!" cried Roberta, no longer able to take the pain that her nipple was under.

"Never!" grimaced Gig, twisting harder than ever before.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" Roberta screamed, letting go of the blonde's nipple and punching her in that tit.

"Uuunnnngg!" grunted Gig as her tit was punched and some of the skin cut by Roberta's rings.

Still tightly locked on the ground, Gig and Roberta didn't stop fighting as they took two hands of hair and pulled. Rolling along the lawn, the blonde and Hispanic jerked, stretched and twisted each other's hair as their big tits went at it in bruising, banging fashion. Back and forth, back and forth. Over and over. Tit to tit. Navel to navel. Crotch to crotch. Leg to leg. Hair pull to hair pull. Gig rolled on top.

"Fuckin' bitch! Oooouuuuch!" Roberta dragged her off, tearing out a handful of hair from the back of her head.

"Oooowww! Sssshhhhhit!" screamed Roberta, loosing a big chunk of hair as she tried to roll on top.

Gig clawed Roberta's wrists, forcing her to let go of her hair and then grabbing them in her hands. "You fuckin' bitch! I hate you!" shouted Gig, rolling on top and pinning Roberta's hands to the ground above her head. She slammed her tits into Roberta's tits.

"Ugh! Git… fat…CUNT!" grunted Roberta, struggling to get her arms or legs free.

"No! Never! Give it up, slut," ordered Gig, in clear control and rolling her tits in a circle with Roberta's tits.

"Fuck you! Never," responded Roberta, humping her crotch into Gig's.

"Fuckin' bitch! Dyke...fuckin' lesbo," said Gig, matching Roberta's thrust with one of her own, while still rolling nipples with the Hispanic.

For a few seconds Gig and Roberta hammered their snatches together. Each one bringing a grunt or a groan as they were now sailing in uncharted waters. Never before in a catfight had they used their pussies to bring another female down. Gazing into each other's eyes, they saw the deep, jealous hate and envy they had for each other. But they also felt each other's nipples stiffen and crust over against her own.

"Miserable cunt!" groaned Roberta, blood still drooling from her mouth.

"Fuckin' spic!" hissed Gig, bouncing her tits up and down as she started fucking Roberta thru their jeans.

The guys were going absolutely ape, and some of the girls too, as Gig bounced up and down with her tits and ground with her hips.

"Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung!" grunted Roberta, pinned, trapped, and completely under Gig's control.

Gig's huge, hard nipples stabbed and pierced Roberta's nipples, bending and inverting them with each and every thrust and stab, while her crotch frantically rubbed up and down in piston-like fashion. Roberta struggled and swore, but Gig was strong...too strong, and she quickly found herself growing uncontrollably wet and hot between the legs as her 40" bust was taking a beating from Gig's 38" guns and hard nipples as she mashed her tits into Roberta's; spreading them out as her nipples penetrated Roberta's dark areolas sending shockwaves thru the Hispanic's hot, horny body. Up and down, she now hammered Roberta's pussy with her own pussy in jackhammer fashion. Roberta was brought to quick, painful, deep grunts and groans as her loins began to bubble with girlie cum.

"Ung, ung, ung! Oh gawd! Ung! Oh gawd! Ung! Stop...stop it, ung!"

Moist herself, Gig didn't quite realize she was about to make Roberta cream her jeans. Unused to this type of fighting, and a little embarrassed by it now, Gig stopped and asked Roberta if she'd had enough.

" win," huffed Roberta, her eyelids fluttering as her orgasm was stopped just in time. Losing a catfight was one thing, but the last thing she wanted was to give up her sex in a fight, and especially give it up to Gig.

Gig rolled off and lay on her back. Some cat-calls were made in reference to the damp area between her legs, and some even suggested she 'came'. Roberta rolled over on her belly. Now crying and holding herself between the legs. She coughed and spit blood as Mark went to his new girlfriend and helped her up. Thru teary eyes, Roberta looked over her shoulder to see her arch rival and Mark walk arm-n-arm towards the house, and surely up to his room.