Jennifer Garner’s Diary (excerpt #1) by Tank

Jennifer Garner lay on her bed wearing an unbuttoned red blouse and tiger stripe shorts. Barefoot and without a bra, her nipples pressed into the bed as she lay on her belly as she flipped through her diary. No one, not even her husband was privy to what was written in her diary. Though Ben knew Jen took pride in her catfighting ability, even he could never imagine that his lovely wife had taken it this far. Jen, however, was seriously considering having her diary published as part of her memoirs after her acting career came to an end. She is writing, therefore, not only to herself but also to a worldwide audience.

Here are some a few of the juicier passages in her diary (in which she talks about her opponents). This is part of what she’s submitted to several publishers - along with a draft describing her early life and the start of her career…
* * * * * *
"Few people realize how much it means to a female celebrity to win a fight against another celeb. The thought of losing to a lovely rival has always been unacceptable to me. Even worse, I would say its the single most humiliating experience I can possibly endure. Since the public identifies me in good part with my fighting ability and my fans look up to me because of my roles as Sydney Bristow and Elektra, it is imperative I never lose a fight to another actress in public."

"Cameron Diaz- There are some who accuse me of fighting only the women I know I can beat. I've heard I'm afraid to take risks. In fighting a woman like Cameron, I hope I've proved them wrong. She was as tall as me(5'9), and was very tough and athletic. We fought like two women possessed with the advantage going back and forth. I was wearing a red bikini and hers was powder blue. It was the dread of losing that pushed us. Finally, I began to break her. I had her groveling on her knees as I dealt her a beat down. All she could do was tear at my panties. She submitted to me and between her bawling I forced her to apologize for being so rude to me. Once a woman has done all she could to defeat you and still ends up on the losing end, well, she's mine for the taking. I couldn't help slapping her around the rest of the night and flaunting my superiority. For I knew she would have done the same to me if she could."

"Jessica Simpson- She was much shorter than me but her body impressed me in her red bikini. I wore a bikini of black. She looked very fit for our fight. My slashing kicks and punches to her body and breasts, though, soon had her doubled over and cringing. I was too big and skilled for her. The pain in her eyes was evident to me very early in the fight after I landed a couple of kicks to her ribs. Of course, I had her blubbering. What would you expect? I think little Jessie is a very pretty girl but definitely no match for a real woman like me. My biggest problem during that fight was certainly not her. It was the back of my black panties sliding halfway down my butt during the fight which I constantly had to pull back up. "

"Sarah Michelle Geller- I dreamed of fighting her ever since I saw her as Buffy. I'm sure there are many who really believed she could kick my ass based on the fictional character she played. I was poised and ready to break down her petite body. I dressed in a leopard skin bikini for that fight. There's nothing like leopard skin to make a woman feel wild and dangerous. I thought of myself as Jungle Jennifer and after I dominated her little ass, she must have thought the same of me. I remember vividly her quivering in my arms as I carried her into the bedroom to complete my domination of her."

"Sharon Stone- I felt so insulted and disrespected when she challenged me. Its not like she was in her early 90's form. If she was, I'm sure it would have been a very savage encounter for both of us. But things as they were, she was in her late forties and overrated herself. She couldn't stand up under my snapping blows. I hurt her early and often. She tried to crawl away from me as if the fight would end when SHE wanted it to. But by then my adrenaline was flowing. I grabbed her by her hair and continued my beat down until she begged me to stop. Then I took time to wiggle my ass in her face before I left. She was sobbing and humiliated. You may still be a pretty tough woman, Sharon, but you're not what you were. You should have left it alone."

"Denise Richards- Denise is a wildcat. I always considered her a worthy opponent. Yet I also see her as my natural prey. I feel I must look my very best when I fight her. I first met her when I bumped into her at a party. I'm three inches taller than she is but I felt so much much bigger than her in my three inch heels. I had been so impressed with her in Wild Things. Here was a woman who looked so lovely in a bikini yet she was also tough and wild. I wanted her badly. We've fought several times and I've always vanquished her.
"Its difficult to put into words how I feel when I fight Denise. Her tight, warm butt fits perfectly on my lap. When I wrap my strong, athletic thighs around her shapely, silky thighs and slowly maneuver them around her little thong it feels like they belong they found a home. We usually end up bare breasted when we tussle and her big luscious biscuits are always conspicuous as she struggles on my lap. I enjoy watching her breasts expand upwards below my eyes, her nipples lightly spearing my neck and chin as she pants in my clutches. When I get tired of it, I'll clamp my forearms and biceps around them and put an abrupt end to it.
"Another thing I love about fighting Denise is the fact that she will always fight tooth and nail and never gives up easily. I love her spunk. As she struggles, she really believes she's going to escape and turn the fight it will be different this time. I always allow her a few minutes of struggling and grunting, knowing my body is a little stronger than hers and that I can break her whenever I want. But she keeps right on scrapping, grunting, and twisting her body every which way, always hopeful of escaping. When she begins to irritate me like when she flashes her nails at my eyes and breasts, I just take a deep breath and flex my thigh muscles and forearms around her with all my power. Then she finally realizes its over. I love staring down into her blue eyes to catch the initial tears streaming down her soft cheeks and the look of utter helplessness on her gorgeous face as I squeeze her body tightly and unmercifully.
"I remember once I positioned my thighs and biceps around her in just the right place. As I squeezed her, she almost simultaneously began to cry, drool from her mouth, and wet her thong as she submitted to me. I felt my nipples getting hard as they pressed into her upper back. The high pitched squeak in her voice as she submitted to me coupled with the sensation of a warm liquid trickling from her little pink thong onto my well muscled thighs was for me a feeling of sensual gratification I'll never forget. I felt a surge of power course through my body like I never felt before. I kept her on my lap and gazed at her bawling like a little girl. I wanted to prolong the experience as much as I could. I felt like I had broken her not only physically but emotionally as well. I have never felt more womanly, never felt sexier or as dominant as I felt at that moment. I also felt the strongest urge to force her naked butt over my lap and spank her for the longest time which I did. Don't know what comes over me when I wrestle her. To this day, though, she's still willing to fight me. Imagine that!"
* * * * * *
Jen also gave the publisher her impressions of some celebrities she has not fought YET, but whom she would like to face in the near future…

"Naomi Campbell - I didn't fight Naomi. I was working out in a gym when I spotted her in a corner punching the light bag. Her speed and rhythm was very impressive to me as she punched the bag in her sweaty gray top and navy blue shorts. I heard of her reputation as a bully and always told myself that if ever I ran into her I would challenge her to a fight. But I didn't go through with it. I remember I had an appointment for an interview a couple of hours later and felt it wasn't the right time. I still think of the huge notch I could put in my belt and the esteem I would have for myself should I ever fight and defeat her. I realize now that maybe I DO have to push myself a little more to take on greater risks and challenges.

"Jessica Biel is another I’d love to defeat some day. She is one tawny, well muscled woman, though, and would present quite a challenge. Beyonce and of course, Jennifer Lopez, are two others I would take great pride in vanquishing. Watching Beyonce as she dances, her strong legs and hard abs, her explosive energy and the way she can maneuver her body leads me to believe she would be very difficult to subdue. I know I should really have it out with Lopez someday. She strikes me as one tough, hot-blooded Latina. But if I'm really serious about cat-fighting and want to be highly regarded, a fight with her just to prove who the better woman is, would be essential. Have to choose the right time for it.

"Charlize Theron strikes me as a very worthy opponent; she's tall and gives the impression she knows how to tussle. I’ve heard from friends who’ve fought her that ‘Charlie’ will do just about anything after you’ve forced her to submit. That alone is incentive enough for me to want to fight - and beat - her.

“Kelly Hu is a few inches shorter, but I've always seen her as being a dangerous opponent. I used to watch her in ‘Martial Law’ and fantasize what it would be like to face her.

“Demi Moore and Karen MacDougal are two women who’d earn me a great deal of prestige if I defeat them. Karen is very fit and tough through and through; Demi isn't getting any younger but I’d still have to be in top shape for both of these fights.

“I'll keep training and working out and hope the time comes soon when I can seize the opportunity before I'm too old. I’d love to add some of these impressive ladies to my resume before my career is done. I do hate the thought of losing to any of them - but especially Lopez!"