Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Jennifer Garner (from CWC) by catfight contributor

She waited right where the letter had told Sarah Michelle Gellar to meet her. The TV station that had allowed her to use the studio after hours even had their crew lay down some mats! She was sure Sarah Michelle was wondering who sent the letter. There were some pretty harsh things said in there - Sarah Michelle was called a "has-been" and a "no talent blonde bimbo", and told that she, "couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag." The letter even went so far as to say that, "You're no longer the queen of teen TV...I am!"

So there she stood, wearing a black tanktop and a pair of short, tight, white sweat shorts, waiting for Sarah Michelle to arrive. A few more moments passed and the door swung open, with Sarah Michelle looks toward the mat.

"Jennifer Garner. It figures..."

Sarah Michelle took a moment to collect her thoughts. For all Jennifer's talk, she knew that just like her, most of her fighting had been carefully staged for a TV show, and much of it performed by stunt doubles. But she also knew that, for their public images, neither woman could afford to get thrashed by the other. And the Alias star certainly looked more powerfully built than she was, so she knew she'd have to use her smarts to survive this.

Dressed in her black skirt and white tank top, Sarah Michelle kicked off her shoes and took a tentative step toward Jennifer...then, realizing she had to project confidence, took a bolder one. "Now's when you find out what a real fight feels like, bitch!" she warned, hoping her shaky voice wouldn't betray her. Jennifer looked her adversary up and down, not knowing what to think at the moment... trying to decide if Sarah Michelle really was confident, or if it was a front. But then she realized that now was not the time to think about such things. She had made the challenge and, ready or not, it was about to happen. She wasn't going to back down and she knew that Sarah Michelle wasn't either. Stepping ever closer to Sarah Michelle, Jennifer started slowly running one hand through Sarah Michelle 's blonde hair, the other one resting on her own hip.

"I'll give you one last chance to turn around and run away," she said, then yanked on Sarah Michelle 's hair, pulling her head back. "You got that?!"

"Ow! Ow!" Sarah Michelle yelped as the taller woman tugged on her hair.

Sarah Michelle immediately tried to yank free, but Jennifer's grip was tight. Even when she grabbed her by the wrist and tried to force a release, she couldn't budge her. Finally, realizing the best defense would be a good offense, Sarah Michelle thrust her fist forward and punched Jennifer in the gut. Reflexively, Jennifer released her hair hold, and Sarah Michelle pulled free and took a step back.

Recovering quickly from the blow, Jennifer took a step toward her opponent with her arms raised in the air. Sarah Michelle wasn't dying to join in a test of strength with her well-muscled opponent, but knew it would be a big psychological disadvantage to back down this early. Raising her arms in the air, she reluctantly entered the lockup and poured everything she had into hanging in. Jennifer grimaced, surprised as the smaller girl briefly held her own but then she started to bear down, not wanting to lose the psychological and physical, edge. Slowly, she started pushing Sarah Michelle backward, bending and twisting Sarah Michelle's hands and making the blonde scream - and eventually she forced her to her knees. Once Sarah Michelle was on her knees in front of her, Jennifer let go of her hands and hit her with a chop to the neck.

"Ughh..." Sarah Michelle moaned as she tumbled face first to the mat.

Just as Jennifer reached down and grabbed her hair, Sarah Michelle lunged forward at her opponent's knees, trying to bring her down. She couldn't quite pull it off, but in disgust Jennifer released her hair and kicked her forward, knocking Sarah Michelle back on her ass but giving her some much sought after freedom. As Sarah Michelle scrambled to her feet ready to face her rival once more, Jennifer was already on the attack!. Maneuvering behind her ust as Sarah Michelle got up, Jennifer trapped her in a sleeper hold, pulling her in tightly against her own body.

"I thought you'd put up more of a fight than this," she taunted, punctuating her statement by ramming her knee repeatedly into Sarah Michelle's backside while still keeping up the pressure from the sleeper hold.

Sarah Michelle yelped every time Jennifer's knee drove into her tight butt. Using both hands, she tried to pry her captor's arms away, but to no avail. Desperately thrashing, she knew she needed to escape soon to avoid an embarrassingly quick finish she'd never hear the end of. Lifting her foot up, she slammed it onto Jennifer's. But while it elicited a grunt, it didn't come close to bringing her release. So Sarah Michelle lifted it up again, then drove her heel back into Jennifer's knee as hard as she could. When the heretofore dominant woman stumbled, Sarah Michelle slipped down and squirmed free.

Afraid of what might happen if she took too much time, Sarah Michelle pivoted around and lunged into her unsuspecting opponent, trying desperately to bring her down. Caught a little off guard and off balance, Jennifer fell as Sarah Michelle pounced on her. She managed to roll over within seconds of hitting the mat, though gaining the upper hand on Sarah Michelle as she rolled her over and underneath her. Jennifer took a moment to settle herself, then started unleashing slap after slap into Sarah Michelle's face, screaming at her between slaps...

"I'm gonna teach you how to play nice, bitch!"

"Oh God! Ow!" Sarah Michelle moaned as the slaps continued to rain down, her bare legs kicking in the air.

Sarah Michelle grabbed her tormentor, trying to push her away, but the more powerful woman resisted her attempts and continued her assault until Sarah Michelle was covering her face with her arms and sniveling as she cowered. Seeing little resistance from her opponent, Jennifer reached down and grabbed Sarah Michelle's shirt, trying to either tear it or strip it entirely to assert her dominance. But during her temporary reprieve from being beaten, Sarah Michelle startled Jennifer by suddenly reaching up with her both hands and sinking her nails into her face. Jennifer screeched in surprise and pulled backward, pulling free but also tumbling off of the captive blonde.

All Sarah Michelle could think about was putting some space between the two of them, and she quickly got to her hands and knees and tried to scurry away. But it was only a moment before a wild-eyed Jennifer, furious at the cheap-shot, sprawled forward and grabbed her by the ankles and started pulling her closer. Sarah Michelle 's nails clawed the mat as she tried frantically to crawl away but her attempt failed completely when Jennifer dropped her legs and dropped on her back.

"Not so fast....." Jennifer said as she lifted up a bit and then slammed her ass down on Sarah Michelle 's lower back, before settling and sitting there. She leaned forward and wrapped her fingers under Sarah Michelle's chin, pulling back...

"Auugghhh..." Sarah Michelle moaned as her body was contorted, her legs flailing behind her. She squirmed desperately under Jennifer's weight, trying to pull free or throw her off, but to no avail. Putting her feet on the floor, she tried to arch upward - but again, no luck. And to make matters worse, the more she moved the more it hurt. "Get your fat ass off a me," she protested, but Jennifer only pulled harder.

In desperation, looking for any way of escape, Sarah Michelle managed to turn her head slightly and bite into Jennifer's arm.

"OOHHHhhh…OOOUuuchhhhhh!!!" Jennifer yelped in pain as Sarah Michelle sank her teeth in.

Reflexively, Jennifer let go of her hold and looked at her arm. She saw the imprints of Sarah Michelle's teeth, but luckily no blood. She’d released her hold, but Jennifer was still sitting firmly on Sarah Michelle 's lower back. She again rose up and slammed her ass down onto Sarah Michelle..

"Fat ass?! Is that what you said?!" Jennifer grabbed a handful of Sarah Michelle 's hair and pulled her head up to look at her. "Is that what you said, bitch?!" she demanded, then slammed Sarah Michelle head-first into the mat.

"Ohhnnnn..." Sarah Michelle moaned as Jennifer continued to pound her, but she refused to give her the satisfaction of answering her.

Infuriated, Jennifer continued to hold her opponent's hair with one hand. With the other, she reached back, hiked up the blonde's skirt, grabbed hold of her panties, and yanked upward. "I asked you what you said, you little skank!" she reminded her.

"I said..." Sarah Michelle said between moans, "….you've got a real… fat ass, bitch!"

Furious, Jennifer lifted up slightly, then used her grip on Sarah Michelle to flip her over. Leering down at her, she turned around and began to lower herself onto Sarah Michelle's face.

"Get a nice close look at it, then, and tell me just how fat it is!" she said cruelly as she dropped her butt firmly Sarah Michelle's face.

The petite actress squirming frantically but unable to budge her, Jennifer briefly yanked Sarah Michelle's shirt upward to expose her small breasts. But suddenly she jumped up, caught off guard as Sarah Michelle had bitten her for the second time in a couple of minutes, sinking her teeth into her behind. Standing up, Jennifer grabbed Sarah Michelle by the hair and dragged her to her feet, knowing shed need to lay a further beat-down before Sarah Michelle knew who was boss.

"I've got to teach you to stop biting, honey!" Jennifer hissed.

Holding Sarah Michelle by the hair, Jennifer lifted a knee up into Sarah Michelle's gut. Sarah Michelle doubled over and Jennifer lifted her knee up again, slamming it into Sarah Michelle's forehead. A dazed Sarah Michelle let out a loud moan, wobbling a bit before Jennifer pushed her into the corner, where she continued to punish the blonde by raining blows into Sarah Michelle's belly and breasts, mixed with some humiliating slaps to the face. Sarah Michelle frantically tried to cover up, but it was no use...Jennifer was dominating her at will.

As if it wasn't already humiliating enough, Jennifer took advantage of her defenselessness to rip her tank top up and over her head, giving her free access to Sarah Michelle's petite chest. All the beaten-down blonde could think of is escape, at least temporarily, and when Jennifer let up for a moment to admire her handiwork, she turned around and mounted the ropes, trying to vault from the ring. But as she was halfway out, Jennifer grabbed hold of her, the blonde left straddling the top rope with one leg dangling in and the other out.

"Not so fast," Jennifer admonished as she took hold of Sarah Michelle's hair and pulled her back into the ring forcefully, causing her to crash to the mat. Jennifer pulled her up, though, again holding her hair, and backed her into the ropes, where she unloaded with a knee into Sarah Michelle 's crotch... "What's the matter, Buffy?" Jennifer screamed tauntingly as she smacked Sarah Michelle across the face a couple of times, playing with her more than she was attacking her at this point. "Had enough yet?" The battered blonde offered no response at first, trying in vain to cover up as Jennifer toyed with her.

"You bitch..." Sarah Michelle moaned as Jennifer landed a blow to her midsection and she slid down as though she was going to fall.

Jennifer pulled her back up again, and preoccupied herself with relieving the petite actress of her skirt. Bent over slightly, she succeeded in ripping the material and tugging it down Sarah Michelle's legs and off, leaving her only in a pair of panties. Straightening up, she held Sarah Michelle by the hair and got right in her face.

"I said, had enough, Buffy?" Jennifer repeated. Her tone was mocking, but she seemed to want an answer. Instead, the defiant blonde surprised her by butting her head forward, catching her in the lip. Jennifer backed away a couple of steps, stunned, as Sarah Michelle slumped in the corner. Sarah Michelle slowly willed herself forward to attack in one final last-ditch effort, but from the look on Jennifer's face she worried she might be more angry than hurt. Jennifer was looking down holding her lip, checking for blood. No blood. She looked up and saw Sarah Michelle moving toward her. Angrily she grabbed Sarah Michelle by the hair and butted her head forward into Sarah Michelle's....hard. "How do you like that, bitch?!" Sarah Michelle's only response was a moan. "Doesn't feel good, does it?"

Jennifer let go of Sarah Michelle and watched her crumble to the mat. Her own head was throbbing in pain as well, but she managed to straddle Sarah Michelle in a schoolgirl pin. Jennifer's knees pinned Sarah Michelle's arms down and her crotch pressed against Sarah Michelle's chin as she looked down into her eyes. Sarah Michelle's eyes were wide with fear, knowing that her stronger, tougher opponent had completely dominated her at will. Her bare legs kicked in vain, and she tried a couple of times to plant her feet and buck Jennifer off. But she knew it was no use, and she didn't want to incur any more of her wrath.

"Please...stop hurting win," she pleaded. Jennifer grinned, pressed down for a moment, then got to her feet. Once up, she pressed her foot into the defeated woman's side, looking down contemptuously at her. She was about to move away when Sarah Michelle sprung up, grabbing hold of her legs and trying to wrestle her down. "Fuck you, Jennifer...I said I gave!" the petite blonde grunted, trying with all her might to topple her foe.

Jennifer waved her arms, momentarily taken aback by Sarah Michelle's efforts to tackle her and nearly losing her balance. But she steadied herself, and Sarah Michelle's attempts began to seem feeble and futile. Jennifer looked down at her with her hands on her hips.

"Look at you, you pathetic little slut. Am I going to have to really teach you a lesson?"

In a quick motion, Jennifer shook her leg free of Sarah Michelle's grasp and kicked her square in the face, knocking the blonde onto her back again. Jennifer walked over and grabbed Sarah Michelle's top. She bent down and shoved the top in Sarah Michelle 's mouth.

"Now you won't bite, bitch!" she said with a grin as she turned and seductively dropped her ass on Sarah Michelle 's face. Sarah Michelle's face became completely engulfed as Jennifer rocked slowly back and forth. "You give?" Jennifer asked again.

Sarah Michelle tried to scream out her surrender, but it was impossible to get any words out with Jennifer's ass covering her face, not to mention her own shirt in her mouth. All that came out was a muffled, "Mmmmmmffffffff" that just widened Jennifer's grin.

Sarah Michelle tried again to signal her surrender, this time by banging her hand against the mat, but Jennifer either doesn't notice or chose to ignore her. Sarah Michelle kicked her feet frantically in the air, trying to somehow reach her dominant opponent, but it was no use and they fell harmlessly to the mat. Increasingly desperate, Sarah Michelle reached up with both arms and grabbed hold of her, trying to push her off. It was enough to buy her a bit more breathing room, but it was no use trying to budge the stronger woman any further, and she remained at her mercy. Jennifer rocked back and forth again, really pressing her shapely rear into the smaller woman's face, then lifted her ass up a bit and strained her neck to see Sarah Michelle 's face.

"Nod yes if you give it dear? But if you don't..." Jennifer plopped back down and covered Sarah Michelle's face again, but only for a few seconds before she lifted back up once more. "If you don''s more of that. So what do you say, girlie?"

"Mmmmppphhhh..." Sarah Michelle protested as Jennifer rose up again. She tried to move her hand to pull the shirt out of her mouth, but her arms were firmly pinned to the floor by Jennifer's knees. As if her situation wasn't already dire enough, Jennifer reached down with both hands and placed them over Sarah Michelle's small breasts, tweaking and tugging on her nipples.

"Mmmppphhh..." Sarah Michelle moaned again, and this time she frantically nodded her head up and down. With a grin, Jennifer slowly rose off her, and Sarah Michelle tugged the material away from her face.

"Crazy jealous bitch..." Sarah Michelle muttered, her voice quivering.

Jennifer turned on her heel and stared at her, shaking her head in disbelief. "I can't believe you're still talking trash!!" She walked over and kicked Sarah Michelle in the ribs, prompting the panty-clad actress to roll around clutching her side and moaning. Jennifer waited for her to stop, then kicked her again. "You need to be taught a lesson in humility." She pulled Sarah Michelle up to her knees by her hair, then released her and backed off a few steps. "Crawl to me..." she demanded. At first, Sarah Michelle refused, but Jennifer stepped up and slapped her, then stepped back again "Now!!" Sniveling, Sarah Michelle feared a further beat-down and she reluctantly started to crawl over to where Jennifer was standing. "Now beg me to let you go!"

Sarah Michelle looked up, knowing she couldn't fight back, and started to beg, “"Please...let me...Uhnnn!"

Her plea was interrupted when Jennifer punched her square in the side of the head, knocking her flat on her stomach. Sarah Michelle just lay there, her arms over her head, soundly beaten and in no position to continue fighting. Jennifer started to exit the ring, but stopped to kick Sarah Michelle onto her back and place her foot between her bare breasts, raising her arms in victory.

"I hope you learned your lesson..." and Sarah Michelle nodded submissively. She’d finally leaned it was better not to talk back!