Spy Catfight: Natasha Henstridge (5'10" 125#) vs. Jennifer Garner (5'7" 118#) ©2002 John J

It was a fancy party in Hollywood like many that occur almost every Friday and Saturday night in tinseltown. Many famous actors and actresses attend these parties and it's commonly known, but rarely admitted, that a lot of movie and TV deals are made at such parties. The parties are proof positive that Hollywood is far more about "who you know" rather than being the merit-based business they'd like their fans to believe it is.

As the party drew to a conclusion, most guests had already left and only a handful remained in Natasha Henstridge's gorgeous home. Jennifer Garner and her husband were two of the handful of people remaining as the festivities wound down in the early morning hour. Most had been drinking, some quite a lot; and since neither beauty was a designated driver both were clearly drunk.

Natasha and Jennifer had worn similar slinky dresses and neither covered much more than the bare legal minimum to be considered decent. Their dresses stopped mid-thigh on both long-legged beauties; both were halter-style with deep plunging V-necks. The dresses had no back to speak of and the front was quite skimpy as well. The two gorgeous actresses showed off cleavage to the point that both pairs of luscious breasts were all but spilling out of the tiny, form-fitting, clingy dresses that hugged every curve of the occupant's body. There were, of course, minor differences, mainly color with Natasha's black while Jennifer's was white. Both also wore sexy stockings and very high stiletto heels matched their dress. Both women’s heels were the type tabloids liked to call CFM ("come fuck me") pumps and it was clear to everyone that both of these mature, sexy ladies had dressed to impress.

As the night wore on, Jennifer became louder and her temper flared more often as she consumed more and more alcohol. Clearly, she’d forgotten whose house she was in for over the course of the evening, she made numerous comments ripping the "She Spies" series. Jennifer had given voice to numerous digs at Natasha, her acting ability - or lack of it -and the stupidity of the "She Spies" plots. She emphasized that any comparison of Natasha's “She Spies” to her own “Alias" was ridiculous. Jennifer seemingly hadn’t a clue that Natasha was standing behind her as she continued to mouth off for the umpteenth time. Several more guests left during her latest tirade, leaving only her husband and Natasha's fiancé with the two women.

Both men backed away when Natasha glared angrily at the mouthy redhead, grabbed Jennifer’s shoulder, turned her around and hissed, "You’re a guest in my home, slut! Common courtesy says you shouldn’t be talking shit about your hostess behind her back!"

"My conversations are none of your damn business!” Jennifer huffed. “If I have something to say to you, I'll say it to you!"

Natasha fumed, "Well, you ARE talking about me and it IS my business. So, I suggest you either shut that damn mouth, sit quietly and enjoy the rest of the party or I'll show you the door!"

Jennifer laughed. "Oh! You'll show me the door? I'm just soooo scared! Why don't you just back off, before YOU get hurt," Jennifer said, unable to stifle a laugh as she jabbed Natasha’s fulsome bosom with her finger for emphasis.

Natasha, her eyes flashing with rage, screamed, "I'm NOT warning you again. Keep your mouth shut or you get shown the door forcibly!"

Jennifer put her hands on her hips, cocked one leg in front of her and tossed her long dark hair as she glared at Natasha and said softly, "I'd like to see you TRY to show me the door, bitch! You can't act OR FIGHT worth shit!"

As they stood inches apart, the similarities and differences between the two gorgeous actresses were obvious. They glared at each other with hatred as each waited for the other to start something. Natasha was the quintessential blue-eyed blonde with large breasts, curvaceous figure and long legs. Redheaded Jennifer was equally gorgeous, but in a different way. She had a wholesomely sexy girl-next-door look that drove men crazy. While not nearly as busty, Jennifer's figure was also luscious - and perfectly proportioned for her body size and shape.

Then, with a quick move, Jennifer lunged toward Natasha as she kicked off the floor with her high heel and, in a burst of motion, tackled the blonde back against the wall. Natasha let out a grunt as her back slammed into the wall as Jennifer drove her shoulder into Natasha’s belly and crushed the blonde's midriff as she held her trapped foe pinned against the wall with her body.

Natasha quickly retaliated, driving both fists down on Jennifer's back in a double ax-handle. Jennifer's knees buckled as the double fisted blow landed on her lower back and the redheaded beauty dropped to her knees. Grabbing a fistful of her hair, Natasha yanked Jennifer to her feet as she pivoted and twisted the redhead into the wall. Jennifer groaned as her side smacked the wall with an audible THWACK!

The gorgeous blonde followed up with a hard punch to the head that staggered her and when Jennifer raised her arm defensively, Natasha fired lower, hammering a riveting punch that flattened the redhead's small, firm breast.

Jennifer fought back as she fired a punch of her own into Natasha's heaving melons. Natasha stepped back breathing hard in pain which allowed Jennifer to push off the wall. The two stunningly beautiful actresses set their defense as they moved together to continue the fight. With a burst of speed, Jennifer lunged into Natasha and tried to snag her around the waist and take her down but Natasha backpedaled and maintained the space between them.

As Jennifer leaned forward off balance, Natasha snaked a long arm around Jennifer's neck and clamped on a side headlock. Natasha kept the redhead under control, set herself and then dropped her rival with a wicked swinging neckbreaker. Jennifer groaned as her back hit the wood floor hard. She rolled over and reached up to touch her neck which was throbbing from Natasha's move. Natasha continued on the attack as she slid around behind the redhead and straddled her back as Jennifer got to her knees. She put a full nelson on Jennifer who groaned again while Natasha expertly positioned her weight to apply maximum pressure down across Jennifer's neck.

While Natasha bore down with her weight and tried to force a submission from her, Jennifer struggled to get free. The redhead beauty reached back and got a solid hold of Natasha's hands and pried them open lessening the pressure on her aching neck. Finally, with a hard pull, the gorgeous redhead wrenched Natasha’s hands from her neck.

As soon as Natasha realized she’d lost her submission hold she backed away and reset her stance while Jennifer slowly pulled herself to her feet, one hand still rubbing her throbbing neck. The two lovely actresses faced off and closed in again. This time, Natasha easily won out as the two gorgeous ladies locked up. She caught the smaller Jennifer in another side headlock, which she quickly turned to a choke. Jennifer coughed and gasped as Natasha tightened her arm around the struggling redhead’s throat. Jennifer clawed at Natasha's arm, leaving a trail of bloody scratches on the pale flesh. Natasha yelped and screamed, as the redhead's nails dug into her arm until the blonde had to release her choke and pull her arm away.

But Jennifer didn't let Natasha’s arm go very far. She quickly grabbed the arm, pulled it out and ducked under, wrenching it up behind Natasha's back in a hammerlock hold. Natasha yelled and rose on her toes as she tried to relieve the pressure on her arm. Using one of the moves she learned for “She Spies” Natasha reversed the hold and now Jennifer found herself doing the jumping and cursing as it was her arm that throbbed with pain.

As Jennifer arched her back and rose up on her toes, Natasha landed a series of kicks to the back of Jennifer's calves that forced the redhead to fall to her knees in pain. As Jennifer dropped, Natasha rode up onto her back and pinned her down on her chest. The gorgeous, tall, long-legged blonde laid out and tried to secure a grapevine pin on the equally luscious redhead, but Jennifer twisted and wiggled until she was free of Natasha's long legs before she could secure the hold.

Natasha moved with Jennifer, keeping her pinned down but in her wriggling the blonde left herself open to a counterattack. Jennifer took advantage of the opening and rolled Natasha off her back, then drove a knee low into the blonde's midriff. Natasha wheezed and gasped as Jennifer's knee drove the air from her. With a hard yank of blonde hair, Jennifer twisted Natasha over onto her back, scrambled to straddle her and regain a controlling position. The blonde landed on her back slightly out of breath but just as Jennifer was swinging her leg over her and in a very vulnerable position, Natasha lashed out with her long leg and kicked the redhead in her hard, flat belly.

Jennifer grunted in pain as she dropped on top of Natasha clutching her gut and then rolled away. Natasha lunged after her rival and with perfect aim slammed her knee right between the redhead's legs. Jennifer shrieked in pain as the blondes hard knee smacked her pussy violently, then dropped with a soft moan of pain; her hands between her legs to protect her bruised crotch.

Natasha showed no mercy or sympathy as she yanked Jennifer back to her feet by the hair and flung her back against the wall. Jennifer groaned as the back of her head hit the wall hard. Using one arm across Jennifer’s neck to both choke her and hold her place, Natasha secured her adversary, smirking as she delivered three hard forearms to Jennifer's perky peach-size boobs. Jennifer grunted as her body shook with the successive impacts, but she saw a chance to escape and took it.

As Natasha drew back to deliver another forearm, Jennifer kicked out hard and drove the toe of her high heel to the blonde's shin. Natasha shrieked and hopped back on one foot, holding her bruised leg which was on fire with pain. As Natasha put her foot down, Jennifer pushed off the wall and kicked again, another shot to the same shin! Natasha screamed even louder as she collapsed on the marble floor and rolled onto her side, clutching her bruised leg. Jennifer continued to work on the blonde's injured leg, pulling Natasha's leg into a step over toehold. Natasha howled in pain as the redhead wrenched and bent the trapped leg into an unnatural and very painful position. Jennifer kept her leg attack going as she twisted Natasha's legs into a figure-4 leg lock but Natasha pulled her leg from Jennifer's grip before she completed the hold.

Natasha rolled over and scrambled away on her hands and knees while Jennifer got to her feet and went after the retreating blonde. It didn't take very long for Jennifer to catch Natasha as she grabbed a fistful of blonde hair and started to pull Natasha to her feet. As she was pulled up, Natasha set her feet and plowed a fist into Jennifer’s wide-open crotch. Jennifer gasped in pain, immediately released her hair hold and went down on her knees in front of Natasha who also slumped to her knees. Natasha got to her feet while Jennifer sat hunched over with both hands rubbing the awful ache between her legs.

Natasha put her foot on Jennifer’s chest and kicked the redhead onto her back, then she spread her rival's legs far apart as she got into position. Natasha nastily kicked Jennifer's hands away from her bruised cunt, then stomped down with the heel of her high-heeled boot, driving the heel into Jennifer's damaged pussy. Jennifer screamed in pain again as she thrashed and flailed about wildly on the slippery floor.

In her frantic struggling, Jennifer managed to jerk one leg from Natasha’s grasp and she quickly used the free leg to kick the blonde backward just as she was setting herself for another stomp. A second kick from Jennifer landed more solidly and forced Natasha to step away.

The redhead scrambled away on her back while Natasha staggered back off balance. Natasha quickly regained her footing and charged after her retreating opponent while Jennifer tried to keep backing away as she struggled to create time and space to regroup and get ready. Natasha, however, had no intention of giving the redhead the time she needed.

She quickly caught the redhead and went back on the attack. Using a fistful of red hair, Natasha and yanked Jennifer to her feet, grabbed her arm and whipped Jennifer toward the wall again. She hit chest first and Natasha moved in fast, pounding Jennifer repeatedly in her lower back with kidney punches before she could turn around to defend herself. Jennifer moaned and gasped as the hard blows battered her lower back, making her firm butt cheeks jiggle like Jell-O on a plate. But then Jennifer got a break as Natasha had to stop punching for a moment to reset herself. As the blonde fired her fist again, Jennifer stepped aside and Natasha's fist smashed into the wall. The blonde screamed as her fist felt like it had been broken and throbbed with pain.

Jennifer grabbed Natasha's injured arm and she swung the blonde completely around, slinging her face into the wall. Using a fistful of blonde hair, Jennifer rammed Natasha's face on the wall several times until Natasha groaned and saw stars from having her face battered into the wall. Then, with a quick move, Natasha swung her foot up and back, kicking out in a mule kick. As her leg arced out, her high heel struck Jennifer in the knee. The redhead hobbled back, releasing Natasha’s hair as she reached for a chair to steady herself on one foot as she rubbed her knee.

Natasha turned and kicked out again, harder this time and the solid blow again targeted Jennifer's knee. Jennifer screeched as the blonde's high heel smacked solidly into the previously hit knee. Jennifer's leg buckled and she collapsed on the floor and rolled onto her side clutching her damaged leg. The blonde stomped viciously at Jennifer's leg, landing several before Jennifer used her other leg to sweep Natasha's support foot out from under her. Natasha stumbled backward, her arms wind-milling as she struggled to maintain her balance. After a few steps she got her high-heeled feet under her and steadied herself.

Jennifer rolled away from the blonde, trying to put distance between herself and her rival while she recovered. She stopped rolling and got to her knees. She gulped down some air and rubbed her numerous bruises but just as started to get up to her feet, Natasha's high heel shot out and drove hard into her ribs. Jennifer let out a gasp as all the just-inhaled air shot out of her lungs and she tumbled back down on the floor and rolled over on her back clutching herself.

Natasha glared angrily as she grabbed the front of Jennifer's sexy little dress and yanked upward, pulling Jennifer to her feet. As Natasha continued to yank on her dress, Jennifer ducked her head and the halter-top behind her neck slid forward. Natasha fell backward a couple steps, almost tumbling on her ass, as the neck of the dress slipped over Jennifer’s head and Natasha suddenly no longer had any resistance to her pulling.

Natasha staggered back a couple steps until the resistance returned when Jennifer grabbed the dress which was now down around her waist and began a tug-of-war with the dress. After several more hard tugs by Natasha, Jennifer's thin white dress pulled apart and both women lost their balance and fell on their beautiful round bottoms. “Wha…! AAAAAAHHH UNNNNNHHHHH!!” THWAP! THUMP!

Enraged at being stripped, Jennifer popped up and lunged at Natasha as the blonde tossed the torn white dress aside. The redhead grabbed the hem of Natasha’s sexy black dress and she ripped and pulled at her dress as she and Natasha rolled on the floor. Another hard tug by Jennifer started a tear at the hem of the dress which quickly turned into a huge rip that kept opening wider and wider until it stopped at the bottom of the V-neck, leaving Natasha’s dress a torn and tattered rag hanging off both shoulders with nothing in between.

Still the redhead refused to release her hold on the torn black dress as Natasha twisted and turned as she wriggled her body out the top of the useless garment. After a few moments, Natasha was completely free of the dress and Jennifer flung the once lovely dress to her husband. Both beauties' now bare breasts bounced and jiggled as they came together, pulling and pawing each other's arms and legs in an attempt to get control of the other’s body.

The two sexy actresses bucked and thrashed on the floor, neither caring a bit they were both topless. With a lucky twist of their bodies at the last second, Natasha not only avoided a wild punch from Jennifer that could have knocked her cold, but also ended up straddling Jennifer's waist. The blonde bounced on the redhead's belly a couple times to driving the air from her, then as Jennifer coughed and wheezed, she grabbed Jennifer's small, bare tits and dug her nails into the tender melons. As Natasha twisted and squeezed with brutal strength, Jennifer cried in pain and momentarily froze from the waves of pain overwhelming her senses.

It didn't take more than a few seconds before Jennifer snapped back and refocused herself on counterattacking. She fought through the pain and clamped onto Natasha's free swinging globes, digging her own well-manicured nails into the soft orbs. Jennifer scratched, mauled, twisted and squeezed Natasha's tits, as she tried every trick at her command to put the blonde through as much pain as possible, as quickly as she could.

Jennifer’s wild breast attack served its purpose as Natasha cried out in pain and released her grip on Jennifer's throbbing boobs to grab her hands to pull them off her aching melons. Jennifer squirmed and bucked, trying to slip out of Natasha's grasp but Natasha had other ideas. Still holding the redhead's hands, Natasha heaved her hips up, swung her leg into the air and drove her knee down, smashing it into Jennifer's already hurting pussy and rested her full weight on it. Jennifer gagged in pain, barely able to hold back a flood of tears after this strike to her aching mound. With a nasty smile, Natasha raised her knee just a bit, then ground it back down again. This time, Jennifer couldn't hold back the tears. She cried unreservedly, the tears flowing in streams down her lovely, red face.

Between her pained sobs, Jennifer whimpered, "Please...stop....! No.... more! I .... give.... up!"

Natasha leaned on Jennifer’s pussy another couple of seconds before she stood up and stood towering over her beaten rival's body as Jennifer curled up in a ball; sobbing out loud as her hands protectively cupped the throbbing, aching mound between her legs.

Natasha glared down at the beaten redhead and hissed, "Say it louder, bitch!"

Jennifer turned her face to the floor, unable to look Natasha in the face as she cried louder, "YES! Please! I GIVE UP!"

Natasha kicked the redhead over on her back, with the toe of her high heel and planted her stiletto heel firmly down onto Jennifer's heaving breast; the tiny heel pressing the hard nipple down until it was inverted into the doughnut mound of titflesh. The blonde raised her arms in victory as she posed, with her heel on her defeated rival's breasts.

After a few minutes of posing while her fiancé took souvenir photos, Natasha took Jennifer by her long red hair and dragged the weeping woman toward the front door; both in nothing but panties, laddered stockings and high heels.

Jennifer continued to sob ragged sobs as Natasha forced her toward the door, "Puh….please don't! I said I gave up. No more!"

Natasha snapped, "Shut the fuck up, cunt! I don't wanna hear even ONE smart-ass comment from you about my show, my acting, or me IN ANY WAY! Are we CLEAR, SLUT?"

Jennifer meekly said, "Yes. We're clear."

Natasha yelled, "That's a good girl. Now get your fucking tramp ass, the HELL out of MY house!"

Natasha’s fiancé open the front door as Natasha pulled Jennifer to the door by the hair, forced her to bend over and then gave her a hard kick in the ass that sent her flying through the open door, across the stoop and sprawling out into the front yard. Jennifer didn't even think of attempting to fight back or make any aggressive move, she just lay crying as she thought about her humiliating defeat.

Natasha gave Jennifer's husband a wicked smile as she pressed her full, firm, ripe tits against his chest while she gave him a deep kiss and told him, "Have a great night, hon, an tell your stupid wife to be careful who she mouths off to. If I hear she’s talking about me again, she’ll get that sweet little ass of hers kicked a lot WORSE."

Jennifer's husband moved to his wife, wrapped his coat around her as he helped her to her feet and led her to their car.

Natasha yelled, "Any time you want a rematch sweetie. You know where to find me. Just remember what I told you and we won't have any more problems."

Natasha slammed the front door and Jennifer's husband helped his defeated wife into the car. They drove off without a word between them about the fight. True to her word, Jennifer never made another comment about Natasha or "She Spies."

Vote result: Natasha Henstridge-552, Jennifer Garner-324.