Jennifer Garner vs. Jennifer Lopez by Freddy Roberts

The match is set! There's much bad blood here over Ben. Jennifer started a romance with him, while he was still with the Latina Booty Queen. Garner is known to have called J-Lo a cow and J-Lo has been yearning to kick Garner’s skinny ass ever since. This secret match actually took place during the filming of 'Elecktra' after J-Lo confronted Garner on the set.

J-Lo asks her if she was screwing with Ben and she admitted it, then spit in J-Lo' face and slapped her. After Garner slapped J-Lo, J-Lo grabbed her hair and the fight was on! Both women are dressed for ‘work’, J-Lo in denim shorts, a halter top and bra; Garner in black tights, open midriff crop top and a black bra.

The girls hate each other and start pulling hair and clothes. They land in a carpeted room on the set with only one witness who has detailed this story; Johnny Welch, a studio manager on the set. He couldn’t believe what he saw as Garner and J-Lo pulled hair and cursed each other. Garner screamed that Ben likes her pussy and that's why he dumped J-Lo and Lopez called Garner a “white whore” and a “pig” then promised she’d “shut those fat lips.”

Once inside the room, the girls grab hair with one hand as they punch away with their free hands Blow after blow connects as both land punches and kick each other. J-Lo gets caught with a slap to her face that reddens it but she also lands a hard kick to Garner's hard, flat belly as well as a powerful punch to her left tit! Garner is forced to hold on, grabbing J-J-Lo’s halter and she’s able to pull it down as she clinches. J-Lo’s sequined bra is exposed and Jen pounds away at both cups as the girls bearhug each other, reeling and staggering around before they fall to the floor. J-Lo ends up on top and she grabs one of Jen's bra straps and pulls it down off her shoulder, baring her left tit which she rakes with her nails.

Garner is pissed that her tit is out and she keeps yanking on J-Lo’s halter, eventually leaving her in her bra only. The girls spend the next five minutes more interested in stripping their opponent than fighting and after Jen unhooks J-Lo's bra it falls to the ground while J-Lo gets Jen’s other bra strap off and Garner's bra slips down around her waist.

Panting and puffing hard, the girls back away from each other, their proud tits exposed as they square off. Tits jiggle as they again grab hair and punch away until Garner uppercuts J-Lo in the jaw and she’s hurt and drops to her knees! Garner rushes in and kicks her to the head. J-Lo falls forward and Jen pounces on her back, trying to straddle J-Lo but she can’t. But when J-Lo tries to stand, Jen pulls her over backward and when J-Lo lands on her back Garner is able to pin her arms under her knees as she drops her tight ass down on J-Lo’s tits, flattening them with her weight and taking the Latina’s breath away.

With J-Lo securely pinned under her, Garner unbuttons J-Lo’s denim shorts and pulls down the zipper as J-Lo struggles. She finally kicks her legs up, throwing Garner off of her and kicking her in the gut. J-Lo drags Jen down on the rug and straddles her, sitting on her back facing her feet. She wants to embarrass her so she reaches under her to unclip her black tights, then yanks them down around her knees, exposing Garner’s ass in its black thong. Jen struggles but J-Lo keeps working the tights lower and lower, tangling her legs as they finally reach her ankles.

When Jen finally kicks them off, J-Lo grabs her thong and yanks it up into Garner’s ass with a hard, grinding wedgie. But Garner rolls over and wriggles free as J-Lo can’t hold her. Garner is now down to her thong and topless as she spins away from Lopez on the carpet. J-Lo pursues her but Jen turns and kicks J-Lo in the knee. Her knee buckles and she goes sprawling on the carpet holding her knee. Garner knees her to the head, sending J-Lo face down on the floor with Jen at her feet. While J-Lo holds her head in pain, Garner drops between J-Lo's legs and pulls down her denim shorts down to her knees, then to her ankles and then off! She throws them to aside leaving J-Lo 's big rear covered only by a red thong down the crack of her butt.

J-Lo lashes out at Garner with her feet and scrambles away, then both girls rise to their knees topless with only their thongs between them and complete nudity. J-Lo punches Garner in the teeth, but Garner lands a punch to Jen's eye. Punch after punch is traded as they exchange brutal punches and slaps. When Garner grabs Jen's tits, J-Lo does the same to her and they yank and squeeze each other’s tits in a monumental ‘boob battle’ until tears fill both women’s eyes as they pinch nipples and pull jugs over and over.

J-Lo suddenly knees Garner to her crotch as Garner falls to her knees, J-Lo still tugging her tits. Garner on her knees then gets a knee to her face that knocks her on her back. J-Lo sits on her chest and slaps Garner’s face over and over. J-Lo big ass on her chest causes Garner to heave and struggle as J-Lo then turns to face her feet and pulls off Garner’s bottom to expose her very fine pussy. J-Lo wastes no time assaulting her asshole with the fingers of one hand while prying into her cunt with the other. Jen cries and kicks her legs helplessly while J-Lo thinks of Ben cheating on her with ‘this slut’ as she pulls out a couple of clumps of Jen’s dense bush. Garner is in trouble but she resumes kicking and finally drills a knee hard to catch J-Lo in the forehead knocking her to the side.

Now nude, Garner gets up and stomps J-Lo on the carpet with kicks to her sides, back and head. J-Lo lands on her back as Garner straddles her belly and pins her arms. She lifts J-Lo's legs up in a matchbox pin as Jen's ass is in front of Garner as Jen pulls off J-Lo's thong, her ass and pussy are exposed. Jen slaps J-Lo’s big ass, then fingers her asshole as she holds J-Lo folded over and pinned tight. Garner pulls J-Lo’s a handful of pubic hair completely out, then rams three fingers deep in J-Lo’s ass.

“Sorry pussy, I can’t imagine what the hell Ben saw in that!”

J-Lo , enraged rears back and Garner, thrown off balance, has to release the hold as J-Lo slams her ass over and knocks Garner onto her back. Garner is stunned as J-Lo rolls over and straddles her in a front face sit, grinding her hairy cunt on Jen’s mouth and rubbing her aroused and aromatic cunt up under Garner's nose.

“NOOOOO!!! STOP...” wails Garner as she twists her head away from J-Lo but to no avail.

But Garner, in a great move, manages to bite the tender inside of J-Lo’s thigh, sinking her teeth into her leg, J-Lo is crying and wailing in agony and has to stand up to get away. Garner stands also and punches J-Lo in the twat, then knees her in the groin with a powerful shot! J-Lo doubles over as Garner kicks her in the cunt, dropping Lopez on the rug writhing in agony on her back. Garner steps over her and then drops her ass down on J-Lo’s chest. Once Garner’s astride her, she punches J-Lo’s twat again and Jen is in utter pain, screaming and moaning as Garner backs her ass up and puts it over Jen's face, covering it with her fine supple ass.

Jen screams, but Garner covers her face completely, then reaches down and pushes J-Lo's nose under the crack of her ass. J-Lo struggles and kicks as Garner clenches her ass over her face. She tries to squirm but can't as breathing is almost impossible under Garner's tightly smothering ass. J-Lo tries to use her arms and legs but she can’t get free. When Jen demands that J-Lo submit, she gets no answer because J-Lo has already been facesat into oblivion…out cold! Garner has dumped the former Booty Queen and has her win.

"Fuck with me you lovely Latina Booty Queen!?"

J-Lo is out cold as Garner kicks her over on to her tummy. " wonder Ben likes to fuck ME in the ass...after he fucked that big ass, mine must be soooo much nicer...Now Lopez....let's see if that ass needs a little color."

As J-Lo is still out, Garner sits across her back, facing her feet and spanks her huge, shapely ass till it's a beet red. SMACK after SMACK sends ripples through Lopez’ famous butt as Garner laughs and SPANKS her!

“Booty Queen, HA! I’m spanking your big ass booty Lopez! YOUR BOOTY IS MINE!!!” J-Lo suffers, out cold, her ass is beaten almost like never before and Jen does the unthinkable as she bites her ass cheeks and the bites are so deep into Jen's ass that the teeth marks show. "Gonna shut my mouth, huh, now look at your beaten rump....Ms. Big Ass. I'm taking pictures of this!!!" Garner photographs J-Lo's nude body and beaten ass. "Now, before you wake up...”

The beaten J-Lo is still out as Garner ponders her next humiliation of the former booty queen. She wants to shave her pussy and also show Ben how she whipped her famous ass and then removed her pussy fur. But she needs to step out of the room to do so. Jen walks out of the set to the make-up trailer to find a razor and shaving cream. She also stops by the gaffer’s room to pick up some duct tape to tie J-Lo for the photos she plans to take with the camera she keeps in her dressing room. She looks around for almost five minutes before she finds the items she wants and returns to the room.

But when Jen opens the door, she doesn’t see J-Lo lying on the floor where she left her and she panics. As she turns around , she is met by a vicious punch to the face. J-Lo woke up and was rarin’ for a fight. Garner is stunned and almost KO'd, but remains on her feet. The nude warriors face off in the center of the room and J-Lo punches Garner again in the face. She is barely standing when J-Lo delivers an uppercut to the jaw followed by a knee to the groin that leaves Garner on the carpet holding her face with both hands. J-Lo, grinning maniacally, steps up and drives her foot into Garner’s unprotected groin, then J-Lo delivers a powerful knee drop to her twat! Garner writhes in agony on her back in tremendous pain and nearly unconscious, making it easy for J-Lo to sit on her chest and pin her arms. J-Lo smacks her face over and over as Garner can’t respond.

“Have fun with me will you! Well, you’re finished now!” J-Lo lowers her unreal ass onto Garner's face, then slowly begins to rub back and forth and rotate her fabulous fanny all over Garner’s flushed face.

Garner screams, “NO!!” as J-Lo clenches her glutes, smashing Jen's face under her ass in her famous smother move. Garner tries to kick her legs and free arms but J-Lo lifts her ass and then SLAMS it down again on her face. Garner, very valiantly tries to turn her head, but she is totally pined under J-Lo's ass with J-Lo holding a fistful of her hair. Garner’s arms go limp and her legs stop moving as she goes out!! J-Lo continues to sit on her face for several more minutes as Garner is beaten.

J-Lo then turns to Garner’s mid-section, grabs the shaving cream and lathers up Jen’s twat! She shaves Garner bald, then takes a picture of the knocked out cold Garner with her pussy smooth as a baby’s bottom! Jennifer Garner is an awesome site as is J-Lo; two nude, vengeful warriors after an epic battle. J-Lo now wants pictures of Garner so she kicks her over and spanks her ass like hers was, then she goes down and bites Jen’s very shapely butt. Garner is still out as Jen ponders her next move. The duct tape!!!

J-Lo binds Garner's hands and feet securely while she is still out cold. Then once her feet and hands are tied tightly, J-Lo tells her, “You’re not going anywhere now!”

J-Lo leaves and returns with a dildo which she forces into Garner's pussy just as the groggy Garner awakens with a start. She cries as she sees she is tied up and beaten. J-Lo continues to stick the dildo into he twat and takes pictures of it with the dildo inside her. Relax, Ms Garner as Jen slowly pushes the dildo in and out. Garner does not want to climax as this would totally embarrass her. She cannot help it as J-Lo works the dildo into and out of her shaven pussy.

After several minutes of skillful manipulation of both the love stick and Jennifer’s responding body, Garner climaxes, spilling her love juice out around the dildo. As her fluids stream down the crack of her ass, J-Lo laughs at Jennifer’s humiliation.

“I wanted to see how you came when that dickless Ben fucked you; it was worth the effort!” Garner, trapped and taped, looks up, hoping her ordeal is finally over…but she’s in for a rude shock. “Now for some pleasure for ME!” says J-Lo, then orders Garner to lick her pussy as J-Lo front facesits her.

“No, I won't. No!!”

But J-Lo bangs her head onto the carpet again and again and tells her, “Lick my pussy or I’ll do things to your body will make you wish you were never born. I can guarantee when I’m done, nobody will hire you for anything in this town ever again!” Bound and helpless, Jen Garner has no choice! She tearfully licks J-Lo's twat while Jen rides her face, holding onto two handfuls of hair to make sure Jen’s mouth stays right where she wants it! As Jen is humiliated and forced to pleasure her, J-Lo tells her, “THIS is the revenge for you stealing my man!"

While Garner reluctantly licks her pussy, J-Lo quickly responds to the excitement and she begins to wiggle her pussy in Garner’s face until she explodes in a massive climax that covers Garner's face with her pussy juices. “Now lick my sweet ass....” J-Lo says as she turns over and forces Garner to lick her asshole. “C'mon Garner lick it good!” Jen licks J-Lo’s asshole and then J-Lo forces her to stick her tongue into it. She gets up and takes still more photos of the tied up and beaten Garner. “You can have that drunk, Ben. He was a terrible fuck anyway. Now I have pictures of you and I’m going to send them to Ben! By the way, I’m keeping negatives. So if you don’t want to see these pictures in the press and on the Internet, you’ll send me one million dollars a year. Got it?”

Garner nods in agreement (as if she had a choice) and J-Lo kicks her in the ribs and laughs, “That’ll teach you not to fuck with me, bitch!” Then J-Lo does something totally out of the ordinary for her. She straddles Garner, bends her knees and reaches down between her thighs to pull her labia apart. Then as she chuckles, she pisses on Jen’s face as she shakes her ass until the last droplet splats on Garner’s face. “See ya around, you little bitch!”

“STOP!! Please…untie me...” Jen pleads tearfully.

“No way, bitch! Somebody will come along sooner or later and find you. Get THEM to untie you!”

J-Lo gets out the duct tape and tapes Garner’s mouth, leaving her bound and gagged to be found by someone. The once proud booty champ notches another win with her trademark ass smother and tells Garner to look out for her in the future. “I was the booty queen once and will be booty queen again!!!! Serena Williams....beware!!!”