Jennifer Garner vs. Jennifer Lopez by Freddy Roberts

Their feud has been simmering for a very long time. Just recently, Jen was asked about Ben's relationship with the Latina singer/actress and she continues to have no comment or discussion about it. Rumors are circulating there’s no J-Lo love lost for Garner. And, apparently, J-Lo was overheard making a comment at her restaurant in LA by a friend of Garner’s to the effect, “I can’t imagine what Ben sees in her.”

Lopez is currently happy and married to Marc Anthony and Garner has a baby with Ben, but Hollywood organizers never miss an opportunity to rake in huge profits as they expect for this gigantic closed-circuit event feature the “Two Jennifers.”
While the match was being planned, it “just happened” that Jen, Ben, J-Lo and Marc were all spotted at the same posh LA nightclub. They were seated on opposite sides of the room but were well within eyesight with Jen and J-Lo staring each other down. Jen excused herself, walked over to see J-Lo and told her, "You have a problem with me, slut?”

J-Lo, a bit surprised, told her, “Go sit your skinny ass back down before I beat the living shit outta you!”

Before anyone could stop her, Garner slapped J-Lo and then poured J-Lo’s drink over her head. J-Lo leaped up and the ladies faced off right there in public; Jen in a sequined black dress that was cut low on her back while Garner was more casually attired in black slacks and a white button down blouse. As the two snarling wildcats began to circle, the club’s owner begged the other patrons to, “Please, back off and give ‘em room!”

They attacked each other right there in the middle of the bar; punches flying and hair being pulled. Garner grabbed J-Lo’s dress at the strap and pulled it down over her bra, leaving the top half curled up around J-Lo’s fulsome hips. Not to be outdone, J-Lo ripped Garner’s blouse, sending buttons (and eyes) POPPING as the blouse was shredded and then yanked completely off during the scuffle, leaving Jen in just a sheer black bra above her waist.

When J-Lo’s white bra was exposed, Garner continued to rip and tear at her dress, pulling it as both ladies scream, kick and throw fists. The crowd is in shock as words like “ho”, “slut”, “pig”, “bitch”, and “cunt” are flying.

Garner’s black slacks are the tight stretchy type and so with her blouse off gone and J-Lo's dress below her waist and her own bra is exposed, J-Lo is the first to lose her advantage. Garner slaps her face and pulls her hair viciously before a backhand SLAP sends her reeling across the room where she tumbles over the table where Catherine Bell is sitting with Catherine Zeta Jones.

Garner stalks J-Lo and as she gets up, Jen unleashes a series of kicks like she did in her hit film “ELEKTRA” and slams punches into J-Lo's face and chest. J-Lo tries to cover up, only to be met with a knee to the groin which puts her on the floor screaming.

Jen Garner, in a swift move to embarrass Jen pulls her dress up over her head, then pulls harder and pulls J-Lo's black dress completely off over her head, leaving her on her knees wearing just a bra and a skimpy black thong! The crowd loves the sight of J-Lo in pain and stripped down to bra and panties.

Garner stands over her and kicks J-Lo hard in her mid-section, forcing her to cover up. Garner delivers several more kicks that really stun the fallen J-Lo. As she struggles to get up, Garner punches her in the head as she holds her by a handful of hair. Jen Garner pounces on J-Lo and BANGS her head on the floor. As J-Lo flops around in desperate pain, Garner is relentless.

"You fucked my man Ben, but I never talked about it in the media,” Garner is screaming. “But I WILL kick your big fat ass!”

J-Lo can’t answer as she’s too groggy and stunned. Garner now wants to completely dominate her so she unsnaps Jen's bra, releasing her tits and exposing her ample breasts with their thick, dark brown nipples. Garner hair-hauls the wobbly J-Lo up and then levers her arm into a hammerlock and marches her around the room, giving everyone in the crowd a good, long, close-up look at her tits...

J-Lo is a mess as Garner marches her around the room and then stands her up against the wall and unloads a straight punch to her jaw, knocking J-Lo flat on her back. She is almost out as Garner stands over her with her hands on her hips, shaking her head and muttering, “You’re pathetic!” Then looking at her husband, she sneers, “And you screwed this, Ben? Well, I’ll go to so totally fuck her up tonight to make up for that!!" J-Lo is topless and on her back, almost unconscious, as Garner sits on her tummy and pulls her head towards her. "Look at me, and remember this ass kicking!"

Then Jen pulls J-Lo’s head up and BONK, slams it back down on the floor. She lifts her head again and punches her in the face. Blood runs from J-Lo’s nose and her busted upper lip from Garner’s punches and she’s totally out of it. Garner slides back and straddles J-Lo’s waist, then grabs her tits and SLAP, SMACK, WHAP, SPLAT slaps them silly in front of the audience.

“Stop, please…” J-Lo whimpers. “Muh…ma…my tits…stop!” she screams Jennifer Garner mauls her tits until she passes out.

This was turning into a one-sided massacre! The audience was shocked at how easily Garner is dominating J-Lo. Surely this is her revenge for J-Lo’s earlier romance with Ben, Garner’s husband and now the father of her child. J-Lo is topless and her tits are being mauled, slapped and squeezed by Garner. J-Lo is barely able to take any more pain but she struggles and tries to use her powerful legs to kick out. Garner has had enough and wants to finish J-Lo off and the stunned crowd watches as Garner waves to Marc Anthony and her husband Ben.

“Say goodnight to your ex- Ben….to your present, boy-toy Marc.”

Garner removed her bra to show the crowd her small but firm tits, then pinned J-Lo and shoved those tits in her face and started smothering her. J-Lo struggled briefly, but the powerful ‘Alias’ star easily controlled her as she continued to ride her with her breasts molded to J-Lo’s face. Unable to get air - amazingly Booty Queen J-Lo succumbed as her body went limp.

Jennifer Lopez is out cold! Then Garner stands up straddling the beaten Lopez and now the fun begins!

“You will pay dearly for that affair with Ben. He only fucks me, but he said your name one night when he was screwing me in the ass. He must still be thinking of you!”

Garner rips and tears J-Lo's thong until she is able to pull it off, exposing her hairy mound and thick pussy lips. A pleased gasp goes up from the audience as they realize the show is only getting started. Garner kicks the unconscious Lopez in the ribs several times to roll her onto her tummy, J-Lo’s famous Latina ass now raised and ready. Garner sits across J-Lo’s back, facing the expanse of that gorgeous ass.

“Time for a good ass spanking!”

Garner smacks Jen's ass over and over; each CRACK resounding in the hushed room. Her pale hand prints show on each red cheek as she spanks. Lopez moans as she begins to awaken, though still groggy. The audience can’t believe what they’ve seen - Jennifer Lopez' ass beaten over and over until it’s bright red. Jennifer Garner is relentless, slapping each cheek over 30 times.

“I want you to remember this night Lopez! Don't ever go near Ben , ever, hear me bitch!? Now, for a little more humiliation!!!”

Lopez, her ass spanked to a deep red; beaten and bleeding, lays on the floor of the club stark naked as Garner, in a mood to torture the former Booty Queen, rolls her over. J-Lo's face is a mess and one eye is so swollen it can barely be opened. Her upper lip is cut and her naked body has bruises on belly, ribs, ass and even her back. Now what does Garner want to do? The ultimate humiliation! She tells J-Lo, “Now you’re gonna eat my pussy. Get ready!”

Garner wipes the blood from J-Lo’s face off, steps over her straddling her shoulders, then slowly sits on her chest facing her hairy cunt. Grinning at Ben, Jen licks her fingers, then lowers her hand and slowly wiggles her middle finger into Jen's warm, moist cunt. As she gently pumps it up and down, J-Lo squirms, getting aroused as Jen Garner plays with her pussy, sliding first one finger, then two and finally three fingers in and out; in and out; in and out.

J-Lo can’t help herself and she squirms wantonly on the floor in front of everyone. Garner rises over J-Lo and pulls off her own pants and panties, then sits back down with her tight ass on Jen's face, forcing J-Lo to lick her asshole.

“Nice, Jen, that’s it; keep licking,” Garner chuckles as she enjoys the sensation of J-Lo’s tongue rimming in her ass as she continues to slowly finger J-Lo’s drooling pussy. Garner, grinding her ass on Jen's face, suddenly explodes with a scream as she climaxes, her juices gushing out onto J-Lo’s red, flushed face. Then J-Lo also climaxes from Garner’s finger job; crying out in excitement as she arches her back, her ass lifting in the air, then dropping back with a wet SPLAT! Her face covered with Garner's pussy juices; her own juices flowing out between her legs in a steady stream, J-Lo’s body shudders and shivers. The audience sits staring in utter disbelief at this unexpected treat.

Garner is surely satisfied now...or is she???

As Lopez lays exhausted on the floor, Garner stands up with her hands on her hips as she surveys the body of the naked, beaten J-Lo.

“You’ve had this coming a long time, bitch,” says Garner. “I couldn’t wait to beat your big, fat, ass. Ben talked about you for years, but I never made a comment, just waited for the time to humiliate your big bad Latina ass. Now there’s just one more thing I have to do so you remember this night forever.”

Lopez is groggy and barely moving on the floor when Garner asks Charlize Theron if she can borrow the 12 inch dildo she’s known to carry with her at all times; some say because Lopez had years ago beaten and dominated her and told her if she ever caught her without it she’d be sorry. Whatever the truth, Theron eagerly produces a dildo of the size requested and Garner straps it on.

“Get up on your knees!” screams Garner. “And stick out that fat ass!”

J-Lo tearily does as Garner demands, then Jen proceeds to fuck J-Lo’s ass with the long strap-on dildo. As Garner drives the long, thick dildo deep in her ass, J-Lo cries in pain. In and out, hammering into Jen's former #1 booty goes the dildo; all the way to the hilt as Garner stretches J-Lo’s asshole until she cries and begs for mercy.

“Too bad, bitch! This’ll teach you not to let anyone fuck that big fat ass again!”

J-Lo almost passes out before Garner finishes and walks around to face J-Lo. Waving the dirty dildo in her face, Garner demands, “NOW LICK IT OFF, BITCH! LICK IT CLEAN!!!”

As the crowd watches in shocked silence, J-Lo is forced to deep throat the dildo that had just slammed her own ass. Then Garner unbuckled the dildo and left it jutting from her mouth. She tells the audience, “Well, I’m done here.”

J-Lo slumps over onto her back and once again passes out as a grinning Charlize Theron gets up from her table, steps over J-Lo’s body, extends her hand and helps Garner to her feet, putting her coat around Jennifer’s shoulders to shield her nudity from the ogling masses as she walks her back to Ben’s table; a supportive, reassuring arm around the brunette’s waist. Marc Anthony comes out and covers Jen with a towel as he helps her to her feet. A decisive win for Garner and a sight those in the audience will never forget.

As she’s leaving the room in disgrace, Jennifer Lopez stops, turns back and picks up the dildo. Glaring at Charlize Theron and shaking the dildo in her direction as she leaves muttering something under her breath about “payback.”