Jennifer Garner vs. Jennifer Lopez (Payback) by Freddy Roberts

Everyone remembers the saga of ‘Bennifer’ - Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were engaged to be married; he was featured in her videos, etc. But, so the story goes, Ben strayed and J-Lo caught him in several strip clubs. Whatever the truth, they split and Ben married Jennifer Garner while J-Lo quickly found solace in the arms of Marc Anthony. There have been stories that Ben, always interested in celebrity was upset with the ways of ‘Diva J-Lo’ and had already cheated on her with the star of ‘Alias,’ Jennifer Garner. Garner never denied it while J-Lo has been asked about it and has refused comment.

Before she married Affleck, Jen met J-Lo in a “Booty Queen” match in which Lopez dominated Garner. Then shortly after her marriage to Ben, Garner and Lopez were scheduled to meet in a showdown - but a few nights before that, they crossed paths in a restaurant. Before anyone could stop them, the dueling divas tore into each other and after a brutal, clothes-ripping catfight, Garner borrowed Charlize Theron’s ‘legendary’ 12” dildo and reamed J-Lo’s ‘bountiful booty’ with it. Naturally, the scheduled fight had to be postponed (and hasn’t yet taken place).

At a recent celebrity affair in Beverly Hills that both J-Lo and Mrs. Affleck attended, J-Lo ‘accidentally’ bumped Jennifer who spun around and when she saw it was Lopez, ‘accidentally’ spilled her drink on J-Lo’s gown. They exchanged insults and while that was going on, Marc and Ben moved off to discuss the possibility resurrecting the previous fight - this time as a PPV charity event for high rollers and celebrities. J-Lo and Jennifer would settle the score - once and for all - at least until the loser decided that now she needed to get ‘payback.’

When the ladies were approached with the idea, they both liked the idea and agreed to the match which would be preceded by a ‘beauty contest’ to be judged by a panel of seven Hollywood stars and sports figures. A simple majority vote would determine the winner of each of seven categories with the woman winning four being declared “Most beautiful.”

A panel of seven judges agreed upon by both women will be:
Serena Williams, tennis player and aspiring actress
Shakira, singer
Cindy Crawford, ex-model; one-time actress
Beyonce, singer and actress
Pam Anderson, former actress; now just another ‘celebrity’
Sara Michelle Gellar, actress
Neve Campbell, actress

Each woman will be judged on seven attributes:
Best ass
Best tits
Best legs
Best midsection
Best overall shape
Best face
And finally, Overall Sexiness.

Best midsection: Garner comes out in her leather tights and bra and her firm abs prevail by 5-2 over Lopez who wears a pair of tight white pants and white top. Garner leads 1-0.

Best Face. This one is close, but Lopez wins to tie the score at 1-1.

Best Legs. Both have strong legs, calves and thighs. Garner undoes her pants and peels them off to show a black thong and black bra which she’ll wear the rest of the competition. Lopez discards her pants and top to reveal a very skimpy blue bikini. When the judges scores are tallied, Garner wins by the narrow 4-3 margin and takes a 2-1 lead.

Best Tits. Garner removes her bra as does Lopez to show the judges their goods. Lopez’ breasts are more ample, but Garner’s are both firm and well shaped. By a surprisingly wide 6-1 Garner wins. She claps excitedly and moves ahead 3-1.

Best Ass. The bras go back on, then the girls drop their thongs to show their fine asses to the judges. Again the margin is 6-1, but this time it favors ‘Booty Queen’ Lopez who closes Garner’s lead to 3-2.

Overall shape. Both girls are asked to walk a short runway and each prances proudly for the judges. Lopez needs this to tie or it's over...and she gets it! Jen Garner loses by a razor thin 4-3 margin and the match goes down to the wire tied 3-3.

Overall Sexiness. The Latina bombshell strips nude and struts her stuff for the judges, caressing her tits and rubbing her shapely ass. Then Garner strips and goes to the judges table. In a very uncharacteristically bold move, she bends over and shows the judges her ass; cupping her tits and shaking them for the judges.

The judges reveal their votes as follows:
Serena Williams..Garner
Pam Anderson..Lopez
Neve Campbell..Garner

So the ‘sexiness’ score is tied at three and the categories are also knotted 3-3 with one judge’s vote left to decide the entire beauty contest. Her hand trembling with excitement, Sarah Michelle Gellar calls both girls over and asks them to stand in front of her. She feels Garners tits and nipples, then does the same to Lopez’. Then she runs her hands slowly over their legs and asses as Serena Williams mumbles and mutters, “Damn! Wish I’D thought of that...”

Finally, Gellar announces her vote goes to…Garner. Jen Garner jumps for joy while Lopez turns away cursing under her breath, distressed at her loss to the pale complexion of Garner who is getting hugged by Ben - just to rub it in, no doubt.

The match will begin soon and they’ve already agreed to the rules. Lopez will wear a blue bikini and Garner returns to her favorite black bikini.

A hundred guests, including Garner’s dildo-bearer Charlize Theron, have been invited to attend the event at an undisclosed location in a gym ring specially set up for this contest.

The rules will be:
a) Loser must submit - or be knocked out.
b) Loser must be nude before the fight is declared ‘final.’
c) Loser must pay the winner $250,000.

d) Winner gets 15 minutes to humiliate the loser - if she chooses.
e) Loser must perform oral sex on the winners husband - if required by the winner or her husband!
f) Winner gets the loser as her house slave for the next 24 hours!

The match is about to begin as both girls nervously wait for the bell in their corners. This is the worst part of the event, the anticipation as they stand ready to charge to the center of the ring as soon as the bell sounds.


They start out boxing and exchange some very wicked face and body punches with no decisive advantage. Jen lands a good right to Lopez that cuts her lip and the first blood is drawn. Lopez incensed charges Garner only to be nailed with a knee to her belly. Then Garner takes Lopez down with a Drop Kick. She uses her strong legs to trap Jen in a Body Scissors.

Lopez has some effort to escape but Garner has her legs around her belly and squeezing hard. Lopez tries to get out, but Garner has her tight and she applies pressure. Lopez squirms in agony as her thong is pulled up by Garner, squeezing into Jen's crotch as she is trapped in the scissors.

Garner quickly switches to a Head Scissors, trapping Jen's head between her muscular thighs. In this position, she pulls Jen's hair, as J-Lo screams and curses her and calls her a white whore and a bitch!

“Just wait’ll I break this hold!” she screams, but her head is trapped as Garner puts her hand into her panties and pries at Jen's clit. She is able to scratch Jen's cunt and viciously pull out some hair.

“AHHHHH,” screams Lopez as her private parts are violated by Garner's fingers and her head is trapped tightly.

On the mat is where Garner's strength comes into play and she tugs at Jen's hairy bush, ripping out a clump of hair. The crowd watches in amazement as Lopez is twisting and writhing, struggling to escape to no avail as Garner squeezes tight. As Lopez struggles, Garner has a full view of J-Lo's back so she wastes no time in pulling the string, then rips J-Lo's bra off and throws it aside. Lopez’ round firm tits are out and the crowd loves it as Jennifer Garner draws ‘first clothing.’

Jen reaches around, grabs J-Lo's right breast and pinches the nipple, then twists it! J-Lo screams in pain, but then she uncorks a Back Elbow Smash that hits Garner square on her jutting jaw! Stunned, she releases the hold and both get to their feet.

Upright is where the dancer Lopez has the advantage as she pounds several hard punches to Garner's head, neck, belly and face. After several hard body shots, Garner is driven back into the corner where J-Lo continues her frontal assault with hard punches. A left hook slices Jen’s lip and GARNER’S HURT! J-Lo wraps Garner’s arms in the ropes leaving her helpless with her arms secured by the ropes. J-Lo walks up to Jen and spits in her face, then pulls Garner’s top down to her waist.

“Well, well,” says Lopez, grinning. She gets some payback with a vicious, two-handed grab of Garners tits, crushing them and then pinching Garner's nipples. When J-Lo twists the handful of oozing breastflesh she squeezes so hard that milk comes squirting ouf of Jen’s swollen nipples!!

Garner is hung up in the corner, her head bowed and tearing up as her her tits are cruelly assaulted. But then J-Lo goes to work on Garner’s hard, tight abs with several punches. Then she drives a Knee Lift up into her groin. Garner is hurt and in big trouble when Lopez grabs her hair and backhands her across the face several times. The loud smacks ring through the audience.


Lopez steps back to drive another Knee Lift into Garner, but Jen - her arms still immobilized in the ropes - lifts both legs and Thrust Kicks Lopez in the belly. J-Lo is stunned by the hard kick to her belly and staggers away wheezing. Garner struggles and frees her arms free as Lopez drops to her knees!

Garner grabs J-Lo’s hair and drags her out to mid-ring, stops and Standing Drop Kicks Lopez in the chest and face, knocking her sprawling onto her back! The woozy Lopez is stunned as Garner drops her butt on her belly and SMACK, slaps her face like hers was slapped just moments before. Vicious forehands and backhands, followed by several punches, leave Lopez groggy and barely capable of fighting back.

Garner gets to her feet and stands over Lopez, spreads her legs and drops her knee onto Lopez’ cunt. Another Knee Drop to the pussy has Lopez screaming and she appears to pass out briefly, only to snap back screaming again.

"I need to strip this bitch!" Garner announces, standing over the flat-on-her-back Latina. Garner reaches down and unties Jen's bikini bottom, yanks and whiiiiiip, ziiiip off it comes! She throws it at Marc Anthony who’s sitting in the front row, telling the Hispanic Heartthrob, "There’s your skanky wife's undies!"

Lopez, now nude and sweaty, is still flat on her back in the middle of the ring; her privates exposed to the cheering and appreciative crowd. Garner turns back to Lopez' naked body and starts kicking and stomping and Lopez can only cover up, trying to protect her most vulnerable body parts from the shots Garner is unleashing on her.

Jen Lopez , prone on the mat struggles to her feet. Garner pounces on her back and drives her into the mat, face first. She sits across Lopez's back and bangs her face into the mat. Lopez's nose is bleeding as Garner grabs her hair, pulls her head back and hisses in her ear, “I'm going to kick your FAT LATINA ASS all around the ring, then fuck you UP in front of this crowd!”

Lopez tries to escape, but Garner’s weight on her neck and back is too much. She has her arms pinned as JEN reaches back and again ATTACKS J-LO’S EXPOSED PUSSY; stuffing a finger deep into her butthold as Lopez SCREAMS in agony!

“STOP!” wails J-Lo, to no avail.

Her arms and back are pinned and her ass is being attacked. Now Garner switches positions - a big mistake! J-Lo gets her right arm free and unloads an uppercut to Garner's jaw. WHACK! Garner's eyes go glassy and it’s almost a knockout blow. Garner falls off to the side and rolls onto her back. This is the opening Jen needed!

She pulls Garner up by the hair and swings her toward the ropes. As she comes off, J-Lo drives a a hard punch to her face. Garner’s feet fly up as she goes flying backward and crashed to the mat on her back! Garner writhes in pain, woozy and barely conscious.

J-Lo kicks her over onto her belly and straddles the small of her back facing her ass. "Time to see that lily white ass Ben likes so much!" Lopez cackles as she reaches down to release the ties of Garner's black thong. She riiiiiips it off, pulls it out from between Jen’s thighs and walks over to casually toss it to Ben, sneering derisively. "You cheated on MY ass…for THIS!?"

Garner is now also nude and Lopez reaches under her as she straddles her back and jams two fingers into her asshole. She squeals and sobs, "STOP…please, no…don’t…not my AHHHHHsshole…please, nuhhhhhOHH!"

Lopez ignores her pleas and pushes a third digit into the widening opening; forcing them deep, going for a forced submission. Garner curses and bucks, but she doesn’t submit although the audience can’t believe it. They’re all certain they’re watching Jennifer Lopez tearing a new asshole in the ex-Alias star.

Garner is trapped under Lopez - but she’s too proud to submit. Lopez is stronger on her feet and she grabs Garner by her hair and snatches her back to her feet and unloads a Backhand Chop to her chest that reddens her upper chest and bouncing boobs. Lopez SLAPs her and the wobbly Garner crumples to her knees.

It’s quite a sight as the naked warriors battle. Lopez knees Garner in the face, sending a cascade of blood from her lip and nose down onto Garner’s heaving breasts. Lopez lines up another Knee Lift, but Garner grabs Lopez's twat, digs her fingers into the tender flesh and squeezes! Lopez drops to her knees on the mat. Both ladies are writhing in agony.

Garner rolls over to J-Lo and straddles her face. "How about this! MY ass on YOUR face! Well, Ms Smother Queen...taste this!" Garner lowers her shapely ass on J-Lo’s face and then starts to bump and grind, scrubing her ass all over J-Lo’s face. Lopez is in AGONY! She can’t breathe as Garner rub-a-dub-dub’s; bouncing her butt and pinching J-Lo’s soft tits as she rides her face.

“GIVE YET, BITCH?” Jen asks and Lopez shakes her head, ‘no’ so they battle on. Lopez bites Garner's ass when she lifts up to check on J-Lo’s condition - a hard bite that shocks Garner who scrambles to her feet and looks back over her shoulder as she rubs her butt cheek.

J-Lo looks weak and beaten, so Garner uses her legs and traps J-Lo in a head scissors between her powerful thighs. But Lopez, showing some dexterity, escapes by raking her fingernails along the inside of Garner's thighs; carving deep, dark red furrows in the tender flesh.

“AIIIEEEEEEEE! YOU CUNT!” Garner screams as she scrambles away, wiping tears from her eyes.

Back and forth both girls battle as they face off on their knees. Lopez grabs Garner’s hair and Jen grabs J-Lo’s. An epic hair-pulling tussle ensues until Garner again uses her legs to pound a hard Kick into Jen's belly that takes her breath away! J-Lo folds forward and Garner sweeps her knee up into Lopez’ face!


Lopez flops onto her back and Garner pounces! She drop her butt on J-Lo’s belly, knocking the wind out of her as she straddles her with J-Lo’s arms under her knees. Lopez' legs are too weak to kick out and as Jen looks down at Lopez, she tells her, "I'm going to knock you out, bitch - then make you cum in front of this entire audience!" Garner unloads a tremendous punch, smashing her fist straight down onto Lopez's forehead that dazes her - and almost knocks her out with the crushing power of the punch. While J-Lo is too stunned to resist, Garner grabs Lopez’ top and wraps it around her wrists, tying her arms behind her back.

“GIVE BITCH, GIVE!” Jen screams when J-Lo starts to return to full consciousness.

But Lopez can’t - or won’t - tap out, so Jen Garner moves up and sits on her face again. “Time for you to submit or cum for me,” Garner announces, more to the crowd than Lopez. “Give up; submit to me Jen. I don't HAVE to make you cum, but I WILL humiliate you if you don’t!”

“Fuck you…” grunts the proud Lopez.

Garner lifts Jen's legs while sitting on her face, folding her into the classic Matchbook Pin. With her legs in the air and her face enveloped by Garner's ass, Lopez is in major trouble. Garner reaches back and slides her fingers into Jen's warm cunt, then begins to slowly work them in and out…in and out…in and out.

"NO!” screams Lopez. “Noooo…"

J-Lo starts to feel a sensation as her cunt is softly caressed. Garner who winks at Ben, then demands that Jen to lick her cunt as she moves it up onto Jen's face. The crowd can’t believe this - Lopez finally dominated by the ‘Alias’ beauty who has put her gorgeous ass on Lopez's face and is forcing her to eat her pussy. Lopez is about to climax as her body starts to shudder with pre-orgasmic tremors.

“Easy does it Ms. Lopez...easy does it,” chuckles Garner as she grinds her pussy in her face as Lopez's cunt is gently worked. Then J-Lo groans and orgasms! Her legs shiver violently as her juices flow freely from her pussy, running down the crack of her ass onto the mat! At the same time, Jen Garner explodes in an orgasm of her own, her juices slathering Lopez' face with the hot evidence of her own climax.

“AHHHHHhhhhh,” screams Lopez as her violent orgasm rocks her body; then she passes out; her arms fall limp as Garner picks one up and drops it to the mat as proof of her victory. Garner has forced Lopez to climax until she passed out!

Triumphant, naked, blood and sweat covered, Garner’s taut body rises as she stands to pose straddling the unconscious Lopez - who has just suffered one of her worst defeats in memory! Her spectacular nude body lays flat on her back in the ring as Jen Garner stands over her. Lopez has bruises and marks all over from the fight, including a bloody lip and a swollen partially closed right eye. Her face is glistening with Jen Garner’s sex juice - she’s been totally whipped!

Now, Garner proceeds to the humiliation phase of the match!

First, she is handed the check for $250,000 by Lopez's sullen manager. J-Lo will also have to suck Ben Affleck's cock, but Garner says she’s going to save that for when Lopez is serving her 24 hours as Garner's private slave and bitch. The audience of select celebrities looks on as Garner again sits down on Jen's face, turns and asks the referee for a pair of scissors, shaving cream and razor.

“No….please,” begs Lopez. “Don...don't shave me in front of the crowd...”

“SHAVE THE HAIRY BITCH!!!” yells Charlize Theron from her seat in the front row.

“HA!” laughs the sadistic Garner. “Be still now Jenny, we wouldn’t want you to lose anything important!”

Jen reaches down and scissors Lopez' pubic hair down to stubble, then lathers up J-Lo’s pubic mound - taking her time and rubbing a lot more than appears necessary. Once she’s got her girl good and lathered up, Garner turns Lopez's legs outward, exposing her pink, then carefully shaves her pussy bald. Lopez sobs and moans as her gloriously thick, lush, bush is shaved until she’s smooth.

She kicks Lopez over onto her belly and as the audience stares at her famous, round, firm and delicious rump, Garner moves to Lopez’ legs and sits straddling the back of her thighs. Grinning, she delivers a series of open hand hard SPANKS to Jen's butt. Each CRACK echoes in the quiet arena and the crowd can’t believe the ass whipping the sobbing and wailing Lopez is getting. She beats her fists on the mat in disgust over her defeat and at the total huliliation she’s having to endure at Garner’s hands.

“Now….it’s DILDO TIME!” Garner crows after she’s finished waxing J-Lo’s bouncing booty with her open hand. “And since Ben LOVED that big fat ass so much…” She makes Jen get all all fours as Ben and Marc watch.

“NO!!! Please; I'll do anything...please don't…not that!!” J-Lo wails when Theron brings forth her personal ‘Butt Buster 1000’ tosses it to Garner and blows her a kiss.

“Sorry, fat ass!” sneers Garner as she straps the long silver dildo on and positions the head in Jen's asshole. The shocked audience watches as Garner grunts with the effort as she raises up on her knees leans forward and “UNGH!” forces it past J-Lo’s tightly clenched sphincter. Garner bends over Lopez’ hips as she gives a thrust and slams it in deep. She pulls back, then pushes it in; further and further.

Lopez groans at first, then starts to moan with each thrust. After several minutes, she’s screaming and crying out in time with the steady ‘SLAP, SLAP, SLAP’ of Garner’s belly on her raised asscheeks. After driving the dildo all the way into Jen's ass over and over, Garner slowly pulls it out and lets Lopez collapse on her belly on the floor.

“I’ve had enough of you…for now! Beat it bitch, go clean yourself up. I want you at my house promptly at midnight tonight; then you’ll begin your servitude.”

Lopez is laying face down, her body racked by sobs. Marc runs to the ring, unties J-Lo’s bound hands and covers her with a towel, then he helps his shaky Latina ‘Booty Queen’ to her feet. As Ben walks past them on his way to congratulate his wife, he snickers, "See you soon, bitch. Can't wait to have those big lips around my cock…again!”

Jen and Ben start walking out but suddenly the ailing and sore Lopez whips the towel from around her body and charges after Garner. She wraps the towel around Jen’s head, blinding her, then swings her around and throws her to the floor. As Garner sits up trying to unwrap the towel from her head, Lopez grabs her hair, draws back her fist and WHAM smashes Jen square in the nose! Ben and Marc are both shocked! Where did J-Lo find this sudden surge of new energy?

Ben turns to help his wife, and BWANG Marc smashes a folding metal chair over his head, knocking Ben out! Charlize springs out of her chair and has gone about two steps toward Jen Garner when “OOOFF!” she’s tackled from behind by Catherine Zeta Jones! The big blond crashes to the floor with CZJ on her back.

While they’re rolling around fighting, Garner, her nose bleeding profusely is swaying back and forth in a stupor; her arms limp at her sides. Stunned by J-Lo’s Pearl Harbor sneak attack and Sucker Punch, Garner is in no condition to defend herself as J-Lo winds up and SMACK unloads a haymayker that drops Garner out cold flat on her back!

Lopez looks over and sees that Ashley Judd has jumped in to join Catherine and, working together, the brunettes have the irate Theron under control. Judd has a Sleeper Hold on the blond and Zeta Jones is straddling Charlize’s thighs, controlling her lethal legs. In a matter of seconds, the red-faced blonde goes limp and Catherine turns to give J-Lo a ‘thumbs up’ sign that everything’s under control.

J-Lo goes over, picks up the towel and wipes the blood off of Jen’s blank face. “Don't want my ass getting your filthy blood on it,” she mutters.

She steps over Jen’s body and squats down into her famous ass smother. As Garner's head starts to clear, she tries to sit up but Lopez stomps her chest, flattening her out again. Then she straddles her and drops her heavy, world-class ass on her, completely enveloping Garner's face. As she shakes her glutes, Lopez smiles. She lost and she will be Garner’s slave, unless…

”Hmmmmmm. I’ll let you up,” J-Lo tells Garner. “But only if you give my check back - and let me out of that contract to be your slave. Otherwise, you’re going to spend from now until midnight right here, suffering under my ass!”

Garner doesn’t answer, so J-Lo grabs a fistful of hair to steady her, then settles down into her smother. With her knees pinning Jen’s arms, all Garner can do is kick her legs and slap J-Lo’s thighs with her hands as the brunette’s bottom easily shuts off the air to her nose and mouth. Garner bucks and thrashes, but weakened by Lopez’ punches and exhausted by the hard fight, she’s unable to break free and her struggles slowly fade and her hands drop to the mat.

J-Lo rises up onto her knees, reaches back and slaps Garner’s face several times to bring her back, then plops her ass back down on the red-faced young wife and smothers her again. This time, Garner’s struggles aren’t nearly as violent nor prolonged and she quickly succumbs to the lack of oxygen.

Once more, Lopez raises up and slaps Garner back to consciousness, then before Garner can say anything, J-Lo raises her hand, clenches it into a fist and THWAP, slams her fist down on Jen’s belly. As soon as she feels the rush of air from Garner’s mouth on her ass, J-Lo drops back into her facesit smother. Jen’s reaction is very violent, but with no air stored in her lungs, it’s also very short and she quickly passes out again.

This time, when J-Lo slaps Garner back to reality, she repeats her demands, return of her check and release from her slavery obligation, then snaps, “Well?”

Garner mumbles, “Uhhh…ohhhkaaay.”

J-Lo gets up, picks up the check and tears it into a hundred tiny pieces - which she flutters over Garner’s body, then she struts out arm-in-arm with Marc, stomping on Ben’s chest as she walks over him on the way, muttering, “Take THAT!”

In the days that followed, nobody seems to be able to agree on what happened. Apparently, Lopez lost the fight, but she - and her supporters like Catherine Zeta Jones and Ashley Judd - claimed that since her hands were bound with her suit, she was ‘technically’ not really stripped nude. (They also used that argument to justify attacking Theron when she tried to “interfere” with the match.) Garner’s backers claimed she’d already won the match when she knocked Lopez out - and that J-Lo was already nude, so the fight ended at that point!

Whatever the truth, Lopez clearly regained her self-respect - and got a measure of revenge - with her post fight antics. When Garner recovered - everyone was sure - another rematch would definitely be in store because neither of these proud women seemed likely to accept this outcome as ‘the final word’!